Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- So I think the people who painted my apartment stole my diamond earrings, so I've been angry and in a funk since I discovered they were gone. I know the Universe will take care of them, I just wish I was around to see it.

- Liars, cheaters and thieves never win. Ever.

- I'm supposed to have a meeting with some folks as I type this and they're late. I guess my time doesn't matter. And this is a meeting that THEY want, not me. Typical.

- I have new sneakers and I think they're so pretty! :-) These little things make working out just a teeny weeny bit better.

- All I know is, if I don't lose even an ounce this week, I'm gonna go off on somebody. I'm working my ass off (what little booty I have) and last week I didn't gain or lose anything. I feel like I need a shot of Xenadrine with a Hydroxycut chaser!

- My new juicer came! Woo-hoo! Maybe I just need to juice for the next 7 weeks. Hopefully that'll help put me back on track.

- I admit it, I've been watching Maury from time to time when I get to work. How many baby daddy paternity test shows can he do??? How do you go on tv with like, 5 dudes, and NONE of them are your child's father? Trife life.

- I can't believe it's about to be October. Like...really. I love Halloween season though :-) And my sister's birthday...AND Ibrahim's birthday!

- And my Godson Lee's birthday is tomorrow! He'll be 9...these kids are growing up too fast! They need jobs :-)

- Maybe I need to drink more water.

- Scandal starts tonight and I forgot to DVR it - must make sure I'm home to watch it! Maybe I'll spin while it's on...kill two birds...

- Vanessa Williams is on The View. She's so pretty :-) A bit of a diva, but pretty!

- I think I need to stay on the elliptical machine for an hour today at lunch time. Put on some Beyonce videos and rock out. Maybe an hour and a half til I pass out.

- My hair is a mess. Just wanted to say that.




Batman said...

First Bitches!!!

A-buzz said...

First Bitches

A-buzz said...

I hate you batman

A-buzz said...

1. Brooke your random thoughts were very well... Random... LOL

2. I have a headache. Have had it since last night & it won't go away.

3. Thank god REAL refs are coming back to the NFL...I may yell at them but I will take them over the morons that have been refereeing these games lately.

4. I'm overwhelmed & being challenged & I need to get my head in the game.

5. Funding for my program got cut which means I'd potenitally be out of a job on 11/15. HOWEVER they are finding me a new position... Hopefully I like it GULP..LOL

6. I'm mentally, physically & emotionally drained. I need 24 hours of total silence. Yea that ain't happening.. LOL

7. I'm doing the domestic violence stair climb again this year.

Serena W. said...


My lunch date got cancelled (it was with a girlfriend) we will catch up some other time.

Praying for your job situation Annamaria...these times are tough.

Take out time for you too (that goes for everyone)!

Brooke I can't believe they stole your diamonds! Boo them!!!!

I've been breaking down lately too (I've been so tired). Going to the doctor next week now that I have INSURANCE! Yes!

I'm exhausted because my poor son hasn't been getting good sleep. Pray for us. He has enlarged adenoids and if they don't shrink on their own he may need to get them removed. Sigh...

No mother wants to hear potential surgery of any kind on their child. But I'm grateful that it's not serious and is simple procedure if he gets it.


I need a full body massage.

Sangria would be nice too.

Mexican food along with that!

I'm a featured artist at a youth forum next weekend. I'm picking out specific pieces geared towards youth and empowerment!

I'm going walking at 1pm. For some reason I have enough energy to workout, African dance but by the days end when I go to sleep I want to walk up at 12pm the next day! LOL.

Brooke what does your hair look like?

I saw a couple on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial this morning getting their wedding photos taken (an idea for the future...whomever God blesses me with). It was beautiful!

It's such a nice day out. I can't wait to get my sweet pea so we can go for a walk after work (just a short one since I'm about to rock out 3 or so miles with my coworkers).

Maybe more later...

A-buzzz said...

Serena.. Thor will be fine. A friend of mine's daughter had that surgery last year and she did wonderfully... I hope it doesn't come to that but if it has to.. he will be GREAT.. But I am praying for you both. And I hate to break this to you. YOU WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN. LMFAO

I need a haircut.

I would love some Sangria too.

A-buzzz said...

@Brooke.. call the painters & tell them they missed a spot & need to come back. I'll be hiding with a knife & my taser..... :-)

I'm happy all my shows are starting over... :-) Scandal tonight. :-)

Brooke said...

I'm excited about Scandal tonight too! I need to be on the spin bike the entire hour it's on.

My body is holding on to this last bit (a good bit) of weight like a grudge!

And I'm supposed to be going to a birthday party this weekend. Can't even splurge a little bit. Sucks!

Yes Anna, you gut and tase their asses for me. I'm so angry and heart broken. The feeling of being violated is the worst.

Serena W. said...

Violation is the worst!

I need sleep's just me holding it down and I can't fall apart :(

It won't always be like this...

Thanks for the encouragement. I hope it doesn't have to come down to this. I feel so bad for him. He's so congested at times :(

Just walked 3 miles with my coworker. It's beautiful outside!

Heard Michael Baisden the other day talk about how women should make the first move if they are interested and stop waiting for the man to do so...what do y'all think about that?

Where is the crew today!

Brooke I will hide with Annamaria and have a taser as well and get them!

I have a meeting tomorrow morning for work at a Public Charter School. I heard the school is fabulous. If I fall in love with it I will move into DC so Jordan can go there! Everyone who knows me can tell you that I always said I would never live in DC (just on the outskirts).

What we will do for our children!

After our meeting my boss and I are going for Mexican!!!! YIPPPPEEE!

A-buzzzz said...

You should really report it...

Brooke said...

I guess I will. I just think they'll think I'm say I'm missing diamond earrings and add that to the list of things I have to have reimbursed from when my ceiling collapsed. Just a mess.

Won't hurt to have it reported I guess.

I hope Jordan feels better and you get some sleep :(

I think if you're getting a good vibe from a dude you're interested in, then go ahead and ask. A man should (I would think) be flattered by that if he's feeling you. All you have to do is say hello and talk to him and let him do the rest.

The NFL replacement refs are the worst. Glad they'll be gone soon. I mean, I know it's not their fault, but come on now...

I think the rest of the blog family gave up on me since I've been MIA :(

Serena W. said...

Well you have me, A-Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and Batman (who ain't right because he just posts first and never writes a comment)! LOL!

I still can't believe your ceiling collapsed. That is so scary.

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, we haven't given up on you, at least I haven't!

I hope you get some rest and Jordan feels better. No rest for the weary when you're a parent.

Replacement refs are fucking up my Fantasy team.

Brooke, you need to blog more, I miss your viewpoints on things. I know it's busy, but give us SOMETHING.

Maybe even another erotic story ;)

Does anyone watch R&B Divas? Anyone? I don't hear any women talking about that show ever.

RiRi and Chris Brown - you can't tell me he ain't hittin' that again.

Turned out to be a pretty nice day.

Serena W. said...

I don't have cable so I don't watch anything. If its really worth watching I will check it out on the internet.

I miss Brooke's blogs too :(

Thanks for the good vibes people...I need it!

Ms. Penn said...

I didn't step out on you Brooke, but I miss your blogs as well. But don't worry, I keep up with you on Madame Noire, so it's all good!

Brooke said...

I will try my best to write more, I promise! I miss you guys too!

Stef said...

I was off today, and was away from my phone and computer, but I'm still here Brookey!

Unknown said...

Go Brookey... Im a fan. ( did I say that outloud? ) I guess I did. Im Merci Merc and I support this 2017 ( comment on a yesteryear blog ) lol You're dope sis. Real talk!

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