Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hello Everyone!

- Hopefully I'm posting this before Serena gets on the road for NYC!

- Don't think I'm gonna make it :( maybe she can chime in from her phone :-)

- Can't wait to see you tomorrow Serena at the Mission 2 Mentor fundraiser at LQ's! If you're in the NYC, come support Annamaria and a great cause!

- Having lunch with my cousin today! Can't wait to see her lil belly!

- Zimmerman finally got booked, about damn time.

- Lil Sophia is the most adorable little girl ever! She gives good hugs :-)

- I need cheap Yankees tickets. Good seats tho...good luck with that.

- I miss A Tribe Called Quest.

- Spin class is full tonight...what to do instead!?

- Why are people hating on Baby Blue? Too much time on their hands?

- I want a fabulous red dress!

- I think I have allergies.

- The remote on my car key is dead, so I have to manually lock and unlock my car doors. So strange. The things we get used to...spoiled!

- I feel like The Avengers and Think Like a Man are the only movies coming out this summer - has anyone seen any good trailers for anything else?

- The MJ Cirque de Soleil show was excellent!

- Going to see SWV at SOB's next Tuesday - "I get so weak in the knees..." So in honor of that....this week's double throwback joint!




A-buzzzz said...


Anthony Otero said...

First BITCHES!!!!!

Anthony Otero said...

**pulls out taser***

A-buzzzzzzzz said...

Slow your roll HOMIE. LMFAO

Anthony Otero said...

Here is my thoughts for the day

- crispy chicken
- and lettuce
- with some chitlins
- and grits
- wrapped a tasty cornbread tortilla

Stef said...

They make Spanish chitlins? and grits? LMAO!

Ant and Anna duke it out!

SWV!? They're still around? That should be a cool show!

Where have you been Ant???

Yolanda said...


Anthony Otero said...

I have been around. Doing my thing. Busy as all hell.

I am in the process of getting my life together so I can put myself in a better position to leave this bitch (Syracuse).

Not that you need to hear that. lol

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

Hola, mi gente!

- Just based on history and what has transpired thus far - I'm not remotely as happy as some seem to be Zimmerman got arrested. Because I don't think ANYTHING is going to happen to him - I think he's going to get off. I PRAY I'm wrong - but again, history leads me to believe I'm not.

- Speakng of Tribe - Q-Tip's birthday was this week, and he just signed a new record deal with Def Jam, as well as signing under Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music Imprint. Awesome!!

- Prometheus is coming out too, Brooke-Ra. And Avengers is out May 4th - not the summer. =)

- That Mary J. Blige "leaked commercial" spoof is the funniest thing put out THIS YEAR. I had tears streaming down my face watching it...

- It's Spring. That means pretty, eligible women hit on taken men. At least from MY personal experience. Lmao...

- Why am I officially EVERYONE'S bootleg man? My mother has me grabbing Microsoft Office for her new computer; people have me getting Turbo Tax to them..(sigh).

- I need to buy an entire new wardrobe of pants. Losing 25 lbs. is a bit more expensive than I thought it would be. :-/

- My girl used to regret buying me a PS3. Now she HATES it.

- I've been liberally laughing at all Knicks "fans" who argued with me that it WASN'T the coach's fault that they sucked, and that Carmelo was to blame. Because it was BLATANTLY obvious - and I enjoy rubbing their wishy-washy noses in their overt WRONGNESS. Lolz!

- Yankees back on the winning track. That's what's up.

- A woman I know told me she thinks we would make "really pretty mixed babies" if we were together. Um...okay? It's a compliment, I guess?!?

- My Spring football season is about to start. I'm hyped.

- I can barely eat beef any more. On the rare occasion I eat it, it feels TOTALLY WRONG in my body. Never thought I'd be able to give up beef - but now, I don't even WANT it. At all.

- I had a milkshake last week for the first time in months. Sooooo good!

- I'm on a Tracey Thorn and Gretchen Parlato kick lately in terms of music. Seriously good stuff.

- Going to tape my 3rd podcast tonight. Hoping it goes well...

- It irks me when women proudly call themselves b****es. It just does.

Possibly More After The Break!!!

A-buzzz said...

1. I was FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

2. Who else is coming out tomorrow????

3. I feel a blog photo coming on... :)

4. I'm very excited about all the wonderful people involved with MwM.. Good things coming

5. Brooke is the

6. Sophia asked for you after you left Brooke. She said mommy where she go? lol

7. She does give the best hugs..

8. Almost fully potty trained. PRAISE GOD.

9. I don't know what to eat for lunch.

10. I'm still skeptical about this whole George Zimmerman thing so I will refrain from getting excited just yet.

A-buuzzzz said...

#4 was supposed to read I'm very excited about all the wonderful people involved with M2M... Good things coming. DAMN TYPO

Yolanda said...

Now that we've gotten that out of the way...

-asking for prayers for a friend who's going through a rough family time. Thanks.

-I am tiyud!

-good news a-brewing for me. Send up a prayer for me too. Thanks again.

-safe travels, Serena.

-my Mother invited me over for burgers and had no lettuce and no tomato. Who does that? :)

-my birthday is in less than a month. WOOT WOOT!

-happy to see Zimmerman in a jumpsuit. But, the battle isn't over yet.

-that special prosecutor was sharp at that press conference yesterday

-happiness is a choice. I've been letting that marinate a lot lately.

-my hurrr is growing.

-I want patio furniture.

-I think I might have seasonal allergies. This has never happened to me before.

-a break would be nice.

-have I mentioned my love for DMoe? I don't think I have lately.

-Good luck with the event, Taser Momma.

Have a great weekend, people!

...wrapped up in ahhh tasteeee, flour tortillllah!

Anthony Otero said...

Rameer, do not front. You are the digital representation of the guy who walks in the barbershop with (Turbo Tax though? I could have rocked

I feel like all i have done in the last few weeks is talk about Jorge Zimmerman. I am still not happy and I am pretty sure he will walk.

My Girl hates that she got me a PS3 too. When she is here, i don't play...but when she goes...I be

Serena W. said...



About to hit the road to get my son and roll to NYC! Brooke, Annamaria and Powerz I will see you tomorrow!

SWV's new song is hot!

I want a red dress too!

I'm here working until the minute I have to leave!

Going to the NYC Autoshow on Saturday with my sista friend and godchildren. Jordan and I are getting spoiled looking at new cars!

Brooke you should post my fly boy in his Easter suit!

Anthony I miss you!

Praying for your friend Yolanda!

I feel something brewing this weekend and I'm not in the mood for it!

Some people are always mad and complain...they truly don't see the goodness in life even though it's right in front of them.

And they won't know until its gone.

I have a friend and his dad is sick and he doesn't visit enough in my book. What's the deal? Sigh...

Yolanda I miss you too!

Brookey and Annamaria I need a drink tomorrow and watch me be like 5 minutes late after the drink specials!

It's all good...all for a great cause!

I can't believe my baby is 8 months and change!

He sat up by himself the other day, I almost passed out lol!

Love to all of you! Thanks for traveling prayers! I'm out! I might chime in again if we stop at a rest stop!

Peace and love!

A-buzzz said...

I can't wait to see u tomorrow Serena!!! You better get there in time for your drinky drink. LOL

Brooke said...


I'll post any pic of Jordan you want Serena!

I'm just glad Zimmerman was arrested - at least THAT much. I know it's far from over, but an arrest was necessary.

I really want them to reevaluate this "stand your ground" law - if nothing else.

Sophia is so precious, I just want to steal her away!

Lunch with my cousin was awesome! I love cute pregnant women :) She looks amazing! Such a blessing!

Now I have to plan a shower :)

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