Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Meetings again all day today...zzzzzzz.

- If someone doesn't appreciate you, let them go. Life is too short...and there is always someone out there who WILL appreciate you.

- Dreary day...hurricane is coming! Anyone planning on getting flooded in this weekend with their boo? ;)

- My office is cold...and I don't even have the air on. I wonder if there's a way I can turn on the heat!

- My office chair sucks too.

- Had yogurt for breakfast and now my stomach is touching my back. Can't wait to get lunch today - what to eat?

- Please leave the Pinkett-Smiths alone.

- Steve Jobs steps down...

- Everyone got all weirded out feeling the tremor of the earthquake in VA up here in NY. Not that deep people.

- I need some new music.

- Weezy can't hold a candle to Jay...not even close. And I can't stand it when the ONLY thing fools can say about Jigga is that he's "old." He's only getting better with age...and anyone who thinks Weezy can come even remotely CLOSE to Jay lyrically is a clown. Yeah...I said it!

- The "Beats, Rhymes and Life" doc on A Tribe Called Quest is still showing down town for those who still haven't seen it. It's a must-see for any hip hop fan.

- I always wear the wrong clothes when it rains.

- In the mood to buy shoes...or boots. Take your pick.

- This week is draggin' ass.

- RIP Aaliyah...can't believe she's been gone so long.



The Fury said...

First bitches!

Anthony Otero said...

damn u

BatMan said...


Back to the Bat cave, since I was not first!!

Stef said...

Batman ALWAYS goes and hides after he's first, but never leaves a freakin comment! LOL!

damn I wanted to be first again today :( But at least I was first at least ONCE this week!

Brooke probably thinks we're all nuts :)

The Fury said...

I can turn on the heat Brookey...

Also, like your chair, I can suck...

Hope that hurricane misses us bythismuch. I have weekend plans that don't include bad weather.

Lil Wayne always trot out the Jay-Z beef when it's time for his next album. WWE time.

First words on his album.. "Man fuck dem bitches and dem hoes and dem niggas p***y, camel toes"

I. Kid. You. Not.

Buy some heels Brooke..some high ones...and leave 'em on...

Interesting article, horrible title... What if Michael Vick Were White?

Bill Collector: Sir, just wondering why your payment was late?
Fury: I was a little busy making it rain on strippers in the club, but I'm back now.
Bill Collector: *laughs* Next time throw some money my way.

I. Kid. You. Not.

*ding dong ditches on Brooke*

-V- said...


Annamaria said...

1. I hate ya all.. LOL

2. @Stef..Brooke knows we are all nuts.

3. If I didn't have a ton of plans I would LOVE to get flooded in with my boo..

4. I'm about to get lunch.

5. I'm saddened by Steve Jobs

6. That tremor was weird

7. Jay is like nice vintage bottle of merlot..Weezy= Old E.. Nuff said

8. I'm always in the mood to buy shoes

9. I almost cried when I realized today was NOT Friday.

10. Check out my blog today everyone (shameless plug.)

11. Shout out to my sister-wife Aisha. She started a publishing company for children's book and their first book is now AVAILABLE!!!!!!! Awesome awesome resource for all that have kids. Please check out her site:

and her blog:

I am SOOO very proud of her.

Serena W. said...

RTT! Hi everyone!

Feeling really blue now. My sweetheart went back to NYC this morning. We already miss him :(

I'll be in nyc next month for a couple of weeks which will be nice.

Had a lot of family visit us (between Iye's fam and mine). Jordan is so loved!

Had a nice evening yesterday. We went down to the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria and spent time together. Just the three of us.

I love motherhood! Looking at my son brings me so much joy!

He'll be 3 weeks old tomorrow! Yeah!

The quake freaked me out! Family by the epicenter had some damage but not a lot thank God.

Thankful I had family and Iye here that day.

God is good!

RIP Aaliyah!

Throwback was great!

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

What up, everyone!

- Add Toure to the "Negroes I'm done with" category. His story on if Michael Vick was white for is nothing short of offensive to me, and his categorization that Vick essentially "plays Black" is outrageous and absurd. His words, if coming from a white writer, would incite outrage from the Black media community. Self-hating arsehole.

- I stopped to get croissants this morning. Some cop was trying to raise money for law enforcement or his police force - not exactly sure or trying to remember at this point. Anyway, when he asked me for money, I politely said "No, thanks." This dude (older white dude, BTW) then says to me "I must have busted one of your homeboys".

I responded, immediately without missing a beat "I doubt it, but there is a pretty high likelihood I've f**ked one of your daughters."

If we weren't in a store with tons of witnesses, he might have tried to kill me. He was THAT MAD. He turned as red as a cooked lobster...

- not buying the new Madden when it drops. I AM buying the new NBA 2K12.

- I lost my cousin 2 weeks ago, she was 81. I miss her - she was ALWAYS sweet to me. I knew her from my birth until she passed...

- my other cousin, her grand-daughter, gave birth the day she died. My older cousin died shortly after seeing her great-grandson enter the world. How symbolic.

- So Gadhafi had a love photo album dedicated to Condi Rice in his crib?? Wow. The rebels found it, and it's really on some stalker-type ish...O_o

- Fury nailed it about Lil' Whoopi - WWE time.

- I hope Steve Jobs is okay health-wise...

- Everyone's posting Aaliyah stuff today. She was really a great artist, no doubt.

- My football season starts this Saturday! I'm in a new league for the first time...

More After The Break...

Sillouette said...


* ssiigghh I would kill for a chocalate cookie right about now.. But i wouldnt do it...

* I hope the storm doesnt effect the upper east coast too badly...

* Wind and Rain for Florida supposedly...

* The lil wheel of extra good mood glitter is But it was nice while it lasted..:)

* I need to purchase somemore movies..

* I wonder what people feel they accomplish by snitching..We need to go back to the MOB days... I bet you would no better than to snitch about anything then I betcha.

* Gonna miss my SME- She is a really great SME.. And a well rounded person.. Good luck to you Meg.. :)

* Its amazing how food can bring everyone together and put then in such good spirits..

* Have a good day everyone!!!

DMoe said...

Whaddup yall.

- I been MIA from my damn self.

- I appreciate you B. Yep, that's right!

- Steve Jobs is/was the friggin man.

- Wayne/Jay beefin? I dont want that - at all. Move along people, nothin to see here.

- This week IS draggin azz.

- Gots to go back to school (gavel bang)

- Let's geaux Saints.

- I want a new car.

- Has anyone seen Oran 'Juice' Jones? I would guess he has a real job these days.

- RIP Aaliyah.

I miss Aaliyah so much, I'll dedicate this week's RTT playlist to her:

1. Back and Forth

2. At your best (Remix)

3. Rock the Boat

4. I care 4 U

5. Try Again

6. I miss You

7. We need a resolution

8. Age ain't nothin but a number

9. Are you that somebody?

10. I'm so into you

Stay thirsty.

Annamaria said...


The Fury said...

@Rameer - funny that you took that meaning from the Vick article. I got the exact opposite. I saw Toure tweet that he asked ESPN to not give it that title and they did anyway. I understand because the article is all about how you can't even ask that question.

As far as Vick playing with Black "swagger" as he calls it, I can't get mad over that shit. If a White writer wrote that I'd think "yep, he does. You see that juke? Kevin Kolb ain't doing that shit homie!" Haaaa!

...and watch out for that cop. He's gonna be looking for you with his rude ass.

oh shit it's 2 o'clock!

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

@ Fury:

"I see streetball. I don't just mean that sort of football where you have to count to four-Mississippi before you can rush the quarterback, nearly everything breaks down and it's all great fun. I also mean street basketball. Vick's style reminds me of Allen Iverson -- the speed, the court sense, the sharp cuts, the dekes, the swag. In those breathtaking moments when the Eagles QB abandons the pocket and takes off, it feels as if he's thumbing his nose at the whole regimented, militaristic ethos of the game.

All of that is why, to me, Vick seems to have a deeply African-American approach to the game. I'm not saying that a black QB who stands in the pocket ain't playing black. I'm saying Vick's style is so badass, so artistic, so fluid, so flamboyant, so relentless -- so representative of black athletic style -- that if there were a stat for swagger points, Vick would be the No. 1 quarterback in the league by far." - Toure

I don't really want to debate this, but I feel Toure's statements right there alone are so absurd and entrenched in racial stereotypes that the entire article is rendered horsecrap to me. And the illustration flat-out makes the entire subject RIDICULOUS.

If a white dude had written those words, I'm pretty sure people would call for his head. I see no reason to NOT hold this fool to the same standard for writing that garbage.

Michael Vick is the natural progression from Fran Tarkenton, Steve Young and Randall Cunningham. Tim Tebow is a stronger, less fast version. The thought that his skill set and actions are somehow undeniably "Black" is troubling and opens a door to a lot of racist commentary.

@ Annamaria - I know, right?? Lolz...

The Fury said...

What if The Fury wasn't well endowed and didn't know how to work his hips and tongue in bed?

DMoe said...


- I absolutely HATE the song "This is how we do it" by Montell Jordan.

- Then again, I hate any song that makes you look like a dork dancin to it. NOBODY looks cool dancing to this song.

- The Carolina Panthers owner talkin about Cam Newton's hair, tats and piercings doesnt sit well with me. He sounds like the Panthers stadium is a really big house sittin on a lot of land, and Cam lives in a little house on the property, but is responsible for the profits of the big house. Wait...

- My lunch was wack.

- Time for a haircut.


The Fury said...

@Rameer - I thought the exact same thing when I read that section, but as I read it, that part was an introduction to a different argument. It actually doesn't fit the rest of the article. Totally agree, if a White writer penned this, it'd be some bullshit controversy. Just like that cop shouldn't have said he busted one of your homies. All things aren't equal to all people...

..but I bet you did f#*k one of his daughters though...while wearing a Vick jersey!

Annamaria said...

Yesterday I said something to Sophia and she rolled her eyes at me. The way she did it just SCREAMED Fuck you mommy... LORD I am going to beat that child one day... She is STANK.. just like her mama.

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

Fury - I agree, that intro doesn't fit with the rest of the article. If it wasn't in the article, I'd actually think it was a worthwhile piece. However, he DID put it in there - which makes me want to smack him.

And who knows? Maybe I did hit off one of Officer Racist's little girls! Lolz! But not in a Vick jersey. I don't dislike him, but I've never been a fan of his as a pro. Enjoy watching him, though...

DMoe - I just watched an interview with the owner the other day. Apparently, from his perspective, he believes Cam is a good kid who has been beaten up in the media and given an unfair label by some. And he thinks that keeping him clean-cut and without the tatts (and let's be real, regardless if we like it or not, there IS a stigma attached to people who have a lot of tatts all over) well help him not only as a professional, but in shaping himself as a positive athlete in the media.

I see his perspective on it. This isn't the same thing as when Vick entered the NFL with no controversy. This guy has had unfair labels attached to him for 2 years prior to him getting drafted...

Serena W. said...

Sorry about your loss Rameer of your elder cousin. Its always hard no matter how old they are.

Congrats on the birth of your new lil cousin. Very symbolic indeed.

Sillouette has such a vibrant spirit. I could feel it through her comments.

Just woke up from a nap. My son is laying on me resting (I cherish moments like this).

DMoe your list was great!

I need Brooke's job to stop with all the dag on meetings!

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

Thank you for the kind words, Serena. Gosh, I wish I lived closer to you - I want to meet your son so badly!! =)

K said...

Hey People!

* I'm listening to Sizzla right now

* Thinking about visiting the beach in Long Beach next week to feel some sand on my toes

* I still haven't seen the Tribe movie and I'm making it my business to see it @ the Landmark Sunshine this weekend.

* @ Rameer... GET IT IN!

* Congrats to my cousin who's starting at SUNY Buffalo today. I'm sooo proud of her!

* I'm ready to get a MacBook Pro. Just have to figure out my specs.

Brooke said...

I gotta read this Vick article.

Sophia? Stank? nah....!!! LOL!

I had grilled chicken burrito for lunch and it was BANGIN'!

washed down with some lemonade - ahhhh :)

Fury is always being so fresh :)

Hi V!

Oran Juice Jones? Had to think for a sec who that was..."I saw you....AND HIM....walkin' in the rain..."

Now I want a cookie too Sillouette, but I won't do it either!

I hate checking voicemails at work.

I feel like everyone is asking me stupid questions today.

I think one would do "the whop" to "This Is How We Do It" LOL!

I need to have another passion party. Anna, we'll talk.

I still have Sophia's bday gift by the way :)

I need a nap.

Stef said...

I feel like there are some people missing from this blog.

I had jerk chicken for lunch today and it was GOOOOOOOOOD!

I'd read the Vick article, but football doesn't interest me anymore :)

I wish I were that girl who liked sports like Brooke. I'm not.

Brooke, time for another sexy story. I need it.

I love that Serena is a mom :)

Brooke, when are you gonna be a mom? I think you'd be so sweet as a mother :)

No good baby daddys out here tho.

Okay, NOT MANY...I'll say that instead.

I think Rameer would make a good dad, but a STRICT one.

DMoe seems like a pushover :) Like his lil girl has him wrapped around her finger :)

Fury...I can't picture him as anyone's father...but definitely someone's "daddy" if you know what I mean ;)

Ant seems like too much of a player to be a daddy :) Those are usually the ones who have daughters.

Cable Guy actually seems like a good dad to me. And I think Jay would make an awesome father.

Brooke, get with Jay and make a baby!

Not sure why I'm analyzing the men on the blog today. I must be bored.

Tony said...

@Rameer......I just got off of the floor! That was the best comeback in the history of comebacks but watch your back. His attitude is "no N****R is going to get away with talking to me that way".... I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to find out who you are somehow.

- It's hot as shit in Florida and Irene passed us by.....

- Good luck to the rest of the East Coast today.

- My son's 4-6 year old football team is ranked #1 in Central Florida Go Chargers!

- My oldest son was selected as the Captain of the cross country team. Boy can RUN!

- Found out this year that all my kids can attend California State and University of California schools for free! Hell YEAH!

- My wife's birthday is today...She's getting old at 32!

- She has a surprise set up for me on Saturday! I HATE surprises but I love her for thinking of me that way....(of course I don't tell her I hate surprises)

Stef said...

Watch out Tony, she might just up and MOLLYWHOP you! LMAO!

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

@ Stef - thank you for the compliment! I've heard that before - but it usually stems from watching how I am with the kids in my family. They all listen to me, and love to be around me - but I take no crap from them. So I think my mother would agree with you...

And I think if you watched a few games with Brooke-Ra, you could get into football. It doesn't have to be boyfriend-related. =)

@ K - thanks! And congrats to your cousin starting at U.B.! That's a very good school, BTW.

- Just ate an egg salad sammich - MAN, that was good!!! Finished with some "Brisk Tea"...

- I know you guys hear this a lot - but damn, Sophia is a beautiful little baby girl, Annamaria... =)

@ Tony - happy birthday to your wife and congrats on the kids accomplishments! You're blessed. And thanks for the kudos on my response to the punk cop...I'm a natural smart-arse, so half the time I waiting for anyone to same something dumb to me anyways.

Random sidenote - you know what I LOVE about Brooke-Ra's Blog? Everyone is interesting and there are NO DUMMIES. You have no idea how rare that is - I think dummies outnumber us normal heads in this world. What I'm exposed to all the time is mind-numbing...

I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful weekend! I'm out!!

Serena W. said...

Rameer I wish you could meet my little homeslice too! He's a joy!

Stef thanks for the lovely compliment! education is guuuuud!

My poor pumpkin has a little congestion so I whip out the Vicks Humidifier and the dag on thing doesn't include the salant I need! Sheesh! Now we gotta go to the store!

Remember when you used to buy stuff and it came with batteries or just something to get you started? Now everything is seperate!

The Fury said...

@Brooke - "so fresh you can smell me through a ziploc"

@Stef - i think i'd be a good parent, but a MUCH better daddy". knowing what ya mean.

I can't hear This is How We Do it without thinking of Martin and the outakes when he was singing offstage.

Congrats to Serena on having a great motherhood. Stay blessed. awwww hug young Thor for me.

Congrats on ducking the hurricane Tony. Heard the winds are crazy.

This work day sucks. I just hung up on a conference call with the salutation. "Ok this is just jaw jacking now. Talk to me when you guys want to get productive."

*waits for email*

DMoe said...

@ Stef - push over?

Hmmm. Never heard that one.

I'm fair and fun when it applies, but I don't play. She knows that.

I could provide a story or two, but you get the point. Besides, we dont need the fine folks at Georgia's department of child services to have a chance to "review" some of my tactics. HAHA.

You can serve time for the stuff my momma used to do. Of course I can neither confirm nor deny that I handle things like she did.

You decide.

Your friend and mine,

Brooke said...

"jaw jackin"......good one! I MUST use that one day, cuz that's all we do.

Stef, Rameer is right, feel free to watch a game with me anytime!

I might have to autodraft this year for Fantasy football - and I've been reading all the material Rameer sent me too :(

The woman who occupies the office next to mine speaks so loudly! Geesh! She's at a 10, I need her to be at a 5.

***getting up to close my office door***

I love that I have an office door.

Serena, I'd love to not have so many meetings myself.

I can't wait to meet the little one myself Serena!

Craig has been missing from the blog. Where he at?

...and Yolanda?

...well, she has her own blog to run too, so she gets a pass :)

I need Deebo back.

Annamaria said...

@Brooke. YES SHE IS STANK... I wonder where she gets it from... Lol..I can't even say that with a straight face...
Yes have another Passion Party.. :-)
and you have to reschedule our date so I can pick up Soso's present!!!

@Tony..Your wife is going to let u donkey punch her so that you can finally write my blog for me.. HINT HINT HINT

@Rameer- Sophia would say tank u if you told her she was beautfiul..LOL
So I'll just say thank u... She is but I am biased...
Serena give Jordan a squeeze from me.. I will be squeezing him soon! :)

Tony said...

Oh yeah Annamaria......I got her two nights ago.....Classic Donkey Punch! Priceless!

Annamaria said...

@Tony...I'll expect your story by Monday.
Thank you! LOL......

The Fury said...

LMFAO @ Annamaria saying Tony is gonna donkey punch his wife for her birthday. That is so inappropriate which is why I'm laughing with glee.

But if you do, you'll need to write that post haste Tony. no pun intended.

hey...can I come by and see your new office Brooke? You can even close the door when I'm there.

Annamaria said... it inappropriate because it's HER birthday or because of the donkey punch itself??? LOL

Stef said...

okay, so maybe "pushover" wasn't the right word :)

Annamaria said...

@Serena I agree with you about Sillouette...her & Stef are my gossip buddies in my head. LMAO

The Fury said...

@Annamaria - Inappropriate to say it. Not for him to do it on her birthday or his birthday or any random day out the week. But what am I saying, I don't find many things inappropriate between two consenting adults.

don't mollywhop her though, Tony.

Brooke said...

I should have posted a pic of my new office. I could do some THANGS in here, but I'd like to keep my job. Security is no joke around here - you even have to swipe your ID card to use the bathroom, and everything locks down at 5p. Crazy!

I need a heater. Bust how I have on the Snuggie that DMoe sent me :)

I think the mailroom guys are stealing my movie passes, cuz I should have gotten one for Columbiana. F*ckers.

that's one I need to see for free.

Need some more lemonade.

Gonna submit this receipt for parking to my job, see what they do.

Sillouette said...

Awwww thank you Serena & Annamaria for the compliments.. I have a huge koolaid smail on my face right now!!
:o) You guys Rock!!

Anthony Otero said...

@stef... a player huh? lol

you never know...I may have kids at some point! Although, I cant imagine have a child being just as snarky and sarcastic as me....

- sorry for the lack of response. This is Welcome week at SU.

- No, I have not seen MJ or his daughter (who is a freshmen).

- next person who mentions the world is end due to the natural progressions in weather should get DONKEY PUNCHED.

- Fuck Latina Magazine.

- Congrats Serena. :)

- RIP Aaliyah

- I discovered the art of digital comics. With that and read novels...I have never read so much in my life. I barely miss TV

- People are sheep. (Rameer says Zombies...i cant ALWAYS agree with

- I got back into the WWE. How did that happen?

- Cleaned my entire office. I was tired of the bullshit. I may do that with my personal life...

Brooke said...

Rameer actually says "Sheeple" I think ;)

I saw your office on FB Ant - think your flag is big enough? ;)

Little baby smart-ass Ant's in the world? I can hardly imagine ;)

The Cable Guy said...

Thanks Stef, I AM a good dad!

I think everyone on this blog would make a good parent - even Domina*Tricks. Maybe she and Fury can procreate :)

I got dibs on Brooke, once she realizes she loves me ;)

Yolanda won't give me no babies.

Not feeling that Vick story.

RIP Aaliyah.

Congrats again Serena!

Happy Birthday to Tony's wife. Does she read this blog at all? Wonders how she feels about all this "donkey punching" talk LOL!

Hate working in the rain.

Brooke, I'll train you and work you out **snicker** ;)

My son is my joy, I know exactly how you feel Serena.

I had to whoop his little behind the other day I know how you feel too DMoe. It's hurts me, but it must be done. Can't raise no disrespectful kids that roll their eyes at you...**snickering at Annamaria**

Summer is damn near over and I didn't go to the beach once. Meanwhile Brooke's ass has been to Morocco (on a camel) and back. Where dey do dat at?

My son's mother has been suspiciously "OVERLY" nice to me. I feel a trick coming on.

Annamaria said...

1. FURY should get straight up shanked in the jugular for having the nerve to say something is inappropriate.

2. @Sillouette you are very welcome!

3. @Brooke mailroom stealing your passes.. SHANK EM

4. Ant's flag is crazy...I need to get a bigger flag in the house.. POWERZ will kill me.. LMAO

Annamaria said...

@Cable guy... I cuts fools that talk about my baby. She is a good girl for the most part. She's just got a stank attitude sometimes..
She likes the taser app on my phone so watch it fool.

Serena W. said...

I wanna see your office Brooke! Post pics please.

Thanks everyone for the love!

Fury is hilarious with calling Jordan "Thor" lol.

Now that Jordan is here all the advice has started! I accept some and put some in my internal neglect file lol!

Uh oh! Someone is up! Peace out peeps. Gotta change lil mans diaper, feed him and roll to cvs before it decides to rain again!

The Cable Guy said...


I wasn't talking about Sophia, I was using that as an example of why my son needed a whoopin! Calm your little ass down! LOL!

Annamaria said...

@Cable Guy...just checking... we cut first & ask questions later...

Brooke I'm thinking of some new hostess incentives soo once I have that down I'll let u know so that you can take advantage when you decide to have a party.

Brooke said...

Thanks mama!

Anna and Serena, I just texted you a pic of my office.

Speaking of "texted" - why did I have an arguement with someone over that word the other day. It IS a word, Google it.

I just wanna curl up under my desk right now.

The Fury said...

@Annamaria - you're gonna shank me over that? You know I'm the last person to judge on inappropriate behavior...although, I am very appropriate most times.

Damn no picture of the office for the rest of us? Fine...Brooke. We'll all just sit on the outside of the trust circle and donkey punch passerby.

@Serena - I do not know who this Jordan is that you speak of...hope Thor is well.

@Latinegro - When I first read that I thought "Michael Jackson's daughter goes to school where he works?? then...yeah realized you said MJ wasn't there and you just meant that tall n*gg@ that can dunk"

*waves the freak flag* big enough for ya?

Brooke said...

check your inbox Fury ;)

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