Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday!

I wish I had a theme song for Random Thoughts Thursday :-)

(maybe Craig can write one) Ha!

Where is Craig? I miss him :-(

Okay, so here we go...

- NY Post cartoon yesterday - the WACKNESS. Focusing on the positive instead of giving this type of "satire" anymore shine - The DOPENESS.

- I love the picture that Kyce drew for me. He asked me to hang it up at work, and now when I see it first thing in the morning it makes me smile :-)

- I got a lot of Valentine's Day texts this past one calls anyone anymore.

- I really need to get my knees operated on.

- I'm really looking forward to my birthday dinner and festivities - I think 36 will look really good on me :-)

- Kyce is still selling Yankee Candles :-)

- If you haven't signed up on Honey Mag's site yet, you still can...jus sayin ;-)

- I've been trying to drink seltzer water flavored with lemon or lime, and all I wanna do is put sugar in it. It'll take some time :-)

- I was told that "f*ckery" is a word a lot of Jamaicans use...thanks Ms. Patra-son (as Princess likes to call her) I find that I say that a lot lately :-)

- I'm still looking for a reason to call someone "Uncle Crook Nuff" LOL!

- Facebook has reconnected me with so many old friends and family that I grew up with...amazing.

- I miss Left Eye.

...and TLC in general....remember the '90's? :-)

I used to LOVE this video!

Last one....this was my SHIZNIT!!

Ah, I feel good now....I think if I would have posted "No Scrubs" or "Waterfalls" you might have thought I was crazy and left the blog :-)




SuaveKool said...

The song that American just keeping singing at work, home, and around their family, which is all about what the world is thinking about. I mean "change is strange,pockets just can't knock it,credit just can't getting, and what the world needs now is another Stimulus Check or not". Ladies and Gents, this song is being sang all around the nation, from the pulpits to the news station. Ebonically singing "where thay money done gone!

Brooke said...

LOL!! I guess current events are weighing on your mind heavy! It's scary what's going on right now...I count my blessings everyday.

You also need to worry about one more thing...

....if Annamaria is gonna TASE YOU for being first :) Ha!

SuaveKool said...

Yeah Brooke...success nowadays is a week away from bankruptcy. Companies folding everyday and "people make the world go around" are dizzy as hell. Not knowing if the brown box is for me to pack my stuff or the next guy.

Brooke said...

I know, I know...sad. I hope we and he market correct ourselves QUICKLY!

SuaveKool said...

If Annamaria Tase me first than, i gonna have to bring a whole new game of whip ass to the scene. That is Grandmas bag of nickels.LOL

Brooke said...

LMAO! You've been warned! LOL!

singamaraja said...

Singamaraja reading your blog

Keefe said...

f!@k the NY post!

Anonymous said...


2. The NY Post is full of racist bafoons & I really just want to go tase them all

3. The stimulus package includes a provision for the government to pick up some of my COBRA fees when I stop working which will DEFINITELY COME IN HANDY...

4. I went to the premiere of MADEA GOES TO JAIL LAST NIGHT!!! IT WAS REALLY FUNNY!!!! Tyler Perry was making jokes about how he turned Rudy into a hooker! LOL But she did very good.

5. Derek Luke is a lot shorter than I thought he was.

6. WHY did I literally WALK INTO Mary J. Blige by accident last night.. I was soo embarrassed! BUT like the queen that she is she was extremely NICE about it & she looked absolutely WONDERFUL.

7. My sinuses are killing me but I can't & won't take anything.

8. SOOO glad it's already Thursday.

. said...

1. I am NOT a debater.

2. I LOVE my nieces and nephews. They are hilarious.

3. I get really bad motion sickness.

4. I’m not a hand holder.

5. Levain Bakery cookies…Crack!

6. Shaving your eyebrows off and drawing in new ones or tattooing them…NOT CUTE!!! I have a relative who has tattooed eyebrows. Real nice.

7. Café Noir’s “Brie Tiéde avec Brioche” (warm Brie, brioche, fried grapes, honey scallion sauce)…Yummy ;-)

8. Now I REALLY want to see Ryan Leslie in concert.

9. Rameer - The other day I caught myself singing along to “Poker Face”. WTF?! LOL!

10. I hate that I can be such a procrastinator. HATE IT.

11. I love every single released from Britney’s latest CD.

12. Apparently, Googi is still a big deal in Brooklyn. I learned that at Roni’s baby shower.

13. Kanye: “I don’t even listen to rap. My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in. I have to be in a way more grimy environment to turn any rap music on.” WTF?! Translation: Because I spend all day trying to figure out whose samples I’m going to loop throughout. This dude says the most clown-ish things sometimes.

14. That “Get Em High” track on “College Dropout” Whoa! That was my joint!

15. “Madea Goes to Jail” tomorrow. Yay! I want to laugh at Tyler’s silly ass :-)

16. Comfortable silence ;-)

17. On Monday my six year old niece Kiara told me I look Chinese 5 times…huh? And she was dead serious every time.

18. Anita Baker was AMAZING at Radio City last weekend.

19. It’s nice when a man is on his way to your house and calls to find out if you need anything. Don’t have to need anything; I just appreciate when it’s done…

20. I’m a messy cook.

21. Spending Saturday with Bryce and Dani. We’re going to Chinatown.

22. Yes, Al Sharpton can get on my nerves but he is very necessary.

23. Q-Tip’s voice really annoys me.

24. I got issues.

25. The chimp was clearly her husband. She fed him filet mignon and lobster tails. The shared cozy glasses of wine. They bathed and slept together. She gave him gifts and sweet kisses. He drew her pictures. CREEPY.

26. Warning: They call the Pork “Duck” at August. LOL! ;-)

27. Don’t get it twisted. I love my breast.

28. The blueberry pancakes @ Clinton St. Bakery…WHOA!

29. I was recently given a journal for my random thoughts. I’m curious to see how quick it I’ll fill it up plus I have thoughts of some stranger finding it and thinking…“WOW! This Chic is Nut!” And???!!!

30. I was so nice kickin’ it with Laly this morning. I miss her.

31. I got to work on time 2 days in a roll! Yay! Yes, I know…I shouldn’t be braggin’ about this.

32. I’m very impatient. I pray for patience.

33. I overlook emails ALL the time.

34. Duane wants to see “Confessions of A Shopaholic. Of course he does. :-)

35. Jill Scott exudes sex appeal. She just has it. Has more of it in one pinky than most of these singers that try so damn hard.

36. I LOVE her last CD “The Real Thing”. She’s someone I will ALWAYS go see perform live when she’s on tour.

37. Damn is a curse???…wait…REALLY??? LOL!

38. I so want Taraji Henson to win that Oscar. I’ll so be watching.

39. Duane - Your honesty last night was appreciated and made me say hmmmm… ;-)

40. I want to see Jazmine Sullivan perform live.

41. Have you ever smelled someone’s breath when their mouth is closed?

42. I read this sentence this morning in a book I’m reading: “He will always be a baggy-assed crotch-grabber – his own crotch, and other people’s crotches. So why the fuck do I still love him? Don’t answer that. I don’t want to hear it. I love him because he’s there, and if he weren’t, I’d be alone, and alone is too scary to contemplate.” Because he’s there? Whoa. I know it’s a book but it still made me say Whoa.

43. Had 3 CDs personally made for me and I love them.

Serena W. said...

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday despite what happened last night.

So last night why did the cops insist that I rolled through the stop sign and gave me a citation in front of my complex wow! Wackness.

NY Post Sucks! They need to go down!

Hey Brooke you should've posted Waterfalls...that was the shiznit!

Overdue for a vacation...April can't get here fast enough.

I would love it if I could sell a couple of my framed poems on my online shop. Support a sista!

Yeah I got another shop, gotta throw in my plugs at

I wonder if I would've gotten a citation last night if I had a My President is Black bumper sticker...hmmmmm.

And lastly, I bought a dope painting! I need to post it on my blog, but it's on my Facebook page!

Serena W. said...

Also Amanda I love how you post you thoughts by numbers!

Anonymous said...


. said...

44. I’m addicted to seltzer water.

45. My boss just handed me MORE stuff and all I wanted to say was…HELLO! It’s Random Thoughts Thursday! Dah!

46. Mary J Blige came up and performed “Angel” with Anita @ the show…she was chillin’ in the audience with her husband lookin’ fabulous!

Annamaria - Please don’t say anything else about the movie! I’ll be back…this dude wants me to work…the nerve of him.

Anonymous said...

Brooke: I hate seltzer water but it's really the only carbonated thing I was able to drink with morning sickness. I did however find the black cherry one pretty darn tasty. Better than the lemon or lime ones.

Amanda: Sounds like your boss needs to get tased. Don't he know we depend on you on Thursdays????
I won't say anything else about the movie. You will definitely enjoy it though. Made me laugh!

Serena W. said...

Oh and Amanda I've seen Jazmine perform. Her voice is something else!!!!!

Anonymous said...

-phones should have no voice devices anymore because people don't use it they only text and e-mail.

-Gonna start a text/e-mail sex hotline since no one talks anymore lol!

- I won 7 bucks on Mega Millions on Tuesday. Getting close to the 120 million!

-Just had an egg sandwich.

-Brooke I enjoyed your blog yesterday.

-It is nice today.

-The Pisces era has now begun.

-You always know it's too good to be true when you get on the subway and one car is really empty during rush hour it means there is usually someone that stinks in there.

-Why do I have to always type the word verification for posting a blog twice before it posts the comment

-Don't talk about it, Be About it.

-V- said...

Amanda, I look more Chinese than you ... a gay Chinese man asked me if I was.

My stay in NYC was too short, sorry Brooke but I'm back in SoCal ... but could be back in a few weeks.

It's 68˚ and sunshine so not entirely sorry ;-)

Peggy said...

I love the way Amanda thinks...cracks me up!

My busy season has officlaly started and I'm exhausted

I need a hug

4 more days till I start my Master Cleanse

I'm such a sap...I love holding hands

I'm so sensitive

I'm so in-love with the way God loves me

Why is it that I recieved so many phone calls and text asking me if my Hunny popped the question on Valentine's Day?

I will be the one calling and sending text when he does do it. LOL

I miss my mother badly

I'm swamped with work

I look cute today

I've NEVER done my eyebrows

I want a drink

NY Post is TRASH

Where is Craig?

I enjoy reading Nicole's (Malek) blog, but I have yet to post a comment

Can't wait to get my cd hook up from Amanda

My Boo and I will be at church for our first year fly is that

I love being a black woman

I have soooooo much work

My toes miss the warm weather

I love when my Hunny holds the small of my back

I need a nap

Brooke said... there a plan to see the Tyler Perry movie tomorrow and I wasn't invited? I've been feeling very left out lately....yes....I mean that :-(

Annamaria, no more about the movie!

Can't wait to hear Jazmine Sullivan's voice Sunday...and Neyo, and Musiq!

Serena, that citation you got last night was wack...cops in Dallas don't have anything better to do?

Thank you Singamaraja!

Who told you "damn" was a curse? I disagree.

It would be nice if Taraji won, but I see it going to Marisa Tomei.

I'll have to tivo the Oscars since I won't be home, but looking forward to Heath Ledger gettin his. He killed that role.

A lot of times I have no idea what the hell Kanye is talking about. Just a bumbling idiot sometimes. The only thing he ever said that made perfect sense to me was "President Bush hates Black People." Ha!

People who can't help but brag or namedrop or anything like that annoy the sh*t out of me.

People who "over-flirt"...same thing.

I smell people's breath while closed all the time on the train. That's sad.

I can so see Duane going to that movie :)

I got you Serena, those would make great Mother's Day gifts!

Lawrence Fishbourne on The View, I love the way he speaks.

I want cinammon raisin toast, gonna go make some.

. said...

47. Oh how I love this Fantasia song “When I See You”.

48. Where’s Craig?!

49. Dre is REALLY BUSY during tax season…think that might be why he’s missing in action…

50. Singers that “Talk Sing” live make me want to slap the crap outta them. Musiq, Dwele…SHUT UP! Musiq has some great songs though.

51. I want a really dope painting.

52. I took Nicole’s advice and blew up that pic to a poster size. Now I need a 16x20 frame for it.

53. Lately, I use the word dope a lot…have no idea where that came from.

Ha, ha! Thanks, Annamaria! Glad you appreciate my RTs :-) Thanks Serena and I’ll definitely check you out :-)

Brooke said...

Hold up...Vince! you left me? You are SO gonna pay for that!

Peggy, I'll give you a hug! I hear I give good ones :-)

I thought Pisces starts tomorrow or Saturday...hmmm...

My toes need the sand too Peggy, I need a vacation...a warm one.

I'm actually going to eat the lunch I brought today :-)

Brooke said...

Dre has been MIA WAY before tax season...he don't love me no mo :(

Keefe has been missing too, but I know he reads the blogs...just has no time to comment.

Peggy said...

Seltzer with a lot of lemon is best

I love my smile

I'd like to literally walk into Oprah Winfrey

I have so much work

Girl's Night tomorrow, can't wait

Why was it that a 20yr old tried pushing up on me his morning?
I told him to go read a book. LOL

I love saying "I love you" to the ones I love

I need to wash my hair

Can't wait to go to the Bahamas with my Hunny

The Agape Children's Choir cd is SO NICE!!!

Damn Damn Damn
I like that word...although it is a curse. (~_~)

I need to get back to work

Anonymous said...

If you heifers keep yelling at me I am going to leave a mad long comment giving you a play by play of the whole movie!!! LMAO

Anonymous said...

If DAMN is a curse I am definitely in SOOOOOOO much trouble.

Sandee said...

Amanda Kanye....I have always thought he was a Major Clown...Talented But a Clown on a another level he reminds of someone

I am so not a Debater either and those that are I have very low tolerance for.
Annamaria....I love me some Mary she is one that I will always want to see her in concert over and over.

Qtip voice makes me dry.

I still don't know what I'm doing on FB. But I have realized its a small world. I'm like you know her/him????

I really wish I could post some of my Random thoughts on FB!

As much as I enjoy delicious food after being Amanda's friend I realize that I am so NOT A FOODIE!

I envy the since of Peace that the Special Person that I know lives in.


People that say that their birthday is just another day BOTHER ME and I would like to use AM's Tasser on them.

Me no like Coggi!

I love a women who can pull off looking Polished and Sexy almost every damn day with little effort.

I would love that Skill.

I hate that scamble word verification thing.

Sometimes I want to tell my ASS can you just chill today/fall back a little/ lay low.

I want to make some may people over...Keep in mind I'm no Fashionista but I do put in the effort.

corny people really bother me.

Peggy said...

Okay for real...WHERE IS CRAIG?!?!

Sandee you're so funny, "Qtip voice makes me dry" HILARIOUS!

Awe...thanks Brooke

My Crackberry is in the mail in route to me!

I love Gregory Issacs

Sandee said...

I meant to say so many people over

Brooke said...

When are you going to the Bahamas Peggy!? Sounds like FUN!

oh...and Peggy, in the words of Shug Avery, "yous got a beautiful smile" :)

I didn't even know what Coogi was til I moved to NY.

I try not to be, but I'm a debater - I should have been a lawyer.

Brooke said...

Oh, and Sandee, you CAN post random thoughts on FB, that was going around for a while.

Peggy said...

I love Random Thought Thursday

We're going for the first week in July...CAN'T WAIT!

Thank you Brooke

Anonymous said...

-Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is I get more props and stunts like Bruce Willis!

Dre Lew-What's your 20?..Pssst. Over!

Anonymous said...

Sandee: As beautiful March babies know OUR birthdays are not just another day!!!!! They are VERY SPECIAL HOLIDAYS! :)

Speaking of which 35 days until my birthday!

Sandee said...

I really enjoy driving fast.

I'm convinced that the left lane belongs to me.

It annoys when a some one is doing the speed limit in that lane.


I went to the Super Wal-mart Monday and spent a Brick. I love that place.

I love Activia Yogurt!

I'm a handholder also and I love to see others doing it too.

I really like my neighbor but she doesn't speak any english.

There is someone that has been in my life for almost as long as I have been alive but if we would have met as adults I really don't think we would have ever became friends.

What does Poke mean on FB?

Brooke said...

Poke just means that someone is saying hi to you, nudging you, letting you know that they're there :)

Rameer and I are having a poking contest...we just go back and forth for no reason.

Why does 50 degrees feel tropical right now?

I forgot my gym stuff at home :(

What language does your neighbor speak?

. said...

LMAO, LMAO, LMAO!!! Rene - You are so right about the train! Never fails!

Brooke - Leesa, April & Peggy!

Whatever role Marisa Tomei was nominated for, I did not see. And I’ll admit I want Taraji to win because I love her but I did think she was really good in that role :-)

Still haven’t seen Dark Knight!!!

Regarding Kanye West…LMAO!!! But I’ll admit I’m still a fan. I’ve gotten my 2 step on in front of my mirror to many Kanye albums plus I’ve seen him in concert a couple of times and he puts on a good show but sometimes he can be such a big headed dumb ass. Like how freakin’ ignorant was that comment? I’m convinced he does it on purpose.

54) Name droppers really annoy me!

55) The one man show Thurgood Marshall staring Lawrence Fishbune was the best live performance I’ve ever seen.

I'll be back y'all! Wanna read Sandee and Peggy's comments...

Sandee said...

Brooke you have read some of my Random thoughts....They belong on the Blog. There are some Prudes out there in Facebook Land. They might not understand my Madness.

. said...

56) Tyrese performed “Sweet Lady” at the Anita concert. I forgot how nice is voice is. He’s fine but I think he’s a cornball. Tries too hard…

Serena W. said...

Woo Hoo you won $7.00 Rene! Like they say...a dollar and a dream lol.

Brooke, Amanda and the crew thanks for the support, I'm going to upload more frames over the weekend. Stay tuned...

I'm so happy I got a custom framed poetry order...cha ching!

Oooooh I wanna see Tyler. Maybe I'll go tomorrow and we can all talk about it next week!

I need some sand bad, that's why I'm going to Miami in April and then Nicaragua...holla!

Where is Craig...hmmmmmm...

Oh yeah...I love the word dope too!

Finished writing my second book and I'm time for!

Peggy I wanna run into Oprah, literally once my book is published so I can pass one to her lol.

A sista is praying on the tax return!

Brooke said...

Tyrese looks a bit reptilian to me, but his voice is awesome. He should drop another cd soon.

FB is prudish? Well, then keep your thoughts here...I don't mind :)

I wonder if I can have RTT on the Honey site? nah....

Did you all know that The Game was being axed on the CW? I hear BET is supposed to pick it up...not sure how that's gonna go...but yikes!

Anonymous said...

Pisces are from Feb 19th to March 20th

Anonymous said...

Sandee-A "poke" on facebook is kinda like someone just saying what's up and acknoeledging you when they logged on to their account.

Brooke said...

Hmmm....guess it depends on where you get your horoscopes from.

I think Rene says dope alot too. Watch me start saying it now that you all said it.

I want a Reeses Peanut Butter cup now.

Oprah has soft hands.

Didn't make the toast, so now I'm REALLY hungry!

Sandee said...

She Speaks Spanish and she is the Sweetest!

I saw some BEAUTIFUL home this past weekend but they were so far away and so DAMN EXPENSIVE!

But I instantly felt at home in 2 out of the 5 that we saw and of course they cost a brick.

I want a just because diamond ring for my right hand.

I'm looking forward to tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. I will be taking a lot of pictures.

I love the new New Perfume by Narciso Rodriguez "Essence" a delight for the nose.

Why do I have such a hard time with the COLD WEATHER? I mean like Really????

. said...

Peggy - I'm hungin' you..feel that? :-) You being so in love with the way God loves you...DOPE!!! Beautiful place to be :-) CDs are waiting on you...

Sandee - Q-Tip's voice would turn Niagara Falls into the Sahara Desert. Like WTF is that?!
Yeah, like tell your mother your birthday isn't a big deal and I'm sure she'll have flashbacks!

Anonymous said...

Sandee that is too funny cause I am looking at diamond right hand rings right now. I think that is what I am buying myself for my birthday next month. Although yesterday I was buying myself a fabulous bag soo who knows what I'll end up getting. Any suggestions?????????????????????

. said...

Serena I want to see your painting! Send Brooke of pic of it :-)

Sandee - You’re only Dominican I know that doesn’t speak Spanish. :-)

59) Jay-Z has soft hands.

Brooke said...

I've been wearing my right hand diamond on my left hand because I jammed my right ring finger and it hasn't gone all the way back down from the swelling :(

I don't do well in cold weather either. Enjoy today, because tomorrow is supposed to be windy and cold.

Sandee...take a class in Spanish so you can talk to her!

I'll try to find the paiting on Serena's FB's the Barack painting right Serena?

. said...

60) I want a David Yurman ring and matching bangles.

61) I love that Usher song “Hear I Stand”.

Brooke said...

David Yurman jewelry is nice.

February is flying by!

Peggy said...

Someone who only knows me on a professional level said that I get angry and defensive when they speak to me. And that I make them feel bad as if they were picking on me. Whoa!
No victim over here..."picking on me" Crazy, straight foolishness.
Mind you whenever they have come to me about whatever in regards to work (cause I don't bring my personal life to work) my first response is what can I do so that this isn't an issue anymore. Always trying to get to a solution. It's an older woman and she can go on and on and on about everything and nothing.
Pissed me off for about a second, but then I had to let it go. Cause they honestly don't know me to make that comment.
I realize I don't respond in a way that she is used to or the way she expects, so to her, I'm angry and defensive...Otay...

Anonymous said...

- Brooke - we are NOT having a poking contest. I am subliminally breaking your will. ;-)

- Amanda..."Poker Face"? LMAO!

- Anthony Hamilton's "Hard To Breathe" is so damned grown-up...and I can't stop playing it.

- I CANNOT STAND how loud some of my co-workers are about shit I could care less about - and why they insist on walking over near my desk to talk about their trivial crap. Then they get upset when I blast the loudest, most ignorant rap I can to drown them out...anybody up for some M.O.P.??

"How About Some Hardcore..."

- Lately, I've been in full Nick Cannon mode - looking at women older than me like "BOW CHICKA WOW WOW!!" Lol...

- I can't believe how many women wrote me messages telling me their ethnicities and basically fishing for me to tell them their attractive...all because I put my Facebook status to say how attractive I find Ethiopian and Asian women. Truth be told - I think ALL women are beautiful...

Brooke didn't fish - but she DID let me know her grandmother was Ethiopian...BOW CHICKA WOW WOW! Lol...

- I use that phrase waaaaayyyy too much...

- I'm becoming a big Amanda fan thanks to this blog...

- However, talking ill of Q-Tip is blasphemy to me...

- The guy who sits closest to my desk is a really nice guy. But he looks like a serial killer, eats loudly, has a mild Tourette's, and has some of the most annoying habits ever.

- I think blue eyes are scary. Really. The scare the sh*t out of me first time I see someone with 'em. I only like brown eyes - all shades. I think brown eyes are angel eyes, which would make blue eyes...

- I have a date to go to Babys 'R' Us tonight with a very good female friend who is preggo and who was abandoned by the no-good man who got her that way. Since he wasn't man enough to step up, I will by masking sure she's okay during her pregnancy.

- People are surprised when I'm mean. I have no idea why - all my friends agree I'm not a nice person. Nice TO THEM, but generally - not so nice. I treat people how they treat me - and most people aren't nice...

- I kiss my baby sister on the forehead every time I see her. And most of the time, I pop her upside the head.

She's about to turn 23.

- I was listening to some SERIOUS Trip Hop last night while en route to a shoot with a family with hearing-impaired kids my station was doing a story on...

- I love Kobe Bryant.

- Whomever commented on Jill Scott's sexiness is sooooooo DEAD ON...

- I can't stand Taraji P. Henson. She's always playing a variation of a weak woman, in my opinion. Did like her in "Benjamin Button", though.

- I have no tolerance for people who defend Chris Brown and blame Rihanna.

- I admit - I'm interested in playing the new Street Fighter IV...

- I know and get along with A LOT of white women in the past 2 years...which upsets A LOT of white men...but I don't date 'em. I just let the white dudes think whatever they like...the women don't help, though - always liking to have me around. Secret: I don't try to hit on them or make moves on them, and in return, they buy ALL THE!

- The recession just hit me. In just under a week, I realized I have to come up with 7,000 by the end of the month for various bills that just sprang up. NICE.

- Some of the white people at my job have told HR they're scared of me cuz I wore a ninja mask all last week and I wear black gloves all day. I took the mask off - I'm NOT taking off the gloves.

- I make no secret that I have ALWAYS carried a knife on me since I was about 11.

- I can always watch ESPN and cartoons, no matter what time of day it is.

- My boss ALWAYS comes to my desk when I'm on Facebook. Never when I'm editing, typing up work stuff, etc. If I'm on Facebook at my desk for 2 minutes out of the day, that is exactly when he will come to my desk.

- There is no such thing as a fruit that doesn' taste good to me.

- People that don't like any type of chocolate might as well have a nipple on their forehead and an eye on their nose. That's just weird to me.

- Kids love me for reasons I have clue about. I do like kids and tend to be good with them, but even ones I'm not trying to talk to and am being my usual mean self seem to gravitate towards me.I don't get it.

- I walk into my news director's office no matter what is going on - he could be having a meeting with the governor - and take York Peppermint Patties from this box he keeps them in. He never stops me, and the people who are in there for important business just look at me incredulously.

- I drink wine just about every night now.

- One of my co-workers is always whistling. I've grown to hate him.

- I've been putting waaaayyyyy too many random thoughts up today...

Anonymous said... hands are soft too. REALLY soft.

I need to stop cyber-flirting...

Anonymous said...

But they are...

Anonymous said...

*As soon as I saw the NY Post cartoon I wrote a protest/boycott letter to the editor and ad head. I'm serious about the boycott (not that I bought the Post) but no web surfing and I'm sending my boycott letter to the advertisers too.

*My neck hurts, I need a new monitor ASAP.

*Just got one of those calls from my intellectual property attorney...needless to say I'm an idiot and now I'll really be spending money.

*Do male strippers work the stripper pole or just their own? I'll need to be working both in a minute with the amount of cash I'll be needing. Anyone having a bachelorette party? I can be the naughty cop.

* The Watchmen...I still can't wait.

* Saw Taraji's name as I skimmed. Viola Davis is being ignored. It's a shame. Taraji is sweet, but her role in CCBB was just ehh. I still need to see Doubt before Sunday.

* Brooke...Lost! That's all there is to it.

* (said with corny semi-swagger) Are You in it for the Love of Ray J?

* Fellas can I get an amen for the size, shapes and colors on that Ray J show? Dont act like you haven't seen it either

Brooke said... are a GREAT FLIRT! I see the way you make women swoon on FB. You have a gift :-)

But you don't "OVER flirt"...I hate that.

Any my GREAT grandmother (paternal) was Ethiopian...married to a German Jew...go figure. Dean is a German Jew name.

I'm not surprised when you're mean, I'm just glad you're nice to me :-) bachelorette party, but my birthday is next week...jus sayin ;)

I like Taraji, but Viola Davis is her.

You can go with me to see Watchmen, don't say I never invite you :) Fury can wait :)

I'm gonna get on Lost, I promise!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

1) I'm wondering why songs about Obama annoy me. I heard two this weekend. One was reggae. I appreciate the historical aspect as much as the next man. But he hasn't done anything yet.

2) I do want to play some B-ball with Barack one day.

3) Surprised that I just discovered making Stir Fry. I Stir Fry everything now

4) I am contemplating making jerk whiting, rice and beans, and string beans tonite.

5) I think because i have a serious girlfriend now, I'm getting more and more domesticated.

6) Not as mad at the cartoonist as I am at the NY POST. He had to someone a few people that cartoon before it was printed.

7) I'm thinking about what I'm going to make for the Men Who Cook in April. I make the bomb Spaghetti that i so eloquently call "The Itus"

8) Still don't know whay i find Annamaria's tasing Sexy.

9)Brooke.. The Dominican Republic is calling you Memorial day Weekend!

Brooke said...

B, I REALLY want to go, but no one wants to go with me! My friends are wack man when it comes to that. I can't go to DR just by need a crew for the amount of foolishness y'all get into! I need a vacation in the WORST way tho!

I want spaghetti now. Oh wait, I DID bring pasta today for lunch, duh!

I wanna go outside and feel the little bit of warmth that is out there.

Would you let Barack beat you or would you take it to him? :)

Anonymous said...

Keep me posted on Watchmen. I'll do the same.

birthday private dance...who go dem dollars? LOL

I see you Rameer! All 5% flirtation and all that. What's today's mathematics, god? LOL

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

10) Thinks Rameers best Flirt was talking about how he gonna help the pregnant friend with the no good Husband. You know the ladies got wet and said the awww he's so sweet line!!!

11) Also uses the Boing Chicka Wow Line way too much.

12) I am already prepared for my Stripper Debut. My name is the Caramel Sensation!

13) Rock band is mad addictive. I also think there is room to make variations of it like Church Band/Choir.

14) Wondering if you master rock band, can you transfer that into really playing the guitar

. said...

Rameer - You don’t understand what Q-Tip’s voice does to a woman. It’s freakish…and not in a good way, Homie.

I love “Hard To Breathe” :-)

So they buy all the drinks, huh? LOL!

What is up with the Ninja Mask and black gloves…WTF???

I’m enjoying red wine just about every night too. Went to dinner with my friend Tim on Tuesday and we drank 2 bottles…mostly me. Yeah, I can’t believe it either…had a glass last night while laying in bed reading…

62) One of my sisters chews like a damn cow and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

63) Kiwi is a hairy ass fruit.

64) 2 of my girlfriends don’t like chocolate…Janice and Marge and that’s just weird to me! Like huh? You don’t like Chocolate?! HUH? Freakin’ Weirdos.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

15) Would definitely take it to Barack in a game of B-ball!

16) Random thoughts are addictive. Cuz every time you finish submitting yours...there are more to respond to. I could waste a whole day on this mess. So Stop Responding to me Responding to you!!!!

Brooke... you definitely don't need to go with anyone. We are a big family once we get down there. We get at least 10 women who go on their own every year.

Brooke said...

I told you, I got the invite for Watchmen already man! Pay attention! Oh, and I got dollas man!

Flirtation is about subtlety - a glance, a look, a touch. Little innuendo, cute little words. "Over flirting" - like laughing too hard a joke that isn't funny, or being TOO touchy feely, showing mad teeth :) flaunting body parts, stuff like that - is about insecurity and reaching...just not cute. I think Ram has it mastered.

B, I'll think about it...I have to have at least one other person there to be messin with y'all!

I can see not like some kinds of chocolate...and if you're allergic, then I get it. But there has to be at least ONE that someone would like...right? :)

. said...

Dre - Jessica’s having a bachelorette party this summer.

Brooke said...

oh right! I'll be there! I wonder if I could pull off strippers by my birthday...hmmmm.....

The Fury said...

1) I may have to arm wrestle Andre for the spot in the Watchmen screening cuz I don't go down without a fight

2) I also wear a mask, mostly during Dom/sub time when I'm spanking latex clad beauties. LOL

3) How the hell can people wear masks during sex play? They don't sweat and get worked up like the rest of us?

4) The women on this blog are VERY Bow Chicka Wow doesn't hurt that Brooke is so sexy. Birds of a feather I guess

5) Sandee - NEVER tell your ass to fall back! NEVER! Bounce back maybe...fall back!?? NO! The ladies here say it's legendary. Never keep a legend down.

6) Loud chewers and loud breathers are very unattractive

7) I really feel like doing something dirty...

8) Matter of fact bring out the girls and let's have a mud fight.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the compliment, Brooke! I see people who over-flirt - and think "I hope I never wind up like HIM/HER..."

Amanda - why the ninja gloves and mask? Why not? Just cuz I could. Actually, the Black gloves serve to stop me from washing my hands 2 dozen times a day. I'm a lil' germophobic...but people at my job are sooooo nasty. So, I'm wearing the gloves rather than washing my hands the incredible amount of times I do at work.

And I will take your word on Q-Tip's voice. He's one of my favorite Hip Hop artists, and I love Tribe - but I didn't know women hated his voice...

Dre - what YOU doin' on here! Lol...caught me building with the Earths...

Pretty Ricky - the pregnant friend thing wasn't a flirt...but now that you say that, I'm like "damn - that seems like something you would hear from a character in Wedding Crashers to pick up women". LMAO!

Brooke - shhh! Don't be puttin' my cyber-flirts on blast! Lol...the key to flirting to me is I have to be honestly attracted to something about the person. After that...I just say whatever comes to mind, trying NOT to sound like all the creepy dudes I've heard in clubs or!

- I miss Cream Of Wheat.

- I STILL quote Wu-Tang.

- I'm leaving to edit cuz my co-worker is eating like a viking horde at his desk...

Brooke said...

I feel safe with Dre....with you Fury, not so much....might end up being clad in latex spanked in the back of the movies :)

Ram, my bad! Didn't know you're flirting was a secret! You do it so well! We all love it! And you're right...flirting has to be genuine. I hate it when people flirt with people they're not the slightest bit attracted to just because, just to see if the person reacts or if they can get the girl/guy to like them. To me that's just sad, and is crying out for acceptance like, "please like me!"

Sexy is a state of mind, not about who finds you sexy - but I'm glad Fury thinks so, thanks boo!

I do think there's an art to flirting and should be practiced...hmmm, maybe that'll be a blog next week.

Anonymous said...

Brooke-Where are you going in April?

I need one too. About to figure it out.

I am thankful for friends I have. For REAL...Some of them just know the right time to reach out to you. It's an amazing connection you can have.

-It is great when you can get full clarity on something so you know what you need to do.

-I am really looking forward to fully expiditing the projects that I am working on. It will open some eyes.

-It really makes me laugh to see people in their car digging in their nose profusely like they are in their house by themselves doing it.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Ricky: You must love to be abused if you find my tasing sexy...LOL BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

I leave for DR on April 14th and I CAN NOT WAIT....

I LOVE CHOCOLATE. Unfortunately for me the baby does not. SOOO I can not eat it every day like I used to.. I'm going to tase this kid in August when it comes out!!!

I'm going to a bachelorette party with strippers on March 8th & I want them to rub my belly! LMAO

Brooke I can come up with some strippers for you by next week....LMAO..I'm sure I can....LOL

Rameer: I've heard a lot of men have a thing with pregnant women & a lot of men find them extremely sexy. I've gotten some comments with the belly & I've been like HUH SERIOUSLY...LMAO... I wonder if there is a term for that???

I was annoyed a little while ago. Went shopping... ALL BETTER NOW! LOL

Anonymous said...

"I roll deep like a motherf**&in Puerto Rican...I am like an orthopedic shoe I got mad Soul!"

Anonymous said...

ummm...Annamaria...I'm sure your hubby will have something to say about strippers touching his unborn child and transferring the dirty energy. LOL Talk about a tasing!

Brooke - I got the invite. Week of? Holla at ya play play cousin offline on the details

I may have to delete five new facebook friends REAL quick if I don't recognize them.

I too like the sensitive Rameer is hanging with the pregnant friend are definitely Owen Wilson if this were Wedding Crashers. LOL

Anonymous said...

Andre: he will tase me & then shank me & then tase me in my knife wound if any man other than him & my father or one of my brothers touch my belly!!! LMAO...

Anonymous said...

"Hey ya Hey ya Hey Ya HO!"

"I like'em brown, yellow, puerto rican, and Hatian, My name is Phife Dawg from the Zulu Nation."

Someimes I wish NYC was like back in the days where you could wlk around with a 40 and write graffiti...Those were the grimey NYC days.

Anonymous said...

I smoke on the mic like Smokin Joe Frazer the hell raiser!

Anonymous said...

So there's a Run DMC movie in the works as well as an Alliyah one.

I wonder who will write Kanye's...KANYE! LOL! I got mad love for him.

I am going to write the movie on Dylon from the Making the Band.

It will called Dylon, Dylon, Dylon, Dylon, Dylon : The Greatest MC Alive!

It will be straight FIYAH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Judging by his last few comments I am convinced that Rene is really Craig in sheeps clothing! LOL

Anonymous said...

Annamaria: I would put money on it that you are into S&M! LOL!!!!!

. said...

66) Jennifer Hudson and Robin Thicke on tour…hmmmm...

67) April Fool’s comedy show. I soooooo wanna laugh my ass off!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see how it is...Dre, this ain't The Schine, and I ain't the little impetuous freshman you and your cronies can clown! Lol...

Annamaria - my friend is absolutely gorgeous. But I'm not going with her cuz I've got a "thing" for her...I'm going with her cuz she's my fetishes over here!

- Whatever happened to Domino? You know - the West coast dude who made "Ghetto Jam" and "Sweet Potato Pie"?

- Why did I just get assigned ANOTHER shoot? What the hell am I - Live Eye Roving Reporter?!?

- There are some DEFINITE Bow Chicka Wow Wows on this blog. Brooke def keeps good company.

- Rene's Hip Hop quotes are THE ISH! And yes - DYLAN SPITS HOT FIYAH, MON!

- I'm going to grab a whole handful of York Peppermint Patties from the news director's desk before I leave...

. said...

68) I love all the bright floral cardigans @ Old Navy.

Peggy said...

Went to last year's April Fool's Comedy Show. So funny!
Thinking about about going again this year

I'd love to see Jennifer Hudson, not sure I want to travel to Jersey though

Brooke you're right about Tyrese looking reptilian, but he's still a cutie

Has anyone read TD Jakes, Not Easily Broken?

Peggy said...

I like the phrase, Bow Chicka Wow Wows. Funny!

I bought a motorcycle jacket this past weekend...HOTTTTTT, but I don't even ride. LOL

I can't wait to start wearing ALL my Summer dresses and sandals and flip flops

I love Netflix

Serena W. said...

Hey Amanda, I sent Brooke a copy of my painting :) I love it so much!

Rene and Rameer y'all are off the chain today!

. said...

I started to think about what Brooke said about Tyrese and thought oh yeah I can see that...LMAO!

It's so hard for me to read a book after I've already seen the movie...think I only did it with the Color Purple.

Netflix is the bomb! Looking forward to receiving my movies tomorrow...

. said...

She sent it to me Serena...HOT!
Who is the artist? I would love to see their work :-)

Brooke said...

Damn, I hate having to work on RTT, especially meetings! It's so hard for me to get all caught up!

Lunch with Liz and Monica makes my day!

All of my true friends are beautiful - especially from the inside out :)

Motorcycle jacket, love it! I want some biker boots too...for no good reason!

I LIT UP Old Navy this past weekend, on straight nonsense!

I think I might want to investigate Netflix...Liz and Monica gave me a brief summary of how it works.

The painting is HOT Serena, love it!

Serena W. said...

Her name is Soukaa and she's developing her website but email her at hey Brooke I'll send you another piece that you can shoot to Amanda. I wanna buy it, but gotta pay this one off first just so y'all can get an idea :)

Brooke said...

cool, thanks Serena!

Dre...if you're still on, email me - I need your help with something! or text me, please!

Serena W. said...

And Peggy I want a motorcycle jacket. My friend/soror Pam has one from Wilsons and it's bad girl! But I don't want the motorcycle lol!

Jess- said...

Amanda, you left me waiting for you on Monday.

- I'm very happy that Obama has a Puerto Rican from the Bronx in the White House (Aldolfo Carrion).

- I am in desperate need of a wash and set.

- I drank a gallon of water today so i've been to the bathroom every 15 minutes.

- My son is so passive, it drives me crazy.

Peggy said...

Ooooh, and I can't wait to wear it

I started drinking green tea again

I drink lots of water, but never feel like it's enough

Hoping I don't have to work too late tonight

. said...

Jess - Me? Confused...I'll email you...

Serena W. said...

YEAH! I sold my first frame online! Oh happy days! I'm so glad people are digging my poetry!

Random next weekend already March! Dang where did the time go!

Brooke said...

Yes, March will be here in just over a week, that's crazy!

Congrats Serena!

Anonymous said...

Rene: S& M... I'll never tell...LMAO

I was planning to get a motorcycle jacket this spring to ride with my booboo.. UH GUESS THAT AIN'T HAPPENEING. LMAO

Still haven't caught on to Netflix although I am SOOO TEMPTED to try it out.

I love RTT

I think I settled on a bag for my bday gift. I AM STARING AT IT & IN LOVE RIGHT NOW! lol

Brooke said...

I'm trying REALLY hard not to spoil myself for my birthday with gifts. I got an extra bonus at work and I'm so grateful - but I just want to save it! Watching the news everyday has me so nervous, with 5 million people collecting unemployment. I feel so blessed!

Anonymous said...

Ummm considering as of March 31st I will be unemployed... OH & did I mention I'm also pregnant??? LOL I ain't got NO business spending this money on a damn bag. BUT I WILL ONLY TURN 30 ONCE SOOO YOU KNOW WHAT I'm going to do it ANYWAYS!

Brooke said...

Girl please! Do it UP! Welcome to the DIRTY THIRTIES! You deserve it!

E.Payne said...

Jesus Christ 100 comments! WTF is going on over here?


1. My right shoulder hurts.
2. My lower back hurts.
3. Why does my house smells like French Fries?
4. Peace is a sleeping baby - my sleeping baby.
5. My neck hurts.
6. When I'm driving I want every new car I pass.
7. Why did Roland Burris do this to himself?
8. There's a porcelain pig and a Wi-Fi rabbit staring at me right now in my dining room.
9. My Invisalign has my teeth feeling like loose piano keys.
10. I haven't heard a Prince song in ages.

Anthony Otero said...

- i am buggin that there are already more than 100 comments before I post

- i saw my cousin today! He drove up from NYC...or course he leaves tonight..

- i forgot brook was taller than me

- i am writing about white privledge tonight

- i feel another short story brewing in my head

- i wrote a nice blog about how much i love my dog...and the next night he left a nice present in the living room...

- spring training starts soon

- i am addicted to the wii

Anthony Otero said...

on second thought...i am going to write about something else...

..being a gemini makes it hard to

Brooke said...

A porcelain pig? interesting...

Your dog just wanted to show you how much loves you Ant :-)

E.Payne said...


Yeah, my lil one's piggy bank.

Anthony Otero said...

by the way, just saw Rihanna's pic...

Brooke said...

yeah, they showed that pic on the news, that's crazy! That pic looked worse than the fake one going around! So sad...

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