Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Nice day today :)

- I'm wearing my favorite summer dress....for the first time this summer. How did THAT happen!? I saw it in my closet today like, "there you are!"

- My twists are starting to unravel.

- I wish I was by the Mediterranean again. Tangier was awesome. But I'll settle for Rockaway Beach :)

- Getting back into the swing of work is not as bad as I thought it'd be. Makes me feel like I can take longer vacations in the future - I had great backup!

- I kinda missed NYC...a lil bit ;)

- Rameer, call me tonight about Fantasy Football if you can. I need help with the draft :)

- I feel like I have a lot of movies to see still....maybe I'll do that this weekend.

- Serena is 38 weeks! That baby will be here SOON...he's coming! The time seemed to fly and I'm so happy for Serena and her sweetie on their new blessing to come. Congrats again! What an amazing mother you'll be :)

- No throwback today. But maybe DMoe can give us another rockin' playlist!

- Tammy on Basketball Wives is officially coo coo for Coco Puffs.

- I need a pedicure in the worst way...but I don't want them to scrub the henna off.

- I'll send a better link to pics once I organize the 1000 photos I took :)

- Thank you to everyone for my welcome back wishes and travel prayers.




Geeque said...

First BITCH!!!

Geeque said...

Love the weather and looking forward to the weekend!!!

Annamaria said...


1. Nice day today but my boss & work are starting to get on my last freaking nerve..

2. Looking to start up some things in 2012..

3. My baby will be 2 next week! Time flies

4. Serena enjoy time with baby Thor.. It goes soo fast. :)

5. Governor's island with my hubbies & sister wives this weekend!! :)

6. Seems like the summer is flying by.

7. LOVE LOVE LOVE my new hair..

8. Love Aishaisms... ie:secussion.. :)

Sillouette said...

RTT !!! Hi Everyone!!!

* Today is hot and humis as usual here in FL... ssiighh. I can wait for the Fall to get her..

* @Brooke.. Tami is a trip.. I was on her side for awhile, then she just SNAPPED... lol

* I hope MAC gets on theier game and bring back lipgelees.. Geez.

* I had a great birthday this past weekend.. :) Good Times!!

* Can't wait to take my boyfriends daughter School Shopping. I love this time of year.

* I would like to go on a trip to Japan. I wonder if you can put a trip on layaway.. lol

The Fury said...

I want a nap

Camera companies went through pains to build digital cameras with more megapixels and now everyone is using instagram which makes your pics look like old fuzzy polaroids. Ha!

Have a song in my head and I don't even know the name of it.

I want Hooters wings

Anybody seen Captain America? I want to see it but I'm a little leery

Sillouette said...

Hi Fury!!

I saw Captain America. And its a really good movie.. I think you will enjoy it.. I was a lil lerry at fisrt too. But I will say I was pleasantly surprised..:) Do go see!!!

The Fury said...

Thanks Sillouette!

I wonder which of the blog readers (or maybe it's admin) looks best wearing nothing but a shield...

Sillouette said...

@ Fury

LOL.... Thats a interesting question.. Some how I knew this would go left... lol

Midnight said...

-Did you know that the game "Angry Birds" has its own tv show? Yup but they call it "Basketball Wives"

-This must be crazy parent summer, if I hear one more story about something crazy a parent did to a kid, glad I just got whuppins

-I was way more excited that the NFL lockout was over than a grown man should actually admit..

-trying hard to not like that "OTIS" song but its wearing me down....

-i realize I am defensless against a beautiful freshly tanned brown skin lady with braids.....

Sillouette said...


-Did you know that the game "Angry Birds" has its own tv show? Yup but they call it "Basketball Wives"

TOO FUNNY!!!! Im so tickled right now!! Thats a good one!! LMAO

The Cable Guy said...

I agree with Midnight, I was giddy as a school girl about the NFL.

Also defenseless against brown skin beauties with tans and braids. Brooke - you is the business!

I want a new car. I NEED a new car.

I've been eating pizza all week.

I will never be fat.

Baby Sophia will be 2? I feel like I remember when Annamaria said she was pregnant. Next we'll be saying that about Serena's baby.

I still can't believe Brooke isn't married with kids.

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT Everyone!

Thanks for the shout out Brooke! 38 weeks and counting!

Welcome back again Brookey!

Thanks for the love Annamaria!

Happy Belated Birthday Mizzzzz Sillouette!

I can't wait to see all 1,000 pics Brooke lol.

Orange and Blue BBQ was again off the chain! I saw Rameer and Yolanda with a ton of other SU Alum!

Great food out there too! Hmmmmm!

I'm finally going to leave the house for the day and get some air ;)

My friend Stacy went on an afternoon date with her baby girl (she's almost 2 months) to the movies and lunch (ahhhhh)!

I can't wait to have dates with my little one!

Brooke I need a pedi too.

But I had a a wonderful prenatal massage last week! We're talking white robes and white flip flops, relaxtion room...I couldn't have any sangria though or take advantage of the steam room :(

Everyone have a good day. Off we go and Rita's is on the list (Yolanda thanks for mailing those coupons)!!!!

P.S. Annamaria I love your hair too by the way.


Stef said...

How was Geeque first!? I'm VERY late today.

No throwback!? Da hell?

Where are Yolanda, DMoe and Serena?

I can't believe Serena's baby will be born in 2 weeks or less. What a nice lil blog family we've become!

Stef said...

There she is!

Annamaria said...


Sophia is addicted to the Talking Tom app.. She can sit there all day yelling at him & making him say Soso..LOL

@Cable Guy...Yep the big TWO next Friday.. Starting preschool the Monday after that!

And yes sooner than we realize we will be saying that about Serena..

@Serena..Thanks honey!! :) Enjoy your Rita's.

The Fury said...

Congrats Serena! i wish you the best and many prayers for a healthy and successful birth.

@Sillouette - LOL @ going left

happy birthday to the little one @Annamaria - You ever make Talking Tom curse? hilarious

I AM READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!And by the looks of these contracts, so are the owners.

Annamaria said...

@Fury...surprisingly enough I have never made talking tom curse.. which is totally unlike me.. But I think it's because Sophia is repeating everything these days & I'm afraid she's going to start cursing like a sailor..

The Fury said...

@Annamaria - You have to do it while she's sleeping. It's a totally Beavis and Butthead moment.

Annamaria said...

@Fury... Great. Powerz and I will be up til 1am making Tom curse now.. LMAO

Brooke said...

No idea what Talking Tom is - must be some "parents" stuff :)

I'm back from my long meeting - finally.

Wish I could have gone to the SU DC year! I saw pics tho...Bailey is adorable!

And Teaspoon is still tiny! LOL!

Can't stand when people have a smart ass comment/response ALL THE TIME. I know I can talk slick sometimes, but some people just come off as combative or defensive for no reason. It's not always cute to be the "asshole."

My dad was trying to figure out FB chat cute! He called me like "how did you do that?" LOL!

Gotta call him back later tonight.

Annamaria and I have a movie date night on Monday :) Have to catch up with the newly married Mrs. Williams :)

Taking someone else's last name seems so weird to me!

@Silouette, happy belated birthday!

And take that trip to Japan!...I wanna go there too. Well...BACK there...since I was born there :)

School shopping already? Summer IS flying by.

Trying to remember if I've ever had Hooters wings.

Annamaria said...

@Brooke... Can't wait to catch up with you on Monday...

I didn't change my last name..LOL But I am a Williams at heart...

Hooters wings are AWESOME.. and their coconut shrimp is pretty slammin too.

Whoever is talking slick TASE THEM

I swear all of my clients are on CRACK this week. WTH....

Domina*Tricks said...

Welcome back Brooke!

I wanted to comment yesterday about the cock tease but got busy :)

I tend to just say "f*ck me" - works every time.

"Cooter" is a funny word.

Your cousin Tony will write the blog for Annmaria first cuz she's hot, especially with the new hair!


Brooke, you must be GORGEOUS with your tan - cuz you're gorgeous without it ;)

Happy Birthday Silouette!

LMAO @ Midnight and "Angry Birds"

Annamaria said...

@Domina*Tricks... Why thank ya.... :)

Domina*Tricks said...

You're welcome.

I wonder who on this blog would be open to a threesome. Women I mean ;)

Brooke and Annamaria would make a nice sandwich :)

Sillouette said...

thanks for the birthday wishes :)

Yes I will definitely make that Japan trip happen.. :

The Cable Guy said...

I'm imagining a Brooke and Annamaria sandwich!

Annamaria said...

Our movie night just took on a whole different direction thanks to Dominatrix...LMAO

Fresh Coffee Beans said...

I heard Captain America was real boring but I want to wwatch it anyway.
I watched Harry Potter and its real good.
I had 5 cups of coffee today.

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