Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- So glad it's Thursday - can't wait for this work week to be over!

- My nephew Ibrahim's birthday is Sunday - he'll be 5 years old! Woo-hoo!

- People tryna test me this week...and I caught a cold. Not cool.

- What to eat for lunch?

- I'm in desperate need of a mani/pedi, but I keep putting it off. I need to treat myself.

- I keep some people's phone numbers in my phone just so I know NOT to answer when they call.

- I realized today on the train that I'm not a big fan of high school aged kids.

- Do any of you still collect dvd's?

- I need to make a trade in Fantasy Football. I'll be reaching out to Meercat for help soon...if I have time to do my research!

- How is it Oct. 20th already??

- So thankful for all of my blessings...truly!

- If you don't "like" on FB, "like" it today :-)

- I have three scarves at work. Three. Cold much?

- Sometimes free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it.

- The DMoe throwback for this week!




Annamaria said...


Stef said...

I'm not even gonna try anymore :)

The Cable Guy said...


Annamaria said...

1. Happy Birthday Ibrahim...

2. I had soup for lunch I feel like I still want a sandwich. I think I'm going to go for a midafternoon snack.

3. I need to treat myself better.

4. Day 2 of physical therapy... starting to feel a difference.

5. First book club meeting was a SUCCESS if I do say so myself.

6. Salsababy Brunch was also a HUGE success. We had soo much fun & it was such a nice day. If you want to hear about our day check out Aisha's blog about it:

7. Baby Jordan sent me a pic the other day and made me smile..

8. Welcome to the world Mikayla Leah Morales!!!!!

9. I need a mental health day.


DMoe said...

3rd suckas!

- HAPPY BDAY Brahim!

- Aint no fan of HS aged kids either. Word. They kick chairs in the movie theater.

- My trip to the dentist requires more than just trying to read 'Highlights' magazine to keep things lively. So, as the Asian coug hygienist worked my teeth, I asked myself....Can she get it? Once she complimented me on my teeth, I had my answer. Haha!
Sup' coug...?

- Wow. Gadhaffi got his cap peeled? Actually, I hated his caps. They were terrible...Damn.

- Who Dat????

- Wild animals set loose then you commit suicide? This is the 2011 kinda kooky. While seeing a leopard in the lane next to me while waiting at a red light would kinda freak me out, Naturally, I'd be inclined to punch it and see if he can beat me.

- Allow me to repeat...Flo Rida is lame. Of the dozens of reasons, his rap name is #6. Then again, I don't know who's lame-r, him or me, for playing two of his wack azz tunes (that chicks LOVE) at a wedding reception last weekend.

- Other candidates goin in on Romney is funny, cuz eventually, they'll have to fall in line with him. He's their guy. They just aint admittin it yet.

- Cain blames unemployed people for their own troubles (da hell?), which is exactly what the Tea Party wants to hear. Good luck with those loonies playa.

- My pasta and sausage is fiyah like cayenne! Nice lunch.

- Dont ask me why I got bored with the treadmill and ended up in a step class with my coworkers on Tuesdays. Its kinda like takin an azz-whippin from a mob of elementary school kids.

- While I enjoy this new challenge, the chick who leads the class KNOWS she's clowning me, and turns it up a notch when she knows she's got my chest burning. Cha-cha-cha yo azz demon aerobics chick!

- C'mon NBA. Come on! The feds have been called in. This Cohen dude cleaned up the NFL lockout mess. I'm pullin for him go to 2-0.

More (and the playlist) after the break...


Sillouette said...

Hey Everyone!!! RTT-- WOo Hoo!!!!

*I went to see Carlos Mencia last nite with my BF..He took me on a date..Awwwwwww.. Carlos is awesome Live.. A real intelligent dude!!

*Why are some women so LOUD...Really???

* I have the BEST boyfriend ever,Im so proud of him!! :)

* Its sucha rewarding feelingto just let go and have a peaceful spirit.. Its very rewarding.

* @ Serena W. Okay Im taking your advice hun and doing a lil side hustle of something I enjoy and is good at. Thanks for the encouragement.

* @ Yes Most Teenage kids suck now days..They act like they have no sense.

* Happy Birthday to yuor nephew. :)

* So glad it has FINALLY cooled off here in Florida. The summers are BRUTAL!...

* Okay sooooo Im totally uneducated about "Fantacy Football"??? What is it?? lol

* Sooo glad its Thursday too... Weekend here I come. :)

* Oh all you guys are freaking AWESOME in here!!! :)

* Okay so I thought to myself the other day that I would maybe write a book one day like when Im in my 40's.. Interesting

* So Jennifer Hudson Fiance dont wanna sign the Pre-Nup... lol.. Sound like Red flags to me..

* Who thought of such a thing called "BILLS"... I wanna punch them!!! lol

Annamaria said...

Jhud better tell that fiancee of hers to kick rocks.

Kim Kardashian getting a divorce next week they will be having babies. SMDH

Sophia has started calling us by our names instead of mommy & daddy.. I'm going to kick her

I want to go to a jazz club. Been wanting to go for a while.. (cough cough)

Stephanie said...

Halloween is right around the corner, can't wait.
My honey wants to go see the movie the Thing tonight.It's one of his favorite movies as a kid so exceptions are high.
I've been on a health kick for the last 10 days but gained 1pound WTF.

@ Dmoe- this Cain guy is cuckoo for
coco puffs. here's something I posted yesterday on FB I was so mad

my FB re-post
Do you believe the nerve of this of this guy.Oh we are so sorry that the government DE-regulated EVERYTHING, AND that bankers took advantage of hard working Americans fooling them into believing they could afford a home when banks clearly knew they would not be able to pay it down the road.Then bet against them in the market making shit loads of money on the front & the back end. We are sorry Wall street lost billions of dollars due to fraud & negligence, lost money for their companies, eliminated thousands of jobs but STILL got Million dollar bonuses from tax Payer bailouts.Oh we are so sorry that the Clinton and Bush administration sent millions of jobs to foreign countries under the Free Trade agreement CREATING THE LARGEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION. We are so sorry that we the American people still believe in the American dream. No, we the people are not totally innocent. There were and are many who tried to live beyond their means but we are not totally to blame.

Powerz said...

I collect DVDs. I only buy ones that I already saw. I rarely buy a new one without seeing it unless I heard really really great things about it. I'll even buy one if I already have a really good bootleg verion.

OPEN HOUSE this Sat 11-1. I am offering finders fees if you send a friend and they purchase!
2 Lexington Circle, Hempstead NY

It's funny A-buzz wants to go to a jazz club cuz I've been looking for a really good one!

Flu shot Wed, Sneezing on Thurs.......

I hate performance review time at work. I feel like I'm back in college writing essays all day.

I need to start back on my Total Gym XLS

I wore my black Fidora yesterday and passed by a Boardwalk Empire Billboard! I wanted to jump in!

I want to be Kick Ass for Halloween. A-Buzz should be Hit Girl.

The Walking Dead is cool

Thank you to all my supporters that reposted and tweeted my Open House.

Hartlyn Kids is Cool

Greene Light Photography is cool

Anna's Playful Pleasures is cool

DMoe said...

This week's RTT playlist is chock full of joints that just never die. Think I'm lying? Invite some friends over, and watch your linoleum magically transform into a crowded dance floor.

1. Q-Tip/Vivrant Thing. Tip makes his 1998 exit from ATCQ, and here comes this banger as the first solo offering. Good grief. THAT'S how you do it.

2. Mr. Cheeks/Lights, Camera, Action. Cheeks' mourns the loss of Freaky Tah (and the breakup of the Lost Boyz) properly, by cranking out this absolute smash two years later.

3. Missy Elliott/Work it. Little known fact: Nobody was saying "Badonkadonk" until Missy said so. I mean, its one thing to put ya thing down, flip it and reverse it…..But to do the same thing again backwards? Haha. Genius.

4. Jodeci/Come & Talk to Me (Remix). Puffy knows how to deliver a hit, and this aint no exception. that's all I got.

5. Notorious B.I.G/Hypnotize - "Ha! Sicker than yo average…" You sure were Biggie. You most certainly were sicker than our average.

6. Mystikal/Here I go. When those first 3 notes hit, who wouldn't put their hands in the air? I hope not you. If so, your a little dead inside. Get that checked.

7. Lil Jon/Get Low. Its a southern classic, but what's not to love about a jam that spans the entire party? (From the window….to the wall)

8. DJ Kool/Let me clear my throat - DJ Kool represents everything thats right about party music. A dude yelling at you to MAKE you interact, reminds you what you got goin on, and demands that you party a certain kind of way? Yep, he's bossin em around on the record, and everybody loves it.

9. Too $hort/Blow the Whistle - Technically, this a "new" classic right? This song ridiculously bumps the place. If you like this one, try the Jay-Z remix version. Its Buh-NAH-nuhs.

10. 2Pac/I get around - Poetic brilliance resides in the line "see weekends were made for Michelob, but its a Monday….my day!" If a T-shirt was made with this line, let me get two of em.

Stay thirsty yall.


Brooke said...

Don't sell my house Powerz!

My coworker Crystal went to a screening of The Thing and said it was excellent - wish I had gone now.

Brookey's Cafe Blog is cool :)

Great playlist!

I'm sleepy.

The first book club WAS a success :) lotta fun...and I finally tasted gooey cake! CRACK!

I'm the same way, I only buy dvds of movies I've already seen and determined that I can watch over and over again. Ask me how many times I watch them over and over again tho.

Where is Fury?

and Craig n'em?

My desk at work is a mess.

It's getting dark earlier and earier - when is Daylight Savings Time? So depressing.

My head hurts.

Sillouette said...

Check out

Take care everyone!!!Have a good Evening!!

Brooke said...

I already liked your man's White Tiger Designz on FB :-)

Serena W. said...

RTT Late Edition! Yeah!!!

DJ Kool, Mr. Cheeks and Jodeci on the list is fiyah DMoe!

Sillouette! Let us know the side hustle when you work it out!

Austin! You need to get your realtor license down here! I wanna buy a house in a couple of years!

Happy Birthday Ibrahim!

Happy 11 weeks tomorrow to my Jordan!

I feel something good coming!

I liked White Tiger Designz too!

Occupy DC is in effect!

C'mon J Hud's boo!

Times are hard on the boulevard but I'm blessed!

Yolanda said...

Happy RTT y'all.

Things I've prayed for are revealing themselves.

Woot woot.

Still need that full time though.

Happy with the freelancing until the full time reveals itself too.

Going to the BeBlogalicious conference tomorrow. Excited about the possibilities and hoping for some job leads or new connections for the Brew.

Happy birthday Ibrahim!

JHud's babydaddy was on a reality show, trying to win the love of a woman who called herself New York and looked like Lambchop with size F breasts. And you make this your "man?" Really, Jennifer?

Can Austin give me a house?

I need more closet space.

Not too crazy about high schoolers either.

Heyyyyy DMoe!

Have a great weekend, peeps.

Sillouette said...

Thanks Brooke and Serena for showing luv... :) You guys ROCK!

Powerz said...

Not sure if anyone is still reading this but Brooke, come on down Sat adn submit your offer, I'll see what I can do.

I wish I could be licensed in all 50 states! I would make a killing.

And on that same not, if I gave houses away, I would be broke but I would if I could.

Feel free to repost my site and open house on facbeook. Referrals fees offered!!!!!

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