Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- My body is more sore from doing yoga than spinning. How is that possible? That "Downward Dog" is a killer! I blame Monica :-)

- I realized yesterday that pretty much the only time I look at my watch is when I'm in spin class....and that's only because I don't bring my phone in there. While at work, I look at the time on my computer or phone display, and any other time I either look at my cell phone or the cable box. My watch is just a piece of fancy jewelry now :-)

- I can't remember the last time I actually rented a dvd.

- Do they still make encyclopedias?

- I think I have maybe 5 phone numbers memorized. When I was a teenager, I had at least 50 memorized. That's sad.

- My mom still refers to cd's as "tapes." My older nephew asked her what a tape was....I felt so old. I'm surprised he even knows what a cd is...but he knows how to work an iPod!

- He also knows how to load my phone with games. Luckily he can only find the free downloads....for now. I have three different versions of "Angry Birds" on my phone...just eating up space.

- He also has a fake cell phone and actually told me to "hold on" because he was getting a text. The imagination of a 6 year old. His cell phone even takes fake pictures.

- When my dad came up for Xmas, he saw a stack of Yellow Pages in the lobby of my apartment building and asked me if I needed one. I can't even remember the last time I looked up a number in the yellow pages. It's called "Google."

- I get so much junk mail! I think I only pay one bill by actually writing a check - and that's my rent. I sometimes don't check my mailbox for days because I know it's filled with nothing but Penny Savers, catalogs from random mail-only stores, a newsletter from BJ's and Trader Joe's and credit card companies trying to get me to open a Discover card. Do people even still use the Discover card?

- But my damn Essence Magazine is always late!

- I'm addicted to the show 16 & Pregnant.

- RIP Teena Maria. Lady T could blow!

- The American Red Cross is stalking me to donate blood. They call me like 5 times a day. I'm gonna do it, but geez!!!

- Everyone should gargle Listerine before getting on the train....for real.

- Did y'all see this? This kid's uncle beat him I guess because he was pretending to be a thug/gang member on Facebook...take a look.

How old is too old to get an ass whoopin'? How long do you think it'll be before someone calls CPS on the uncle for whipping his nephew on camera? Do you think the boy deserved a public spanking? Curious your take on this...and the uncle with his pants down offends me. Pull your damn pants up man!

- This week's throwback! THE JOINT!!!




Stef said...


BatMan said...

Dam Stef!! LOL

Stef said...

Got yo ass BatMan! LOL!

That clip of the uncle beating his ass was hilarious! He was like "put that on your wall!" I'm not saying I'm for spanking, but more parents should be paying attention to what their kids are posting on FB, and he beat him with a belt!!! Gangsta!

He WAS a little too big to be getting spankings though :-)

I'm mad Brooke's nephew told her he was getting a text and didn't know what a tape was. I feel old too.

I'm tired of the Kardashians.

I want some cereal.

Pete Rock and CL Smooth was the shit! Good one!

Brooke's blog has been juicy the last couple days, way to start off the new year!

Serena W. said...

RTT from the Couch! Woooo hoooo!

I've been sick for six days with the flu! Not a sexy look for the new year!

On my couch chilling. I'm going to attempt to watch tv today.

I'm still in shock that Lady Tee is gone. God rest her soul.

Prince! Nuff said! His show rocked on December 29th! When he opened up with, "The Beautiful Ones." I lost it. Lady in front of me is probably deaf in one ear.

This year will be very interesting ;)

Another friend announced she's preggers! She's #6!

I can't believe I'll be 36 next Sunday! Wow! Where is the time going?

I've had more wonderful reconnections since the new year! God is amazing!

We made it through the holidays. Thanks for the prayers.

Brooke I still have a Discover card. They are the devil! I'm paying them off and cutting them off. Their interest rate is horrific and customer service is the pits!

I can really use a vacation home in Hawaii and Miami ;)

Brooke said...

Serena, you got a TV???? :-)

Serena W. said...

I almost forgot to say...HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Brooke said...

oh, and I hope you feel better!

(sorry, was just amazed...I don't think I've ever heard you say you watched a tv!) LOL!

speaking of TV - the women of Basketball Wives are just messy. Shaunie O'Neal played herself lovely on the last episode.

Not looking forward to the snow coming tomorrow night. NYC is the WORST when it comes to snow removal! Looks like a weekend inside for me.

Sherri Sheppard is engaged?

Serena W. said...

OMG Brooke! I forgot to spread the good news! Yes I have a 32inch beautiful tv! A dear friend of mine moved to NYC and couldn't fit it in her apt so she gave it to me! Now I just need cable. But I've been watching dvd's.

Now that I haven't had a tv in so long I know how to balance my time. I had to fight my apt complex to get a cable jack that worked!

The management of my complex sucks so badly! Can a nice company buy us out and treat the tenants as if we are paying a slew of rent!

I'm craving some good mexican food! Yummy!

Yolanda said...

-I love the Ted Williams story (the homeless man with the golden voice). The Smoking Gun has already dug up his mugshots. I hope there are no major skeletons. We need a feel good story to replace that Antoine Dodson bulljive. I hope he is prepared for the onslaught of riches and attention already coming his way.

-6 days of 2011 and 6 murders in this area. Welcome to "America's Wealthiest Black County" (*stares*).

-Went to a Kappa party last night... I love to see men all cleaned up and dressed nice (except for the dude who refused to check is coat and insisted on sweating behind me at the bar).

-I still want a dog.

-Why are men in DC so effin' short? I'm sorry. It's my random "go-off" issue. I know, I need therapy or something for it. I just want to be swaddled by a big man. Le sigh!

-Yesterday was rough. Glad today's a new day.

-A man asked me how old I was last night. Where they do that at?

-And I eventually answered his question... Where they do that at?

-I need a mental health break. Fa real.

-Where is Alexander O'Neal?

-Elizabeth Edwards cut John from her will a week before she died. Amazing how one bad decision can change the course of someone's life forever. I saw him in an airport in Florida after the scandal broke and he'd dropped out of the presidential race. He was alone, very tan and good looking...but alone. I felt bad for him.

-What's killing all the birds and fish, yo?

-More random musings later, maybe.

Yolanda said...

-I still have a Discover card. I think it was my first college credit card. I don't use it anymore though. I just keep it open to keep my credit score up.

-Everyone's leaving the White House. Talk about a high turnover rate? Geez.

Annamaria said...

Here's how my New Year's is starting out. Sophia sick & ER visit. Now I'm sick... 2011 suck's ass soo far!

I LOVE 16 & pregnant. I DVR it...

V is back!

@ long as you live in my house YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD TO GET BEAT.... U don't like it, there is the door.

I LOVE NETFLIX...I'm addicted to it.

The Ted Williams story made me cry

This bird/fish crap is scaring the hell outta me'

My baby started daycare this week & my mother is driving me crazy with her seperation anxiety! She misses Sophia soo much (even though SHE picks her up every day from daycare.) that last night she tried to convince me that they wasn't feeding Sophia @ daycare! :)

Brooke said...

mmmmmm....Mexican! Might have to visit Chipotle at lunch ;)

Where is Annamaria's ass? Baby Sophia is in daycare now and Anna sent me the cutest picture of her on her first day :-)

They must be working her like a slave :-(

Wow...a Kappa party. I think I was in the Schine last time I went to one of those :-) But happy 100 years to them!

I read about E. Edwards cutting him out of the will...good for her.

LMAO@ "swaddle."

But yes, I know what you mean - nothing beats a nice big man :-)

That Ted Williams is funny! And he really DOES have a great voice!

I used to have a Discover card, I paid that thing off YEARRRSSSS ago and closed the account. I didn't think anyone still used them.

Brooke said...

I spoke too soon! There's ANNAMARIA!! She was typing at the same time I was! I'm sorry 2011 isn't starting off so well for you :(

I'll get batter!

Brooke said...

by "I'll get batter"...I meant "It'll get better" :)

My fingers spazzed out for a second :-)

Jaz said...

LMAO!! Brooke, you're funny today :)

That clip of the uncle beating the kid has me confused. How are you gonna beat your nephew for pretending to be a thug when you're walking around the house with no shirt on and your pants hanging off your ass? UM, he looks like a thug too! "We don't come from that." Are there different levels of hot ass ghetto mess?


"I reminisce, I reminisce!"

Now I want Mexican too.

I want Tami from Basketball Wives to beat Evelyn and Jennifer's ass. Evelyn the most, cuz she talks mad shit!

yes, I watch and yes, I agree Brooke. Shaunie is the worst of them all!

Annamaria said...

And yes they are working me like a slave... LOL

I'm at work on a Thursday... WTF this feels weird.. LOL

Tony said...

I gave my 16 year old son (then 14) a very similar ass whoopin' when he decided he wanted to be a gang member because he was "Bad." I asked him if he was bad enough to beat MY ass and then proceeded to show him that he could not!

Why is everyone so concerned with credit. I gave a Financial Literacy seminar at a Goodwill this morning where almost everyone was jobless and broke and the majority of the questions I received concerned their credit score and how to repair them! Find a job, live beneath your means for a while, pay your debt off, establish an emergency fund and start investing in your retirement and THEN worry about your damn credit score!

Why do people in Florida INSIST on driving 15 miles an hour below the speed limit in the left lane????

My mother-in-law is visiting! Yeah?

Not only do today's 6 year olds make me feel old but I have found an affinity for the bean bag toss game "Cornhole." OLD!

The holidays came quickly and left even faster....or is it me?

For 20 years I religiously shave my face, now, I shave my head and let my facial hair grow.....

Is it weird for men to shave their nuts? just asking....

Why are old people so hard headed? My mother insists on doing housework and helping out around the house despite the fact that she is on 5 liters of oxygen and needs a walker! I want her to relax and LIVE!

Why did I just pass a white family headed into Disney in SHORTS? It ain't that damn hot!

My kids have a "Nookie Radar!" They will be downstairs watching TV for hours and I'll TEXT my wife to go up and wait. I will go up a few minutes later and as soon as we get them draws down......knock, knock, knock! "Mommy, can I have a Fruit roll up?"

Yolanda said...

Nookie Radar has just slayed me.

Brooke said...

LMAO!!!@ "nookie radar" hahahahaha!

Aunt Lois will always be Aunt Lois trying to help out...that's just the way she is :)

Bean bag toss game? Trying to figure out if I know what that is.

I would think a man wouldn't want a razor anywhere near his nuts :)

Does hair grow on nuts? I don't think I've ever seen hairy nuts before......I think..... :-)

The Cable Guy said...


I like it when Brooke's cousin Tony is on the blog, dude makes me laugh.

Brooke, you also missed the part where Tony gave me the cosign to be your man - what's up? ;)

If my son ever thinks it's cool to post pics of himself throwing up gang signs there's gonna be some furniture movin' around this bitch! There will never be a day when he can whip my ass.

Bloomberg better not fuck up with the snow removal this weekend. I need to be out and about!

Tony ain't neva lied about nookie radar.

Brooke, I go to Redbox every once in a blue moon, but free cable pretty much elimiates the need for renting dvd's. Let me hook you up baby ;)

Your nephews sound funny as hell.

Serena finally got a tv! I'm glad you made it peacefully thru the holidays. We love you :)

I'm the same way, I shave my head but have a goatee...but no, I do NOT shave my nuts.

Annamaria said...

Tony...ALL KIDS have Nookie radar

DMoe said...

Whaddup yall...

Here's where I'm at:

- Lovin the new gig, but I gotta deliver the goods.

- Soooo happy the Saints beat the Falcons the MNF after Christmas, and my momma was there to see it with me.

- Two Dat Baby! Let's geaux!

- Happy as hell for the homeless dude with the golden voice. But, I worry about him and the fame and all this. All it takes is him and a hot tub full of broads. Next thing ya know, somebody whips the coke out they purse, and its on. Fame brings chicks, chicks bring problems. Watch yourself playboy.

- Yolanda's randoms should be available as an app on my phone. Love em.

- They tape the Mo'Nique show here on the campus where my new gig is. If your ever in ATL, and wanna get your f**kery on (copyright B Dean) just let me know.

- @B, the answer is yes. Hair does grow there.

- Time for a new watch, and I'm lustin for the exact one. I'm all about a kick-azz watch. We talked about umbrellas. Add watches to the Dmoe list.

- RIP Teena Marie. I'll miss her.
I saw her perform at a Mardi Gras Ball two years ago at 230am, and she blew the hits til 4am. Had me huggin myself like Ray Charles.

- DYK? Teena Marie was hospitalized for a nervous breakdown, and Rick James snuck her out of the mental ward to record a song he had to get her track on THAT NIGHT.

Teena gathered herself, went along with Rick and belted out her verse on "Fire & Desire" in exactly ONE take. Gangsta.

In celebration of Lady T (the whitest Black chick I know) here are 10 DMOE RTT jams from the Teena Marie collection you should be bumpin...

1. Deja Vu (I've been here before)

2. Aladdin's Lamp

3. If I were a Bell

4. Young Love

5. Dear Lover

6. Out on a Limb

7. Irons in the fire

8. Ooo La la la

9. Fire & Desire

10. Portuguese Love

Stay thirsty yall...


Tony said...

@ Brooke....Cable Guy is talking to you??? I cosigned and now you gotta deliver! (that's $50.00 CG) and yes sweetie, hair grows all over nuts!

@Cable Guy....I can appreciate a good laugh sometimes so I'm glad i can get you a few in there too! Why do we shave our heads and not our faces? That shit got me kinda wrapped up today...

@Annamaria....My first set of kids didn't have nookie radar at a matter of fact I was able to break off TWO pieces without them ever knowing we were out of the room! I miss that! This new set come to the door asking for shit and even speaking to Wifey in Spanish which really pisses me off because I'm there, half in and half out of the vajayjay not knowing what the hell the conversation is about and still trying to get my pump on!

Anonymous said...

Hey stupiiiiddd! LMBAO @ "shaving my head now instead of my face", because that's me all day erryday. I feel you tho'!

Brooke said...

cracking up at "Had me huggin myself like Ray Charles." :)

I didn't know that about Teena Marie and her verse on Fire & Desire, that's awesome! She killed that!

Only $50 Tony and Cable Guy, really? Are they pimpin' their cousins out down in Florida now? ;)

I WILL take the cable hook up tho ;)

Tony said...

@Brooke......I'm not trying to over charge the brotha for an endorsement! I'm not pimping you I'm trying to make a little spending money, you know for beer and shit!

Anonymous said...

@ Brooke

Hey Brooke which cable you taking from cable guy?

Brooke said...

"beer and shit"??? LOL!!


The cable that plugs into the wall and gives me HBO on a different tv!

....and a dvr ;)

The Cable Guy said...


I'll give you $200 if a nod from you gets me a date! I've been working on this woman for 2 years now!


She can have ALL my cable :)

Anonymous said...

@ CableGuy

Make sure you give her the "SHOWTIME" as a "PACKAGE DEAL";)

Rameer The Circumtance said...

- I'm a little bit way too excited that "Jersey Shore" season 3 tarts tonight. But that show makes me laugh more loudly than an other show on TV...

- LOVE that dude beating his nephew's arse...

- Boston is currently the best team in the NBA, followed by Miami, the Spur and LA. But that's RIGHT NOW. Notice how little the Lakers are worried about their recent bad play - they're *bored*.

- I'm glad Vince Young is getting the ax in Tennessee...

- Pete Rock & CL Smooth = dopeness.

- Ted Williams has 9 kids. Glad he's getting a job...but WOW.

- I went to my first Hip Hop Karaoke much fun! No, I didn't rock the mic myself - but I sure did heckle! Best girl was this little white girl who ROCKED "The Humpty Dance"...

- I want to play pencil pop - remember that game, y'all?

- My girl is getting on me for filling the fridge with chocolate. I had been doing so well, too - but I'm a chocoholic. Can't help it...

- Funny you sad that about your watch, Brooke-Ra. I haven't used one in about a decade...and it's one of the things that was mentioned in a recent Yahoo article that is obsolete in today's society, other than for "jewelry/status purposes".

- It seems like everyone got that damned Michael Jackson game for Wii...and people are going NUTS over it! My sis won't stop playing it...

- I wish The Rock was still in WWE. He's the funniest, wittiest wrestling personality EVER!

That's all I got...

Stef said...

@Cable Guy,

If you've been trying for 2 years, shoudn't you get the hint by now? :)


The Cable Guy said...

Stef, kick rocks!

Brooke said...

What is pencil pop?

Yes Rameer, I saw that article too, and all the things listed were very true!

I wanna do hip hop karaoke - I think I might be better at that than regular karaoke. I can't carry a tune in a bucket!

Serena W. said...

I can use a personal chef right about now.

Tony you're hilarious! Nookie Radar! That's classic!

DMoe's Lady T list is bananas! Give it to the radio so they can stop playing the same 4 songs by her! She has years of music! Sigh.

Yes I still want Mexican food. Shrimp Quesadilla's from Uncle Julio's to be exact! Yummy!

I need all of the crazy people to stay in their holes and not try to friend me on FB. C'mon son! I don't need weird energy in 2011.

Brooke what is up with Tony and Cable Guy trying to strike deals over here lol!

I'll attempt to go outside tomorrow. *attempt*

Yolanda you're too funny but so right about the shortness that lurks over DC. Shame.

Well everyone have a good evening ;)

Brooke said...

Shrimp quesadillas sound awesome right about now!

I need not eat one more thing today.

NOTHING in me wants to go spinning tonight. NOTHING.

Serena, they striking deals like I'm not even here! At least my price went up :) LOL!

Have a good night Serena, feel better!

Jay said...

I'm late ya'll but feel better Serena!

The Teena Marie and throwback joints were on point today!

Brooke, you're priceless, don't let them pimp you for "beer and shit" LOL!

Dude's uncle shouldn't look like a thug while beating his nephew for pretending to be one.

I JUST dug my damn car out, now it's fit'na snow again. This is that bullshit.

I'm out, but have a great night everyone!

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