Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I have writer's block like a mugg! Thanks to everyone who is helping me come up with ideas for articles - and keep 'em coming!

- Talk about chilly! I actually wore gloves this morning!

- Losing weight is so much harder this time around for the Biggest Loser competition at work. I damn near have to drink my food in order to see any results - but if that's what I must do, then I WILL!!

- Does anyone really care that Chris Breezy and Rihanna are "friends" again? Is anyone really surprised?

Subway pet peeves:

- First, I get on the train and sit down...and there's a seat in between another woman and me, which had a newspaper resting on it. Some strange dude gets on at the next stop and works his way to the empty seat between us. He looks at ME, not her, and points to the newspaper. I assumed he was asking me if it belonged to me, so I said to him, "No, it's not mine." He has the NERVE to say, "Well, can you move it?" I promptly replied, "Can YOU?" He then looked at me like I shot his dog and walked away.

Who do I look like...Kizzy?

- Next up...the big booty woman.

I know how wide I am, which is why I don't try to squeeze into seats between folks knowing I can't fit. After the newspaper dude walks away, another woman comes over, moves the paper, and then practically sits on my lap. Then she wiggled her booty into the seat after using me for leverage. And then she looks at me like I should move. Chile please. Not today...not today.

- If you are no longer a teenager, you should not wear sweatpants that have ANYTHING written across your ass - especially the word JUICY.

- I try to keep change on me every Friday, because every Friday I give the same guy some money for singing the same exact song...every Friday. He just makes me smile.

- Anyone watching the Vice Presidential debates tonight?

- Why is it only 51 degrees at lunch time? Brrrrr! It's nice and sunny though, so that helps.

- A woman who's been dying to pitch her TV show idea to me sent me a bottle of tequila as a way to get on my good side. First off, I don't drink tequila. But even more weird is that the bottle is in the shape of a skull. It's "Halloween Tequila." Creepy much?

- I also have a Duck Dynasty "Chia Willie" if anyone wants it. Didn't think so.

- Mitt Romney is all over the place. He doesn't know what he stands for.

- Barack better bring it next time!




Anonymous said...

first! woohoo!

Stef said...

You're not allowed to be first AND Anonymous! LOL!!


Anonymous said...

lol...i'm brooke's friend denise...i read her blogs often but have never commented...and so when i saw i was first reading it today...i had to post first...because that was a first for :)

Yolanda said...

-Happy RTT

-My Mother watches Duck Dynasty. She's got me watching it from time to time. It's funny.

-So, um... I'll take that Chia Willie.

-It's 55 degrees here in DC.

-I REFUSE to run the heat in my house. Nope, not happening.

-Snuggie game proper!

-I colored my hair red. It only took to the roots.

-I'm wearing a fake ponytail.

-Thankfully, it's a subtle red. Not Rihanna red.

-You ever feel like you're on the verge of something big? I feel like that lately.

-I've become a networking monstah!

-I've always hated networking.

-I am waiting on Uncle Joe Biden to get gully. You know he likes a one-liner.

-Go SU!

-Salad with turkey for lunch

-I want some Chex Mix

-I'v been eating raw kale like a rabbit lately. So good with garlic!

-Excited about Ava DuVernay's latest film, "Middle of Nowhere." Hope I get time to see it this weekend.

-I have yet to see her "I Will Follow" film but I think it's in my DVR since BET showed it.

-I have YET to see Pariah.

-Really liking TJ Holmes' show on BET. Smart, funny, good guests and important topics. BET needs more of that.

-I've got to stop volunteering for stuff.

-Shameless plug: Vote for Witches' Brew in the Black Weblog Awards ( Thank you!

-I'm on an exclamation point diet. I love them!!!


-Anybody dressing up for Halloween?

-More later. Maybe.

Stephanie said...

This article has set me off.
Florida billionaire tells employees Obama a threat to their jobs. See link on the bottom of my rant.
I am sick and tired of people trying to take down our president.
The Obama administration is not at fault for the failing economy.It took 8 years to get us here so it will take 8 years or more to fix it. STOP FUCKING WITH MY PRESIDENT!!!!!

The Fury said...

Brooke - if you don't ant that tequila. I'll take it for the bottle alone

If I want to pitch a show can I bribe you with...I dunno...little tacks you can sit in the chair next to you on the train

I hate making grown up decisions. This grown up shit sucks sometimes

Every year I say I'm dressing up and doing something fun for Halloween. Instead I don't and just give candy to local kids

That Florida Billionaire is a rat scum.

Bands A Make Her Dance- that song is a symbol of the end of the universe for so many reasons...yet I want to see a big booty stripper dance to it so I can care

A to sick buzzzzz said...

I'm home today because I'm sick... I hate being sick.

My mom is fucking amazing... Pain in my butt but amazing.

Brooke if you have an android phone like me do what I did. Download the taser app. When big booty people sit on you TASE them...and sit there and watch them jump, freak out but get their asses off of you. I love doing that...

This is why I have to drive to work and am no longer allowed on public transportation. Lol

I hate being sick...

I'm reading a book called keeping faith by Jodi picoult... Exactly what I need right now

Going to start attending morning service with Sophia every morning before school starting tomorrow.... Solo excited... If I can get over this damn cold....

I just hurt Powerz. The author of rich dad poor dad just filed for bankruptcy... Time to find anew idol...

I need Brooklyn... It's my hometown

Powerz is in high demand these days... Business is booming.

Malek said...

Hi remember me!! Brooke's I am at school waiting for the kids so I said why not leave a response. I usually don't like to cuz them I end up stalking the blog to see if any one says anything to me....see why I am not on here much :/ anyhoo....Brooke you ride was crazy and even worse when your messing with a hungry person!!! Add for the big booty girl that happens to me when I am paying at the masjid so I feel your pain.....I am still sick..anyone who knows me knows this is my kinda weather....I still wear flip flops..yes I know its very white of me....well these days I have on so many clothes I have a hijab on my hijab...that's crazy....UT oh time to get my babies...till next time I'll holla.....

Stephanie said...

LMAO, OMG A TASER APP, I have an android and I'm definitely getting that.A girl has to entertain herself somehow.

Abuzzzzz said...

It makes the tasing noise and vibrates... It's hysterical!!!!!

Stef said...


Well, in that case, it's cool :)

Hi Denise!

Brooke said...

Hi Denise!

Hi Nicole!

Two lurkers who rarely comment are here - yay!!!

Yolanda, send me your address and I'll send you the Chia Willie :)

My heat doesn't come on til the 15th - my building controls the heat so I have no choice as to when it comes on...but I don't pay for heat either ('s absorbed into my rent) so I can't really complain.

I want to color my hair with henna - red is nice :)

Uncle Joe betta bring it!

I don't think kids ever come to my building for Halloween, but I wouldn't know because I'm never home on Halloween.

Fury, you can have the tequila :)

The boo surprised me at lunch and now all the ladies (and a couple me) can't stop swooning over him. They think he looks like a "handsomer version" of D. Wade.

I am SO getting that taser app!

The Cable Guy said...

Still have never seen Duck Dynasty, but it looks kinda funny - in a redneck sort of way :)

I miss your blogs Brookey, they need to be more frequent.

Feel better Annamaria.

How did THAT dude file for bankruptcy. That's wack.

What is a "Chia Willie" anyway?

I like the cold...bring it!

Hi Denise. Join the fun!

Hi Nicole - Brooke's sister :)

I'm dressing up as the cable guy for Halloween.

Serena W. said...


I'm on the run but wanted to say hi!

Got a good report from the allergist! I'm on the mend and doing fantastic! Remember that week I said I was so tired. Well I had pneumonia! GEEZ!!! But I'm feeling better. Still tired but not as much.

Love the hair Yolanda.

Those folks on the subway can kick rocks Brooke!

I wanna see the debate...gotta find a tv to watch!

It's chilly!

Running in the first Inaugral Nike Women's Half Marathon in DC in April! I'm running for cancer and will post my website next week where folks can donate!

Chris..and tired...

I gotta run and get my pumpkin! Sorry I can't comment more.

Oh one last thing...I had a great lunch today from Whole Foods (hey...I deserve a treat)!


Abuzzzzz said...

Thanks cable dude...

Still trying to figure out what to be for Halloween

I need a haircut

Hi Nicole

If I had sisters I would want them to be like Brooke and Nicole. They are beautiful people...

My mom is the ish...

Brooke said...


If you want a free color tv, I got one for you!

Glad you're on your way to good health :)

Thanks sister is pretty awesome :) But I'm sure all of your brothers are amazing too :)

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