Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hola mi gente!

- I'm ready for it be warm EVERY day. I'm talking sandals, flowing dresses, all dat!

- Babysitting a bunch of kids this weekend - oh joy! :-) I'm being sarcastic, but actually looking forward to seeing my nephews and their little friends :-)

- I'm sure I'll need an extra weekend from my "weekend." Kids wear me out.

- Who in the hell left the gate open? Just felt like typing funny to me!

- I'm still sad about Trayvon Martin...and now another boy has been shot in Wisconsin under a similar "law." When will it stop? When will these laws change? It's open season on our young, Black boys...sending prayers out to those who are mourning.

- RIP Dick Clark.

- It was great seeing you last Friday Serena - here's part of the blog fam!

- If you slap someone on tv, you deserve to get sued #basketballwives

- Is it weird that I use a highlighter when balancing my checkbook?

- My boo calls me "Pegsly"...because he thinks I'm a square peg. Is it cool to be nerdy these days? :-)

- Miss Princess is treating me to lunch today - yay! Can't wait!

- I have a chocolate bunny on my desk that I received for Easter...just taunting me.

- Whenever it's a bit warm outside, it's freezing in my office. These damn people!

- Scandal is my new favorite show - on tonight at 10P on ABC!

- Zac Efron has dreamy eyes....The Lucky One was a decent flick.

- Who's going to see Think Like a Man this weekend? I feel like they've been promoting that movie for over a year now.

- Patiently waiting for my raise to kick in...

- Grateful to have gotten a raise again this year! God is good :-)

- Who's copping the new SWV joint? Do you call them albums...or cd's....or what?

- Since everyone's talking about the Tupac hologram....




ArrElle said...

FIRST!!!! YEAH I'M CLAIMING IT. I will be back with my comments

The Cable Guy said...

Wow, ArrElle is first! She beat ERRBODY!

DMoe said...

- I'm back!

- Work/school is challenging, but still...I rise.

- I am prone to ink pen marks on my clothes. WTF am I? 12?

- I gotta fly above some people's azzholian ways (copyright, DMoe)
But if they keep on, Imma land on they azz.

- I give another driver the "go head" hand sign (not to be confused with the "thanks/can i get in?/why u trippin?" hand signs) and she still mean mugs me.

- I never buy cologne, cuz I am cologne ignorant, which pretty much means i'll buy whatever the chick in black (those chicks all wear black in the stores) tells me to buy. They know a sucka when they see one.

- My iPhone seems to be in the nude when i don't have a case on it.

- Love the new Sam Jackson/iPhone Siri commercial.

- Computer problems? Come on man...I put the IT ticket in last week. Fix my ish.

- Will be in the big apple next week, and forgot that its NFL draft week too.

- Of course when i'm there, the Knicks are gone.

- Boot camp fuggin hurts, but i like the workout.

- Sign Brees.

- Free Sean Payton.

- Playlist on the way.


Brooke said...

I always thought it was kinda funny when people said "ink pen." What other kind of pen is there? That's a real question :-)

A-buzzz said...

1. Warming up my taser for u ArrElle.....

2. B I am with you on this weather. Mother Nature needs to get it together & keep us in the 70's at least...

3. Need a mani/pedi

4. I will have 3 kids in the house this weekend so I definitely know what you mean by needing a weekend from your weekend...

5. MY husband spoils me rotten. LOOF Him.

6. 2 months from now we will celebrate 1 year of wedded bliss. Time flies

7. I feel a date night coming on...

8. Shout out to my homie Ms. Nay on her new job!!!! Congrats my dear I know you will ROCK at your new gig. Very proud of you. TIme for a girls night out to celebrate! Brookey you in???

9. Thank you everyone that came out on Friday for the M2M event at LQ's I really appreciate the support

10. Shout out to Serena who won a camcorder in our raffle.

11. Getting in Mentee applications, matchups to be made soon!!!

12. Funding in for my 9-5 has been extended for 2 more years. WHich means I STILL HAVE A JOB! YIPPEEE

13. There is a downside to potty training... It was a 1am when Soso asked me to take her to the potty to peepee. :-(

14. I hope my boo gets his new car soon. I give him a hard time but he works hard & deserves to enjoy it. Even when he doesn't listen to me... (side eye)

15. Sophia now has full conversations. I miss her being a baby.... Serena can I borrow Jordan for a few hours???

16. Brooke I use a highlighter when I balance my check book also. I highlight all the checks when they clear & transactions that have posted...

17. I am a nerd also. And confession I LOVE IT. Sometimes I wish I could do more nerdy things...

18. My hair is in this in between stage. It needs to either hurry up & grow OR it's getting chopped the hell off..

19. Rainy weekend..Movies, lounging on the couch & lots of naps coming my way...

20. Oh wait I'll have 3 kids in the house.. nevermind.

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...


- 2 regulars on here added me on Facebook (and I really like 'em, so I'm happy to connect with them that way!) However...fair warning. I can be a little...MUCH with my opinions. Brooke-Ra knows. Lolz...

- NOT going to see any parts of Think Like A Man outside of the commercials. No interest in adding to the Steve Harvey "let me tell you what's wrong with you Black women!" bottom line. Although the movie doesn't seem to skew towards that - it seems like the same old Black relationship comedies we've been seeing since Two Can Play That Game. But it won't get my money or viewership.

- The Trayvon Martin tragedy is so horrible to me - I've simply stopped talking about it and posting about it. Too infuriating to me.

- I'm DYING to see Prometheus this summer!

- The DC Orange & Blue SU reunion falls on my birthday this year. I may have to miss it. =[

- I just need it to be a little warmer regularly - then I'm heading back to the b-ball courts...

- I hear a lot of women loving the new show "Scandal". Without knowing ANYTHING about the plot of it, I swore I wouldn't check it out if Kerry Washington's character wound up romantically entangled with a white dude - because this is the constant narrative for TV shows that feature prominent women of color (they always wind up with a white dude - ALWAYS).

First episode - people tell me she's hooking up with the VERY WHITE president on the show.

Look - I have no issue with interracial romance in real-life at all. But I DO have issues with the way we're presented on TV and film, and the ridiculous stereotypes, cliches and constant ways were depicted and painted. And the successful, smart woman of color always falling into the hands of a white dude thing has been going on since the f'n 90s. I just can't.

Everyone is entitled to watch what they like - but I just can't give that show even a second knowing I ALREADY knew the time on what was going to pop off.

- Kind of related - Kerry is dangerously close to the Halle Berry "I ain't fudgin' with her" zone for me. Like Halle, she seems to choose a number of roles that I find a bit disturbing in what the characters have to say or do. The latest - her role as the constantly naked, constantly raped Broomhilda in Quentin Tarantino's upcoming (apparent) fiasco Django Unchained...

- On a lighter not - I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to greek yogurt.

- I celebrated my loss of 25 pounds by pigging out on bad food last weekend. Thing is - though I get cravings, when I DO eat something "bad" now - I feel compelled to eat correctly for the next week. Amazing how a change of lifestyle and diet can change your way of thinking completely!

- I'm not a soap opera person at all. But I'm kinda interested in seeing what the new version of "Dallas" will be like. When I was a little boy, I remember the women in my family watching that together...I'd even watch it with them sometimes (hey, we only had one TV - whatever was on, you were stuck). That's of course if I wasn't playing like a little boy does - or sleep.

- I'm offensive to dumb people. No, really - I am.

- I have always believed spiders and scorpions should be eradicated from this planet. If I was a scientist - I'd find a way to make that happen. That's how much I hate them.

- People who call their pets their "kids" or "children" annoy me.

- Nas' "Behind The Music" last night was EXCELLENT!!

- i think the 2pac hologram was one of the dopest things to pull out EVER in concert history. But this plan to take it on TOUR?? Wack juice. It was a cool one-time game-changer - don't EXPLOIT the man's image for profit now. Especially since I'm pretty sure they'd only highlight the thug persona, and not the thoughtful revolutionary side of the man.

Well, that's TONS. Possibly More After The Break!!!

A-buzzzz said...

Oh and I LOVE Scandal also.... and I am still sad about Trayvon... Patiently waiting to see what is going to happen. VERY SKEPTICAL.

Stef said...

I LOVE DMoe's random thoughts :)

and I LOVE that ArrElle is first!

Where has Fury been?

And Craig? I think he's in jail. LOL!

I'm so glad Jen is suing that hoodrat on BBW. All dem ho's are wack!

Soooo loving the Tupac joint!

LOL Brooke @ "ink pen" LMAO!

Brooke is doing it up on Madame Noire! Go girl!

oh...and never blame the other woman...unless she's your sister.

Men suck ass anyway. Yes, I'm in one of those moods.

Brooke said...


I would have preferred if either the Pres on Scandal was Black (since we have a Black President and all) or if she wasn't involved with him at all. She doesn't need to be "that" woman.

Otherwise though, I love the plotlines and writing. I'm a huge Shonda Rhimes fan :-)


I'm in barring any conflicts for Nay's celebration!

oh, and I do the same thing with my highlighter :)

Sam Jackson Siri commercial is cute - "if you say so..." :-)

Thanks Stef!

If you friend Rameer on FB - be prepared for LOTS of debates and strong opinions :) And cool movie trailer wars between him and Ant :)

Still have to see the Nas Behind the Music...must see!

Congrats on losing 25 lbs Rameer! I wouldn't mind losing 25 lbs my damn self. Spinning tonight!

Monica's slackin'!

DMoe said...

Thank you Stef!

Love yours too...

@Brookey, you are so right. Ink pen is kinda like "close proximity".


Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

Brooke-Ra - I really like Shonda Rhimes myself. Which is why it was disappointing for me to predict that and be right. But it happens with ALL significant female characters of color on TV. So bothersome to me.

You're right - she doesn't need to be THAT chick (Kerry). But without going into it - I think she has no ISSUES being that chick. Her choices in roles really leaves a lot to be desired to me.

Thank you for the kudos on the weight loss! It really was changing my diet and cardio. But my girlfriend has told me to not lose any more - she doesn't want me to be one of those "skinny boys".

- "Basketball Hoes" has been on TV entirely too long. My girlfriend sneaks and watches it every now and then - she thinks I don't know. Lolz...

- Football season (Spring session) starts the Saturday after this one! I'm sooooooo geeked!

- with "The Walking dead", "Justified", "Archer", "Sons Of Anarachy" and "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge" all over - I have no shows I currently watch every single week. That doesn't mean there aren't good shows - it just means there's nothing I feel compelled to watch every week, or feel like I can't miss...

- Scratch that - I watch "Bikini Barbers" every week. ROTFLMAO...

- The NBA lockout has resulted in WAY too many injuries to major players. Sheesh...

- I love Serena. I just wanted to randomly make that known. =)

DMoe said...

Spring/Sprung tunes currently in this ear of mine:

1. Another round (remix)/Fat Joe f. Mary J Blige, Chris Brown

2. Royalty/Gang Starr

3. If it isn't love/New Edition

4. Ms. Chocolate/Lil Jon f.R Kelly and Mario

5. Frontin/Pharrell f. Jay-Z

6. Just my Luck/Stacy Barthe

7. Gonna be alright/Robert Glasper f. Ledisi

8. Aquaman/Brad Mehldau trio

9. Better Love/Luther Vandross

10. Terminator X to the edge of Panic/Public Enemy

Stay thirsty.


A-buzzzzz said...

I LOVE watching the video of the wedding with people that went... NO ONE seems to remember the reception.. #signsofagoodparty

Serena W. said...


Rameer you're too kind! I love you too!!!! If you come to the BBQ I will buy you a birthday cake! I might have one there anyway to celebrate the year of the first! Lia's kids, Stacy's daughter, Jeanine's daughter, Jordan and whomever else had a birthday lol!

Annamaria I can't wait to use my cam corder (ummm Brooke, where is the Blog Fam photo)!

I'll send you my mailing address Annamaria!

DMoe...I love, "I gotta fly above some people's azzholian ways." I'm going through some stuff and just can't deal with certain people any more.

April has been a crazy month, a nice month but somewhat crazy.

I came out of character last Friday and didn't like what was coming out of my mouth.

A friend told me, "If someone doesn't bring out the best in you then they aren't worthy enough to be in your life."

All in all...I'm blessed!

It was so good meeting Geeque, Austin last week and seeing Ms. Nay, Annamaria and Brookey last week!

What is an ink pen?

Just had a chat with my boss and maybe my job can be extended through July or August...I would love it but I need some more income (time to hustle)!

Blackberry is acting up!

Co-worker took us out for Thai today! Yummy!

ArrElle, congrats on being first!

RIP Dick Clark!

Happy Anniversary to my Nana and Papa, although Papa is gone my grandmother still celebrates their wedding anniversary. If he were here they would have been married 64 years!

Jordan was playing with Nana's hand this weekend and kept touching her ring. She said, "Yep you got class like your Papa!" Ahhhh!

I'm praying on some changes in my a crossroads and a little scared.

Please donate to my website as I'm running a race on behalf of Ovarian Cancer on May 12th!

Off to find some sweets! Stay tuned for more later!

Serena W. said...

I'm still praying for Trayvon Martin's family and that his spirit rest in peace.

I'm also praying for the mother that was fatally shot seven times because a woman tried to kidnap her baby in the parking lot of the clinic!

Madness! When will it stop!

Brooke said...

Serena, everything will be okay. It always is :-)

And you're right! I slacked on the blog fam photo - which is now posted in the blog if anyone wants to see!

What is "Bikini Barbers"? lol!

too much madness going on Serena :(

Jay said...

Hey people!

Long time no blog commenting!

Totally borrowing "azzholian" LOL!

ArrElle just popped up first and bounced!

Brooke, congrats on the Madame Noire posts, you're doing your thang!

Haven't been that interested in basketball lately, but find that I'm watching baseball more.

Serena, prayer takes care of everything. You'll be fine.

Love the blog fam photo!

Haven't watched Scandal yet, Kerry Washington doesn't really do it for me.

Basketball Wives is still on? Really?

The Cable Guy said...

I caught one episode of Basketball Wives and that was the end...never again. I see birds like that all the time around the way, so it's not surprising to me that women behave this way, but these birds are on TV acting stupid. I can't get with that. I guess it's crazy to me because they're on TV acting like they're so much better than everyone because they might have a couple dollars, but at the end of the day, they're no better than the chick on the block. And since alot of white folks get their opinion about black people from TV, it's shameful to see.

I'd rather they get their idea of black women from Scandal than Basketball Wives, although I'm not the biggest Kerry Washington fan. If I had to choose tho, I'd take the Scandals, The Game or Greys Anatomy any day. Them other hos are ratchet.

Serena W. said...

I love the photo!!!! We were missing Ms. Nay and Geeque. Next time!

Congrats on the Madame Noire posts, you're doing your thang!

Jay thank you and I'm praying!

I don't get people some times...I really don't.

I have to defriend a couple of people on my FB page. Some instigators (is that how you spell it) are in the midst! Grown folk at that! C'mon now!

I need to post a poem for national poetry month this week!

People are really digging my piece, "Once Upon a Time" and some...aren't. Oh well.

Almost quitting time! Can't wait to get my baby boo!

A-buzzzzz said...

I hate tall people... LMFAO... Love our lil blog family.

I was reflecting on life the other day thinking about the whole Trayvon Martin thing. And as much as people want to make minorities out to be soo bad. I don't see it.
All the black men I know are hardworking, great dads and/or husbands. (including those on this blog)
All of my friends including FB Friends & Blog family are supportive caring individuals who cheer each other on.
I know that may not be the case every where we go but it's nice to see the opposite of what is portrayed in the media...

Maybe that is why Brooke doesn't want to give the Frat Wives their own show. Educated hard working wives & mothers who actually get along & love each other... WHO WANTS TO SEE THAT SHIT. LOL

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone. Serena send me your address.

Going to pick up my baby & my hubby!!


Courtney said...

Serena makes motherhood seem so sweet :) awww!

So does Annamaria, when she's not punching Sophia in the throat! LOL!

Not sure motherhood is for me though. Some days I think I can and will do it, other days, I'm like..."nahhhh!"

I think Brooke would make an awesome mother in the way that Oprah would - but they might just be too busy! Go girl!

Good luck with all the kiddies this week.

RIP Dick Clark.

I think Kerry Washington could be the bomb if she really wanted to. I haven't caught Scandal yet, but I'll watch tonight to see what I think.

Anyone watching Dancing with the Stars? Is Urkel any good/ :)

I admit, I watch BBW from time to time, but I think I'm done now. Last week's episode took the cake. I can't justify it anymore.

Spinning is no joke! I tried it last week for the first time and almost fell off the bike. Good job Brookey!

Serena, all will be well, keep your faith :)

I don't understand Twitter. Or Instagram.

Brooke said...

Don't blame ME Annamaria, I'm trying!

Annamaria said...

Courtney... I love her I really do. With all of my soul... But she makes u want to beat her... Try harder Brooke..

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