Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I can't wait for it to be warm every day...all the time. I wanna wear sandals and flip flops.

- Scandal, the new Shonda Rhimes show on ABC, premiers tonight! Can't wait to see Kerry Washington do her thing!

- Saw this on a friend's Facebook status - "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." Love that!

- Now the trick is doing it right :-)

- Yolanda has inspiring FB statuses too :-)

- Serena, your poem was WONDERFUL! Rock that on the mic soon!

- Someone on my FB feed posted a video of his child being born, with a complete shot of his wife's vajayjay. It's beautiful, the miracle of life and all...but I needed a disclaimer before I clicked on it. I didn't need to see all that. I can't "un-see" it now.

- I've been swamped with work this week - can't wait to chill on Saturday.

- Any holiday plans this weekend?

- Happy Birthday Jonathan! He's 9 years old today :-)

- The Mets can't seem to GIVE tickets away these days. Should I go since tickets are so cheap? Go Phillies!

- Are we going to discuss Mary J. Blige singing about chicken for Burger King? I think it's been discussed to death maybe...we can move on.

- I feel like I haven't heard new music in a long time. Any suggestions?

- I want popcorn.

- Going to see Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil in Philly next Tuesday - can't wait!

- I also saw Oprah at her live taping of Oprah's Life Class with Tony Robbins - I was inspired :-)

- She gave her shoes to someone in the audience. Those might be worth some money :-)

- What to eat for lunch?

- I like bananas, but not anything banana flavored. Unless it's banana bread. Weird.

- Since MJB is catching heat, let's remember why we love her so much...well...some of us anyway.




Domina*Tricks said...


Domina*Tricks said...

I actually did it! See Brooke, I read your blog daily, not just when Fury's around :-)

Sillouette said...

Hi everyone!! Long time no post , ( on my part)..LOl I hope everyone is well!! :)

* I have no random though t right now... I dont feel like thinking.. LOL... Give me a lil

The Cable Guy said...

Where did Dominatricks come from?

I'm not offended by MJB singing about chicken. We can move on.

Those joints you posted were the hotness back in the day - I say Go Mary!

Mets suck. Go Yankees!

I think Fury started something, I ran into another one night stand yesterday. Awkward. She was with her girlfriend and I think she wanted to keep me as her dirty little secret. And no, I didn't remember her name. Damn shame.

Eat pizza for lunch. That's what I'm having.

A---buzzzzz said...

1. I might have to tase Dominatrix... Except she might like it. LMFAO

2. I know some of the most inspiring people ever.

3. And supportive.

4. Brooke, Serena, Powerz, Aisha, Monica... etc etc.. YOU GUYS FILL MY HEART WITH JOY.

5. I swear I am trying to save the world singlehandedly sometimes.

6. I have to stop though cuz I'm hurtin... lol

8. I love my lil girl.

9. I love life.

10. ALL of you should come to the afterwork happy hour for Mission 2 Mentor Inc next week!!!

11. We are currently accepting applications for mentees so if you know of any young women that would like or would benefit from a mentoring program ages 10-18 send them my way!

Brooke said...

I'll be there next Friday, ABuzz!

I'm watching 16 & Pregnant at the office, this show scares the bjeezus outta me!

Going to have sushi for lunch - me and Miss Monica!

Although now I have a taste for cereal :-)

Let me back!

Powerz said...

Hello my good people.

Brooke, you need to try my banana pudding. I get rave reviews lol

I've been "consumed" with car shopping since they took my baby away...sniff sniff

A-Buzz is a beast! You would think she was a twin!

Shoutout to my best boy since HS for opening a cultural arts center in Brooklyn. Martial Arts, Dance, Zumba..... Giving back!

Closed a short sale in 3 months from listing to accepted offer to contract to bank approval to close! Unheard of! Holla!

Brooke said...


Who took your baby away?

and I doubt I'd like banana pudding, but I'll try it.

I'm actually drinking my "green" juice right now - made of bananas, strawberries, pineapple and broccoli. And orange peel. Yes, orange peel. He thinks he's slick.

I've never been regular in my life.

Serena W. said...


Happy 8 Months to my pumpkin!!!! Mommy's baby!

I had a great time with my sister and nephew this past weekend. I need to see them more often.

Brooke is my inspiration in regards to family! Her and her sister see each other all the time.

My nephew adored Jordan! Ahhhhh!

Jordan was on the baby swings...20 minutes later he was knocked out. His first time at the playground.

He also played with my father's African drum (Bata drum). He banged on it and laughed!

Rode in the shopping cart for the first time without his car seat. He thought he was at Nascar lol.

Brooke and Annamaria...I will be at the happy hour next Friday! Folks are trying my patience but I have a couple of sitters lined up. I might be fashionably late but I'll be there! I guess some people think that once you become a mother you can't have a life. Hmmmph.

MJB, "What's the 411" cd was hotness!

Brooke thanks for the shout out on the poem! I will rock that on the mic and soon!

I'm looking at things differently now and some folks are being left behind (peace two fingers)!

Starting to feel renewed...rejuvenated...renenergized!

Hi Yolanda, Jordan misses you and so do I!

Banana bread is the shiznit!

My hair is straight (my sister flat ironed and cut it). Sigh...I miss my kinky hair.

It will be back soon!

I think I want color this summer!

Hi Sillouette! Missed you girl!

Still looking for a shopping spree...any takers!

Lastly I'm running in a 5K (and yes my son is running with me in his running stroller)! It's called "Break the Silence" for Ovarian Cancer. I'm running in memory of Mommy. If you feel so compelled to donate please do!​northernva/serenawills

I can't wait to get my pumpkin after work! He makes me smile and melts my heart.

Annamaria I'm so glad I'm a friend that makes you smile (ahhhhh)!

Maybe more later!

Serena W. said...

Congrats on the short sale Powerz! That is unreal!!!!

Also you'd be proud...every pay check I save a little. It might not be much but it's something! Thanks for the Money Monday's! Keep em coming!

Stef said...

Brooke, I want it to be summer too - April is always such a funky month. I need HEAT!

In more ways than one :(

I'm not a fan of bananas.

Where is this poem Serena?

I'm happy to see Kerry Washington on tv - I like her.

Going to church for Easter, other than that, no plans.

Not much of a baseball fan either.

You saw Oprah???!!! So jealous! Love her!

love MJ too, have fun at the show in Philly!

Jay said...

Hey y'all! It's been a minute!

Fury was off the chain with the one night stand blog - read it, just couldn't comment. I've had a couple of one night stands, but not as in women I never talked to again...we just had sex once. So maybe not all were TRUE one night stands. Does it just entail sex once, or does that mean sex and that person is never to be seen again?

I'm good with faces, not always names though.

Kerry Washington could get it. Do people still say that anymore?

Happy 8 months to Jordan!

Serena is such a positive person - wanna read this poem myself.

Annamaria, you exhaust me reading all you got going on. How did you even manage to get married and have a baby? When did you find the time???

Powerz locked your ass down! LOL!

Oh, and congrats on the short sale. That is kinda unheard of. Good isht.

Dominatricks came out of nowhere - no pun intended.

Not a Mets fan.

Serena W. said...

Hey Stef and Jay! You can go on either of my sites. Its titled, "Once Upon a Time" my blogs are or and click on my blog ;)

Thanks Jay as well for the positive comment and wishing my pumpkin a happy 8 months! People do try me and I think they take my kindness for weakness. This is why I'm giving folks deuces!

Its a new season...time for change ;)

Powerz said...

A bit late on checkin back in but better late than never! Lol

Good Job @ Serena...every little bit counts! I owe Brooke some more blogs, my bad

Thanks on the congrats on tbe short sale @ Serena and Jay. Even the bank said this was unusual lol

@Brooke - Gieco said we taking your baby....

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