Wednesday, February 4, 2009

She's Got a....DICK!

Happy Hump Day! and Happy Birthday to B-Love aka "Pretty Ricky What Dey Call 'em!"

Okay, I know the title of today's blog sounds like "TMI Tuesday" but keep reading :)

I'm so excited because one of my girls is my Guest today. If any of you know Su Su, you know she pulls no punches and tells it like it 'tis! This blog may seem long, but it's a FAST, FUNNY read - so hop on board this ride that is her mind and get ready to laugh! She's my good friend, my girl, my ace! Introducing Suzanne "I take no Sh*t" de Montagnac!

Jazz Hands!

Hey Brooke! I know we talked about this a few weeks ago, but the subject honestly had me scratching my head. But today I've been inspired to write. It's long, but it amused me. Enjoy!

“SHE’S Got a...DICK!!!”

Huh? I know that doesn’t even sound right, but to tell you the truth, that is how I feel sometimes. Now before you form your own ideas as to what the heck I am talking about, come with me on a little journey into my world.

One night, Brooke and I were sitting in her living room doing what we do best - cracking up at random things we find funny - when the subject of He-She’s came up. Ever so mature we are, eventually we found the humor in transgender people. Not that they are funny or should be made fun of - we are not bigots, prejudice, hateful, or ignorant - we just found humor in the fact that a “She” could and sometimes does have a dick.

Little goes unsaid between Brooke and me. No subject is off limits. No topic is too taboo. She graciously finds humor in my crassness, and I find humor in her classy wit. As we continued to crack each other up over the random thoughts of how one would discover a “she” with a dick, Brooke suggested that it would be a great blog and that I should write it. I quickly agreed, but I was stumped (no pun intended) on even where to begin or which direction to take this one.

She’s got a dick! I can relate to that. Not because I can relate to having gender identity issues, but because sometimes I feel I am the man in relationships. Now of course I think most women wouldn’t mind having a handy tool such as a dick in her side pocket (wait, let me clean this up before you all start thinking about Rabbitzzz - that’s a whole different ball game!) - Who wouldn’t want to have the power and strength of a man in her pocket to do with as she pleases? Not to take anything away from the other things that make men strong, powerful and wonderful, but when you really think about it, our genitals and some other genetics are what makes us different.

The more I thought about a "she" having a dick, the more it made sense to me. I have a dick. No, my plumbing is all female - but figuratively speaking, I have a dick. I feel this way because all of my life I’ve had be strong, independent, reliable, resilient, resourceful, and able to rise to any occasion (lol). I admit that I’m not a good girlfriend because I sometimes think and act a little too much like a man. Don’t get me wrong though - I’m a girly girl - but my mind is all testies! I swear, I can be just as big of a pig as some of my best boyfriends. Far too many times I’ve had to be the one to "man-up" in relationships and drive the bus. I’ve had to be the one to come up with the great ideas. I’ve had to be the one to create the romance. I’ve had to be the one to set the agenda. I’ve had to be the one to take control in the relationship - and to tell you the truth, its annoying.

I don’t mind having a theoretical dick because it has kept me safe from myself and from letting others abuse me or take advantage of my girly softness. My dick has kept my fists up, my mouth open (and shut when needed), my pride and ego intact, and my eyes on the prize. But why do I have to keep whipping it out all of the time? Why do I have to show my strength every day? Why can’t I just be a girly girl? Does it make me weak to want to just be the girl? You Tarzan, me Jane? Does it make me weak to want to be with a man that can take control and hold me down just like I hold him down? Does it make me weak to want him to have a bigger dick than mine?

I’ve had some very strong men in my life, but those relationships became about a power struggle and eventually my dick was the last one standing - alone, but still standing. The weak men in my life — oh bless their poor little souls - they stood no chance. I may sound mean and obnoxious, but hey it’s my truth. I didn’t set out to have this big dick on my shoulder, but it grew as I grew as a woman and I’ve grown to love it. I just want to learn how to use it better - or better yet, have it work better for me.

Anyway, what really inspired me to write this blog was a conversation I had yesterday with a man that I had a casual encounter of sorts with a couple of years ago. Let me give you the quick rundown on that relationship: Met him in a club. He had all the markings of someone who could roll with me at first sight. He was tall, dark and handsome. He dressed well. He looked like he was about something. He and his two friends were sitting at the bottle service only table next to my crew's in the VIP section. His crew knew some of my crew so I figured they were no slouches since birds of a feather...hmph..keep reading.

He was nice enough yes, but financially we were not in the same league, as I quickly learned he was a broke-ass. I’m not saying that you have to be making millions to be with me, but you will have to be able to afford the basics... and I mean basic things.. like being able to feed yourself !! I quickly got hip to his inviting himself over to my house to watch a movie and have me cook for him. The very first time he came over he brought some MGD! No wine or champagne and flowers. Miller fucking Genuine Draft! And when he showed up he was actually expecting a cooked meal. This was our very first date and my first mistake. I broke the rules off the bat and set the tone by agreeing to let him come over as our first outing. Determined to be the bigger man and good hostess, I offered to order food for us to eat, and he let me...and he let me pay for it. I knew I would never see his broke ass again after that. I did, however, entertain his conversation on the phone from time to time, but whenever he would ask me when I was going to cook for him, it turned me off with the quickness. In one conversation while he was on his lunch break from work, he mentioned that he had no money to buy lunch for himself. The brokeness wasn't working for me. It was so lame to me, and eventually I stopped answering my phone and let it fade to black. Black History as Brooke would say. ;-)

And as history often repeated itself when he recently hit me up. Trying to be the bigger man with my big dick, I figured I’d let bygones be bygones. NOT! One of the first things out of this fools mouth was him asking me when I was going to cook for him and when could he come over?! WTF! I finally had to break it down to him that his idea of courting me was whack. I said it nicely, but I made it clear that if he had any intentions on seeing me again, he would have to take me out on a real date. He hemmed and hawed and slowly I put his joke-ass back in the joke-pile. So months flew by with back and forth texts, each of them initiated by him, each of them consisting of him trying to invite himself over to my house and have me cook for him. Never once did he even invite me to his home. When we first met he claimed to live with a roommate. Now he claims to have bought a new condo and lives alone - but still, no invite. I thought to myself: C’mon playboy! Can’t you see how big my dick is?? And your dick is looking really little and lame right about now. But I let it slide because, although I have a dick, I didn’t want to be one.

But yesterday I had had enough. Again he invited himself over. Again I tried politely to let him know that I required more effort than that. I know my worth. I’m too old to put out for free. What! You know what I mean ;-)

I questioned his intentions and asked for a reason as to why he had never asked me out properly on a proper date. His response: “I’m just not the going out type.” Huh? Are you shittin’ me son?! I met that motherfucker in the club! I had enough of this fool and decided it was time to end the fuckery and told him, “Well then we are mismatched because I am the going out type!” I planned never to speak to him again, but he quickly tried to bait me by saying “WE CAN GO OUT!!! What do you like to do?” So I decided to volley a little more and see where that went, even though I was totally turned off by the fact that he wouldn’t even take the initiative to plan out a date after how direct I had been with him. He was about to be put into the dead-beat-lose-my-number-son pile for real!

Reluctantly, I offered a few suggestions that should have been a no-brainer: dinner, movies, bowling, shooting pool, etc. That still wasn’t enough - so again, I had to whip out my dick on him when he pushed further, so I said, “fine, dinner and a movie would be lovely.” This fool said, “how bout dinner out and a movie at my place?” That was it. My politeness was over. I told him to “stop being a cheap-ass.” Then he said, “I just don’t have it like that.” ....What?!

What the hell was I supposed to say to that? I’ll tell you! I should have told him that he couldn’t afford me, but I didn’t. Instead I said, “Wow, ouchy” because my ego was hurt for him. It probably wasn’t easy for him to say that to me, and I felt bad for him for a second or two - but then I just thought he was plain pathetic. I know we are in a recession, times are hard, money is tight, blah blah blah...come the fuck on. I’m a grown ass woman who has it going on. Not to toot my own horn, but I know what I bring to the table. Money isn’t everything for me - nor does it drive me or impress me - but if you aren’t holding your own, I’m sorry, you will never be my man man.

I’m attracted to winners. And by winners I mean men who know how to survive. Men who are able to manage their own finances. Men who should be able to afford a simple dinner and movie date. Now these rules of course are not written in stone, and there are exceptions to the rule. This economy has millions of us holding on by a thread. Millions without a job. But he has a job!! And a fairly decent one too! With benefits! WTF!!

I know its not easy, trust me! I too have my own financial challenges and burdens, but I’m at least resourceful enough to take care of myself and have enough funds to play with and the creativity to entertain myself for free when my funds are low or nonexistent! I guess this situation gave me a hard on! I was on rock ladies and gents! He had nothing creative to offer. He never did. He was a two-trick pony: I come over and you cook for me. NOT!! I felt like the bigger man - AGAIN! And it sucked. I’m so tired of having to have to pull it out! I pull my own weight, why the hell can’t the men that I come across?

I admit that I have what some would call shallow views of what to expect from men, but my truth is that I want a man who I cannot out-man. I expect more. I need more of a challenge. I want a man I can be proud to call my man. I play my position as the woman, but then with these weak men I end up having to play their roles too - and it’s getting so old.

Some of you say I might want my cake and eat it too...I do! What’s wrong with that? We as women have had to take control and play more roles then we should have to, and I for one just want to put it out there that I’m not having it in 2009. So drop your shorts men and let me see what you’ve got. If my dick is bigger than yours, let’s just say our goodbyes upfront. Hello, goodbye. I’m not playing around anymore and I’m not going to hold my tongue anymore. Some of you men are not living up to your potential. Grab your dicks and stand tall. No one will be more proud of you than us. We know you are just as vulnerable as we are and that is ok. But what isn’t okay is that you have dropped the ball and some of us are tired of picking up your slack. No, women are not perfect and I could spend all day writing about my imperfections - but that’s not the point of this blog. The point was just to let you all know that I have a big dick and I’m swinging it in ’09! Who’s with me?!!

Jane Out! ;-)


Brooke said...

I loved this post! I loved it because it was real and honest and SO Su! LOL!!

To give you some background, we were watching the news and a story came on about an NBAs player who was being sued by his driver? bodyguard? somebody...for sexual harassment. Su said something like "well you know he hangs with Brian McKnight."

I was lost. I was like "huh? what are you talking about?" She then proceeded to tell me about a (wo)man named Nicole? who was a pre-op transsexual who supposedly broke up his marriage. "I heard it on Wendy Williams," she says.

So, in my disbelief, I said "wait...are you saying.....???" and Su blurted out "yes, she got a dick!" Needless to say I fell out. Su has a way with words I tell ya! Ha!

whew! Back to the blog...

I also loved her blog because it reminded me of the whole "bitchassness" comments Rameer made a few blogs ago. I have a feeling that what Su wrote is along the same lines. Ram, correct me if I'm wrong - but I felt that the situations she described in her blog fit the term "bitchassness" to a T! Dude was straight up wack! He definitely got more chances than he deserved.

I guess it's a tricky balancing act. Women need to navigate how to be strong yet vulnerable, dominant and submissive, a leader and a follower, hard yet soft. You need the "dick" to sometimes preserve and protect, yet we don't want to have it because we don't feel it naturally belongs on us. So what do we do with it? Tuck it in? LOL!!

Great post and topic today...I can't wait to read the responses on this one!

Anthony Otero said...

SO, if you commented on you own blog first does that mean you get tased too? Or does that mean I am really first and I get tased?

I guess what I am trying to figure out is why would you keep entertaining the idea of this dude. You knew that he wasnt for you but you kept wasting your time. I mean fine, the man is persistant, but that is one thing I just cannot figure out why keep the ball rolling so to speak.

I will be thinking about this one for awhile, but I would be interested if the "barack" type of man came your way if you going have this dick measuring contest.

Brooke said...

It means you're really first and YOU get tased...I don't count :)

Yeah, dude would have been Black History a LONG time ago, but sometimes we women keep giving the benefit of the doubt. Not good, but it's a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Damn u know they r ur girls!! Lol shyt. Tooooo lengthy. Puerto Rican comin out n me n I'm on my blackberry! Girl please! N*ggas today, tomorrow n yesterday aint shyt! I got a dick!!! I pay my own bills, got a college degree n a hell of a career!! All they can do is provide the warm d*ck when I need it! Otherwise keep it moving! No drama, no fighting, no explanations! If they can't make it, go thru the rolodex n call the next one! if a dude aint providing what u need, stop complaining its 2009!!!! Its not going to happen! Heres the scenario, the dudes that will step up, YOU DON'T WANT!! Oh here's ur TMI from yesterday, if I can't cum in their mouth n they don't give head they can't EVEN PASS GO! N if I pay for a meal u best believe u out by 6:45am! Stop letting dudes dictate to u,u dictate to them!! what's GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER!! HELLLLOOO! Man up ladies! Sign me in this damn blog BORRICUAMORENA! Oh n the girls n guys that think The other TMI the other day was too much Info! Welcome to the real world! No sidebars keep it real n write it here!!

Anthony Otero said...

Well with attitude the only thing you need a pair of D batteris...

momo925 said...

LOL I hear exactly where your coming from Su. It's sad at times that men today don't take the initiative and as women we have to assume their roles and create the romance and excitement in the relationship. Don't get me wrong...I'm not talking about All men lol, but some of you have some shit with you! I do understand that times are hard and the economy has a tight grasp on people's wallets but at the same time, if you don't have the money then you should counteract that with creativity. "You're not the going out type"??? Pa-lease LAME! That must be code for "I'm Cheap"!

phillygrl said...

Su...I so so so agree..Me & my friends also have this conversation on a one wants to be the shoulder that's cried on all the time...even thought we have been holding our own for YEARS..we want to be the cryer & let the man be the cry-ee...for a chace!!...If an of y'all are out there.STAND UP...or point us to your friends!!:-) enjoy the's lovely down here in Philly!!! (the trees with the heavy snow ROCK!!!(I am amateur photographer) all this snow is very beautiful to me:-)

phillygrl said...

sorry abt my misspellings all the time, I just type too fast for my own good!:-(

Anonymous said...

Su, a lot of clowns or as I like to say FPH (Flower Pot Heads) out there these days. Brooke, I agree with you 100%, Su's post is in the same vein of what Rameer was saying earlier. From past relationship experiences, in the past I dated a lot of women who had power trips and they tried to son' me. In the end they got son'd themselves and women need to be careful because they sometimes end up, as they say "throwing the baby out with the bath water". I've had a lot women also try to play the pseudo-feminista independent women game when they were powerless and basically trippin' on me because they had low self esteem. (foolishly treating me in the same context as their poor experiences in past)

I'm not exactly sure when men started turning into unambitious unbalanced feministos and metro-sexuals, but clearly this is a trend that is not going away any time soon. There clearly was a tipping point when men started losing their Cohonas. One of the troublesome trends I see, is men and women have a inability to understand that roles are not defined. At the same time, in every relationship I was the one that did all the cooking and a lot of the women I was with in the past could barely boil water. The troubling thing is, they were unashamed of it. I never complained one bit. I did all the cooking, the paying of bills, etc etc. In the end I had to drop them like a bad habit because they were UAW (Under Accumulator of Wealth, Millionaire Next Door reference), not to mention many of them were emotionally unstable and were narcissistic loveless destroyers of everything that counts when it comes to being a balanced human being.

I've also dated a lot of women that have "high standards" when I start talking about making sacrifices so we can own a house and put some money away for our future they started complaining with "Why don't we do this anymore?", "How come we can't go here?". I mean, you can't live high on the hog and and aspire to have a high net worth. It's counterproductive. I"m sure we all have our nightmare stories, but unfortunately a lot of these moments I mentioned were not exceptions and these dysfunction became the rule. Seems like Su, Brooke and a lot of other females are experiencing the male version of this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Brooke, I'm cracking up at "Tuck it in"!! LOLLLL You hit it on the head! ;-)

Latinegro, I agree, I should have cut him off a long time ago, but you as a man should know how it is when you are in pursuit of something you want.. you just keep going and going and going. I entertained him for so long because after I had decided that I would never see him again, it didn't change the fact that he was still a fan.. and who doesn't like having cheerleaders?! He was harmless so I let him keep calling me from time to time, it wasn't an everyday thing. He just licked my ego and I liked it. ;-) It had been a long time since I heard from him so I figured that perhaps he may have stepped up his game a little since he knew his old approach wasn't working. But he proved once again that he couldn't do anything for me and his playtime was up.

Borricuamorena, I can see your dick from my back yard!

momo925 and phillygrl, well said! Creativity goes a long way! And they better keep those tears to themselves! lol!!

Anonymous said...

Opps, Risingsun1577 is me, Su.. not sure how it picked up my other screen name!

oxtail, you seem to be the exception to what has become the norm. Do your male friends share your ideals or are you a true diamond in the rough?

From, Su

Brooke said...

Bitchassness is alive and well - I guess the trick is recognizing it faster and keeping it moving. It seems men sometimes have the same problem, as Ox pointed out. But he overcame that because maybe he changed his focus, so perhaps that's what we women should do.

I left this comment on E. Payne's blog called Black Male Misunderstood - and I feel it applies here when talking about what we see in men and what we want for ouselves. For men like Ox - men of substance - finding a good woman is not just a challenge -- it's mandatory. This is especially true for men who have discovered the meaning of manhood and hold themselves to a higher standard. Those standards don't imply perfection, or represent financial and material wealth. Rather they embody honesty, integrity, responsibility and a strong spiritual foundation. This kind of man has no problems getting attention. His confidence and bold attitude radiates through a room and it's clearly heard in his voice when he speaks - you don't need to see his "dick" - it's just "there."

Unfortunately, It’s hard when good men live in the shadow of an image they didn’t help create…one that includes dead-beat dads, pimps, promiscuous womanizers, batterers, the spiritually disconnected, and the unfortunate misguided -basically dudes like the one Su described. As women we become more and more frustrated with what they perceive as an endless list of corrupt men and the most impressive of men go unnoticed. A simple change in focus will help alleviate the unhealthy addiction we have with observing things that are wrong.

A better alternative is to concentrate on the elements that are right.

When we focus on crime, we find ways to defend ourselves. When we focus on death, we try to think of ways to prevent it. When society consistently focuses on the wrong men, fear pushes women to search for ways to protect themselves.

Such energies are better applied to the discovery of higher quality men who exist in the same numbers as lesser quality men.

Black women need not worry about the happenings of unsatisfactory men -- no more than we need to spend our lives anguishing over crime and hatred. Each of these will continue to exist for as long as the world sustains life. Though some women continue to believe that there are more bad men than good -- finding a quality Black man is not an insurmountable task. It only requires a change in focus.

Hopefully this change in focus can be applied to our relationships - and open, honest and consistent communication is key. We may need to be reminded to change our focus to all that is good in us, and in each other. Speaking as a black woman, instead of focusing so much on portraying ourselves as the woman with a "big dick" who is protecting her heart, we should love freely instead so that the good ones can love us back.

Anthony Otero said...

Su...I totally get your point about getting your ego

I just find it sad that most men are defined by all this nonsense. I can't even defend that man if I want to (and I don't).

Anonymous said...

Too funny! 1st tings 1st, ladies don't entertain the dude if he obviously has no "wins". Nukka's wit a whole lot of nots are like trees with a whole lot of knots . . . not good for paper.

You don't have to show your dick, just man up and get a fresh one!


Anonymous said...

You know Su, we all have diamonds but some people have to aspire to refinement if they want to get from being coal. To be honest, among many friends and family I'm kinda out there. I have values and choices that jar a lot of people out of their seats. Brooke is really on fire with her last comment. She is detailing a lot of the essentials of what it means to be a human being. I'm not sure if you got to read this but I did this crazy long relationship blog last year called Why are our Relationships so Disastrous

I stopped listening to numbskulls a long time ago and stopped doing what I thought was right and actually started approaching every situation in life with a humble, honest, moralistic pose. I delay instant gratification when needed and try to keep my feet on solid ground. We often discount this very critical element in life. Many of us think we are going to plow through life with our egos, our money, status, and twisted arrogance. There are costs to this behavior and the cost can be loneliness, depression, misguided idleness, and rage. I've seen this play out so many times you can damn near predict the outcome.

Rene The Harlemite said...

Wow! This is a long blog! I don't want to sound like an echo but you should have entertained this as long as you did. If you know what you want and that is not it then keep it moving. Even if they are persistant.

There are women that to do the same to men. Stay persistant. Just don't entertian it.

Love/realtionships should not be about who has the power. That is one oe the major issues that hinder alot of relationships. if it's all about power than it's not love...

You have to be really what you want first before entertaining some one else in your life. And just be honest on how you want that person in your life. If it's sex...Keep it at that. Friends with benefits, potential guy/girlfriend or husband/wife. Be clear to the person that you are relating with as well.

Craig n 'em said...

Now, I want everyone to open their relationship hymnals to page 342.

Aaaaand a...1, 2, 3...


I love my women sexy, soft and slick
I love my women wit' no dick!

You're strength is much appreciated
But all your dick talk must be debated

Only one dick in the home and thats me
Only one of us standing when we go pee

Ain’t nuttin’ wrong with a little MJD
I said there’s only one of us standing when we go pee

If you have a dick then you know the rules
How to properly aim in a vestibule

How to shake the remnants of your urinal past
Girl, if you gotta dick, you betta’ explain fast…

If you have a dick…can you see what to do?
Kinda hard to see with one eye, huh, boo?

Why you working so hard to take my dick?
You don’t see me trying to steal your tit

If I say “theoretical pussy” you’d call me “gaylord”
But you have no problem with us crossing swords?

If we both got dicks then someone is gay…
If you got a dick…It’s the lord you pray…


Cuz, I will whip yo ass girl!
What the F’ is all this dick talk?
Hold up, I said hold the fuck up!
Pull yo jeans down. You heard me!
Pull yo mutha fuckin jeans down!
No! I ain’t got time for you to lay down to take them off.
What? Why I gotta hold on to the end of your legs and pull?
How the hell you put this bitch on? FUCK THAT! Take it all off!!!
I will cut them Seven jeans open!!! What? True Religion???
Well yo ass better believe in a true religion because if
there’s more than yo titties hangin, I’mma kill yo ASS!!!


Years of the dildo can really make one SICK…
Got some women thinking they really got a DICK!

I love my women sexy, soft and slick
But I also love my women wit' no muthafuckin’ dick!

And don’t make me write a remix….;-/

Anonymous said...

You don't have a have a...ahem..."pussy". YOU. HAVE. A. PUSSY. Let's start there. A "pussy" allows you to be as powerful as you want while still holding your femininity. A "pussy" is a trump card. A "pussy" is a revolving door on control. Want to be taken out on a date...use your "pussy". Want to stay in and cuddle...use your "pussy". Want to save money and prefer the guy pay...use your "pussy".

While this guy obviously was lacking in the basics you needed for a relationship, he may have been using his "DICK" to see if you really can cook. To see if your "Pussy" was as tight and wet as you say. Tight=on game,; wet=going with the flow. I wish you would've gone to his place to see what it looked like. Maybe he really was saving what money he had for this condo investment. Maybe he preferred holding his "dick" in his pants until it was time to really get busy...

See when you really have a "Dick" it doesn't allow for mistakes, moments of weakness, bitchassness, fumbles, turnovers, tears, dick to dick talks, uncertainty, umm...let me check that and get back to you, sorry I can't buy you a drink. Oh no! Dicks are right there. In your face for everyone to see and you have to make good on them.

"Pussy" has to be a WHOLE HELLUVA LOT, but the power is always right there hiding. I guess that's why we're always trying to get in there:-)

momo925 said...

LMAO!!!!!! Yo Craig you are off the hook!

Brooke said...

Okay, Craig is officially my sidekick! (bowing down to him) yo, he wrote a damn SONG! on the fly! I WISH I could do that!!!

Fury, you're right, p*ssy has alot of power, I guess we have to learn how to use it ;) (I can only write or say that word out as Sapphire Vixen...but that's for another TMI Tuesday) :-)

Georgia Peach said...

Love this topic and The Fury - I have to agree with your comments today. Back to Su what you were saying I can totally relate and especially of late I have commented quite often about how much I feel like the man pursuing a woman in establishing my relationships. There is lots of bitchassness out there and I think we all just have to work to identify it, then make it black history in our lives.

Craig - that song was my fave post of the day. We gotta get you a deal!

Anonymous said...

OK since I was in bed sick all damn day I can't tase anyone soo YOU ALL get a day off from the tasing..DAMN I MUST BE RUNNING A FEVER! lol

Anywho.... YES I am a very independent woman who's got it going on & I applaud all my women that have "DICKS". I also think this dude was a complete LOSER who just wanted a free ride....

BUT let me play devil's advocate here for a minute. WHAT IF THIS DUDE HAD BEEN STRAIGHT UP & A MAN FROM DAY 1??? What if he would have told you listen I just lost my job & would LOVE to take you out on a proper date but I have a mortgage & bills that I need to take care of & I just don't have it like that so I would still like to get to know you but can we just hang out at my crib & I make you dinner??? WOULD HE HAVE GOTTEN THE TIME OF DAY???

I mean we all love to be pampered & spoiled (MEN & WOMEN) but relationship & marriage are about standing by each other thru the good & the bad. YOu may meet your "BARACK" during a bad time in his life. Wouldn't you want YOUR man to stand by you when times are rough?? Well a man wants that support too. NO this man in particular did not deserve it & i don't think anyone should live off of anyone BUT in these economic times it's nice to know that if you are with someone no matter what you guys got each others backs.

I'm pregnant & about to lose my job in a month and a half. Am I worried OF COURSE BUT I know everything is going to be ok cause I am with someone who can look at me & say I want you to spend time with our baby for as long as possible without worrying about going back to work until you're ready & I LOVE THAT. BUT I also know that if the tables were reversed & I had it like that I would definitely support my man 100% for as long as I had to if we were ever in that situation.

It's great to be a strong independant woman. But you can't say you want a man if you don't let him BE A MAN!


Anonymous said...

I feel REALLY GOOD that a woman hit the nail on the head to what I was referring to in an earlier post...

Su, I feel your pain. I mean, obviously, I'm not a woman who has to sift through all these bitchass men, but there is a flipside to that coin - being a traditional man and having to deal with these dudes. I literally find myself going "What?!?" to a lot of guys when they complain about issues with women or things in their lives, and say "You soundin' REAL FEMININE right now!"

I agree with Ox, too - some women deal with so many bitchasses that they WILL try to son you - and, like Ox, that never happens to me. I usually have really great relationships with women, but they all agree - I'm all-man. In fact, two of my female friends have a phrase whenever bitchassness comes up around us that I once coined to another man - "I'm a MAN!!!" They usually use it in the context of "Rameer would never do that, CUZ HE'S A MAN!!" Then they break out laughing...the convo came up when this guy was talking about regular manicures, pedicures, pink shirts and other activities that I don't know of any self-respecting man doing - money said he trimmed his eyebrows daily...

Su, it seems to me (as I put my analysis hat on) that the dude you mentioned was probably "mommied" too much as a kid. He more than likely subconsciously views the role of women as one of taking care of him, coddling him, cooking for him etc. The lame-ass "when are you going to cook for me" line is prevalent in our community nowadays. I'm actually the opposite - I rarely eat anyone's cooking I don't know LIKE THAT...which leads to a lot of hurt feelings. I've actually had women make secret bets to see if one of them could get me to eat their food...they always lose.

I was raised a bit differently. Let's just say, I was told about Creole and Caribbean women as a young'un...and what SOME of them may do to keep a man...on top of that, me being naturally distrustful...I know how to cook for myself, and WELL, I might add.

Borricuamorena sounds like she needs to go on Maury...not saying any more...

This is such a long, intense subject, that I actually decided against writing it for a guest blog for Brooke, cuz there are so many angles to view it - the reasons why it is, the part that some women play in keeping it this way; the impact society has on these men, which is impacted by gay men having more and more influence on what we see, hear and view (unknowingly to many); the lack of males who are there or are willing to show boys how to become men; the rise of "women with dicks" (talking about the women like Su, NOT trannies - yuck!); etc. Even when I have the convos with friends and family, it literally turns into at least a half an hour discussion. Can't imagine trying to put it into print.

I will just say this - men and women can always complain about each other in a general sense. But I truly think women have probably never had it this bad relationship-wise since we were (supposedly) put on equal levels years ago by legislation and societal attitude adjustment. I can't even recommend good men to my female friends, cuz they're all married. I'm the last one standing where I'm at - and I certainly can't date all of them, cuz I'm not a player.

I mean, when you factor in all the things that remove a lot of eligible men out of the equation already - jail, homicide, disease, lack of jobs and education, homosexuality, etc. - then you realize out of the remaining group, roughly two-thirds of men under the age of 35 suffer from BITCHASSNESS (in my opinion) there any wonder at the rise of lesbianism in major cities? Or as I like to call it - CONVENIENT Lesbianism?

Women have taken and been acting in the roles of men since the mid-90's. And it just hasn't stopped, it's only gotten worse. Y'all got it so bad. Even when y'all do get a decent man, many of y'all have to be the man in the relationship.

But Su - those dudes you were mentioning were UBER-LAME. I know it's hard, but you gotta not settle for crap. In my own personal life, if you are not a regular woman as I raised around, and you don't fit my criteria, I give NO EXCEPTIONS. Always wearing weave and a bunch of fake hair? NEXT. Smoke cigarettes? NEXT. Ultra-materialistic? NEXT. Concerned with my paycheck and how much I can spend on you and, essentially, trick on you? NEXT (Rameer don't EVER trick). Fake eyes, or body parts? NEXT. Kids? NEXT. Uneducated and/or ignorant? NEXT.

You've got to hold your standards up high, and make sure you do the "scouting report" when you meet a guy (my boys and I used to say we had to test women out and ask people who knew them to break them down beneath the surface before we would really give them a real always worked for us in finding good women worth our time).

This was a good read. Sorry if my response was random and all over the's most likely the only response I will have, as I will be out on an all day shoot.

Just remember the words of the great Puff Daddy...."NO BITCHASSNESS!!!"

Anonymous said...

Oh...and after reading Craig and The Fury's comments...I'm in agreement with their comments...but I understand the point Su was making about the theoretical dicks. Craig and The Fury more than likely come from the vein of real manliness than the disease that's spreading at such a rapid rate...BITCHASSNESS!!!

Sidebar...I saw a promo for the upcoming season of Making The Band 4...and laughed my ass off at the little boy band exhibiting a whole lotta bitchassness...I guarantee Puff is gonna have another "no bitchassness"!

Anonymous said...

That is why the writer & her metaphorical dick is single and alone. For you to even think that a man's strength or whatever comes from a Dick is incorrect but moreso that you compare strength and 'being strong' to a dick ... you're basically saying a woman can't be strong just as a woman but must be man-like. WRONG. Women are stronger, more resiliant, more creative and more tolerant because we don't have dicks ... we are made up of an inner fortitude that isn't and does not need to be outwardly displayed (i.e, the dick). You are a control freak and probably couldn't handle what you call "a strong" big-dick dude even if he came knocking on your door. You probably would nit-pick a man's decisions or the way he drove the bus in the relationship because you disagree and probably have been single so long, you don't know what it means to co-exsist with another person w/ compromise and understanding. That's the writer mentions that the strong men she has been with has been a power struggle. She says why do I keep whipping it out all the time ... I say because that's the only thing you have. You think defiance and bravado equals being an independent and smart woman. I say it equals being lonley and bitter. Stop trying to prove how strong you are ... Be still and see the power and strength of the men around you and learn how to humble yourself. Try that and see how it much you wanna whip that pretend dick out. Or keep pretending your strong and be single and write blogs about it.

I believe that just inherently Men are stronger than women. A) my bible teaches me subservience and obedience but b) it is how its supposed to be. I don't think that makes me weak-minded or dependent. I'm own person, I own & run my own business, own my own house, and pay my bills. My man pays what he wants to and gives me what he wants and I never have to ask for anything -- See that's the Not-Struggle part. When You are in a relationship with a strong person -- He recognizes a need and fills it ...You don't have ask or hem and haw for something. I don't think my way of thinking defines who I am as a woman, as a individual, as entrepreneur ... whatever. I will and can accomplilsh all I am purposed to accomplish and can still say yes to my man.

Craig n 'em said...

Chloe, what hymnal do you read?

Anonymous said...

Rene, Hi!! I agree, I should have cut his lame ass off at the knees a long time ago. That was my bad. I should never go against the grain and give losers like him a shot, but deep down, I am a nice person. I have a problem being mean, believe it or not. I wanted to give him a chance to prove that he wasn't just another lame loser. But, the fact is, there are more lame-o's than the world needs and we have to keep weeding through them.

Craig! OMG! That was hilarious!!! You are very gifted! But I still beg to differ with you..see I don't want to be the man in the relationship or take away anyones dick! I'm just looking for a man with one bigger than mine! If you see a dick on my shoulder, come knock it off! Feel me?!

The Fury!! As much as I think Pussy is King, I disagree with the way you think women should be using it, but I think I see where you are going with that. I have a Pussy. I love my Pussy. I respect it and honor it. But, I have a dick too. If you knew me, you'd know it as the truth. ;-)

Annamaria- congrats on the baby! You seem to have found a man with a "bigger dick" than most of these fools out here! I'll gladly hold on to your taser till you are ready to start hitting them in the ass again! Had that dude had some sort of creativity with his finances or lack thereof, he may have gotten further than he did. I gave him plenty of chances, but he never rose up.

Rameer! I HEART YOU!!

Chole V-- I smell you and will be right back to address your comments.

Craig n 'em said...

All love Su, but I'm sorry...If I see a dick on your shoulder...The LAST thing I'm doing is knocking it off...I'm not touching it...Only dick I touch is my own...Oh...and why is the dick on your shoulder? Why you got a shoulder dick? You got a dick on your shoulder like a parrot? WTF??? You rockin' a Parrot Dick?

And why do I feel like you're coming back to this BLOG in a pony tail with vaseline smeared all over your face?


Brooke said...

I have SO much to say on this and some of the comments, but it's not my blog I'll let Su address you all individually.

But I think alot of people are taking Su's comments literally and not as the metaphors they were intended to be. Su is saying she'd GLADLY submit to a worthy man, she just hasn't met any. Doesn't mean she won't. And even Ox and Rameer agree that the MAJORITY of men out there lack the qualities that make them suitable to submit TO.

By the way, submit does not imply serve or obey - but rather it's an exercise in trust. Women would gladly be the garment to a man who is willing to be her's, thru thick and thin. It's not impossible to find, you just have to shift focus and have faith. Faith makes things possible, not easy...and I think the point that was made is that it's hard to find that and strike a balance. Our fortitude and strength as women is known by all, but if men are becoming more and more weak, then our strength will begin to manifest itself more outwardly. No one is saying it's right, not even the writer. She's making an observation - the SAME observation that two MEN made. It's a worthy discussion because it's happening...and it can't be denied that it's out there.

Georgia Peach said...

LMAO @ Craig. You're officially my dude too! And I don't even know you, but I'm sitting here laughing my ASS off! hahahahaha Thanks for always bringing the comic relief...

Anonymous said...

Oh Chloe.. where do I begin. First off: Fuck you. I don’t appreciate your tone or the way you’ve taken this way more personal than anyone should have. Are you sure you don’t have a real dick hanging between your legs? I’m sensing a little too much testosterone coming from you. You sound like an angry bitchass man who has been out-manned by many a strong woman like myself. If you truly are a woman, you missed the whole point of what I was writing about you idiot-bitch.

Second: Who are you? You stepped to me like you think you know me, but I have no idea who your punkass is. You probably don’t know me and you have no idea who I am. We could trade insults all day, but I have better things to do with my time then to debate with you or get into a war of words with your ugly hating ass.

Third: Before you tell another grown woman to be still, you should be still and just take a story for a story bitch. It was mine to tell. Don’t get it all twisted and think that because you read something I wrote that you know me dickhead. Your comments are ugly, hateful and unnecessary, not to mention that you contradicted yourself fool. Just because your subservient, bible-thumping, hating ass didn’t get it, means nothing to me. That’s your problem. I am unapologetic and don’t have to defend myself or my story to you because “you an me a no size!”

Be still with your hate. Hating on me is pretty laughable- I wasn’t expecting to be hate on, but hey, with these public postings- who can control all of the riff-raff. If this wasn’t Brooke’s blog, perhaps you and I could have gone toe to toe.. but, I’ll refrain from telling you what I really think of you and your lame attempt at trying to berate me. You scored no cool-points asshole. You only made yourself look like the true hater you must be. I’m sure you hear that a lot though.

Lastly, Fuck you trick.

Brooke, I’m sorry for this rudeness, Chloe-bitch can kiss shit with lip-gloss, she won’t drag me into it with her further, I have a feeling she’s not worth it.

Anthony Otero said...

Wow...SU, I think you just made my day.

Craig n 'em said...

(CRYING) DAMN SU!!! I'm sorry okay!!! I'm CHLOE V! It's me!!! It was just a joke! Shit! You ain't gotta smack me in the face wit yo dick! I'm soooorrry!!!!

Do you really want me to kiss shit with lip gloss? With lip gloss? Really? Won't that stick to my lips? That's soooo mean...

And for record my head is not shaped like a dick...

Come to church with me...

Kidding, I'm not Chloe...I have a REAL dick...;-)

momo925 said...

Craig! You are going to make me piss on myself LMAO!!

Brooke said...

Well alrighty then :-) I DID say in the intro that she don't take no sh*t! See what I mean.

wow...who knew it would take this turn!? but I will admit, this is amusing me :)

Anonymous said...

Craig! You tricked me and tickled me! I truly suspect that Chloe really is a he-she so you had me going for a second! I laughed it off as a joke, but now I'm heated again! I wish I could just slap Chloe-man's face right now! ;-) You are too funny, I HEART you too now! You had me at the vaseline joke!!!

I'm glad I could make your day Latinegro!! Funny thing, unleashing a little on that hater-bitch made my day too. ;-) Every now and then a little scratching keeps one's claws sharp!


Brooke said...

This is the first time I've had a cat fight on my blog! So interesting!

Craig n 'em said...

Next time Su, I'll let you borrow my "Snottie Shottie"...For uppity mutha f'ers...

KAPOW!!! RIght in the ass pant!

Craig n 'em said...

And Su, the next time you may come across a dude that ends up being a bum...I give you my "BUM GUN"...

KAPOW! Right in the ass pant!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Craig! With your Snottie Shottie and Annamaria's taser, jerkfaces like Chloe need to watch out! ;-)

Craig n 'em said...

Um...I'd stay away from Ana if I were you...She has a split personality...fascination with knives and tasers..

I have a blogstraining order out on her...Our comments have to be a least 4 comments apart...

Oh...and she has a dick..

Anonymous said...

And thanks for the Bum Gun!! Does it fire Bum-Bitch-bullets too? Cuz have one headed right to your ass pant! LMAO!

(Chloe, these are just jokes, I still think you are a dickhead, but now I'm just using your name for extra humor! Ha-fuckin-Ha bitch!)

Craig n 'em said...

a BIG one...;-/

Craig n 'em said...

Bum Bitch bullets? You can get that from your local bodega....Get a pack of lemonheads...they fit...

Anonymous said...

(sliding to the mic like Samuel L Jackson as DJ Mister Senor Love Daddy in Do The Right Thing)

Yooooo! Hold up! Time out! Time the F#ck out! Y'all take a chill. Ya need to cool that shit out... and that's the double truth, Ruth! LOL

(back to me)
I think we can ALL agree to disagree or agree without the sh!t getting kissed with lipgloss. (dying over here)

Throughout all of the stories, debates, Dicks and thing is left...

Yo Su..

Can you cook like THAT where you keep a brother waiting until you unleash your inner Emeril Lagasse?? Well, more like Gordon Ramsey cuz you know how to bring that fire in Hell's Kitchen! LOL You and Brooke need to open a restaurant or something. Food costs you, but the tongue lashing is freer than a mutha!

Brooke said...

man please, I can't compete with Su on the tongue lashing! NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Rene The Harlemite said...

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve!


And people are woried about TMI Tuesdays and Random Thoughts Thursdays.


Alot of testosterome in this blog today. I guess women do have DICKS! and a lot of Balls! LOL!

Friday's blog should be What happened the Estrogen, Progestrone, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, and Leutinizing Hormones in Women?

We can start with the basics and get Sue Johanssen to guest blog.

Su M-How are you? Been a long time. Interesting blog today! Stay away from the all those Chicken Mc Nuggets out there. It's not worth your time!

Anonymous said...

Lemonheads!! Ahhhahahahahaaaa!!! That is too funny!

Blackcloud, I can cook pretty well, but that's not was keeps them waiting, wanting, or coming back! What does all of that you ask? ...My jokes! ;-) I got'em all day long! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am stepping away for a little bit. Catch you all a little later! Peace and Blessings (even to the hater!) LOL

Rene The Harlemite said...

Let me be clear with my testosterome comment.

Chloe-You sound like a man perpetrating like are woman when you are writing.

If I am right... I am right
If I am worng... I am worng

That's the Quote of the Day!

Brooke said...


Man or woman, she definitely set it off. That is the first time Chloe has commented, and I hope it won't be the last. I hope Su didn't scare you off or discourage you from commenting again. It's all love!

I don't think my blog comments have ever been this entertaining. I must be BORING by comparison! LOL!

Brooke said...

I'm still laughing at "bum bitch bullets" LMAO!! Craig needs a show!

Anonymous said...

Su you say you have a hard time being mean to people & stuff BUT YOU DIDN'T HESITATE TO COME OUT SWINGING WITH CHLOE...
Next time put the loser in check (as you did with Chloe..) tase his ass (you can borrow my taser.) and don't waste your time. Be mean to the people that deserve it & give the true ones a chance.

Brooke said...

Well, I know Su...and I've seen and heard her give the business to a dude before, so trust me! LOL!

But as far as women hating on other women...we have to be fair here. I don't know who Chloe is, but saying things like "that's why the writer is single and alone" and "You are a control freak and probably couldn't handle what you call "a strong" big-dick dude even if he came knocking on your door" is counterproductive. The message gets lost because you make personal assumptions about a person's character. I don't know most of you personally, only thru my I can't speak to anyone's TRUE personality. We can be ANYONE we want on a blog, so who's to say that Chloe really isn't a man, or HAS a man? I'm not saying Su's comments were any better, but you can't expect a woman to respect another one who is making assumptions on her character.

I had a different perspective from Su in my second comment, I took a different stance to a degree, but I did so without downplaying Su's experience or her views. And people, it was a STORY. A play on words that came up via a different conversation. We've had this discussion before and we all can agree to disagree without it getting to this point. But at the same time, I won't ever censor or try to tell people what to say. I just sit back and enjoy everyone's perspectives.

We're not all ever going to agree, and I don't sit back and wait for applause when I'm done writing my blog. I welcome all opinions, even dissenting ones. It's part of what makes this interesting and fun.

I hope everyone is calmed down now :-)

Craig n 'em said...


B, that had REV RUN written all over it! I envisioned you taking a bubble bath typing away on your blackberry....;-)

Ok...Now lets end this sermon with a prayer...;-)

We thank you on this blogged day
Please help men to grow their dicks
Please help women to shrink theirs
LORD! Help us even out the dick/pussy balance in the world...We're leaning a little left these days...
Help Su get that dick off her shoulder
Thats without the use of surgery, Lord
Lord, bless Boriquamami and her rolodex
LORD! There may very well be a shortage of lemonheads after this blog...Like Oprah and Beef...

Lord, I'm just learning of this CONVENIENT LESBIANISM...And I think I like it...Just sharing lord..

LORD! Please o Please bless Chloe V.
Help tame her spirit...She does have some hate in her...And please help Su with her sudden foot problem. Help her get her foot back from Chloe's ass...Chloe has hate and Su's foot in her lord...That has to be uncomfortable...Bless them both...


Anonymous said...

Was that Hate? Or opinion?? But here's what I LOVE ... that because I disagree with Su/RisingSun1577 completely -- I get an eloquent and descriptive - "Fuck You Trick" as a response. This is a Blog I expected a little more verbosity from you.

Yes you don't know me and I don't know you ... but did I hit a little too close to home to warrent hostility. You put your story out there - and I'm going to disagree ... And Kudos to Brooke for acknowledging that this IS about discourse.
I wasn't making any personal assumptions only observations based on her very own words and her "story"

And no her foot isn't in my ass - dropping F bombs does not constitute her telling me off. I'm not 10 years old saying Fuck You or calling me a Bitch doesn't scare me - just shows that As much strength as you claim to have in your original post - Emotions JUST got the best of you - and you copped out by saying the standard Fuck you - If i've missed your point explain it to me. You know use your words ..?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Chloe, I'm gonna have to stop you there. alot of people gave their "opinion" here today, but I think everyone can agree that you had a bit of hate in your response. You wrote : You are a control freak and probably couldn't handle what you call "a strong" big-dick dude even if he came knocking on your door. You probably would nit-pick a man's decisions or the way he drove the bus in the relationship because you disagree and probably have been single so long, you don't know what it means to co-exsist with another person w/ compromise and understanding.

how is that not making a judgment? you can state your opinion without making assumptions. re-read what you wrote and think about it. Everyone I forwarded this blog to was like "damn, Chloe went at'er" taht was the initial response. Trying to sound eloquent now doesn't change that fact that you had a bit of "haterade" in your tone. It was hate wrapped up in words. You tried to play her. Maybe Su should have explained her post better to you since you missed the point, but why bother? you already made your judgement.

Su's experience is her's. So great, you met a man you claim you don't have to man-up for. SO you say. good for you. But you have to admit, there ARE some bitchass men out there. Shit, if you ask me, she was trying to give this man a dick and he didn't want it! there are PLENTY of dudes out there like that. just cuz you don't seem to meet them doesn't mean they ain't there. it was HER experience.

sorry, but you hated in that post.

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny how brooke is defending her, cuz that's her girl. But why are you embracing someone who calls someone else a "bible-thumping hating ass"? I thought you believed in GOD? and all that cursing and condone that? I thought your blog was better than that.

Brooke said...

wow...okay, here we go.

Let me start off by saying thank you for reading and commenting on my blog "anonymous." I appreciate it.

That said, I'm not sure what you thought my blog should be or represent. But sorry it doesn't fit your standards. Actually, no...not really sorry. But it is what it is.

We have fun here. We have opinions. We don't always agree, but it's usually entertaining. I like that I have a diverse group of people who read my blog regularly and that they share their opinions with me.

Now let me respond to what you wrote. BE CLEAR. I believe in God. If you've read my past blogs, you will know that I make references to God and spirituality OFTEN. Only God knows my heart...not you or anyone else....but I have no shame in admitting that I am a proud Christian and I strive to live my life the best way I know how EVERY day.

Now, my sister, her husband, and my nephews are Muslims. My sister has made many comments on my blogs that refer to Islam and/or the Quran. Maalik, aka Ox, has as well. Am I not supposed to embrace them because they practice a different religion than I do? Their comments are no less valid because they practice a different faith...and just as I welcome people's comments who choose a different religion, I welcome people who have NO religion as well. I accept EVERYONE and everyone is entitled to their opinion. How that has any bearing on MY beliefs is beyond me.

But since you wanna go it just as wrong to call someone lonely and bitter or say "that's why you don't have a man" but then turn around and say "my bibles says..."?? It's okay to make a judgment statement and then say "my bibles says..." Here is what the bible says, "judge not, lest you be judged." Since everyone wants to speak bible today - be clear - none of us can judge anyone else...only God can. Do you agree with that?

I'm not saying I condone cursing or anything else that may offend someone. But at the same time, I don't judge and I don't censor. At the end of the day, yes, it's my blog, and I can run it like how I damn well please (oops, did I just curse?) I like that people read it, and I hope they enjoy it. But if not, I can't control that. It's all love, that's all it is.

Anonymous said...

Chloe, why bother trying to back-track now? I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with me. Plenty did, but you were the only one who hated, that simply wasn't just your opinion. You are entitled to your opinion and the purpose of blogging is to solicit other’s opinions but the haterade was extra and unnecessary. Verbosity? Do you even know what that means? It means to be wordy idiot. Why did I need to be more verbose in my response to you? I kept it short and simple: Fuck you. I think my choice of words got the job done. You hated for no reason other than you are a hater bitch, and now you find fault in the way I handed your ass back to you?! Bitch please! I personally thought you earned the Fuck you, but hey maybe the “F-bomb” didn’t adequately or eloquently articulate my feelings towards you, so in the spirit of using my words, how about these: Kiss it bitch! Do you understand that? Are those words that resonate with you or does suck my dick you hater-bitch sound better?

Honestly, I’ve wasted enough of my damn good expletives on you when really you weren’t worth the time it took to spell them out. You have no idea who I am or what I am about, and you missed the whole fucking point reject and I'm not explaining shit to you. You’ve judged me, formed your opinions, and hated on me. Its all good bitch, I can take it! Keep hating; just be prepared to get back what you put out into the universe.

No need to write back, I’m done with you.

Don't forget your lip gloss trick!

Brooke said...


"and the winner TKO...
Suzaaaaaaane "I take not sh*t" de Monnnntagnac!"

night night!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Wow this was kinda funny. How does one get into a blog fight. And all the fellas sat around watching the ladies pull each others weave... I mean hair out. As usual. All we needed was some e-Mud in this joint and we would have been set.

The sad thing is... it seems as though the message was sooooo lost. But what's interesting to me is how did this end up an argument between the women. Maybe it's our dicks that keep us from getting so emotional. Su maybe dudes dick was bigger than you thought. His dick kept him calling you even after you dissed him... His dick didn't let him get emotional over it. His dick was focused..straight, hard and focused on one thing. Trying to get to your house to get some food. He just wanted you to feed him, F*** him and shut the F*** up. LOL Think about it you dissed him... and he did nothing but call you back. You talk about dissing him in a blog and this girl lets you have it. And in return you let her have it. Then another girl came at brooke and Brooke came back at her. That shyt is soooo crazy to me.

Watch this... Fuck you Craig!

See it's just words on a blog. He probabaly won't even be all that bothered... you know why. Cuz he probably got a big dick...NO Homo! (LOL Have y'all heard that yet) And his dick is focused on other things.

It's that dam P**** that keep y'all so emotional. So grow your mental dicks.

***'s late so I'm just rambling. Brooke thanks for telling me to read this.

Brooke said...

Well, in my defense B, I didn't really "come at" anyone. I respond to everyone's comments, anonymous ones included. I don't think I was rude or coming at him or her...I just everyone else does - men AND women.

Unknown said...

Whole post-Off the chain-
Im done lol

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