Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Money Monday!

How many of you always shop a sale, clip coupons or look for a steal? ME! ME! ME!! If you don't, you could be throwing hundreds of dollars out the window over the course of a year. Today, Austin the Realtor gives us ideas on where to cut corners and how to find deals that will yield you significant savings. So with that, let's go!

Let’s Make a Deal! Austin the Realtor

Hey Folks. Hope you all had a great weekend.

If you did some shopping, I hope you got a great deal. If not, let’s talk about what we can do to better our chances. There are many items that we almost always try to negotiate when purchasing: i.e. a new car. We all know the sticker price is there for show, but the real price comes up when the salesman sees an interested buyer. There are also some items that are negotiable that may surprise you. My motto? “Why not ask, because it can only benefit you. If they say no, you are right where you started if you didn’t ask. You have nothing to lose by asking.” The key is being persuasive!

1. Clothing – Have you ever received a discount because there was a small stain on a shirt that you knew you could get removed? It works. A mis-priced item or an item located on the wrong shelf or rack are also negotiating opportunities. Make sure you watch your items closely when they are being scanned at the register. Don’t be afraid to challenge the price. I recently got $10 off a pair of shoes because it was located over an incorrectly listed price.

2. Cable Service – Cable is expensive, and it is a competitive market. Tell them you are leaving and you are almost guaranteed a few dollars off your monthly bill. Use the line, “Why do you treat new customers better than your existing customers? I want the low price too.” It worked for me!

3. Home Mortgage – This is another competitive market. Have them explain all the fees. Get a detailed breakdown, and then start to go over each one to see what they are willing to waive in order to keep your business, such as underwriting and processing fees.

4. Airline Tickets – There are many deal sites out there. To negotiate, you have to speak to someone live. Try a travel agent. They work on commission and want your business. They may be willing to make a part of something than all of nothing!

5. Parking Fines – After turning red getting the ticket (even though you knew you were wrong), take a deep breath…..and fight it. Even if you are dead wrong, fight it anyway. They will normally offer you a reduced fine just for showing up before you see the judge. You can take your chances with the judge, but once you pass on the reduced fine, you will not get another offer….good luck

Are there any steals or deals you can think of that you want to share so we can add it to the list? These are just a few, but there are many other opportunities - from College Tuition and Credit Card fees to Medical Bills and Hotel Rates. Remember…you have nothing to lose by asking!



A-buzzzzz said...

First bitches!!!

Stef said...

I LET her be first since her boo is the guest today :-) LOL!

I usually ask for discounts when there is a slight imperfection on clothing. Even if it's just a little dirt, I get at least 10% off.

I also ask if I can buy the floor models on electronics if there are none left at a discount.

Brooke said...

I clip coupons, shop online after midnight for flights and hotels and whenever I get to the hotel, I always ask if there is a room upgrade available - especially at all inclusive resorts. I've been upgraded twice before to a MAGNIFICENT room, simply by asking.

I've even heard of some folks getting bumped up to first class on a commercial flight simply by asking if seats were available.

I also sign up to be on calling lists, so that when Nordstrom's is having their annual (or semi-annual) sale on shoes for women with big feet, the sales person will call me and offer me a special discount or coupon.

Mail in rebates are great too - make sure you take the time to fill them out!

Powerz the Realtor said...

Also, I keep a Macys credit card just for the discounts. Open Box items are good too.

The Cable Guy said...

I don't have any credit cards, that would be my downfall.

I also always forget to send in the mail in rebates. I'm lazy like that, but these are good tips.

Brooke said...

I'm also a big fan of Groupon type deals, LivingSocial, Bloomspot, etc. for deals on products, services, restaurants I'd like to try, etc. Subscribe to them in your area and see what deals you can find on cool stuff.

A-buzzzz said...

SHOES!!!!! If it's the last pair OR the ones on display... DISCOUNT!!!!

Also a lot of Big named shoes designers have teamed up with stores like Payless, Kohls, etc... to bring you HOT shoes at discounted prices. Plus since these stores are more likely to have BOGO sales you can save EVEN MORE...

A-buzzzzzzzzz said...

Oh and Stef... I'm tasing you for IMPLYING that you LET me be first... LMFAO

Stef said...

I DID LET you be first! LOL!

Powerz the Realtor said...

Living Social is a good one. Also, if you like to eat out, check out Get $25 and $50 gift certs for $3 adn $5. Great way to try new places at a discount! The Today show had a special and we bought a $500 gift cert for $30!

Courtney said...

I LOVE those type of discoutnts - Living Social is a good one. I got a great massage through them.

I have to try!

Jaz said...

hey Blog Fam!

These were good, I'm going to have to put these to practice - I need to save more money!

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