Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I just wanted to thank you all again for every phone call, every text message, every email, instant message, Facebook comment, Myspace comment and blog comment I received wishing me a happy birthday. I had a great day and a wonderful birthday dinner with my girls. All of you made my day extra special and I truly appreciate you all. Thank you!

Now...let's go!

- I had a great birthday week, starting with the concert!

- Barack is a ROCK STAR! I think I love him :-)

- I wanna have Barack's babies...okay...maybe just one... :-)

- my cat is greedy...he eats his furry tail off!

- Why were tears welling up in my eyes when Kyce counted to 100 on Monday? I am so proud of him, I love that boy!

- I am SO over the "Octomom"

- People were criticizing Michelle Obama for going sleeveless the other night for Barack's speech. Why are they always trying to find something wrong with her? She must just really be THAT fly :-)

- I love my new hat Amanda, I can't wait to wear it! Love the scarf too!

- The cupcakes last night were delicious! Thank you Duane!

- I'm sleepy today.

- Things I love:

my family and friends

The sound of my nephews laughing uncontrollably
The smell of the ocean
Spontaneous acts of affection – a hug, a kiss, a love tap,
When Kyce and Brahim hug me around my neck
The taste of good, home-cooked food made with love
My sister asking me when I'm coming home with a hint of “I miss you” in her voice
My mom’s enthusiasm when she answers the phone knowing it’s me on the other end - “HI BROOKES DEAN!” and yes, she says “BROOKES” with an “s”

Seeing people smile from ear to ear showing all of their teeth, true joy
Witnessing a random act of kindness
An old couple holding hands
A great dentist visit
Wiggling sand between my toes with the sun on my back
That “falling in love” feeling
Barack Obama

Thanks for a wonderful week!




Anonymous said...

Ha first!!!!!
My thoughts for today....

I love the pull ups comercial with the pee pee dance....

I love that kyce won his $100 from Auntie....

I think he should get it all in $1 bills

More thoughts later baby crying.....

Anonymous said...

Since I like you Nicole I will allow you to be first without any threat of tasing!! LOL

shealace said...

Brooke Dean, it was a good dose of medicine seeing you last night. Lets not wait another 12 plus years. Love ya

Anonymous said...

1.Love the last pic of you. You look adorable.
2. Glad you had a WONDERFUL birthday.
3. Why are they doing construction at my office & it's crazy dusty I can't be breathing in the toxins???
4.After looking for nursery furniture for what seems like forever I finally found some.
5. Of course Austin wants me to change one of the pieces. Does he know I want what I want & he's not entitled to his opinion??


Anonymous said...

OK he's fine...stubbed his toe.....

Mommy does always say "Brookes" thats funny.....

I gotta check out your photoes on myspace since I can not blow it up.....

I get hair inspiration from Val...LOL

Kyce is on cloud nine with his accomplishment.......

I'm LOL hearing Brahim call my husband crazy.....

I have to control my road rage because now Brahim is saying "GOOOOO" when I am at a red light....

I'm glad you had a great time with the girls.....

Anonymous said...

7. I figured out today that Barack's Birthday is August 4th. I'm due on August 9th. Sooo if I can manage to give birth 5 days before my due date my baby will have the same birthday as Barack!

Serena W. said...

Happy Thursday!!!!! Random Thoughts!

I had to delete this fool out of my celly this week...waste of time I say ;-)

Realized I have my mojo back! Ah shucks...right before the summer!

Hmmmmm...checking out this cutie on the east ;-)

I'm so loving the fact that my girl Kim is visiting me! We've known each other for 26 years and counting! Friends like that are hard to find...

Oh yeah me and Kim were online last night looking at condos in the DC area. This is the time to buy if you can!

Brooke it was great chatting with you last night on FB...that's why you're so tired!

. said...

1. I’m so happy Sandee convinced me to keep these glittery sparkly ballet shoes…love them!

2. I detest catiness.

3. I’m horrible at keeping receipts. I need a receipt keeper thingy but not sure that will help…

4. Doesn’t happen often but dag I really hate it when I forget to take my vitamins.

5. The other day on the train this older Latin man yelled out “THE NEXT STOP IS…MY DICK!!!” And I’m sorry but that shit had me crackin’ up inside.

6. I wish I had a more pronounced collarbone.

7. Got my nephew a hot t-shirt w/imagines of all the Jordans on it since 1985…think he’s gonna dig it :-) Wait…is that gonna make him want all of them damn Jordans??? Maybe not a good idea…

8. Not into scary movies.

9. The term “I’m resting my eyes” always cracks me up.

10. I’s married now!

11. Men treat you how you let them. Keep it movin’ ;-)

12. Five dollar, five dollar, five dollar foot long.
I do not care for Subway sandwiches. Think there’s something suspect about their cold cuts…meat don’t taste like meat.

13. Good times yesterday :-)

14. I want a tan.

15. D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” Daaaaaaaaaamn I love that sexy ass song!

16. “I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys 'R Us kid. There's a million toys at Toys 'R Us that I can play with. From bikes to trains to video games at the biggest toy store there is. I don't wanna grow up cause if I did, I couldn't be a Toys 'R Us kid.”

17. Being that my Ipod isn’t working, I’m gonna have to go in the garage and into my bin of CDs for my Amy Winehouse and Beres Hammond CDs. I once had tickets to see her live but the show was cancelled because guess what………………Chic was in rehab. That girl is a hot mess. “

18. Saw “Coraline”.

19. Bryce was in heaven at the Chinatown Arcade…Danielle? Well not so much…LOL!

20. Dudes that get their eyebrows done/waxed (The Rock)…WTF is that?! Very disturbing.

21. “I see you Jockin Jay-Z, Jockin Jay-Z. Jockin Jay-Z, Jockin Jay-Z”.

22. “Them belly full, but we hungry; A hungry mob is a angry mob.”

23. I have no idea why I have all these damn songs and jingles in my head.

24. Concerts at United Palace Theatre …hmmmm…has anyone ever attended a concert there?

25. I don’t like olives or raisins. Cook with olives for flavor but can’t bite into one.

26. Jai Ho!

27. Just finished rereading the book of John.

28. “I tell you the truth.”

29. When men say they are babysitting their own damn children, I want to throw a shoe at them.

30. “Nothing dries up a pussy quicker than a woman reaching for her wallet.”
The Gynecologist takes one good look at it, leans back, puts his hand on his chin and says… “Have you been payin’ for shit?” LMAO! Fuckin’ golden!

31. You can tell a lot about a man by the joke that offends him.

32. Madea says that if you can’t make it rain, make it drizzle.

33. Good times tomorrow ;-)

34. I didn’t watch the Oscars. Penelope was really good in “Vicky Christina Barcelona” (I would imagine most men dig that movie) and Kate is an AMAZING actress. But I can appreciate Penelope way more in Spanish speaking films (Pedro Almodovar flicks) because sometimes I want to throw a shoe at her. Nah, you know what…… learning another language is really hard and apparently she speaks several different languages. So props to her. 1) I’m still learning English 2) I don’t want anybody throwing a shoe at my mother because my mother’s English would leave you very puzzled so that being said, I’m keeping my shoe on my foot or throwing it at my...LMAO!!!

35. I still want to see Milk.

36. I want a pumpkin muffin w/pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top from Whole Foods.

37. I realize I went to the movies 3 times last week. Pause on that.

38. When I go to the Circus next month, I want a silly toy and some cotton candy. Wait…I ain’t crazy about cotton candy. Whatever! I’m gonna be a big ass kid that day. ;-)

39. “Doctor’s Orders” is my joint :-)

40. I curse like a truck driver. Where the fuck did that saying come from anyway?

41. I’m mindful of/respect elders and children though, but after a while I start sweating and have to stick my head out of a window and yell out a few fucks.

42. I remember the book “Push” being so freakin’ disturbing when I read it over a decade ago but in a weird way, kinda wanna see the movie…

43. As a teen I was hooked on those Donald Goines books. “Dopefiend”, “Whoreson”…

44. Rene - I invited everyone to your party, including my 60 year old Jewish homie (he’s my foody partner) from the office next door that I’ve told you about. He’s mad fuckin’ cool! Love him. Ha, Ha! I am dead serious. ;-)

45. So glad they were able to get those oil stains off my Ugg hat. ;-) That hat keeps my head so warm. Only I would get oil stains on a damn hat. And no it wasn’t from fried chicken grease; it was from my body oil. Dag, why did I feel the need to put that disclaimer out there???? Hmmm…greedy ass.

46. I love my new fluffy white feathered down comforter. Makes me want to stay in bed with it. ;-)

47. I want a cute apron.

48. Saw “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” on DVD this weekend. :-) I went to see Chris Rock live twice last year…Brooke & I were on the floor!

49. I must get a pedicure this Saturday.

50. “Stacks on deck. Patron on ice. And we can pop bottles all night. Baby you can have whatever you like. I said you can have whatever you like.”

51. The average penis is 6 inches long. The average vagina is 8 inches deep. Know what that means, right? There’s a whole lot of un-reached/un-tapped pussy walking around. Pobresitas :-(

52. One of the stylists at the salon I go to, fingernails are like 3 inches long…hmmmm…how does she wash her ass? Okay, x that…never mind. Her problem.

53. “Skor Bar”…chocolate and toffee :-)

54. People that sneak out of their office to go outside with no outerwear on, when it’s like 20 or below to smoke a damn cigarette. WTF is wrong with you???!!! Your chest is all out and exposed!!! No hat?! You’re gonna get a head cold!!! Go inside!!!

55. I’m in love with this gold necklace I saw at the Gap. But the only time I would ever consider paying full price for anything at the Gap is when it’s a gift for someone else. I can wait. I’m wearing that necklace with my glittery sparkly shoes ;-)

56. Excuse me, Ms. _ _ _ _ _ Lady - I am not your doorman! And even if I were, how about a thank you? No manners? Or is it just a serious sense of entitlement? Or both? I so see myself wiggin’ out one day.

57. AR Rahman can’t hit a punch line but I’m diggin’ that Slumdog soundtrack ;-)

58. I don’t have a middle name and being that the only one of us that has a middle name, middle name happens to be “America”. I’m so freakin’ glad I was spared. I would give myself a really hot middle name but than again who wouldn’t if it were up to them?

59. I think Penelope resembles a bird and I ain’t taking that back.

60. Why did one of the ladies at the church homeless shelter have to wake me up on yesterday morning…“Amanda, Amanda, Amanda” and that sounded so so far away to me…thought I was dreaming…“Amanda, Amanda”…yes? “It’s 6 already.” What?! OMG!!! I jumped up! I’m supposed to wake them up at 5:30am w/breakfast already out. Now that’s bad! I was all like…Maria, thank you so much, thank you so much! Thank God their bus was late and didn’t show up until 7. Whoa. I remember when I couldn’t sleep at all whenever I spent the night there. Needless to say I’ve gotten use to it. LMAO!

61. Soy milk over regular milk any day.

62. I LOVE that Amanda means LOVE.

63. I have a girlfriend that always thinks that any man who’s not feelin’ her is gay. She acts like she’s 100% sure of it. I’ve called her out on it and she’s all like whatever, Amanda, he’s gay and she says it so matter of fact like. Can we say full of ourselves???

64. I have no fuckin’ idea what Ryan Leslie is saying on track 12 but I really like that song. Sounds like he doesn’t know the words to his own song.

65. Melissa’s middle name is Africa.

66. Last night at Brooke’s BDay dinner I realized that I have no fuckin’ idea what the difference is between a Fajita, an Enchilada or a Burrito.

67. “Revolutionary Road” was depressing and sometimes I can really enjoy a depressing ass movie. What’s that about? Weirdo.

68. Wait…the song is called “Gibberish”!!!! LMAO, LMAO, LMAO, LMAO, LMAO, LMAO, LMAO!!!!!

69. I need to tone up.

70. I want to redecorate my entire house. It’s coming along :-)

71. Peggy - Cornel West is in a documentary called “Examined Life” showing at IFC. Know that’s your man :-)

72. One of my nieces has one eyebrow and for X-Mas my sister let her get that middle part waxed so that she could have two eyebrows. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT TO A KID?! She’s six.

73. When I get rid of the living room furniture and before I replace it, I want to have a party. Would it be stupid to get the wood floors redone and have a party right after? Yeah, probably.

74. Think I could get papers too, if I showed them all these Random Thoughts?

75. My niece Dani told me to make sure that when I bought my new house it had cable in it. LMAO! I told her to go home or to get a fuckin’ job to pay for the cable bill. Freakin’ 6 year old submitting suggestions. Fuck outta here.

76. Kidding :-) I love it when kids say the darndest things.

77. Be clear. I would cut somebody for talking shit about my family members. Only family gets to talk/crack jokes on family. Those are our rules. It’s our therapy.

78. My cousin Oscar can so do his version of John Leguizamo’s “Freak” and “Sexaholix”. My family would die but I’d have front roll seats, crackin’ up, laughin’ my ass off, cryin’, eating sour patch kids. No one can imitate our family members better than him. Dude has all the mannerisms and gestures down pat.

79. Count Olaf: “Now that we're family, I can make it up to you. I can be the ultimate dad!I know lets stop for a treat. Let's see, soda, soda, banana.” Jim Carey was so funny and creepy in Lemony Snicket.

80. I miss bacon.

81. Well she also has papers to prove that she’s not mentally well so I guess I shouldn’t have been so shocked about the eyebrows.

82. Every freckle is in its perfect place, exactly where it should be.

83. I love Princess. I want her to adopt me.

84. Manicure. Today.

85. “I can’t believe Gorvernor Paterson is the one making this proposal.” Think I hear that commercial 5 times a day. Getting heat for that health care proposal…

86. The Grey Album by DJ Ashy Knuckles. I mean Danger Mouse…

87. My niece Kiara is such a girlie girl but we got to watch her because if it were up to her she would dress like a stripper. Kiki - you can not wear these clear heel shoes!!! But why not???????? Because I said so!!! But Mami has a pair just like these. SHUT UP!!!

88. I want to see “Slumdog” again.

89. Sandee - we got a date. ;-)

90. Just had a B.Day gift delivered to me from my girlfriend Karen. “Shake Loose My Skin” by Sonia Sanchez…new and selected poems w/a bday card enclosed. “To one of the strongest, most inspiring, infections laughing women I know, happy birthday.” Okay, that made my day…so so sweet. :-) Nothing like a friend with kind inspiring words…

91. Jennifer Hudson and Robin Thicke @ the Garden. Knew they had better sense than to just keep it in Jersey.

92. JalapeƱo corn bread from Au Bon Pain. Yummy.

93. “Platano and Collard Greens” on Jerome Ave. ;-) No, it ain’t on Broadway!!! LMAO!!!

94. Whenever something smelled really bad, my cousin Alex would say “Smells like Barracuda Ass.” How the fuck does he know what Barracuda smells like? But I get it… “Barracuda” just sounds extra funky.

95. Salchichon Induveca y Queso Tropical.

96. Beautiful pregnant women…Val and Annamaria :-)

97. I can’t wait to devour that slice of Cake Man Raven red velvet cake w/pecans tonight! Thanks, Brooke :-)

98. Love my new fabulous big ass chocolate brown and black leather clutch!

99. “No, it's ‘A Pimp Named Slickback.’ Like A Tribe Called Quest; you say the whole thing: ‘A Pimp Named Slickback’!”

100. “I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.”

101. One. ;-)

Anonymous said...

- i'm mad i had to miss the party lastnight...AND there is a big hole in the bottom cabinet of my sink now :(

- seeing all the love between Nicole and Brooke makes me miss my baby sis even more :(

- I have discovered that i like dried cherries and almonds...mmmmm

- the media really needs to leave Rihanna alone...poor thing!

- i love the e*trade commercials with the talking baby - HIGHlarious!

- i am having a good skin day but i am having an off hair day...

- i'm restaring my weighloss vlog next week...

- someone i thought was a friend turned out to not be about shit; i am just way too trusting and open.

- i am going to power clean my apt this week since i am not going away anymore...

- my ex sent me a "love note" that he says isn't really a love note. i think i puked a little bit in my mouth after i read it.

- i need a raise!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Damn Amanda!!

- i recognozed the quote from freak (#51) and i read whoreson (#43)

Brooke said...

Seana! It was good to lay eyes on you (and lips apparently! Ha!) There is no way I'm letting that much time pass again before I see you. You won't be able to get rid of me now :)

Annamaria giving up cursing? This I gotta see....hear... ;)

Kyce is my baby...that boy can do anything and I'm so proud of him. Brahim was trying to get in on the action talking about "A,B,C,D,E,F, G!" much should I give him for mastering his alphabet at two years old?

Serena, don't hurt 'em now! If you move back east, I'm gonna be down there to visit you! But be careful with the dudes in D.C....did you see the CNN special? 1 in every 4 HIV positive...YIKES!!

Okay...Amanda's mind must race a mile a minute! 101 thoughts! wow! I can't comment on each one, but if you and Sandee have a date to see Slumdog, I wanna go. If you don't, I still wanna go, so if you want to see it again, go with me!

Thank you for all the cd's! I'm gonna be jammin this spring!

Enjoy the cake!

I want Princess to adopt me too! Love her, so glad she came out!

EJ, sorry about your sink :) are we eating lunch today?

my fingers are cold :(

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

1) I don't mind when black folk use the N word in private company, BUT IT KILLS ME WHEN WE USE IT AROUND PEOPLE OF OTHER RACES!!!! I don't know why

2)Nancy Pelosi stood up 634 times to clap for President Obama at his aaddress.

3) My momma is getting use to emailing because she sent me one of those religious emails that I have to forward 8 times. I wanna say mom don't start the BullS%^t.

4) I know my dad is gonna end up with a facebook page. He thinks he is so hip.

5) I bought a Wok last week and now I stir fry E-Ver-y-Thing. (E-ver-y-thing???? Yes E-ver-y-thing)

6) Wondering if I can pull off an Ol Skool Party Weekend in July. Stay tuned!

Serena W. said...

I miss my sisters too...

I spoke to my first cousin Gianina for the first time in my life on Saturday (my Dad's side) she's great!

Amanda...I love your 101 thoughts! You go girl!!!!!

Annamaria...did you say you were giving up cursing for Lent (wow)!

I'm so phyched about tonight...checking out this new artist out here named Iris Liu. She's the Asian Alicia Keys and her music is off the chain!

Amanda I love thought # 11. Men treat you how you let them. Keep it movin’ ;-) My FB status reflects this...great minds think alike!

It's a gorgeous day in the Big D! High will be 83...but tomorrow it will be 53 :(

Brooke said...

B, I want to have an ole skool party so bad now that you had one. It was off the chain. if you have, I'm SO there. I want you to be my party planner :) Maybe it can be a back yard cookout...or stir fry frenzy since you got that wok! LOL!!

The weather in Dallas is crazy, such drastic swings!

Serena, it was good chatting with you last night on FB too, you had me DYING! H.A.M - I didn't forget, hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Random Thought Thursday? Hmmm...

- I'm currently opening and saving 4 brand new Ne-Yo songs my homegirl at Def Jam sent me for you, Ms. Brooke - so that brings the number of unreleased songs and/or b-sides to almost addition to the deluxe version of his album that I'm mailing out to you next week...

- my co-worker with band home training was out sick the past 2 he's back. Is it bad that I wish he was still out sick??

- I TRULY enjoy crucifying Kobe haters. Their reasoning for why he isn't the best in the game is so easily refuted and destroyed it's not funny. Especially since every player in the NBA agrees he's the best...

- I've been eating cookies and milk the past 2 nights for a a little kid...

- Michelle Obama is so indisputably the finest First Woman in U.S. history it's not funny...

- I hate that people can't accept that I simply don't like something...why try to convince me to watch/eat/try something that I'm TELLING YOU I don't like or have no interest in? Stop trying to mentally rape me...

- I'm taking my baby sis to see "The Watchmen". That ish BETTER be good...

- I find it funny that the one person at my TV station who doesn't celebrate Black History Month any more (ME) keeps getting assigned to shoot every Black History even in the damned city. (Sigh)...

- I can't stop jamming to Alexander O'Neal and Cherrelle lately.

- How sweet is Nate Robinson for the Knicks???

- I LOVE seeing pictures of pretty, and such a nice smile...

- I got two compliments on physical appearance last week from pretty women - one being Brooke. Left me at a loss of words...not used to getting compliments. No self-image issues or insecurities her...just simply not used to getting them, except from family. Don't get it twisted - the kid KNOWS he can look good when he wants!

- Bitchassness is still a disease running rampant in our community...and it's spreading rapidly...

- Flo Rida's "Right Round" is the #1 song in the country. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, AMERICA???

That's why I don't listen to the radio for the past decade...

- I'm seriously considering buying my mother and sister Snuggies...

- I realize that I have surrounded myself with people who never annoy me in general. How did I come to this realization? My job - people have so many habits that drive me nuts it's insane. From no home training to uncleanliness to shrill-ass whistling, a lot of these people simply annoy me no end when they're in my vicinity. If you're on Facebook and my status involves me putting on my headphones, I'm tuning out the annoyances.

- I think all the white dudes who date some of the white girls I know and chill with sometimes either think I'm REALLY cool or are intimidated by me. No middle ground - one or the other.

- I think these white girls use both of those things to their advantage...

- I own "Under The Tuscan Sun". Yes - it's a SUPER chick flick. My girl Nita forced me to see it in theaters a long time ago, and I was shocked at just how good it was. So no girl can ever accuse me of being unwillingly to watch girly films...that DVD is my "escape from having to watch girly movies" card...

- Time for me to go get some Peppermint Patties...

- I secretly desire to be FIRST on Brooke's blog one day.

- Damn, Amanda! 101?!?

Brooke said...

Rameer, I can't wait to get these cd's you're sending me. Val was going to buy the NeYo cd for me and I yelled "NO!! Rameer is getting it for me!" I can't wait! Thank you!

I love NeYo!

Rameer, you have an endearing face, like someone could just kiss you! a big sloppy one that makes a big smooch sound! :-)

...and thank you for the compliments! MUAH!!

I missed EJ at my dinner last night! Princess was in rare form! Val was like "I LOOOOOVE HER!"

Jessica has the cutest dimples! I wanna meet her son so bad - he wants a gym membership for his birthday...he'll be 11 years old. He'll be the most diesel kid in junior high! LOL!!

Can't wait for the Knicks game tomorrow with Big Dee (they play the Sixers) and then Rene's party. Gonna have a great time tomorrow - birthday week continues with all the fly Pisces in the house!

Oh...and everyone come to Rene's party. I'm pretending like it's mine too :) So feel free to crash! LOL!!

Rameer, I usually blog late at night, and I know you're still up, so you may be first one day. Unless Latinegro beats you, we have the same blog schedule :) so he's figured out how to be first. Annamaria is only first when I blog in the morning...except for today :)

Michelle Obama is my girl crush.

Anonymous said...

YES EVERYONE I AM GIVING UP CURSING FOR LENT...Some encouragement PUHLEASE... I don't want the baby's to come out cursin like a truck driver like mommy.. I think I will be alright as long as I can still tase! lol

. said...

Nah, Brooke - Sandee and I don’t have plans to see Slumdog but I’m down to see it with you so just let me know. Jessica's wanting a gym membership had be crackin' up. That boy's focus.

If you got arms as toned as Michele’s, you get a pass for wearing all things sleeveless.

Rameer - Mentally rape you??? But oh how I so get that. I hate that.
They are having Snuggie parties at bars in NYC. Freakin’ Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Brooke- Glad you had a good Bday. Part II will be fun tomorrow night

Amanda-How long did it take you to type up 101 RT's? Thanks for invitin

Annamaria- Good luck with giving that up for lent. I did that last -year. It was good. Maybe give up the word tase as well.

Jess-Good times on Tuesday. You eyes look good.

-Sending Memorial Day trip info on Monday. Antugua! It's on!

-I look forward to do the music for this cookbook. I am inspired by the project.

" Hey Whitey! Where's your hat?!"
-Rodney Dangerfield Caddyshack

-I have been slacking on College basketball this year. I can't wait
for March Madness.

-Gonna check out Common and Jazmine Sullivan.

Listening to Paul Carack Don't Shed a Tear For Me.

-Decided the 2010 Festival will be in Brazil

-Was on amazing panel this past weekend for women called Understanding Men. It was very interesting.

-Spring is right around the corner. YES!

-Beasted out on adding people on Twitter last night.

-Look forward to geting baptized on Easter Sunday.

-It was good to talk to my cousin on her Bday yesterday. She has lupus and was on the verge of death about 6 months ago. God is good!

-My pops is sending some new Soca CD's from Carnival. BAP BAP BAP BAP!

-I have had some great Ephiphanies this month. I guess it goes in line to what happens before lent.

-Jeff Coles convinced me to stay out later the other night.

-I look forward to the weekend.

-I had the dope sandwich on Sunday that I had to get another on Monday!

-I look forward to mentoring TJ.

Monica-Did you bring back some Cruzan Rum?

Dre Lew-Can you do my taxes?


-Can't wait for Soho Sundays when it gets warm!

. said...

Peace to the Gods and the Earths.

Serena W. said...

YES don't forget H.A.M.

Brooke maybe we should tell people what H.A.M. means...I love my co-worker for his code words so we can talk freely in the office without people knowing lol.

Soho Sundays sounds hot!

Happy Early Bday Rene!!!!!!

Rameer...I love the word bitcha**ness! And it's rampant in all communities. It's definitely rampant in Dallas.

The weather is crazy! Just two weeks ago was a tornado warning, today it's 80 and we're about to enter tornado season...

Why do we have tornado season...shouldn't be allowed.

All good...the count down is starting to move the hell up outta here.

Maybe I should start coughing so I can enjoy the rest of the day with my girl and not work lol!

Anonymous said...

Lol...Brooke, u get the award for person who makes me blush while I'm working! But I actually am a little bit of a germ-ophobe...I actually kiss very few people on the lips. When I was young, I used to see white people with cold sores and ish...and heard about mono while at SU, cuz mad white kids got it when I was a I actually rarely kiss on the lips unless I know someone a good while or if I feel very comfortable with the type of person they are, so I know they don't be puttin' their lips where they don't need to be.

I'd kiss YOU though, Brooke... ;-)

I've given up on being #1. Ant be on it! And so does's just a dream that maybe one day I can realize. I DO be up, though...

- I have my headphones as I type this...the people I'm immediately around have THE MOST annoying habits and convos...

- I find it amazing - and somewhat disturbing - to work in a TV station with so many people who have no clue about things they should. Example: A producer was wondering whether or not to book a satellite window to talk to "some ex-football player named Alan Faneca". I said "you mean ALL-PRO Alan Faneca? Probably sure-fire 1st ballot Hall-Of-Famer Alan Faneca? Ex-Steeler Alan Faneca?" They were like, "oh you know him?"

GOOGLE HIM, BITCH!!! Lol...and these are the people in charge of disseminating information to you guys. (sigh)...

- I'm crabby. I think I need wine.

- I'm looking forward to seeing my high school students tomorrow...I need to be around those silly kids to brighten up my spirits...

- I have no interest in Nintendo Wii...although I've been to actually Wii parties. I never play.

- I need to buy some fruit. There's no such thing as yucky fruit...even Kiwi, though it's hairy (someone said that!).

- Jamiroquai is soooooooo smooth.

- I think people purposely underrate Jay-Z nowadays.

- I've paid a large portion for 3 kids in my family to go to college. I regret doing it for 2 out of the 3.

- I sometimes wish my baby sister was a little girl again so she could jump into my arms as I walked into the house from school.

- I haven't seen "Menace II Society" in a while. I think I'm going to watch that this weekend.

- I STILL don't get why white people go nuts over Angelina Jolie.

- Ciara is weird. Sometimes she's UBER-sexy...other times, I'm like "ehh". Her second album was dope, though. Not feeling the music I've heard thus far off her new one...

- This is the one of 2 seasons I'm not watching "The Real World". Once they threw a tranny on, I was like no way. The other season - the first time they had a cast in London.

- I tend to watch TV that comes on in lots of repeats during the week. I can't bring myself to be home at a certain time every week on the same day. But I will be at full attention if Syracuse, the Lakers or Raiders are on TV...

- Why did I have dudes admitting to watching "Jem & The Holograms" as kids today on Facebook? Lol!

- Amanda - you know what I mean! People try to force their thoughts and/or likes on you...trying to not allow you to standfast in your own thoughts and beliefs. But I'm crazy independent in my thoughts - if I ain't feelin' what you sellin', I ain't feelin' it - period!

- Rene...bless you on the Soca. I'm like the only person in the entire city of Buffalo that loves Soca...thank God I'm close to Toronto.

- I'm gonna go eat lunch.

E.Payne said...

Just a couple for me...

1. Bobby Jindal looks like a black/brown Minnie Mouse and talks nonsense considering he's from Louisiana. Something about him makes me angry.

2. God forgive me but I keep thinking about Beyonce's nipple slip and that ugly-ass dress she wore to the Oscars.

3. An older cousin of mine just popped into my head. She is model for Depends appearing on packages in grocery stores and big box stores nationwide. (She swears she doesn't use them)

4. A heavy-set black chick and a skinny black chick are arguing and pushing each other in the street out in front of my house right now. I wonder who's gonna pull out first. I guess I should get out of the window.

. said...

Serena - I've had to delete a few from my phone so I hear you! But some should have never been bad. You live and you learn :-)

Now you have me online googling Iris Liu.

I'm hatin' on the Big D right now. I have never been this ready for the summer.

Anonymous said...

Rameer: I LOVE THE Wii... I love Wii parties.. I think you should get up & play already! :)

phillygrl said...

ok..first a SNUGGIEE!!!..too much TV!!:-) those things are funndy..but Im sure very practical!lol!!:-)

--they guy taking down my wallpaper is super nice....he's 60!:-) too funny..always talking abt his fiance' Loretta!!

--Brooke , ur weeks sounds fabulous..wish I wsa there..Looked at some old papers yesterday & I have my address as 344 lafayette!!:-)

---Zaire is also repeating stopping the road rage too..when ever we get to a red light he says MOOOOVEEE!! I do!!(uggh--he also like Jim Jones pop champagne, but he says nap-aayy, ooh-ooooh!!) & call's Beyoonce's Single ladies..the "snickeling song"..guess that what it sounds like to him

--my best friend just got a job interview in Exton, PA on Wed..yaaahh..--she's been living in racine Wisconsin for last 6 years..hope she gets it!

---I listening to Robin Thicke's CD..real nice..had it packed in a box for like a year!

----Donald Goines was the MAN..I think i've read every book of his.

--My favorite teenage book is The Girl with t he Silver Eyes..I REALLY thought I had telekenesis like the girl in the book!!!

---I used to live in a fantasy..i also though I was a witch--like when people used to say what do you want to be when you grow up..I would say A WITCH( so I could cast spells)

-- cousin got $50 from someone christmas& he wanted it in ones b/c he sais he wanted a KNOT!!..Im like u 9..what the hell u know about a KNOT!!

--why do i have to take off a WHOLE day from work to get my hair done...SERIOUSLY, if you go to my hiardresseer u r there ALL day!..appt at 9a..u gotta tell her please I gotta get outta her to pick up my son, daycare closes at 6pm!!..& you will be SPEEDING to make it..she is that SLOW!!..but EXCELLENT! but I only go maybe 4 x a year..i can't take it

---the pedicurist at my spa says she went to the Four Seasons did Aretha Franklin's nails not long ago & she was the most pleasant person, the woman is russian &aretha knew of her hometown & had been there--speaks russian, etc.. etc..woman said she is VERY SMART & worldly, but had a whole kitchen full of soul food( in the hotel suite)

---it annoys me when people act like they , or they really don't go to the library or how to use it, I was watching Suze Orman & the couple said they dind't konw they could take their kids to the library to rent dvds or CD' like HUH?how can u NOT know that? I don't know, Im a library i've always gone..

---got in touch through facebook with a long lost high school beau..good to speak with him...wonder if we are still the same people as adults?

--Costa Rica for Summer vacay!!...haven't been anywhere in 3 years..CANT WAIT!!

---I got GOT in 3 card monte(in high school) , then called my mom & told her I got was SORTA true..but now..Im a wiz at 3 card one can get over on my.. my uncle is a true O.G.(hustla) he taught me the secrets of it!

---Chris webber is tooo CUTE..:-)

----Hill Harper is FINE!

--Andre 3000 is my kinda guy, sexy & quirky( & i'd like to believe smart)

---RAKIM is the greatest!

----Airyswarya Rai is beautiful, but have you guys seen Claudia Lynx..really really stunning!

--What happened to all the female rappers?
--I just heard this BANGING freestyle by Fat JOE!!...I love style!

enjoy the day! favorite foodie blog rawfitmama stopped eating RAW..oh no!!...we are all human..m out.
--oh mom want s laptop..Im like you JUST learned how to use email...u need to settle for a $400 DESKTOP!!lol!1..too funny..she wants top of line to do nothing, but look at hgtv or some recipes from the food network!!

Georgia Peach said...

Damn lots of random thoughts today! Wish i'd gotten on earlier I'll try to catch up on them all later. Here are my random thoughts

- Annamaria I should give up cursing - I've been doing a lot of it lately.

- Brooke like EJ I'm sad I missed your dinner last night, but it looks like you had a great time. Were the cupcakes from Crumbs?

- I think I'm coming down with this damn cold everyone had...I'm trying to do the mind over matter thing, but today I'm too tired to keep that up.

- I really should be finishing up my Coordinators evaluation, but I have ADD today and I'm not feeling like doing it although she really is great.

- Just heard yesterday that my bonus isn't gonna be nearly as much as I was hoping. When I took the promotion here I was promised that our goals wouldn't be based just on my companies but on the entire company, but they are managing to F- me with no lubrication anyway. F'ers!

- Our company got a 2 rating out of a 1 out of 5 out of all the different divisions in our company. That is pretty messed up, it feels like I work for the most retarded place in the world (which I do).

- Last night I had some good mac n cheese from Nolita Lounge.

- I really don't feel like going to french class tonight, but I really do need to, because otherwise i'm just wasting my money. I haven't had time to focus on it.

- I just bought the Official GMAT guide and Borders didn't honor the 40% coupon I had because they said it was expired. Had to pay $40 bucks for the book. Borders pisses me off sometimes...ugh!

- I'm watching our network now and Sisqo's "Thong Song" is on. Awesome! I used to dance to this and ya'll know you probably did too!


Anonymous said...

Zay Buge! it's your booooy!

1. Brooke, your awesome!
2. Im Awesome.
3. i remember when i didnt have to shave, I now its every other day! dayum..
4. You gotta love me or leave me not only one of my favorite songs but a life motto..
6.alot of people need a job...but i think in these trying times GOD is saying I need a JOB. Go through knowing GOD is with you.
7. i was just listening to D'angelo..when is he droppin that album.
8. i cant believe i am an adult..
9. time flies
10. people change.
11. GOD's love remain the same.
12. I love hip hop...everytime i try to get away from it...someone or something pulls me back in the game...
13. Children are the best gift.
14. if you watch too much will control your feelings/perspective. Turn off the TV and watch what you see. You gotta have a healthy visual diet to have a healthy outlook.
15. why i am eating sun flower seeds right now like im back in HS.
16. why did they put so much salt on the pumkin seeds
17. why did we eat that.
18.Love is a powerful drug.
19. I love doing talk radio..
20. what is my calling in this life?
21. have i been a blessing to people?
21. I put people in 2 categories in life..Weight or WIngs. They either hold you down or lift you up! Be wings.
22. I cant wait to do a job that i love and am passionate about.

. said...

Philly Girl -

I read all of his books too :-)

Heard the complete opposite about Aretha…

Chris Webber…YUM!!!!

Andre 3000…I am so feelin’ him!

Not so long ago my girlfriend Sharika gave me $30…in singles…in a rubberband…I just gave her a look like chic you wanna tell me somethin’????

Anonymous said...

Georgia Peach feel free to join the no cursing thing Amanda is joining me in my crusade & you know what it has made me feel better & I actually feel stronger & like I can do this!!! :)

Thanks Amanda!!! :)

Keefe said...

1) Hello to everyone! I hope you all are having a great "Friday eve!"
2) Rameer: I agree with you on Jamiroquai. He has been producing hot music for years!
3) Where the hell is Mike Tyson?

Brooke said...

Okay, I'm back, for a bit...I might miss a few of your comments cuz I'm breaking out of here early, but will be checking from home, so don't go nowhere!

Zay, I love your thoughts today. And I can't believe you're an adult either! Isn't it funny to see how much we've grown and changed since college...but in the core of who we are, remain the same? Your love of life and people and sense of humor are EXACTLY as the day I met you all these years ago...and I love you still, just the same! Everytime we speak, I wind up with tears on my eyes from laughter!

Sorry about your bonus Glee!

I'd kiss you back Rameer ;) No cooties over here...I kiss my nephews with this mouth, so I'm very careful about where I put it :)

H.A.M. stands for "Hot Ass Mess," Serena had me crackin up!

Keefe - Mike Tyson NEEDS to stay hidden for a minute. He creeps me out.

E, Bobby Jindal is an imbecile. I kept waiting for Elmo to come sit on his lap as he spoke...what the hell was he talking about? HE is supposed to be the new, fresh, up and coming Barack? puh-leeze., I haven't lived on Lafayette in over 4 years now. Sometimes I really miss Brooklyn.

Zaire sounds so sweet :)

Chris Webber gots a beautiful smile. Andre 3000 has grown on me.

Sandee said...

Anonymous.... Weights and Wings Love that! I am so biting that.

Brooke can I do Random thoughts Thursdays on my FB page? Would you be mad at me?
Of course I can't get loose with the mouth like I am on here.

Dayum I am so sorry I missed you B-Day. Brooke I so wanted to be there.

I love the Love that you have for your sister.

Amanda Push the Book is different from the movie.

Amanda I'm going to Circus too. I am so excited. I have never been and I can't wait to get one of those big lights and I love me some cotton candy. Great Adventures makes the best.

Brooke I haven't seen Slumdog. I'll go with you.

Whoreson was my introduction to my love of Hoodtales.

I love Good People but goodie two shoes Annoy the Hell out of me.

I have so much more to say but my ADD is preventing me as usual.

Jess- said...

Brooke, I look like I'm on crack in that picture.

Amanda, I wanna go to the concert at United Palace. I was trying to win tickets on La Mega cause they not selling them.

TJ asked me why i didnt bring him a taco last night.

Rene- I had fun on Tuesday. Watching Tutu karaoke was funny as hell.

I wanna go home.

I can't wait to do the whop tomorrow. I may even do the butt. Now that i have bad knees i cant get low anymore.

I miss my glasses. I spent 5k for laser and now i want my glasses back.

phillygrl said...

i'm out , but wanted to say ..the CIRCUS....sooo FUN & amazing!!...& you have to get a pair of the sparkly glitter antanna( yes...I said it AN-TAN-NA!!!lol!!) & wear them all day!..even when you leave the circus....

***p.s. even before I had a child..i used to wear them to clubs!!:-) :-)l ove them..eapecially if they are glittery , pink , purple or silver!!!sometimes they have rund ones, but if they have stars get them...ok..(I told y'all i used to live in a fantasy!!) enjoy the night

phillygrl said...

my spelling is effed up....too much fast typing...sorry for all the typos....

. said...

I absolutely hate it when men don’t wear undershirts and I can’t stand dingy, raggedy, discolored looking White Ts/Wife Beaters. Throw them out! Out with the old and in with the new.

Small bag of White Cheddar Cheez-Its :-) That was lunch…

Anonymous said...

Brooke..I love you too dear.
and we have managed to keep the good things about our selves and hopefully get rid of the bad..well maybe work on the
Sandee...feel free...everyone i have shared that revelation / viewpoint with has run with it...enjoy!
Serena..holla acha boy! get ready for zummer zayday!lol
Amanda..i'm double fresh and clean today...i have the crisp fresh out the package..white T, with theextra crispy white button down..pressed fresh to def...heeey!
yall be good.
z-crest out.

. said...

Weight or wings. I likey too :-)

Glad you're so fresh and so clean.
That always feels good.

. said...

Icey White Wednesdays @ The Ruckus.

Anonymous said...

Wash & Set Thursdays w/Amanda! LOL!

Dee Jumpoff!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that is hilarious! Boobie Smooth calling out the a dingy tee...Classic!

Anthony Otero said...

- glad you a great birthday
- tired as hell...but will still be up chatting at 1am
- I love 2&1/2 men...that show is a scream
- No idea what to blog about
- I was thinking about buying an audio recorder
- cant wait to see the watchmen on monday

Brooke said...

Y'all are funny today :-) What am I saying, y'all are funny ER'day :-)

Ant, I was wondering where you were. I'm going to see Watchmen next week too, I hope it's good.

Sandee, "you can do whatever you like" with random thoughts on your FB page...(had to throw in a little T.I. since I know he your baby daddy!)

Jess, you do NOT look like a crackhead, you look great!

Anonymous said...

What only 45 comments!?!?!?! were is everyone...sleeping??!?!?

I'm shocked....

Can I say I love you Zay!!!!!!
Remember when you were rapping to my Mom??!?! You will never give up hip hop!!!!!!

Brooke don't be kissin people all willy nilly....even if it is Rameer...LOL
Brahim would have a fit!!!!!

Brooke said...

This is true. Brahim loves giving me big ole sloppy kisses. I think if he saw me kissing somebody else, especially a man, he'd freak! Like, "AUNTIE!!!" hahahaha! that's my baby!

I DO remember Zay rapping to my mom, in the kitchen right? They would be sitting in the kitchen talking all early in the morning drinking tea while we were asleep, too funny!

Anonymous said...

- It's technically Friday and no one is up, but I'm randoming any fucking way

- I wasn't gonna read anyone else's thoughts until I started scrolling and saw Amanda had a billion so I read all 100 of hers

- Then I read Brooke's responses

- Then I read Rene's

- Then I read Serena's

- Damn it's nearly 30 minutes later because I read the whole page when I wasn't going to.

- I cut the F word out of this response 4 times so far

- Annamaria if you find a cure for cursing keep it away from me. I gotta scream something when you tase me.

- I'm about to unleash a beast on the interwebs.

- That Jai Ho song has been stuck in my head since Sunday. I may have to watch Slumdog again just to get it out.

- "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp", "Jai Ho"..I think the Academy is preoccupied with the streets

- gotta watch 24 online tonight

- then the first 5 minutes of Lost I missed..which was bonkers, Brooke.

-helllloooooo is anyone out there? Man fuck this...(sucks teeth, drops mic to loud clatter that echoes in the empty room and closes the creaky door behind me)

Anthony Otero said...

Some of us are still awake...

Brooke said... me...and I'm still tired as hell but can never take my ass to bed on time.

Anonymous said...

There is no time to go to bed...sleep is the debil. yes I said the mother in The Waterboy.

what are you doing up, Brooke? Ever since you got that home internet you've been a lurker.

Ant...go to my blog and'll give you random're welcome. LOL

Brooke...that blog post doesn't interest you:-)

- who decided green means go? why couldn't it be blue?

Anthony Otero said...

Dre...I love you...This is why u are my boy!

Brooke said...

Dre, I think you have an obsession with her :)

Anonymous said...

Brooke, that's my homie! We're friends. How else you think I got to make that happen? Didn't I say that post wasn't for you anyway?? LMAO

Now Halle...Halle may be an obsession

Latinegro, anytime. Figured if you were up and bored...ehhhh LOL

Brooke said...

yeah, you're DEFINITELY obsessed with Halle...

...night sweets :-)

Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,
1. I actually commented on this blog yesterday. I completed almost the entire comment and then my page froze. Was pissed because Brooke-lyn is on me like Major Payne about not having left a comment in a while.
2. I don't appreciate how you got the pics from the concert as the opening of your blog. I get it, you had fun...whatever! You don't have to rub it in!
3. I have yet to devise my plan of revenge on you all, but like Scar said in "The Lion King," be prepared!!!!
4. I did have a good time at your bday dinner Wednesday night. So that kind of makes up for it.
5. Amanda, you are a well of talent Mamacita! 101 thoughts? By the end of the day, which is when I usually get to comment on Brooke-lyn's blog, my mind is bereft of any thoughts, images, all items that were stored in short-term memomy log, etc.
6. If I adopted AMDO, Brooke-lyn, and included all my godchildren who basically live at my house anyway, I'd be like the Octomom. But I wouldn't need sponsorships from Tide or Marshall's. I'd get Red Lobster to send us those crack-laced biscuits every week, at least a 10-year's supply of white chocolate from Godiva, a Hispanic chef to teach AMDO the difference between enchiladas, burritos and fajitas, a lifetime supply of soap so I can wash out her mouth, some GAP gift certificates so Brooke-lyn can maintain her hat and jeans addiction, and of course a hook up for me at my fav shoe boutique on Delancy St. in Lower Manhattan. They have some devastating, sapphire-colored 4" heels...WHEW! Orgasmic!
7. My baby-Huey of a nephew (he's just huge) loves to stand up on my lap, repeat after me when I talk to him, although it's a baby coo, and does this thing where he leans toward me, throws his hands up and stretches his eyes like a monster that's coming to get me. And next week he'll be 5-months-old. He's a genius! I think I love him more than I love my brother. Shhhhh! Don't tell.
8. I never thought I'd miss moving offices, ordering furniture or being a warden over my vendors at A&E.
9. I'm attempting to like Sex and the City as I watch it in syndication. But I don't get the hype. Samantha's overtly-sexual personality (Freud's dream) - I'm soo over it. Carrie has the craziest walk, like one leg is shorter than the other and I can't help but notice it. I wish they'd just show her from the waist up when walking down the street or get her one of those corrective shoes. I wonder if Jimmy Choo makes those? Peter, the father on Family Guy, said "Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a foot!" That was a little extreme but I did laugh. And Miranda dating my Blair Underwood? Super-unbelievable! Who wrote that in?
9.I have an unhealthy, inappropriate affinity for Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic- don't tell Papa Smurf Brooke-lyn! He's my next husband, he just doesn't know it yet. But you know he's too young for me! Maybe we can meet in the middle of our lives like Benjamin Button and his love.
10. Planning a major trip for my bday this year. Hoping I can maybe actually do something for myself. But I'm afraid I'm going to back out like I usually do, whether it be because of lack of funds, some family members needs the money I've saved. It's always something.
11. Doing research for my former schools. Trying to form a reunion next year in Brooklyn (the borough, not you Brooke). I've reconnected with so many wonderful people on social networks like Facebook. I wanted to comment about my experience on your blog about FB the other day Brooke-lyn but I couldn't :(
12. My cousin just got engaged! I'm muy excited!
13. I bought my grandmother a coat for her bday and she was more happy than I've ever seen her in my life. It warmed my heart that I could do something to make her smile after all the years she watched over my family and still does, even at 70!
And that's all I have to say about that (finally!) Spread love my people!
~Love, Princess

Brooke said...

Dwight Howard IS fine Pranny - if he's too old for you, throw him my way. I won't tell Papa Smurf :)

Gap jeans...the best.

Your nephew is adorable!

I miss you! Hurry back already!

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