Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello again!

For those of you who have not checked out B's Honey Pot on Honey's site yet, here is my blog for today. We can discuss here first if you're not too comfortable navigating their site yet...but please leave a comment there too if you feel so inclined! You can just cut and paste it from this site! LOL!! Thanks! Now...the blog:

Okay, I know it's not TMI Tuesdays, but I want one of these:

Yeah, I said it!

But I must say, I was shocked to see this commercial on tv! Not because I'm a prude, but because you rarely see or hear of women talking about masturbation. I know only a few of my girls and I have discussed this – mostly because some were shocked I didn’t own a toy. But they quickly rectified that situation! I need another one though…that sucker is burned out. Did I just say that out loud?

Ahem...anyway...the rest of my girls all deny having ever done it…not even a little bit. And some of these sistas have been single for hot a minute now…so I sense some of them are telling stories :-) With men, it’s an assumption, a guarantee…all men do it right? Of course they do. But women? Nooooo! Never! Well, at least not the ones I know anyway…so they say. Whatever.

It seems pop culture is making it okay to love yourself…literally :-) Growing up, I always looked at female masturbation as taboo, weird or nasty. Good girls don’t do that. Now, it’s like “you don’t do that? Why not?!” So I’m glad to see self-love, self-pleasuring, “flying solo” (as Alex from Greys Anatomy calls it) portrayed as a normal, healthy sexual act. Now I just have to see if I can get this thing discreetly at my local CVS without anyone all up in my business! Ladies, who’s cumming…I mean, coming with me? LOL!



Anonymous said...

hahahaha FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Congratulations Brooke!!!

2. I don't care WHAT they say ALL WOMEN DO IT. They have at LEAST done it ONCE. And any woman that says she hasn't is lying to herself & NO ONE ELSE! LMAO

3. You need to get yourself a Sean this time....LMAO.. I'm sure you know where I am going with this...

Brooke said...

A Sean? LOL!! explain :)

The thing is, the toy isn't COMPLETELY broken, just the best part of the toy. I need to make a trip downtown ;)

Why do I feel like today is TMI Tuesday? :)

Anonymous said...

Well I was trying not to go there BUT I'll try to keep it as "simple" as possible.
Right now there is BOB... Now you need a Sean... No particular reason for me picking the name Sean.. It just sounded a little more exciting than BOB..LMAO

Brooke said...

Well, the wings on my BOB are not working...so I need to replace BOB with one with working wings. Hmmm, let me start thinking of a new name right now :-)

P.S. my birthday is coming up, in case anyone wants to contribute to my toy chest :-)

Anonymous said...

Why do I suddenly want to go toy shopping with you in my pregnant state.. DAMN THESE HORMONES!!!!!!!! LMAO

Anonymous said...

No one can love me like ME!!

I am glad that there are more things for women now; 10 years ago the supply was quite limited. I think i will be purchasing one of these...i need a new "travel buddy".

My sister use to work in a toy store so I got to sample and try out many different things...My nightstand is the most fun place in the house...I actually was thinking of hosting one of "those" kind of parties since I learned so much.

Brooke said...

Well, if you host a party, I'll be there!

Anonymous said...

If I'm ever in your neck of the woods, Ms. Dean, I will make sure to offer my toy for your usage as you see fit. Just be sure you eat your Wheaties - these batteries don't run out.

Yup - it's TMI Tuesday...lol!

Congrats on the Honey blog, too!

Brooke said...

LOL! Thanks Rameer. We've had this discussion - you don't know who you messin wit! LOL!

Thanks...I'll be slowly trying to get you all to comment on the Honey site...baby steps :-)

Anonymous said...

YOU don't know who YOU messin' with, missy!

Betta pack a lunch...lol!

Brooke said...


okay...maybe you missed what I had said! My toy is BROKEN! And it has been for a while now...and considering I have no man, I think you know where I'm going with this. You'd get yo back cracked man!

Okay...wooo-saaaa...let me relax myself :-)

Anonymous said...

Nooo...you'd get HANDLED. M.O.P. style!!!

***cues music***

"How about some hardcore?!? Yeah - we like it raw!!!"

You better stop playing. Slam you on your back like DOMINOES...

Anonymous said...

Just don't use "The Lock" on him!

Brooke said...

He can't handle "The Lock."

and not too many men can slam me on my back...trust me on that :)

Anonymous said...

U weigh over 275? Cuz if not - on your BACK. I'm not these lames you may have encountered...

As for this "lock" - I don't know what the hell that is, but no role-reversal toys or freaky-deaky "Real Sex" ish over here - ALL MAN, with the tools to handle anything.

Just putting that out there - never know WHAT the hell people are referring to nowadays...lol!

***in voice of Adrian from Rocky IV***

"It's suicide!!! YOU CAN'T WIN!!!"

"You've seen him - you know how strong he is!"


Anonymous said...

does dropping you on your back count????

Brooke said...

uh...no dropping either :-)

Rameer, no, I don't weigh over 275, but be clear...ALL woman over here. I wouldn't call it suicide, but I don't know what you bringing so I'll hold back on my judgement til a later date :-)

The Lock has nothing to do with role reversals...maybe I'll discuss with you offline ;)

Anonymous said...

LMAO at dropping! Y'all deal with some weak brothas, huh? Lol...

Had to clarify the "lock" ish. These feminine-fueled men be letting themselves get strapped in and letting all types of contraptions be used on them...i won't even begin to talk about the convos I've had with women. Ugh.

***voice of Ivan Drago, Rocky IV***

"I must BREAK you."

Brooke said...

LMAO!!!! You can't break me dude :)

But that was funny...I have yet to have a man ask me to use anything on him. I would feel some kinda way about that...VERY suspect :)

The Lock is ALL me man :)

Anonymous said...

Fetal position...get accustomed to it...it's what you may wind up in after dealing with me...


Your "lock" doesn't worry me. As long as I have my everlasting...

(rhymes with "lock")


Anonymous said...

It's funny I had a conversation about this not too long ago. I remember asking some girls when in college if they ever did it and they looked at like I dirested them in asking the question...The same woman you asked 5 years later finally admitted to and would rave about all of toys they had and admitted to having doing it in college as well. lol

It is looked at taboo and also religion can have something to do with that as well.

I think a issue that comes with some people is that don't know what pleases themsleves and if you dont know that how do you expect someone else to please you?

Well since all of you are into that look out for the Sex Toy andAphrodisiac party coming to a venue near you this summer! lol

Georgia Peach said...

OMG Brooke - I love this blog. I was shocked to see this commercial on TV too. And ya'll know if a sista likes porn then she sure as hell has to do something about it. Ewwww I feel gross just saying that. It so goes against my lady like ways.

Anyhoo - yes I do love myself and yes I had to get over the whole thinking that it was horrible, disgusting, downright unchristianlike and just learn to love me! I feel like it makes me better to know what I like so that I can have a better sex life (when I am having it).

Oh Brooke and Rameer - what ya'll got goin on over there. The Lock, trying to break each others back. Ya'll sound like ya'll like it kinky and rough.

Anonymous said...

ok I am shocked & amazed that you haven't gotten more feedback on this topic... I think everyone is SCURRRRRED! :)

Brooke said...

ya know! I would think this would bring folks out! guess not!

Rameer don't want none ;-)

Georgia Peach said...

I think all the comments are going on the Honey site Brooke and Annamaria!

Anonymous said...

Nope I just checked the honey site & those were the same 6 comments from this morning.. BUT OF BABIES!

What's with all the bitchassness?? LMAO

Serena W. said...

I'm cracking up over here! I haven't seen this commercial! Wow! Okay Annamaria I agree with you...any woman who says they never done it is a damn lie! Yeah I said it...a damn lie. And if they haven't ever done it they need to loosen up (no punt intended)!

This feels like TMI Tuesday, great blog!

Brooke congrats on B's Honey Pot! I'm so proud of you girl!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the men are just sitting back and waiting for the women to comment.

Shit as a man, I beat my "man meat" on occasions ...... (ok, ok three maybe four times a week).

Women how many of you will admit that you do it?

Brooke said...

I think since I wrote this blog and my toy is burnt out, y'all already know what I'm admitting to! LOL! I think I'm all caught up as far as TMI Tuesday, so on March 3rd, I get a pass :-)

Serena W. said...

Hey Brooke you have 11 comments on there now! Yeah!!!!

Brooke said...

really!? I have to look! I get yahoo IM's when you guys comment on THIS site...so I know immediately. I haven't gotten anything from Honey :-)

Anonymous said...

I first saw this on TV and was sure it was late night on Oxygen during Bad Girls Club...I haven't seen it on network TV just yet.

Being the writer for a "sex blog" I get a lot of readers(hits are up during the recession!), but way less comments because many folks just aren't as open to talking about their sexual needs and definitely not self gratification. This may be a good sign.

I think it's sexy when a woman enjoys herself. It also helps her understand how she needs to be stimulated which helps IMMEASURABLY when she's with a partner.

Once I received a private email from a friend of a friend asking if I could suggest any vibrators for her. A friend..of a friend...that's a good sexy sign for the future of masturbation right there.

Kudos to Brooke for admitting she enjoys alone time...and enjoys it the fullest as I've learned. SPLASH!

Congrats on the Honey thing

Anonymous said...


2.I think we've all pretty much confessed at least on this blog. I think someone on your other blog said they don't do it.. MMMMM HMMMM.

3. Why is my word copho?? What is a cop ho?? LOL

Brooke said...

LMAO! Yeah, Phillygirl said she doesn't do it...and I don't believe her for a second!

yes...I've soaked many a bed sheet Fury...but you know this already ;)

Anonymous said...

Indeed I do know that you've wet bed sheets, but alas I've never seen it in person:-( SPLASH! LOL

Anonymous said...

Are there any toys you ladies prefer? Maybe I can adjust my suggestions to my friend's friend. LOL

Brooke said...

Liz is the expert on this one, she's gonna have a "toy" party!

Anonymous said...


Why is it that only a handful of your female friends have responded?

Is it really that taboo for a woman to pleasure herself?

FESS UP LADIES!!!!!!! We know yall do it!!!!!!

Brooke said...

I guess it's more taboo than I thought. I guess they feel commenting would mean ADMITTING to it. That's not why I posted the blog. I don't want confessions :) My main reason for posting this blog was to show how it's become more and more acceptable in the mainstream to discuss these things. Of course I'm going to have fun with it and make jokes, but seriously, I think women shouldn't be ashamed to be sexual beings. Oddly enough, the women I know who appear to be the most conservative or prudish are the same ones who are freaks behind closed doors. The women who commented today are probably in a drought while the women who didn't are probably somewhere gettin busy! LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely TMI Tuesday!! Let me start off by saying that I am NOT shy when it comes to sex; it has been a taboo subect for FAR TOO LONG! That being said, I thik it really depends on the woman.

-Do you like a fluttering, kneeding, ocillating or a combination of all three?
-Are you one that HAS to have the g-spot stimulated or is clitoral enough?
-is penetration important?
-Do you want one that more lifelike or waterproof?

there is a whole host of things for women, men, or to be shared. if you are uncomfortable with using a toy with yoru partner, try using a vibrating ring the first time; this leaves your hands free to engage in what you normally do.

The classic "go-to" for women is the rabbit but they have upgraded this several times since its creation; they even have one now that plugs into the wall so that you dont have to worry about those batteries running out!

some things that I think are important that everyone should try and use at least once are:

-dual vibrating bullets
-the erocillator
-Rabbit 3000
-Benwai Balls (for Kegel excarcises (<--a must HAVE!!!)
-KY Yours and Mine
-Vibrating ring
-Pocket rocket
-a cheap plastic vibrator

Trust me when i say that i could go on and on...hey, maybe i could do a product review as a guest blog.

Anonymous said...

1. There is NO reason to be shy ladies.. Even if you don't admit to it WE ALL KNOW YOU DO IT!!!!!!! LMAO

2. I'm not in a drought!! :)

3. Damn Liz I will be expecting my invitation to the party! lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liz!

I'd take you up on that guest blog on my site if the ladies here are too skittish about the sex toy thing. LOL

Maybe I'll post my suggestions to my friend's friend as well.

I've never seen the dual bullet. wow that must be nuts. I've heard women rave over the regular one.

The coolest thing I've seen tech wise is the OhMyBod. A vibrator that connects to your ipod and vibrates in concert with the music. The Eroscillator is whoa!

Georgia Peach said...

I love toy parties too! I expect an invite. Damn EJ - never realized how expert you are... I'll have to invite you out to the dirty bingo parties I frequent.

Looking forward to these upcoming blogs.

Brooke said...

Liz and I are going shopping, she took me before once and I was like "well alrighty then!" LOL! Hook that party up! I'm sure the women who didn't comment today will be there :-)

Sounds like a good guest blog to me, for me or Fury. His site is off the hook! The OhMyBod sounds interesting :) Bullets do nothing for me.

Anonymous said...

Yo get dibs on Liz. I'm just a bystander waiting to pick up whatever you can't use. LOL

Bullets do nothing for you...hmmm...so you've had one and giving it the thumbs down or don't like the way it looks?

Brooke said...

just bored me :-)

Anthony Otero said...


First, Congrats on the Honey blog. I hope you make loot with that whole thing.

Secondly, I commend you on this blog today because the is a subject I think people shy away from.

I have had thought just about creating a separate blog just about sex. I havent because of my job and the amount of students that I know.

Well I hope you get a new toy and I can reccomend some brand or perhaps a mold (LOL).

Brooke said...

A mold? that sounds interesting :)

Thanks Ant! But blogging for Honey isn't a paying gig, it's strictly for exposure...I wish!

Anthony Otero said...

Well that is too bad! But I am sure it will still pay off in someway.

Yeah a mold! Of course you would need a volunteer...lol

Anonymous said...

Yes I've heard about the molds too! That's funny. It's almost like a playdough thing with the model cast by your willing participant, but the outcome is a soft fleshy plastic you can keep forever.

Maybe I'll start producing some molds and selling them myself. LMAO

Brooke said...

you both seem REALLY eager to make a mold :-) maybe I should take a look- see and see if you both are "mold worthy." :-)

Anthony Otero said...

Wow...sounds like topic for another blog...

Are You Mold Worthy?

Brooke said...

Most men think they are :-)

Anonymous said...

Brooke, you've read my blog. I think you've seen what the ladies say about the potential for my mold. LOL Then again, it's hearsay...(doing the Blazing Saddles) Excuse me while I whip this out...


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