Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- August already....summer just flew by!

- I miss Cole :-( I want him back.

- Serena's baby boy will be here soon!

- Every (romantic) relationship that ends is not a failure. Sometimes it's just bad timing.

- Chicken breast for lunch today...and broccoli. Gotta get right again!

- They got new spin bikes at the gym...and I'm not feeling them. I have to hurry up and get used to them so I can get back on my grind!

- Anyone want to contribute to my Deebo fund?

- I hope my family in Morocco is having a nice Ramadan. I miss them, can't wait to see them again.

- I love wearing braids...I just hating putting them in and taking them out. Sigh.

- I'm so excited for football it's not even funny! Thanks Rameer for all your Fantasy Football help! I still need to chat with you though.

- My pheromones be poppin'! Must be something in the water :-)

- What's with all the animals on the news lately? Peacocks...deer in people's swimming pools? What in the Madagascar is going on?! Next thing you know they'll be a tiger at Grand Central!

- In desperate need of a mani/pedi...I have claws.

- A lot of my peoples told me they printed out Fury's 69 was a good list :-)

- I really need a winning Power Ball, today.

- So thankful for all of my blessings.

- I still have my Morocco tan, yeah baby!

- If Morocco isn't on your list of places to visit, add it....ASAP!

- Morocco pics will be coming soon.....I took about 900 photos and haven't gotten around to organizing them yet....but (as Fury would say).....soon come! Or is that "soon cum"? I dunno...

- I was told I was a bad wing woman....I may tell that story tomorrow.

- Lead whatever lifestyle you want to lead, as long as you don't hurt anyone....directly or indirectly. Karma is a BeeYotch!

- I've seen Cars 2 like five times and still have no idea what's going on....because each time I watched it in French. I have a slight idea...but I really need to check it out in English.

- Sometimes I really can't believe how old I am. Not that I think I'm old, I just don't feel my age. In my mind I'm 27 :-)

- but my gynecologist keeps reminding me that I'm not 27....and that my eggs are drying up like the Sahara. She really needs to mind her own business.

- She's good I can't be mad at her. She's just doing her job. Oh well....sigh again.

- I miss Michael Jackson.

- and Bernie Mac.

- I used to hate my curly I kinda dig 'em :-)

- Our intern's last day is next Friday and I don't want her to leave. She's great!....and I have so much more for her to do!

- They done messed around and gave me premium channels on my cable line-up at work. And I have a dvr too? Why am I paying for this at home again?

- I'm ready for another vacation...where to next? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

- I'm going to wear a string bikini in Mexico next year. Not sure what I'll look like in it...but I'm wearing it nonetheless. Get ready!

- This week's throwback courtesy of Dmoe!




DMoe said...


Oh, and I'm BACK!

D to the M to the OE

Stef said...

Dammit DMoe!

Sillouette said...



* I have been biten hard by the creative bug.. I cant wait to do a Tutorial video on hairstyles and makeup. Its going to be so fun. I just may have to open a face book too..We shall see. :)

*Cant wait for this brutal summer to be over.

*I woke up in a wonderful mood today. :) I love those days.

*@ Brooke OMG I cant imagine being in a string bikini.. Girl you

* Everything happens for a reason.. Good oor bad.. :)

* Why do people feel the need to talk louder and cut off another person talking is the way to be heard. NOTE: Its doesnt work, Its anooying..

* I cant wait dabble in playing Online Bingo this weekend. I hope to win some good money!! Woo Hoo!!

* No matter how many years go by, when you see a person you know, they seem to be doing the EXACT samething they was doing years ago. And sometimes is NOTHING. lol.. What happened to progression!!

* I know Im a hard head and stubborn ass sometimes. But I just want my Boyfriend to know I love him and appreciate him to the upmost! And I thinks he's the GREATEST... Love you, Smootchies..

*Man Im in a good mood today.. I feel like Im going to POP GLITTER! :) lol

* I cant wait to see you pics Brooke I bet you look radiant.

* I wouldnt mind going to different places in the world. My dad's new wife is Thai. Maybe we'll can go there one day in a group.. Japan is difinitley on my list.

I hope everyone is having a great day as well.

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT Everyone!

Next week is the big day (give or take)!

I think he wants out though lol!


Brooke I need a pedi but I will get one after baby boy arrives.

I can't wait to love and kiss up on my boobie!

People are still harrassing me about his name (in my MJ voice) "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!"

I have put on the mute button.

Annamaria I need your taser! Better yet you can tase people!

The blog yesterday was really good, I'd really love to know how she does in the future with her boyfriend.

Brooke I'm planning on a vacation to Hawaii next year! Hopefully Africa too!

My apt complex offers a FREE Zumba class! Once I'm cleared by the doctor I'll be up in there!

Very thankful!

Craving shrimp quesadillas!

Also Orange Chicken and Fried Rice.

We are still getting gifts in the mail. Truly blessed!

Having my sweetie here is so comforting :)

Stay tuned for more!

Serena W. said...

Sillouette I have a friend like that (always cutting people off and talks loud). So glad for texting!

Happy Birthday Prez Obama!

I may have to add Florida to my place of vacations too!

Sillouette said...

@Serena W

Hey deary!!

I live here in Flordia!! Sweetie Is HOTT and very HUMID here... Dont come in the summer. If you come com ein the winter time when the tempertures are like 60-70's during the day... It feels great.. I wish it was like that ll year round..

Serena W. said...

I love heat as long as there is a beach close by! I'll be in the ocean all day lol! Usually when I visit Florida its around end of April or May or early fall.

Heat is Texas! Sheesh...problem was I wasn't by a dag on beach. Can we say 116-120 degrees! Oy!

DMoe said...

- Was in Indiana last weekend at an amusement/water park with my nieces and mini-me. Went on a roller coaster called "The Voyage" that was the macaroni AND the cheese. Scary as hell.

- Football's BACK! and so is fantasy football. Punks jump up to get beat down.

- Saw Captain America and wasn’t moved. Decent, but…

- I’m checkin out ‘rise of the planet of the apes’ today for the free-ski. That’s the ONLY way I’m seeing that one.

- Watched Black Swan last night and dug the movie…As for Mila Kunis? SCGI with a capital G.

- Shoutout to the pigs! 2 Apple laptops and 2 iPods were RECOVERED after being stolen from my ride (parked in front of my momma's house) on DMoe's behalf. Question: Police RECOVER THE STUFF? Where they do that at?

Apparently in Lexington, Kentucky. I hate cops, but I love the Lex PD. Yall did that.

- You can now get your Garmin GPS to provide turn by turn directions in the voice of Yoda or Darth Vader, and thats a whole bunch of 'hell yeah' right there. Laughter shall ensue.

- Mini-me’s new soccer season starts this weekend in a 5 on 5 tournament. CANT. WAIT.

Playlist coming up...


Sillouette said...

Never been to Texas, not my place to visit.. lol.. But hey if youlike the heat , then you will like it here... lol .

The Fury said...

Ha Yeah i got "soon come" from my Caribbean friends.

I do not soon cum. You better be ready for a good sexing

Happy the list was popular and appreciated. We added to it on Annamaria's blog

I'm hungry as hell

Happy 50th to the Pres. Hopefully FLOTUS has the list prepped for tonight.

Love that throwback!

oh you got the pheromones poppin'...uh oh...

Annamaria said...

1. My baby will be TWO tomorrow!!! Can't wait to spend the entire day hanging out with her!!!!

2. Yesterday was her last day at daycare.. She got her stepping up certificate. I shed a tear.. My lil girl is growing up.

3. Just met with her preschool teacher. She starts Monday.. Where's my baby??

4. Speaking of babies.. HI Serena.. How is Thor doing???

5. Thank you for the blog yesterday Fury.. I may need you to guest blog once a month.. Brooke & I may need to coordinate TMI Tuesdays or something..LOL

6. Still waiting on blogs from Tony & Dominatrix.. :)

7. Damn I'm bossy..LOL

8. Brooke hurry up & reschedule our date already... :)

9. Sophia LOVES broccoli... it's almost strange..LOL

10. I wanna see Morocco pics already.. and I wanna go to Morocco now. LOL

11. Still trying to convince the husband to do Australia... :)

12. I need to hear this wing woman story... LOL

13. You don't strike me as a bad wing woman.

14. I need a VACATION too..

15. My boss is going to get slapped very soon. I really hope I'm around when it happens.. Who knows these days I might be the one doing the slapping.. She's driving me bonkers.

16. We went out with my father in law yesterday & had soo much fun.. He is one of 2 people that we know that will call us & ask are you home? and when we say yes he says I'll be there in 10 min.... Mind you he lives in South Carolina.. How is he in the neighborhood.

17. I am going to tase DMOE..For disappearing & then being first..

18. Hi Sillouette..Cracking up at Popping Glitter.

19. Serena who you need me to tase girl??? I GOT U..

20. And pedicures are said to trigger labor.. So if Thor doesn't come out soon. Go get a pedicure..LOL

21. Fury.. a lot of my peeps appreciated your blog too. Well done & thanks.

Stef said...

I LOVE when DMoe posts! His random thoughts are always so funny!

Someone stole your shit man? That's WACK! But I'm glad you got it back! The NYPD would have sold your shit themselves!

Where's the playlist?

I can't believe Serena ia having a baby next week. Wow!

I hate to say it but I'm also looking forward to the summer being over. It's hot as hell!

Fury is sexy...even in a mask.

If I were a lesbian, I'd totally dig on Brooke! You're an awesome chick!

I chewed all my nails off because of work stress this week - can't wait for the weekend.

It took me like 5 minutes to figure out what DMoe meant when he typed SCGI - LMAO!

I was thinking about trying to learn football by joining a fantasty footbal league, but then thought "why play myself?"

Where are Annamaria and Yolanda?

Stef said...

There she is! LOL!

Annamaria said...

awww Stef missed me.. LOL

DMoe said...

Back again...

In honor of the 9000+ songs that I'm praying have NOT been erased from my recovered laptop, DMoe's blowin the dust off these kick-azz duets. Here's to dudes singin to chicks, and chicks singin to dudes...

1. Ashford & Simpson/By way of Love's Express. These two personified the whole 'sing to me' thing and wrote many of the hits we know and love. I think I could rock this after a couple of Crown Royals at a bar. Jus sayin.

2. Pebbles & Cherrelle/Always
This song (or Cherrelle's classic "Let's sing it together" line) simply never gets old. OF COURSE we'll sing it together, its a duet.

3. Karyn White & Babyface/Love Saw it. Dude was crankin out some hits in the late 80s to mid 90s. The Karaoke value of this joint is high.

4. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell/All I need (to get by). The Gold standard of he sing/she sing. It gets no better.

5. Avant & Keke Wyatt/My first Love. If ever a cover outdid the original, this is that joint.

6. Chante Moore & Keith Washington/Candlelight & You.
You already know Kadeem's ex and Kenny's current can provide her bath water in a biggie cup from Wendy's, and I'd drink it thru a funnel while grinning, but this song is pure, timeless magic.

7. Keith Sweat & Jacci Mcgee/Make it last forever. I swear, 87-92 had to be the best era in duet-making next to the late 60s.

8. Rene & Angela/You don't have to cry. Ms. Winbush was puttin in work, and she deserves much of the credit for this duo's rise.

9. Angela Winbush & Ron Isley/Lay your troubles down. This is a feel-good joint right when these two hooked up. Angela's pen was crankin out some good tunes, and this was no exception.

10. Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack/The closer I get to you. Its an incredible, emotional, poignant song that seems to build the drama of the feelings as the song goes on. This line is simple, yet perfect:

"Sweeter than sweeter love grows,
And heaven's there for those...
Who fool the tricks of time,
With the hearts in love you find, True love, In a special way..."

Stay thirsty my friends.


Yolanda said...

@DMoe: Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore divorced. :-(

I bet Brooke is a bad wing woman. The dudes probably want to flock to her. Hey, when you're sesssay, you're sesssay! Work it, mama!

The Morocco pics you posted on FB are awesome. From the food to the architecture... I loved them.

I've always wanted to go to Egypt, then things got "tense" in that region. I'll go when things die down (and when I have more dinero).

Thank God for PBS for keeping a sista employed for the month of August. Whew!

Going to see a documentary about New Orleans tonight. Love that city.

Going to see Jill Scott on Sunday. I soooo need it.

Would love a Jay-Z/Kanye ticket but those things are highway robbery... $276 for a floor seat? Prince tickets weren't that much.

Lots of babies hitting the scene this summer. C'mon baby Thor!

I must not have the baby gene. I see cute kids and think about it for like 3.4 seconds. Maybe once I meet the right guy, I'll see a different life for myself. I dunno.

I just downloaded a "Switch" album. Random.

Which reminds me, I need an external drive for my music. It's getting out of hand here.

I missed all of the Que festivities last weekend. But it's all good. My bestie was in town and we visited with another soon-to-be momma! But I heard about the antics... :-)

I could go for a shrimp quesadilla too!

Went to the gym today with a scarf on my head. Le sigh.

More later, maybe...

Annamaria said...

@Yolanda...Do you have the urge to tase the kids you see AFTER the 3.4 seconds??? Cuz that's my reaction when I see other people's kids.. LOVE MINE.. Other people's NOT SO MUCH..I asked for a work taser so I could buzzz any kids I see walk by. LOL...

Yolanda said...

Haa! No, no tasing (well, sometimes I do have that urge).

DMoe said...

@Yo - She's available? Yeaaaaahhhh. I gladly stand corrected.

And Switch's "There'll never be" is a good one.


Annamaria said...

@Dmoe...yes they announced it like 2 weeks ago...LOL Chante Moore is about to have a

DMoe said...

Chante was here in ATL a couple of months ago, and the tix were GENERAL ADMISSION. I'm like really?


Cant do it. I didnt wanna go and feel all weird cuz the show is lame.


Brooke said...


I know I'd want to be a mom one day - but some days I feel like you. I don't love all kids...just the ones I WANT to :)

I know it's mean, but sometimes I just want to tell people "your kid is not as cute/smart/funny/awesome as you think he/she is."

I know...straight to hell with gasoline drawz on...and I'm sure people think the same about me when I'm ranting about my nephews.

oh well...I'm sure if I ever become a parent I'll be just as annoying :)

This day just flew by!

I have the worst cramps EVER today!


I want to see Jay and Kanye too, but those tickets are insane. I might have a hookup tho ;)

I need football tickets.

I'm still trying to figure out what type of bedroom personality I have so I can respond on Anna's blog. I have so many...and they usually depend on who I'm with. Interesting question :)

Sillouette said...


Yea girl!!! Im in a great mood.. :) lol

* My AVP is sensitive that I didnt look at him in a meeting.. Gimme a fuckin break... And get over yourself.. (rolling my eyes)

NOTE: The only men that has my undivided attention is my father and my man.. Thats it.. Real Talk..

eula_w said...

The list are very popular and appreciated.

"Every (romantic) relationship that ends is not a failure. Sometimes it's just bad timing." agreed in full with this message.

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