Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- So I'm watching The View and they have 2 women on who have "Superior Autobiographical Memory" - meaning they can remember every day of their life. I think that would drive me insane.

- Keep saying prayers for my cat Cole, please!

- I have spaghetti for lunch but I don't want it.

- Did I hear correctly? The Eagles are looking at Plaxico Burress?

- I hope the Jets pull it out this weekend! I like Rex Ryan...freaky foot fetish and all :-)

- Is anyone having a Super Bowl party?

- Just had a craving for McDonalds....where did THAT come from?

- I need to drink more water. My lips are dry. Not cute.

- I feel like shopping.

- Michelle Obama is SO FLY!

- Ninety girls are pregnant or have had babies in the school year at Memphis High School. One of the teen mothers said on the Today Show that some girls "think it's cute." da hell?!

- Did you all see the video of the woman falling into a mall fountain because she was walking and texting?

She has the nerve to want to sue the mall because she's humiliated and said that security should have done more to help her. Like what? Escort her through the mall so she doesn't fall or walk into something she shouldn't? Girl...stop it. Watch where you're going and put the phone away.

- I actually watched American Idol last nigt...and even teared up a couple of times during a few of their sob stories. SuSu made me watch, but doubt I'll watch the entire season. Did you like the new judges?

- I miss my family back in Philly :(

- Time to do my annual performance review at work. I just want to write "see last year" and get it over with. Just give me a fat raise.

- Brian's throwback!




Annamaria said...


Off to the city for a meeting!!! :)

Annamaria said...

ok.... before I GO

1. Officially have less than 5 months til the wedding.WHERE THE HELL DID TIME GO???????????????

2. Just decided to become a bride to be...making Ms. Nay proud already...


4. Sophia is still freaking sick. another ER visit this week & she's been home with my parents all week cuz she's too sick for daycare. She can barely eat & sleep. ITS HORRIBLE..Hope she feels better soon

Brooke said...

awww, poor SoSo, hope she gets well soon :(

You are so blessed to have your parents to watch over your daughter. I would love that.

Your wedding will be here before you know it!

Do men look forward to wedding days? or just the honeymoon? ;)

JUSTBNME said...

@ Annamaria - I pray the baby feels bette soon...

Stef said...

I saw that video of the woman falling into the fountain and thought it was hilarious. Now she's on all the talk shows talking about it when no one would have known who she was if she didn't! You can't see her face on that video, so by coming forward, she humiliated HERSELF! STUPID!

90 girls pregnant in ONE SCHOOL? What did they do, take a pregnancy pact?? Girls these days are so lost.

I want a cheesesteak for lunch today. I thought of you Brooke :)

Is Plaxico Burress out of jail already?

Feel better baby Sophia!

Yolanda said...

-I hope Sophia and Cole the cat are feeling better very soon.

-That story about the 90 preggo girls isn't really surprising to me. When kids don't have an outlet to keep themselves occupied, things happen. My cousin lives in NC. She had a kid at like 15 or 16 and a year or so later, she had ANOTHER one! When I went to visit, turns out a rack of her friends were pregnant or had recently popped out babies. We were in the Walmart and they all kept stopping to chat each other up and my eyes went bugged when I saw they ALL had kids. Meanwhile, I'm 32 and debating whether a dog would cramp my style. Can you imagine?

-My brain is in a perpetual state of spinning and distress these days. Jesus, be a job soon.

-2 girls have told me recently that I remind them of Jill Scott. I think it's the hair. Either way, I'll take the compliment. Hope they weren't trying to smush though.

-Met some bloggers who've been able to quit their day jobs and do it full time. I'm totally sipping their Kool Aid... I need to know how to be down like that!

-A radio station here plays The Pittsy Shuffle song from Tuesday's episode of The Game. I'll admit it, I crank up the volume and "dip and Pitts!"

-Another Prince show in February, eh? I'm already jealous!

-Corinne Bailey Rae is playing on my iTunes. Love her, but sometimes her music is rather wrist-slitting. Perk up, girl.

-My free Pandora for the month ran out 3 days ago. I got that Pookie itch.

-I love Modern Family!

-Sometimes I crave McDonalds too. I'm especially fond of the mystery sandwich from the Irish sea. I believe it's called a Filet o'Fish.

-More later...perhaps.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I'm already on cruise control at my new gig. But I still have TONS to building, new rules.

- My girlfriend bought me a PS3 game I've wanted for a long time but just didn't buy - cuz unlike many, I'm always thinking about what I COULD use my money for practically, rather than the instant gratification of buying a "pleasure item" at the store (like clothes, shoes, video games, electronics, etc.). I asked her why she would do it when I myself have had the money and wouldn't buy it...and she said "cuz I knew it would make you smile...and you never buy things for yourself."

LOVE that woman.

- The Carmelo deal to New Jersey is apparently dead cuz Denver kept pressing for more and more, and 'Melo's new reps - Lebron James boys - messed it up. He's said to privately be frustrated...can't do anything about Denver fudging up, but the reps? Cut those fools BACK. They've done nothing at all for the reputations they have, other than be friends with one of the best players in the league...

- My boy told me to say hello to this woman named "Misty" when I started my new gig. It's a big building with a lot of employees...but he said "You'll know who she is the first time you see her". That's all he told me.

Why did I know EXACTLY WHO SHE WAS, too?? The reason, she's BAD. Like, Nia Long BAD. You'd have to be completely gay as a man to not notice this woman.

- My sister lost 10 pounds since Christmas working out with her Nintendo Wii. Holy spit.

- Someone told me I've got a smooth style today. That's whassup.

- Anyone listen to T.I.'s album? I keep hearing different songs on XM radio, and I like them all...haven't bothered to download it yet...

- Trying to organize my 2nd consecutive trip to DC in February for the SU-Georgetown game...

- My girl has been really treating me like a crackfiend due to my chocolate addiction. She actually scolds me any time she finds out I had any

- I'm soooooo addicted to Witches Brew. But I've been told I'm too mean on there at times...

- I've got pineapple pizza for lunch today! Mmm!

- Health insurance is no joke. Sheesh...

- That woman who fell in the fountain is dumb.

- R.I.P. Apache. LOVED that joint.

- I miss Bernie Mac.

- I think it's time I join a b-ball league...

- Sports haters make me laugh...

More After The Break!

Brooke said...

The Pittsy Shuffle was funny, but that scene lasted a little too long for me. I can't believe they autotuned him though, funny!

I want to see Prince in Feb. too but can't justify the expense. But if someone wants to TREAT ME, I'm all down for it :)

I would love to be able to quit my day job to blog - how awesome would that be! I can totally see Yolanda doing that too!

Jay-Z will be Oprah again today. Have to remember to watch. I'm not all that interested in this Aussie trip Oprah did. But I'd love to go there one day.

I can see the Jill Scott compliment - you both are very pretty ladies :)

She could play Aretha Franklin. Halle dropping out because "she can't sing" is code for "I ain't got the chops to pull that off." She couldn't sing when she played Dorothy Dandridge either...but I digress.

Filet o' Fish is crack.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I'm back...

- Yolanda - when you find out, share your tips on the blogging as a career with me. I'm dead serious.

- Also, Yolanda - try Jango as an alternative when Pandora runs out. Same type of site, but with no limit.

- I forgot to wish Sophia getting well soon. Blessings to her and your family, AnnaMaria - I know how it can be when kids are sick. I hope she recovers speedily.

More After The Break...

Brooke said...

Rameer's girlfriend sounds so sweet :-) marry her :)

It's always nice to receive surprise gifts just because. I can't tell you the last time I got flowers just because it was Tuesday.

I'm addicted to Witches Brew too. An hour will go by and I'l be like "oh snap!" when I realize I haven't check my work emails in a hot minute. The comments are hysterical...and Rameer, you're not mean, just REALLY HONEST :)

I might try to check that SU v. Georgetown game myself.

The Cable Guy said...

That Apache joint was the shiznit!

I cried laughing when I saw that woman fall into the fountain, and laughed even harder when I heard she wanted to sue. She's a dingbat.

Brooke, you should be writing a for a living, although tv seems fun too :)

A woman who buys her man a video game? Wow...they make those?

Feel better Sophia!

Yolanda looks like Jill Scott? Aww sookie now!

A woman named Misty has to be fine, cuz otherwise, it's just silly.

I'm already grieving that football will be over soon. Just in time for March madness though.

Do people still watch soap operas?

I admit it. I only watch American Idol during auditions. Hilarity.

Yolanda said... should come to Blogalicious this year. It's in DC. I'm SOOOO serious about figuring out how to do this full time. Working for yourself is the new black. LOL

Here's the link:

-Meercat... I've got like 3 events going on Feb 26th, one of which I'm running so I HAVE to be there. That sucks. I'm trying to figure out who I can send as my "representative" to the SU game. Ha. My Mother wants to go. She's a little scary at sporting events so she should fit right in. Let me know if you come to DC though... a certain someone wants to meet you. I need to get him off my back about that.

-So, Cable Guy, I've got to look like Jill Scott to get you to hook up my Showtime & Starz?

-I love Jay-Z but I'm kinda tired of hearing his "story." He's everywhere these days with his life story. Although, I am itching to read Decoded. I'm holding out til I can read it digitally. I'm thinking it'll be even better on an e-reader.

-Oprah's behind the scenes show on OWN is really great. I actually watch that more than her talk show.

-Going to Jango right now... thanks.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Yolanda - I def will let you know. I think I still have your number saved in my phone, too. And if you sent your mother, me and my crew would look out for her! It's all love.

Brooke-Ra- that'd be dope if you made that game too!

- I feel you on the surprise gifts, Brooke-Ra. I ALWAYS give people things just because, not only when it's their birthday or some noted event. Yeah - she's a keeper.

- Good call, Captain Cable - March madness will be DOPE this year. A lot of good teams out there!

- @ Brooke-Ra - I might sound ignorant not knowing this, but my dad said y'all use Cheese Wiz in lieu of real cheese in Philly for your cheesesteaks! Is that true?!? Ewww...I know Philly has the undisputed best joints in the world, but I'd get sick of that Cheese Wiz taste REAL FAST. I do NOT like that stuff!

- I've got the itis now...

- It amazes me - still - what is available for free on the Internet (basically, EVERYTHING) that people still think they have to pay for. I gave TurboTax to a few heads this year, and they acted like I showed them the city of gold! I had to tell 'em - I've been giving that ish to my mom for about 5 years now...

- Speaking of free - I need to step my movie download game up again...

- I was changing the channel and Hancock was on the other day. I DETEST Hancock. Really - it might be the only Will Smith movie that I've actually seen that just pisses me the eff off. It's so wack to me.

Gotta Go - Possibly More After The Break!

Brooke said...

I may just do that Yolanda, thanks for the link!

Coming down for the game would be part of a birthday celebration weekend for me, we'll see! Did they release tickets so that we could get them yet? :)


I don't know anyone personally who eats cheez whiz on cheesesteaks, but IF they do, it's mostly white people who live in South Philly who do that. At my brother's place, you have to ASK for cheese whiz, otherwise you get real cheese on it. I think tourists do that too because they THINK that's the way you're supposed to eat them, but I've never actually seen anyone eat a cheesesteak with cheese whiz on it.

The only thing I can eat cheese whiz on is nachos or pretzel bites at the movies - otherwise, gross!

DMoe said...

whassup yall...

- Headin home to NOLA tomorrow...ATL can kick rocks...and so can Mo!

- The Superdome is gettin more upgrades in the offseason. The old girl's got some miles on her, but she's still a sexy b**ch.

- I ran a red light in LA a month ago, and got a ticket in the mail. 475 GOT Damn dollars...They didnt just get the pic of the plate. They got my profile, my hands on the steering wheel, clear view of the seatbelt, and my damn goatee clear as day! Obviously the 475 is a sitting fee for the photo session.

- Falcons got they azzes embarrassed last weekend! Love it. Simply because the fans here are some clowns. Aint won jack. And still aint won jack.

- I'm a Mac dude. Apple always concocts the hotness.

- Sending one up for Cole.

- Cross this one off my bucket list: Dmoe's ridin in a Mardi Gras parade this year. So excited. So. excited.

- Plaxico to the Eagles? Hmmm.

- I'm a Rex Ryan fan, and the Jets players seem like they would run through walls for that dude. He's like somebody's cool azz uncle.

- I want a new watch. Pronto. Why? Cuz my battery's dead in the one I'm wearing....Regular people just replace the battery. DMoe (irregular) replaces the WATCH. I know. Dumb. I know.

- I tried to watch "The Game" earlier this week. No offense to the fans, but i had to see what 7.7 million viewers were actually diggin...I was "absolutely underwhelmed".

- I was kinda feelin Michelle Obama the other night. She might be brought in for a workout for DMoe's "All-Get it" team.

In the true spirit of RTT, here's DMoe's "I just hit shuffle 10 times, and here's what came on..." playlist:

1. Prince/The Ladder

2. Slick Rick/Behind Bars (Dum Ditty Dum remix)

3. Larry Graham/One in a million you
(For the record, pound for pound, I am the undefeated champ of Karaoke if I rock this classic on yo azz.)

4. LL Cool J/Jack the Ripper

5. Shabba Ranks/Ting-A-Ling

6. The Dogg Pound/Big Pimpin
(Above the Rim soundtrack - Classic!)

7. The Fugees/Fu-Gee-La
RIP Teena Marie

8.Public Enemy/911 is a Joke

9. Tony Terry/Everlasting Love

10. Mobb Deep/Shook Ones, pt.2

Laissez les bon temps rouller...


Stef said...

DMoe done went all "french" on us! LOL!

"The Game" was an awesome show for the first 3 seasons. I don't know what they're doing this season but they need to stop it!

Serena W. said...

RTT! What's up!

Prayers for So-So and Cole :(

Annamaria I think your wedding site is dope! Congrats again!

Rameer...I smell a nice B-Lo summer wedding 2012! Your girlfriend sounds great!

Now I want a cheesesteak!

Ummm Dmoe how did you get on the list to be "ridin in a Mardi Gras parade this year." I'm excited for you.

My organization is undergoing major changes. Please pray for me and us.

So elated that I paid my cover artist and editor! Next stop is paying for the book to be compiled!

I'm getting there!

I had a wonderful birthday weekend! My friend brought a Junior's Cheesecake on the Megabus for me from NYC! Now that's love!

Went to my fave Mexican spot in DC (well one of them). Lauriol Plaza for the bday! Yummy!

My job bought me Georgetown Cupcakes too! Sweet attack!

Now I want a Wii Fit!

I'm mentally drained from today's meeting about the future direction of my organization. It will be in newspapers tomorrow. Kennedy Center and Washington National Opera are now affiliates. I'm on the WNO side, let's hope their education dept of 47 people can fit little ole me in there!

Overall I can't stress, I'm too blessed and it always works out in the end.

Video of the woman falling in the fountain had me and all my co-workers in stitches!

Apache!!! Wow! RIP.

Rameer I'm glad you're loving the new gig.

Brooke and Yolanda would be so great for a full time blogger position!

Can I get a book deal one day...can we all just do what we love to do full time!


Brooke said...

"The Game" has definitely changed. It's like their chemistry is off, the story line is off, even the laugh track is off. I'm hanging in there hoping that they'll find their rhythm. I can't let it go just yet, but it's not good.

Praying for you Serena - it'll be alright.

Now I want cupcakes.

Anthony Otero said...

- Yolanda, share that info with me too..

- If Rameer gets crazy will that reception be. I am down.

- I feel so different this year. i really don't care about meaningless shit anymore.

- I need to start thinking about plans for the Big East Tourney in March.

- I should do my taxes huh?

- I also need to fill out my Fasfa form.

- I cannot believe it is like 4pm already

Serena W. said...

Brooke when you come to DC you gotta go to Georgetown Cupcakes! Yummy!!!

Thanks for the prayers. Yep it's already in the news about the affiliation deal. Sheesh.

It's all good. Can't stress it. I pray the work we do in my department will be noted and because of the amount of work that they keep us on board post June 30th.

Side bar:

I want some pizza...

A couple of us are talking about going to Cracker Barrel on Saturday.

Yes I'm African dancing and will be at the store to get new running shoes lol! Winter is tricky, it's a good time to eat but this is how the pounds sneak up on ya!

Is it too early to say that I can't wait until the spring time.

Waiting to see if they released tickets yet for the SU vs. Georgetown game.

Brooke said...

watching Jigga on O now.

Need to make my appointment to get my taxes done too.

Australia looks so beautiful.

NO, it's not too late to wish for Spring. I've been wishing for it since November.

I want to go to Mexico too.

I hope to be able to attend Annamaria's wedding in June, but it's looking iffy. I'm going to Morocco in July with my family so money will be TIGHT.

The weight definitely creeps up on you in the winter. Thank goodness for Deebo!

Serena W. said...

Morocco!!!! Wow that's amazing Brooke!!!! Have fun!

I'm about to dance twice a week just for that reason lol.

Hey whatever happened to Craig! It's been a minute since I've seen his name on here!

Annamaria said...

Thank you all for the feel betters...I will tell Sophia her extended blog family sends her well wishes. Its horrible seeing her soo sick!!!!

My meeting was wack..

Serena thanks.. I have to change one more pic but the site was done & I needed to send it out sometime before the wedding! LMAO

I don't know about men but I'm looking forward to the honeymoon!!
Bow chica wow wow...LOL

90 pregnant teens.. The parents in that town need to start beating asses... The minute Sophia turns 11 i'm gonna start punching her in her throat just because. She needs the fear!!!

Rameer your girl sounds wonderful..Be good to each other.And may you both continue to be happy!!!

Brooke: I totally understand if you can't come to the wedding.. Although I'll be mad at you so you better come..LOL
Nah just playing..MAYBE

As per the site... 149 more days to go.

Brooke said...

I'm gonna try my best Annamaria!

Your wedding site is kinda dope :)

Maybe those teens think "it's cute" because of that 16 & Pregnant show...even though nothing about that show is cute.

DMoe said...


Alot of peeps I grew up with in N.O belong to the oldest black carnival Krewe in town, the Krewe of Zulu. They mask on mardi gras day and give out the most prized possession of Mardi Gras, the Zulu coconut. The coconuts are hand painted one by one, and only given to a certain few on Mardi Gras day.

My boys have been riding for a few years now, and I got invited this year. You pay your share to be on the float, and all of the throws I'll give out along the route I'll have to buy, and hand out. But that's the beauty of it.

One of Mardi Gras' little known traditions in N.O is that the people on those floats are essentially just "giving stuff away" as a charitable donation to the revelers. They buy all that stuff with their own money, and give it all away.

A bit more: every Krewe has a ball, and the Zulu ball is an unbelievable N.O social event. Imagine 15,000 black people in formal attire in the Convention Center, with 10 people to a table, and the table is catered (by the group your rollin with) and its BYOB. Its a crazy party with a DJ the whole night...At about midnight, the main acts take the stage...Last year, it was Chaka Khan.

This year, Maze will be there. Two years ago, it was Teena Marie and the Time. This thing rolls til 4-5am easy, and I will always remember Teena Marie singin Portuguese Love at 345am two years ago.

Anyway, there's much more to Mardi Gras...that's just a taste. I'm so excited that I'm ridin, had to share.


Yolanda said...

*cough cough*

I wanna see the wedding site!

(feeling left out)

Serena W. said...

DMoe thanks for sharing that with me and us. I always wanted to go to Mardi Gras and just haven't made it. I know you will always cherish seeing Teena!

Annamaria please don't knock Brooke out if she doesn't make it to your wedding. And have fun at the honeymoon (cue Sex Me by R. Kelly). LOL!

I'm only a few feet from the fridge and wish the juice would pop out, pour itself in a glass for me and walk over to the couch. (I'm lazy and sleepy)!!!!

Goodnight everyone...guess I gotta get that glass of juice.

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