Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- We're doing the Biggest Loser at work again - watch out now! I'm defending my title - let's get it!

- Hopefully my foot will heal up in time for me to go hard!

- Why am I watching Judge Mathis?

- I'm enjoying the Democratic National Convention. Some good speeches - Bubba was clownin' folks last night. Barack should bring it home tonight.

- I'm off tomorrow - going back to the U.S. Open, so I'm busy at work today...yet I'm watching Judge Mathis. What is wrong with me?

- I still have a lot of writing to do head is about to start spinning.

- Football season is here, finally!

- "I have great new friends and my teachers are really nice to me!..." Part of the message left on my voicemail at work from my nephew Ibrahim. Kyce said he made a windmill in school on his first day. I love those little messages...made my heart swell up. I love them so much! It's the little things.

- The plaintiff on Judge Mathis looks like Drake.

- The spaghetti with Italian sausage I made for lunch was BANGIN'!

- Now they're talking about "freaky sex groups" on Judge Mathis. I need to turn this off.

- I'm ready to braid my herrr.

- Time to buy new sneakers!

- It's really September. I can't believe it. I think I say that EVERY September.

- Okay, let me really do some work...let's go!



The Fury said...

First bitches!

A-buzzzz said...


1. Pre-K orientation this morning with Miss Sophia. She loved it. Her teachers are AWESOME. She starts Monday... One or both of us will be crying...

2. Bubba was great!!!!!!!!!!

3. B look into those Nets Tickets

4. I'm doing my stairclimb against domestic violence again


Stef said...

Bill Clinton went IN last night. I don't normally watch those things, but he was good!

I love Judge Mathis! AND Dr. Drew.

I hope your foot gets better Brooke, and I hope you win again!

Where did Fury come from?

Annamaria, post a link to donate!

A-buzzz said...


Brooke said...

Looking into Nets tickets!

I have to look into Eagles tix for my nephews too. I'm about to broke.

Ever have so much to do, that you just don't do anything?

...yeah, that's me right now.

The Fury said...

Hey A-Buzz It's not nice to wish death on people. Unless it's death by chocolate in that case...I'll take some

@stef - Where did I come from? Too easy...

The Knicks had a press conference to announce the weakest uniform refresh in human history. Scrubs!

A-buzzz said...

Hi Fury. I'm A-buzz.. I'm not a nice person. But it's nice to meet you anyways.... I've claimed to be quite a few things.. NICE NOT ONE OF THEM... LOL

The Cable Guy said...

Annamaria just LOOKS nice. I don't know how Powerz does it :) LOL!

Just jokes.

Bill Clinton was long winded, but he broke it down. Always gives a good speech. Michelle Obama is simply gorgeous. That's wifey material right there.

Judge Mathis Brooke? ;-)

Go Big Blue.

Women are batshit crazy. Not all of them, just the ones I seem to meet lately. Where is my Michelle Obama at?

Annamaria said...

Cable Guy that was a Republican ass comment... I think it was a compliment BUT I am not really sure! LMFAO

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