Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend! I had a wonderful one personally, as I spent it with my family in Philly. They just got back from over a month long vacation in Morocco and Italy and I couldn't wait to play with my nephews!

I am also giddy about the fact that I paid $2.55 a gallon for gas on the way back driving through Jersey! It's the little things man, the little things!!

And not so little of a thing that also had me smiling from ear to ear this weekend was Gen. Colin Powell's endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama! That's HUGE! That's wonderful, and it made me happy :-)

This is, on the other hand, is sad:

Last week, everyone was so "impressed" that John McCain "defended" Barack Obama when a woman at a town hall meeting said "I'm concerned because he's an Arab" and McCain corrected her. Now, when I heard that, I thought " corrected her and gave him a compliment, but at the same time, you insinuated that being an Arab was the antonym to being a decent human being." I wasn't that impressed.

As I stated earlier, this past weekend, Colin Powell formally announced his endorsement of Barack Obama. If you missed it, here was his announcement on Meet The Press. But if you forward to about 4:27, his statement is what REALLY impressed me.

My sister, my brother-in-law and my nephews are Muslims. If either of my nephews wants to be the President of the United States, then I want him to believe that he CAN BE one day, no matter what religion he practices. To suggest that, because he is a Muslim, he is not a decent human being sickens me. To suggest that one group of Americans is more patriotic, more worthy and better human beings than another group based on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation is ridiculous. I'm happy that Colin Powell addressed that in his endorsement and condemned his party for catering to the lowest common denominator of our country. Colin Powell knows himself and what he stands for and isn't afraid to say it. Now, THAT'S impressive.

I think it's important to take a really close look at what the candidates stand for, what they say, and what they DON'T say. In looking at them, take a look at what is important to you and look within yourself to see where your core values lie. And be honest with that look. Colin Powell was honest with his look. I wonder what that woman in that clip sees in herself?

If I could appeal to her and those like her, I'd tell them to take a journey toward enlightenment. The purpose of enlightenment is to challenge ourselves to discover the divinity within ourselves and honor it in one another. I'd tell them to seek light and greater clarity, to yearn for the insight waiting to spark within us all. Our intuition whispers to us. It's always there, in front of us, within us and all around us. I'd tell them to feel their way through it. If you are in the dark it's because your eyes are not open. Not "physically" unopened, but perhaps mentally and spiritually unopened.

Opening our eyes is about being diligent in expanding our awareness and understanding the multidimensional nature of our existence as human beings. A famous proverb states "the first step - and perhaps the only one we need to take - is to know thyself." In knowing our self - our true self - we will discover that they are not other, but our self as well. When we fail to recognize our own divinity, we fail to recognize our connection to one another. They are us, and we are them. A Zen master will tell you that how to become enlightened is to "Become Seeing" meaning see as God sees - your oneness with the WHOLE of life - judging not, but experiencing it's wonder. God is your first and last teacher - educate yourselves.

Bigotry is the disease of ignorance.


Anonymous said...

well written Brooke - mandy and I were just speaking on Bigotry. Some would argue its a divine right you gain through knowledge believe it or not...

Brooke said...

It's crazy what people believe, and very sad. People who say that bigotry is their right know nothing of compassion, humility, grace or tolerance. We need to pray for them because they need it the most.

Dre Lew said...

Hi Brooke ~ Welcome back from the Weekend ~ I hope all had an enjoyable one as well!!

Yes…Mr. Secretary/General Powell broke it down ~ boy what a way to say it and then qualify the reasoning!! Did everyone hear all of what he said “The World is watching”
We as country go to great lengths to promote democracy through out the world and as we prepare to vote for the highest office in the land we should keep that in mind! The words, actions and interactions are being watch/read by all countries of the world. What an example to set and then think that the world would greet any leader from the US with respect after such a horrible display of common curiosity. He also spoke on the statement from the Senator from Minnesota ~ I watch her interview ~ it was so crazy what she said. (A new Blog just for her comments) Also, mentioned was McCain’s poor choice of a vice president. At what cost do you go to win. It’s clear that McCain wants to be president ~ to me, he would sell his soul to get there. To see that republican’s would say Obama is converting the country to socialism because he is winning and has a different approach to governing than they…then to add they should be investigated as a threat to the country. If anyone has heard about McCarthyism ~ how he labeled and hunted for communist back in the 60’s(somebody check me on the time frame). I am extremely happy to hear a clear, sound voice of reasoning that is respected on both isles and the world.

The class of leadership is from the top down. Obama and the all his campaign has shown the quality that is worthy to achieve the “Office of the President”. He has shown in many ways his class, intelligence, grace, open minded thinking and a pure gentleman during this race(test). McCain can’t even control his campaign and people apart of it nonetheless to take charge of the country as president. I hope that wakes the better good of the republican’s and we’ll see a better run campaign to the finish. (There is always hope!!! LoL) 15 days and counting ~ Let’s all be inform and do something about it!

Peace and Love to All


Brooke said...

I hope some Republicans take an honest look at themselves the way Colin Powell did and the better part of themselves comes out on Election Day and votes for Barack Obama. They can't even justify among themselves why they're voting for John McCain. It's willful ignorance. Colin Powell was so thoughtful in his response and yet they STILL say it is because of RACE that he's voting for Barack Obama. It's insanity. This man broke it down to the simplest terms why he's voting for Barack - his intelligence, his world view, his steady vision, his respectful campaign, and they still can't see past race. Colin Powell is one of the most respected republicans ever! He served in the Bush administration. No one said boo about that. But now that he's endorsing a man who is best qualified to lead this country who also happens to be black, he's ONLY endorsing him because he's black. And that's insane to me.

Dre Lew said...

So on Point Brooke!!!

It’s like arguing with a fool. It doesn’t matter to level you show your point ~ they are blind and don’t want to see the simple truth. If Jesus came back down to explain it ~ they tell him to get back on the cross * Totally crazy!!! But as Obama said “Don’t get mad, just go out and vote!!”

As always Miss Brooke ~ Thanks for all the thoughts! What a way to start off the week.


Rene The Harlemite said...

Great post Brooke...It's ironic that wrote this today becuase I get an e-mail forwarded to me that was written of a wife of a frat brother of mine asking to pray fro him. He does press work and has been following the McCain/Palin campaign trails and is astonished,anrgry, enraged over the racist things that have been going on at their rallies.

Brooke said...

I can only imagine. I can't say that I'd be surprised though. We understand racism much better than white Americans. It still saddens me though, even though nothing ceases to amaze me. I think what this election has done is wake a lot of "non-minorities" up to the fact that racism is still very much alive and well in this country.

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