Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Thursday!

I wasn't aware of this, but apparently I'm supposed to blog everyday :-) I love getting the emails and phone calls from you all that are asking - "Hey! Where is today's blog!" I'm so grateful to all of my friends for encouraging and supporting me. Trust me, I would LOVE to be able to sit all day and type all my inner thoughts and share them with you. But sometimes I wake up with a bunch of things I want to share, get to work, and then get so bogged down that I just don't have time!

Like Bernie Mac said, "I didn't come here to work!"

But they give me work to do anyway dagnabbit!! How dare they make me earn my paycheck...see how "The Man" is? As my nephew would say..."you shady grady!" LOL!!

(okay, maybe no one got that but me)

ANYWAY!! What I DO have the luxury of doing at work is watch tv. Last night, Amanda and I were running around in Target, so we both missed the debates. We got to my place just in time to see the closing statements. Luckily, I have a tivo at work as well, so I just finished watching the debates from last night.

Can I just say....Barack Obama is one cool cat. I mean, he didn't even break a sweat. He handles all of McCain's sneers, condescending remarks and flip responses with ease and lets it all just roll off his back. He's smooth. He's unshaken. Never stirred.

So many times people say they wish Barack Obama would "get mad." They wish he would "fight back." But in all of these debates where he's kept a calm demeanor, John McCain appears more agitated, more erratic and more hateful.

What Barack Obama has is PATIENCE. When it's said that we should be patient and withstand attacks, it doesn't mean that we are defeated or overcome. The purpose of practicing patience is to become stronger in mind and stronger in heart. In an atmosphere of calm, you gain wisdom. If you lose patience, your emotions take over and you've lost the power to analyze. Staying cool strengthens you to use your power of analysis and helps you to overcome the negative force that is opposing you.

We all know that Barack Obama is a Christian. He says he calls on his spirituality to guide him everyday. Being patient is a God-guided action. Nothing happens unless it's on His time. A lot of times, we pressure ourselves to act, when WE think we need to do something. We pressure ourselves to act when OTHER people think we should do something. But God's plan of action in never rushed. It's never erratic. Going against God's guided action can force us to make ill-timed decisions and to speak and act irresponsibly. Barack knows this, and he knows not to say or do anything before it's time. He remains unmoved until the right action arises by itself.

Barack is thoughtful in his responses because he allows them to come to him. No gift is greater than the gift of patience. Patience isn't waiting with empty hope. Patience shows an inner certainty of reaching the goal. That certainty gives light that leads to success. It gives you perseverance that brings good fortune.

Barack knows this. He knows the words will come. He knows the answers will come. He knows power will come. And he knows the time will come for him to lead.

And it will be right. In due time...history will be made.


. said...

So what? And I have youtube! LOL!

Didn't start work until after I watched the debate...not good :-(
But hey, I'm focused now ;-)

He doesn't crack a sweat and it makes McCain sick. He’s incapable of hiding it.

The end of the matter is better than its beginning and patience is better than pride. Barack doesn’t seem to have any uncertainty of this.

Yes, that is one cool dude :-)

Anonymous said...

My man Barack was definitely unflappable last night. While most will agree that this debate was not Barack's best performance substantively; he still at all times mainatined, what I would consider to be, Presidential composure. He did all of this despite McCain's every futile attempt to rattle his cage.(BTW did the old man appear to be extra decrepit looking last night? Yeah I said it, but you all thought it. It scares me, the very thought of putting a man in office who clearly doesn't look fit to hold the most demanding job in the world, but I digress). I was extremely impressed with Barack last night and truly believe we all witnessed the ascension of a man who is primed to make history and become the next President of these United States of America.

America is so ready for change!!!


Dre Lew said...

Hey Brooke ~ Yes, daily is in your job description(read the fine print!!*LOL), so welcome back and Super Thanks!!

Yes...the debate was a mastery of never let them see you sweat. The expression calmer heads will prevail, Obama had McCain sweating because he could not be moved for his relaxed, calm, informative exchange of ideas. It was funny to me at times ~ McCain would ask his “Big Question” and Obama would clearly articulate his full answer, only to have McCain ask and/or restate the same. I was looking for Mr. Shaffer to chime in “He just answered that ~ did you not hear it or not understand it” LoL Boy I wish he would have said that. It was 3 for 3, there 19 minutes(days) left and McCain is about out of time!!!

A lot time…in an exchange of ideas (argument) folks are so busy making a point that they don’t bother to listen or for that matter take time to have clarity of thought. They are so overly concerned with the “I gottcha”, that if they did take time and slow their roll ~ McCain would have heard his self say “People are in Pain….several times in the same sentence. I learn a while ago (life’s hard lesson 101) to take the emotion out of your comment if you really want to make a good point. The old saying “Don’t go off half cocked”. You could write a text book based on how Obama just killed with smile and pure intelligence. Saying it very well…to bad McCain wasn’t listening ( hearing, but not listening*LoL)

I really felt informed after Obama broke down every point of concern McCain had (as well as I), from the Judges, to abortion, to voting against late term abortion, to Ayers, to tax on small businesses, to health insurance coverage, to controlling cost, to understanding that every idea has a cost ~ do I need to go on. I watch the debate to not see McCain go down or Obama to go up. It was to reinforce and confirm why I am voting for Obama. But most importantly is to have a better idea of how he plans to accomplish some of the largest task that of any incoming president in our history has inherited. Restoring the US as world leader(fighting a unjust war), restoring the volunteerism of the military(after forcing troops to stay in for 1 or 2 years after their time was up), the economy, health care, education ~ needless to say, a large undertaking that is becoming very clear ~ we don’t need McCain’s temperament and closed mindedness to , dare I say, start World War III ( okay ~ worse case ) True to form, republicans had their spin…I don’t know what they were watching, but the polls surely made it clear of what transpired.

Obama has continued his history making run ~ Let’s all pray for him and his family, keeping them safe and giving him the wisdom to govern the best.

Much Love to You All


. said...

FB! About time...knew it was a matter of time :-)
Very ready...will we see you on 1/20 in DC? WE WILL BE THERE.

Anonymous said...


I will be there with my click clacks and my American flag on. Nothing would be more fitting than inaugurating the first African American president and having the Washington Mall serve as a scenic backdrop. I will be there languishing in the fridgid weather but yet still basking in the warmth of Dr. King's words and dream absorbing the realization that the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors, grandparents and our parents alike were not all in vain. This is their victory as well. I desire nothing more than to embrace Hope and on 01/20/09 I will welcome her with open arms. I am so happy that I will witness such historical greatness in my lifetime. I want my kids and my grandchildren to realize that with hope, drive and vision anything is achievable; Barack Obama is proof of that. This monumental event will undoubtedly fuel the next generation of African and Hispanic American leaders to drive our country forward and eliminate the racial and class division that has for so long plagued our country. I pray for Barack and his family and I pray for all Americans as this to me signifies the beginning of a new book in American history. I feel very strongly for this candidate, and not because he is black, but because he speaks a language that I understand. He truly speaks for me. I think he speaks for the interests of the majority and not the special interest. Dammit to be blunt...he just gets it!!!

Now conversely, if McCain sneaks in a win....I know a bunch of dudes without social security numbers and two strikes that are prepared for the revolution!!! (just jokes!!)


Keefe said...

BO did his thing last night. He addressed the ACORN issue. He addressed his Ayers connection. He touched on everything from Joe the plumber to his position on abortion.

Old man McCain simply used every moment to attack. He's like a rat trapped in a corner. Ready to attack! And not just any rat. I'm talking about those BIG A$$ NYC rats. lol

Brooke said...

LOL!! Big Ass Angry Drunk Uncle Rats! McCain is falling apart at the seams. He is simply unraveling before our eyes. It's almost sad.

Almost.... :-)

But I agree with all of you. I feel so privileged to be able to witness history with my own two eyes. I'll see all of you in Washington in January at the parade with tears in my eyes!

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