Friday, October 14, 2011

Relationship Pet Peeves

TGIF mi gente!

So last night at dinner, my colleagues Crystal and Beverly and I were discussing relationships and if there is a benefit to being single rather than being coupled up. Being mature, single women who live alone, we thought maybe we (read ME) were a little too set in our ways to share our space and make compromises for the sake of a relationship.

It was a light-hearted conversation, and we laughed at each other's lists of "things that annoy the hell out of us."

Beverly said it bugs her when people wear their shoes in the bathroom, or take the last bite of food in the house. I said I can’t stand when people (read MEN) sit on the sofa in a wet towel, sit on my pillow or let the toilet seat slam down. Crystal didn’t really list her pet peeves, but I’m sure she has some. We all do.

While some pet peeves may be silly or downright irrational, it doesn’t change the fact that we all know what we like or don’t like when it comes to dealing with our partners in relationships. Our little quirks can make us adorable at first, but can quickly go left after the honeymoon stage is long over. Next thing you know, we can’t stand the way our partner breathes…”you blink too loudly!”

Every relationship has its little annoyances, and if not addressed can cause resentment…which will inevitably lead to the beginning of the end. So with that, here is the question of the day: What are some of your relationship pet peeves? They can be silly, or they can be serious character traits that are eventual deal breakers.


1. Thoughtlessness
2. Combativeness
3. Lying
4. Broken Promises
5. Neediness




Stef said...


Annamaria said...

Thoughtlessness & Lying are top on my list too...
My husband would say it bothers him that I hate putting away laundry and therfore leaving it in the laundry basket for days.
And mine is that rather than put his dirty cups in the sink he leaves them on the counter. Not even on the side closest to the sink. So that AFTER I wash dishes I turn around & get to see his cup sitting there. :-)

The Cable Guy said...


Stef said...

I don't have a man, but when I did, it annoyed the hell out of me that he would step out of his shoes and socks at the same time, and leave the socks sitting in his shoes. Right at the door, not even to the side. So I'd have to move them if I wanted to walk out the door. Seeing the socks in his shoes just made me angry for some reason.

I used to trip over his gym bag too. MOVE YOUR STUFF!

Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,
Hey!!!!! I haven't left a comment in a while, but I'm still wit'cha. Who's Beverly? I know Ms. Betty (née Crystal) got some anger built up in her. Those quiet ones that laugh all the time always do. You're right ! I know one of the reasons I'm still single is I'm set in my ways and then I hear all the horror stories from my married or coupled up scares me away from wanting a relationship. I can't stand a liar, a cheater, a cheap-skate, an irresponsible man. I'm not really into a man with an earring in each ear, or long hair, tatts all over the place. UGH! I'm just going to have to pray really hard and then build a man. *heads down to basement*

Love is contagious, spread it!
~Ms. Princess

Anonymous said...

When y'all try to come in the bathroom... Or talk to me while I'm in the bathroom. I'm tryna focus man. And then if y'all come in when I'm tryna shit... I vant let it out like I want to.... Complete with the good farts!!!

Pretty ricky what dey call'em

Brooke said...

I'm over here DYING Pretty Rickey!

I've personally never wanted to come into a bathroom that a man is occupying. I know what's goin' down, and some stuff should remain a mystery :)

I also don't like when cabinet doors are left open (almost knocked myself silly once) or open drawers or when people drink out of cartons. I can do it in my own house, but if a man drinks out of my orange juice carton, there'll be some smoke in the city!

Oh...and don't use my deoderant.

Courtney said...

I hate when someone gets a new glass every time they get something to drink rather than rinsing out the old glass - and then don't wash all the damn dishes they created. I'm not a maid.

Or if you have clothes on the floor RIGHT NEXT TO THE HAMPER. Really?

The Cable Guy said...



Anonymous said...

Putting actual pots and pans in the refridgerator. You better put that in some tupperware or some corning ware... Stop playing.

Pretty Ricky what dey Call'em

Brooke said...

I once dated this guy that slurped everything. Soup, popsicles, ice cream, tea, cereal, spaghetti, you name it. Made me want to rip his lips off :)

He also crunched potato chips and popcorn with his mouth open...just so he could "hear the crunch."

Made me want to slit my wrists! :)

Stef said...

LMAO!@Prerry Ricky!

I hate that too! Why put a whole pot in the fridge! Lazy!

Jaz said...

This blog is cracking me up today!

Brooke said...


Beverly doesn't work here - she's a producer for an outside production company :-)

Anonymous said...

When we take a shower together... How come I have to hang out in da back of the shower while y'all stay all warm and toasty. Why I got to be sitting in the back with dried up soap all over me!!!

Pretty Ricky what dey call'em

Brooke said...

Pretty Ricky, you are in rare form today ;-)

Stef said...


I'm guilty of making my man stand in the back of the shower, but that's because I don't want him in there with me! I'll come get you when I'm done and I'll even leave the water running for you! LOL!

Mr. Nice Guy said...

I'm with Cable Guy on the nagging. Either tell me to do something once, or do it yourself. And if you tell me HOW to do it because you don't like the way I'm doing it, then it yourself.

Stephanie said...

You all are hilarious.I have to admit I'm guilty of putting pots in the fridge. It's just because I don't like to re-heat the food in the microwave.I think it changes the taste of the food.
1.Waiting till the last minute to decide what you want to do. I'm all for being spontaneous but sometimes we need an answer ASAP.
2.After I clean the bathroom is when my fiance decides he needs to shave then leaves the hair everywhere. I'm like are you kidding me I just cleaned that.

Serena W. said...

Y'all have a sista cracking up! Lol! I agree with the ladies! Gents you'll never worry about me walking in while you're in the bathroom! Nooooo!

I hate it when the lights are left on (bathroom...pantry...bedroom)! No one is in there! Stop killing my electric bill!

Close the doors too! Sheesh!

Put the toilet seat down please!

Picky eating!

Things I've had to deal with in the past are:

Can I borrow $20...dag on it...its pay day man! Bruh man made it a habit to always ask for loot. Bad move!

Slamming doors

No juice in the fridge but a fresh bottle of Henny was in the freezer! (Really???)

Men that complain too much! Rameer has a name for it ;)



Always grouchy (get a hobby)!

Acting different when they make more loot (oh now you forgot your roots...hmmph)!

Okay I'm done for now lol!

Serena W. said...

Pretty Ricky is cracking me up!!!!

Anonymous said...

My top 3 biggest Pet Peeves in no particular order!

The wife and I are watching the news and before the story is over she feels the need to provide her commentary during the report! Like shhhh man! Let me hear the whole story before you give me your "expert" analysis!

My second pet peeve is that she is a side seat driver signer! See my wife doesn't do the traditional verbal suggestions! No, if she thinks that I should change lanes, with her hands in her lap and strategically positioned so that I can see them in my peripherals, points in the direction she would like for me to go.
Lastly, My wife is a tease! Man she talks so much smack about what she is going to do when I get home! Sends me some pure unadulterated porn text! Makes arrangements for her mom to watch the kids! I am like ..It's about to go down! I get home....SHE is ALWAYS WITHOUT FAIL fast asleep! Don't try to wake her up neither...liable to lose an appendage or something! Now I am an understanding man. She works hard and we have two beautiful children under 2! I get that! She is going to be tired! But like Phife said " If it rains today then its a double header!" If not a double header, schedule a make up game! Something! When I try to get something started...her answer is always the mood has passed!

Can you guys guess which item is my biggest pet peeve? LOL!


Brooke said...

double header? That's a new one ;)

If someone were to say one thing about me, it's that I'm a bad passenger. I'm very jumpy in the car if I'm not driving. You could be Jeff Gordon and I'd still be like "watch that car!" LOL!

phillygrl said...

Brooke this is a good blog today!!...and CableGuy, while you hate the nagging, u must sit there like you don't hear anyone b/c then no nagging would happen!!lol:-)
1. lying
2. acting differently around different people
3. walking around the house with the toothbrush and toothpaste suds hangin around one's mouth while talking & brushing, etc....Keep the hygiene in the bathroom!sheesh!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOHHHH YEAH.... Y'all done touched a nerve. SIDE SEAT DRIVING IS THE WORST. I've been driving for 21 years... never an accident. Not so much as a ticket. And now you wanna comment. You too close to that other car, you going to fast, that lane is gonna be the faster lane.

Y'all remember that scene in due date, when dude left homey at the rest stop....

Pretty Ricky what dey call'em

The Cable Guy said...


Um no...women will find a way to nag you even after you acknowledge that you heard them the first 100 times. I'll be doing one thing and then they'll start nagging me about something else. Some women juts like to complain!

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