Friday, October 10, 2008

Okay, I was going to leave Friday’s blog alone…just tell you to go see The Express and that’s it. But Amanda done started something, now I can’t let it go! :-)

Check this clip….sorry if the cursing offends anyone, but Katt Williams is funny as hell!

Those of you who know me know I can be pretty silly sometimes….okay….ALOT of times! Catch me on the right (or wrong) day and I can straight act a fool. Today might be one of those days. Okay…today IS one of those days. Today I’m giddy because I have a spa afternoon planned to pamper myself. I deserve it and ladies and gentleman, so do you! Amanda and I have been on a “I’m lovin myself” kick for a little minute now and all of us should be. No one can love you better than you can…except God.

Amanda’s quote of the day was “No one can treat you as inferior without your consent.” How true is that!? We were talking about women who, for one reason or another, get with dudes they KNOW are not good for them, but they do it anyway. Then later they’re crying the blues when this man breaks their heart, does them dirty or simply just bounces.

They blame the guy for being a bad guy when he was simply being himself. As my great-grandmother used to say – “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

Why do we do that? Do we think we can change someone? Do we think that if they’re around us long enough, we’ll be a “good” influence on them and they’ll want to be better? Whatever the reason, change comes from within…we can’t change anyone else.

My take on it is this - for men and women: If you want to be successful in your relationships, look in the mirror. Your most intimate relationship should be with yourself. We can see ourselves clearly if we’re willing to look. That mirror should reflect the best in us – our gentle, kind, loving, intelligent, sexy selves. We all have inner work to do, and we can only see where our fears and insecurities lie if we’re willing to look. Yes, looking may reveal unhealed wounds from former unions that may cause us to behave in ways that make us feel miserable, incapable or unworthy. But in that revelation begins the process of healing our innate wholeness and awakening that spirit of love that we all have inside of us. We are called by Love to love – loving yourself, in harmony with your life and at one with God. The oneness with God begins with self, He is in us all. Our partnerships have their best chance of thriving if we come to them feeling happy and whole and understanding that no one can fill the void we feel when we practice loving ourselves – everyday. So when you feel insecure or fearful and you feel that you’re not good enough, not deserving enough or you feel your fulfillment has to come from someone else – look deep inside you and recognize that that longing to feel loved is the longing to love yourself.

Okay, I’m done now…have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...


For the record, I am intimate with myself on a regular basis! :-) I simply think of "the lock" and it's a wrap.

Brooke said...

now see...that's not exactly what I meant! LOL!!

Keefe said...

"The Lock?" Brooke, did we miss something? Do you care to explain?

Brooke said...

"The Lock" is another blog for another day :-) Mind your business! LOL!

Dre Lew said...

Hey Brooke ` You Just had to put it out there!!!

Happy Friday to All ~ Enjoy to the Max!! How I see the world(The 50 Cent Plan) * LoL It ain't Physic 101, Self-Esteem is key and paramount to being whole and balanced. As it relates to relationships…from a non-selfish stand point, you have to love yourself before you can even think of being able to love someone else. Loving yourself creates a standard!!! One of which is how you treat yourself, but most importantly is how you allow someone else treat you. If you command the best from yourself ~ then you should let no one do any less than what you would do ~ the rest is all down hill. Of course this always easier said than done, but let us understand 100% ~ it’s a lifestyle not a temporary fix. Everyone wants to happy and be loved…but at what cost. Giving the best of yourself to someone is wonderful thing, but it should be earned, respected and be returned(not 25%, not 50% ~ 100%) The perceived excitement of a Mr/Miss Right Now ~ can sometime make sense at the time, but when you get to the lonely and blue moment, we reflect back and see what we didn’t have from the start.

That’s not to say all relationship are bound for success ~ sometime you learn and grow to understand that it just not a good fix for you, happily moving on. Life is a very learned experience that you take good, bad, fair and unfair and develop you. Starting to learn what you will except and what you will not…Loving for the right reasons and the wrong ones. I have come to learn that I live without the regrets because I know through it all ~ I am a better person that is in constant growth mode. Taking the bad and good to be a better, stronger, wiser and deeper person than I was before the life experience of love lost or gain. Having a positive spirit that no one will ever diminish.

So love your whole self ~ everything happens for a reason, God’s Master Plan for Us is at work…we need to sometime get out of the way and let him do his will/work!!!



Brooke said...

Amen Dre!

. said...

Having a positive spirit that NO ONE will ever diminish...AMEN!!!

It's call esteem of SELF, Chic!


. said...
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. said...
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Rene The Harlemite said...

Great Blog Brooke! It is so true. People look for peple to love them more than they love themselves. You seem like a natural to blogging. Keep it up!

Leslie said...

Amen to what you and Dre said! Great post...I am so in a season of loving on myself more....mmm spa here I

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