Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You should have known by the title that it was TMI Tuesday and that Fury was in the building - enjoy!

69 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life...by The Fury.

When you woke up and rolled over this morning, did you see some "regular old crackers"? Are you three days, three months, three years, seven years or more in a relationship and thinking things have to get better because this gumbo has lost its spice?

Need some help spicing up your relationship?

Never fear. The Fury is here.

1) You first have to decide if your partner really wants to spice things up. If not, it won't matter. This kitchen needs two cooks. If both people aren't focused on the dish, it won't be successful.

2) Honest communication. It's time to share those deep, dark, filthy fetishes without judgement and then decide what you both feel comfortable doing.

3) Explore, push the envelope and go at it with reckless abandon!

A friend of mine decided she was ready to explore her freaky side with her new mate. One morning when he walked back into the bedroom after his morning shower, she was playing with her toy, well lubed and told him to give it to her...anally.

He was shocked, thrown off balance...and intrigued.

Another friend webcammed from work with her husband and proceeded to pleasure herself right then and there. She stopped before climax and instructed him that it was his job to finish it when they got home.

They never put their kids to bed faster.

Pushing the envelope works. Here's 69 ways you can do it:

1. Go to the sex club and watch...hell...participate!
2. Go to the strip club together
3. Strip for your man/woman at home
4. Give each other lap dances with a happy ending
5. Role play as soon as they walk in the door
6. Wear a sexy costume
7. Do that freaky thing you always fantasized about but were scared you'd be judged
8. Watch porn together
9. Give her/him some unprovoked, out of the blue, surprise head in the kitchen
10. Swallow for the first time...and enjoy it [or do a great job of acting as if you do]
11. Be gentle with her
12. Tease her
13. Give her/him a massage with a happy ending
14. Have sex in public
15. "Christen" every room in your place (both places if you live separately)
16. Dress. No panties. Let him see you/touch you in public
17. Try new positions. There are LOTS of them.
18. Have a threesome
19. Have a foursome
20. Have a fivesome (...get the picture?)
21. Have sex with all the lights on
22. Have sex with only candles lit
23. Have sex in pitch blackness with only your voices and bodies to tell the tale
24. Have anal sex
25. Titty f#ck
26. Ask for the facial if you really want it
27. Ask her if you can give her a facial if you really wanna try it
28. Record it, watch it together, have more sex, erase it...(ERASE IT!)
29. Record something for him/her
30. Do it with the music blasting
31. Send him sexy pictures while he's out with his boys
32. Send her a sexy picture while she's out with the girls (Don't show anyone those pictures)
33. Go to the spa together
34. Write a sexy story for each other and read them aloud
35. Exercise together
36. Cook for him/her wearing something sexy..or just an apron
37. Talk dirty during sex
38. Tell him/her how you want it...during
39. Spank her
40. Spank him
41. Whip him
42. Whip her
43. Tie her/him up
44. Blindfold her/him
45. Bring out the toys
46. Use her toy on her
47. Use his on toy him
48. Use her toy on him (no judging)
49. Let him watch you pleasure yourself
50. Let her watch you pleasure yourself
51. Mutual masturbation
52. Give him head during Sportscenter
53. Give her head during Basketball Wives
54. Sext
55. Read The Dirty Details together (shameless plug)
56. Have tipsy sex (wine is a wonderful de-inhibitor)
57. Rent a hotel and leave it a wreck from the wild sex you had
58. Have sex in a hard back chair
59. Have sex on a counter top
60. Have sex on a table (please don't break the table)
61. Give him head while driving (stay in the left lane, proceed with caution)
62. Digitally stimulate her while driving (see note above)
63. Flirt with another woman in front of him
64. Whip cream, honey, chocolate syrup, peanut butter...(that was not a recipe)
65. Baby oil, plastic sheets...(that was not a child care tip)
66. Use a toy on her while you're having sex
67. Lick her from the back
68. Lick him from the back
69. 69

They call me The Fury and I suggest you print out this list and leave it on his/her pillow with your favorites circled.

- The Fury



Jay said...


Stef said...

Damn! Where did JAY come from???

This list is being printed as I type! Love it Fury...with your nasty self!

Seriously, I think it's alot easier said than done to keep it spicy - so if we do even half the stuff on this list, we'll be winning!

Yolanda said...

I wasn't ready for The Furious One today. Whew!

Stephanie said...

I Wasn't horny this morning but I am NOW!!!
Thanks Fury...LMAO

Annamaria said...

Don't have any toys?? Need an upgrade??? Never fear A-buzz is here!!!


I might be able to hook TMI Tuesday readers up with a discount.. hmmmmmmm


Great list. Definitely need to keep things spicy no matter what stage of the relationship you are in. Keeps things fun & intersting and keeps you fun & interested!!

Brooke said...

Fury should have posted this on your blog today too Annamaria - this was perfect for you!

Annamaria said...

Yea I might have to repost this on my blog tomorrow.. If it's ok with YOU & Fury... I know how possessive you get B...LMAO

Brooke said...

It was MY suggestion! Of course it's okay!

I even give my cousin Tony permission to blog for you first if he wants...you know..being that you're HOT and all ;)

Annamaria said...

Ok cool. I'll repost tomorrow.

And thank you.. And thanks for the compliment BROOKE!!! ;-)

The Fury said...

Damn I knew I forgot something! Mean to make the sex toy mention a link to Annamaria's site. My apologies.

@Stef - Don't let anyone at your job see the list as you print...or just deny any involvement.

@Yolanda - *wipes brow* You need a cold drink?

@Stephanie - you're very welcome *wipes...*

@Annamaria - You def have my permission especially after my missed sex toy link opportunity.

Annamaria said...

@ Fury.. It's cool. I'm in a pretty good mood (winking at my hubby..LOL)
so I won't tase u.. THIS TIME..LOL

The Fury said...

#61 stay in the RIGHT lane. Damn Sorry. by the time I got that far down the list I was pretty worked up. The RIGHT lane people!

Courtney said...

I feel a little tingly myself :)

Fury never disappoints!

Jay said...

Okay, now that I'm first, I can comment.

Great list!

I especially like the webcam idea - nothing like having something sexy waiting for you when you get home ;)

It takes a lot to keep the fire going when you've been together for a long time, so kudos to those willing to go the extra mile and put their foot in it. If you needed inspiration, Fury definitely brought it!

The Fury said...

@Annamaria - Well thank you for not tasing and tell Powerz he's welcome...


@Powerz - You're welcome! hahahahaa

@Courtney - Well... *Pres. Obama brushes shoulder off* I'm happy I could provide tingles this good day.

@Jay - i thought the web cam idea was incredible and applauded my friend for the idea. She's an adventure seeker so it made total sense.

Annamaria said...

@Fury you should be thanking Powerz not saying your welcome...lol

The Fury said...

@Annamaria - Well I thanked him first then said you're welcome because I think he's printing the list right now to keep the party going...haahahaha

The Cable Guy said...

This list got me wanting to do some things!

Fury is a beast!

I like the dress, no panties, let him see you touch yourself in public one. -Brooke, you down? ;)

Domina*Tricks said...

#70 - experiment with a woman, let him see her turn you out :)

Brooke, you down? ;)

The Fury said...

@The Cable Guy - Muchas gracias!

@Domina*tricks - Finally! you have returned to the blog..was missing you. And yes that is a perfect #70! I sanitized #63, but yeah...

The list including #70 - @Brooke you down?

Anonymous said...

This List is what's up!! Printing now and will start checking things off tonight!!

Serena W. said...

Baby oil, plastic sheets...(that was not a child care tip)

Dang it...I was going to take that as a child care tip! Oh well! LOL.

Fury this is a great list my friend...gotta ask my doctor when will I be "cleared" after the birth lol! Hmmmm hmmmm ;)

Domina*Tricks said...

I always show up for you Fury ;)

The Fury said...

@Serena - 6 long weeks for you after the birth, but...ahem..you still have a week or two left right? I'm sure you have some baby oil in the house!

@Anonymous - Thanks. Enjoy it!

@Domina*tricks - And your chance to attempt to bed Brooke. not mad!

Stef said...

Brooke, I think Dominatricks likes you :-) LOL!

Annamaria said...

Dominatrix wants to do 1-69 with Brooke! LOL :)

Domina*Tricks said...

and you too Annamaria - your hair is so cute!

Annamaria said...

@Dominatrix. Thank u. I love my hair too.. I think I may have to pimp you out & have you guest blog for me.. LMAO.. shameless plug.

Domina*Tricks said...

I'd be glad to! :-)

Jaz said...

I'm late, but this was a great list! Printing it out now!

The Fury said...

@Jaz- happy you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

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