Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've been Tagged!


Okay, now normally I wouldn't do this, but as D.L. Hughley said, "let's keep the party goin!"

The nipple kiss stealin', down low tinglin', neck huggin', thigh strokin', lip bitin', heart poundin' The Fury has challenged me to give you all intimate access into my world and share 7 random facts about myself. He knows a lot of intimate things about me already - sexy beast that he is - but I'll keep this G rated even though we're all grown :)

Here are the rules:

-Thou shalt link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.

-Thou shalt share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.

-Thou shalt tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.

-And let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are my 7:

1) I write erotic poetry - which is probably why I was tagged by The Fury - mmmmm, makes me think of Peaches and Plums (damned HHB!)

2) I know the movie The Color Purple word for word and cry EACH AND EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch it.

3) I can make a SLAMMIN cheesecake!

4) I get debilitating migraines - triggered by heat, cold, the smell of Happy perfume and the taste of coconut.

5) I'm ADDICTED to Snapple - especially the "Half Lemonade-Half Iced Tea" one.

6) I have to have surgery on BOTH of my knees! and I think I have a hairline fracture in my hand. I'm just falling apart!

7) I have a crush on my boxing instructor - but he's married :-( I think I hurt my hand sparring with him - sexy bastard!

Well, that's it - nothing crazy!

This is for The Fury :

Text Sex

did you feel that...
or is it just in my head?
oh sh*t...
here they come again
tremors are so strong
got my fingers shaking
over my qwerty board
vibrations of your inner sexy
so wild and untamed
before I try to calm the storm
cloud, please rain on me
the grace of your presence
in my life bears no fruit
and time refuses to reconcile
with what I've done
but I'm still waiting in the thirst of your love...

Tag! You're it!

Rene The Harlemite - who always has a funny, fly clip of the day!

Anthony Taurus - have no idea who he is, but found him on Rene's blog

Raw Dawg Buffalo - he visited my blog and gave me love

Scene & Heard - Tanika Ray's blog on for all your entertainment news!

Lipstick or Fruit Punch - Rene shouted her out in his "Blogs, Blogs, Blogs" post.

Super Hussy - cool site.

Javon - his blogs are off the chain and sometimes just straight nasty, but always him!


. said...

Not a blogger…Just following your blog…

Here are my 7:
1) I gave up meat this month.

2) I’m addicted to Seltzer Water/Club Soda. I gave up soda a couple of years ago.

3) Within the last couple of weeks, I’ve picked 2 paint colors for my bedroom…took my time at home depot (one time w/Brooke and the other w/April), didn’t rush it at all and now I don’t like either colors…I have 4 gallons of paint…you want it? One in the sage family, one in the grey family...and I’m not ballin’ out to be wasting money on paint like that but I don’t think I want to paint my bedroom a color I’m not crazy about :-(

4) I want someone to put an entire cake in front of me and just hand me a fork.

5) I started a prayer journal.

6) Dee - stop begging me to cook rice & beans and pork chops for you.

7) This morning I decided to stay home all weekend (this is huge for me…trust me lol)…turn my phone off, watch my netflix movies, make myself something to eat , read, listen to music and dance in front of my floor mirror :-) Okay, I will walk up the block for a manicure and brow wax but that is it :-) And come Sunday I’ll be like…I’m going to church….you see? I can’t do it!

I’m Tagging (post your 7 on Brooke’s blog): Dre, Duane, Roc, Leesa, Peggy, The Black Cloud and Rene

Stop holding out on the cheesecake, Brooke!

And if I didn’t follow instructions correctly, I apologize in advance :-)

Brooke said...

LOL!! Yeah, you kinda have to have a blog to do this - but it's cool. I hope everyone else follows your lead cuz I'm definitely interested in learing everyone else's 7.

I'm not holding out on the cheesecake, I'll make one when I come over your house in a couple weeks. It'll be a celebratory "OBAMA" cake since he will be our next president by then!

And you know Duane isn't going to comment on my blog. He'll call me up like "Brooooooooke....yooooo!" LOL!

and you KNOW you ain't staying in the house all weekend. Yeah right!

Dre Lew said...

Okay Amanda ~ you got me (not sure if this is how it goes)

1. I have never Blog before and am finding that it is the greatest fun and I feel so so enlighten. (So thanks Amanda and Brooke!) It feels fantastic to express yourself

2. You might never guess ~ I am a extremely shy person

3. My Code name is the “Grill Master” Some here know why, other will soon learn.

4. My favorite dessert is Cheesecake ! Brooke that is a Super Hint!!!!! LoL

5. Some people don’t understand what the fast lane on the highway is for ~ I do!!! Those who know me know why!

6. I love to ski black diamonds

7. I am a gadget man

Tagged are Sandee, Brooke, Sharika, Amanda, Keefe, ?? , ???

Okay…I’ll have to figure out the rest of them.

Amanda ~ paint the room!!! I did my sunroom and thought the same thing at first. Came out great.

Brooke said...

You can't tag me Dre, I already did this! LOL! I think I know why you're called the "Grill Master." Sandee is always telling us how great your cook-outs are. If that's not why they call you the "Grill Master," then please explain :-)

I got you with the cheesecake man, I got you!

I'm glad you follow my blog and love to express yourself. I feel like I have a new friend :-) Thanks so much!

Dre Lew said...

Yes indeed a new found friend ~ hope to meet you soon. Plan to have a cookout around Obama's inauguration ~ I'll be getting details out later and hope to see the blog group in the house!!!

So, rule #2 ~ is 7 new people shall be tagged. It would be interesting to see your additional 7 though!

Have a Super Weekend everyone!

Brooke said...

You know everyone will be freezing their booties off at an Obama Inauguration Cookout! But I'll be there anyway for the parade, festivities, etc. I'm there. additional 7? Let's see:

1) I have a cat named Cole, because he's charcoal grey :-)

2) Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite candy

3) This will be my second surgery on my left knee when I finally get it done - injured it the first time during a basketball game in the 10th grade

4) Amanda and I met through Myspace :-) who knew?!?

5) My left foot is a size 11 and my right foot is an 11 1/2. Yes, I have big feet, but I'm 5'10, so it works out :-)

6) I make really good fried chicken too, but I don't make it unless Amanda is coming over.

7) I am a HUGE Philly sports fan - Phillies, Flyers, Sixers and EAGLES!! Even if the only team doing well this year is the Phillies, I stay loyal to all my teams. I live in NY, so I cheer for NY teams when they're not playing Philly teams. So if you have something bad to say about Philly teams, keep it to yourself! I talk A LOT of smack! Or as I was told yesterday, I "pop off at the mouth" LOL!!

How's that for an additional 7? :-)

. said...

Dre -

Shy?????????????? Okay.

When we were on our way back from MD, I told Leesa the story on how when I rode in a car with you in NYC...I was scared for dear life and that I was praying that nothing happened to you and Marge on y’all way to BK, LOL! Crazy!

Regarding the paint…you sound like April :-) Will dwell on it for a week…

I will be down there for the inauguration so I’ll see you at the cookout :-)

Dre Lew said...

See Amanda ~ you were drinking and you thought we were going fast!!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Brooke(Big Foot and Bigger Foot!!! LoL) I have 13's so I can't LoL to Loud!, only the food will be cooked outside ~ so it will be toastie! Philly teams are cool unless the Ravens or Orioles!!! Talk to smack if you like ~ you know you can't back it up(Egging you on!) Don't remind me...I had my left knee surgery too...and then the left achilles ~ getting better is my version of the truth.

See ya soon ~ 11 and couting!

Dre Lew said...

Oh...Brooke ~ love those additional 7 ~ You're Mad Cool!!!

Thanks, Peace


Brooke said...

See, you're starting with me already. I'm not gonna fall for it though! And that "Big Foot, Bigger Foot" comment? I'm gonna leave that alone too :-)

Thanks sweets! You're mad cool too. You'll be even cooler once I get a taste of some barbque...and some crab legs! :-)

Dre Lew said...

Oh Amanda ~ Yes shy is the word.

BF+1/2BF!!! Now that's Funny! BBQ is going to be on!!!

Take care ladies!

Keefe said...

I'm not a blogger so this will be EASY!

1) I am tempted to go hunting with my neighbor in the WV mountains. However, I afraid I might become the prey.

2) Brothers, PLEASE don't revoke my "Brother Card" for this. I'm a huge fan of the show "Ugly Betty".

3) I watch "HEROES" too. lol!

4) My best friend's girlfriend pushed up on me hard last weekend and I don't know how to tell him.

5) I'm thinking about opening my own FEC (Family Entertainment Center).

6) I like wearing cuff links.

7) I'm going to Brazil next summer. YAY!!!!!!!

Keefe said...

oh yeah ..... I'm not tagging anyone!

Brooke said...

I like Ugly Betty too, so no clowning from me :-)

Hunting? Let me find out you're going to be voting for Palin! LOL!

How did she push up on you? That could be my blog for Monday! LOL!!

Brazil sounds like trouble to me ;)

Dre Lew said...

Keefe...Hunting??? I take it(hope!) you would be going with a group of brothers. I heard Brizal is pretty hott!!!(if you know what I mean). The Brother Card is cool ~ caz I have never seen Ugly Betty*LoL

Dre Lew said...

Yeah...that best friend thing is sticky ~ got say it ~ I thinks she was..... Just my 2 cents.

Keefe said...

Me get in to trouble while I'm in Brazil? Nah!

Brooke said...

yeah...okay Keefe :-)

Just be careful!

Keefe said...


It is a tough conversation to have. But it has to be done.

My boy and I are going out for drinks tonight. That's when I plan on breaking the news!

Brooke said...

uh...hello! You didn't tell us how she pushed up on you. What did she do exactly? Do I need to start another blog to get that answer? :)

Keefe said...


I am dead ass serious! My sole purpose for going to Brazil is to take in the culture.

So far there are about six brothers going. Since I'm the only married one in the group, I've been elected to keep them in line. So I guess you can say I'm chaperoning. :-)

Brooke said...


I KNOW you man! How are you gonna keep 5 brothas in line while you're "taking in the culture?"

And all men going? no girlfriends or wives? All for the sake of "culture?"



and clearly you don't wanna tell us what ole girl did to push up on you, so I'll leave it alone :)

Let us know how it goes!

Keefe said...

I'm cool. My boy on the othernad, I don't know how he is going to handle it. He is BLINDLY in love with her.

Keefe said...

and why can't I "take in culture" and chaperon? Brothas can multi-task!!

Brooke said...

Oh wow, what a shame. Well, better he know now then go on to marry this chick. That's a shame.

Take him to Brazil with you. I'm sure he'll get over it....QUICKLY!

Brooke said...

yeah, you'll be "multitasking" alright ;)

Anonymous said...

Wait, how'd I get pulled into this Amanda? I used to have a blog way back when it wasn't even called a "blog". LOL

Brooke - what's good with the cheesecake? with the poetry...word? wow...

The Fury - ummm...word? I tried to read his stuff at work, but people kept coming to my desk...

Let's see how I do now...

1)I was asked to be on my high school track team, but I said no because I didn't want to go to practice. I just wanted to do before meet warm ups and blaze them punks...yes I was that good.

2)Until 1997, I only wore black footwear.

3)I believe the rush from skydiving is second only to good sex, yet I've only done it once...skydiving, not sex.

4)As a kid, I was in a TV promo for the TV show "Double Dare", but never saw it myself.

5)I don't answer the phone during "Lost" and barely speak or move. I just sit there in a trance until the "coming next week" clips end then I return to Earth.

6)My doctor told me I couldn't give up beef because my blood needs more Amino acids than I'd get from alternatives.

7)I hate the sound of other people brushing their teeth. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me and literally gives me shivers. I even leave the water running when I brush my own teeth to deaden the sound.

The Black Cloud

Brooke said...

Yeah, I know how you are with Lost. BTW, make sure I get my season 4 dvd know how I do. Hole myself up for a weekend and text you like crazy re-capping all the stuff you already knew, LOL!

poetry...word? yes...WORD :)

The Fury - DOUBLE WORD. He's hot :)

I hope I didn't offend too many people with his link, but if you like erotica, he'll make you sweat! Just be careful at work :)

LOL @ other people brushing their teeth, that's hilarious.

For me it's when people pop or smack gum. I HATE that! This woman here at work does it and I just wanna rip her tongue out of her mouth!

okay...I'm calmed down now :)

The Fury said...

The poetry was hot. Love the play on words. Cheesecake? seems your poetry isn't the only sweet thing you've been hiding!! I'll stand on line behind the rest:-)

shame about your knees...hehehe..sorry I just have to be dirty sometimes, but I really do wish you the best of health. Please tape those hands up before you go sparring!

The Black Cloud - thanks for trying to read my stuff. I appreciate it. I like comments too. Oh and can I get a Lost 4 DVD too??

Amanda- while you're home all weekend, come visit my'll need Church after you finish reading. LOL

Dre Lew - I'm kinda shy too...thus the mask:-)

Keefe - Good luck with your best friend and that convo. Make sure it's a clear cut case of her being trifling otherwise (depending how sprung he is) he may brush it off as a misunderstanding..which means you'll have to get him further proof...

Thanks for being a good sport, Brooke:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag Brooke! Rene is good at connecting folks.

Brooke said...

hey Fury,

Yes, I hide a lot of sweet stuff, you just have to find it ;)

No comment on my knees - STOP BEING FRESH!!!

you? shy? yeah...ok.

Aiesha, yes, Rene is good at that. I'll be stopping by more often!

Sandee said...

) I am EXTREMLEY TERRORFIED of MICE and Rats and my fear of them bugs the Crap out of me.

2)I discovered that I have Adult ADD. My attention Span is SCARY!

3) Mean people, Rude People, Snobs, really ANNOY me! Oh and I am allergic to Corny People including Children!

4)You know the People that were left Behind in New Orleans when Katrina hit because they didn't have the means to leave or a place to go once they left. So there only option was to Ride it out and hope for the best! Well that is Exactly How I feel at my Current Day JOB! (My company just went through a Merge & all the old peeps are jumping ship) But like I said I’m one of those Katrina Squatters. Wish me luck!

5) I love Sweet Hot Tea with milk. My favorite Place to Drink it is on a Front Porch!

6) I really Love the FACT that I have a BIG BOOTY! I hate the fact that now I really have to work so hard to maintain its shape ;-(

7) Over the next Three years I hope to have Lasik Eye Surgery, be able to cook at least 10 things that others honestly think taste delicious, trick my mom into taking a vacation with me.

Brooke said...

LOL!! "I'm allergic to corny people, including children" LMAO!

Only Sandee could say that, but I totally get it!

Sandee, you mean to tell me there's NOTHING you can cook that people think is delicious? NOTHING?

Dre, you need to help her :)

I hope everything works out with your job and they don't handle you the way FEMA did those poor folks down in New Orleans :-(

Sandee said...

I wish My cousin would teach me to make his Delicious Waffles. I attempted to make them once last year they stuck all over the waffle iron and they tasted like rubber bands.
But I haven't given up hope. I am determined to learn how to cook at least 10 Tasty Meals within the next three years. Plus I think the Knowledge of knowing how to cook is SO DAMN SEXY on both a man & a Woman!

Brooke said...

Well, if you'd like, I can teach you how to make a cheesecake and fried chicken. And maybe pound cake too :)

Yes, a man that can cook is sexy as hell to me, LOVE IT!

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