Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Both Annamaria AND Serena got on me first thing this morning about RTT - I'm on it! Don't want them to cut me! :-)

- My scale at home is WAY more generous than the one they weigh us on here at the office. I wish I could use mine!

- Still trying to go strong! Eating well and working out every day isn't for the weak....takes a lot of discipline.

- Going to therapy for my feet today - that should be interesting. Flat feet are so not cute.

- No one wanted to...or had write any Father's Day guest blogs this week :-( I miss them.

- Would any of you be upset if your fiance/fiancee had strippers all up in their face at their bachelor/bachelorette party? They're discussing it on The View right just thought I'd ask.

- Have any of you ever experienced "sexual monotony"? Bored with your boo sexually? They're discussing that also on The View :-)

- Clearly I'm blogging and watching TV at work :-)

- The Old Navy jeans I have on today are my new favorite - The Flirty them! I couldn't fit them last year. Yay!

- I think I'll treat myself to new lingerie once this Biggest Loser contest is over. I deserve it.

- I need a full, lazy day at the beach. A few magazines, a book, some music. Sounds like heaven.

- For all the fathers out there - what does fatherhood mean to you?

- Rock of Ages was entertaining enough. I'm not really big on musicals on film, but it was cool....and free.
Have to take my nephews to see Madagascar III, if they haven't seen it already by the time I get to Philly.

- I have a lot of writing to do today.

- Elizabeth Hasselbeck grates my nerves.

- I need a piece of fruit.

- Where has DMoe been? Must be studying...he don't love us no mo' :-(

- Let's get it! The dude dancing in the background on this video always cracks me up!

And just because I feel like it....



Abuzzzz said...

First bitches

Stef said...

at least she beat BATMAN!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there!

Batman said...


A-buzzzz said...

1. Brooke you can live now! Especially since you got me my paperwork.

2. Citibank will more than likely sponsor the Mission 2 Mentor, Inc Mixer where the mentees meet their mentors... YIPPEEE

3. Now all Powerz has to do is arrange the mixer (SIDE EYE)

4. Trying to get a MILLION things done & NO TIME.

5. I was going to try and write a Father's Day blog but I didn't have the time.. :(

6. Happy Father's day to my father who I love soo much and to my husband who I love soo much also. They are amazing Dad's & I appreciate the hell out of both of them.

7. I think as long as no sexual intercourse (Oral included) takes place at a bachelor/bachelorette party it's all good. You should pretty much expect a stripper all up in the guest of honors face..Or else it would be called a party.. LMFAO #justsayin

8. Never been bored with my hubby don't ever think that will happen


10. Why do I have to take Sophia for an interview to get into Pre-k?? WTF she isn't even THREE YET!

A-BUZZZZ said...



Serena W. said...



I miss my Papa a lot these days. He was the father in my life when mine wouldn't step up to the plate. A true gentleman!

Interview for Pre-K? WTH?

Agree with Annamaria on the bachelor party.

Yeah for Mission 2 Mentor! can fit Old Navy jeans length wise? They are always high waters on me!

Happy Early Anniversary A-Buzz and Powerz!

Our last swim class in Saturday :( I couldn't afford the next session. I will be using our FREE pool in my complex though until the fall.

Jordan is getting so big! He's starting to stand and looks so amazed at himself when he does it!

I'm tired of reading people's FB statuses and all they do is complain!

It's so funny when I mentioned Jordan's first birthday party how many people are "telling me" to invite them. Ummmm really?

People are a trip.

I felt a little discouraged yesterday...well a lot discouraged (yeah I know it's not grammatically correct but you catch my drift).

Some people say they support ya but they don't or they don't see you for all you can be.

Another shift is coming...I see why when stars make it big their circles are sometimes very small.

Just released my June Newsletter and inside it is a poem for men :)

My contract is up in 2 weeks and 1 day and the VP is tripping. Just extend it already!

Already got my eyes open and ear to the ground about possible summer gigs. Pray for me.

Why do people like kicking you when you are already down?

Met a guy that has NOOOOOOOOOOOOO SWAG! Shame....conversation skills are seriously lacking! You only get 1 convo/1 try with me and that's it!

Iyanla Vanzant was on Michael Baisden show recently and she asked a deep question to you have room in your closet for someone right now???

I thought about her question and that was deep. A lot of folks want relationships but don't have room or want to make room right now.

Food for thought.


Brooke said...


Yes, they have Tall Old Navy jeans - you might have to order them online if they don't have them in your nearest store. Mine are almost a little TOO long - they touch the floor.

Getting therapy on my feet - the foot whirlpool felt AMAZING! I don't know why I don't use the footbath I have at home. Just lazy I guess.

Now all I need is a pedicure :-)

Happy early anniversary to Anna and Austin! Time flies when you're having fun! :-)

Almost done with my paperwork Annamaria!

A-buzzzz said...

I must say we are having fun. Last weekend we spent some quality time with each other & Soso.. And we had a great time. It felt really good to say I enjoy spending time with my hubby.

I need to get a pedicure by Sunday. I have NO idea however how or when this is going to happen...

Hurry it up B...LMFAO

Serena W. said...

Yes Annamaria! You gotta look fly for the anniversary (even the feet)!!!!

Foot therapy! That sounds delightful!

Wow Old Navy has tall jeans!

So black wedges are finished :( I did have them for 5 years but I'm just saying...they had to break now!

I'm still looking for a shopping spree! Maybe a contest or something!

Researching magazine to submit stories too about Ovarian/Cervical cancer. Hit me up with your fave magazines (oh and let's just delete Essence and Heart & Soul from the list). No response from either. Boo them!

Serena W. said...

Where is everyone?

The Cable Guy said...

Being a dad means dedication and responsibility to me...and patience. Not just with the children, but with their mothers and the situations we've created. It means truly being a man - for me.

Brooke, sorry I couldn't write this year - been mad busy!

Happy anniversary Anna and Austin - you guys seem solid. That's great.

Foot therapy? they do that? What's wrong with your feet?

A-buzzzzz said...

Serena... what about the Latin versions of American magazines... Like Cosmo Latina, People en espanol, or straight up Latina magazine. Don't leave us out girl. :-)

GRACIAS Cable Guy..

And I'm here buried under files! Help help.. lol

Powerz said...

One year in the bag! I'm Lovin It (in the McDonalds tune)
Thanks for the congrats.

Happy Daddy Day to the Poppas. I was watching Pursuit of Happiness again and I like the part where the son says "You are a good poppa".

Why are the days before a vacation always crunch time and you can never find the time for anything...

Keep pressing Serena.....Good things comes to those who work hard! The Outcome will be Income!

Daddy to me is being half sleep and having my daughter lay nose to nose asking mommy "Daddy sleeping, can I touch him" and feeling her hand placed gently on my face.........

Monday was my effort at a Father's Day blog. Lol

The Cable Guy said...

I actually DID attempt to THINK of a Father's Day topic, but it wasn't an upbeat, loving one. It was more like "I'm a fucked up boyfriend/husband, but an excellent father."

I wish my children's mothers would understand that just because we didn't work out, doesn't mean I can't be a great dad. Being a father comes naturally to me, but being a husband doesn't. Doesn't mean I can't be ONE DAY, but not now.

A-buzzzzzzzzz said...

Why is Sophia soo respectful of Daddy's sleep YET I get told Mommy GET UP! WTH.. LMFAO

Courtney said...

Hi everyone!

I'm late, but I read the blog!

Congrats to Annamaria and Austin!

Serena W. said...

Tonight my son stood up and with assistance of a piece of furniture took 2 steps! Then in my room he sat on the floor, looked up at me and said, "Mama."

Did I cry both times????

Damn right! Lol! I needed that to end my day well!

Powerz thank you!

Annamaria thanks for those ideas, I'll look into those magazines too!

Again...Happy Father's Day to all of the men of the blog! Have a beautiful weekend!

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