Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Sexy Survey!


Sexy Survey time!

1. Would you (or your partner) consider kissing someone else cheating?

2. You are insanely physically attracted to your boss, the chemistry is mutual. One day you and the boss are working late on a project, and he/she comes on to you in his/her office. What do you do?

3. Name a sexy movie and tell us why you think it's sexy.

4. You and your spouse have been unsuccessfully struggling to have a child for some time and today is one of the year's 12 peak days for conception. If you two were in the middle of a nasty fight, would you still go ahead and have sex anyway?

5. Would you rather have a passionate relationship with someone you have very little in common with, or would you rather feel little passion for that person, but share common interests and beliefs?




DMoe said...

first beeeyotches!

Haha! If you aint first, you last...


DMoe said...

1. Yes, cuz its the "thoughts" that really count.

2. Take a step back and say this can't happen.

3. Love Jones. Sexy was spoken and implied. alot.

4. Nope. Not if I ain't into it mentally.

5. Passion, with little in common. I can be taught to like/appreciate things I don't really like/appreciate. Passion? Can't teach that.

Stay thirsty my friends...


CorporateDiva said...

1. Yes.
2. Depends on how long I plan to be in the job....justkidding...NO!
3. got nothing.....clean enough
4. Yes. Take one for the team.
5. Passion with little in common.

The Fury said...

1. Yes I think kissing is cheating. A peck on the lips as a goodbye on some European shit is one thing (and not really cuz they do the double cheek thing). Real kisses are cheating.

2. Clear off the desk and make sure no stains are left on the couch or chair.

3. Kama Sutra. A very sexy film about sexual coming of age and a good romantic storyline

4. Nope. Chances are I'd be thinking of ways to ditch that broad.

5. Damn that's a good question. I'm going with Dmoe. Sometimes you can learn to like things. Passion is important. But damn I need to be able to have a conversation with your ass too. Ughhh! Good question Brooke!

Stef said...

Damn, I'm 5th!!?? How did THAT happen!?

1. Yes, kissing is cheating, but I can forgive that. Sex? no.

2. see #5

3. Purple Rain. Prince is a freak.

4. If I really wanted a kid, I'd do it.

5. I'd choose the common interests and beliefs and have a passionate fling with my hot boss! LOL!

(yes, I know...wrong, I'm a hypocrite!) LMAO!

Annamaria said...

1. Yes I consider that kissing. Hell if you even THINK about kissing someone else that is cause to break out the taser...

2. Considering my boss is a woman, there would be a whole lot of reasons why this would be "different"...LOL

3. Secretary.... See reason #2 for WHY it's sexy..LOL

4. HELL YES.. LOL (sorry did i say that out loud)

5. passionate relationship with very little in common.. Like previously stated. You can learn to appreciate & enjoy interests you can't teach or learn passion

Annamaria said...

#1... I meant to say yes i consider kissing cheating.

The Fury said...

Annamaria - Secretary is a beyond sexy film!! I'd change my answer if it weren't for...well just rent Kama Sutra if you haven't already.

The Cable Guy said...

1. Forgiveable, not cheating.

2. wax dat ass all over the desk!

3. I can only think in scenes, not entire movies. But Love Jones is a good one, Nia Long is bangin!

4. Never too mad to f*ck.

5. Good question. Sex comes easy, but it's not everyday that a woman's mind can keep me intrigued - I'll take less passion and more common interests. Just like you can learn to like someone's interests, you can learn to spice things up.

Jaz said...

1. Yes, it's cheating.

2. Don't do it and sue him!

3. Lady Sings the Blues - Billy Dee Williams :)

4. Have sex anyway.

5. Little passion and common interests and beliefs.

Brooke said...

I've never seen Secretary...or Kama Sutra. I need to get Netflix!

The Fury said...

@Jaz - Damn you're gonna sue!? Even though you're giving him chemistry and all that? Shit! *Rick James voice* Cold blooded!

Jaz said...


hey, times is tough!! LOL!

Annamaria said...

@ Brooke... yes please get Netflix & watch The Secretary.. Sometimes it's on cable OR on Demand.. Depending on what kinda hook up you got! ;)

Maggie Gyllenhal is in it

The Fury said...

@Brooke - Both are VERY good films. Secretary is way more kinky. Kama Sutra is...just hot as all hell. Like @Annamaria said, Secretary is on Cinemax right now, if you got it. First film that made me think Maggy could be sexy.

@Jaz - damn...if we ever meet,remind me to record our conversations. LOL

Brooke said...

wait a minute, I think I HAVE seen The Secretary now that you told me who's in it. I have...

Now I'm trying to think if I've seen Kama Sutra...I know I've read a book by that name I think...

clearly my memory isn't the greatest, those movies must not have done it for me ;)

The Fury said...

@Brookey - if THIS movie didn't do it for you...

I'm gonna need to take your pressure and temperature!

Brooke said...

ok, after seeing that trailer, I can tell you I haven't seen Kama Sutra...was that dude from Lost?

...still never seen all the seasons of Lost....

but answers:

1. I'm sure it would be considered cheating...not sure how unforgivable it is, but I guess you can say it is.

2. Don't do it, it'll come back to bite you in the ass later. (not necessarily a bad thing ;)

3. Mo' Betta Blues..."the Mo Betta makes it mo Betta..." :-) Wesley Snipes on the balcony...Denzel with the lips and the horn...whew!

4. Sure, why not...and "angry sex" is hot!....or so I've heard ;-)

5. Hard one. All of the most passionate unions I've had seem to fail long term, the person wasn't "relationship" material. My longest lasting relationships were with people I had alot in common with, who were truly my friend, whose beliefs I shared and respected but where the passion wasn't a "10." So long term, I'd have to say common interests and beliefs.

Stef said...

very real answer to #5 B, you're right!

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