Friday, January 7, 2011

Phreaky Friday Survey!


Stay warm and be careful out in the snow today if you're in the NYC!

Let's go!

1. If you suspected your significant other of cheating, would you: 1) confront them and ask, 2) simply leave them or 3) try to catch them in the act?

2. Have any of you ever tried "Swinging?" If so, do you get more pleasure from having sex with someone else's partner, or watching your partner get sexed by someone else?

3. You've been in jail for over a year and are set to remain for one more. Would you ever let someone of the same sex go down on you if you didn't have to touch them or return the favor?

4. Have you ever had sex in/on a: car, airplane, train, boat, movie theater, book store, park, or public bathroom? All of the above?

5. What do you consider an appropriate age to start having sex?

6. While talking dirty, are you generally "polite" or do you call your partner dirty names (ie: bitch, slut, etc.)? Would you be offended if your partner called you a dirty name or turned on by it?

7. Anatomy quiz: the female g-spot is located where? Have any of you found it?

8. The best definition of Knismolagnia is: 1) sexual arousal from being tickled 2) sexual pleasure from exercise 3) sexual pleasure from incense.

9. What is the sexiest thing someone would find in your underwear drawer?

10. What is your kissing style like: 1) a light approach and a strong finish 2) Lip biting and sexy tongue action 3) you respond to and match his/her kissing style.




Annamaria said...


Stef said...


1. I would just confront them, then leave.

2. Never tried it. No desire to.

3. HELL to the NAW! I'd be a "bean flicking" fool!

4. car, park, bathroom.

5. 18

6. I'm polite. And no man better ever call me a bitch or a slut while I'm giving it to him!

7. It's about 2 inches inside. I've found it, but unfortunately most dudes HAVE NOT.

8. #1 - I cheated and looked it up :)

9. a thong.

10. I usually match his kissing style, unless he's slobbing my face down or something.

The Cable Guy said...

1. Knowing me I'd probably try to catch them. They'll lie if I ask them outright but I wouldn't be able to leave without proof. I know, I need to grow up, but I'm being honest.

2. Nope, and I don't think I'd get pleasure from watching my girl get smashed by another dude.

3. I'd rather stick my dick in a blender.

4. car, plane, subway (train), theater, park, bathroom. I was a teenager, so that meant no sex at home.

5. The adolescent boy in me says 16, but the father in me says 21.

6. I say dirty things but I don't call dirty names. If my girl called me a dirty name, I'd probably be turned on.

7. It goes as deep as the middle of my index finger (come hither) and it's against the top of her vagina. I've found it several times.

8. 1

9. Condoms

10. Lip biting and tongue action.

Jay said...

Damn, where is everyone today.

Here's mine.

1. I'd confront them.
2. Never tried it, don't like to share.
3. Never
4. car, outside, but not a park. I'm boring I guess.
5. 18
6. I gues you can say I'm a "polite" sex talker.
7. Cable Guy got it
8. 1
9. boxers
10. 1

DMoe said...

1. Can't assume, gotta confirm.

2. No.

3. No. H.e.l.l. No.

4. Yes, no, yes, no, yes, yes, yes, yes.

5. 18, cuz I'm a father now.

6. We need some Q&A first. I need to know which approach is best. If I call her a b**ch, and she gets offended, its all messed up.

7. Trick question right?



10. All of the above, I believe, but that lies in the lips of the beholder.

Anonymous said...

What's yours Brooke?

Craig n 'em said...

1. I'll be too busy fucking someone else to care at this point.

2. Aside from titties..the only thing swinging is my dick..There's only ONE VINE in my jungle.

3. No and hell no. My dick will be my hand's bitch.

4. Nissan Sentra...Jetblue to West Palm...I had kayak pussy once...During Pirahna 3D.. Central Park, Burger King bathroom.

5. Women - 18 yrs old
Men - 10 yrs old

6. Im polite and dirty...During sex I say the following phrases...

" sweet bitch....Ahhh, you feel so good sweet pretty bitch"....."Would you be so kind to take that beautiful mouth of yours and treat me as your blow pop?....That's right, BLOW POP me BITCH..."

7. (sigh) G-Spot....I don't have time for that WHERE'S WALDO pussy...I don't know where no fucking G-SPOT is..

8.I googled this one...I get stomach arousal from tickling...I fart alot when Im tickled.

9. The sexiest thing a woman would find in my underwear drawer is....NO UNDERWEAR...Boom chicka wow wow!

10. I don't kiss...

Brooke said...

Craig has me cracking up!

@Anonymous, where's yours? :)

Stef said...

Craig is certifiable! HAHAHA!

The Cable Guy said...

Um...Brooke, we're waiting.

Brooke said...


1. At this stage in my life, I’d probably just leave. I don’t need a confession and I’m too lazy to go chasing after someone. I’d trust my gut and keep it moving.

2. Never tried swinging and I never would. Like Jay said, I don’t like to share. If I gotta do all that to keep the relationship spicy, then I’m off my game.

3. HELL. NO. I may have gone longer than that before NOT in prison.

4. Car, park. No planes, trains, bathrooms or boats…although all sound really fun! (still trying to find out how you have sex in a kayak).

5. I guess 18 is a good number.

6. I don’t think I’d like being called a bitch, whore or slut while getting’ busy, but dirty talk doesn’t bother me generally. I don’t dirty talk much, but when I do I guess you can say I’m polite.

7. Varies in different women, but Cable Guy pretty much nailed it. Up against the pelvic bone – I know where it is but I can’t do anything with it myself :)

8. You guys got it – being tickled. Had to give you all an assignment to make sure you’re paying attention :)
9. A lace thong. I keep all my other goodies somewhere else :)

10. Alla dat! It changes depending on who I’m kissing.


The Cable Guy said...


damn, you're a sexy woman.

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