Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I've been working and packing my office for our big move tomorrow, so sorry I haven't written all week. I miss you guys!

- At least I'm off tomorrow! woo-hoo!

- Hopefully it doesn't rain all day tomorrow though - today's dank weather is a downer.

- My "stepson" Dante is here and has all the women in my office in a tizzy over his "winning smile." Pretty boy :)

- It's meeting after meeting today!

- I'm so happy football is back! Gotta get on the phone with Meer Cat to figure out this draft.

- The sun looks like it's trying to come out now....good!

- what's for lunch?

- Basketball Wives LA starts on the 29th and I have no desire to watch even though I watch the current one. I can only kill but so many brain cells.

- Serena just bbm'd me that she's going thru Brooke Blog withdrawal....awww! It's coming!

- Why am I watching the Jamie Foxx Show on BET? Shows you what kind of morning I'm having.

- Out of all the things the movers are handling from my office, I'm most worried about my plants. I've managed to keep them alive and thriving for months now - so proud of myself!

- I need one more beach day before Labor Day...just one!

- Time to take the braids out. Looking kinda fuzzy...just a lil bit.

- Tempted to cut all my hair off for the winter. Makes wearing a skully that much easier :)

- Wish I could rock a natural like Yolanda, Monica, Princess and Tanisha, but I don't have the head for it.

- I hope I get to keep my HBO in the new building.

- Today's throwback!

Trailer provided by Video Detective




BatMan said...

First BITCHES!!!

DMoe said...


the dark knight rises again.


Annamaria said...

1. I hate Batman...LMAO

2. My daughter ALWAYS makes me smile. Even when I want to just punch her in the throat..LOL

3. Speaking of punching someone in the throat. If I get thru the day without punching my boss in the throat it will be a miracle from GOD.

4. MY lil man got hit in the chin yesterday with a bat at his baseball game. He's fine just got a fat chin.. He is such a trooper & an awesome young man.

5. Happy 2 month married anniversary Powerz... :-)

6. Brooke when are we rescheduling date night????

7. Tony & Dominatrix are gonna get tased if they don't get to writing for me...

8. Why did my husband say someone got Donkey punched in a movie that we were watching??? NO IT WASN'T PORN..LOL And who references donkey punching??? LMAO

9. I need a drink!

10. And to win the lottery.

Stef said...

LMAO! Who the HELL is Batman!

Brooke has a stepson?? He must be adorable! How old is he?

I want to sleep all day today.

Around the Way Girl was my joint! "I want a girl with extensions in her hair...bamboo earrings, at least 2 pair!"

Brooke, eat pizza! That's what I'm having!

I was excited about football last year, because I had a man who got me into it. This year, no man, no football :(

Where are all the good men hiding?

Brooke, please don't go almost a whole week without blogging again. Since you're moving offices, I'll excuse you this time, but I was going through withdrawal too!

I need to start going to church again.

I need a Fury blog, or a Brooklyn blog. I've been so horny lately.

No man...sigh.

I need to go to the gym too, maybe that's why I have no man. I'm getting to be a thickums!

DMoe said...

- I just saw a kid’s book called ZOOM that is simple, but fantastic. Takes 5 minutes to read, but its great for adults.

- I’m pissed that the true name of my fantasy team “Who Dat Poppin, Tomahawk Choppin” wouldn’t fit in Yahoo’s fascist, 20 character space.

- “Watch the Throne” is aging like good wine.

- Tidbits from the Miami scandal: The brand will be tarnished, but that team was a pure NFL breeding ground. Bounties? Child please. I offered my kid 5 bucks in this weekend’s soccer games for every steal she made on defense.

- I’m thankful for this day, cuz life is short.

- Its time for a smarter phone (for my personal use).

- Guess where I went last night for dinner? You guessed it: Popeyes. They love me and I love me some them.

- Will Smith’s making a comeback album. Really? Your gonna attempt to top “Gettin Jiggy Wit it?”

- Confession: I do own the Big Willie Style and the one before that (with Summertime on it) CDs.

They make great drink coasters.

Playlist on the way...

I'm not a blogger I just type alot.


BatMan said...

Hi Stef !!!!

Sillouette said...

Hey Everyone!!! RRT!!!!

* Well we made thru the week again I see. I hope everyone has
been having a good week?

* A lil dude in my city tried to pull a Columbine Stunt..Thank goodness he was caught. The first day of school would of been a lot of kids last.SMH.. What is wrong with the youth now days????

* Preparing to work from home permanently in a few months.. Yiiippyyyy!!!

* Im still in a great bubbly mood. It been lingering for a couple weeks now!!! I love the feeling.. I wake up in the morning in a much better mood now.. Maybe Ima morning person now... LOL

* Labor Day weekend is approaching. Anyone have any special plans?

* There is a touch screen 23"in computer monitor I want for X-mas.
Its so nice...

* I been hitting the gym hard.. Gotta be able to slide into a lil sexy
red dress for New years Eve... :)

* Man it STILL HOTT down here in Florida... I swear Im ready to move. I
guess thats the price you pay being close to the equator...sighh..

* Gas Prices are still HIGH!!!! WTH!!!

* Basketball Wives is a hott mess. I really dont see Ochocinco and Evelyn
tying the knot.. He is NOT husband material!!!! Eric pulled a B**** move
throwing a drink in Jen's face... He ego was hurt apparently..siighh

* @Serena I hope you and the family is doing well!!!

* I am in such a shoe shopping mood.. I wish heels werent so
uncomfortable.. Gotta grab some knee high boots though. Those
are HOTT!!!

Annamaria said...

@Sillouette...I will never be a morning person...LOL God bless u for becoming one. Lord knows my hubby has tried to make me into one..LOL.. I can barely form a complete sentence before 11am. LMAO

Love the fall.. Looking forward to it..

Sillouette said...


I dont know what has happened... But Ima just roll with it. If I have a bad nite before I hardly doubt the next morning I will be in a good mood AT ALL...LOL...

Relapses are greatly possible..LOL

Girl not thatyou said you wana punch your baby in the throat sometimes.. LMAO

Brooke said...


Dante is 21 years old, but I'm sure he'd still appreciate being called "adorable." LOL!

Stephanie said...

I just 2 pairs of shoe's for $25 and I don't even like shoes.
Relationships are difficult this week.Don't know what to do.@Annamaria, I need a drink 2 my sister.
Basketball wives is a hot mess. Jen needs to remember do unto others.
Have a great day everyone.

Tony said...

Hey Brooke! Welcome back!

Annamaria - I have to be inspired to write about "Donkey Punching" I'm working on getting my wife to take one for the team!

- Speaking of Donkey Punching....what movie were you watching? It wasn't a porno? really? lol

- Why do black people insist on bringing themselves down? Even when we do things right there is always one of us that "Hates" just enough to bring the whole organization down.

- Football season in Central Florida.....either I'm getting old or these kids can handle heat the likes of which would have kicked Brooke's and my ass back in the day.

- I am on a Webinar/Teleconference about social media while I am checking my Facebook, twitter and Linkedin pages.....I remember when I thought those big block cell phones were amazing! I am OLD!

That's all for life happens I may update again!

Annamaria said...

@Stephanie.. I need to know where u just got 2 pairs of shoes for $25....
Shout out to my hubby... my last two pair of shoes were bought by him.. And they wasn't cheap! LMAO

I think I'm going to open a bottle of wine when I get home... AND KILL IT! :) Feel free to do the same Stephanie.. :-)

@Tony.. Tell your wife her fellow PR asked her to do me this favor right quick.. LMAO :-) NOW WRITE..

Brooke you owe me a story too.. WTH I'm warming up my taser..

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

Hola, everyone!!

- that your regular profile on FB?? Cuz I hesitate to add it if it's for, um...*toys*. If it's you, then I'll add it...

- Brooke-Ra...yes, we DO need to talk football. Trust - I've got some info you need. It's funny, cuz I was talking to a new addition to the league we're in, and he was saying why he was going to win...I just laughed and said "aight". His strategy was ALL wrong. He's got no shot.

- NFL preseason football tonight!

- I'm in a WAR with DirecTV right now. I want them to give me Sunday ticket for free, since I'm a relatively new subscriber - they're telling me since I signed up before they offered it for free, I'm outta luck. We'll see who wins...

- My girl complains when I don't drink the wine and liquor I have in the house ("Why buy it, then??"). Now she complains that I'm drinking it again. (Sigh)...

- Me and my boy Troop drank FOUR LARGE BOTTLES of aged, European Chardonnays at our favorite wine bar last week. I was RIPPED. But the best thing about good wine? No effects the next morning!

That's why you gotta know your wine and what you're doing... =)

- Boycotting buying this year's Madden. Franchise mode was wack to me on last year's edition.

- 25 years after her birth - and I STILL light up at the sight of my baby sister.

- a friend of mine is being auctioned away as a date for charity tomorrow. I feel some kind of way about this - I don't like the idea of some creepy guy buying a date with her. I'm trying to get one of my friends to buy her instead...I get it's for a good cause. But I just find the whole concept creepy for women to be auctioned off...

- Hypocrisy alert - *I* was auctioned off in college for a good cause...

- I had the best pizza yesterday - the sauce was sweeter than normal pizza sauce. It was EXQUISITE.

- Bought my girl's mother a camcorder for her birthday. Hope she likes it...

- I'm unreasonably tired today at work. No idea why.

- Thinking of going to the Farmer's Market for fresh fruit Saturday or Sunday...

More After The Break!!!

Tony said...

@Annamaria - I told her what you said and she said "Sheeeeeiiiiitttt, not happening Chica" so I think I will have to make it an unplanned attack!

Annamaria said...

@Rameer. It's my business page. I don't have a personal page cuz I really could care less what my 2nd grade classmate is doing right now! LMAO But yes it is me! :)

Annamaria said...

@Tony...A sneak attack it is.. hey in all fairness you did warn her...LOL

DMoe said...

Had a thought this morning since I'm gettin my mind right to DJ a 40th bday party next week, and here's the RTT playlist that goes with the Throw-it-back thoughts:

1. Hi-Five/She's playing Hard to get
Wow. Teddy Riley produces their first album, and R.Kelly handles "Quality Time" on the second...Sounds like a recipe for success right? Child please.
4 years after "I Like the Way (The Kissing Game)" brought them a platinum album, they were GONE.

2. The Boys/Dial my Heart. One verse of the bubblegum is about all the crowd can handle in a party setting. Once the dude goes "When I think aboutcha baby..." I'm diggin in the crates for the next circa 1988 joint.

3. Sybil/Don't Make me over.
Was it me, or did it seem like the late 80s/early 90s was one-hit wonder time? If so, Sybil's singing loudly, just as soon as Johnny Kemp gets finished discussing the fact that he "Just got Paid."

4. Too $hort/I ain't trippin.
This song was a banger, but in defense of today's bad rappers, the lyricism was terrible.

5. Aaliyah/Back and Forth.
The debut single from everybody's homegirl. She was all baggy back then with skullies and vests on, but it seemed special right from the beginning.

6. Another Bad Creation/Playground
Campy, kiddy genius straight from the mind of Michael Bivins. These kids' 15 minutes of fame felt more like the time it takes to microwave popcorn. Wait, that makes sense.

7. Adina Howard/Freak Like Me.
Hard to hate on this keep it real anthem from the early 90s. Its too bad she went 'milk carton' shortly thereafter.

8. Horace Brown/Things we do for Love. This artist's entire album was largely slept on, and this joint had a bangin retouch with a young, fresh to the game Jigga pouring in 16 bars of pure gold.

9. Jade/Don't Walk Away.
They told us not to, but they decided to after two albums? Lame.

10. Silk/Happy Days. Saw one of these dudes in an ATL Home Depot a few months ago, because of course ATL is the official R&B retirement village.

Here's the "WTH happened to" artist of the week:

Brownstone/If you love me.

Loved these chicks, and so did Michael Jackson.

Stay thirsty muchachos/chas


Brooke said...

I'm mad DMoe put Another Bad Creation's "Playground" on that list! But I'd still sing to it! LOL!

I'm with Sillouette on the high heeled boots! I'm in fall shoe shopping mode myself.

Sushi for lunch today.


I have to be inspired for a Brooklyn story, those just don't pop up outta nowhere!

Sillouette said...

** Im convinced Jennifer Hudson Is LYING about how she did her weight loss. Its leaking that she had some surgery..

Her having surgery isnt the issue here.. Its her LYING about it is what pisses me off. Be Honest with your ISH!! People will respect you more if you honest.. Aint no way you go from a size 24 to an supposedly size 0 now in a matter in a year... GTFOH

She should be ashamed of herself..not for the weight lost but the lies.

Dont get me wrong she looks great but dang, you didnt have to lie Craig!!!

And you have all these people that are inspired by you and you LYING to everybody!!! Thats WACK!!!!

Annamaria said...

1. I'm mad that DMoe mentioned Brownstone & then followed it with loved these chicks & so did MJ??!!??

2. Brooke STOP with the excuses...LMAO

3. AND reschedule our date already! LOL

4. I'm also mad that I started my numbering from 1 again! LOL

Brooke said...

Annamaria, I'm working on rescheduling our date, I promise!

packing is a bummer. I just have to keep telling myself it'll all be over soon!

no it won't...cuz I have to UNPACK on Monday. Booo!

I don't want the summer to end.

The Cable Guy said...

I'm all late - I wasn't sure Brookey was blogging today.

Brooke, you need to stop bullshittin' with the blog. I need my fix!

Good to see Rameer back again - missed you good sir!

Brooke is watching BET? That doesn't even sound right!

I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't eat sushi.

Brooke, leave the braids in. I think theyr'e sexy!

I think you're sexy period!

All the women on the blog are hot.

I can write a blog for you Anna!

Annamaria said...

All blogs are welcomed please forward to my editor Brooke D.. :)

Tony said...

Cable Guy! Long time man How's everything! Still at Brooke I see....We need to talk son!

The Cable Guy said...

What up Tony!

Donkey punching STILL has me in stitches!

I will always get at Brooke until she tells me to go f*ck off! And we all know she's too nice for that :)

But if you got some pointers for me, I'm all ears!

I can't help it, Brooke is fly. I still can't believe no one has wifed her up yet.

Yolanda said...

How did I miss this?

You have the head for natural hair, Brooke. The trick is growing out your hair to the length you want it, then cutting out the perm. That way, you won't have to rock short hair for too long. You can always go back to the perm if you don't like it :-)

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Hudson looks great and you can lose all that weight with enough will power and time and effort.

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