Thursday, October 6, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Rest in peace to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who passed away yesterday at the age of 56. His innovative spirit, vision and genius has changed the world, and we all can learn from his greatness and leadership. What an amazing legacy to leave behind, and I am grateful to have witnessed it in my lifetime. Be inspired...for "those who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who actually do."

- Rest in peace to Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, a major civil rights leader and icon. He was described by Martin Luther King, Jr. as "the most courageous civil rights fighter in the South."He died yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama at the age of 89. We salute you, and thank you.

- It's been really "autumn-like" out there past few days, and the crisp air is so refreshing! I think it's gonna warm up one last time this weekend and early next week and then Fall will be in full effect!

- I want boots. Real bad. I think I'm gonna have to give in before the weekend comes.

- Good news: I lost 3 lbs so far this week. Bad news: I brought lasagna to work today for lunch. Sigh.

- I'll work it off in Tru Dog's class tonight.

- Still waiting for Kim to tell me how the Michael Jackson Circ du Soleil show was in Canada - we're going in April!

- Yes, I'm an MJ fanatic :-)

- Can't wait to see my sister this weekend - we're celebrating her birthday! woo-hoo!

- Trying to hold off til next Wednesday for a mani/pedi.

- I want my braids back for the winter.

- I saw a woman in labor on the train today. She was doing her panting/breathing thing, clutched onto her man's arm with her pillow gripped tight in her other arm. Everyone on the train looked nervous, but no one looked more terrified than her husband/baby daddy/whoever he was. She just kept asking, "Are we there yet?" I wonder if they made it and if she had the baby by now. I pray she delivered a healthy baby.

- I have meetings all day today, so let me get right to the throwback!




DMoe said...


I'm baaaaacccck!


Stef said...


Annamaria said...

Damn u DMOE... DAMN U.

1. RIP Steve Jobs... This one really has me very depressed...

2. Love the fall

3. I want to go on a shopping spree..LOL

4. Tell your sis HAPPY BIRTHDAY

5. My husbands first statement to me after hearing about Steve Jobs death was SEE nothing is guaranteed in life. That's why we have to enjoy life. Let's go on vacation..LOL And although we can't just jump on a plane now and go it's nice to know he wants to go on vacation with me... :-)

6. I have my climb today... Has everyone supported...

7. Slowly building my passion party empire.... SOoo who's next to join or throw a FREE party and get FREE stuff????

8. Gotta get my butt in gear and work on getting my mentoring program up & running.

9. Gotta take a

10. Today is going to be a long day but grateful that I have it

11. Going to a SalsaBaby Brunch next weekend. Gotta expose Soso to some of her hispanic heritage. :-)

12. We will also go pumpkin picking & to Boo in the zoo. DAMN life with kids is HECTIC. :-)

13. Glad I am off on Monday.. SORRY BOO.. ;-)

Annamaria said...

Parent's are really making me freaking want to slap them these days. They really do let just anyone have a kid.

We had a blast at Sophia's parent orientation yesterday.

DMoe said...

Whaddup -

- Back from a whirlwind two weeks, and I got the Airtran rewards to prove it!

- Whenever I come back from traveling, I always have these dumbazz stories. Shorts such as "the Beauty Supply", "The Kanye dude" and "I can Dougie to anything" are simply begging to be written! I'm trippin.

- RIP Steve. a true revolutionary, and an exceptionally kick-azz individual. You dented the universe bruh. Big time.

- I want a new watch. I know her name too.

- Thanks idiots for waking me up with the foolishness. Now i gotta bring fiyah to y'all azzes.

- Some people take my kindness, for….kindness, and take advantage. I got somethin else for they azz.

- I can dougie (self taught) to anything…any song, any time, any where.

- Chicago is a great city and I think I found my DMoe-jo this past weekend in the windy city.
Swag? Swole (sp?).

- Gotta check out Bill Withers doc "Still Bill". Got to.

- I'm RTT-ing in a meeting. Right. Now.

- I watched "Renee" on ESPN about the transgender Tennis player in the 70s, and it was a real interesting story. It slightly adjusted my view of individuals, and thats a good thing.

- I love the fall.

- My cousin needs to borrow my SUV (hooptie) to move some stuff, and I'll have his Mercedes til he's done. #winning.

- Root for my lil cousin Seimone Augustus in the WNBA finals! One win away! My grandma would be proud! She aint really little, but she's my lil cousin.

Playlist coming...


Yolanda said...

-RIP to Sylvia Robinson, producer of "The Message" (love that song)

-I'm in my feelings a bit about Steve Jobs. He really had a way of making you feel like you needed his products. Once you got them, you wondered how you ever lived without them.

-I have MJ Cirque tickets too for this summer.

-Getting reacquainted is goooood!

-Is it bad that seeing #thongthursday on the Twitters is what reminded me it's Random Thoughts Thursday?

-I blame Fury.

-New Orleans with my Mom was great... til the last day when a monster roach crawled into our room. Dem swamp roaches ain't no joke. We packed immejitly and checked out!

-My Mother talked me into buying new boots. Wasn't that hard to talk me into. They're knee-high, black leather.


-Happy birthday Nicole!

-You ever get a call from someone and you're so shocked they dialed that you stare at the phone for a minute thinking "this has to be a butt dial?"

-No? Just me?

-Now, I need dark brown boots.

-It really never ends.

-Going to a gala tonight. No clue what I'm wearing.

-Life is better with sequins.

-This MJ trial is nuts, yet I watch it all the time.

-With all his women, when did Conrad Murray have time to be a doctor? No wonder he has so many issues.

-I'd like another vacation. I'm greedy.

-Congrats on the 3 lbs, Brooke!

-My friends are full of good news. So happy.

-I'm ready for Fall. Ready to pop open these windows!

-Anna has gone from tasing to slapping? :-)

-Have a great day, everyone.

-More later...maybe.

Brooke said...

Is it bad that I want to go to "Boo at the Zoo" too? Guess I gotta find a kid(s) to take :-)

The Fury said...

I wanna see the Cirque MJ show. Guess I need to look into tickets.

RIP Steve Jobs. I'm a big fan of his products and loved the way he enjoyed, believed and made others believe in his work.

Congrats on the 3lbs Brooke

@Yolanda _ Yes I've had those calls. I've had even more of those texts! Still waiting for Janet to call me though...

Serena W. said...


I had a tough and I mean a tough Monday! Pray for me.

Still waiting on a job...sigh.

Unemployment is trying to mess with my money! C'mon son!

Happy 3lbs Brooke!

The Message is so appropriate for how I feel this week!

Good luck Annamaria! I wanted to donate but DC Unemployment is about to catch a cap in the behind! Sorry time but good luck!

Happy 2 months and 1 day Jordan! When I was having bad moments this week this lil guy cheered me up every time!

He's laying on my chest now. I love being a mommy!

Mom would be so proud and happy if she were here.

RIP Steve Jobs and Fred Shuttlesworth. Look for my Mom and sis up in heaven. They are down for the revolution and probably listening to their iPods ;)

Wall Street is no joke! Power to the people!

I'm waiting for folks to shut DC down!

I can't wait to spend the weekend outside! We're going for a walk later!

Can someone write me a good check for like $50,000 or more so I can stay home with my pumpkin until he's 1!

My writing mojo is slowly coming back. I've had severe writers block.

Annamaria made a great connection with me and her friend that's a childrens publisher! All we can do is see!

I'm praying that in 2012 I can publish MY books!

Glad you got your mojo and swag back DMoe...

Yolanda...Jordan told me he misses you ;)

I guess I need to run errands today...sigh.

Why does a 2 month old have a better wardrobe than me lol!

Be back later...

Yolanda said...

-I miss Jordan too, Serena.

-Jordan got me messed up in the head. I held him for an hour then my ovaries started to say "girl, we can do this!"

-Let me know if you need help with DC unemployment. I am well-versed with DC, VA and MD, sadly. DC took 3 months to get my stuff right. Sometimes you just have to GO to the office and give them the gas face.

-I would pay money to see DMoe hit that Douglas!

-Great, now the Dougie song is in my head.

Annamaria said...

@Yolanda sometimes you have to slap.. You know when tasing isn't enough...LOL

@Brooke you can come. You just have to wear a costume. :-)

Annamaria said...

@Serena. You support me mentally & that is MORE than enough.You've been an inspiration to me on more than one occasion...
Glad to make connections whenever I can. If I can help out a friend(s)with true talents why not.

Come on Yolanda & your ovaries.. YOU CAN DO IT!

DMoe said...

In a tribute to the genius of Steve Jobs, here's some absolutely arbitrary sounds I bought on iTunes just cuz...I could.

So, I press shuffle on my iPod touch, and here comes...

1. Lisa Lisa/I wonder if i take you home.

2. Shannon/Let the Music Play

3. Karyn White/Superwoman

4. Force MD's/Love is a House

5. Jamiroquai/Virtual Insanity

6. Journey/Don't Stop Believin

7. Jodeci/Forever my Lady

8. Dwele/I think I love you

9. Laid Back/White Horse

10. Kanye & Jay-Z/Ni**as in Paris

Stay thirsty...

Serena W. said...

Thanks Yolanda on help with the DC Unemployment! I might need to call you!

Annamaria you're a blessing :) climb those steps girl!

So in an effort to make money I have 30 books to sell! 30! Buy a book, buy 2 and tell a friend! Anthology I'm in is Keeping the Faith and my story about Mom is in there! Support me :)

Shameless plug!

I have no more shame after giving birth, changing and feeding Jordan in my back seat and God knows what else lol!

At a pit stop now! Was at the bank, Jordan decides its feeding time and my world stops lol!

Would I change my life...nope! Just need a job!

Yolanda we'll have Jordan AND Bailey in the room together next time. Your ovaries will go nuts!

Nice playlist DMoe! When I start training for my next marathon I might need a DMoe exclusive playlist to train with lol!

Brooke tell your sis Happy Birthday!

Where's the rest of the crew on here? Hmmm...

Time to strap lil guy up and go grocery shopping! Should be back later!

Brooke said...



I'm tickled pink between reading both DMoe and Yolanda's random thoughts. Serena's too! They make me smile every week.

Feeling some kinda way tho that Fury has to remind Yo that it's RTT. Damn him!

My ovaries dance a jig every weekend that I spend with my nephews. They make me think I can make a half way decent kid...and Mommy :-)

...then reality sets in like a mugg when I'm back in NY - sleeping in ;-)

Fedex is a pain.

I JUST got the book club book today in the mail after ordering it from B&N over a week and a half ago. Now I gotta read it in one sitting. B&N on my shit list right now.

I've had The Message in my head all day - thanks Tanisha!

I want a milkshake, but I will drink my tea instead. Gotta keep those 3 lbs off and see if I can't get off another one by the weekend :)

I wanna win the Megamillions so I can help out all of my friends.

Stef said...

I'm here, just in and out of meetings! Be back soon!

Annamaria said...

Yes Brooke Don't you DARE come to Book Club unprepared! I will tase you. :-)

The Fury said...

@Brooke- I had to remind who? what? sorry I was in a haze.

Give up on paper books. Go get an ereader or something. Kindle has a $79 kindle now. That's like the price of 4 hardcovers. fuck that!

Sunny outside, but I'm stuck inside doing work.

Man these Steve Jobs quotes gonna make me quit everything i ever didn't want to do in life.

Just flipped by the MJ trial again...yo they had the vials and prescrip bottles lined up on the table that shit looked like a pharmacy.

it's thong thursday...whatcha rockin?

Serena W. said...

So we skipped grocery shopping (that can wait)! Too nice out!

Lil man is out like a light!

Waiting for my homegirl to get off work so we can walk around Old Town Alexandria with Jordan.

I'm going to enjoy this warm weather and fall!

So my fiction manuscript has been sitting in front of me forever. Its edited so now I have to comb through the edits. Someone tell me, "You can do it!"

My peeps are special! I got a big envelope in the mail! My friends Akima and Pia got Jordan his first SU gear! Short sleeve jersey and matching bball shorts! Ah shucks!

And yes I played bball! Forward and Center! My son will learn how to play hoops!

Brooke made me smile when she called me one day out the blue!

I need to blog for Brooke one day before I get a job! ;) maybe next week! Stay tuned!

I have friends that flew in from Dallas to NYC to be on Wall Street! Wow!

I'm telling you DC is next!

Brooke said...



and yeah, I just decided to pick up the phone...BBM can take a break for a while - had to hear your voice to make sure my girl was alright ;-)

I love my friends.

You might want to look for a package for Jordan from me soon cuz I tend to go a bit crazy when shopping for boys, and Ibrahim's birthday is in 2 weeks!

He's gonna be 5!!! how did THAT happen!?

He's so grown already. My sis definitely has her hands full with those 2. He told me to pick up chocolate and marshmellows so we can make Nicole a cake - and Kyce told me to buy the house next door to them (for a thousand dollars) so I can quit working and he can come live with me. be 7 and 5 again.... :-)

Jay said...

Hey folks!

I've been MIA on the comments lately but I read it whenever Brooke posts. Still love you guys.

The Message - great throwback!

My fantasy team is all jacked up now. I might need to throw in the towel this season.

I know I've been MIA on comments, but where is Rameer?

Serena, you can do it!

You all seem like such good people and good friends. If I sound surprised, it's because coming in contact with good people is more rare than you think.

Congrats on the 3lbs Brooke, as I wolf down my pizza. I need to hit the gym. Hard.

Yolanda, I think you'd make a great mother.

I might wanna check out Boo at the Zoo my damn self. Brooke, I'll be your date - costume and all.

I wanna hear the "Kanye dude" story.

Annamaria said...

Great so Brooke & Jay are coming to Boo in the Zoo.. :)

DMoe said...

@Yo - I got the 30+ style Dougie, not too much arm sway, easy on the torso, head movement in rhythm, but clearly, the Douglas is in effect.

@Jay - Me and the homies in the Chi and we sit down at a restaurant bar for a meal and drinks. We get to talkin to the dude next to us, and lo and behold, this dude is the visionary behind Jay and Kanye's "Otis" performance at the VMA's. We drank, laughed and looked at the pics in his iphone (big up Steve Jobs). So, the "kanye dude" is the guy who programs all those video screens on all those platforms as Kanye and Jay came out for that kick-azz performance.

All this guy does is travel the world doing video screens for live performances. He's handling the Watch the Throne tour and was in Chi for another gig that weekend.

We were like "damn! Thats u!"

So, there it is...The Kanye Dude.


Jay said...

cool gig! :-)

The Cable Guy said...

"The Beauty Supply" story sounds like it might be better - weaves and whatnot :)

I'm all late today...

You can do it Serena! Happy Birthday to Brooke's sister!

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