Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Hello everyone!

- I heard today is "National Day of Prayer" day. I thank God for all of you, my family, friends and loved ones!

- I'm going to win The Biggest Loser competition at my job. I've already claimed it. Time to go IN!

- RIP Junior Seau. So tragic.

- I have a fuzzy head. I think I need a trim I think.

- What do people do for Cinco de Mayo? Anything?

- I haven't been wearing my pop of red lipstick. I need to get back on that for the summer :-)

- Spinning tonight - gonna be a killer!

- Raw snap peas aren't that bad....kinda.

- I hope to be a tourist in NYC this summer. I've lived here 9 years...I think it's about time.

- May is going to be a busy month.

- Thunderstorms are so sexy.

- How important is sex in a relationship?

- I did my own toes - deep purple! Holla!

- I need to hit the lotto!

- Can anyone recommend a great fuchsia lipstick? Dying to try it!

- Almost time for sandals!

- I miss Left Eye :(




Powerz said...

First B*itches!!!!!!!!

Did I make it

Powerz said...

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!

Powerz said...

I'm a posting fool!

The former Mrs. Powerz said...

I want a divorce. Lol

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Thunderstorms are very sexy!!

phillygrl said...

Brooke..What's up...Did I tell you I love the HAIR!!!:-)

Not sure abt Fuschia, but I just got a CRAZY lovely HOT/Bright Pink Lipstick from Loreal...smooth and BRIGHT!..not high end, but feel like it---Then I go with Orgasm peachy/pink goldish blush for a spring/summer glow...RIGHT ON POINT!..

Just saying HI & adding my 2 cents....

I'm in love...Spring is in the Air !!!:-)

phillygrl said...

The Blush is NARS

Powerz said...

1. Don't hate Mrs Powerz

2. Need to step up my workout game for our anniversary trip to the Bahamas

3. Can't believe its been a year already

4. After 6 long weeks, 3 weeks of actually putting a deposit, I finally replaced my baby! Woo Hoo

5. What sucks is that Soso refuses to even look at it...she is still tramautized :(

6. Mission 2 Mentor is growing and doing great things. Liek it on facebook and tell yoru friends to do the sames. The more we can touch, the more we can do!

7. I need some sleep...

8. Looking forward to Medieval Times this Sat with Aaron and Jada!

9. Horrible Bosses is a funny movie

10. And of course.....


Powerz said...

@Brooke - I am so a tourist in NYC. I walk around times square with my head up yet I get pissed when these 911 Memorial tourist walk 2 miles an hour when I'm trying to get home!

Brooke said...


Who are you in love with? :)

Powerz was first???!!! LOL!

Still haven't seen Horrible Bosses.

Freezing in my office.

I feel a cold coming on, have to fight it!

I've had enough raw snap peas. Unless someone zaps in the microwave with some butter on it, I'm not eating anymore.

Is it bad that I'm already thinking about what my treat will be once I win The Biggest Loser?

I'm thinking pizza or sushi. I'm barely eating any carbs.

DMoe said...

whassup yall...

- was in NYC last week, sorry I missed seeing the blog crew.

- Next time? Let's have a blog-b-que or something...

- Bobby Brown was on Today show talkin bout Whitney and the aftermath. Key takeaway?
1. She was doin drugs long before me.
2. That wasn't an "entourage" at her funeral, that was my family"

- Speaking of the Today show, i'm starting to think Starr Jones CGI. What's that? Snap out of it DMoe... She's comin around...

- My birthday's comin... the closer I get to the trip, the more people start to take me seriously….Oh yeah, migga figga's, i'm doin it. No turnin back now.

- All the frequent 'points' cards make yo wallet fat. its 2012, I aint carrying the card. Look up my rewards # dammit.

- got the fiyah ish.

- Come on Apple, i'm waiting....and i have the hooptie blackberry to prove it.

- Spring means toes out, and chicks got em everywhere...I  saw like 100 of em already today. Some good, some....(gulp) not so good.

- RIP Junior Seau. Hope they figure out what's going wrong in the heads of ex-players soon…

- Always on the lookout for my next cool T-shirt since the temps are risin...

- Today show comment (part deux): Tamryn Hall makes me feel some kinda way. Whether she's reporting on the Olympics, or a kid falling down a well, you know what i'm thinking the whole time she's on screen….

- Interesting to see that strip of Bacon defend herself about the "allegedly bogus" report that her kid was also tanning. Man, that chick looks like a walking hate crime.

- Avengers? Sure. Battleship? Yes indeed. If you make a movie about something/anything (a) comin to earth to destroy it, or (b) nature destroying the Earth, you got me.

- 1st big test (1 of 3) tonight…Nail it D.

- More Frank Ocean music please.

I'm just gettin started...playlist on the way.

Brooke said...

Yay! Dmoe is back!

So sorry I missed you while you were in the NYC! Dang it!

I missed Bobby Brown on The Today Show cuz I was stuck on ESPN all morning. Have to look it up.

I love Tamryn Hall homo. must go see.

You bust that test wide open D!

Stef said...

How the hell did I miss this?? Powerz is first? WHAT???

Yes, divorce him Anna!

We missed DMoe in the City? Rats!

Who is Junior Seau?

Must be football or basketball - I wish I loved sports like Brooke does.

RIP, whoever he is - I hate when people die :(

Where has Craig been?

I hope it warms up soon, this weather is bumming me out.

A-buzz said...

1. Sitting with my accountant to see if it's financially smarter to kill him & get all his money OR divorce him & take all his money.

2. My poor little girl cried soo hard when she saw Powerz new car. She is soo traumatized. :-(

3. DMOE was in NYC & we didn't know.. TASE THAT FOOL...

4. It's easier to plan a blog B Que if we know you coming #justsaying

5. I tend to say just saying after EVERY comment when I insult someone. It makes me feel better.. Wonder if it makes them feel better..

6. B looks gorgeous with short hair. Want to chop mine off again...

7. Brooke when are you coming for your interview.

8. Does this mean I shouldn't get Sophia her Mercedes Benz Power Wheels?? Don't judge me!!!!

9. Mission 2 Mentor is growing every day I am soo excited. We just signed on with Sears and their anti Bullying campaign. And thanks to me bullying my husband & friends I was nominated for a $10k grant.

10. Horrible Bosses is HYSTERICAL

11. I need a mani & pedi

12. And some pain killers

13. Brooke make sure you take your mentee with you when you go sightseeing this summer!

14. My attorney, accountant & I have reached a decision... Ya'll should say bye to Powerz before we leave on vacation!!!

Brooke said...

I can come by tomorrow night after my spin class, or Saturday morning or afternoon...let me know!

I'll make sure my mentee is on point and up on all things fly :)

Don't kill him Anna, not a good look for your mentees :)

Having boiled eggs and raw broccoli for dinner. Fun.

DMoe said...

@AM and Brookey - i'm puttin myself in blog timeout for not making the announcement.

Here's a quick list of jams I dug up to rock to these days...

1. Brand Nubian/Don't let it go to your Head

2. Jon B/Pretty Girl

3. Sammy Sam/Step Daddy

4. Brandy/I wanna be down

5. Karina Pasian/Just another melody

6. SWV/All about You

7. B.O.B/Ray Bands

8. Chris Brown f. Big Sean/Till i Die

9. Amy Winehouse/Half Time

10. Tribe called Quest/Award Tour

Stay thirsty.


Serena W. said...

RTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!

RIP Junior Seau. So tragic indeed.

Left eye is always missed!

Brooke, we need to see the red lipstick again

I wanna color my hair this summer..stay tuned!

Austin was first!!!!! YAY!

Mission2Mentor rocks!

Phillygrl I'm happy for you!

I'm not in love any's all good. God and time is healing the pain.

I am in love with my son though, he's such a joy!

Bought my tickets for Dance Africa in NYC! I will be out in BK at the street fest that weekend. Folks needs to hang.

Annamaria and Austin...will you be in town so you both can meet my lil one?

Brooke I know you might be away :(

I ran 4 miles on Sunday with my honey bunny in his running stroller. He did so well and enjoyed the air!

I walked 3 miles yesterday and dance on Tuesday...I'M BACK!


I heard him and his band rehearsing yesterday at my job, pretty cool!

My 3rd adult night since Jordan has been born, it's nice to get out and do adult things lol.

Happy 9 months baby boy! Jordan will be 9 months old this Saturday!

Happy Early Birthday Yolanda!

Need a mother's day gift! Go to my website and order a framed poem at

The first ten orders receive a free autographed book, "Keeping the Faith." Yes I'm published in it.

I don't like it when people start arguments with me for no reason! Crazy!

I hit my $500 goal for the Ovarian Cancer race that I'm running in next Saturday but its never to late to donate! Running in memory of my mommy!

Thunderstorms scare me :(

Maybe more later...

Serena W. said...

DMoe...I love

1. Brand Nubian/Don't let it go to your Head

The Cable Guy said...

Hey y'all!

Been working like a slave all day, so couldn't comment.

RIP Junior Seau - don't understand what's going on with these ex-players man. May his soul find peace.

Brooke, to answer your question - since no one else did - SEX is VERY important in a relationship. It's not EVERYTHING, but it's important. Have to keep it hot!
Or at least start off that way.

Had to google Tamryn Hall - she cute.

glad you got your whip back Powerz. I need a new ride my damn self.

They have makeup called "Orgasm"? Word?

Where's Yolanda?

Craig is probably in jail.

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