Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Okay...can I just say...or ask....was anyone else as appalled as I was last night when Senator McCain referred to Senator Obama as "THAT one"?

"THAT one"?

Aside from the fact that Barack Obama is a United States Senator, he is a human being WITH A NAME.

"THAT one"?

I wouldn't even refer to my cat as "that one."

I don't have a problem with McCain differing with Obama on many issues. That is his right. I don't personally agree with any of McCain's policies. But that's neither here nor there.

What I don't understand is why one can't disagree without having a sense of personal honor.

"THAT one"?

He treated Barack Obama like he was an intruder in his home. The disdain, the hostility...dare I say, the HATRED that John McCain seems to have for Barack Obama is so glaring it blinded me last night. As the words "THAT one" left his mouth, my heart stopped. It was as if someone sucked all the air out of the room. "Did he REALLY just refer to another human being, a fellow SENATOR! THAT one?"

It was dismissive and disrespectful. This is a man I want to lead our country? This is a man who I'd trust to speak diplomatically to other world leaders?

It's bad enough he cynically chose a running mate who is no more qualified to be the VP than I am (I say that half joking...half not) and allows her to run around the country spewing lies and attacks on a man who has 10 times her qualifications. But to constantly dismiss, disrespect and try to belittle a man who is running against you is distasteful...if not just plain disgusting.

Sen. McCain is always putting out words like "honor" and "respect" but never seems to display those characteristics in his own conduct. It began this week with dirty campaign ads filled with "mischaracterizations" and continued last night when he referred to Barack Obama as "THAT one" and didn't shake his hand after the debate.

On the other hand, I'm so proud of the way Barack Obama handles himself, even when shown such blatant disrespect. But I'm not surprised that Obama just allows it to roll off his back....after all, angels can fly because they take themselves lightly. He knows he has a greater purpose.

Barack Obama has integrity. He has a dream. He is bold. And in that boldness lies genius, power and magic. With all the polls and pundits, what people fail to realize is there is a greater power at work here. God has a hand in this too. And while McCain refuses to shake hands with his political rival, remember....God gives nothing to those who keep their arms crossed.

Barack Obama respects others' views while he demands that they respect his. He can seek to live his life's purpose of service without downplaying, disregarding or disrespecting someone else's views or their purpose. I applaud that he leads by example and not perception, that he leads by living instead of preaching, and leads by doing and not professing. That is what you call personal honor.

Yes...."THAT one."


Unknown said...

OMG, I've only read the first sentence but HELL YEAH I was pissed when he referred to Obama with "THAT" nonsense! :(

Unknown said...

Last comment: well said!!

Brooke said...

Thanks! I stared at the tv in disbelief!

Torri said...

Ummm....very intersting. I like to watch the debates to get a good laugh. This government is a joke. I am sorry I missed it but thanks for your blog. I can get a sense of what I missed. You are correct when you say that God has his hand in everything. (Isaiah 45:7) "...I the Lord do all these things."

You should not be surprised by McCain. He is doing what he was created to wicked.

Your sista in Christ,

Dre Lew said...

Hi Brooke,

Thanks for saying it so well ~ I watched the debate. It's more of the same. But before the debate I had said to a friend...McCain and his team are about out of options and are going to go nuclear ~ thinking that Obama was going to the class act and very presidential meanwhile McCain would start to show his true self. Pulling out of Michigan is the tip of the ice berg. Each day as the polls show him falling more and more behind he has started(more like continued!) his resentment of Obama. Clearly last night was (in my opinion) just the start of him starting to lose his temper. This is the last person the USA needs in negotiating peace or world problems!!! Tactics with no strategy in site is how McCain camp has gone. Look at his poor choice as a running mate. He not only did his party a disservice, but the country as a whole. Duly qualified she is not! Oh course the folks on the right side of aisle are saying this is nothing and it refers to their ads about Obama being "The One" ~ which is bull. None they are complaining that Palin's New Week photo didn't get touched up...what's next.

Thanks Brooke(by way of Amanda!) for putting that out there~Much Success!!


Rene The Harlemite said...

Great blog Brooke. It is really good for your first one. You would have never known that you are a blogging virgin! LOL! I agree it was uncalled for McCain to refer to Obama as that one...It makes now sense. you can be the oppositon but still have respect for someone.

Keep Blogging!

Brooke said...

Dre, you are so right! I was waiting for him to blow a gasket last night! As Obama said, he's running out of ideas and running out of time.

Brooke said...

Thank you Rene. "Blogging Virgin" LOL!! Yes, I guess you can say I am. I have no idea what I'm doing, but it felt good to get that out today.

. said...

I’m always proud of the way Obama handles himself. He refuses to stoop down to their level. Refuses to! He knows that his purpose/that this purpose is so much greater than feeding into or entertaining such nonsense. He is a man of GREAT integrity and will not allow anyone or anything that is said about him, deter him from the greater purpose.

Regarding McCain referring to him as “that one”…due to the fact that his tactics are not working, his frustrations are showing his true colors…Extremely Disrespectful and in Poor Taste. Can you imagine what he calls him behind close doors? I’m sure we all can.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Brooke said...

So true Amanda Panda!...McCain's desperation is showing and it's nothing pretty. It's sad actually.

Keefe said...


Thanks for starting this blog and sharing your thoughts. I hope you blog on a regular basis, as I would love read more of your “work” and get an idea of what’s going on in that crazy mind of yours. :-)

Now with regards to Senator McCain’s comment, I have to admit that I was PISSSED! So pissed, I had a flashback of the movie Roots. We are all familiar with the scene when a defiant Kunta Kinte is being whipped and “massa” tries to make him denounce his namesake. “Toby, your name is Toby!!!!” That’s what I initially saw last night; McCain TRYING to denounce Obama by calling him “That one!”

And then it hit me! McCain is frustrated that he is losing and he knows that he will not beat “That one!” “That One” is winning the 2008 Presidential race! “That One” will definitely get my vote and millions of others on November 4. And “That One” WILL BE the next President of the United States!

Sandee said...

Well Done.
Keep it Coming Girl.

Brooke said...

KEEFE!! yes, I do have a crazy mind, you know me so well :-)

But yes, the term "that one" is just another way of saying "this uppity negro. The NERVE of a black man trying to run against me...and actually be BEATING me in the polls." The undertones of McCain and Palin's speech is absolute disgust that there is a more qualified candidate who just happens to be black. He can barely stand to look at him. Meanwhile Obama is cool as a cucumber. McCain is out of the game now. I don't for a second underestimate any tricks they may have up their sleeve as we approach election day, but I agree, "That One" will be our new president come January.

Brooke said...

Thank you Sandee! I'm sure as the election draws nearer I'll be ranting more and more each day :-)

Dre Lew said...


You have started a roller coaster!!! I think this a great format that hopefully everyone(whatever the opinion) just gets involved and be apart of the process vs. saying it doesn't matter. It very much matters and hope that this/we are part of history.

The next debate is October 15, 2008 * I can't wait for it and to see all of the comments to follow. all the bloggers ~ be informed and express yourself!!!! Always food for thought.

Thanks again Brooke

Andre said...

Of course, McCain makes those sorts of remarks and takes actions like not looking Sen. Obama in the eye during the first debate and not shaking his hand at the end of the second to show the lowly prejudice side of his base constituency that he's putting the "uppity" "elite" "n*gger" in his place. But to everyone else he looks like crotchety old man that can't control his temper. Good stuff.

Sharika S said...

Hey Brooke! McCain was so direspectful, rude, and now his true colors are showing.I hope the American People will see what type of man this is( another Bush). His back is up against the wall,he knows he's going down. Obama was so poised and never raveled.On January 20, 2009 Obama will be inaugrated. I will be there with tears of joy! Hope to see you all there! Sharika

Brooke said...

Sharika, you will DEFINITELY see me there!

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