Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

It's another hectic day for me today so let me just jump right into it!

- Last night a STUNNING woman hit on me in the gym. I think I felt flattered :-)

- I hate doing push-ups...HATE IT!!

- Kickboxing class was awesome though!

- I want the HOT weather to come back :-( It's been a cool couple days, but I want it to be HOT!

- I'm accepting donations for my nephew's school fundraising dinner this Sunday, anyone want to make a donation?

- I can't wait to see my babies, it's been a few weeks, I miss them!

- My arms and legs hurt.

- Ant is going to send me a "mold" for my that he made himself especially for me, if you know what I mean ;-) That's just what friends do for each other :-) LOL!!

- Oh, and LADIES! I'm going to host a toy party with a rep from "Booty Parlor" coming to show us some goodies if you're interested ;-) I'll probably do it when I get back from vacation, so let me know what dates in June work best for you and we'll make it happen. Since I can't seem to get out to get one, I'll bring the toys to me!

- Someone remind me to pay my cable bill.

- Finally, it's been 2 years today since we lost Kevin Mitchell. R.I.P. Kevin, we miss you!




Annamaria said...


Annamaria said...

1. I am totally down for that toy party soo let me know when you are going to do it.

2. My boo is going out of town tomorrow morning soo I'll be home alone til Sunday... :(

3. I woke up this morning & my throat was KILLING me!!!! I hope I am not coming down with something especially swine flu...LOL

4. My big brother is coming up from Florida this weekend & I haven't seen him in a few years & I am SOOO excited!!!!!!!!

5. Thinking of a fundraiser idea for Austin's frat brother who has no health insurance & has just been diagnosed with colon cancer. ANY IDEAS????


Anthony Otero said...

Brooke, you made my day

Rameer said...

Webcamming homies?


Now WOMEN?!?

You REALLY know how to crush a man's pride and ego, don't you???

***cues up Mary J. Blige's ENTIRE SECOND ALBUM, sits in corner holding knees rocking back and forth while listening***

Brooke said...

Hey! I didn't say I gave the woman any rhythm, I just thought she was pretty...not like I WANT her! Eww!

Ant, you'll make MY day once I get that send it Fedex please! LOL!!

Annamaria, sorry to hear about Austin's frat brother...I'll try to come up with some ideas.

Rameer said...

- The white on-air guy I do shoots with is a classic example of white man's sense of beauty...every woman he thinks is "soooo hot" is ugly as hell to me. They're all blonde and have blue eyes (YUCK)...

- after I finish typing this, i'm going to go talk to some young girls about respecting themselves at a middle school...

- Brooke don't love me...

- People are gonna be REAL MAD tomorrow, as they keep giving me projects due by Friday, but not the time to finish the previous ones I have. Guess who ain't gonna have half that bullish done?

- Ant - I had to mic up Vida for a shoot in Toronto when she was just starting to get big...She had on jeans that were tight around the legs , but lose at the top. As I'm mic-ing her, I'm nervous cuz she's looking at me right in my eyes all sexy, obviously flirting with me. I drop the mic! I try to catch it before it goes down here pants, and yup - hand full of ass! And I didn't remove them for like 5-7 seconds...I palmed them globes like spaldings! Lol! Funny thing is...she asked me "do you like?" I responded very much so, and she said "impressive, isn't it?"

True story...multiple witnesses and everything! We wound up hanging out partying all night...a def highlight for the kid!

- "Ghosts Of girlfriends Past" is REALLY good - predictable, but good...

- Just got my preview passes for Terminator!

- Running late - gotta go!

Annamaria said...

Thanks Brooke... Let me know if you come up with anything.

Brooke said...

How is Rameer gonna talk about I don't love him but then talk about groping up Vida? See? men....

I'd love to hear this speech you're going to give to the middle school girls...give us the highlights later!

I wanna see Terminator too! Still haven't seen The Soloist, maybe this weekend.

Gonna do a hip hop dance class tonight, can't wait...even though my whole body aches already from the past couple days...but I want an ass and body like Vida so Rameer will love me ;-) hahahaha!

Anthony Otero said...

I am all over this Wolverine Tommorrow!

You are so damn lucky Ram! That is like sexual harrasment! How do you drop the mic?

The Fury said...

Wow webcamming the homies and getting the homie molds. WOW. Like I said, this blog is starting to look like mine. Congrats on the sexual freedom;-)


Kim K as a blonde can still get it...and I'm not a fan of blondes.

I didn't wash the pollen off the car cuz these fuck sticks said it was gonna rain. You know what I came for, bring on the water!

Twitter is the most pointlessly fun thing online right now. It's like the slinky of the internet!

The fact that I have no urge to pay to see Wolverine (but would still like to see it) means Fox destroyed another comic franchise. I'm a HUGE Wolverine fan. tsk tsk tsk

I want pizza...good pizza...which means not franchise pizza

Brooke said...

Ant isn't really gonna send me a mold, he just dared me to say it ;)

But if he wants to.... ;-)

I didn't webcam any homies.

My blog will NEVER look like yours Fury :)

By the way, how about I had a bra fitting this past weekend and the woman told me I was an F cup!!?? Buffoonery...and SO not true. BUT, she put an F bra on me and it fit. Must have been the cut of THAT bra, (she said it was a UK size and from a European co.) cuz I damn sure can't fill an American sized F...MAYBE a D...but damn sure not an F!!!

just thought Fury would like to know that ;) LOL!

No real interest in seeing Wolverine even though I would have enjoyed a free pass to it.

Haven't really figured out the point of Twitter yet, but we'll see. I think I'm fighting it...or just really have no interest.

Kim K looks better brunette.

Go to Philly and have some of my brother-in-law's pizza :) And some water ice! yum!

Anthony Otero said...

I am so not into Kim K. I think she is nasty for fucking Ray J. Maybe I need to see her blond...

This Swine Flu Hype is out of control. I do have a bottle of Purell on my desk though.

Brooke...would you like that gift wrapped??

Brooke said...

HELL YEAH I would like it gift wrapped! Can you just make me a full fledged toy? complete with batteries? It needs to vibrate... and flutter ;)

Anthony Otero said...

Sure I can do that! How about we just have docking station that you can plug it into so that it always has a full charge?

Annamaria said...


Brooke said...

Now Annamaria, you know what I look like, and you know I'm not no damn F! :-) LOL!! But that bra made them LOOK like F's...which was nice...for a minute :)

note to self: buy that bra :)

Docking station??? That's a great idea! I wonder why no one thought of that idea for toys!!!??? You should invent that Ant! Use yourself as the mold ;) I'll test it out for you ;)

Anthony Otero said...

I know right? I should get a patent on that! I would name it a dicking station! LOL

Brooke said...

LMAO!!!! Great name!!! DO it!!!

I get mine free right? :)

I finally saw the infomercial for that P90x thingy...looks intense!

Okay, we need to stop talking about toys now...

The Fury said...

F CUPS...Whoa. Thanks for that visual. I think you once claimed not to have tig ol bitties. D cups are til ol bitties...anything beyond? icing and sprinkles.

Damn I have to travel all the way to Philly for good Pizza. Killing me! But next time I go to Philly, I will ask for the hook up.

I guarantee Brooke will have a mailbox full of molds from blog commenters and fans by the end of the Summer. Shit, I have my joint in the hot wax right now making her one. All because of that F Cup visual.

I'll be sure to autograph it for you with my full name. There's plenty of room;-)

The Fury said...

correction- D cps are TIG OL BITTIES. Not til..

phillygrl said...

--Franco's pizza is the bomb!..whenever anyone comes to visit me in philly I take them to get a slice!!..very very good..Pizza is one of my favorite foods besides pineapple & stuffing...:-)

--enjoy weekend & im putting my house on market in 2 weeks, wish me good luck in home repairs/painting, etc..Dont worry, i watch HGTV!! :-)

Brooke said...

I might be a C+, D-, definitely not an F!

Hot wax??!! sounds painful...yet intriguing ;-) I might have to make room on a shelf for my molds, and my "dicking station" HA!

Brooke said...

good luck Karen! I hope it all works out! I'd love to be able to buy a house :-(

And thanks for the shout out for Franco's pizza...I may have to get a slice myself when I come home this weekend!

Rameer said...

Back from talkin' to the chilluns. Lord, do we have a ways to go...but at least those little urchins listened to me.

After I had to get right in the middle of them like I was gonna whoop some ass...

More randoms...

- Brooke, I felt the warm heavenly globes of Vida YEARS ago. And let her feed me strawberries. And danced with her. And watched her photo shoot. And let her order everyone all the liquor we desired.

That was YEARS AGO. You webcamming homies, strippers and women NOW...

- This cougar I know was in my station this morning with this bangin' Asian woman and 2 other cougars! Tell me why when I walked in to hug her and the Asian (I have known both of them for a while and worked with them many times) they all looked at me like a piece of well done sirloin?!?

Gotta admit...a brother was flattered...

- I keep forgetting to order new contacts...lost one playing football last weekend. Someone PLEASE send me a Facebook reminder tomorrow...

- GOTTA let me know how Wolverine was!!!

- Kim K isn't really blonde. She has admitted to wearing a blonde wig...but I saw the pics. She looks quite tasty as a blonde (it's not light blonde, it's dirty blonde...more brownish).

- I WOULD love you Brooke if every homie, stripper and cable guy didn't have your heart first... =(

- I don't believe in Swine Flu. Then again, I don't eat pork and am a cleanly person, so I'm not effected in the least.

- I'm going to go get some leftover Lambchops from my mother's tonight! Mm-mmm!

- I can't stop playing that Drake song with Peter, Bjorn & John "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off". DOPENESS! But I don't get why people are just now going crazy over Drake...I've known about him for like damn-near 2 years...

- Gotta finish some tour De Cure spots for the Western New York area...ciao!

Brooke said...

you all up on cougars and stuff, you don't love me man, so stop it!

No one has my heart...not one single person...sad :(

Brooke said...

I take that back, my nephews, family and friends have my heart - just no one on a romantic level :)

Anthony Otero said...

I am should be seeing Wolverine Tonight, so you know there will be a review on my blog tomorrow!

Rameer said...

Knock it off!

I saw them for the first time in ages, and spent a total of 2 minutes saying hello. Meanwhile, you've been breaking my heart over the course of WEEKS...

Just like a crafty woman...did wrong, yet try to transfer the guilt and blame back on the man...

***cues up Teddy Pendergrass' "Love TKO", sips tea in dark***

Serena W. said...

Hi everyone! Got on the internet and had to hit the peeps up!

Went to a nature park today and saw a live volcano.

Went hiking up an inactive one with my friend Lia.

My calves will be diesel by the time I get back.

Shorties out here trying to kick game. Old, young, whatever lmao

I can't believe as we drive through the streets how it can go from rich to shacks within seconds.

I needed this trip to relax, refocus and thank God for the things that I take for granted.

Hitting up the Wolverine movie tonight in the VIP section.

Hoping all is well with everyone out in the states.

Celebrating my sister Ayana's life today as well. She would have been 26 RIP.

RIP Kev Mitchell and to Max Finley, last week was his bday. Still crazy to me.

Everyone be safe and stay tuned for pics and an updated blog (got some writing done out here).

Peace everyone.

Brooke said...

Hey Serena! Glad you're having fun! RIP Ayana!

As for Rameer, I think we're just going to have to kiss and make up :)

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