Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Thursday and I still have this dang cold! If anyone has a remedy for me, please comment and let me know. I'm hacking up a lung over here...not sexy AT ALL!

Anyway - Amanda, Leesa, Peggy, Sandee, Annamaria and I have been emailing each other all morning about our little idiosyncrasies. I have several pet peeves and OCD issues and I found out that I'm not the only one :-) So today's blog will be light and easy, mostly because I don't have the brain power to write anything profound today.

What are your pet peeves, weird issues or just plain wacky traits that most people would find interesting to know about you?

My main pet peeve is in the clip below:

I think I mentioned this before, but I HATE HATE HATE hearing people pop their gum. Drives me insane. If I'm on the train and someone is in the same car as I am popping gum, I have to move to another car or blast my iPod so I don't hear it. Seriously, I'm ready to rip someone's lips off when I hear them popping gum. I know it may not be that deep to some people, but to me, it's like someone is ripping my fingernails out one by one - pure torture!

A weird phobia I have is falling down the steps. I'm terrified of that happening to me. I can't remember the last time I fell down some steps, probably happened when I was a kid. But you'd never know it. You'd think I fell down the steps yesterday the way I am with steps. And it's any steps. Porch steps. Subway train steps. Steps in my sister's house. Steps in my building at work. ANY STEPS! Every time I go down the steps I have to literally ENVISION myself making it down the steps safely. Yes, I know, very strange....but TRUE.

And it's not just me I'm worried about falling down steps. If I see someone trip up or down a flight of steps, my heart stops. I have to stop in my tracks and make sure they're okay. Once my nephew fell down a flight of steps and I cried. I couldn't stop shaking for like 15 minutes. He just got up, shook it off and was running around like nothing happened - meanwhile I'm a nervous wreck. I have no idea what it is about steps. But it is what it is.

I have several:

I have to brush each quadrant of my mouth for AT LEAST 2 minutes when brushing my teeth.

I like nuts, but can't eat anything with nuts in them - ice cream, M&M's, etc.

I like the taste of kiwi, but can't eat it because the hair on the fruit skeeves me out.

I have OCD about wiping down equipment at the gym.

I could go on and on forever about all my little peculiar habits, but I'm more interested in hearing yours. Leave a comment and let me know what your pet peeves are or what strange behavior/issues you have. This is going to be interesting!

Have a great day!


Peggy said...

For your cold...boil some ginger root and a few cloves of garlic. Chop them up and add to water...once it boils, let it boil up for about 10 minutes. Drink it as hot as possible with 1,000 miligrams of Vitamin C. It's an acquired taste, but it worked for me. I did it every night and every morning and felt 100% better.

Pet peeve/phobia, I cringe when things aren't centered...and if I can, I will adjust and rearrange when they aren't. I control it pretty well though when I'm out. At home that's where I'm a mess, my poor Boo doesn't understand it totally, but it's my obsession. Also, I am scared of falling down stairs, when I was a child I saw my mother fall down a long flight of steep stairs and it horrified me. She broke one arm, sprained the other and had a huge knot on her forehead. I think that may have something to do with it.

Sandee said...

1. Clipping your finger nails in public
2. People who bite their nails
3. People who have that little whistle or hiss in their voice when they speak
4. That Ass Smell
6. Most reality shows
7. Little &*% #’s
8. Like raisins but not mixed in anything
9. Seeing a little kid eat their boogers
10. People who see you on the regular and they don’t speak to you. ( like my co-workers) will walk right up to my desk use a pen and keep it moving . Freaking Barn Animals
11. Those black guys that play the drums on the train. They irk the sH*t out of me.
12. I’m obsessed with checking the date on food. Don’t keep bread in my house because I’m scared it’s going to mold and that would freak me out. Don’t buy little cakes or pies from the store or order them at restaurants because I am always suspect about how old it is.
13. Boys/men that wear their pants so low that I and anyone in sight can see their full butt covered by their damn Draws
17. The Cold Weather. A cold House I JUST HATE BEING COLD!
OMG! There are so many more! I will add them when they come to mind.

For the Cold Warm Ginger Ale & Buckley's LMAO! It works for me. Well in the begining of the cold that is.

. said...

Me too! Gum Poppin’ annoys the crap outta me! And there is always some bird on the train poppin’ her damn gum! And I’m like…Yo, is this chic serious???

Ear wax grosses me out!!! GROSSES ME OUT!!! Like makes my skin crawl!
I want to immediately pull out some q-tips! I have looked in all of your ears, LOL! I look in everyone’s ears when I talk to them...And dirty finger nails too...after a man's teeth, I look at his hands/nails...if his nails are dirty....NO WAY!!! That’s why I keep my nails short…manicured but short. I check nails for dirt and the ears for wax…WTF is wrong with me?!

When a man doesn’t wear an undershirt underneath his shirt/sweater or whatever!

I don’t eat kiwi for the same reason! Hairy ass fruit, LOL!

When folks have that white cream on the corners of their mouth…Dominicans call it “Boquilla” Yuk! Just seeing that nastiness makes me want to throw up!

When Someone Says “Not for Nothing But…” SHUT UP!!!
That's just a code for I'm about to trash someone…never fails.

I have a serious phobia of drowning!

I have more pet peeves but I’ll spare you guys!

Oh here’s something really gross…one time I was at BBQs and this girl next to me had some nasty dirty yellow long claws and old girl was literally sucking the ranch dressing out from inside her nails…YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peggy said...

Ooooh Amanda, the not wearing an undershirt underneath his top irks me too!!! And Sandee, yes...I'm mortified by dirty bathrooms/tubs.

Another pet peeve pf mine is when someone is serving/cutting you a slice of cake and they lick the frosting off their fingers in between serving/cutting. Now I don't want no cake!!!

Brooke said...


you ladies are cracking me up!

Sandee, you are too much! I thought I was bad!

I hate being cold too. I can't have even one toe exposed from under a blanket or my entire body is freezing. I'm ALWAYS COLD. But if you were to touch my skin, it's warm to the touch. I'm cold on the inside. I can't stand being at someone's house and it's cold. My sister keeps a cool house - meanwhile I'm walking around in sweats. No one should be all bundled up INSIDE the house. It's just not natural.

I hate dirty tubs too.

Ginger root sounds gross. I'm not big on roots...ginger, nutmeg, etc. Instant migraine. But if you can tell me where to get it, I'll try it.

I can't stand when people bite their nails either. When I hear them bite the nail and it makes that sound, I cringe.

Dirty nails are gross too. I remember being really young - like 4 or 5 - and my mom saying "if someone has dirty nails, that means they didn't take a bath that day." :-)

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one afraid of falling down steps.

Amanda - earwax?? You've looked in my ears??? Now you know that everytime you talk to me, I'm going ot be looking to see if you're looking in my ears! LOL!!!

Peggy, I feel you on people licking their fingers in between slicing cake. My aunt does that and it drives everyone in my family crazy. They snatch the knife away from her like "I'LL DO IT! LOL!!! Good ones ladies!

Keefe said...

1) Mice. All the bitch in me POURS out whenever I see Mickey and dem'. Mickey Mouse is mad gangsta in my book!

2) Don't take me to see a horror film. I'm the annoying asshole who is screaming and cringing at EVERY scene.

3) I can't stand to see fingernails that have been CHEWED down to the knuckles! If you have a nervous disorder and you need to chew/bite something, stick a piece of gum in your mouth. Just don't pop it because Brooke might kick your ass. Lol

3) Since we are on nails, WOMEN ......... PLEASE STOP WALKING AROUND WITH CHIPPED POLISH!!!!! Your fingernails and your toe nails should be immaculate. There is nothing more disturbing than seeing a fine sista with a jacked up mani/pedi.

4) Since we are on toes, WOMEN ......... when you wear your open toe/peep toe shoes, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY FIT!!!! In case you haven’t heard, the “let your toes dangle off the leading edge of your shoe look” is dead. If I see it again, I’m stomping the HELL outta someone’s toes. Word is BOND! You’ve been warned.
5) My daughter 2 y/o daughter drools like a mad man when she sleeps. Why does she wake up EVERY morning and the first thing she wants to do is kiss me with her drool smelling hot breath? I have one word for her: toothpaste.
That’s it for now. More will come later.

Brooke said...

I don't do horror films either. I jump at everything, even when I know what's going to happen.

I hate chipped polish too, which is why I keep my fingernails nude for the most part. My pedicures last forever, so I rarely have chipped polish on my toes :-)

Toes should not look like knuckles in sandals and open-toed shoes - I hear you on that!

Chewed up fingernails are the worst!

Don't know what to tell you about the drool...she's 2 - give her a break and be glad she wants to kiss you! I'm sure your breath is hummin first thing in the AM too :) LOL!!

. said...

OMG!!! When guys have longs Snoop Dogg's...GROSS!!! Or that one pinky nail, mad long...WTF is that?! A coke nail? A scratch nail?What???!!!

Oh that crap I call eye boogers (not eye crust…boggers!)…Dude/Chic, you’re killing me!!!

BTW: Folks licking their fingers is a pet peeve of mine period! Unless…never mind… ;-)

Brooke said...

Uh oh Amanda, don't tell on yourself!

I'm not a big fingers person, period - if you know what I mean. I only know one person who can use fingers well....and we'll just leave it at that ;)

Keefe said...

oh I have another one.

Weed head lips!!!! Yall know what I'm referring to. We all know a few of them. That friend, family member, lover, co-worker, or whomever, who smokes weed so much his/her lips are black.

How in the hell you expect the next person to kiss you when your lips look and feel like BURNT sandpaper?

And don't get me started on the "Butter Teeth" that are usually hidden behind the CRUSTY ASS lips!

. said...

Keefe - I so feel you on the chipped polish!!! And yes, your shoes SHOULD FIT! :-)

Brooke said...

LOL!!! Keefe you're crazy!

I actually don't think I know anyone personally who has weed lips. I think the only time I saw weed lips is when Dave Chappelle did a skit on his show once. But I can't say I've seen them up close and personal.

Butter teeth on the other hand... just nasty! You know how I feel about teeth!

. said...

Butter Teeth??? LOL!

I call them Captain Crunch teeth and I call jacked up teeth...type writer teeth…Ha, Ha!

. said...

Oh I def seen some weed lips...:-(

Brooke said...

I call it having a yuk mouf...yes, I said "MOUF" LOL! :-)

Peggy said...

You can get the ginger at the produce section of any supermarket. It really does work for me.

I can't stand to see a man who's receding, but wants to still rock a ponytail...LET IT GO!!!

Peggy said...

Keefe, you're hillarious!

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone: Brooke I've never met you and u-know-who (Amanda of course) put me on to your blog! I'm Sarah, i've been friends with Ms. A since...wayyyyy back! Hey Peggy, Hey Sandee!!!!! Well it's nice to E-meet you and now that I got a chance to look at your blog I will be showing you some love when I can.

On to business, the biting down the nails to the white meat, gross.

I feel you Amanda on the "boquilla", we actually know someone who is a chronic boquillero, really drives me insane.

Burping like you lost your damn mind;

ugly toes (yes Amanda, I still hold the record lol);

ghetto fabulousness- ok it's 2008, pay the light bill and forget about those shoes!

Anybody over 35 with pants saggin--ok everyone with their ass crack out.

dirty sneakers

eating in public, especially finger foods. Dude if you're really hungry, step out the train.

children who talk back to their parents

Husbands who talk back to their wives, lol

When you're paying for something in a store and the cashier says nothing to you, not good morning, thankyou or goodbye.

Many many, more--I'll come back with more!

Keefe said...

To my young Kings out there, pull your mutha$%^#$% pants up.

My nephew and his friends HATE to see me coming. They know that if I see their pants are hangin' low, their are in for a 20 hour lecture.

Man the F up and pull your pants up!!!!!

Brooke said...

HEY SARAH! Nice to E-meet you too! Your list was great!

Ghetto fabulousness bugs the hell outta me too!

I hate watching people eating chicken wings on the train too. Especially when they crack and suck on the bone. Do that mess at home!

I think we all hate seeing boys/men with sagging pants. Who ever said that was cute? WHO?

I'm not attracted to thuggishness in the least...that's a blog for a different day :)

Peggy said...

Hey Sarah! (*_*)

I'm with you on the ghetto fabulousness!!!

Another pet peeve is when people don't get up for pregnant women on the train.

Keefe said...


I don't know what you are talking about. I eat my fried chicken, fried wontons, and shrimp fried rice on the train EVERYTIME I come back home just for nostalgic sake.

As a kid, I was DEFINITELY guilty of eating a 50 course meal on the train. And I would talk shit if someone looked at me funny! lol

Brooke said...


They'll be like 10 men sitting down and 15 women standing up, 2 of them pregnant...and the men will act like they're asleep, even when the woman's belly is sticking straight in their face. HATE THAT!

And then when a woman gives up her seat, THEN they act like "oh, I didn't see her." Yeah right jerk!

Brooke said...


I totally believe you eat like that on the train. I know how you do! But you're not ghetto....

.....anymore :-)

Anonymous said...

The trains especially are so full of germs, I can't see myself eating in them, not unless i like eating my wings with some e-coli, flu virus and perhaps some residue of feces and pis for added flavor. Ok, that was gross but it's true!!!

Men do seem to have a blatant disregard for pregnant women, they try to pull the okey doke like they were going to get up but someone else beat them to it!

Brooke said...

Yeah, you might as well be eating fried salmonella! That's probably why my ass is sick now! Damn germs on the train...just nasty!

And it doesn't help that I have to use a palm scan to get in the door on my floor at work. YUK!

. said...

On Tuesday this entire crew (guys and females) were eating Popeye’s on the train…fried chicken, biscuits (dude pulled out the grape jelly packet) and one dude believe it or not was eating a corn on the cob…the train was PACKED!!! Later on I hop another train and this Dominican guy is eating Pork Chops, Rice & Beans…LMAO, LMAO, LMAO!!! And I thought of Sarah because I so wanted to tell her this BS! NYC, MAN!!!

Brooke said...

Speaking of NYC - another thing I hate - when people knock your ass over to get a seat on the train, or when they block the door cuz they wanna stand close to the door so they can get off, but they don't move so you can get on. HATE THAT! or when people crowd the front of the bus instead of moving back so more people can get on. The bus will be empty in the back, but the bus driver won't let you on cuz he thinks the bus is crowded cuz everyone is bunched up at the front!

Anonymous said...

That may be what I cook tonight!! How can you enjoy a porkchop, rice and beans on a train?(btw, they left out the maduros!!) That's a classic! When I went up to NY Sept., the minute I stepped foot in the Bx, there was a guy eating his box chicken and FF and talking on his cell phone, mind you all while crossing the street holding up traffic!!! Welcome home!

That's the BS I hate see, but miss the most!

Dre Lew said...

For the most part I can deal with a lot and not say a word. But a few can get the blood to boil!!!

1. Drivers who are turning and wait until the light turns green to put on their turn signal
2. Folks who have very bad plaque build up between their teeth
3. Bad breath ~ those of you who are in long closes up meetings with them know what I mean
4. Folks that have pets and when you wall in their house you can tell ~ smell it the front door! ~ Nasty!!!
5. Women ~ B.O. Not all, but when it’s that time of the month ~ worse meetings I ever had
6. Ample bath tissue in the bathroom
7. If guys can leave the toilet seats down, why can’t woman leave the decorative top down when they are done?
8. Doctors who have you wait forever ~ my time is important too, after 20 mins ~ I reschedule and leave
9. Mispronounced words ~ Physical vs. Fiscal
10. Cell phones in at the movies

Brooke said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit..."when it's that time of the month?" You can smell that? That made me sick.

I can't stand cell phones in the movies either...even worse when people actually ANSWER the call!

And as far as mispronounced words, my mother turns the words "northern," "southern" and "pattern" into 3 "nor-ther-in," "su-ther-in" and "pat-ter-in." She'd be so mad at me right now if she knew I told you all that, but it drives me crazy!

Anonymous said...

Y'all are killing me! very funny.

BTW, take a look at Sen. Obama...he has weed lips. More smoker's lips since he has a slight sig habit, but look at him...

and for me...

1)loud phone talkers. anywhere! train, office, walking down the street, in a silent house, a closed off padded room...keep it to modest volume.

2)women who use the baby voice when they want something. trust me, sweetheart, I am not R Kelly. That gets you no where and only annoys me.

3)definitely clipping nails in public.

4)The Hills, Laguna Beach and any other show where young rich kids get to cry about their "problems" and get paid for it.

5)Tourists standing in the middle of the sidewalk in Times Square looking up at signs. You will get elbowed!

6)people who talk through movies...this isn't a sporting event in need of commentary.

7)whiny little kids especially little boys.

8)being called and asked "where are you?" when I'm en route to join someone. for real?? you need a GPS on my ass? For Real??

9)Nagging...any kind!

Dre Lew said...

With a smile and grace I have had to bear through so the roughest business meetings and tax clients. But can smell when it's on, it ain't pretty thing to deal with. Not sure if you ever had someone with flatulence ~ that's pretty rough too!! Scary movies up to the 1st scare ~ after the 1st one I'm cool!!! LoL

. said...

LMAO! Obama def has weed lips! I have ALWAYS thought that.

I know a woman that uses the baby voice when she talks to men and it drives me crazy...I have to walk away because I can't take it...It creeps me out! Very Mariah...

I can't watch any of these stupid reality shows!

Man, y'all know how I feel about working in Times Square!!!

. said...

D'Andre - You can smell it on some women? Whoa! :-(

Brooke said...

Hey! Leave my boo Barack alone! LOL!! So that's weed lips huh?

I don't like whiny kids either, but what is a baby voice? Women use baby voices when they want something? Someone has to demonstrate that for me one day.

Yeah, these people who are famous just because they're rich annoy me. And anything with Flava Flav, New York or Fonzworth Bentley in it are just ridiculous to me. Straight ghetto mess.

Dre Lew said...

Amanda ~ Brooke, in these few cases I would think anyone would have caught the smell(talking about crankin!!!), especially the person themselves! No...I don't have magic radar * LoL

. said...

No, need to demonstrate...I have a feeling you will witness it soon enough :-(

Brooke said...


Still, that's gross. When it's that time of the month, I think I take like 3 showers a day. I know that's more than you needed to know about me, but still. Nasty.

Dre Lew said...

Yes...agree ~ Nasty, but what do you do!!! Tight schedule don't allow to have the meetings any other time and what do you say???
Like I said "It's rough" having to sit there for 1 or 2 hours!! Poor...Poor Dre!

Brooke said...

I don't know what to say to that. Somebody should slip her a note :)

Dre Lew said...

I would write a book!!! LoL But would you be offended??

Brooke said...

Only if it were true! LOL!!

A lady friend needs to tell her.

Dre Lew said...

If I could pass the note ~ but even with my assistant sitting across from the meeting, I would have a hard time telling her to tell the client ~ so sometimes you just got to do it. Breath through the mouth the whole meeting!!! LoL And take short breathes

Also, I brush the way they clean my my way around 3 full times. It takes me about 5-8 mins to brush ~ getting those 4 wisdom teeth is a plus!!! Wink Wink

Amanda ~ what's that all about, My whole name like you are yelling at me * LoL

Brooke said...

yeah, D'Andre - what's that about? She used your gov'ment name! LOL!

Mothering With Nature said...

I complete agree for your cold you should follow what Peggy advises. I also recommend using echinacea and goldenseal considering you already have the cold. The best thing is usually prevention. At onset of a cold you should begin taking echinacea and Vit. C every few hours. This usually boots your immunity and can prevent a full blown cold. For your cough remember to combine the garlic with some honey. Its easier to swallow and honey is also a great natural antibiotic.

The Fury said...

I'm sooooo happy i've never smelled the that time fo the month

Since I've apparently been dubbed the freak presence on the blog (maybe I should've stayed a lurker). I'll go ahead and list my SEXUAL Pet Peeves. LOL

1)women that just lay there, near motionless and quiet holding it all back and in. Like if they move or speak they'll get called out and have to go back to the beginning of the red, light green light 1, 2, 3, line.

2)lazy head givers. if you don't want to do it...just don't, it's cool...not really, but it's cool.LOL don't do it.

3)that baby voice DURING foreplay! The Black Cloud has got to agree with me on this one!

4)women that keep their back stiff and straight as a board during doggystyle.

5)women that fake with their men then complain to other men about how wack the guy is...stop boosting his ego and tell him he's WACK!

6)Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston music. If you put ANY of their CDs on repeat before sex, you've just killed the mood.

There are a few more, but I won't hijack your blog again.:-)

Brooke said...

Mothering with Nature - Thank you for the advisce for my cold! By the way, love your site! Go visit Mothering with Nature everyone! I'm going to get some honey right now! you go :-)

Since you wanna go there, let me see if I can add something without putting all my business out there. I'll leave the sexy blog stuff to you, but here goes MY sexual pet peeves:

I agree with you on lazy head givers - that goes both ways :-)

Stop jabbing me with fingers, not cool!

Men who can't kiss. They slob you down and put their lips over your lips and your whole face is wet. Just gross.

Too much spit when you kiss.

Tongue in ears...HATE THAT! Just cuz you like it doesn't mean I like it, don't do it.

Knees at ears is one thing, but ankles around my neck - not possible, so stop trying. I'm not a pretzel.

I'm not a wishbone. I'll let you all think about that one.

Don't ask me if I came, how it was or anything like that. If you have to ask, that means it was wack!

Nipples are not dials like on a radio, stop twisting them like you're looking for a signal.

That's it for now, you don't really wanna get me started on this topic...and you all don't need to know that much about me ;)

Rene The Harlemite said...

Seems like this is a popular topic...
Pet Peeves:
-Passive Aggressive People
- When it's 100 degrees out and the sidewalk is not crowded and someone has to walk all near you.
-Where there is silence in a conversation,People who ask you questions that they know you know the answer to becuase they feel awkward.
-People who act like a brat when they don's get their way.
-The sound of styrophone rubbing together.
People who stare at you while you are eating and you offer them some and they say "No" but you really know they want some because they keep staring at you and your food.
-People that litter when there is a trash can an arms length away.

I don't like Rats(long Story) and Needles

. said...

What?! You don't like rats?!

Littering is a major pet peeve of mine even if there isn't a trash can near by...hold it! You'll find one!!!

Brooke said...

Amanda, if you heard the story, you'd know why Rene REALLY doesn't like rats. I'm sure he'll tell it to you one day :)...soon ;) maybe game night :) (hint, hint!) LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Men who invite themselves to my deluxe apartment suite. Hate that!

Men who ask for money or gifts. Hate that! I’m not your parents or fairy god mother!

I hate rude children and their parents who think bad behavior is CUTE. I hate that.

People who man handle bread at the dinner table without washing their hands. Hate that.

Find it disturbing when people stare and don’t divert their eyes when you catch them staring.

I hate people who pass gas in front of others. Hate that and we’ll never be that close so chill.

I hate EGGS the way they smell and taste!

I hate when people play music from their phones especially on the bus or train. I don’t want to hear Lil Wayne at 8:15 in the morning.

I hate people who comb their hair on the train and I’m sitting next to them. Excuse me can you keep your coo coo bugs to yourself? Hate that!

I hate people who go grocery shopping with you and put things in your cart and don’t offer a dime towards the bill. What’s up with that?


Brooke said...

oh damn! People actually DO that? the only person who can get away with putting something in my cart is my nephew Kyce - and it's usually a Transformer :) But if you're talking about GROWN PEOPLE, then that's not cool at all!

And I'm sure we all agree about men asking for gifts or money - Amanda I'm sure has something to say about that!

. said...

Man, y’all already know how I feel about that but you know the Chris Rock joke...from Niagara Falls to the Sahara Desert :-)

Oh and I think it actually makes Sandee throw up, LOL!

We all seem to get different symptoms but a strong reaction nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know you had so many ...

You're kinda like a white chick ;-)

I don't have many myself but ... Perfume I can smell from afar makes me cringe ... Really long SWV nails - GROSS ... I only use odd numbers of ice cubes (3, 5 or 7) ...

Brooke said...

Who's like a white chick? He must be talking about you Amanda :-)

Odd number of ice cubes? that's funny!

. said...

Me? Nah. Can't be...

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