Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Feel Cute Today

Happy Hump Day!

so yes....I feel cute today.

Not because I have on a fly outfit. Not because I have on make-up. Not because my hair is bouncing and behaving (even though it is today for some reason).

Wanna know why I feel cute today?


I went to the dentist yesterday and had my teeth cleaned. Something about having my teeth cleaned makes me feel good. I guess because the first thing I notice on a person is their smile. Then their eyes...then their skin. I guess I'm a face person :)

One of my best friends, Valerie, got an awesome haircut last week. Every strand moved with precision. It framed her face flawlessly. She's already beautiful, but this cut accentuated her features to the point where she almost looked like a whole new person. She said I should get a new cut, get a makeover. Maybe I should. We'll see. I think she was trying to tell me something :-)

She also said, "I feel that a woman's hair is her crown. When your hair looks good, everything looks good."

I know a lot of women agree with that statement. Amanda and Leesa get their hair done every Thursday like clockwork. I could be like "come over, Oprah Winfrey is sitting in my living room!" and they'd be like "nah, gotta get my hair did, but tell O I said what's up!" Yes, they are THAT serious about it! And their hair always looks FIERCE!

I WISH I was that serious about my hair. Hair just doesn't do it for me. Don't get me wrong, I try not to walk out the house looking like HoBo Scratch with my hair all over my head. But if it comes down to getting my hair done or seeing a great movie, I'm at the movies. For me, hair is not my crown. I think a person's crown is whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Your crown could be anything.

Personally, I feel most beautiful when my skin is glowing, when my eyebrows are shaped and my teeth are clean and bright white! A good manicure and pedicure make me feel lovely too. I guess since my smile, my skin and my hands are what I get complimented on most, that is what I focus on. I try to accentuate the positive.

So many times women focus on what they DON'T like about themselves. Men do it too, but you don't hear about it as much. Women are always saying "I'm too fat," "My ass is flat," "I have thunder thighs," "I'm a member of the "itty bitty titty committee."

We all have something we'd love to change about ourselves. In my case, I have several. But instead of fixating on what I don't like, I'm trying to zero in on what I love about myself and nurture those things everyday. Sometimes it doesn't work - but today, it's working overtime!

But with all this talk about hair and teeth and skin and nails, where true beauty comes is from within. Beauty is a mindset. It's a state of being. Beauty is having a positive outlook on life. It's having a loving heart. It's having a gentle spirit. Beauty is being kind to people. It's a warm smile to someone who may need it. It's staying true to yourself. Beauty is loving God and letting HIS light shine through.

Whatever is, is beautiful, simply for existing. There is beauty in all of us. We just have to let it out.

Tell me my sexy menz and women, what makes you feel beautiful?


Anonymous said...

Halle Berry staring at me on my screensaver makes me feel beautiful...

Brooke said...

LOL! I'm guessing a man left this comment :) Now I just have to guess WHICH ONE since I'm sure that would make MOST men feel beautiful!

Georgia Peach said...

It's funny I always grew up hearing that a woman's hair is her crowning glory and believe it or not my hair does make a huge difference in how i feel. So glad to hear that you feel cute today - you should everyday (as well as the rest of us!).

Anonymous said...

I love this Brookey Baby Girl!!!

I love my eyes and my smile and my complexion. I am one who believes a woman's glory is in her crown, but I'm even a bigger believer in how a person's spirit is truly where their beauty lies. And so I focus and nourish my own spirit. Truly a positive and sweet spirit always attracts me first in someone.

I know I don't always post a comment, but I'm really loving this. Amanda thanks for inspiring Brooke, now only if I can get off my ass as you have inspried me with all the weight you've lost and how commited and disciplined you've become...LOL


Brooke said...

Glea, trust me, I TRY to feel cute everyday. But I find that I feel cute when I'm happy, so to me, feeling joy everyday is paramount to feeling outwardly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

When My hair is done, I feel like a new person - literally! My face looks bright and I just simply look brand new... Another thing that makes me feel beautiful is my earrings - OMG, I'll die if I leave my house without my earrings!! LOL

Brooke said...

PEGGY!!! yay! you left a comment. That makes me happy. And yes, your eyes and smile and complexion are simply stunning! And your spirit exudes happiness and confidence and compassion. Simply beautiful!

Sandee said...

I agree that Beauty comes from within. But I also feel completely beautiful and pulled together when my hair is on point. Whether it be in braids are wearing it out. No matter how Fierce my outfit, shoes or bag if my hair is a mess nothing seems to come together in the mirror. Amanda knows all too well the issues I have with this hair of mine hers are so MINIMAL compared to mine ;-)

Brooke said...

Amanda's hair is great! Always! I agree that if someone has on a great outfit and her hair isn't done, it may not all jive the way it should, but the same can be said for the reverse. I've seen people with GREAT hair, but jacked up skin or teeth and I don't even NOTICE the hair. Everyone has something about them that they either love or struggle with. For us, especially black women I think, we focus so much on hair because it's something we have had to deal with since we were little girls. That's a blog for a different day ;)

. said...

Exterior: Teeth are #1!!!!! #1!!!!
Keeping your hair tight and having a yuk mouth is not a good look at all…AT ALL!!!

And get a baldy if you can't afford to maintain the hair during the reconstruction of your grill! The hair will grow back!

Dre Lew said...

Hello Brooke! What a great feeling to share ~ Thanks!

I agree that all beauty starts on the inside. But I’m with you (and Amanda) on the teeth ~ something about them pearly whites that can radiate an entire room. But whether you are feeling it or not, all you lovely ladies are quite beautiful and if you were the fly on the wall ~ what do you think you would hear? Well on this side of the fence, “Wow, what a great bunch of beautiful, smart and articulate women!! So, Brooke I don’t think Val was trying to say anything other than when you have something so nice ~ you always want to share it with someone nice! Yes the eye brows, shoes, the hands, the toes, the outfit and hair can put it all over the top and make you want to strike a pose…walk that cat walk Girl!!
But what ties it all together for me is the ability to smile and converse! Now that’s Sexy!!

You never know who is watching when you think you are at your worse and some how they see the best in you just from a smile.


Sandy say hi to Cookie, you must still be in NC caz I never got that call to say you made it in * LMAO

Brooke said...

Thanks Dre! And trust me, I know Val, she was telling me to get my hair cut! LOL!! And I'm sure all the women here appreciate your kind words, I know I do! So again, thank you!

. said...

Dre - Thanks ;-)

BTW Brooke - I really hope Oprah doesn't decide to pay you a visit on a Thursday! Ha, Ha! You funny

Brooke said...

oh, didn't I tell you? Oprah AND Barack Obama will be dining at my house tomorrow...too bad you have to get your hair done! :-)

. said...

Ha, ha! Please, now you know damn well that the minute you said Barack, I would say I’M THERE whenever!!! WHENEVER!!!

Keefe said...


In the words of Kat Williams and the title of one of your earlier blogs, "It's Called Esteem of your M&%*$*ckin Self!"

Brooke said...

yes, and I'm feelin myself today! ain't no shame in it! Even wrote a poem about it...wanna hear it? here it go....TOMORROW :-)

Sandee said...

My flight was Delayed I just landed in front of my desk this morning. LOL! LOL!
Thank you Cousin Dre and Yes All of My girls are still Gorgeous on their Worse days. Actually they are all pretty much a Triple Threat Intelligent, Beautiful and SO DAMN COOL!

Anonymous said...

Halle didn't make me feel beautiful when I met her. It was more like a cross between nervous and pleasantly surprised she was so sweet. I don't think I've ever felt "beautiful". I did feel like a sexy beast when Halle laughed at my flirtatious questions. LOL

Black Cloud

Brooke said...

I should have known it was you. You swear Halle is feeling you! LMAO! You crack me up with that Halle business. But hey, whatever makes you feel sexy ;)

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