Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday!

These Random Thoughts Thursdays seem to be coming up so fast lately!

First I'd like to thank those of you who have signed up to follow me on I truly, truly appreciate that. If you haven't, you still can! LOL! They want us to reach 100 members/followers minimum, so tell a friend to check me out - and if they like what they read, then hopefully they will join me :-) Thanks everyone!

okay, now...onto the meandering of the mindless :-)

- I can't wait to get my taxes done
- I love Aaron's comment about the "Anti-Man"...had me DYING this morning
- Fury has me intrigued with the whole bathtub-legs-up-against-the-wall thing, couldn't try it this morning, woke up late.
- One day I'll make it to Foley's to watch a game - March Madness?
- What the hell was Usher's wife doing getting plastic surgery in Brazil?? Didn't she learn anything from the tragic death of Donda West?
- A-Rod...steroids...??? Not really surprised though.
- Still gotta make it to CVS to get my lil thingymajingy :)
- Where's Craig?
- My baby nephew Ibrahim told my sister to "go sit down"...hilarious!
- Wasn't the weather beautiful yesterday? I needed that
- How come no one from New York knows where Middle Village is?
- Who wants to go with me to see NeYo, Musiq Soulchild and Jazmine Sullivan on Feb. 22nd to kick off my birthday week? Liz is already on board...anyone else?
- I'm still looking for suggestions for a good, fun place to have my birthday dinner, good food of course!
- B, are you working on my Ole Skool party?
- BTW y'all missed a good party if you didn't go to B's Ole Skool Jammy Jam last week..."Pretty Ricky" and -V- were wopping it out!
- Rameer, now I want cake :-)
- It gets to be 50 degrees outside and my building turns the AC on...buffoonery.
- I really need to start working out at lunch instead of just the morning or after work, but I'd miss Liz and Monica too much :-(
- I'm going to see Friday the 13th tonight, even though Rameer told me not to.
- Does anyone else miss Martin?

"Wha's happenin chief!?" LOL!!

"Look at the white shoes, look at the white shoes!"

LMAO! I needed that today! Okay...go!



Anonymous said...

I just wanted to be first.

1. Why was I waiting all morning for this???

2. Why are people annoying me today???

3. Is everyone CALM today?? LOL

Brooke said...

DAYYUMMM!! That was fast! I think that was record time for you to post first! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

LMAO... I told you I was waiting for it...LMAO

4. I know where Middle Village is!!! :)

momo925 said...

Hi Everyone!

I'm in a good mood today for no apparent reason.

I'm down to go see Neyo with Brooke!! yaaye!

I'm feeling that british singer her voice.

Even though I'm in a good mood, I still don't want to be at work.

This woman on the train today had a crazy nose that looked fake...which made me want to stop complaining about all of my imperfections.

My desk is a mess and I have no desire to clean. Shout out to George! lol

Damn February is almost on its way out...why does time go by so fast?

I'm happy to be leaving for St. Thomas on Saturday! wooo hooooo

Can the receptionist here STOP sending every f*ckin phone call that comes in for the History channel to me?!!! This is why I DON'T answer my DAMN phone!

I need a massage.

Georgia Peach said...

LOL... Annamaria you crazy. Glad you didn't have to tase any of us today.

- Why is this young dude texting me and misspelling my damn name (not even close).

- Why is it so f'n windy out there today?

- Brooke - I'll go with you and Liz to the show.

- Why is it cold in our office too? I just think we can't afford the heat honestly!

- My head hurts... I'm trying my best not to come down with this damn flu everyone of my friends seems to have.

- I almost called out sick today just cuz and the meeting I came in for was cancelled. I'm sorta pissed that I just didn't call out anyway.

- Somebody was trifling in the office today and threw out a salad I had in the fridge (in my damn trash can). I know it's one of the heffa's that sits next to me. So damn trifling who walks over from the fridge past their own damn trash can to mine to throw something away? TRIFLING bitches.

- I wonder why some folks actually try to friend me on facebook when I really don't know them that well and especially with no note.

Peggy said...

I know where Middle Village is

Friday the 13th always makes me feel weird

I need to wash my hair

I will be doing the Master Cleanse in 11 days

I'm in the mood for some shrimp

Can't wait for it to get and stay warmer

I know about 10 women who are pregnant

Woke up this morning and thought it was Friday

I smelled someone's breath on the train this morning and it smelled like they just rolled right out of bed. UGH!!!

Crazy, but I miss working out

I want to go to Mexico

Sandee said...

1. Sleep Walking??? Apparently there is something called Sleep F#*King!
2. I love a nice garbage pale in the bathroom but I hate seeing garbage in it and Seeing tissue in it gives me the Skivvies WTF!
3. Love me some Jadakiss
4. I am So excited for one of my favorite couples Quacey & Jeff they are celebrating their 15th Wedding Anniversary today. WooHOO Huge Congrats Guys.
5. I have been getting on MY nerves for a couple of years, but now my thoughts are starting to get on my nerves.
6. I'm learning to be Still!
7. I don't think anyone hates being cold more than me.
8. I can't wait until the clock springs ahead and I can leave work and its still light outside.
9. I have a SERIOUS HOMELESS PHOBIA and it has nothing to do with the recession.
10. I was standing behind this girl at the bus stop talking to myself rather loudly when she caught me I had to front like I was singing LMAO!
11. VERY VERY FEW things that I am envious of but people who love their jobs is definitely one of them.
12. I am convinced Warm Ginger Ale cures all illness's
13. My Mom cut her hair into one of those short natural's its perfect on her beautiful smooth round rich chocolate face.
14. I am practicing Acceptance, Productivity and Discipline in 09.
15. it Annoys me that I can't run
16. I think I say the word annoy to much
17. I am so behind on my movies
18. I love Donna Brazile
19. I'm contemplating getting a kitten.
20. I don't recommend having only one child yes I know that munchkins are expensive but the responsibility on that One child is no Joke!
21. I love Activia Yogurt
22. I am such a pack rat and I HATE IT!
23. I have a weird fascination with Pretty Clean Supermarkets usually found in the suburbs or the south.
24. I am so MAD at Lauryn Hill for going crazy!
25. Three things I don't want to do on my own: Paint my house, Give myself a Pedicure and my own taxes.
26. I love My Nintendo DS ( Brainage)
27. Whenever I hear a Ginuwine song I always wished I had the skills of a Stripper.
28. I hate Eggs any kind of way.
29. I wished my loved ones were more honest with me.
30. I can go weeks without drinking water that is so bad!
31. I really want lasik/laser surgery
32. I feel like a Tight Sausage in all of my Clothes
33. My kids are going to be SO Suspect looking!
34. I really really enjoy flirting and if I have no interest in you at all I'm even better at it. Go Figure!
35. A Tone back on a woman is so sexy!
36. Muffin tops YuK!
37. Those little Waist jackets Showing Bare Skin Muffin Tops in 10 below! Yo U not cold???
38. FAR Rockaway Queens is Really Far. DAMN!
39. I really Love Tropicana Orange Juice
40. I'm working on my wedding Vows and Nah I so don't have a Fiance or anything near it............ I KNOW!!!!!!!
41. I can't wait to get my laugh on watching the new Tyler Perry Movie!
42. My attention span is getting scarier everyday!
43. I have a HUGE Southern Family (22 aunts & uncles and over 80 FIRST cousins) and I REALLY REALLY LOVE THAT!
44. I wished that I wasn't aware that I can't fly.
45. There are some relationships that I really need to nourish before I loose them.
46. It frustrates me that I suck at MATH! I mean the basic Shit!
47. Hmmmm I have never seen a Naturally Voluptuous Asian woman!
48. Sign Language "IT'S AWESOME"
49. I have a real issue with RUDE Children not Bad just RUDE!
50. I have a sister that looks just like Eddie Griffin
51. My Daddy is quite a character his nick name is Crook nuff said
52. I have a great aunt named Aunt Baby Boy and no she is not gay actually she is extremley feminine everyone that knows how the name came about is dead. WTF!
53. Damn I would love a piece of Cakeman Raven.
54. Strokers Strip Club in Atlanta a chic can learn a thing or two or three
55. I think that it is so cool that my 63 year old mother is NICE with textin she knows all the lingo.
56. I'm starting to get scared that I am going to wake up and its going to be 20 years later and I am still going to be RIGHT HERE!
57. Icecubes down Below Not Sexy actually nothing cold below.
58. I really Adore my Valentine.
59. Hmmm I wonder why there are not as many Huge Juicy D*%Ks as there are huge asses! The ration is definitely unequally balanced.
60. I really need to learn how to drive Stick.
61. I am excited and happy about details that was shared with me from a dear friend of mine this morning.

. said...

1) God is great.

2) “He’s Not That Into You” was funny and cute.

3) John Legend & Estelle rocked it at the Apollo on Monday. Fuck outta here and I’ll write a song about it…and I did :-)

4) Leesa - Thanks for remembering to ignore it :-) First and last time I’ll wear eyeliner to a John Legend concert though…like I don’t even wear eyeliner!

5) Janice, bring your damn husband next time!

6) Large Cinnamon Apple Tea - 2 teabags, 2 lemons, 2 sugars. Perfect!

7) Oh how I LOVE my Kelly Green J Crew Cardigan w/the Blinged Out Buttons. Thanks for the fabulous gift, Sandee :-)

8) I am so blessed.

9) First thing I think of when I see Swedish Candy Fish is Leesa…and now when I see Nerds too. Secret: She keeps a candy store in her purse, people :-)

10) Peggy - My beauty mutes him. Yup, that explains it perfectly. ;-)

11) Train Reck Fries. Whoa! Now why would we even order something with that name??? Crack!

12) I LOVE scented candles, can have them lit ALL over my house, in every room and NEVER turn the lights on. But I feel so cheated when I get one that smells great but doesn’t burn evenly! Just hurt :-(

13) Brooke - Remember when Duane was trying to pitch a reality show to you staring Dee Jumpoff??? Too funny :-)

14) Peggy - Is your Boo taking you to see Anita Baker on Valentine’s Day?
I hope so ;-)

15) Teddy bears and stuffed animals, HATE to get them as gifts and something about seeing them stacked up on a grown ass woman’s bed or bedroom freaks me out, big time.

16) Strivers row ;-)

17) Reading an Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez book. Exactly what I needed. Annamaria - Have you read any of her books?

18) Our computer guy Nicky…WTF???!!! He fixes one thing and messes up three.

19) I still want to see The Dark Night @ The IMAX and I will.

20) Aretha Franklin doesn’t need any backup singers ;-)

21) Rene - Homeboy can help you ;-) LOL! He knows my mother for 25 years??? WTF?! Dude, we’ve only been living here for 11 years. Stop making stories up!

22) Confessions of a Shopaholic…seeing that.

23) I hate filing.

24) I’m letting my hair grown back…okay, MAYBE ;-)

25) Duane - Knows it’s been sold out everywhere and you want it badly so Universal just sent me a copy of the Ryan Leslie CD.
If you haven’t gotten already, it’s yours :-)

26) So far this week has been straight freakin’ comedy. Laugh so hard you cry comedy…that good ole feel it all up in your gut laugh :-)

27) Duane - As of next Monday. No more stopping by my office with cupcakes! Please! So are you stopping by today? Ha, ha!

28) I miss Martin too! Freakin’ hilarious!

29) OMG! I gotta follow you on Honey! Forgive me, you know my computer just started working yesterday! Straight Buffoonery.

30) And yes, I’m assuming that everybody I gave a shout out to is reading this blog!
:-) LOL!


. said...

I had a dream with Jada Kiss last night!!!!! WTF?!

I'm soooooo happy today too!

Georgia Peach said...

Momo - my desk is a mess too!

I saw Adele at Bonnnaroo last year and her voice live gave me goose bumps. She is the TRUTH

. said...

Sandee - with an ass like yours, you should be able to give brothas a round of applause, I was so disappointed when you told me you couldn’t make it clap!!! LMAO!!!!

Peggy said...

I'm still waiting for my cd hook-ups AMANDA!

Annamaria you're my favorite nut. Hee Hee Hee

I know everyone's honest, but I truly appreciated Rameer's honesty yesterday

I'm not in the mood to work, but I have an "ish" load of stuff to do

My Hunny is making moves in his carrer and I'M SO PROUD OF HIM!

I love St. Thomas...I want to go toooooooooooo

Where is Craig?!?!?!?!

Don't know what I'm having for lunch today

phillygrl said...

Martin is hilarious!...I love love love it..I am not one to watch things over & over, but aside from The Breakfast CLUB or Grease..Martin is a show that I can watch over& over & still crack up at even when I know what's going to happen!!

-staff meeting yesterday, this guy I work with --been there abt8 mos is doing 37% productivity!!!..this guy needs to be FIRED..PLUS he wandes in like 9:45a in like 10 am everyday & takes like almost a 2 hour lunch--- director is cool with it all, --no wonder he can't get anything done...he MUST no someone, Im livid, seeing as though he gets same salary as everyone else( or so Im assuming)

--good weather puts me in a good mood!!:-)

--i agree w momo.not only do I need a massage, but an entire SPA DAY...i've heard of this nice one up near poconos, gotta check it out, --snowboard by day, spa services in evening, soounds like a plan, I need to research!

--I'm glad Jim Jones is getting some airplay...been a fan for sometime,,when I had dipset on my ipod a few years back, people were like WHY you got all those DipSet songs on there?

--son's dad is being an @$$wipe!!..uughhh!!...

---i wish one of those banks gave me a bailout..& I don't even need $20 million.. i'll take 5 & parlay that ..u won't hear from me again.

--i've gotta paint this kitchen, ive lived with bright yellow for a year now, I need some taupe, some light mocha , something not so Bright,

---my son learned how to dribble a basketball last night from my grandpop & uncle!!:-) he used to throw it up in air& then when it would come down & bounce, it would just ROLL..he concentrates REAL hard too!!:-)

---im gonna feed my cat & get some lunch too!..C YA!

phillygrl said...

lol!..sandee..i love that you have wedding vows & no prospects!!!!:-)im in same boat!!lol!!...hey ..what ya gonna do..we gotta put theat energy out in the universe right!!:-)

Anonymous said...

Lol...I was always calm, if you're referring to the silliness from last night, Annamaria. I had my wine and drifted off to tranquility...

- my taxes are DONE! I think I got over a g comin' back... :-)

- "Anti-man"? Ooo - PLEASE explain...

- my boy's wife made me cake this morning - and I am on SUCH a sugar high right now...

- Brooke - don't say I didn't WARN YOU about Friday The 13th...worst major-budget horror movie I've ever sister is STILL MAD I wasted our time taking her...

- Usher's wife had to finish the surgery to make her a "FULL woman"!

- YOU STILL gonna get you a new toy, Brooke?

- My general manager called me into his office yesterday to tell me I have to stop scaring the white people at my work by wearing my ninja mask and black gloves.

So I came into work today with my ninja mask and black gloves...and STILL won't take them off all day. The Black people have been walking around with tears in their eyes from laughing...

- The recession hadn't hit me - until I found out in a 2 day span I'm gonna have to drop $5,000 in the matter of a week on some emergencies. Oh, and that's paid in full - no credit cards. NICE.

- I'm going to Babys R Us to help my pregnant homegirl get stuff this weekend. I've been to that place way too many times in life - NEVER for myself (no kids). My best friend's wife once made me go cuz he wouldn't. My friend told me it's because I'm like the emergency "good man" - break in class in case of

- damn, I wish I could go to that concert with you, Brooke! That's some good music that's gonna be on-stage - all 3 artist are some of my favorites...

- I gotta go do some work before I leave work early for the day. Ciao!

. said...

YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why am I on the phone with Sandee literally cryin’ about her random thoughts...people on this floor are like WTF?! OMG!!!! LMAO, LMAO, LMAO, LMAO, LMAO, LMAO, LMAO!!!!

Janice and I were talking about muffin tops on Monday.

. said...

32) I LOVE the word Adore.

Anonymous said...

Peggy - Thank you!!!

Peggy said...


Toooooooooo Funny

And yes, I've heard of sleep f*cking!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Momo: I'm jealous of your great mood.
2. Peggy: I need to wash my hair too & I'm glad that you like my nuttiness..LMAO
3. Sandee: I've not only heard of sleep f*cking but I've done it on numerous occassions & quite enjoy it! :)
4. Amanda: No I've never read any of her books.. send me some titles I'm tired of reading baby books.
5. Rameer: I'm glad that you are calm now & feel free to go to babies R us & shop for me. LOL
6. The chick that sits next to me is annoying me & WHY is she forcing her boyfriend to marry her so she can stay in the US.. I want to tase her & send her back! lol

. said...

Peggy - My computer is working now so just give me the word.

33) I'm doing laundry today :-(

I'm so happy for that friend
too :-)

. said...

Annamaria - Read "The Dirty Girls Social Club" by Alisa Valdes-Rrodriguez...let me know what you think :-)

Peggy said...

My Hunny and I are going to The Cake Man this weekend, not sure about Anita Baker though:(

One of my dearest friend's broke up with her significant of 71/2 years

I love life

My "crack" Rum Cream

Peggy said...


And I love MY life!

Always thought I'd leave NY and settle down, but lately all I've been doing is thinking of settling down in NY....CRAZY

I haven't done any work yet LOL
And I go to luch at 1pm...LMAO

Peggy said...

Amanda - WORD!

. said...

Get me a slice w/pecans!!! And we can meet up and do an exchange...cds cake LOL!

I have a friend that was with someone for 7 years and they broke up...she's married now.

Sandee said...

62.I really like Adele too.
63. Trust me I wished that I could make it Clap also.
64. I want the Ryan Leslie CD too
65. I joined Facebook and its iight but I don't see the whole addiction thing about it.
66. Amanda it tickels my heart that you are so happy.
67. My outfit yesterday was such a Major Mistake everytime I caught my reflection in the mirror I wanted to Slap the Shit out of myself.
68.I'm excited about going to Melba's tonight to Celebrate Poochie's Birthday.
69. Rene did you accept me as a friend FB? Come on I need some friends LOL!
70. I have two Indian weddings to go to this summer I am so Damn Excited about the outfits I get to wear.

Peggy said...

Sandee - Oh man, I've always wanted to go to an Indian wedding. AWESOME

Amanda - No problem (*_*)

I've still not done any work
Hopefully after lunch. Hee Hee Hee

. said...

Duane was telling me about Adele the other day. Hook up, anyone? Rene? Cause I ain't buying it.

Peggy - My crack is a lot of things but thanks for adding one to the list on Tuesday.

Rene - I got a crack treat for you.

. said...

Sandee - All I'm gonna say that the day you can I go "window shopping" together, I will cry. Let's do brunch, mimosas and dress up :-)

. said...

Why did Terri just hand Peggy a slice of cake man raven w/pecans???!!! Crazy!

Brooke said...

oh wow! I go to a meeting and y'all just lit it up! I'm not even sure where to start!

Sandee, you must have been WAITING to post all that stuff today - it's like y'all been saving it all week! LOL!!

Crook Nuff? Why did I DIE laughing reading that. Aunt Baby boy? a sister who looks like Eddie Griffin? I HAVE to meet your family!

Yay, I'm going to the concert with my girls! Ram, I wish you could come too ;)

Amanda and Sandee are going to be in MD. I feel like we all don't hang as much as we used to? why?

I'm in a great mood today too! As Shug Avery would say.."I feels like sangin!"

Ram - I should go back and post that terrorist pic of you - hell, you scared ME when I first saw it on FB.

I need the hook-up on cd's too. Seriously.

The Anti-Man is what my boy Aaron called the bitchassness that was anonymous last night. "Does he still play with baby dolls?" LOL!

Sandee, I'm mad at Lauryn Hill too, we were JUST talking about her yesterday. Your list had me crackin up!

Premiering on A&E - "Dee the Jumpoff" - Executive Producers: Big Dee and Brooke Dean :)

Damn, now I feel like I wanna see something else tonight since Ram said Friday the 13th was wack.

Waiting on The Watchmen and Transformers 2!

Peggy said...

So I go to my coworkers desk who happens to be one of my dearest friends to ask her what's for lunch, before I can even say anything, she says I have a surprise for you and hands me a slice of red velvet cake from the Cake Man himself.

Sandee said...

Amanda its a Date.

Phillygirl I hear ya.

Peggy Yes me too and once again I am so excited.

I better start being on time for work before I find my ass on the Cheese line.

Weird but doing Laundry is very relaxing for me. I can't wait to have a house with a really nice Laundry Room.

I can't wait to own a HOUSE!

Peggy Yeah I always thought I would definitely settle down and buy my house outside of NY but with a few events that are shaping my life that might not be the case.
Its bittersweet! What I get for stayin in the metro area is Priceless but the life outside of NY that I yearn for will always be desire in my heart.

. said...

Change of plans I'll be in MD the weekend of March 6th because I won’t be done with the class I'm taking at Central until the weekend before…

I was listening to Lauryn’s CD on Saturday…recently got myself a new copy at Virgin for $8. The old copy was done! I LOVE, LOVE THAT CD!!!!

. said...

I so want a laundry room ;-)
And nah man, I'm a new yorker at heart!!!

Anonymous said...

Why am I listening to you all talk about cake & not getting excited.. This lil f*cker..

BUT the other day I was DYING for a piece of strawberry cake with vanilla frosting (NORMALLY I'D WANT CHOCOLATE ON CHOCOLATE WITH EXTRA CHOCOLATE BUT THIS KID DOESN'T CARE WHAT I WANT)
SOOO yeah I ended up baking the cake eating 2 slices & never looking at it again.

Anonymous said...

Amanda I have a laundry room in the basement. There is a pool table down there too. Feel free to come over & do my laundry whenever you want...LMAO

OK I'm lying. I can not let anyone else do my laundry.. I'm obsessed I have to do it myself. I don't even let Austin do it.

Brooke said...

I like doing laundry but hate washing dishes...and I never feel like I get my bathroom ALL the way clean.

I brought my lunch today but I don't want it.

Sandee, have a house in the city AND in the too Peggy!

I want to wiggle my toes in some sand...I need it to be summer already.

I'm buying the NeYo tickets tomorrow, so everyone let me know by today!

Annamaria...please don't call the unborn child "this lil f*cker" LOL!!

Now I want cheesecake.

Anonymous said...

Brooke: If you saw this kid in the sonogram acting a fool on Saturday you'd call it that too. It knew we was trying to take measurements sooo it would not stay still.. And it knows that I hate it when kids have their fingers in their mouth so of course it puts it's thumb in its mouth. And then when it was over all of us it turn around and stuck it's butt out! I even thought I saw a lil taser at one point..LMAO

Which means this kid is going to have MY attitude & just f*ck with me for no reason.. LOL

Jess- said...

Sandee- making it clap is all in the knees.

I loved Dirty Girls Social Club.

Annamaria- i'm annoyed too.

I planning a bachlorette party for myself. All you ladies have to come so I can meet ya.

oh, i forgot to mention that i'm not getting married, i'm just having the party.

I cant wait to see 20/20. I had Lasik last week and something didnt go right. I'm ok but my left eye is bugging a lil.

I came to work today because i was so bored at home.

I got tickets to Ne-yo, i'm so excited.

I want some banana nut cake.

I'm supposed to be off today, why are people still calling me.

My son has been going to school alone this week, i'm slowly cutting the umbilical cord.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to a bachelorette party in March & can't wait.. I told my sister in law the stripper HAS to rub my belly! lol


Brooke: i brought my lunch too & I don't want it either. I want Pasta! :(

Anonymous said...

as much music as you guys like, you really should have someone tutor y'all in downloading. I haven't bought a Cd in damn near 10 years - and I get EVERYTHING, old and new.

And no, don't let them show you Limewire...that's from!

- Amanda is CUTE. REALLY CUTE in her pic. BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW!!! Lol...

- I'll let you know Watchmen is, Brooke. Got the preview for that in a few weeks.

- Brooke...really? Why does EVERYONE think my ninja picture is scary? I think PAIN is an adorable, misunderstood ninja...who happens to carry a kitana...

- Sleep f*#$ing? Really? Can some reverse cowgirl pop off in that scenario? Oh, my bad - this isn't TMI Tuesday...

- I've known about Adele since the summer - she is the truth. I'm so Adeled-out...I had her on constant rotation like August through November (or whenever Jazmine Sullivan got a lil' buzz). Tellin' y'all - downloads! Get everything before it's out...

- Sandee - PROPS on the Ryan Leslie mention. His stuff his NICE.

- Anti-Man...sooooo true.

- I'm 20 minutes from leaving work for the day. And STILL high off the cake my boy's wife made for me...I think she laced it.

- white people are STILL scared of me at work today...

- I love the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. Favorite part of the country for me.

- I'm hoping taking my sister to see "Watchmen" will make up for "Friday The 13th". But I dunno...everyone thinks it's a regular superhero movie, and it's not. Not a lot of action...very story-driven, very heavy, and set in the Cold War - I read it years ago - excellent, but nothing like what anyone's ever seen in terms of hero movies...

- Doh! Forgot to go check on the weekend talk show I'm dumping to tape that airs on my station this weekend! Gotta go!

Brooke said...

I was about to say, "jess, you're engaged?" LOL! I'll be there!

Did you go to Foley's last night?

Hopefully I'll see you at the NeYo joint! Or maybe I should have said "jawn"...let some Philly out!

now I want a cheesesteak, damn I'm hungry!

My skin is's really dry and red...I need to go to a dermatologist.

Annamaria, I brought pasta and don't want it!

Ram, I got my screening invite for Watchmen today! So we can discuss in a couple weeks :)

Tutor me in downloading...and send me my damn NeYo cd! Please!

Sleep f*cking happens early morning, REM sleep :)

Sandee said...

Yes Amanda I know how much you love the City you and I are soooooooooo different in that aspect.

Nah I just want a house outside of NY and visit the city whenever I want.

Annamaria I can't wait to meet the baby I mean your little baby girl fingers crossed ;-)

Brooke Me too Me too I can't wait for the summer, but that is how I feel all the time . The winter is for the BIRDS!

Oh and hate dirty dishes in the sink. So I am always washing them.

I would really appreciate a Pepsi but I gave up Soda. SHIT!

Gave up candy too once I realized that I was having it for Breakfast.

Jess- said...

I didnt go to Foley's. I look a mess. When i got to work the first thing my coworker asked was if i was with Chris Brown last night.

Anonymous said...

Brooke: I have grilled pork chops & veggies. DO you want that??? We can switch lunches! lol....

Anonymous said...

Sandee I will find out the sex of the baby in April & let you guys know ASAP... BUT just so you know if it is a girl the world is IN TROUBLE.. 2 of us walking around with tasers??? Imagine when she goes to school & starts tasing her teacher??? WTF!! She's going to have mommy's attitude.. I JUST KNOW IT! lol Especially cause I've been especially slick moufed (yeah i said it.) since i've been pregnant..YES MORE THAN I WAS BEFORE PEOPLE!

Brooke said...

LMAO!! Sandee, you are hysterical!

Nothing like a Pepsi...or Snapple!

I would LOVE to switch lunches with you, just like when we were in school! Okay, maybe only I did that :) I think I'll get a cheeseburger with Liz and MoMo. Something is wrong with's like I got a damn tapeworm or something.

Damn Jess, your eye looks like that?! It's sad that now whenever someone talks about a girl being beat up, they say "he pulled a Chris Brown on her ass." 19 years old and labeled a woman beater. Shame.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told my lil a** switched lunches all the damn time! lol

. said...

Thanks, Rameer :-)

Sandee and Brooke - First time I've ever felt this but I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo lookin' forward for the summer too!!! Can't wait! I want it to be here now!!! Looking forward to walking to the Seaport after work :-) Plus I want a tan. Will def have another get-together at Water Taxi Beach...

Brooke said...

That burger hit the spot!

Why have I been so busy at work? The beginning of the year is usually slow...but I feel like it should be April by now with all the work I've been doing.

We were talking about this at lunch and I want to any of you call your friends' parents by their first name? I noticed that alot of my friends, not ALL but alot, call my mom "Donna" when they meet her face. Not Ms. Dean. Not even "Miss Donna." Just "Donna." Only my New York friends do that a New York thing? Just wondering...

. said...

I don't!

Peggy said...

I don't.

Brooke said...

Okay...just wondering. I thought that was odd. I think my mom would knock me into next week if she heard me refer to a friend's parent by their first name.

. said...

34) Think I may have a little red wine left at home. Good ;-)

35) Body chains :-) Sandee - Did you ever get Gerri to make you one?

36) This Ryan Leslie CD is hot! Plus he solely wrote, produced and performed every song on the album with the exception of one track that has a Stevie Wonder sample. So I’ll call that TALENT.

Brooke said...

Okay, so I need NeYo, Anthony Hamilton, Ledisi, Ryan Leslie, Adele, and...??? I'm just trying to keep track of all the cd's y'all need to get to me :) Thanks!

I see you're on this wine kick lately, since when??? how did that happen? :)

Anonymous said...

a. I need to go this weekend & get my passport for my DR trip... Yes I know that at my age I should have had my passport BUT I never needed one before.

b. I need to do my taxes but I just found out that my accountant moved out of state.... :( ANYONE KNOW A GOOD ACCOUNTANT???

c. I'm using letters instead of #'s cause I wanted to try something different.

d. Still annoyed at the world.

e. I just want to go home & go to bed.

f. Amanda I wish I had some red wine...LOL.. Yeah yeah yeah I KNOW..LOL

Brooke said...

My accountant is great but he's in South Jersey. But he's no joke, I got a NICE return last year.

Everyone wine I've ever tried tasted like stale grape juice, like someone left it out on the counter for a week. I guess it's an acquired taste. I feel like saying I drink wine would make me seem more sophisticated :) But then I realize that's silly, just not a taste I've acquired, not too many acoholic drinks I like...I think that's a good thing with all the recovering alcoholics in my family :) I'm glad I don't LIKE it, or I might be a lush! :)

Anonymous said...

See I usually don't have to go to my accountant. I always fax him my W-2's & then he calls me like 3 days later to ask me like 4 questions & I always get hooked up. I need someone like that. LOL

I love wine. I love alcohol... TOO BAD I WON'T be drinking for like another year! :(

Peggy said...

I can't wait to go home...15 more minutes

All I had to eat today was whole wheat toast, an apple and a slice of some red velvet cake

A girlfriend of mine just asked me to do something for her that she is more than capable of doing for herself. WTF!?!?!?!?!?!

Brooke said...

Well, if you fax that stuff to him anyway, why do you need a new accountant? You can't fax out of state? LOL!! Not like he forgot how to do your NY taxes cuz he moved :) Or does he have to be living here to do them?

Rene The Harlemite said...

-Lawrence Taylor and Steve-O are going to be in the next Dancing With the Stars Season. That will be funny! It's the rehab edition...Sorry I could not help myself.

-Foley's was mad fun yesterday. It was a LONG night.

-I really want to see Ne-yo but I think I will have to pass on it.

I am overwhelmed with a lot of things but it is a good thing. I am blessed.

So many people I know are moving out of NYC. It's crazy.

I am hungry!

Sandee you are my frind on Facebook. Just dont poke me! LMAO! Just playin'!

Monica-Bring back some Cruzan Rum, Jam Band Soca CD's and some Johnny Cakes! I am serious! Have fun!

Amanda-I want that crack but not the crack that makes me think I know you mother for 25 years! lol
About the Cd remind me.

Brooke The BDay party will be either the 27th or the 28th. I should have it confirmed by the weekend. It will be at Side bar on 15th and Irving Plaza.

I want the hear songs recorded for the Dr. Dre's Detox Album.

I do not call peoples parents by their first names even when they request it.

Brooke said...

I'm so jealous you're leaving at 5 Peggy! If I left at 5 they'd be like, "half day?"

Brooke said...

Cool Rene, I'm ready!

I wanna go to St. Thomas :(

I'm going somewhere in March, even if I have to go by myself!

What are Johnny Cakes?

. said...

John Legend.

I felt the EXACT same way about wine and whenever I did drink, I preferred white and something happen where now I prefer red and actually really enjoy it...maybe 2 months now :-) My taste buds I couldn't stand mustard or spicy food and now I love both!

Brooke said...

The only thing I didn't eat growing up that I can eat now is mayonnaise. And hot sauce. And I still don't put hot sauce on everything, but if I catch a taste of it, I can stand it...whereas before I detested it.

Anonymous said...

He's not doing NY taxes anymore.. The bastardo..LOL

Sandee said...

Thanks Rene Yea! One more Cool friend on my list.
I don't know how to poke!
I see it on FB but I don't know what it means LOL!
I don't call anyone's parents Mom or Dad and never will not even my inlaws. Crook & Bessie are my one and Only's and Trust! They are a Handful.

Peggy said...

Cruzan Rum is the BOMB
And their Rum Cream is my crack!!!

I want to go to St Thomas too

Red wine is defintely an acquired taste for me

I love plum wine

It's hard for me to understand when a person becomes lazy about their own happiness

. said...

Johnny Cakes...Yum! Fried fuckin' dough! LOL! My aunt that passed away use to make them for Grandmother makes them too but she acts like we all gotta suffer cause she can't have no salt!

Brooke said...

The only person I ever POKE on FB is Rameer..and he promptly pokes me back...we've been having a poking contest for about 2-3 months now...and he swears I can't "out-poke" him...we'll be 80 years old still poking each other.

I LOVE the name Crook Nuff. Now I'm going to always look for a reason to say that :)

Maybe when a person becomes lazy about their own happiness, that becomes depression?

So Johnny Cakes are like funnel cake?

. said...

His name is Crook. Nuff said :-)

Brooke said...

I'm still a little disturbed that Sandee said a woman looked like Eddie Griffin...I'm trying to picture that :)

The Fury said...

- I'm hate that Brooke didn't investigate the leg on the wall bathtub thing, but there's always today;-)

- I hate that I feel compelled to read every comment before I post

- I hate really. One marginally good record per 1000 is not a good ratio.

- I hate that I haven't seen Sandee's ass since it's been given shout outs by WOMEN in the comments

- I'd love to watch Jess give Sandee ass clapping sit down and watch with popcorn, watch.

- I'd like to see Watchmen. where the f#ck is my invite Warner Brothers??

- I hated Martin after the second or third season

- Why is it all I had to eat today was a bowl of Cap'n Crunch and a Kool-Aid Jammer? When did I get on Craig's diet?

- Why am I still trying to imagine Sandee's ass???

- ...and Brooke's Splash???

- Ne-Yo has a song titled "Mirror" from his first album...KILLER

- Which dumbass rapper will be the first to say "I wanna beat it up like Chris Brown"?

- Damn that line is probably being recorded by Jim Jones as I type...

- Is Foley's owned by Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop? That'd be a fun place to eat, but you'd come out and your car would have a banana in the tail pipe.

- Do y'all write these randoms down over the course of a week!!?? cuz damn y'all think a lot!

. said...

taste kinda different

Anonymous said...


I hate Dipset too... AND I hate that Cameron likes Pink soo much. It's unnatural for a man!!!! lol

Just to testify Sandee's ass is just something that someone should write a song about..LOL (NO HOMO as you guys say...LMAO) But then again soo are Amanda's boobs... Although I am loving my new pregnancy "assets"

To answer your Rapper question Kanye's strange self had a "Problem" with Chris Brown & today that said that Jay-Z wants to be one of his 99 problems! lol

Brooke said...

I would LOVE to have Sandee's ass, but on a different body. Her ass on all 5'10 of me might HURT somebody!

I know "Mirror" well...remember?

I think Kyce drinks Kool Aid Jammers :)

Where is Craig?

Bathtub, tonight...I hope I don't hurt up my whole left side trying this out! LOL!!

Let me know if you wanna go to Watchmen.

I wanna try these Johnny Cakes...

. said...

fury - I hate that whole stupid ass dipset camp and yes that ratio sucks big time! Don't even listen rap anymore...WTF???!!! With the exception of a handful of artist.

I love that song Mirror!

No, Jim Jones will get a ghost writer to write that stupid shit for him...

. said...

As I write this, I’m working on some Cam’Ron sample clearances and he annoys the crap outta me! But keep sampling, Pepto Bismol.

Rene The Harlemite said...

Johnny cakes are kind like fried dough.

-Monica-Go to Sapphire Beach and Megan Bay. Sapphire is usually good on Sunday's I know they used to have live music. Also take a boat ride to the Virgin Gorda

-Foley's is an Irish Pub. Named after Red Foley who used to work for the Daily News Decades ago.

Sandee-Sleep Fucking?! Hilarious! Imagine and episode of that on the show Intervention. lol...Brooke-Tell the producers to look into that. LMAO!

-Peggy-Start drinking more water. You don't want kidney problem.

-My mother was the same way and got a kidney infection. She was in excruciating pain.


Brooke-they are doing a lot of special to St. Lucia. You may want to look into that.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness this is random Thursday. I have something pretty random to get off my chest...

Today, my client had a bake-off. They pulled me in to be a judge. I like baking and I like baked goods, so no problem... so I thought!

Now is it me, or isn't there some unwritten rule that says "if no one likes it at home, don't enter it in a competition!" ???

At one point I realized that I actually verbalized (I thought I said it in my head-- for real) that I was scared to try someone's oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. The lady next to me turned her saucer eyes on me before she started crackin' up so I asked her if I said that out loud. lol I gave them a 3 (excellent) for creativity, a 1 (bad) for presentation because they looked absolutely horrible, and a 2 (ok) for taste because the little nibble I was willing to take was alright. But I wasn't going any further.

One guy made a "14K carrot cake" and followed me around the room after he lost asking what was wrong with it. I wanted to tell him he obviously needed a little "soul" to even think about something like that, but then I might have been accused of discrimination. The good thing was that we, the judges, didn't know who did what until after our tallies were in. After that dude pestered me about it, I just told him the truth. First off, the cake had a serious lean going on. So the presentation was going to take a hit from the get go. Secondly, I almost spit it out simply because I was expecting a cake, but it tasted like pancakes, which wasn't so bad after I got used to it, but that's not carrot cake. So he must have used Bisquick or something as his base. He pressed it so I told him as much. He looked really sad so I told him there were a couple of the judges that liked it (which there were), but I realized that didn't help much because it made it clear I wasn't one of them. lol Oh well. He shouldn't have pressed me.

Then there were some "sugar" cookies that looked great that tasted like its main ingredient was water. I kid you not. I asked one of the other judges if they could taste any sugar passed the food coloring that decorated most of them. They were flavorless.

And let's not forget the strawberry cream pie that looked absolutely wonderful. If you all saw it, it was sort of dreamy Martha Stewart looking. Tasted like the cook must have used plain yogurt as the cream. I almost puked right there. I asked for compensation. I did not realize that judging was going to be a real job.

On the plus side, there were four cakes that were great including the winning pineapple upside down cake (my mom used to always make that when I was a kid; I should try to make that one day), and some orange ginger cupcakes that were pretty tasty (they were second-runner up). I was hoping for all of the entries to be as rewarding, but that bubble has been sufficiently popped. Doubt I'll be a judge again, or at least not for another 20 yrs or so. I need some time to forget...


The Fury said...

I'd love to get hurt up by Sandee's ass on Brooke..or Sandee:-)

...and Amanda's boobs too...

Annamaria, recently I saw on the news where a starving child in Africa was breastfed by Salma Hayek because well Salma still has milk from having her daughter and the child was hungry so she did it. Would you do something like that? That's a serious question.

But...Amanda if she has a problem visualizing it I'll just rest my head right..there..and just pretend...just pretend so she can get an idea. LOL

JOKES!!!! Don't throw me off the site Brooke!

...because you KNOW I was gonna ask you too Brooke. LOL

and notice I said "Jim Jones is recording the line" cuz his delivery of the lines are so bad he obviously doesn't write shit!

. said...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! ;-)

Brooke said...

All this talk about cakes today! LOL!!

Is sleep f*cking an addiction? Would someone stage an Intervention for that? :)

Monica's family is from St. Thomas, her dad - they have a house she goes all the time...I wish I was going with her :)

Fury...I got something for your site :)

Leaving for the movie back! Carry on!

. said...

Salma Hayek did that? Wow. Every baby goes straight for my breast. And I'm always like no, no I'm not your Mommy. Easy now.

Serena W. said...

I've been MIA for the past couple of days (work and some other thangs lol).

Why is the weather jacked in Dallas, one minute 80, next minute ice, next minute 75 and then a tornado watch! Woah!

Praying I got a great tax return (I sent them off...yeah)!

I'm still wired after 4.5 hours of sleep...go figure.

It's true...when you aren't looking that's when God puts someone in your life (ah yeah)!

I'm so looking forward to the weekend so I can finish my second manuscript! YES!!!!

. said...

Doesn't it always work out that way, Serena :-) Good for you :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey people!!!!

OK who was calling me an asshole...they are so getting tased the next time I am in NY......

Where is Craig?????

I hate anonymous #2...I hope you are not friends with him Brooke and if you are I say drop that ASSHOLE....

Brahim's new line is NO WAY JOSE....

The natives are waiting for you this weekend.....

OK let me read everyone's back in like 3 hours...damn I hate being late....

Rene The Harlemite said...

Oh Mo then it's must you bring back all of those items. Get the Duty Free On with the Liquor.

"Coke In the Left Hand, Rum in the right....There's Nothing More Fabulous then Carnival in St. Thomas!" -Jam Band!

Anonymous said...

Brooke - you have something for MY site??...Oh My! Can't wait.

Good luck Serena

Amanda.. Ma Ma! LOL That's classic

Rene The Harlemite said...

Nicole-What is the link for your blog?

Where's Dre?????

Anonymous said...

my blog is

Anonymous said...

Ok after reading every ones comments I realized I am so outta touch...I know no new music, movies, etc....

Where have I been? OHH Chuck E Cheese.....

I thought after you work out you feel all full of energy...I just go home and take a nap......

Annamaria did you find out the sex of the baby?

OK now from these comments I want to go to St.Thomas and eat some cake

The word "Crook Nuff" makes me think of Sho Nuff from the Last Dragon that movie....

Anonymous said...

see I hate being late...everyone's gone....

Brooke said...

I'm still here mama!

Anonymous #2 is Black History :-)

I can't wait to see all my Valentines this weekend!

Ram, the movie wasn't as terrible as I thought, but I see what you mean.

Serena, you are so right. And it could be ANY body. I feel like that with you - I have no idea where you came from, but I'm so happy that you are now my cyber sister :) The words of encouragement and inspiration you send me mean more than you know. Friendship comes from every direction - thank you for being on my spiritual never forget about me and I love you for that!

Anonymous said...

what cha doin?

Brooke said...

eating the delicious chicken I made in the pressure cooker you got me :) and watching the NAACP Image Awards :-)

Anonymous said...

How old do you think is too old to join a sorority?

Guess who will be cooking dinner this weekend....

Brooke said...

you're never too old to join a sorority. If you want to, then do it, I think that would be great!

I will cook a nice Valentine's dinner :)

Anthony Otero said...

here are some thoughts

- i waited for brook to blost this blog so i could be first to post, but clearly she decided to wait until i got really busy to post :)

- Sylar is the only reason I watch Heroes...

- i am the cover of the Syracuse Manuscript

- tax check is in the mail which means new phone and i-pod...hmm iphone maybe?

- I think my blog is coming along quite nicely

- I am looking into mold ideas for

Brooke said...

my tax guy can't fit me in til March 8th, but I'll wait :-)

mold many different molds are there?

Maybe you can be first after I finish writing my blog for tomorrow tonight :-)

Yes, your blog is quite nice!

Anthony Otero said...

"you got people" huh? You rolling like that?

Pleese...they are alot of choices on personal

Brooke said...

I have a VERY good tax guy :-)

tell me all the choices I have!

Anthony Otero said...

The sites are way too many to list, but how wierd would it be to have a mold of SU's own Lexington Steele...ha ha ha

I am stumped idea wat to write

Brooke said...

uh...considering he was my best friend's man in school, it would be weird and quite WRONG of me to have a mold of Lex'!


Anthony Otero said...

OMG...that is hysterical!

She should be proud! He is award winning! LMAO

I just thought of something to write..and it is not at all about

Anonymous said...

- Snapple is crack. I'm sitting at my desk with one half empty bottle and an empty sitting near my dying monitor.

- Y'all thought those "Hood Facts" weren't inspired??

- Why is my monitor dying? I've only had it over a decade and constantly run it 12 -14 hours a day...oh..nevermind.

- I just got a bunch of the Friday the 13th films on DVD...umm...maybe I'll watch the first one tomorrow in homage.

- I want to see Watchmen too. Sorry "The Fury", but I'm asking to jump you in line being that I don't wear a mask. You're a superhero, I'm sure you can find a way in.

- BTW, Fury, I've seen Amanda in person...(giving you the brother man look about the boobs) LOL

- Thanks for reminding me I need to print out my college loan interest statement. By the end of the year those payments will be Black History (LOL@ Brooke)

- Sylar IS the best thing about Heroes, but now he has a sidekick....WTF?? Is this Batman and Robin? He's the BAD guy!

- I need to stop watching Lost...I can't wait until next week. I kept stopping it on my computer (abconline) because I didn't want it to end.

- So y'all tryna say Sandee was the inspiration for LL's Big Ol Butt? Someone wrap a tape measure around her hips and read off that number...LOL

- Whaddup Rene! You looking for me or the other Dre?

- After yesterday's comments maybe I should stop "hiding" as "The Black Cloud" and just shout the government....LOL

Anthony Otero said...

I am all over the Watchmen! I have to come to NYC to see it on IMAX..

Lost makes me want to drink...

Still waiting from some to finish her post...because I am

Brooke said...

Ant, I'm almost done...tweaking it!
I'll check your post in a minute.

I can't get to other people's blogs til I get home cuz they got me like Kizzy at work :) But it paid off, literally! At the end of the day today as I was sneaking out to see the movie, the SVP of my dept. gave me a bonus check for a fire I put out a couple weeks ago. Finally, I feel valued in my dept. and I am truly grateful for that gift.

Dre, Laura even hugged me...and I personally think she asked to reward me...go figure.

I think Rene is looking for Dre Lew. Ala Taraji Henson in Baby Boy.."He don't love me no mo..."

You skippin Fury in line? What if I had something I wanted to show him? ;)

I was at work late yesterday and my tivo turned the tv to Lost and it took every fiber of my being not to watch it. I need to hole myself up but I never have any time! I will...I WILL!!!!

Snapple is crack...drinking some as I type...all late and whatnot. It's a sickness.

Anonymous said...

Wow Laura hugged you?? umm...[comment will be made offline]

CONGRATS on the bonus check! That's how it should be done! I'm all for spot bonuses.

I guess you wanted to give The Fury a spot bonus. LOL Ummm...maybe he can lend me his mask and I can get into The Watchmen using his identity. LOL

I'm sipping Snapple too. I'm about to do a new dance to get more Snapple. (in my Samuel L Jackson voice) I drank the damn TV, mama!!

You have to catch up on Lost. You'll just be confused and it'll ruin some stuff, but yeah...that joint

Brooke I'm a sucker for a pretty smile and your pic is always so "awwwww"

Brooke said...

awwwww! (kool aide...Snapple smile across my face) Thank you babycakes!

Is Ant still up, I posted my blog :)

You are your own super hero Dre, no mask needed :)

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