Monday, July 25, 2011

Random Thoughts Monday!

I'm back! I missed you guys!

I'm out of the office today and tomorrow at an offsite meeting, so I may not be able to respond as much as a want to...but I'll be checking in!

- Morocco was amazing! My family there is amazing! I miss them already so much :)

- If you want to see pics, feel free to browse :)

- The weather was perfect over there - was a little hot in Marrakesh, but otherwise it was glorious! The sea breeze felt great....I wish I could have sent it over to you guys here in this heat wave :)

- Everyone thinks it's hotter in Africa as a whole than it actually is.

- Women don't go to cafes/coffee houses out there to sip, sit and chill - I only saw men out and about drinking coffee. Women tend to drink coffee/tea at home. Interesting.

- There were a lot of cats in Morocco roaming around. They just be kickin' it :) I wanted to bring one home...but I think they'd prefer to be in beautiful Morocco rather than Queens. By cats I mean felines ;)

- Driving out there is bananas! There are no real traffic rules other than whoever gets in the roundabout first wins. I got used to it a little bit....but not really.

- Speaking of, we got into an accident while in a horse drawn carriage with a BMW truck. Guess who won? Horses nearly took the ENTIRE door off the truck. That BMW was brand new, and wrecked!

- I need to brush up on my French and take a few Arabic classes. I think I did pretty well out there though! My favorite phrase? Zwin bzzaf! (very nice/very beautiful)

- The young Moroccan men wear these acid wash looking skinny jeans while the women wear looser ones. They must be all the rage because they ALL had them on. Weezy would be proud.

- Mazagan Beach Resort was spectacular! And even more spectacular is my brother-in-law Fouad for treating us all to a magical time there. "Thank you" can't even begin to express my gratitude. He made our vacation wonderful and I will forever remember this visit because of him. My sister is a lucky woman.

- I've never seen fish eat bread before going to Morocco. Apparently they eat anything...I didn't know that.

- The McDonalds out there is POPPIN' at midnight! It was packed!

- The security in the Casablanca airport caught an attitude with me cuz I didn't speak French. He actually rolled his eyes at me. I felt like saying, "My bad son!" Geesh!

- Laila and Fouzia (sisters-in-law) can cook their asses off! The food was I gotta figure out how to get rid of the 8 lbs I gained while I was there. We ate ALL THE TIME! But it was sooo goood! Deebo, make some time for me...cuz I'm gonna live in the gym.....once I get rid of the cold I caught :(

- I miss Nouhaila so much! This 12 year old girl out there stole my heart, I just wanted to bring her back with me! I have a new niece :)

- Sorry I OD'd on the photos of Morocco on Facebook, but I wanted to capture everything! There were so many beautiful things to take in there, I wanted to download it all! Can't wait to go back!

- Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and comments on my travels....means more than you know! Luv y'all!




Annamaria said...

First BITCHES!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

Tony said...


Tony said...

Welcome back Brooke. We missed you!

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. Like we spoke about when you first got there, being in Africa is very humbling. As far as the weather goes, being on the Mediterranean keeps it a lot cooler. The further into the continent you go the hotter it gets even though being in the US these last couple of weeks has been like being dead center in HELL!

Annamaria said...

Brooke like I said last week, I'm sooo glad that you got a chance to go & have this experience with your family. This will be a memory that you will treasure for a long time.

I have a funny feeling it was probably hotter in NYC than it was in Morocco.

I am SOOO not in the mood for the BS that is my job today. Two people called out sick & my boss is getting on my last god damn nerve as usual. And yes it's still not even 10am.. WTF.

Glad you got back safe too Brookey. We missed u.

Going to a cafe for a few sounds awesome right about now. I think I need a Sunday cafe afternoon soon.

Aisha G of HartlynKids said...

Welcome back!!!

Sillouette said...

WELCOME BACK!!! Glad you enjoyed your tripp! Sounds great!!

Serena W. said...


I loved the pics on FB! It transported me to Africa (ahhhhhhhh)!

I need to get to North Africa soon to see friends!

Since you were gone Annamaria started a blog! Hotness!

Missed you at the BBQ on Saturday. It was great!

I'm looking forward to RTT!

I know you're inspired and maybe the trip got your writing juices going.

Missed you!!!! Muah!

And boy is still in place lol. He's chilling.

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