Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My UN-Fashion Sense

Happy Hump Day!

So, it's fashion week here in New York City. My sister would kill to go to the big shows under the big tents. Me...not so much. As a tomboy growing up, playing "dress up" never really appealed to me. Nicole, on the other hand, would waltz around in my mother's heels wearing her jewelry with lipstick smeared on her mouth. I'd watch her thinking, "what a silly girl." (smile)

If I was dressed up, I must have been in church or going to a dance or a prom or something. Otherwise, it was jeans and sweats and sneakers. I played three sports growing up, so I would just wear my uniform to school under sweats or jeans. This was at least twice a week. No fancy hair, no nail polish (we had to keep our nails cut short for basketball) and no makeup.

And shoes? Heels? Never. At 5'10, I never felt the need to be taller. But even today, if I'm wearing a heel, it's on a boot. Let me give you an idea of what would happen to me if I decided to wear stilettos:

Yeah, I'd bust my ass.

So, needless to say I am NOT a fashionista. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate good fashion when I see it. Living in the NYC, I'm amazed at some of the outfits that folks put together. I'm even more amazed at the amount of money people will pay to be FABULOUS. I can't...not on clothes anyway. But we all have our thing right? For me, accessories are what I focus on. A nice pair of earrings. A fancy watch. And a nice, big ole chunky Coach bag. Those are things I don't mind spending money on.

But fashion? On a GOOD day I'm Gap chic :-) A nice pair of VERY long, wide leg trouser jeans will make me feel dressier than normal. I know, I know...I have work to do. My style is simple - a lot of dark wash jeans, grey or black slacks, a nice pair of boots, and a funky hat usually round out my look. In the summer, I may give my wardrobe some pop with fun, bright sun dresses....and flip flops. Gotta have flip flops...just very comfy. Make sure you carry some extra lotion though because NYC can be a BEAST on the toes and feet if you wear flip flops everyday.

I wish I had a better fashion sense, and I'm working on it slowly. I surprise my sister every now and again with an outfit that I put together all by myself :-) It's not like I don't know who Michael Kors is, who I would say aligns more with my idea of fashion. I can appreciate a nice wrap dress by Diane von Furstenberg. Tracy Reese works it out. I watch Project Runway every now and again. I even love looking in magazines to see who wore what to the Oscars. I get all that. But dressing myself is a whole different ball game. If I had to choose a celebrity whose look I appreciate, it would be Jennifer Aniston - just simple and classic...timeless. So I guess I have to do some yoga and pilates to get her body and then make her look my own. Yeah right...with the hips I have? puh-leeze. My look is more casual, like Kimora, Tyra and Beyonce pictured here at a game...and my hips are more in line with theirs :-) Well, maybe not...but anyway.

Whose look do you admire? or do you have a style that's all your own? What staples can't you live without in your wardrobe? This question is for the men AND the women, so I expect Keefe and Big Dee to chime with - with their sexy, stylish selves! Oh, and Dre with the sneakers :-)

What is YOUR look?



Anonymous said...

FIRST! I think you are VERY fashionable Brooke. Everytime I see you you always look great. Even in your Eagles jersey! LMAO


Anonymous said...

I completely do not have the energy to spend hours thinking about my wardrobe choices. CAN NOT live without jeans. And a sexy black top. These days anything that still fits is pretty much a wonderful thing in my book. My style icon is OF COURSE HALLE!!! Even in jeans & a T-shirt that chick is HOT!

Brooke said...

Oh yeah, I agree...Halle always looks great! But then again, it would be VERY hard for her not to.

Anonymous said...

Fashion wise I'm still way more comfortable in a pair of jeans. I don't care where I am, I feel sexy in a suit, but in jeans, I'm comfortable. I also prefer Timbs over sneakers, even in Summer.

The sneakers (often free)are a new habit I picked up. But if you looked in my garage right now you'd see eight or more pairs of nearly identical construction Timbs in varying degrees of wear sitting by the door.

With that said, I know more about fashion than I actually try. And while we're on the topic, SKINNY JEANS are NOT for straight men. Those kids wearing that stuff now are creating blackmail pictures for the future.

I like perusing Hypebeast and HighSnobiety to see what's new and cool and fresh, but much of it I would never wear. I'm also a GQ mag subscriber and read Complex magazine to see how far the designers are going in the urban market. But chances are you'll see me in some jeans and an exclusive (free) tee or a button down (usually with some kind of checker or stripe). I'm no Kanye West...and wouldn't want to be. I'm more of a slave to action than fashion.

BTW, Brooke I like you in those tall tall boots;-)

Brooke said...

:-) You always look fashion ready to me Dre.

And I wear tall tall boots when I wear my booty cords :) Love those things! One day they're going to get up and go to work without me :)

By the way, Amanda...bust how someone stole my Nine West chocolate brown boots for under my desk at work! The ones that we bought together. What kind of fuckery is that???!!!!

. said...

Don’t think I have a look. But I sooooooo have an appreciation for accessories and have the perfect accessories for ANY OUTFIT. My jewelry armoire is bananas inside. I LOVE a mean clutch. Love clutches :-) There’s nothing like a HOT bag. I’m a big bag girl :-) Love those crazy ridiculously fly big leather designer bags ;-) They get me all…well never mind ;-) LOL! And I think I have a pretty damn nice shoe game :-) Those who know me, know why but I can’t play around with clothes as much as I would like too and it is VERY frustrating! So freakin’ frustrating! My cousin and I were once entertaining coming out with a women’s clothing line called “Blessed” ;-) I’m seriously considering getting a personal tailor this summer to make dresses for me…because the ones at the stores never fit me. I would love to stay in dresses this summer.

There are a few celebrities that I think dress really nice! Be back with that. And yes, Halle always looks nice and I agree with you on Jennifer. Sandee and I were talking about that when we went to see “He’s Not That Into You”. Her jeans always look GREAT on her and she just throws on a white tank top and is ready to go :-)

Brooke said...

Jennifer and Halle look effortlessly beautiful to me all the time. They don't need alot of STUFF with them to look great. It looks like they just rolled out like "oh, I'll just throw this on" and they look great!

The best accessories for me are a great smile, nice hair, smooth skin, and nice nails :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, I'm early today....LOL
Well Brooke is right I want to go to fashion week so bad!!!!! Just two or three that to much to ask....out of all her NY friends no fashion week hook ups?!?!?!?!?!

Anyway Brooke as I recall you were not that did wear shoes more than sneakers....And I think as you started gettin all sexified you like clothes more...remember that pic with you in that red bandou top, jeans, and your jean jacket....gotta bring that to NY next time I'm there......

In my old age as clothes and being cute get harder with spit-up and jelly on them, the thing I miss most about fashion and style is having the courage to try new things and owning your look....I mean I look back at my fashions and some of them were outta control but what I can appreciate is that I took risk and you could not tell me anything I knew I was fly!!!!!

The peoples style I like the most...Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Carolina Herrera, Tracy Ellis Ross, and Kimora Lee

. said...

Citizen of Humanity Jeans are my fav on my butt! The Kelly's :-)
I like how the new Mary dresses and she stays with a FIRE bag and some hot boots. I really like how the character Melanie dresses on “The Game” and how Joan dressed on "Girlfriends".

. said...

Someone stole those boots? Daaaamn!!! WTF???!!!

I feel the same about hair, skin, nails and teeth ;-)

. said...

Oh and the eyebrows.

Brooke said...

Eyebrows definitely! When I'm not sure how I look, Nicole always asks me, "well, how do your eyebrows look?" LOL!! Totally agree! And I also agree with you and Nicole about Tracy Ellis Ross' style (Joan from Girlfriends). I think if I could dress like anyone, it would be her.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you guys on the eyebrows thing.I know that no matter how good my outfit & hair look if my eyebrows need to be done I am not feeling it! LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Most men I know don't notice the eyebrows unless there's something wrong with they're as bushy as Abe Vigoda's or are drawn on entirely wrong.

Umm...and why did you leave a pair of boots under your desk Brookey? I'm a true believer in the adage "if you like it, don't leave it for the cleaning crew to steal"

Serena W. said...'s been a minute Brooke, my job has me under the gun. But anyway thanks for talking about fashion! I'm an Ann Taylor Loft girl! I used to work there and love, love, love their clothes. Now the jeans must be in the closet! I love NY&Co jeans (they have longs) and Gap Long and Lean Jeans! I also love tee's that have a purpose. I will rock my RED tee's for AIDS, Coup d'etat shirt or whatever means something!

My favorite accessory is my gold or silver! I feel NAKED without my jewels on. I love the silver hoops, bangle bracelets, etc! It's a staple of mine.

And I will rock heels! So what I'm 5'10" I love em, but you will also catch me in a pair of Chuck Taylors or fresh white Nikes!

And yes to the eyebrows...they stay done and I do em myself!

Brooke said...

Gap Long and Lean Jeans are the best if you're tall! Love them! They discontinued the old style and I was so upset about that. Gap Long jeans are the best!

It don't like wearing heels for a couple reasons - 1) I have flat feet, no being up on my tippy toes hurts like the dickens after a while, and 2) I wear a size 11 shoe (11.5 on my right foot) and cute stylish heels rarely come in my size. I wish I could though - heels make your legs and butt look better :-)

Dre, I keep a box of shoes under my desk so I don't have to wear them to work. I have a bit of a commute, so I have to be comfortable. I can't believe they're gone!

Brooke said...

by the way...totally off topic:

I just came out of a meeting where THREE PEOPLE were like "oohh, YOU'RE Brooke." The one guy was sitting next to me like, "Is Brooke Dean coming?" I raised my hand like "I'm here"...and he and two other people said it in unison and gave each other a look like "did you know she was Black?"


....okay, back to fashion :-)

Anonymous said...

I keep shoes at work & I will beat the green card out of the cleaning lady if I EVER come in and they are missing.

And can you just send an interoffice memo out telling everyone at A&E that you are BLACK...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lol
Cause if one more person gives you that look I might just tase them!

Anonymous said...

It's your Boy!
Zay Buge...loves Tims, jeans and a cool shirt for my everyday...However, when it is time to go to work or happyhour or da club...i usually appreciate some fresh to def shoes. with extra shine..gotta have the extra new look to em' creases.
The official boot cut slacks designed for black men..usually a dark blue / black with the official heavy wool / flowy fabric.Drops straight down and parks on the top of the shoe...cuff is standard.

A bangin button down...sometimes solid with a gangsta tie...or not(im not a tie fan)or extra designed shirt with a cool design.

in the winter...a matching blazer is cool.. but its cool to also switch it a bit and have the official beige slacks with a blue blazer(gold buttom trim) and a crispy white shirt to match the white hanky in jacket pocket..
dont really care or look for designer names...i just like what i see...
gear is good!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the boots Brooke. Did you report then stolen? Often missing things trun up when they're reported stolen...

I've seen you coming from work. You carry big bags. No room for the 11s in there, huh:-(

Maybe you should put your picture on your emails now...LMAO

Brooke said...

Zay!!! I should'a known :)

I notice just you and Dre are chiming in...I guess you both are the only fresh to def brovas on here! LOL!!

And I know how you like the women Zay, no matter what she has on, as long as she rocks a ponytail and gold hoops, you're done! Hahahaha!

Brooke said...

Dre, I do carry big bags, and when you see me, there's usually shoes in my bag :) I can fit 11's in there, my bags are BIG!

I don't carry shoes in my Coach bag tho, never that!

Good idea about the picture on my emails...should put that instead of Exterminators! LOL!

Anonymous said...


you already know...hoops and pony tails..but i love a woman who got her fashion game on lock...if she is rockin the right's a Rap!

And be killin the game in a serious pair of boots and

that's crazy that they said that at your job...what part of the game is that?
as for your shoes...look around the office for the 5'3 chic with wobblin walk..or a neck brace...she prolly got em and busted her ass in em..or even better, check out them suspect dudes offices that look like they cross dressin' cuz there aint too many shorties wearing a's your boy!!!

Brooke said...

There's one other chick on my floor who wears an 11, so I'm looking out for her! I already sold her a pair of my boots, so she's probably checkin for me now.

The cleaning ladies are short with little feet, and I doubt they'd get me for my boots...but I'm keeping my eyes open!

Anonymous said...

Hey Y'all,

Been a long but productive day.
I think I have my own style. Based off mood. I also see stuff ahead of when it will be popular. I can get on a sporty look, mix it with preppy and have some street gear as well. When it's time to get formal thrown on the penguin suit.

Back in the days and used to be a cap person. I had about 125 caps.

I do like shoes and kicks. in my old place I had a closet that was just designated to that.

You may see me with a rotation of a few but I bring out some when I feel like it..

I like jewelry especailly custom made stuff.

As far as sporty look come see me in the summer and I will show the next shit that's hot that people will be like oh shit. Never thought of it. Been in my radar since 2000. I have brought

I do feel simple comes off the best though...

Anthony Otero said...

I am so hyped you spoke about fashion. I may have to take a stab at this one day, because I think generally, most men cant dress themselves. Trust me, I critique the males students I know.

While it is easier for me to throw on some jeans, I would rather wear my work clothes. I will say tho, that depends on the weather. As you know, living in Syracuse u have to be warm first and cute second.

I am a vest type of guy. I to where the collar shirts with a tie to match the vest with a nice pair of slacks (ironed). Shoes do make the the outfit for guys as well. I tend to shop at Bannana Republic (clearance section only, unless I have a gift card). However, Marshalls is great for clothes at a good price.

I like my suits taylored, so I go to SNK. I do belive in just buying a suit off the rack.

Damn...I didnt think I would write so much...great post Brook

Brooke said...

I'm not surprised you have a lot to say Ant, you seem like a very stylish dude :) And most men I know are into a non-metrosexual kinda way :) You all look good to me!

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