Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I've been trying to log onto EBlogger all morning, kept getting an error message - so apologies for posting a little late today...but better late than never....right Serena!? LOL!

- I'm off tomorrow! Woo-hoo!

- It's also my bestie's birthday tomorrow - Love You Denise!!!

- Penn State is in BIG TROUBLE.

- We know what Kobe thinks. We know what Jordan thinks. What do YOU think? I would answer, but people already think I'm a Kobe hater ;-)

- One of my co-workers who is recently engaged said that she and her fiance were arguing over the possibility of her hyphenating her last name. She would like to, but he is adamant that she drop her maiden name completely and take his last name. I thought this was such a silly argument...but I guess some men take that very seriously. What say you? I plan to hyphenate, but I'm curious what others have to say about this.

- Have any of you ever considered adoption? Even if you've had your own biological child?

- Going roller skating tonight! I'm not very good at it and I fell when we went last weekend :-( But I got back up again! Looking forward to having some fun while getting a good workout in.

- Baby Jordan is almost a year! Time is FLYING!

- Baby SoSo is having another birthday soon too! Has she outgrown her Eagles outfit yet? Might be time for a new one ;-)

- Speaking of my beloved Eagles, I hope Mike Vick gives them the business this year!

- I get pissed off every time I watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but I can't help myself!

- Facebook has been both very informative and entertaining lately. I have some cool friends posting cool stuff daily. I actually get a lot of my information from Facebook. See what happens when you "unsubscribe" to certain folks? Nothing but positive and fun streams lately :-)

- Wish I could make it to the SU DC BBQ this year, but it ain't happening :-(

- Baby shower coming up for my cousin Angela and her Princess Alana - should be magical!

I'd like to post the throwback for this week, but I need to upgrade my flash player and I don't have the "rights" to do that at work. I also don't have time to call imagine a throwback by Snoop. I'm in a Snoop mood today :-)




Courtney said...

First bitches!!!!

I did it, I did it!

The Cable Guy said...

I think Kobe was smokin' that ish to say this year's team could beat the Dream Team. Respect the dude, but he's buggin'.

I don't care if a woman hyphenates, or takes my name at all. As long as my kids have my name, she can do what she wants. Not trippin'.

How about "Gin and Juice" for the Snoop throwback? That's how I'M feeling today.

what exactly is "transvaginal mesh"? I see that commercial and can never figure it out. I almost don't wanna know.

Later for Penn State and Sandusky. Rot in hell.

A to the B to the U to the Z to the Z said...

1. Watch yo back Courtney!!

2. Soso did outgrow her Eagles Jersey. :-)

3. I can NOT believe my baby is going to be 3 already where the heck does the time go... and her & Baby Jordan AKA THOR have the same Bday....

4. Austin & I had that same arguement as I suspect most couples do. He said I had to take his last name I said hyphenate. He said NO hyphenation. I filled out the marriage license paperwork. Kept my last name, Because Williams on Facebook (because that's real life right) and I sleep with one eye open... LOL
Although I do plan to become a Williams one of these days.. LOL

4. Honestly if I could be a stay at home mom I would consider adoption. That's not crazy right 2 stepkids, one biological, One adopted & my 5 mentee babies?? LOL

5. My hubby has been HUSTLING his bootie off. I am SOOO extremely proud of him..

6. His birthday is on Tuesday. LAST ONE IN HIS 30's... Let the old jokes begin...

7. His friends love me more than they love him.. GOing out with them on Friday night without him.. Point proven.. LOL

8. It's ok.. because his birthday presents are being delivered today. :-) YAY...

9. I am extremely lucky.. I not only married a great guy BUT I ADORE my in laws. My mother in law, father in law & sister in laws are amazing. My brother in laws are giant teddy bears. And I just want to squeeze my nieces & nephews. THANK GOD. I've heard some in law horror stories. lol

10. People take FB WAAAY to damn seriously.... And the negativity from some people is just retarded. People need Jesus. I am way to happy in life.

11. Saw Zarkana this weekend. AMAZING.

12. I want to go to the Jigga concert...

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Brooke.
Penn State IS GOING DOWN.I think everyone who is currently on staff who helped with the cover up should be fired and not receive any pension or benefits they were untitled to.They should loose benefits because they helped cover up these atrocities.Also I don't see why they can not be prosecuted after the fact.They all helped cover up several crimes against children all in the name of protecting the name of the school.
Hyphenate not going to happen for me. I got engaged last year and I told my fiance my last name is a part of me and my connection to my father. I will not give up my name or hyphenate it because any children we have together will have his last name.And that is their connection to him and the legacy he leaves for his children.
Why does my job use me as the fix it girl? Whenever there is a problem they call me in to fix it. How about stop hiring incompetent people for less money. Pay quality people so that they will give you quality work.

Tiswana said...

I would not take my future husband's last name if it were Butz, Cummings, Ho, Seaman, Dyckman, Lipschitz... (I'm sure there are more). I bet he regrets that he got stuck with it anyway. Poor kids!

A-buzz said...


THAT right there ladies & gentlemen is TRUE LOVE. The kind they write about & make movies about. lol

Brooke said...

It's not my birthday...yet :-) But thank you anyway Stephanie! LOL!

And tell your job to leave you alone!

I know a girl whose maiden name is Dick. Her husband's last name is Hardy - so when they got engaged, their engagement party reservation at the restaurant was under the name "Dick Hardy" everyone was saying "I'm here for the Dick-Hardy party." LMAO!!!

These little things amuse me.

Having a great husband is great, but loving your in-laws is even greater. You really do marry the family, so you're blessed Anna!

Time to get Soso a new jersey!! I'll get it really big this time so she can grow into it.

Would baby Jordan rock one? His mother IS a Giants fan after all. Not sure she's as open as Anna is :)

can't wait to meet my mentee... gotta get our schedules together!

Anyone have any relationship article ideas they'd like to share?

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT Everyone!

Yes Brooke, better late than never!!!!

My baby will be 1 on the 5th of August! Time seriously flies!!!

Brooke we'll miss you at the BBQ!

I wanna go roller skating

I've been working on my vision board today, cleaning out closets and stuff that Jordan doesn't fit or use any more (I smell a yard sale coming up sooooooon)!

Cable Guy I agree about the last name thing. I will take my husbands though but would hyphenate on things like Facebook so folks can find me lol!

I also want my maiden name on my books, I worked hard before I even knew him on my writing and want my maiden name on the cover of those joints!

I've been editing my's taking forever but bit by bit.

Praying on a full time job...heck a contract job!

I think I'm bringing my son to the bowling event next Friday for the kickoff of the SU in DC BBQ!

Go Courtney for being first!

I want some hmmmm hmmmm good Caribbean food.

I love my sister Shavonn! She got me back into a good mood today and I needed that!

I have another summer cold. My son had it and now I have it!

Soooooooo want to go to the MJB and D'Angelo concert!!!! He's back!

Melanie Fiona is opening for them!

That would be a nice date night...but I need a date first (sigh).

Soso needs a Giants outfit! Bunk the Eagles!!!!

Penn State....sad situation! Excellent institution who's rep is down the drain because of nasty people like Sandusky!

SU got it going on though!

I'll be back!!!!! Working on the vision board some more!

Serena W. said...


My son will not rock an Eagles or any other football squad except the Giants! LOL!

*throws the mic down*

Anonymous said...

@Serena- Lets Go Giants!!!!!

A-buuzzzzzz said...

DANG SERENA... LOL. I am a die hard Giants fan but Soso can rock an Eagles jersey when they play someone A
After all she has to rep her Titi Brooke. :-)

Geeque said...

@Brooke- I agree, but Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is hilarious!! LOL

I think Stevie J may get his own show!! His buffoonery just makes you laugh.

Brooke said...

Stevie J is a cornball, a straight HERB. And he's not cute to me at all. If he had no money, NONE of these chicks would be checkin' for him. NONE.

@Serena, not even a green onesie? ;-)

Fine, all the pretty jerseys will go to SoSo!

I need article ideas!!

Praying for a full time job for you too Serena!

Geeque said...

You right Brooke, but the chicks he got are Chicken Heads!! LOL

You have to laugh at those corny lines he drops every show..

Stef said...

Oh don't get me started on LAHHA. Stevie J is ugly, messy and corny. And Brooke you're right, none of those women would want him if he was just Stevie from the Bronx. And what is that thing he does with his mouth/lips?? He looks crazy!!!!

Jaz said...

I DO want a booty like Joseline's though!!!

Anonymous said...

@Jaz- The Booties on the show are crazy!!!!!

Serena W. said...

I was with the Eagles until McNabb left. Maybe a green onesie but we already got the Giants hoody lol!

Annamaria that's hilarious about your teachers name!

Thanks for the prayers! I never unpacked my work bag! It's ready for my next desk!

I'm seriously looking into renting a house next year for real!

Even though I'm temporarily out of work I've been mad busy!

Brooke are you solely writing about relationships and love? I heard a good thought or two the other day. Iyanla Vanzant asked, "Are you really ready for a relationship or is it just something nice to say? Do you have room in your closet for a man or woman? Also have you really let go of the ex so you can move onto the next?"

That's it!

I forgot to tell the blog fam that I have a touch screen only phone now! I'm rockin it!

Brooke said...

Hmmmm....have to think about those Serena, thanks! And yes, I am asked to only write about love and relationships for now :-)

Thank you!

New phones make my head hurt :)

The Cable Guy said...

Joseline's ass is off the chain. Like someone said, ALL of the asses on Love and Hip Hop are bananas. Bunch of trick ass hoes though.

Well, Mimi's friend seems cool. She's pretty like Brooke ;)

Stevie J plays himself on the regular on that show. And Benzino, where'd HE come from?

The word of the day is "monogamy" LOL!!

That's what you can write about Brooke, monogamy. Is it natural, or only natural for women?

Serena W. said...

Good topic Cable Guy!

Brooke you now have enough topics for 3 weeks LOL.

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