Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Okay, now that I'm done with my lil plug from yesterday, can we talk about Chris Brown's simple ass for a minute? I mean...really? Is he beating on women now? This is the first thing I thought about when I heard about the incident:

I guess Chris Brown didn't get the memo about shaking the sh*t out of a woman.

Brooke's View:

Now, I know we don't know what happened - none of us were there. But he turned himself in and was charged with making a criminal threat. The apparent victim is his "friend" Rihanna. But regardless of whomever the victim is....da hell?

I know couples argue. I know things can get heated. But how did this 19 year old super star get to THIS point? I was shocked actually. I didn't think Chris Brown was the most innocent man on the planet, but I didn't think he was violent either. I pray the allegations aren't true...but it seems likely that they are.

True or not, his image is tarnished. He's in danger of losing endorsement deals (his deal with Wrigley's is suspended) and alienating some fans. I stress SOME because as I was listening to the radio Monday morning, I heard more comments from listeners SUPPORTING Brown rather than condemning him. I can understand fans saying "he should be considered innocent until proven guilty." I get that. But what disturbed me were the listeners who called in to say that "maybe Rihanna deserved it" and that she should be "choked out" for allegedly giving him herpes. Huh? Really?

All sorts of rumors are surfacing everyday. But I don't care if she called him a lil d*ck muthaf*%#er tossing salads with his boys, NO ONE deserves to get hit or beat. No, not even in the case of giving someone a sexually transmitted disease.

Well, if it's HIV/ might have to cut somebody...but I digress.

Still, nothing gives you the right to put your hands on another person in a violent way. Self defense is one thing, and I understand an involuntary reflex or reaction. But supposedly Rihanna caught a beat down. I'm sure the photos will be leaked in some way. We'll see. I think Chris Brown should have been a little smarter than this and exercised more self control - especially since he's in the public eye. Chris Brown could stand to lose a lot more than his fans and his endorsements. He could lose his freedom. If found guilty, that could mean jail time.

If Kobe can bounce back from his scandalous past, so can Chris Brown. I'm sure his people are spinning this as we speak, and some media have already started painting Rihanna as the aggressor who provoked the fight. They want to preserve his squeaky clean image. Good luck with that one.

Like I said, no one knows what really happened yet and it'll be interesting to see how this one plays out. The news reports that the photos of the victim are pretty devastating. It's sad. I liked them as a couple. I pray for peace for both of them, and if the allegations are true, I pray he gets the help he needs...that they BOTH will need.


Rameer's View:

I've got a story to tell, piggybacking on this whole Chris Brown thing. See, I think most of us decent people are absolutely disgusted with it, myself included. But I'm reading comments where some people are saying there is never any reason, NO MATTER WHAT, for a guy to put his hands on a female.

I completely disagree.

I wasn't raised that way - that no matter what a woman does, you can't hit her. My perspective is this - a woman can SAY anything to me she wants, and I won't touch her no matter what. I may be pissed, I may curse her out, but no touchy-touchy. Men don't get that leeway. However, once you attempt to physically harm me or someone I love - you are entitled to the most magnanimous ass-whooping seen this side of Frazier-Ali. You don't touch me. You don't even ATTEMPT to touch me. And this was told to me - not by a man or by some warped sense of "manliness" or too much testosterone - this was told to me by MY MOTHER.

Honestly, though I've said that, the exception to that is if I love you. You could probably knock out half my teeth if I love you, and I won't hurt you. I'll just stop you from hurting me.

Why do I bring this up? This actually got me a very bad wrap freshman year in college. A girl struck me unprovoked, and I struck back. It went as far as the university board, who threw her case out due to every witness confirming she struck me first unprovoked and I struck back. But the damage was done - to some women, I was a woman-beater. And, being who I am, those who weren't close to me or had the balls to actually ask me about it directly got the middle finger and bad attitude.

It took about 2 full months (with the help of X-mas break) for those who labeled me as such to get over it. I was still hearing girls late in the Spring semester saying, "I found it very hard to like you after you hit that girl."

I think it'd be an interesting point to make, in terms of my belief on the situation and the story itself. I even got threatened by some upperclassmen (who backed off me, even though they outnumbered me 5-1. Them boys KNEW how us Buffalo heads get down - they DID NOT want 3 trucks full of wild Buffalo cats coming up to school with shotguns ready to do work - I was still VERY hood-attached freshman year).

I even raised my sister telling her to never put her hands on any man unprovoked, cuz a human is allowed to defend themselves and strike back against an aggressor. My rule is simple - don't even ATTEMPT to harm me. It doesn't matter if you miss. It's the attempt at harm that will get anyone f'd up. And I don't believe in equal damage - if you scratch me, I'm not just going to try scratch you. You may lose a limb - and I will literally have no remorse.

I have a saying: don't get mad at my reaction, cuz it's just that - a reaction. If you don't do "A," "B" can never occur. So don't do "A"...cuz I'm liable to go from "B" to "W" on that ass.

The exception is women I love, like I said. I once had a cousin who popped me really hard in the face. I just walked away, wanting to kill her - but couldn't bring myself to touch her. She still jokingly tells that story of how she "popped" me when we were teenagers, and I always think "Lord, if I didn't love her lil' ass."



Georgia Peach said...

Interesting perspective from you both. I have to say that I'm of the camp that you NEVER hit a woman no how crazy that bee-yotch is... Here's my thought on defending yourself Rameer - why not get some of your crazy FEMALE cousins to beat up your attacker. That way it's more of a fair fight.

In all seriousness I've had close family members to become victims of domestic violence and it's not a pretty thing. I feel sick for both Chris and Rihanna and although I don't know the full circumstances of what happened I can't condone what he did- no matter the reason. He's still an almost man. I can understand that they are both young and all, but I really do think that if you ever get to that point where you are so caught up in the anger of the moment you need to walk away before you do cause bodily injuries to your mate.

Just my two cents. Thanks Brooke for addressing this one. It's been making me sick to my stomach since I heard about it.

Michael Davis-Dallas Progress said...

I feel that there is never a reason to hit a woman. EVER. My oldheads always said that it takes more guts to walk away than it does to hit a female.

If this is true, I hope that at age 19 that the young brother truly gets some help and not the "it's all good" from people who are only interested in his success and his wallet.

No woman deserves to get beat on like it has been said in the media.

Anonymous said...

Until I hear the full story I will not pass judgement, but I refuse to say that a male must not hit a female ever. One must be careful with that becuase is a female threatens you with physical harm, it is your right, male or female to defend yourself. You can take the option of not fighting back and stand there and let her kick your ass but thats on you. I'm not saying a man has the right to beat a women down because she attacks him but he does have the right to defend himself and do what is necessary to stop the aggression. Chris Brezzy and Rhinna both need to seek counseling but if the rumors are true and she punched him in the face then yes she take her whopping like a woman.
For the record biting is for "BIOTCHES" Man up Brezzy!!!

Anthony Otero said...

Rameer..that was you?? I am just messing

In all seriousness, I have had domestic violence in my family and it is not cool. I have also been one to be brought up to believe to you dont hit a woman.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have had my buttons pushed so many times that it is not funny, but I have always held restraint.

Personally, I think Chris Brown is done. I think he should get the book thrown at him. I dont know if Rihanna's crazy and I dont care if she gave him herpes.

It does not matter. Unless she was coming at him with a blade, which I doubt, then he needs to pay for this. He beat her ass! That isnot cool

E.Payne said...

This whole Chris Brown-Rihanna thing is tough right now because everyone is staying tight-lipped about it. And I do believe in guilty until proven innocent. But here's the thing that I now no is so unfair for men. Some women (like in Brooke's Chris Rock video) know they can press buttons and if this has been endorsed throughout their lives it only get stronger and more severe with time. Many a "good guy" has been chewed up and spat out by this type of woman. And often because this double standard exists the woman's girlfriends don't even check this behavior because everyone knows they get to float under the radar of getting knocked out. Men's behavior toward each other is governed by the fact that if things get out of hand someone is getting beat down. Women don't have to abide by such a simple, base (although effective) code and many times overlook respecting the man they happen to be traveling with down beat-down road.

And there's women I know who have beat down their men. Then what?

We don't and may not ever know what happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna, but I think the best policy is to walk away even if in the worst case scenario she's being emotionally cruel and calling you all kinds of p's, b's and mf's as you walk away. Better safe, than sorry with the law.

Anonymous said...

I'll hold off until the full story comes out. Cause I've heard the herpes thing. I heard about her starting the fight & soo many other things. I think regardless he will be ok & he will bounce back & hopefully her big a** forehead will go back to it's "NORMAL" size..LOL (Sorry her forehead bothers me...LMAO)

ALTHOUGH my mother was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of her ex husband (not my dad) and raised me never to let a man touch you.... I DO HAVE TO AGREE WITH SOME OF THE DUDES ON THIS ONE. If a woman is that big & bad to get up in a dudes face & strike him first & take it in that direction then you big enough to get knocked the f*ck out by that man. YOU STARTED HE WILL FINISH! Not only that but a man's instinct will ALWAYS kick in. And that instinct will always be to defend himself.

Lastly but not least. I think C-Breezy should have just tased her for giving him herpes (if she did) & kept it moving...LOL

Anonymous said...

well, Brooke and I talked about this, and I SAID I doubt many would agree with me. But I don't care - my point is, YOU DON'T TOUCH ME. YOU DON'T ATTEMPT TO TOUCH ME.

This probably comes from my upbringing and environment...I've seen plenty of women kick the shit out of men in my life. I've also seen the most innocent of attacks lead to permanent damage. I mean, let me give you a scenario...

Guy and girl get into argument...girl gets mad and attempts to hit guy in the face. Her finger unintentionally goes into his eye...and he has permanent eye damage loses most of the sight in his eye.

By the way - that's a true story of someone I know.

When you raise your hand to hit anyone, you have NO IDEA of what the outcome could be. People have died from a simple light blow to the head. And being who I am and how I grew up, I KNOW this. I've seen and known way too many people who have died or have been messed up. So, my mentality is, don't do anything to me, cuz I'm going to attack. And MY attack is guaranteed to take you out. I'm well-educated, professional, middle-class, and have good manners and carry myself like a contributing member of society. But you STILL don't touch me.

That old "never put your hands on a woman" things is caca to me. Sorry. If you were raised to believe ANY case of touching a woman is wrong, I can name some real life doozies where the guys who believed that going in have vastly different opinions now. Like I said - don't do "A", and I won't do "B" - man or woman.

I always told every girl in my family never to give a man an excuse to hit them by touching him first. One thing I told them - you learn in KINDERGARTEN not to hit others. That lesson isn't just for's a life lesson. Because you don't know WHAT that result may be - and you'll never be able to go in the past and undo it.

And Georgia...the "call your cousins" thing is cool if it's in your neighborhood and you know the person, where they live, see them regularly, etc. But it's miopic - what if you DON'T know the person? What if you don't live in your hometown, and you're a transplant? What if it's the heat of the moment? What if you don't know or have any women who would get down and dirty?

Believe me - personally, I keep a crazy female friend who will handle a chick if need be. Haven't had to call on THAT since I was in college...but old habits stay with me. But that's just not realistic, cuz you could make the same argument for if a guy hits you - call your cousin(s). Heat of the moment and circumstances don't always lend to that.

I keep the crazy female's number for if they talk too greasy, by the way - but I'm not even AROUND those types of females at this point in life....

I'm sure everyone will label me the bad guy and tell me my attitude is shitty and wrong. So be it. When you're raising your daughters, you can use me as an example of why you DON'T raise your hands to random may save them a lot of pain.

Every woman in my family knows the "don't raise your hand to a man" rule. Actually, we all know the keep your hands to yourself thing we all learn as kids. But my family always tends to think of potential consequences before acting. That whole "I'm a girl so I can hit him but he can't hit me" attitude has gotten A LOT of people in stasis. Real talk.

And this is coming from someone who is COMPLETELY AGAINST Chris Brown for his actions. Like I said, I won't touch someone I know and love. But if we ain't got that relationship - I'm an equal opportunity ass-whooper if you try to touch me. I have no idea what the result of your attempt at violence will be - so I'm taking your ass OUT.

"don't make me do it to you homie, cuz I'll OVERdo it..." - Jay-Z

momo925 said...

I feel like as long as the argument doesn't get physical then a man should use restraint and walk away. His ego may be bruised but he can get over it. However, the woman gets physical then that changes the scenario.

I understand that women are physically weaker than most men, but that doesn't mean that they can't hurt a man by physically attacking him. A woman can inflict just as much damage on a man ESPECIALLY if he does nothing to stop her. Some women are fatal attraction Glen Close crazy and I know this because I have 5 brothers. In those cases sometimes walking away from the crazy chic will get you a knife plunged in your back! lol For men, the rule "don't hit a woman" should not mean "let her hit you". However, there is a difference between a man defending himself and beating her to a pulp. It may sound contradictory but I still feel there is a difference.

If you had a son in elementary school that kept coming home with a black eye every other week b/c he was getting his *ss whooped by a little girl? He tells you "I tried to block/stop her from hitting me and I even walked away b/c you said I should never hit girls" what would you tell him?

As for Chris Brown and Rhianna I'd like to hear the details of what happened. I think his image is definitely going to take a hit on this pun intended. lol

Anthony Otero said...


I get what you are saying. You are mostly talking about self defense. But I doubt that if a woman would raise up that you pound on them. I think you end it as quickly as possible.

Secondly, you made a distinction on someone you love. Rihanna was his girl-friend, wasn't she? Even if she did raise up...did he have to beat her like Ana May?

Sure we need to get facts, but we not talking about a hood rat or even crack addict Whitey Houston. Anway, my point is I get what you are saying. Self Preservation is always the key

Brooke said...

I don't think ANYONE is above an ass whoopin if they attack you first. I understand self defense and I know women sometimes can be just as strong and violent as a man, if not moreso in some cases. I get all that. But what is worrisome to me about this entire Chris Brown thing - IF IT IS TRUE WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT HER INJURIES - is that he lost control. He BEAT HER ASS! ala Ike Turner. I mean, when I heard about her injuries, all I did was picture the scene in "What's Love Got to Do With It" where Angela Bassett (Tina Turner) ran to the hotel with her face all busted up asking for a room.

If Rihanna looked like that, then Chris Brown has a problem. It should NEVER get to that point. I don't care if she spit in your face or raised up. Unless she had a weapon, there's no way she should look like that...and that's how they described her.

And bite marks? He sounds like an animal! A bitchass one at that! If you're pounding and biting someone, that speaks to something else...

Anthony Otero said...

Thank You Brook...that is what I am saying...

Anonymous said...

As usual your blog is thought provoking and entertaining...Here is my opinion...

Like most people I don't think that a man should hit a woman, and in most cases a "Man" wouldn't. but I will never say a man should
never hit a woman under any circumstances. Like Rameer, my mother told me not to hit a woman but she did say don't be stupid -you must protect yourself. I'm sure she was thinking restraining the young lady is not assaulting her. So I'm not saying you lay a beat down on someone for "talkin' slick out of their mouf" (that's right I said mouf) I'm also not saying she should get the Ike Turner treatment for pissing you off but there may be times when you have to "defend' yourself. You can't always walk away. I had a friend that was attacked by his Ex, he attempted to walk away only to get stabbed. I'll just say that I once heard someone say there are situations when everyone deserves a beatdown.


Anonymous said..., Latinegro, I'm in agreement with you, which is why I'm completely against Chris Brown. Let me be clear to anyone who hasn't already picked up on this - I would personally whoop Chris Brown's ass over him demo-ing Rihanna. This convo as a blog topic came up only because I don't believe the old adage that some are saying that you never touch a woman in ANY circumstances. Having been through it in college, I think one should react if acted upon.

But if you ask me have I ever beaten a woman to a pulp...HELL NAW. Never even thought to or attempted to go that far. Real talk - can only think of 3 females I've ever had to hit like that - and 2 kind of don't count, cuz it was more scrappin' and wrestling as a little kid, where ALL of us was fighting - girls and boys...

Touching someone you care about or love is unfathomable to me. And biting? BITING? That shit ain't acceptable in a fight between TWO MEN!!! What type of bitchass shit is THAT???

I for one am not giving Chris Brown the benefit of the doubt. Homie needs to be handled by some big, burly Barbados cousins...

Georgia Peach said...

Ok - I just tried to leave a comment only to find out it didn't post. Grrr...

Needless to say the essence of my comment is that I definitely understand the need for self defense when a woman attacks you there are lots of crazies out there, but I think when you get to the point of what has been reported in the media about the Rihanna/Chris B. incident this sounds like he got way out of hand. Now we've all admitted here that we know the reports aren't confirmed yada yada, but if even a small bit of what we've heard so far is true then Chris Breezy should def be punished in some way. I was sort of disappointed to hear/see lots of people attack Rihanna right out the gate. She's had a few supporters come out and publically support her (e.g. Crazy Ye - Kanye), but I just feel like Chris will end up getting a slap on the wrist, but fully come back from this. Versus Rihanna ending up with that victim label on the other side. I really hope that if it's proven that he is guilty of what we've heard that he gets some serious punishment (and counseling). They both need help in this instance.

Great conversation today...

Brooke said...

For those of you who may not have noticed, I went back and posted a pic of Rihanna that supposedly shows her injuries. Peggy sent this pic to me, so I thought it was worth posting for this conversation today. If this photo is real, the injuries look pretty bad. Go check it out on the post.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to stop judging Breezy, except for the biting. No one can say for certain Rhinna didn't deserve what she got. But as for him being punished stop rushing to judgement until the whole story is out there. If R. Kelly didn't do any time and his ass was on video, distributed through out the country, doing bad or good things, depending on your taste, to young girls then why should Breezy? In the famous words of Eddie Murphy, "It wasn't me"

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" is a chump. Hence posting under the name "anonymous" - ashamed to put their government cuz they know that opinion is bullshit.

Chris Brown needs to be anally raped. Just cuz Robert Kelly got away with raping a young girl and defiling her doesn't excuse Brown beating on Rihanna. But hey - we see where your heart is in respect to women.

Brooke said...

Okay, so turns out that pic was photoshopped... :-)

Who knows if we'll ever find out what really happened, but the sad thing is they both will need to heal from this.

The bigger discussion appears to be about when violence is justified. I don't think anyone would argue against self defense - I guess the issue is when your anger takes you too far. Chris Brown has done interviews where he said he witnessed domestic abuse growing up, so that may have impacted him some way. Domestic violence is a different issue than simply wanting to fight everyone you see or self defense. It's about controlling behavior and imposing fear in most cases, so if that is the case here, I hope he gets help for it. If not, then this will at least serve as a lesson for both of them.

Anonymous said...

Brooke I agree with you. Unfortunately because they are celebrities I highly doubt that the TRUE facts of this case will come out. I think that there will be more speculation & rumors than anything else (as we witness with this picture). The same way I think that because of his celebrity status they may never get the help they truly need & deserve HIM ESPECIALLY.
It's sad however you look at it. I know he went to far & he should have never let it get that far no matter what BUT we don't know her part it in & just how much his past may have affected him. He may now just be realizing it.


Craig n 'em said...


Rene The Harlemite said...

What's good y'all?

I have no comment on the Chris Brown/Rhianna. Let's see all the evidence.

I don't agree with men hitting women. It's foul BUT there are some women that really take advantage of that. Women can push a man's button knowning how he's going to react.

I have a freind who NEVER put his hand on a woman in his life. He has always had a temper but never acted in that fashion whatsoever. He and his wife got in a big arguement she said some off the wall stuff and kept pushing it on as he tried to restrain and then finally he grabbed her up. His wife happens to be a lawyer and is well conectd bunch of the domestic criminal at attourneys in the state they live in and she reported this to them all and he has been in jail for the the last 3 1/2 years. Is that fair?

I have seen women punch men in public some cases it may have been deserved other cases maybe not. Realize when that happens men have a defensive reflex may come out and you will get hit back.

Even in the hood back in the days I would see a man and a woman argue. The man would walk away and say "Please get out of my face because I don't want to hurt you" the woman would go follow him and and continue to antagonize him until it happens. The man is trying to avoid the conflict. Is it fair for him to get a bad rap for that?

As I said I dont agree with men hitting women but don't antagonize it or take advantage of that rule.

A lot of mother's (and Dad's) will teach you when you are young to protect a woman and dont hit a woman BUT will also teach you if someone hits you , you hit them back...Where does the line get drawn?

Anonymous said...

I wish I woulda joined this discussion earlier. b/c it's an interesting & serious matter. Much like what chris Rock said in Jest rings very true from my perspective. I disagree w/ the "never" hit a woman argument completely. I will go on record and say "I will slap the shit out of a woman who feels it's her duty to punch, hit, assault w/ weapons, spit, wutever on me" & I end that quote w/ an emphatic period. I don't care who u are male or femal, no one has the right to act in an abusive manner toward me & I won't allow them to.

Ri Ri is not a small woman. She is also not culturally "American" Which adds up to trouble & a dangerous situation for Breezy. At 5'10" tall, a thick body, & a feisty & fiery attitude she possesses the ability to present Breezy w/ a lot of trouble. I have dated a woman similar in stature & attitude b4 w/ a jeolous & angry nature.

What is a man to do when a woman knows ur mind & temperment & provokes u in the most extreme ways...blocking doors w/ her body & weight so u cannot leave peacefully, spitting, grabbing weapons, hitting. etc. (Smh) ther'e no way on God's green earth I will give anyone that kind of power. I repeat...If a woman has the courage & audacity to be abusive to me..."I will slap tthe shit outta that broad" Every action has an equal & opposite reaction.

My only reservation is the outcome of this. How quickly everyone turns against breezy w/ out knoing any facts. He put a pic up w/ a big abbraision on his forehead. But no one is questioning ri ri at all & that's bogus. No one is shelfing her music or pulling her adds based on speculation & it's b.s. Now she's cornered herself into a position where she has to lie. b/c of how everyone is reacting. & who knows how scorned she may feel about their break up. This is a very dangrous situation for Chris. I don't sympathize w/ either b/c lovers fight. & apparently they havve a fiery relationship. But Im not down w/ the "never put ur hands on a woman" thing. I'm not down w/ punching anybody. But I promise to god I won't let a woman abuse me in a fit of rage b/c of some bullshi "rule of thumb" You've been warned ladies...keep ur hands to urself & act like ladies & we're al good.

Brooke said...

Rene, I believe the line for most people is drawn at self defense. And self defense isn't necessarily if someone hits you, hit them back. I don't always agree with that. I've been hit by people who were younger or smaller than I am, and it didn't kill me. I didn't feel my life was in danger. I didn't like it, but I didn't haul of and knock the shit out of someone simply because I could.

Sometimes you make a judgment call based simply on how you perceive the threat. As human beings, we should be evolved to a higher level of analyzing a situation, not basic, animal instincts. Someone said it takes more strength to walk away or exercise self control and I agree with that. I know that sometimes you may not always be able to remove yourself from a situation, and that's where you make the decision to react a certain way. But to fly off the handle and beat someone to a pulp simply because you CAN doesn't mean it's right. We teach CHILDREN how to react a certain way because they're CHILDREN - I'd hope we can adjust our thinking and our judgement as we get older.

You can keep someone from hurting you without trying to kill them. You can't tell me that if Rihanna spit in his face that means he should bust her lip and bite her. That's ridiculous to me. I'm using that as an example, of course we don't know what happened, but my question is more about judgment and level of force. To beat someone silly simply because you CAN or because you're stronger or bigger, makes you a bully and a coward and a my opinion.

Rene The Harlemite said...

Biting is kinda crazy that is where I am lost with that case...I feel spitting on someone is WAY MORE disrespectful than hitting someone...PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

I'm a diff anonymouse writer from the earlier person. But I don't know wut this Rameer person is talking a =bout. I'm the one who says he'll slap a woman for hitting him. Two diff guys. Rameer is all worked up & doesn't have any facts. Calling guys chumps. He sound likethe the hell can u say I'm not giving CB the benefit of any doubt. U wer'nt apart of their relationship. You don't know the nature of their interaction. U sound crazy as hell. knock it off. This is a forum meant to provoke debate & discussion. All ur doin is jumping to conclusions & feeding into the sensationalized bullshit the media is eating off of perpetuating. The onnly reason the DA is pursuing it is b/c it's high profile & a career changer. I'm totally upset at radio pulling his songs based off speculation. rediculous. but the truth will eemerge eventually.

& Brooke, I'm surprised at ur tone too. UU keep saying "we don't actually know wut happened" but ur tone sounds like it's insinuating that we do know the facts of the matter.check that. Ur a robust woman brooke lemme ask if u were strong & agressive. do u think u would pose a threat to an average size man. Or at least be able to impose ur size weight & strngth on him if u didn't want him to leav quietly & was determined to hurt him or get back at him physically in some way??

Brooke said...

My tone is not directed at the Chris Brown situation. I used it as AN EXAMPLE and I think I stated that. Re-read what I wrote...I gave the example of Rihanna spitting at him as AN EXAMPLE. I could have easily said "If I spit in Rameer's face and he in turn knocks my teeth out and then bites me, then I think it's excessive. Let's try to read what I actually wrote, not what you think I'm insinuating.

Spitting is disrespectful, but if someone spits on you, you don't get hurt. Your ego may get hurt, but physically you're fine. So you REALLY believe that if someone spits on you, that means you should break their arm? My question is not about what happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna. My question - as it has always been - is about judgment and use of force. They are the two that sparked this debate - but pleaes be clear when reading what I write...they are the EXAMPLE I'm using.

And like I said, I may impose a threat to one man over another, but I don't see why you bring that up? I think I've said over and over again that if someone imposes a threat, then you act accordingly. MY argument is for those who use excessive force where no HUGE threat is present. I don't understand how what I wrote got let me state AGAIN: I'm not saying a woman can't be a threat. I know they can. But what I want to discuss is if a person - man or woman - ISN'T physically overpowering you, threatening your life, wielding a weapon, etc. are you justified in pummeling them? That is why MY view is different from Rameer's. He says if you do "A," he's justified in going all the way to "W." And I'm saying I don't necessarily agree with that. Rameer says that if you even ATTEMPT to hit him, even if you miss, that he is justified in flying your head. I don't necessarily agree with that.

That's where I'm coming from...not anythiing to do with CB and Ri. Is my tone clear now?

Anonymous said...

I can understand that Brookey. I guess as I'm reading thru response & everyone is focused on the situation between these two kids & hear u say things like

"I want to discuss is if a person - man or woman - ISN'T physically overpowering you, threatening your life, wielding a weapon, etc. are you justified in pummeling them?"

using the words pummeling & nothreat. I read it as u suggesting that that is the case between chris & rhi rhi. everytime that sorta extreem & graphic depiction is used as a framework for the discussion it feels to me like it carries along w/ it implications or inuendo that that is the case w/ them. & again nobody knows wuts wut. The facts are not clear in this matter.

But to answer u. It's a question of any person's own judgment. If u've been violated I feel u r justified in wutever. But as the adage goes: jus b/c u can doesn't mean u should. However, every man or woman is responsible for their actions & the game in which they choose to play. If that's the game ur playin...bein disrepectful & violent u better play it well b/c the rules are not all-encompassing. Those that u go by are not the same as ur opponents always. They may be on a "no holds barred" tip. u may be not. Diff things have diff meanings to diff people. spitting on someone who came from a racially charged environment where people spat on them frequently as a way of demeaning an individual might taake considerablymore offense to being spat on by a lover than another person.

Also, in the context of a passionate love affair, things always get ratcheted up several notches b/c of how much passion is involved. It gets brutal. & these are two young people w/ passionate personalities.

Brooke said...

The reason I raised that question was not necessarily because of CB and Ri, even though since the incident between them triggered the discussion I can see why you think I'm going back to them. But honestly, my side of the debate/question is in contrast with Rameer's. I understand his mindset, probably because we discussed it for HOURS last night on the phone, but I don't necessarily agree with it. He knows I don't, and we respect each other's opinion about that - which is why we agreed to do a "my side" "his side" blog today.

I guess I was begging the bigger question as to when is a reaction and OVER-reaction. So many times I've seen people arguing and one person does something as simple as throwing their hand up like "later for you" and the other person hauls off and starts wailing. Of course I understand that if you spit in someone's face, you run the risk of possibly getting hurt. But sometimes the action that triggers the response isn't that severe. If what you say is true, then ANYTHING you do can be a trigger, and that to me speaks more to an imbalance somewhere. My raising my hand to you in a dismissive way may trigger a memory of your childhood that makes you wanna smack me. It doesn't mean that the actual act of me raising my hand to you was threatening or disrespectful. (and when I say raising my hand...I mean in a way like "talk to the hand"...not raising a hand to hit you).

I've been saying all along that it's an exercise in judgment and control. And in some cases involving violence, I think we offer up too many excuses as to why something is justified...because just because you UNDERSTAND a trigger (like being spit on or hit or cursed out) it doesn't mean that just because your trigger was raised, the actions you take in retaliations are ALWAYS justified.

Like Chris Rock said, you can find a reason to kick an old woman down the steps...but you just don't do it. You can ALWAyS find a reason to hit ANYONE...but are you ALWAYS justified, just cuz you snapped? I think the answer is no.

Anonymous said...

This is directed to whomever the last anonymous is...

Dude. First off, you've lost me at the fact that you're trying to make a point with every f'd up spelling and grammatical mistake in the book. We all speak freely and with slang on here...but spellcheck comes on phones nowadays.


Now to the meat and potatoes...why do we get these assumptive, sensitive-ass men on Brooke's blogs? i mean, we all have opinions and agree to disagree...but some of y'all really get touched. Calling me worked up his funnier than Chris Rock's last opening monologue - I RARELY get worked up about any discussion on a blog. Perhaps me using the term chump gave you a misinterpretation...I say that because that's my judgment call. A man who would side with a guy who beat the crap out of his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend is a chump to me. It's not an emotional reaction, it's a belief. It doesn't change from yesterday to today to tomorrow.

I specifically said touching people you love or care about is off-limits to me. I don't comprehend how you can hurt something you love. I find it reprehensible. But i DO say, in an extremely narrow situation, a person who does not know me cannot getting away with attempting to harm me. It's a controversial position, and one I'm not liable to change any time soon.

You're right about one thing - no one was part of their relationship. no one was there. But I really don't need exact specific details. In a somewhat similar fashion to what Rene said (but not exactly), I don't think there's anything short of pull a gun or knife and attempt to kill him that Rihanna could've done that would've warranted that degree of ass-whooping from boyfriend. That's insane to me. And biting? How much if an animal can one be? Men biting is an extreme case of bitchassness. Condoning it reeks of more bitchassness. WOMEN bite, and claw, and do whatever. Men knuckle up. Well, at least men who are taught to be men correctly...

And yes, the DA is going after it cuz it's a high profile case - thank you, Captain Obvious! Don't put yourself in harm's way, and the DA can't attempt to make an example of you. Kind of simple. With celebrity comes notoriety. You SHOULD be a target if you do wrong. Cuz you would make a better example that Tommy Woods down the street whom no one knows.

But calling Brooke out as a "robust woman" - dude, if you know her, why not just identify yourself instead of hiding behind a computer screen calling yourself "anonymous"?? Afraid that people may verbally spark it on you and react upon your ignorant comments? Not want to be around you? Vilify you? Tough! If you have an opinion, man up and own that joint. I say ish all the time - I could care less that people know it's me. Hell, I WANT them to know it's me. Put me on a billboard saying "I DO approve this message!"

But don't come out swinging with your strong opinions but then hide who you are. You obviously know Brooke like the rest of us - man up, sonny. Man up!

If I upset you by using the word chump...I don't care. I think backing Chris Brown in this situation is insane. And only a chump would do so.

And yes, I believe in crushing anyone who would dare face me. But, if you notice, I even said that I've only physically touched like 3 women ever in an earlier posting...I've been in many contentious situations in my life around females. Never pulled a Chris Brown on the ones i love. Hell - didn't even pull one on the ones I DON'T love. I'm kinda of a strong dude...while I'm willing to do it if the wrong person comes at me, I know to be very careful and only ever have the reaction in the scenarios I've alluded to.

There are some really sensitive male types who comment at times on Brooke's blog. Very different from the conflicting opinions that the other guys offer up. Rene doesn't agree with me. But he's also man enough to state his opinion, stand by it and not come at the author of the blog like he knows her but hides his identity. Unless you're Jason Bourne...

(Gasp) ARE YOU? Is that why we don't know who you are?

Lol. Don't get ya panties up in a bunch, money. It's all opinions and food for thought. And I actually do have more facts than you and most average people - I work in media. We get that ish FIRST.

Ah, what does it matter? I think you're a chump, you think I'm a dumbass. So be it. But I'm man enough to own my opinions. What about you?

And to piggyback off of the bitchass theme that has been running beneath the surface lately...

Did you say you were upset that they pulled Chris Brown's songs off the air? Huh? Are you gonna miss "With You" and "Wall-To-Wall" that much? I mean, his biggest demographic are 8-18 year old females. I mean, like what you like, B. I guess where I'm from the men don't get upset that the radio station pulled off a 19 year-old bubble gum singer's music. I think I can live without the Doublemint commercial and be okay.

Money actually said he was upset they pulled his grown man I've ever heard of agreeing with my god daughter on music

Don't worry. I'm sure you can still youtube him. Or you can download "Kiss Kiss" directly to your phone to get your fix WHENEVER you want it.

Anonymous said...

Lol...and wouldn't ya know it - I posted with a few typos. LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

@ the homo formerly known as Rameer.

You talkin my language now babeee! I'm laughing at ur stupid ass. truly I am. I live for the beef. Anyhow the fact that u even bring up grammar or punctuation on a blog furum says so much about ur homo thug status. newsflash retard: NOBODY CARES ABOUT MISPELLINGS ON A BLOG FURUM BUT ASSHOlES LIKE URSELF. also, if ur gonna talk about spelling & grammar make sure ur shit is error free dickhead. Second, whether I create a screen name or not is my perogative. I'm gonna speek freely regardless of the fact that u have more of an obsession w/ knowing who I am than speaking to the topic of discussion. I can see ur stupid ass face & still don't ive a fu*k who u are. Your words tell me all I need to know. & As far as my comment to Brooke. Has nuthing to do w/ u. But in case u didn't read wut I wrote I was making a specific point. Funny how ur trying to call people out for being sensitive yet, u r the only sweety-pie on the boards today.

Again ur trying to clown but it doesn't seem to be a talent. b/c none of the shit u say is funny. & I don't give a damn if u r the detective that chases the pink panther. If u don't have concrete eyewhitness accounts or any other hard evidence then it's sensationalized bullshit speculation. "I'm a member of the media" (as I laugh at ur goofy ass. Is that supposed to make u a credible & reliable source of info??? are u serious? Sean Hannity is a member of the media as well. That Guy didn't even Graduate school. Anyhow, that's neither here nor there.

I'm actually having fun getting at u b/c u got ur chest out as if u've shed some light on soething or even offered up anything remotely intersting or unique on the subject. U sound like every other wannabe tuff guy talkeng trash. This is a cakewalk for me. lil women like u are paractice really.

Nah. I'm not too upset about his music. But I am bothered by the fact that he's already been found guilty of something in the court of public opinion to the degree that radio has decided to pull him from the catalog. Doesn't seem right to me. I do think it's intersting tho that ur trying to play me yet ur the one rattling off 3 titles of his tracks. hmmmm.

we can do this all day... I eat pussies like u for lunch. this is like a sport to me. I'm sure u think ur a wordsmith but we'll see who can hand;e the pressure & who can't.

Anonymous said...

Dude - why so emotional? Ram must've struck a nerve. Bitchassness is a disease.

Anonymous said...


Now I got other homos joining in... The gayness level is on high.

Since I guess ur looking for some clrity bitch-boy. Just like ur throwin ur 2 cents in while takin a jab at the same time. I'm gonna go at u also cunt-face. If have a feeling on a subject I will speak on it. & speak freely until Brookey asks me to leave.

& welcome u to do the same....homo.

Anonymous said...

LMBAO!!! So is this the part where you pull out your e-thug status? Should I respect your cyber-gangster, Mad Dog? You're absolutely right - I'm not equipped for this. I don't do the cyber-threat thing, or refer to guys as tough (where'd u find this maroon, Brooke - 7th grade recess period??).

I can quote off three of Chris' songs - hell probably MOST of them - cuz I get them for the kids in my family. And I do a little entertainment work. I can also reel off Duran Duran, Dr. Dre, Shania Twain, Beyonce and Bob Marley discographies amongst the music that I know. I still ain't losing no sleep his music got pulled off the radio, Mad Dog.

Yes, I do indeed work in the media. Where do you work? seeing how you "live for beef" and "eat pussies" you MUST work for one of the 5 families. Lemme see...Delorean? Gambino? Gotti? Genovese? In any event, I certainly can't match your impeccable thug credentials. Like Brooke and a number of people on her blog, the only set I claim is Syracuse University. ORANGEMEN, BAY-BAY!!! YAY-EEE-YAY!!!

***gets up from computer and crip walks***

No one on here would call me a gangster- I just don't take no shit when that situation comes up. But boy, Frank Nitti, you sure did put me in my place. I'll be calling campus security now to walk me home safely - BLUE LIGHT SYSTEM, BAY-BAY!!!

And since you've been wanting this, let me give you a little of what you want:

Yo Momma!

Yo momma so dark that she can leave fingerprints on charcoal!

Yo momma so stupid when they said it was chilly outside, she ran outside with a spoon!

Yo momma so fat she wakes up in sections!

Yo momma so nasty, when she did the splits, she stuck to the floor!

Yo momma so greasy, she squeezes Crisco from her hair to bake cookies!

Don't get me, Mad Dog! I'mma call campus security on yo gangsta ass!

"Sensitive thugs - y'all all needs hugs..." - Jay-Z

And the Negro STILL ain't put his name up! We'll just call you what we call yo momma - BITCH!!!


Anonymous said...

& furthermore tony, just the fact that u two homos think it's koolto quote Puff's gays "bitchassnees" line from making the band, ur very wrong. U both made urselves sound tools. Did u buy the t-shirts too ??

Anonymous said...

And i love how you ramped up the misspellings and started REALLY lighting me up with the "homo" thing - you mad gangsta, dun! My bad, Thugnificent!

Anonymous said...

Ok first of all, to hit a woman you better feel like your life is in jeopardy...I mean come on...Were ois Annamaria's taser so "Anonymous" can get it...oh if you want to say you are not the original "Anonymous" change your style of writing...duh

Ahh Homo? Really? Homo? Yeah that's 7th grade....He called "chump" because you are hiding your identity. You don't know if he's a "homo" or not.....

Ok Are you still trying to have a conversation or are you starting a cat fight?

Well anyway to get back on point...I agree with Rameer about what he said about hitting someone you love...

Of course he will be looked over with a fine tooth comb now...and anyone who has endorsed Chris Brown will have to look at their investment.....Who would want to have a woman beater as the face of their company????

Anonymous said...

Did this negro just get mad we quoted Puffy when you are cyber-crying over CHRIS BROWN'S MUSIC BEING OFF THE AIR???

BROOKE - this shit is too much!!! Can I take him to show and tell? PUH-LEASE???

Anonymous said...

cunt face? LMAO!!! yo, word?

you right Ram, this dude is just too thug for us.


Where is Craig? I think I know what a pussy rolling down a leg looks like now! LOL!!

yo, B - this dude is mad funny yo!

Anonymous said...

Malek - don't do it!!! Don't you know you talkin' to the illest muddafugga in Milwaukee? As you type, you've got a RED DOT ON YO HEAD!!!

Save yourself, bruh!!! I mean, c'mon - you KNOW he hard. Gangsters be feelin' Chris Breezy!!!

"What up, ol' n****! U got some words of welcome for all this THUGNIFICENCE?!?" - Thugnificent

Anonymous said...

Run, Tone! Campus security ain't got here yet! Hit the blue light! HIT THE BLUE LIGHT!!!

"Rap beef, n****!" - Thugnificent

Anonymous said...

Tony.. u must lick Rameer's balls regularly. How corny do u dudes sound. This is actually comical. (laughing @ u tho)

As for Malek... Y are u speaking for "danahue"? Who cares y he called that dude a "chump" Rameer's whole style is chump. I called him "homo" b/c that's the vibe I get from his corny ass.

By the way RAM (as ur nutthuggin friend tony likes to refer to u) none of ur boondocks references or "mamma" jokes hit the spot. I see wut I'm working w/ now. It's diheartening actually. journalists are usually witty. You....not so much. Ur a more like a retard in disguise.

& for some reason u guys make statements as tho they are canon law or something. If u feel like a woman has to beat ur ass to the point of threatening ur life, that's u....wutever. I happen to disagree. Whut about the three of u ladies. Am I supposed to be villainzed for handling u three lil women. Am I a woman beater for hurtin u all here tonight?

Again my issue is w/ the terms like woman beater, pummelling, all those phrases that are all alleged makes no sense coming out of people's mouths.

& to Rameer the homo's other point. I disagree w/ that as well. But As far as I can tell brutal crimes of passion are ofteen times commited in the name of love. People hurt the one's they love all the time....much moreso than someone who is a stranger. In my mind it makes the phrases "we always hurt the one's we love" & thin line between love & hate" relavent.

& lastly yea. Malek, I do like going back to 7th grade. wuts so sophisticated about thorwing jabs & then trying to go back on topic? That's gay to me. Much more fun to get at u asshole directly. & whatch u tickle each other's nuts & laugh at each other's corny jokes. So much fun watchin u girls have a threesome & then crush u all afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Aww! Ain't that cute...he's like "Dangerous Minds". Now that he got his gangsta lovin' out the way, now for the serious intellectual part of his tired-ass film...

Lol - seen this one before. After yo ass got clowned, all of a sudden your Thugnificence was so...Thugnificent. It's okay, Thuggy Bear - you put us in check. We scared.

Everybody - leave Thuggy alone. Wave the white flag - we all saw what happened to 'Pac and Biggie. No need for any of you college grads gettin' wet up over Chris Breezy.

It's soooo gangster to make your points with a 1st grader's spelling and grammar. "Who cares about spelling on a blog?"

EDUCATED people.

I'm done. You got it, Thugnificent. Word 'em up - Audi 5000, G.

I think, at the root of it all, you really mean to say to all of us:

"Stop hatin' and get money my n****!" - Thugnificent

And, when it comes to Chris Brown, we can read you to mean:

"I love to see my n***** on TV shinin'...cuz when they shine, I shine. Sorta." - Riley Escobar

I know this type of dude. No matter how bad you flog him, he'll continue to pop off. I'm done editing my show, so I'm off the computer. Internet from the phone for the rest of the night, Thugnificent!

Now, if you'll excuse me - my campus escort awaits.

Anonymous said...

Yes folks. Another moron served. again, (laughing @ u) U and ur theme of boondocks references evoke not a shred of laughter. Educated people huh? I guess all the smart folks quote riley freeman to make intellectual point....uh uh.

I'll let u be my spell checker sweetie-pie. U think u can pull urself away from the cartoons long enough to check my work? Ur a douchebag. You belong on top model w/ all those other weak broads. Ur like Miss Jay fom top model. a woman in a man's body. Check ur own post. ur the only one up here w/ ur chest out talkin about being strong & what not....pleese. knock it off.

I came here speaking to the issue. I see u got outta pocket so i got at u princess.

u r right about me & my relentless ways. That's why I'm a winner. but floggig me?? are u serious. Do u really think an asshole like urself could really bother me. ur like a snack pack...a hand full of gummie bears.

Not from minn. either. But again y r u so thirsty to identify me. I don't know ur punk ass from adam. & if I did, it wouldn't stop me from abusing u. I don't wanna kno u. ur a cornball who thinks he's kool.

We don't even see u guys. we misake u for store clerks and waiters. sometime library assistants.

Yes I do think it's high time u took ur frilly as off the board. & go think up some more corny mama jokes or play w/ ur nintendo ds or something. u've been served thoroughly here tonight.

Brooke said...

what the hell? So this is what happens when I step away for a second? assholes, homos, girls getting served? I had to check the url to make sure this was my blog and not mediatakeout. This is crazy!

um...if I may chime in.

For the record, Malek is NOT a man. Malek is my SISTER...pronounced "ma-leck" not "ma-leek." So she won't be tickling anyone's nuts. Second, as much as I know she can defend herself, maybe it's time to call security if people are now calling my sister an asshole...just not cool.

Third, why all this emotion and name calling? We can't agree to disagree without it coming to this? I mean...come 'on...really?

All the anonymous' with the exception of Jay sound the same to me, but I don't care of people want to hide who they are. Makes me no nevermind, not that deep. But cunt-face?

And who's talking about letting a woman beat you down? Somehow I think we read what we want instead of what is actually there. Honestly, when reading between the lines, we agree more than we disagree on this discussion, but we're too busy getting at each other to realize it. No one thinks a woman should raise up to a man. No one doubts that a woman can be just as violent or provoke a man to violence. No one knows what happened with Chris Brown and Rihanna other than he hit her and we ALL agree to why all this beef? It's a blog y'all. That's it.

p.s. being the last to comment doesn't mean anyone won or lost, it just means some of us pick our battles. This isn't a battle folks, just a simple discussion.

Anthony Otero said...

If I may just get back to the issue at hand. I wanted to say this before but I was at work. Chris Brown beat her ass...period!

Lets not call him Breezy...that is fucking stupid. You call someone that when he is cool. He is not cool he beat her ass...period!

Lets not wait until the facts come out. Because at the end of the day she caught a bad one. I dont get how people are talking about Chris Brown like shit is sweet. He beat her ass...period!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Brooke. Your boy anonymous just got mad sensitive with all the 7th grade talk and rump class spelling. And then got mad when me, Tony and Malek crushed his Thuggy Bear ass.

So I'll just leave it a strong "YO MOMMA!" and get 2 my glass of wine. It's what us educated people do.

***crips walks away from phone while Boondocks Theme plays in background***

Brooke said...

LMAO! Ram...I can call you Ram right? you're funny :-)

I think that was more along the lines of the discussion I wanted to have here Ant, cuz no one is doubting he hit her. The only thing we DON'T know is what they were fighting about and who struck first. Everything else has been confirmed - she was beaten, released from the hospital Monday night...this happened early Sunday morning. She filed a police report, she took pics where hospital officials said she suffered contusions, a swollen face, a busted lip, AND BITE MARKS (that still kills me) They showed Brown turning himself in on tv - I didn't see any stab wounds or gunshots on him, so I think it's safe to say she had no weapon. They were fighting in a car.

SO my ONLY question this case and cases like it, because this type of thing happens everyday to everyday folk - when is force TOO MUCH force - man or woman...or in some instances, child?

That's homo involved :)

Anonymous said...

Wuts going on here?? I'm starting to think you all don't like the brand of color that I'm bringing to the forum.

I do have the right to speak freely don't I? Are u guys saying it's ok for one member of the forum to call a name & not I???

All I see is everyone addressing my posts.

Again, for the record. I am not the first anonymous. I am a new one. I just didn't feel like setting anything up. So I traveled the path of least resistance.

Isn't it ok to be controversial on blog Brooke?? We aren't all going to agree. nor are we all going to have the same communication styles, or like each other always or what we all have to say.

Maybe we can disagree w/ out being disagreeable. But this is a sensitive topic. It evokes alot of passion. Look at the response it's garnered all over the country.

don't mean to reffle any feathers. But maybe I do. LOL

But quote somebody else when ur chastizing us brookey not just me lol.

Anthony Otero said...

Brook, That is a difficult question to answer because the act itself is already too much.

I mean with kids, you can spank them up to a certain point. But when it comes to beating a woman...too much is the act itself

Anonymous said...

No Brooke... He's not funny. Don't encourage his bafoonery b/c ur kool w/ him. Ur kool w/ me too. u just don't know who I am. He's still taking jabs w/ his wack ass jokes uder the guise of "education" seriously dogg go back to school. Or seminary or something. U r like a person who thinks talking about confidence shows confidence. WRON! confident people do speak on it. they live it. they are it. Same w/ educated people. Ur nut it buster. Ur a mark. & a tool.

I'm starting to think ur showing favoritism Brookey. :-) Ur fondness for clowns ashouldn't come into play in this matter.

Brooke said...

Picturing Rameer crip walking is hilarious to me. I'm not encouraging anyone...if it's funny TO ME, then I'll laugh if I want to. I mean, come on...I don't care who crip walks, it's funny to look at :)

Wait, why am defending myself. Let me not get pulled into this nonsense.

But to your point about favoritism. I don't think I named any names. I asked why all the emotion and name calling? I guess I quoted what stood out to me as harsh, but if it makes you feel better..."bad Rameer for calling "Anonymous #2 a chump! BAD BAD Rameer!" LOL!!

And I have no problem with people being controversial. Hell, if I didn't want any controversy, I wouldn't have posted ANYTHING with Rameer's name on it :) Those who know him know that if he is NOTHING else at times, he's controversial. Su, same thing. I know you all get tired of my boring ass, so I have to mix it up a bit :-)

I will never censor anyone. I have the power to delete everyone's comments if I want to, but I'd never do that. While I believe my blog has a certain tone (maybe not as of late between you guys and SuSu) I welcome opinions from any and everyone. Not like I like folks calling my sister an asshole, but everyone on here is grown and can defend themselves. I just think it's silly really. I mean, honestly, I think it WAS 7th grade since I heard yo mama jokes, but hey...whatever. Maybe I just don't get what y'all are doing.

Ant...I agree, it's a hard thing to gauge sometimes. I guess I'm just of the thought that being able to think and analyze a situation before you get a chance to OVER react is what separates us from animals...not matter what the trigger is. And before this gets twisted again...I'm not speaking SPECIFICALLY about Chris Brown. It IS a sensitive subject...and one that I've seen or heard about in my lifetime even in my immediate family...and we could discuss it all day.

Anonymous said...

Well, Brooke - you most CERTAINLY can call me peoples do. And don't use Latinegro's government on here...haven't you been READING?? There's GANGSTERS on here...

***cues Boondocks music: "I got that thuggin' love..."***

Lol. Everyone except Thugnificent agrees that Chris Brown was way out of line. So, I don't think this thread would've gone as long if not for Thuggy Bear pulling out his impressive vocabulary and trying to come across as educated and sophisticated after his "hard" act didn't play well. He gave me plenty of laughs, especially at his false negatives like "I'm so disappointed I didn't get real journalism" when he can't spell or get grammar correct.

Or how the thing about being upset Chris' songs were off the radio station? That made me laugh out loud...

Or saying things like "smart people quote Riley Freeman"...yeah, when we're saying YOU actjust like him! Lol...this "intellectual" is so caught up in saying things like "you got served" (at this point, I REALLY DO think I was going at it with a 7th grader) that it never dawned on him that his whole presentation had me come at him at his level...that of a junior high schooler. Other people picked up on it, since it wasn't that deep...but not Thuggy Bear. Oh no. Too busy quoting the latest Marques Houston/Omarion dance flick to see people are having fun getting him to just write anything to make us laugh.

You DO have a propensity for getting one bitchass dude on your blog a week. "Anonymous" served his purpose. But don't worry, he'll be back - he can't help it. He'll put a slick comment up here, and then monitor another topic and try to come off as someone else just to stir the pot, and start a fight that once again no one will take serious but him.

But as long as I got campus security to walk me home so him and his "connected" family don't get me, I'm cool. I do hope Tony pushed the Blue Light and caught the last bus to South campus before Thugnificent and his crew got to him...Thuggy can be scary.

Thuggy - yo momma got eyes on the middle of her legs and they call her "Knee-see".


Brooke said...

LMAO!!! I haven't heard that one in a minute...I really did just spit my Snapple...yeah...I fell off the wagon. Snapple is crack to me :)

Rene had a blog all about Yo Mama jokes a couple weeks ago, you could have contributed to that one :)

Sorry Latinegro...didn't mean to call you out by your real name :) Everyone has aliases on this damn one wants to say who they are!

Anthony Otero said...

Rameer, you are off the hook!

Brook, you can call me whatever u feel comfortable with. I don't pay attention to

Anonymous said...

Don't apologize for finding anything funny. The whole "why you laughing at him/taking his side" thing goes into that discussion we had last night.

"You're cool with me just don't know who I am" LMAO!!! Really? I mean, really? That's what kids do when they want more attention than their siblings/peers. If you found Thuggy funny, I don't think I'd be crying about your favoritism and essentailly asking you to like me as much as!

"Bitchassness is a disease that disproportinately effects our community..."

Don't worry, Thuggy. Brooke's nice. She'll say all the right things to make you feel better. Don't blame her for laughing at me and everyone clowning you. Most of us thought it was funny. The only one who didn't...was you.

Oh, and questioning the education is a joke. Most of us come from the same pedigree, Thuggy. But no need to pull out credentials - cuz you got STREET KNOWLEDGE, right?

I swear - if I hear one more phrase from my the 90's..."homo", "mark", "buster" - who ARE you? Zach from "Saved By The Bell"?

He can't handle the whole weight, Brooke. But he won't stop - no matter how bad he looks or what he plays into! Gotta give him points for persistence...almost as many as his momma earned in the last dog show...think she won the mutt division...but the bitch STILL ain't housebroken...


Anonymous said...

(sigh) Once again my table waiter is talking about education again. Along w/ sophistication & double negatives. (all I can do is shake my head) Listen "RAM" (is that ur code name when u walk in a male gentleman's club??? Suits u well.

I don't have to pose as anything. I serviced u quite well tonight. It was easy actually. Gave me a break from all the normal banter in the news & in sports. I know ur waiting tables & serving as part-time coat check personell as u work thru school...In case u didn't notice I'm not turning in a term paper. I'm berating u on an online forum for fum.

I really enjoy it too. B/c douchebags like urself seem to think ur nice w/ the word play....negative. Spelling a diss right doesn't make it hit home punk.

We do agree on one thing tho. I don't agree w/ u at all. I happen to be the only "uneducated" person on the board willing to wait until all of the details are released & brought to light b4 casting my judgement in any way. Nothing is official. There is a pending investigation. He's been charged but so what. I want to know the full details of the story.

I don't jump the gun "RAM" do u jump the gun w/ u boyfriends in bed too.

Oh & I will be back just to bully ur punkass everyday... I need a laugh each day. I'll use u as my new instrument. Ur bafoonery is enough to brighten anyone's day.

& why do new "bitches come every week?? Are u the queen bitch round here. Do u run the newbies away???

ok ok I'll pay u homage for being HBIC on Brookey's blog. But that's it. That's all the respect u get springer. (he's a member of the media too isn't he?)

Brooke said... never ends...

We were just talking about Zach from Saved by the Bell today and all the has been's who may end up on Dancing with the Stars...that's funny. I had a deja vu moment for a second.

So glad it's Random Thoughts Thursday tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

(laughing) "Most of us come from the same pedigree"

Speak for urself scooby doo. Don't invollve anyone else in ur ass whoopin.

Like I said b4 Smurfette who cares wut my identity is. U just pay attention to these boards. "mmmmm wine" yeah ur really combatting the gay accusation well. Not because ur having a glass of wine. but b/c of declaration refering to it.

I know Brookey quite well. But don't need baby girl to help me fight my battles. I can tell ur a wordly individual w/ all of the mtv & bet references. A real renaisance man...oops I mean woman,, Sorry I know I made that gender error once b4 tonight. lol this is too easy. This dude qoutes making the band, yo mamma the show & the boondocks & wants to talk pedigree stop it. whut truck stop did ur mother give birth to ur & ur siblings??? lol. this guy.

He thinks b/c I don't proof read my disrespectful banter towards him I'm a thug. What a fool u are. & he also thinks being called a member of the "media" means something. well so are the women on "the view" real credible.

I'm gonna enjoy our time together
*snap snap* RAAAAAM! (laughing)

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid It doesn't Brookey My dear...

At least Zach Morris is working & still relavent. Ur girl Rameer is like Screech on the show. Everybody's kicking post.

U were the Queen Bitch **snap Snap** RAAAAM now ur the "beta broad"

sorry to break it to u this way. I'm sure u'll put up a fight but get ur neck snapped nonetheless.

Brooke said...

well, actually, the jury is still out on if you know me really well since I have no idea who you are. All the people I know on this blog post as themselves...but I leave the option open for those who don't want to be known. People who know me well also don't call my sister an asshole! LOL!

Zach is still relevant? are ANY of them relevant? I don't know about that one...we can ask that question tomorrow on RTT.

Anonymous said...

I'mma have to stop when it comes to yo momma Thuggy. Real talk...that bitch got a dude through the hard times. When I was hungry, the bitch stuck her snout in the river and got us fish. When I was cold in the winter, bitch let a brotha use the matted fur on her body for warmth. And when we needed money to clother your illegitimate ass, bitch hit the tracks and brought home the money.

I regret leavin' y'all to fend for yourselves. I'd still be with the bitch if noy for her getting off the leash. For a 600 pound yeti, that bitch could MOVE!!


Lol..."why you taking his side, Brooke?" LMAO...

"I know Brooke real well..."

Brooke: "uh, my peoples use their name and don't disrespect my sis."

LMAO! Brooke...when this lame DOES reveal himself to you...remember what we talked about when it comes to sisters putting themselves in the proximity of LAMES. Cuz THIS dude? Holy geez! I can't picture you being tight with a spaz like this.

Don't worry, Thuggy. If your mom makes enough money on the track, maybe I can see about getting you a job. I usually reserve that for alums, but I happen to know the head of janitorial services at my job is looking for help. I can put in a's the least I can do the way your momma slobs a nob!

That chick can suck a golf ball through a water hose...

Anonymous said...

That's fine by me.... But trust me u know me.

I like anonymity b/c it's more fun. Adds spice to discussions when people are less concerned about being polite & not offending people w/ their opinions. Free to get down to how u really feel rather than how people percieve ur comments.

So From here on out I will be known as Anonymous#2.

I thought u said u didn't have to defend ur "big" sis. (told u i know ya) (Wink)

Brooke said...

Um..actually she's my LITTLE sis... almost 2 years younger than me. Not sure what the "big" is about...are you calling her "robust" too? LOL!!

be careful, cuz you know us "robust" women can take a man out! LOL!!

and I don't trust sh*t I can't see!

And I'm not sure if you read my blogs regularly, but everyone shows who they are for the most part and the conversations are no less spicy. Anonymity doesn't make it more interesting, at least not to me, cuz I usually know who the people are. Trust me, people aren't polite just cuz they can see your'd be having this same conversation fully revealed. Maybe you mean YOU would be more polite if people could see who YOU were. But my peeps who comment regularly wouldn't change up cuz they see you or not.They just seem to respect a person who isn't afraid to let you know who the comments are coming from.

Me, makes me no difference. Carry on Anonymous #2..#3..#4... :-)

Anonymous said...

damn, yall n*ggas still up? lol! where's Chloe?

Brooke, I would love to take on your sexy, "robust" ass any*t, beat me! lol!

Anonymous said...

(yawn) Great research. (0 pts)

I told u difidill I'm not into shemales. Stop trying now. I will never date u. despite how sweet u look all tilted to the side like that.

This is easy to me cupcake. Good thing I did come up short that day or woulda had to claim yo punkass. But the ni&&a ahead of me in line had a bigger bag of dog food. I also think he had a can of the wet stuff. My shit was all dry kibble.

They say things have a way of working themselves out. I was lucky that night. But don't think ur mom didn't bless me before I left & got that bag of "Gravy Train" up off ur boy.....She swallowed, casually got up off her knees in that gas station bathroom galloped off into the night. She was a beast hat night. (pun intended)

Thinking back on it girl....she was more manly than you. I'm sure she loves u just the same u followed her career path of gobblin nuts. I guess u two can bond thru that shared experience.

ur a twizzler *snap snap* RAAAAM! sweet & chewy

Anthony Otero said...

Tony...I like the name...

Hey, some of us are up writing!

Brooke said...

I'm with you Ant, I'm thinking of something for this Honey Blog for tomorrow since Random Thoughts Thursday tends to take care of itself. I think the comments today kinda went random...started off good tho :-)

Craig is supposed to blog on Friday but I think he forgot about me, haven't heard a peep from him all week. I've been missing his commentary on all our topics this's especially. He didn't say anything!

what you writing about Ant?

Anonymous said...

Welll Brooke.

Think of me as ur blogging angel. U don't have to trust me to share in debate & conversation.

I see ur speaking on behalf of everyone u've invited to come to ur forum. I guess u know w/ certainty how everyone would behave under diff circumstances.

I'll speak for myself. I like it just the way it is. Anonymous #2.

I don't know why anybody took that "robust" comment as a jab.

Ur all matter the shape. I said wut I said to make a specific point. There is a diff to me between Queen Latifah & Janet Jackson in regard to her ability to pose a threat to an average sized male. & not even pose a threat but just fight w/ that guy.

Janet is like 5'0" tall & tiny. Big diff to me. But everyone's calling me sensitive.

& what's wrong w/ being emotional anyway. I am emotional. & by that I mean aware of my emotions...the full range. It's an asset to me.

There's some RTT content for u.

Anthony Otero said...

Well I am done, but I wrote about "what is a real man"

Brooke said...

you're right, I don't know with certainty how everyone will respond, I just know how it's been so far...sue me.

I didn't take the robust comment as a jab, even if it was meant to be one. I don't care about that stuff. It rolls off my sexy robust back :-) Everyone on this blog knows who I am and what I look like for the most part, so that means's all love from everyone on here, so it's all good.

And one debated you on whether or not a woman can pose a threat to a man, no matter her size, so I guess that's why I thought that comment came out of left field...but it's whatever. Takes a lot more than someone to call me "robust" to get me upset. I simply take notes :-) My random thoughts are taken care of, but thanks!

A, is your post up already? maybe I can be first on your blog!

Anthony Otero said...

Yes, it is up. Let me know what you think

Anonymous said...

TONY...I'm so glad you are alive! I thought Thuggy Bear had got easy, man! He's dangerous!

But ithink I can control him. As soon as his mother gets her residuals from "Cloverfield", it'l be all good. All u gotta do is comb her beard and feed her some beef and she good.

LMAO! I love how the clown keeps swearing he knows Brooke so well, but every time he says something, she's like "um, no". Even I know she has a LIL' SIS...and we've only known each other for a few months...LMAO.

You're trying too hard for approval. Stop letting your mommy issues show so publicly...but I guess you have no choice since her jaw was always attached to a man's crotch as you grew up.

But a good momma bird, at least she brought you the protein deposits home and regurgitated 'em in your mouth so you could grow up big and strong. I'm glad you sheltered you by keeping you in her pouch in bad weather.

However, I have company helping me to enjoy my I'm done. Go aheaf and post whatever you like for the rest of the night. I won't return, and I'm not checking out any more of your kissing up to Brooke trying to convince her you "know" her and consistently causing her to go "um, no...".

You'll put something up that only you think is witty and funny, then go jerk off cuz you got the last word. So have fun spanking your monkey, CHUMP. With your slow eye and strap-on helmet...

Anonymous: "Yay, I got the last word! Yaaaaaayyyy! I'm funny...yaaaaaayyy! Brooke is my friend...we're bestest of friends and I know her so well...yaaaaayyyy! Her and her BIG sis...yaaaaaayyy! Mommy says I'm special..."

Good night, Brooke. Talk to you soon...POKE!

Prediction...this jerk-off will be talking about/referring to me for WEEKS. 2nd prediction: his mother's luck will run out, and the next kennel that picks her up will PUT HER DOWN.

"Yaaaay, Brooke's my friend - yaaaaayyy! She's my only friend - she loves me. Yaaaayyy!"

***Anonymous gets on slow bus, waves at normal kids as bus pulls off while drooling***

Brooke said...

A, I just posted...E beat me! LOL! Great post.

I should have put up the terrorist pic of Rameer he has on Facebook :)

Night Ram, chat soon...I think we're talked out for a bit after our 4am chat, LOL!

Can we all go to bed now? :)

Anthony Otero said...

Night Brook!!!

Anonymous said...

Newsflash Bananna-boy: Monkeys don't congregate to drink wine. & y ur trying ur best to convince us that someone actually enjoys ur company is beyond me. I know for a fact that U don't even enjoy ur own company. In ur heart of hearts u know ur a Tool. A lame-ass Daffy duck. (I also noticed u didn't mention the gender of ur company)Is he having a good time ?? Wut r u guys doin playin naked twister??/ sounds like wholesome & gay ole time. "*snap Snap * RAAAAM. Stooooop Stop fussin w/ that Maan!"Come Play w/ me"

& Y on earth would ur hermaphroditic ass be on my mind. When ur mother is the stud in the family. She's the one who been at the family business the longest. It must be crazy having her double as the town sperm bank.

Control me?? Ha! Must be having visions of ur mutant siblings again. Just b/c they made u the stable manager over ur hoof footed family doesn't make u special She-ra. I know u & all ur sibling s grew up w/ bits in ur mouths...but we all don't live that way.

Ur like a "my lil pony " commercial to me. so sweet & full of pastels & ribbons & such.

Trust me the only time u'll be on my mind is when I need my water glass refilled. Or I wanna make sure my coat gets x-tra special care. otherwise...not at all.

U r right tho. I will have the last say in this matter & I'm calling all the women in ur family over this very minute so I can squeeze my victory nut right in their faces....just like old times.

night night Homo.

Brooke said...

Good night Anthony! How's that for your full government?! LOL!!

sweet dreams y'all.

Unknown said...

(NOTE: I'm not sure if this posted. Sorry if there's a duplicate)

Strong Blog Brooke! I'm loving the exchange. Keep up the good work, I enjoy the guest spots. Ox a week ago and now Rameer. I think the male perspective really adds balance.

Brooke said...

Thanks Nicki! I know you all can get bored with just hearing from me, so I try to mix it up a bit! LOL! Thanks for always checking me out :-)

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