Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- It's almost mid August already...where is the summer going?

- Got my mani/pedi yesterday...feeling kinda pretty :)

- I want ice cream...won't do it though.....maybe ;)

- I wish I had the patience to wear my hair natural...and a nice shaped head :)

- Finally got my cell phone working again...but the batter SUCKS!

- My apartment is a sweat box as soon as I turn the air off. My electric bill is gonna be RIDICULOUS.

- I've also been getting headaches from all the heat, then AC, then heat again, then AC. I can't take it.

- I need to get the complete dvd set of The Wire and watch it. I only watched the first season on HBO...don't shoot me.

- So many summer movies I still haven't seen.

- Rameer, I still owe you a call to talk football!

- Can someone send me the new Jill Scott cd? Please and thank you :-)

- And while you're at it, can someone front me a Jay Z/K West concert ticket?

- I miss my family over in Morocco. It's about time they come home now :)

- Acting like a jerk to me doesn't win you any cool points.

- This week is too long. I need a break...looking forward to the weekend.

- I think I owe Annamaria a sexy story for her blog too. Tony and Domina*Tricks can go first :-)

- TV One is airing Dave Chappelle's Block Party on Saturday. Rock out!

- It feels good to be loved :-)

- Navy Seals killed this past week - so sad. Please remember to keep those fighting for our country in your prayers, whether you think they should be fighting or not. This war is still very real. We appreciate you.

- I give better hugs than Tanisha :-)

- Would kill for a breakfast sandwich right now! But alas, it's time for my meeting.

- This week's throwback courtesy of Big Giant!




BatMan said...

First Bitches!!!

Stephanie said...


Annamaria said...

1. We are 5 min from Sesame Place. Soso will be seeing her man Elmo soon!

2. Brooke we just passed Philly!

3. My hubby got me multi room dvr yesterday. Its awesome!

4. Yes all 3 of owe me blogs. And to answer Dominatrix ur blog can be about anything u want... Get to it girl. If u want look at the ones I've already posted....

5. Ok we're here...later dudes

Stephanie said...

Why do travelers come here to my desk and do absolutely no fucking research before they get here.
All I hear is "Do you speake spanish?" " What can I do here?" "Mapa" WTF. Who goes to a foreign country for the 1st time ever and does absolutely no research. I just don't get it.

Brooke said...

Have fun Annamaria! You're in my neighborhood now - I grew up where you mom's house is 10 minutes from Sesame Place :-)


You'd be surprised at what people would do :) America is supposed to be the melting pot, and generations of people come here without ever needing to speak the language or do any research because there are pockets of communities that are self contained. I don't see how people do it, but it definitely can be done.

Sillouette said...

Hey Everyone!!! Random Thoughts Thursday!!

* So glad its closer to the weekend

* Im glad im in this training class, Im learning alot

* I have been a fabulous mood the past two weeks. Its a real
rewarding feeling. Im energized and everything....

* I got my eye on this real nice dining room table set, compliments
of my boyfriend who has really great taste. :)

* My moms Birthday was Yesterday and she looks fabulous!!Happy Birthday again mom!!!

* Finally it stopped raining. The last two days has been real nasty out.

* Looking for another great movie to come out..

* Loving my red purse.. :)

* I wonder what I will have for lunch today... hhuuuummmmmm??????

* Im hitting the gym tonite.... sighhhh. Little Red Dress here I come. lol

* Everyone I know is going back to school shopping for their kids this weekend. I wish I could say the same sometimes... oh well.. Its a warm thought.

* I see brighter days ahead..:)

* People in the world today are crazy and so disrepectful and drama driven...thats why I keep to myself... lol

@ Serena Congrats on you new bundle of joy!! :)

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT!

Who knew a week ago that this little boy would be here already! Happy 6 days to my son Jordan Oladele Ince!

Thanks for the congrats Ms. Sillouette! And everyone throughout the week.

Brooke thanks for the beautiful blog on Monday!

I can't stop staring at him! Truly God's wish!

Big Poppa is a blessing! A fantastic man! So happy Jordan has him for a daddy! He's taken such good care of us!

Although I'm no longer pregnant I still want my shrimp quesadillas!

Rita's Ice is calling my name too! But for right now I need to recover.

Annamaria we are doing joint bday parties next year lol!

Again thank you everyone!!! Stay tuned for updates and more pics!

Brooke I'm going to get a pedi soon and the hair did! Yeah!

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

Hello, Everyone!!!

- The entire conversation about The Help is pissing the fudge off. I don't even want to discuss it on here - but suffice to say, the fact that Black women are complicit in supporting this crap infuriates me to no end. I'm over these Black misery movies that our women gravitate towards. Just my opinion.

- Preseason football tonight! I expect to see A LOT of crappy, rough football as these teams try to figure 4 months of stuff out in a single month...

- Thinking of Serena as a mother makes me BEAM...

- I wish I could see my SU heads way more often...

- Brooke-Ra - any time I'm free, we can talk. Give it a good half hour or hour to set aside, cuz you know I'm talkative...

- Ice cream sounds good. I'll pig out on some tonight...

- My electric bill is going to be insane, too. HAVE to keep the AC on, though...

- Remind me tonight on FB (after 7pm), and I'll send you that Jill Scott joint, Brooke-Ra...

- Where's Zay? I seriously don't know ANYONE who doesn't love that dude...

- SO addicted to "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood". Best anime series on TV right now.

- Ocean Spray Ruby Red (chilled) and Grey Goose = perfect summer drink.

Gotta Go! Have a good one!!

Yolanda said...

Let's not talk electric bills.

Apparently, I've been taking more showers too.

Try FilesTube for your music needs, Brooke.

Saw Jill on Sunday. Great show but something was missing. Maybe just me, but I felt like I've seen her really go innnnnn when she performs. This show was really laid back. But her voice is a magical instrument, as always. Doug E. Fresh must be tapping the fountain of youth.

Praying for our men and women in Afghanistan. It's time to bring them home. 5 more died today in a roadside bombing.

Little Jordan is a cutie!

I am freezing in here.

Saw a great documentary about post-Katrina New Orleans and how the people struggled to bring Mardi Gras back in the years after the storm. It's called "New Orleans Rising." Good stuff.

Can't wait to see "Colombiana." The trailer alone is pure hotness.

I would really like a vacation soon. I'm putting that in the Universe.

I have the box set of The Wire. I've had it at least 3 years. I've watched, maybe 3 shows of the first season. Yes, my black card needs revoking.

Brooke said...

Zay has been MIA on my blog - gonna have to tell him about himself on that one.

I can't believe Serena is a mother. I mean, I can believe it, but I can't. It's so awesome I don't even know how to articulate it.

I have anohther meeting in 20 minutes that I don't have time for. I have so much to do today!

I had a milkshake today. Guess that takes care of my ice cream craving. It was DEEElicious.

Ladies I lunched with were talking about the book The Help. I don't know what it's about really, even though I read your status on FB Rameer, so I have an idea. Not really clamouring to see it. I love Viola Davis, but not moved to go see it.

One of my junior coordinators is organizing and cleaning out my dvd's and came across my Maxwell and MJB cd's...YES!

I had them on iPod...but still :)

I'm glad DMoe recovered his computers and all his music. Now he can update my iPod :)

Thanks on the Jill Scott joing Meer!

I need inspiration for a sexy story for Anna's blog ;)

I need to go work off that milkshake now...lemme see if spinning is full tonight.

Monica has been blowing me off on the gym lately, booo! She's at the Yankee game right now...lucky History Channel people.

we're having drinks after work for the intern who's last day is tomorrow. Guess I'll hit the gym after that. Oy!

Did anyone win the Powerball?

Yolanda said...

One person in Minnesota won the whole Powerball. Lucky bastid!

Brooke said...

I want to see Columbiana too - I have a girl crush on Zoe Saldana. I should be getting screening passes to that one! :)

Thought about getting tix to Jill's block party, but I saw her last year with Maxwell. I also saw Jay and Eminem...and Kanye was there and did his own I really need to see them again? I dunno...

Yolanda said...

I would like to see Jay & Kanye (I've seen Jay a few times but never Kanye)... hows-n-eva, the floor seats were $275 and the Verizon Center is now selling LIMITED VIEW seats darn near BEHIND the stage for $168, which is the SAME price the people on the 2nd level are paying who can actually SEE the whole show.

Shouldn't those seats be LIMITED in price too? SCAM, SCAM, I tell ya...

Stef said...

Who the hell is Batman?!

Doesn't matter, I'm mad late today anyway.

I hate when I hear that one person won the Powerball - share the wealth!

I didn't buy a ticket, so I need to shut up.

I want a puppy for no reason. I'm not even a dog person.

BatMan said...

Hi Stef... :-)

DMoe said...

R-Tee-To the TIZZLE!!!!

- I saw a Lamborghini (sp?) going the speed limit like the rest of us chumps today. Seems like to me the owner would get to roll as fast as he wants. Then again, I think a Lambo idles at 45 mph. (at least).

- Petition for Bert and Ernie to hook up and marry? Child please. I just checked with the 6 year old DMoe from my past, and even HE is traumatized by this hookboogie foolishness.

- Glad to see the chick's transplant who had her face mauled by the chimp was successful, but it reminded me to - (A) rent Face/Off on Netflix and (B) go check out the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

- Having to drive past a golf course every morning on the way to work is cruel and unusual punishment.But then...a course where you can actually SEE a couple of holes from the road? The devil is alive and well. I told Satan “Get thee behind”.

- Big ups to the DOT! Finally, a new road that cuts about 10 minutes off my commute? GENIUS! Now, I need 'dem pigs' to let us roll like we on the Autobahn for a few weeks/months while I “break the pavement in”.

- I keep a running list of clowns I can't stand for no 'real' reason. Smokey Robinson (lame), Anderson Varejao (rocked a Cavs Snuggie), and E-40 (TERRIBLE) to name a few. Google any of these clowns for a few reasons why. Trey Songz was inching his way up the list, but then he remixed Drake's "Headlines" and killed it. He's aiight with me for now, but if I hear any more crap bout "makin love faces" your goin back on the list.

- I had a kickass burger for lunch today, with a side of savvy-azz sports trash-talk with the homies.

- Pre-Season football is like Budweiser beer. Compared to H“real” beer, its practically water-flavored beer. But, I’ll drink it for exactly 4 weeks.

- I’m trying to send a message in Fantasy Football play this year. What message? That I got some damn sense.

-The Eagles signin everybody and they momma...Real talk.

- Let's Geaux Saints!

Playlist coming up shortly...


DMoe said...

Today's RTT playlist...

Since I saw Sade in Miami a couple of weeks ago, and damn near caught the 'Holy Ghost' up in that place where the Heat play, here's the list of my top 10 Sade joints:

1. Cherish the Day - She blew it as the encore, and I was screamin like (a) I was a girl (b) she was J-Biebs. I literally came apart at one point. Judge me if you want.

2. Is it a crime - "My love is wider than Victoria Lake, Taller than the Empire State, it dives, it jumps and ripples, like the deepest ocean." DAMN.

3. I couldn't love you more - This joint simply never gets old, and neither does yelling this title out at her concert. One day, they'll actually hear me and actually PLAY it.

4. Love is Stronger than Pride - The original is incredible, but the 'madness' remix is brand new funk. For those wondering, its only available on a remix EP released in Japan (check Amazon) and she performed this reggae-feelin' version on her 1992 concert DVD release "Sade Live"

5. Kiss of Life - Live version or the original, take your pick. This song proves the sheer timelessness of Ms. Adu.

6. Somebody already broke my heart - For the 'newer' joints (2001) this one is great. The live version is lovely too.

7. Haunt Me - Listen to this song 3 times and it gets deeper and deeper. Not in a "Darlin Nikki, is she talkin bout the devil?" kinda deeper, but its all about the depth of her love for this dude. It goes and goes....and goes.

8. Nothing can come Between Us - Loved this song for bout 25 years now, and it always picks me up.

9. Soldier of Love - Ms. Adu opened with this one, and I got vuhklempt, choked up, etc. I swear.

10. King of Sorrow - Great song and a greater video.

Stay thirsty.


Yolanda said...

DMoe, I love you more!

Sade on that tall arse Barbie podium/circus thing nearly gave me a heart attack. Great show!

The Fury said...

Dammit it's 4:30 already!!?

Congrats on the baby boy, Serena. I'm still calling him Thor...

I feel like gambling

What's the area code for "None Of Ya Fckn Business"? I need to give someone a fake number.

ass ass ass ass ass ass

I want something sweet to eat

DMoe said...

@ Yo - Luv ya back!

@ Fury - Dude, i'm samplin' that phone number question. I'll send you a royalty check, but I gotta have it.


Serena W. said...

Fury is funny! We named his stuffed lion Thor. But I think Thor will be the nickname lol.

Rameer! I can feel you beaming! Thanks my man and next time you visit you will get to meet Jordan!

DMoe...list is incredible!

I wanna go to a concert! Ah well...let's see who will be in the area in the fall for less than Jay and Kanye! Sheesh!

Got a job annoucement today! The sucka was 13 pages long and the page that talks about how to get paid was 1.5 pages. They pay you every 3 months and IF the project continues after March then they will release the rest of the salary.

WTH? Wow! Can we say shady!

Brooke said... I said, "e'rebody and they mama! Go Eagles!

Time to take the braids out. I'm looking raggedy.

Time for drinks with the intern!

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