Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- It's been a while - my bad! I'll try to do better.

- Beautiful day in the NYC today! Love it!

- I'd better pop a good number when I weigh in tomorrow. I've been KILLING myself in the gym this week. Go team DAMM!!! (inside joke)

- I feel like all I've been watching on tv is the NBA Playoffs and SportsCenter. I might catch Wendy Williams during the day, but even that's background noise.

- Steve Harvey's "Strawberry Letters" this week have been CRAZY! Do these people really exist in the world? No wonder he has a best selling book - people aren't using the good sense God gave them.

- Can't wait to lay on the beach this summer. Why is it that all the 90 degree days fall on like...a Tuesday... and all the rainy days are on the weekend? That just means I have to get creative when playing hooky.

- I'm wearing white jeans today - just thought I'd throw that out there.

- I haven't been to see a play in a long time - have to remedy that. A Streetcar Named Desire might be one to see. Blair Underwood....nuff said.

- I love our First Lady. The Flotus is THE BOMB!

- School teachers are still having sex with students? Really? And how do you get seduced by an 18 year old?

- Do any of you pee in the pool? Don't lie...

- I would LOVE sushi for lunch - not sure it's good for my weight loss plan though for this week. I've been juicing all week...blah.

- Anyone have any ideas on what I can write about for Madame Noire this weekend? Relationship topics? Anyone???

- I posted "Money Monday" on Tuesday and no one corrected me :-)

- Sand between my toes would feel SO good right now.

- It's June tomorrow...the year is flying by so fast!

Let's go! Love Jigga's swag!



Batman said...

First Bitches!!!

Stef said...

Okay, who the hell is Batman anyway?

I missed RTT's!

A-buzz said...


1. B... Stop with the excuses.

2. Can't wait to be on a beach in a few weeks!! :-)



5. My daughter gets funnier & funnier every day. Love her.

6. Next few weeks are crazy busy.

7. Breezes Bahamas gets TWO THUMBS DOWN.

8. Atlantis get two thumbs up! :-)

9. I need a mani/pedi

10. I'd like some white jeans

11. I got my Brooklyn Nets shirt! I'm ready.

12. Read the Hunger games book 1.. LOVED IT. AWESOME.COM

13. Read Book 1 of the 50 shades of Grey... I really don't see what the fuss is about. On book 2 and the main character is starting to get on my last damn nerve...

Serena W. said...


I needed this blog today. Semi challenging day. People are really a trip these days!

I would love to take my pumpkin to the beach. I think we'll go this summer!

Rocked out an African Master Dance Class yesterday and had a ball!

Who is Batman?

I can't eat sushi :(

Brooke play hookey one day!

Looking for a job AGAIN in case my contract really expires on June 28th :(

Looking forward to this summer.

I can't believe my son will be 10 months old on Tuesday!

Have an event at work that should be fun and simple and instead its turning into a political ball of red tape mess! Everyone wants to be recognized. For Christ Sakes it's about the kids! SIGH!

I have an Ann Taylor gift card and I'm going to buy a bunch of shirts! Love it!

Thinking of hitting up the water front after work with my lil man.

I want a Brooklyn Nets shirt and a onesie for my son!

Orange and Blue BBQ on July 21st! SU ALUM...BE THERE!

It's nice to wear my summer wedges again, couldn't rock them last summer (felt like I was going to tip over).

I want some ice cream...

And some white jeans lol.

Pedi would be nice too...

Maybe more later...

Yolanda said...

Things are a-changing :-) Thank God for that, even in crisis.

My air conditioner is broken :(

Anybody got a spare?

I'm trying to work and listen to the Chuck Brown funeral. Distractions are winning right now. And this funeral is cranking!

My hair touches my neck now. It's been a long time. Kinda freaking me out.

Can somebody pack me in their bag to the beach?

I have dog envy. I need to just go adopt me one (after I get some air though).

Ok, the face eating man? Good Lord.

Random: I'm bugged when people mispronounce "genre."

Alright, back to business. Have a great weekend.

A-buzz said...

OMG Serena if I find a Brooklyn Nets onesie I will send it to Jordan! ;-)

Serena's posts always make me smile. She has such a positive energy. :-)

My hair is growing. It's taking EVERY ounce of will power that I have not to chop it off.

Gummi Bears + vodka=heaven

My hubby is such a hard worker. Sometimes I want to slip him some ambien so he can just get some down time. Love him

Serena W. said...

Thanks Annamaria. I'm truly trying over here but I'm blessed and gotta keep it moving ;)

If you find a onesie Jordan is now a 12 months size. He's such a doll.

Anyone else here about this strange new disease called Chagas? SIGH!

Stef I missed RTT too!

Since my quads are still burning from the dance class last night I'll hold off on running today.

Everyday is a new adventure with my son!

I wanna buy a new pair of sneakers. Not running sneakers, just some chill, kick it sneakers!

I can use a fairy godmother lol.

Still want some ice cream, I may need to treat myself.

Maybe I'll go to Rita's Ice today after work after the water front since Jordan likes their vanilla custard lol.

Happy Early Anniversary Annamaria and Powerz!

Yolanda I miss you!

Next time I'm in NYC I need to see Annamaria and Brooke with my son. They haven't met him yet!

Maybe more later...(I said that last time).

A to the bizzle. said...

Serena..THANK YA!!!

And I know Your mama is PROUD. :-)

I would definitely get him a 12 months since his bday is coming in two months. My boo is going to be 3! Serena ENJOY every minute with him now. Soon he'll be Soso's age & you are going to want to punch him in the neck.. lol

It's funny that you mention that I haven't met him yet. I get all his pics & updates so I feel like I have met him.. LOL

Serena W. said...

I have my moments now with him...he has a temper lol (he gets that from his Dad lol). But it's all good.

I do wonder what Mom's thoughts would be and are :)

More RTT...

Thinking of returning to the classroom (OMG)! I might apply to the nonprofit certification program and I'm contemplating, meditating and praying if I want to continue after those courses and get my Ph.D I want to teach but on a college level.

Thoughts everyone? Am I crazy lol!

I'm waitinf ro two approvals so I can move on with my day! Sigh...

My goal is to leave early but I don't know. :(

Where's the crew??? Cable Guy, Jay, Jaz, Rameer, Anthony, SarKism, Silouette...where y'all at!

Brooke must be on lunch. She fell off...maybe she found that sushi lol.

A-buzz said...

I KNOW.. Where is everyone??? Go for it Serena. If ANYONE can do it you can. :-)

A-buzz said...

I KNOW.. Where is everyone??? Go for it Serena. If ANYONE can do it you can. :-)

The Cable Guy said...

I'm here, just mad busy! And it's HOT AS HELL!!!

I feel like even I've met Jordan :)

Brooke said...

I'm back! I didn't find sushi, had my green juice instead :(

Shaunie O'Neal is full of ca-ca! she frontin' like she's not laughing all the way to the bank! Chile please.

Watching the Behind the Music on Jennifer Hudson - I still don't see how she's coping with such a tragic loss. You'd have to commit me.

I miss my sister and nephews :(

Stef said...

Been a busy day, but what up folks!?

I feel bad for Jennifer Hudson too, but damn if I'm not tired of those Weight Watchers Commercials. Bring on Jessica Simpson! Someone new!

Blair Underwood is yummy! I'm down!

Hi Serena, hi Anna!

Ant's been MIA - he must have a new boo :)

I always wanted to vacation at Atlantis.

I want some white jeans too! LOL!

Powerz said...

My motto - As long as the Outcome is Income

Sorry for the lack of responses on Money Tuesday, I was out hustling

I feel like I' m standing on a cliff wanting to jump and fly with fear of falling straight to the bottom. Every day the wind is getting stronger giving me hope that I will catch a breeze and be on my way. My supporters are behind me pushing me closer to the edge. Getting my wings ready, Its about to get crazy..........

A Buzz looks hot in her Brooklyn Nets belly cut off shirt!

I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Give 100% to yourself first and the rest will come naturally

There is so much money out there.....think outside the box. Its all around you.

Serena W. said...

Hi Stef!!!

I'm leaving a whole 30 minutes early! woo hoo!

Just to buy stuff for the job lol.

I'm going to pick up my son and take a walk somewhere along the river front.

Everyone have a nice day and Brooke...I'm looking forward to RTT next week!


Serena W. said...

Powerz is so motivational!

Stef said...

Where is all this money all around Powerz?? Point us in the right direction! LOL!

Powerz said...

Stef - think outside the box. A friend recently told me that he makes about 1200 a week just turnng in scrap metal. If he sees it, throws it in his truck cha ching!

Look at your hobbies

Yolanda said...

Miss you too, Serena.

Wait, baby SoSo is gonna be three?
Get outta here.

Serena W. said...

$1200 a week off scrap metal! That's what's up!

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