Monday, January 10, 2011

Good morning.

I just finished watching the moment of silence on television for the victims of the Tuscon shooting. The news shot through me just like one of the bullets that killed a 9 year old girl on Saturday. The tragedy is unthinkable. It makes you wonder what we're doing to ourselves.

Words have power. What you put out there can get into the hands of a crazy person who can purchase a gun with no problem. All of this hatred has got to stop. Feel free to disagree, feel free to debate...but violence and killing should never be a part of the conversation.

All of this is enough to have you afraid to leave the house or to stand in a crowd at a rally. This fear can keep us off-beat, paralyzed, wary of surrendering to the rhythm of life. Fear is the root of greed, aggression, racism, sexism, bigotry, and bad blood - between neighbors and nations, between Democrats and Republicans, our friends and family and the world. Fear can define a human being, enough to make him pick up a gun and shoot into crowd in an attempt to assassinate anyone who challenges those fears.

Fear can impede our forward progress and keep us out of the flow we call grace. I pray that God grants us grace and shows us when enough is enough. We haven't yet figured out how life works, why life is granted and why life is taken away, but I pray God can show us how to establish peace within and among ourselves. Where God is one, there is no other...there's a better way of living. I pray for the victims and I pray that He shows us the way.



SarKism said...

first people!!!

SarKism said...

Great post Brooke!

There is a such thing as civility and respectful disagreement. I believe that people play off of the ingnorance of some. I certainly hope that this was not politically motivated. I certainly hope that our public servants will continue to reach out to their constituents and not succomb to the fear. It is freedom of speech that has distinguished America in the world.

Jay said...

Great post!

I continue to pray for those affected by the shooting on Saturday. It's definitely gotten out of hand. And although I also hope it wasn't politcally motivated, you have to look at the obvious hate and violence spewed by people who are "supposed" to be for the people, not targeting others because they voted for a health care bill that you oppose.

Those who are guilty of it need to take responsibility, from ALL sides. And then change their ways, because until then, it'll only get worse before it gets better.

Annamaria said...

Great Post
People are crazy. It never amazes me how many people truly do not value human life. To just go off the deep end & shoot innocent people (because there really is no excuse for this shooting)
Unfortunately it is not up to us to say when or why our time on this earth is up. It's just up to us to try & make it worth it.

ArrElle said...

Great Post!!

I don't have too much to say other than the comments posted so far are great as well.

The Cable Guy said...

Great post, as usual.

This entire political climate is all messed up. I feel like racism and bigotry is worse than ever, even with a black president. It kills me how people think racism is over simply because the President is black, but now people feel more empowered than ever to show their hatred. It's not just racism, it's political divisivness, bigotry and hate mongering.

I won't say it's just Repubs who are the villains, but it's everyone - liberal, conservative, black, white, male, female. When you talk that hatred, you're giving crazy people free reign to act on their ignorance. I hope we all learn from this and stop the madness.

Stef said...

I'm late today, but like everyone said, great post. This event was truly tragic and I'm praying for all the victims.

Serena W. said...

Thank you Brooke for posting this today. Every second...minute...hour...we should be thankful that we have our lives. Those taken on Saturday to senselessness is ashame and as an American I'm disgraced that we have come to this.

Like others said, we never know when our time is up. But it's time to stop the madness and hatred.

Praying heavily for those families affected and that the spirits of those that passed away rest in peace.

Yolanda said...

Fantastic sentiments, Brooke. Great post as always.
I love you little blog fam.
We should say that more often to everyone.

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