Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Today's blog is more of a question of the day. Now, I usually don't care about the goings on of teeny-bopper heartthrobs, if you wanna call them that - particularly not any members of B2K. While some may have an inappropriate interest in the young'ns (shout out to Ms. Princess!), Omarion, Marques Houston and anyone named "Raz B" do nothing for me...which makes this "gay/bisexual ranting/beef" on Twitter almost comical to me. In case you missed it, here is the story. The gist is this - false rumors via Twitter reported that singer Omarion was bisexual. He has denied those rumors and claims to only love women...period.

I couldn't care less.

However, it did bring up a topic I've discussed with my friends many times before, so I thought I'd get your take on it as well. So, the question is:

Can men (and women) be bisexual? If not, why? Can women be bisexual, but not men? Or are you either gay or straight - period?




Jay said...


Stef said...

First Bitches!

Stef said...


Jay said...


That felt good :-)

ahem...no, men cannot be bisexual. Neither can women. I believe you're either one or the other.

If you get hard or wet for the same sex, you're gay. No in between. IMO.

The Cable Guy said...

NO! Men can't be bisexual. Once you have sex with a man you're gay, period. ANyone who says differently is on the DL or in denial.

As for women, I think women who say they're bisexual are confused. I don't think they can be bisexual either, but it seems to be more acceptable to say that they are. I don't buy it. It's probably more of a curiosity thing with them, but I don't think women can be bisexual either.

Yolanda said...

I think you can be whatever you want.
You'd just better be STRAIGHT for me.

Stef said...


If Omarion is straight, then this pic doesn't prove it :)

Anywho, I agree with everyone here, I don't think men can be bisexual either. And if they can, I don't want no parts of a man who can have sex wtih me AND some dude. Yuk! If you're gay, just be gay.

As for women, there is NOTHING that can make me put my face all up in some snatch out of "curiosity." Either you're gay or you're straight. Or confused :)

Annamaria said...

I believe you can be whatever you wanna be & it's none of anyone's business...LMAO.

And I don't care about Omarion, RazB2k or what Marques Houston supposedly did to any of them.. LOL

Stef said...

I don't care about them either, but they do bring up this topic. I've had the same convo with my friends too.

I think people just need to be honest with who they're dealing with. Don't say you're straight if you're gay, don't say you're bisexual if you're really gay. It's no one's business except the person you're in a relationship with .

Unknown said...

After reading some of the comments a question came to mind. Though I understand the sentiment that gay is gay, particularly when viewed from a purely heterosexual viewpoint. But say I'm a gay man (of which I am not), if my gay lover also enjoys sleeping with women; do we then say, "Hey, if you slept with a women, you're heterosexual, there's no in between!"?

I actually think titles to sexual preferences can be misleading. Individually speaking, one can choose to get their rock off in any way they find pleasurable, and not necessarily fit entirely in one category or the other, hence bisexuality!

Anonymous said...

What if you get your rocks off sleeping with animals, or children, or corpses - then what? There's is a category for that too - doesn't make it right.

Brooke said...

Well, to be fair - children, animals and corpses cannot consent to sex, so THAT is what doesn't make it right.

Unknown said...

To Anonymous:

I wasn't commenting as to whether it's right or wrong. The question posed was simply CAN they be bisexual. That's the only point of what I said..

DMoe said...

Agreed with the crew, and I second that emotion...

The answer is "No".

If your inner curl gets "activated" by the same sex, you got your answer.

Does sexual orientation need to be pigeon-holed? H.E.L.L. yeah.

(These are DMoe's opinions and don't necessarily reflect the views of this blog, this blogger, or the Macbook it was typed on.)

Your friend and mine,


Anonymous said...

Okay, points taken.

I guess I just don't agree that people CAN be attracted to both. If they can, I think there's some confusion going on or some trauma or mental issues.

Annamaria said...

@Stef.. Agree with you 100%. You just need to be honest with the person you are with about what you like.
@Toland.. I agree also. Titles can be misleading & some people may not want to categorize themselves as anything & who are we to force them too.

Annamaria said...

@Anonymous... That's fine if that is how you feel. It's your right to have an opinion and be able to voice it. If we are on this blog we are going to hear it(read it) and respect it as YOUR opinion. BUT that doesn't necessarily mean we are all going to agree with it.

Unknown said...

I have known quite a few bisexuals through music related business, and though they frequently have a clear PREFERENCE, they still could go either way. And their preferences aren't always the same sex option either.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't expect everyone to agree with me.

Courtney said...

Personally, I think a person can "turn" bisexual.

For example, say you've been locked up for 10 years and have had sexual encounters with the same sex because that's the only form of sexual release you could get in 10 years. Then you get out. Now, you may have started off as straight, but now enjoy both as a result of your incarceration. In THAT case, I think you can claim bisexuality.

Stephanie said...

This is a tough one. It seems in the USA people feel the need to label their sexual preference. I guess it has to do with the U.S.A's puritanical background.You don't find this problem as much in Europe.If you look throughout the animal kingdom there are over 1500 species that have homosexual sex and the species still goes on without a hitch.
Do I think it matters no.Can you be bi-sexual YES. I know Bi-sexual people who have very successful relationships.It works for them so more power to them. However this would not work for me. What matters is if your going to have a sexual relationship with anyone, you need to ask the right questions before you drop them drawers.
1.Are you single?
2.Do you have multiple partners?
3.Are you Bi-sexual?
4.when was your last AIDS test?
5.How do you feel about taking the test?
I don't know about the rest of you best these are the things that matter to me.

Unknown said...

It'd be helpful to hear from someone who IS bisexual because so far we're all formulating hypotheses based on the position of being "on the outside looking in".

Domina*tricks said...

This is a topic RIGHT up my alley. I'm surprised I wasn't first today.

As you all know, I AM bisexual. I can't even say that I have a preference anymore. I always felt that I was straight up until my 20's, until I met a woman that aroused me.

Until it happens to you, it's hard to put into words how you feel. It's confusing at first, because you feel forced to define yourself - and unfortunately so many of us define ourselves by our sexuality. I love sex, the freedom of it, and what both sexes bring to it. I'm not knocking anyone who doesn't understand it, because it can be hard to comprehend for those of us who are, but trust me, I know plenty of bisexual people who have great relationships.

And most people assume that bisexual people are promiscuous. This is no further from the truth. PEOPLE PERIOD can be promiscuous, it has nothing to do with sexual preference.

As for having been "traumatized" or suffer from some sort of "mental issues" - most of us can't help who we're attracted to, and it has nothing to do with any trauma. I'm not saying that bisexuality can't occur because of a trauma, like saying being molested at a young age like Tyler Perry for example, but I think in most cases, people just like what they like. If that's men AND women, so be it.

Keep an open mind people.

Brooke said...

I was wondering when/if Dominatricks would chime in :)

Now we just need Fury to post and we'll be complete :)

Serena W. said...

If your inner curl gets "activated" by the same sex, you got your answer.

Dmoe...you're a trip! I laughed out loud on that commment!

Poor Omarian...what's next for him anyway :(

Serena W. said...

Also your sexual preference is yours...just be "straight up" with me and don't lie about it! In other words, don't be in the closet, be open and free to know your preference and share that with the man/woman or both that you are involved with.

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