Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wow, is it Random Thoughts Thursday already? I feel like it's been Random Thoughts Week! I thought TMI Tuesday would be bad, but yesterday was on some ole other mess!

Okay, let me reclaim my blog and keep it light and fun. Y'all still love me right? :)

I feel like we should do a chant first - "nam yo ho rengya kyo" - "woooo-saaaaa!"

Okay, here we go:

- Yesterday was one of the most interesting blog days I've ever had. I don't think I laughed that hard in a LONG TIME!'re a mess.

- I LOVE talking to my nephews on the phone. Kyce was telling me about the car show he went to yesterday and I could hear the excitement in his voice. Those are the things that matter most in life...those moments.

- He said he brought me back a book from the car show. He's always thinking about me and making sure to include "auntie" in everything they do. It doesn't get any better than that. I love that he loves me simply because I'm "Auntie." I can do no wrong in his eyes, even if I discipline him. Unconditional love never felt so good... especially coming from a 4 and a 2 year old. I hope they always love me that way.

- I've been eating popsicles every night this week - grape and lemon - Edy's Fruit Bars. I love those things.

- I had the best hair experience on Tuesday, my hair is bouncing and behaving!

- I can't wait for B's Ol' Skool Jam on Friday. Denise, her sister Renee and Vince are going to be there - gonna be FUN!

- I'm looking forward to the movie tonight with Amanda - "He's Just Not That Into You." I'm sure a blog topic will come out of that :-)

- Today is not a good day at work...that's all I gotta say.

Since I'm hectic at work today, I'll keep mine short and sweet. I'm sure I'll chime in with more random thoughts later, but for now I gotta bounce!

Take it away!


okay..I'm back...but I'm putting this video up in the spirit of B's Ol' Skool Jam tomorrow - I jacked this from his Facebook page :-)


Keefe said...

My sick ass is First BITCHES!!!

Anonymous said...

1. I hate you Keefe (TASE)

2. I'm still sick yet I made the effort to come to work today in 13 degree weather only to find that these mofo's have the freaking Air Conditioner on!! WTF!

3. Yesterdays blog scared me...LOL. I slept with my taser

4. I wish I would have stayed home again today.

5. Because I'm sick 99% of the people that I've been forced to speak to today have annoyed the hell out of me.

I'm sure more will come later.

Keefe said...

now for my thoughts

1) I just read yesterday's blog ... OMG!!! Talk about a "dick" slinging contest!!!!!
2) I need something for this cold. Actually, I think I have pneumonia.
3) Why is it so damn cold today?
4) Should I wash my car?
5) When am I going to get my STANK?
6) Why did I just cough up a lung?

. said...

1) That Jason Mraz song “I’m Yours” is my happy song! Always makes me smile and sing along whenever I hear it.

2) Clive Owen…YUM!!!

3) The Palek Paneer Roll @ Roti Roll on 109th & Amsterdam…CRACK!!!

4) Free Doritos @ the Office Today?! LMAO!!! That was hilarious!

5) How stupid is that Pussycat Dolls’ song “Poker Face”???

6) Have to decide on a paint color for that small room.

7) I’m staying home all day Saturday and doing some house cleaning.

8) Cam’Ron annoys the crap out of me.

9) I need a computer table.

10) I need another bookshelf. A big one.

11) I MUST start taking out what I’m wearing to work the night before. Don’t want to be late anymore. I ran out of excuses.

12) Duane - I do not look or sound like Angela Simmons. Cute girl but I just really don’t see or hear it at all…;-)

13) I want a dress like the one on the Alvin Alley Barbie ;-)

14) Those popsicles are so tasty :-)

15) It’s a great feeling to know someone prays for you :-)

16) I like grape jelly on my breakfast sandwich.

17) There’s a term for me. I’m a foody.

18) Christian Bale is a nut.

19) I want to take some boxing classes.

20) People don’t believe me but I swear if I forget to wear my retainers one night, I wake up the next morning with a small gap in between my two front teeth.

21) Don’t think many people know how funny Leesa is. That girl had me crying on Monday. She knows me well. :-)

22) So mad Ralph Lauren discontinued its perfume Blue :-( If I find it anywhere, I’m stacking up for me…and Sandee too ;-)

23) Looking forward to seeing “He’s Not That Into You” tonight too :-)

24) What have you given up during the recession? I’ve given up a few things, cable is one of them. Works for me because I’m always out and about and have a bunch of things going on, plus I have Netflix, which I love and I also do more reading at home now. Sometimes I get an itch but it will have to be a really strong one for me to get it back on.

25) So excited about my healthy/organic cuisine cooking lessons.

26) I need new lip gloss. My lip gloss ain’t poppin’ ;-)

27) Duane, Brooke - Southern Hospitality…BOO!!! :-( April & I had a great time there on Tuesday though :-)

28) Read it years ago but Gifted Hands by Ben Carson was a great book. He has great faith in God, is a man of patience, integrity and great work ethics. His story is both amazing and inspirational and I hope the movie is good.

29) I start yoga next week.

30) Okay, why do I like that new Flo Rida song? I do :-)

31) I find wedge heel boots cute and comfortable.

32) I need to take this nail polish off.

33) I’m getting better at returning calls…wait…I forgot to call Hassan back :-(

34) Steve Harvey’s book was a good, quick and easy read.

35) There’s an Off-Broadway play called White People… hmmmm…;-)

36) Burrr!!!

37) Where is the corner of 1st and Amistad?

Keefe said...

7) Damn, Amanda is at 37 alreadY!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Poker Face" is by Lady GaGa, not the Pussycat Dolls, Amanda. And before everyone clowns me - I do a music and entertainment TV show that plays videos of all genres...I tend to know something about damn-near EVERY video of any note, and most artists.

Carry on. Lol...

Brooke said...

wedge boots are comfy, but the zipper on mine is broken :(

Sorry you're still stick Annamaria. You too Keefe.

You'll get your stank soon, I'm working on it.

I would KILL some Doritos right about now.

You have a computer at home?

I need more suggestions for my birthday dinner...somewhere good but fun. Anyone?

Who wants to have dinner with me for my birthday? :)

Rameer, have you found the NeYo cd yet? I NEED it!

Why is Etta hatin' on Bey? nonsense

Jess- said...

- I cant believe someone made an Obama dildo.

- 2 more days til LASIK. I am so excited.

- I am so tired of shredding. I finally finished manually correcting 238 W2's

Amanda - Jelly with eggs?

Craig n 'em said...

Hold up…Turn the music down…Before I go into Random Thoughts, I have a very specific thought I need to get out. …All jokes aside….Pretty Ricky…I got a fuckin’ problem with you… I crack jokes yes…But I NEVER cursed AT someone and so blatantly like the way you did me. Very disrespectful, my man. I’m really disappointed in you. You didn’t have to include me to make your point. You called me out on the blog last night…I thought YOU calling me out at 3:20 am was unnecessary…Like damn dude…I was sleepin’…I couldn’t even defend myself…That hurt…Pretty Rick, you need to…Oh, shit…Hold on…Piece of pussy just rolled down my pant leg…sorry…

Pretty Muthafuckin’ Rick! And I say this with love! FUCK YOU TOO MUTHAFUCKA!!!! HA HA HA…see? Rick is probably shaking his head like this muthafucka is crazy. Not taking shit serious! Real men’s dicks are SHIELDS…It’s not something you just wield…Big dick is a shield…All that pussy talk yesterday…Yes…we were talking about dicks…but it was all pussy talk…Ya feel me?…A big dick can shield you from haters…confidence…You don’t entertain nonsense…Well, you guys should entertain my nonsense ‘cuz its for the greater good of all you beautiful bloggers out there!

Some of the smartest people in the world curse! FUCK! EVERYONE Curses! I don’t wanna hear no more bullblogshit about muthafuckas getting all offended because we’re cursing…What the fuck? Just cuz you curse doesn’t mean your muthafuckin’ ignorant and you don’t have a better way to express yourself. Sometimes CURSING is the ONLY way to express yourself! Ya’ll know what the fuck I’m talkin’ bout! I consider myself, a somewhat intelligent dude on Thursdays. I choose to curse cuz it taste sooo goood. It’s like a meal to me. And I gotta’ eat, right?

Ladies…Ever try to politely tell a man to leave your home, but he takes it as a joke and he doesn’t leave?

Girl: Um, I think you should go…

Guy: Ha ha ha…stop playing girl…It’s the 4th quarter…

Girl: No, I’m serious. I was offended and I think you need to leave…

Guy: Yeah, ok.. it’s like 10 degrees outside…You crazy?

Girl: You need to respect my space. When I say leave, you should do so. This is my place, not yours. You’re really disrespecting me by not doing so. Please, put your wallabees back on and get out..

Guy: Damn, girl, you buggin’…I just said wait till the game is…


Guy: Well, got damn..alright then, If you gonna put it like that

Girl: Yeah, well it’s a muthafuckin’ shame I gotta put it like that for you to get the point you small bus muthafucka…

He sucks his teeth as he walks out the door…
Guy: Bitch…


Guy: Nothin…

Door closes…

See? His bitch ass left…

Have you ever cursed someone out without using a curse word?

. said...

Annamaria and Keefe, hope you feel better soon. Brooke, hope the day gets better at work. I’ve had a computer at home for like 3 ½ years. Brand new, desktop, Dell. I REALLY want a laptop though, a mac :-) Dinner on your B.Day…I’m down :-) Still thinking about more suggestions for you.

. said...

Yay, Jess!!! Regarding the W2s. Yup, egg and cheese on a roll w/grape jelly. Hey, it's my thing ;-)

Anonymous said...

-I am tired of people of talking about the recession. Okay, times are tough. Now put your energy in making amends to it. Talk to people around you on ways to make money. There iis money out there. Don't get it twisted...

-It was so cold last night I went kick what I thought was a rock but it wound up being a frozen piece of dog shit. lol. I laughed and thought this will be good to post on this blog.

-It is really a buyers market out there right now.

-Listening Bob Marley always puts you in a relaxed mood.

-I have not seen Ne-Yo live and may have to do that in a couple of weeks.

-I made some banging Hash Browns the other day.

-TMI Tuesdays and Random Thoughts Thursday is really not bad so whomever is complaining about it. Quit your belllyaching!!!! We are grown folks on here!

Okay Bob Marley is done and Metallica Enter the Sandman On.
Look for forward to baseball season.

Gonna go to another hockey game before the season's done.


Anonymous said...

Craig WHY did I eat a fried egg this past weekend JUST because of the blog you posted last week!!!!!!!! LMAO
But I brushed my teeth & rinsed with mouthwash afterwards...LMAO

Craig n 'em said...

LMAO...Anna...You are the bomb!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

1) I think I'm gonna do this Anna marie Style!!!

2) I'm strangely attracted to su after yesterdays blog. I think I find it exciting that she just might cuss my ass out! LOL

3) I love how Barack's blackness is slipping out little by little. the otha day he gave a "Shout Out" to our troops over seas. Fa real Barack..a shout out?

4) A friend of mine was looking over my shoulder when I ws on Brooke's Facebook Page. He said "oh..she's a cutie." LOL. I said IIIIIIII knoooooow! Maybe I'll get him to subscribe to your blog. I told him you are not down for one night blogs!!!

5) Fa the Cable Guy that we were talking about last week... now responding to blogs!

6) WTF... why id Dora the Explorer on my T.V. I don't have any kids.

7) My girlfriend has a son, so I have watched more of Nickelodeon then I care too.

7a) What exactly is a spongebob.
7b) Latino's are coming up in the cartoon world!!!

8) My momma an nem sent me an email yesterday for my birthday. I am so scared they are gonna get a Facebook page and request me as a friend.

9) Why is it that when a guy is first on Brookes Blog... his declaration is a variation of First bitches!!!!

10) I watched the Heavy D video "We got our own thing... for a big dude..that brutha could move. (No homo) LOL

11) I wonder how much gay ass shit you can say before using the term "No Homo" does not de-faggotize the statement.

12) Thinking I need to manufacture a Viagara type pill to increase the size of your mental D*ck!

13) Now that I think the fact that Annamaria just might tase me turns me on too.

14) I'm excited that Brooke, Denise, and my Korean brutha from anotha motha is gonna be at the Ol Skool Jammy Jam!

15) I'm very concerned about this stupid ass stimulus package... no one really knows whats gonna help the economy. And their is some bullshit in the bill. I wonder how that Shyt got past Barack. Politics is a Bitch!!!

16) Fa real...some of these products that they sell on T.V look kinda hot. The Pull Up Bar, The Push-Up Joint, The towel that sops up everything, the thing that keeps the air from coming under your door, etc...

17) I tried to hang with Annamarie on the number of Random Thoughts... but that heffer is good! She Random as hell!

. said...

Rameer - Lady Gaga it is, my bad.

So how stupid is that Lady Gaga's song “Poker Face”??? ;-)

Anthony Otero said...

My thoughts for the day...

- I absolutely hate when I got to the men's room and someone is blowing it is called courtesy flush

- I also hate when people do not wash their hands then exit the bathroom...which defeats the purpose of washing my hands because I have to touch the nasty knob...which is why I have purell at my desk

- My bed called my cel and left a voice message..."wish you were here"

- I im'ed my cousin this morning and told him I need to go the hospital because my nuts froze on the way to work...

- Career Fair is today at SU, I saw a sign from this company that said..."We dont have any jobs...just opportunity"

- I heard a Prince song this morning I do not have "Anotherloverhole"

Anonymous said...

Oh, Where's Dre Lew???? He's been mourning since the Raven's lost...LMAO! Come out Come out where ever you are!!!!!!!

Moinca-What's good? Where have you been?

Brooke what day is your Bday Dinner?

Annamaria does not own nor posess a taser but she does own a clapper and a chia-pet.

Audi 5000!

Jess- said...

Amanda, thats pretty gross. Mangu with jelly too?

I love you Craig. I curse like a trucker and my man hates it. So i try not too curse too much around him. When i want someone to leave i do all the cursing in the first sentence.

Anonymous said...

* Just found out my cable bill will be cheaper if I UPGRADE. WTF.

* My head is still spinning from Lost. I have to go back and watch all four seasons again. (Brooke ain't feeling it like she claims she is)

* Like Lent, I'm giving up pork and White women for the recession. The pork is easy, but those White women gawddamn!! LOL JOKE stolen from Ali..ease up with the tasers, shanks, tongue lashings.

* I've given up paying bills for the recession!

* My house is now worth less than I paid for it. I may need to invite 50 Cent over with his gas can and matches.

* I'll be spending part of my day trying to get back on the exclusives list with several of my film contacts (Wish me luck)

* The mailroom guy at my old job saved my mail for'll feel like Christmas when I get it!!

* Doritos are sprinkled with crack

* Damn! Eittle Elizabeth tried to get at Joy Behar on The View this morning.

* Why the hell was my TV on The View this morning??

* It's 19 degress. My oil bill is gonna be sky high!! Oh right...I'm not paying bills.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

18) Craig just might be the funniest motherfucker by blog hands down. I shared the egg story with some friends. every last one of them peed on themselves.

19) I too love jelly on my egg sammiches... and add some meat. Taylor Ham, Steak, Bologna, Spam, Sausage.. I really don't care.

20) Pretty Ricky is my Alter Ego. I cuss way more in here then I do in my real life. Smacking my lips..that shyt does taste fuckin good!!!

21) I think I am going to start a blog... where I can really let out my inner thoughts. Feels like I lose weight when I blow that shyt out!

22) I only have enough time to read Brooke's Blog. i don't know you m effers keep up with more than one. Rene, Malik, Dre, And whoever else... I really want to read your blogs. But fuck that. It takes me a day and a half to read all this shyt. Can you mother fuckers combine in one dam blog..and you each take a day? You mother bloggers!

23)Have you guys seen Dre's Snapple Hood Facts. that shit is funny.

Anthony Otero said...

OMG...Lost is a totally messing with my head!

Heroes...better be good this season too...

Anonymous said...

6. I curse like a truck driver myself BUT show surprising self control when the kids are around.

7. I'm still afraid my baby's first word is going to be asshole!

8. I love the fact that EVERYONE thinks soo much about my taser.

9. I actually don't have the clapper OR a chia pet.

10. I hate when people (namely Austin & the kids cause they are the only ones that do it) leave a room & forget to turn the lights off..

11. Austin forever leaves the TV & lights on in the bedroom yet starts watching the tv in the living room BUT then gets mad when I threaten to hit off the Con Ed man.. Hey I'm about to be out of a job I AIN'T GOT MONEY LIKE DAT!

12. He would tase me if I hit off the Con Ed man.

13. I want to go back home & go to bed.

14. I think I will do nothing but check the comments on Brooke's blog today.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Ricky- PAUSE!!!!! On the Heavy D comment! You are indicted!!!

Random Playlist is playing on Random Thoughts Thursday.

Elephant Man- Nuh Linga is on now.

BAP! BAP! BAP! BAP!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig n 'em said...

You know, Rene...Pretty Rick talkin bout Heavy as a svelte muthafucka' AND then last night he did say he wanted to fuck me...3 in the it for yourself...3:20 am...he hit on me...Firts time I've ever been hit on by a man....I feel very dirty...I'm watching ESPN this whole damn weekend to wash that feeling off...

Georgia Peach said...

First off to all ya'll sick folks take your asses home. It's cold out there!

Now on to my thoughts...

1- I have my headphones on today so hopefully no one will bother me today.

2- I have a quick coffee date tonight from someone I met online. Very excited about that. :o)

3- I'm also sort of tired of hearing about how bad the economy is and I'm ready to get past it to the other side.

4- I've had a headache for the past few days and I'm not sure why other than stress that I won't or can't admit to from work.

5- I'm ready to pack my shyt and move to somewhere warm I am HATING the cold.

6- I'm starting the 2nd round of my french classes and realize that I probably should have studied in between b/c I retained absolutely nothing from the 1st sessions. Yikes.

7- I've been really tired lately and not sleeping well. Wonder what that's about?

8- I'm feeling guilty about wishing my boss would get tased or something worse! LOL...

9- I should be writing an RFP, but I don't feel like doing shit until they announce the next round of layoffs we think are coming our way. :( They ain't getting any extra out of me until I know what's up.


Brooke said...

okay, I can't keep up! I'm overwhelmed!

B - was the friend looking over your shoulder cute? available? I cracked up when I read "IIIIII KNOOOOOW!!!" LOL!

Guess I shouldn't ask that question if the Cable Guy is responding...yes...that was him. Hi!!! (he doesn't want me to call him by name)

I see everyone has followed Amanda's lead and numbered their thoughts.

Craig...I don't even know what to say anymore :-)

Dre Lew doesn't love me anymore :(

B - Vince and I are working on an agreement, I'll have him fill in the blanks on the details :) we might make pretty babies :) LOL!

Damn, I have to go back and watch The View now...I missed it, but I tivo'd it. E. Hasselbeck works my nerves.

By the way, Dre's Hood Facts are hysterical!

Birthday is 2/25, so I want to have a dinner on that day. What are you doing for YOUR bday Rene? I figured I would just piggyback off your party, but I do want to have a sit down with friends.

and I DO love Lost, just haven't had a chance to get to it yet, so don't tell me anything!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

24) Rene and Craig.... Fuck both y'all. (Double NO Homo)...LOL

25) Why do I watch ESPN each hour like there's gonna be something different than I saw before.

26) This Random Thursday Shyt is too addictive. Fits right in with my crack Addiction. WHen my computer is off... I'm sitting here looking like Pookie from new Jack City...trying not to hit the power button

27) I still got 10 more random thoughts to think off before I catch AnnaMarie. That's some bullshit Hilado!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

28) Brooke and Vince would have some Kimara (sp?) Lee Looking m Effers.

29) Brooke if I said if the dude that looked over my shoulder was cute ... I couldn't even clean that up with a No Homo!!! So I'll casually introduce you guys at the party and you can go from there!

Anonymous said...

Pretty Ricky: Keep it together brother man... You are confusing Amanda & I...
SOOO you've got 10 more comments before you catch up with AMANDA not me...

P.S. it's ANNAMARIA not AnnaMarie or whatever else you spell it like..DON'T GET TASED for getting my name wrong.

E.Payne said...

1. Is Etta James doing her-ron again?

2. Has Etta James forgotten she covered Nat King Cole's version of At Last?

3. I've been wearing long johns so much my cocoa butter don't even work anymore. My legs are ashy African white. (Sorry, Africans)

4. New York needs to stop trying to play like it's Chicago.

5. Office Space was a movie before it's time.

6. I'm hungry.

7. I need to stop paying taxes and apply for a government gig.

Craig n 'em said...

1) My money is on Keefe having the most “First Bitches…” comments on this blog…Hope it’s a gift you can use, Keefe. Brooke, you can’t renege on the gift…Cuz’ if you do….then you’ll be a RENEGGER…;-)

2) In honor of Black history Month, I will eat Mcdonald’s for the month of February.

3) Starting March 1…I will be drinking CITROMA to purge out all the "I have a dream" cheeseburgers stuck in my ass...

4) Took a BLOGA class the other day…That’s right, bitches. Craig does BLOGA…Teacher said we must accept the good and bad experiences in life. We cannot control what happens but what we can control is how we take those experiences in. Except the good and bad experiences in your life...Anything else and you’re living life from a narrow point of view.

5) I’m going to try not to curse for the rest of the day…


7) I’m going to patent my BUM GUN and SNOTTIE SHOTTIE…KAPOW!!! Right in the ass pant!!!

8) Still haven’t seen NOTORIOUS….But I saw TROPIC THUNDER! “You never go full retard, man”…hmmm….I do it all the time…;-/


10) I got sick the other night from Munchie overdose…Too many bags of Doritos and Motts cinnamon apple sauce (The kid packets)….I was really a crackhead with it…My daughter was mad when she didn’t have any snacks for school the next morning…Sorry momma! Snack on a stink ass fried egg!

11) Going to Costco this weekend to replenish my baby girls snack stash…

12) Found a grey nose hair…pulled that bitch out…had me teary eyed like Su cussed my ass out! Su and her Parrot Dick…;-)

13) I had NO IDEA that corns can be so damn painful…I feel for you ladies…… and transgenders…

14) Because I felt like skipping #9...That's why....

15) TBD....

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Sorry Annamaria. Don't want you to tase me over silly shyt.

Anonymous said...

Random song the is on now is:

Tony Matterhorn-Dutty Wine
Attitide Girl!
Dutty Wok Gal Dutty Wok Gal!

Georgia Peach- Ca Va?! Vous etudiez Francais? Ca c'est bon. Moi, J'ai etudie quand j'avais hiut ans. Et Vous? Etes-Vous Alle en Pays fancophone? Ca c'est le meilleier chose pour etudier Francais.

A beintot!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you be eating fried chicken & shyt in honor of black history month?????????

Pretty: yeah make sure you don't get tased over some silly shyt!

Brooke said...

"sorry Africans" LOL!! That's funny.

Craig...Doritos and apple sauce packets? LMAO!

Tropic Thunder was HILARIOUS! That "full retard" quote was classic!

If Keefe wins, I'll get him an extra chapter in the book :)

You'll be all messed up from McD's for a month...didn't you watch "Super Size Me?"

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks Rene - yes I'm studying french because I want to go to grad school in Europe (hopefully a program in France). The goal is to live/work in Paris for a couple of years. I understood most of what you said without translating so perhaps I'm better off than I thought. Still working on speaking/writing it though.

Ya'll are crazy today... loving it.

Can't wait to hear more about this McDonald's experiment.

Craig n 'em said...

16) Rene…WTF did you just say? I think Rene wants a bite of Peach. Why else would one speak French if not to be sexy? Rene, you sexy pepe lepew muthafucka you…go head wit yo bad self!

17) Fried Chicken? Anna, when Popeyes or KFC makes a commercial about black history month with old negro music and candles…then I will show them some love…but for now…Mcdonalds…

18) “HEY! Get outta here before I bust that camera!”…What movie is that from?

19) “Don’t nobody want no welfare burger”…What’s that from?

20) B, Super Size me? You talkin’ DICK again?

21) You damn well know HURLEY ain’t randomly walkin’ into no convenience store and getting a shirt that fits him that loose…C’MON, PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been sick since 1994 ... carry on.

Anonymous said...


That just AIN'T RIGHT!!!!! How you gonna brag about not being sick since 94 to a woman who can't even take medicine!!! THAT HURT MY HEART!!!!!!!!!

You just became #1 on my tasing list!

Brooke said...

Coming to America! Cleo Mc Dowell :-)

Anonymous said...


Maybe - just maybe - if we exchanged bodily fluids, some of my super-strong anti-bodies will provide you with supreme virus protection?

Brooke said...

I think you meant Annamaria....and NO, you have to save your bodily fluids for me remember? Our AGREEMENT!????

Anonymous said...

Damn, my bad.

Then again ... pregnancy IS beautiful ;-)

Don't worry Brooke, my boys will make more.

Anonymous said...

Not that I mind BUT why does everyone keep confusing Amanda & ME???? LMAO. In all the years we've known each other that has NEVER happened. lol

And I really don't want anyone else's body fluids thank you very much.

The Fury said...

Bodily fluids! I'm always just on's a gift. I'm sure of it...

random thoughts

* Ever have sex with someone having a seizure? That must be a crazy ride...and TIGHT too

* Did Brooke just call dibs on bodily fluids?

* Seems like some latent racism with people confusing Amanda and Annamaria

* Ray Charles "Yesterday" on the Itunes shuffle

* There's an adult film star that speaks French. When she speaks, She has me at hello...or bonjour. Damn sexy! Can't remember her name. Fellas?

Anonymous said...

What ?!?

No Asian Invasion?

Anonymous said...

Yes Brooke did just claim dibs on body fluids. She totally can have them. As we all know I'm cool on body fluids. LMAO

Brooke said...

uh...hello! why are you trying to give my fluids to Annamaria? She's pregnant, so CLEARLY she already exchanged fluids with someone! She has her baby already! Now I need you to focus on mine! so yes, I called DIBS! V, didn't I JUST hang up with your ass! stop playin!

The Fury said...

Where does Brooke like the bodily fluids? Hmmm....?

(speaking like the killer in Silence of The Lambs)

It rubs the [bodily fluids] on it's skin so it's skin doesn't get it puts the [taser] in the basket...

Anonymous said...

Brooke RELAX you can have the body fluids..I got mine... I ain't getting tased over body fluids i don't even want!!! LMAO

Brooke said...

Who said anything about tasing you Annamaria, I'd tase V! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Just checking.. NO UNNECESSARY BEEF!! Let's all get along TODAY PEOPLE! lol

They put the air conditioner back on in my office. I'm sitting here in my coat, gloves & hat... My boss walks by me & asks me "ARE YOU COLD" Does this mofo know who he is talking to???? Does he know I will STAB THE SH*T OUT OF HIM & THEN TASE HIM JUST TO BE SURE!!!!!!!!!

Georgia Peach said...

LOL ya'll are sick today. So what if Rene does want a bite of the Peach Craig. But he could just be an educated man...always to to be startin something.

Zero 7 "Out of Town" just came up on the shuffle.

Uh oh now it's "the good life" by kanye... today's a damn good day.

Brooke said...

Annamaria, I'm a lover, not a taser :)

still haven't eaten lunch :(

Anonymous said...

Brooke it's actually possible to do both... you can love first & then tase... Then you won't have to worry about making a nucca breakfast in the morning!!!!!! LMAO...

I'm eating my pasgetti. :)

Georgia Peach said...

Annamaria - Love that comment about stabbing your boss. LOL... I'm so zen today otherwise I'd come over and help out. I'm always down to stab, tase, punch somebody especially asshole bosses.

Keefe said...

8) Cough, Cough, Choke!
9) Latinegro: I'm feeling you on Heroes. It better be good this season.
10) Still waiting on my STANK!!!
11) Still waiting for someone to FUCK IT UP!
12) Craig, I just read your response to Pretty Ricky. You are insane.

Rene The Harlemite said...

Craig-You are classic!

Pretty Ricky-Don't be mad at us. You said what you said. lol!

Brooke-I may be doing something at Sidebar in Union Sq. I will know by next week.

Craig n 'em said...

Pretty Rick! Now you want both me and Rene?

I'm getting a blogstraining order out on you too!

DAMN!! "Pretty Freaky what they call em'"

Brooke said...

Good to see everyone is behaving...

...well...except Craig :-)

Craig n 'em said...

Whatchumean? I'm on good behavior? I haven't said not one thing out of the ordinary...

Brooke said...

...yet :-)

wait...I take that back. Saying a piece of p*ssy rolled down your leg is normal? :)

I hate that word...when said. Not when written :)

Craig n 'em said...

Who's standards are we talking here? Mine or yours? For me? Of course...totally normal. ;-)

(In Grace Jones Voice) You don't like the word PUSSY? You have one? No? Awwe...PUSSY make you uncomfortable.


Damn girl...You actin' like yo pussy ain't never fall down your pant leg...

Anonymous said...


Georgia Peach said...

If anybody's pussy is falling down their pant leg they need to run to the damn doctor! LOL...

I don't mind the word...there is power in it! It'll shut mf's up in a minute too.

Craig n 'em said...

Anna, I swear...If I make you give birth today...YOU MUST name your child CRAIG...I don't give a shit if its a girl...Call her CRAIG...Trust me, it'll catch on...Like ALEX or BILLIE...

Brooke said...

LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO!, it's never fallen down my pant me, I'd notice! LOL!!

Grace Jones was hilarious in that movie - "B-I-R-T-H...Birth, After- burth!" Ha!

Craig Annamaria Williams...nice ring to it! LOL!

Craig n 'em said...

Georgia Peach...My Dawwwwlin...Now, I know your pussy done fell out your pant leg a few times...Rene got all sexy French on yo ass and you didn't know how to act. I teased him and you stuck up for him...Which tells me that you might like Rene...Hence...Yo pussy gettin so excited reading all that French talk...Thats right...I said yo pussy can read...YO PUSSY got so excited that it crawled down yo leg to get a good look at the muthafucka thats playing the french pied piper on yo ass!

(In a southern part 1940's South Carolina mixed with a little Baton Rouge flavor)

Rene...Go on and take a bite of Sweeet Georgia's Peach COBBLER...Oh..It's da fo...

Anonymous said...

Pussy timing is impeccable!! Now I've seen pussy willow, pussy cat and pussyfooters. I've seen a Pussy Cat doll, Pussy Galore and even Puss In Boots. But I've never seen a pussy slide down a leg. And I have done some wonderful things to pussy in my life. LOL

Brooke said...

damn you Craig! see what you started!?

Craig n 'em said...

Rene knows what the EDDIE F he's doin' to these women...I'm taking notes while ya bullshittin'...

You gotta get yo FRENCH on FURY!

FRENCH ON FURY..I like that....Women will love it! Get a couple pimsleur cds or watch as many episodes of PEPE LEPEW and you are in the eiffel tower? (that shit don't make no sense)..

My point is...Watching Pussy slide down a pant leg is the sexiest thing....oooooooooooweeeeeeee! Suga Pop!

Anonymous said...

Now I've seen it get all juicy and slide down a leg. And I've seen the squirt explosion. Y'all ever see that? I think I was getting my Claude Monet French on with that. Painting pictures with it. Ladies if you can get your squirt on...Please stand up and take a bow...

But I see Rene and the Pepe Le Lew new style French is really gonna get me rocking the Bonjours, ouis ouis, bon bons and all that good stuff

Brooke said...


LOL!! oh wait, should that have been for TMI Tuesday? ;)

Craig n 'em said...

Fury...That's why I keep an umbrella by the bed...for Katrina Pussy moments such as that...;-)

Rene The Harlemite said...

LOL! Y'all are hilarious! LOL!

Anonymous said...

* Brooke having a Typhoon Brookey moment!

Now there's a random thought for that ass! Brooke you wanna come by The Fury lair for some "Claude Monet"? Because darling, I AM an artist. LOL

Anonymous said...

I AM DYING LAUGHING RIGHT NOW! Um Craig I am not due til August soo there is NO WAY IN HELL I am giving birth today.

And I will get tased & shanked if I tell Austin that I refused to name the baby after him BUT I wanna name it Craig!!!!!!! LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!!! Brooke I am sorry to be so late but my PTA meeting is coming up so I've been a little busy....I have been trying to catch up from yesterday....

Damn all I have to say about yesterday is after reading all thise comments by the end the only thing I had on my mind was damn I want some lemonheads!!! LOL and Craig is a beast!!!!!
Su girl, I love the lip gloss comment and I will have to use it one day....I don't know were that girl came from?!?!?!? She must be an under cover blogg reader of Brooke's ....

Well let me see what craziness is going on today....How many of you are gettin tased today?????!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Well I just finished reading al the comments and oh my you guys are crazy as usual.

Craig you are crazy!!! LOL that's all I have to say....

Rene you should get Brooke to make my "skillet sensation" it is off the chain...How do you say its crack!!!!Lol

Brooke if you and V make babies mommy would be so happy......She loves you too

Have fun this weekend and Brooke beware of the know what I'm talkin bout....

Ah Keefe and all other first responders it does not count that you are first if you are not commenting on the actual blog...Ok that's for instance Annamaria was first today...I mean damn you know its random thoughts thursday, just write anything!!!!

I'm making chicken noodle soup from scratch for my better half....poor thing is sick...but still out making that A-rab money....

what is hell is STANK?
Craig, the next time that Brooke comes home can you give her some lemonheads...I don't feel like goin to the ghetto to get some....

And please eat somewhere else other than Mickey Dee's...they support Israel!!!!

OK I'm all are probably out chillin livin the life...take care and be safe....

Brooke said...

awww, poor Fouad! I hope he feels better...everyone is sick :(

Mommy would be ecstatic of V and I made babies...we're working on the paperwork now :)

Nicole's skillet sensation IS crack! I don't know if I can make it like her, but I can try!

First strawberries, now Lemonheads.

Every time I think of the lipgloss comment I laugh to myself :)

Georgia Peach said...

ok - had to come back Craig you are funny. Why can't I stand up for Rene without catching feelings huh? I'm just appreciating his culture and all that. I have enough pussy control that she doesn't slide down my leg without me letting it happen. :o) gnite!

(all said with a vampy southern drawl a la Ruth on Golden Girls). :o)

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