Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Thougths Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I can't believe it's November already, geesh!

- I didn't feel like blogging yesterday. Something about the election had me bummed, frustrated, disappointed...jaded. It was on my mind, but not in a good way...and it just drained me. One of the things that frustrates me the most are the people who BRAG about not voting. I'm allergic to ignorance and bullsh*t. People should really be ashamed of themselves.

- Check out Ox's blog and his post midterm election thoughts - sums up how I feel beautifully.

- But God is in control of all things, and I pray that we can work together as a country.

- Please continue to pray for our President. He needs us.

- Remember this?

Former President Bush said that Kanye's comment about not caring about Black people was one of the "most disgusting moments" of his presidency. Not 9/11, not starting a fake war, not the people who DIED in those wars, and not the people who died and suffered during Katrina....but Kanye's comments. Did he go to the Tayler Swift School of Sympathy? If he's not the biggest idiot on the planet, I don't know who is.

- If you're not a racist, those comments wouldn't affect you. But the truth hurts.

- RIP Shannon Tavarez - so sad. God bless this angel's soul.

- Monica's race is 4 days away - there's still time to donate! Go Monica!

- Someone please take this Halloween candy away from me.

- Are there any groups of women going to see For Colored Girls this Friday? I know men aren't going in droves to see it :-) I hope Tyler Perry does a good job with it.

- Brian's throwback :-)




Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches!

Anthony Otero said...

- I am fairly optimistic about the future. I think that if people are unhappy with their senators or other people who represent them, then they need to go.

- The Tea party did a lot of grass roots work to get word out on voting much like most of us did in 2008. This is an election they wanted more.

- I am not bothered by this because this government cannot go to far right or left in the ownership of the different branches of government.

- With all that being said, I think those people who did not vote in 2010 but did 2008, are poeple who probably have no concept of how this country runs.

- George Bush still does not like black people, but now he has another name to remember that is not Obama.

- I will tell you this, i found out this week that one of my turn offs for women is not voting. So that list is building...

Serena W. said...


Serena W. said...

RTT! I'm early again! Woooo hooooo!

RIP Shannon Tavarez

Brooke can you post Monica's donation link please.

Bush needs to stay in hiding

I'm with Anthony. I'm fairly optimistic but yet upset. Next election I'm going on the campaign trail and volunteering. This madness has to come to an end and people are getting too comfortable.

As Ox said beautifully on his blog that people have short term memory all of a sudden!

Crazy month, on the road for two weekends straight.

Hence why I'm staying still for Thanksgiving. I hope someone can bring food to me because I'm not going to feel like doing much of nothing that day.

Still loving my job! I was a guest artist for an after school site we are sponsoring as they had a spoken word slam. Parents and grandparents showed up as they strategically did it on election day. (Get the parents/grandparents to see their babies perform, get some snacks and go vote)! I had a fantastic time!

Rainy days makes me think of my Mommy and sister Ayana. Sigh...

Went to a fab wedding reception on Saturday! Congrats Alexis (SU '99) and her hubby Apa. I also saw my Lia!!!!!

Making plans to go to Africa!

Praying to God to let me just let this book do what it's supposed to do. Kind of bummed that my finances aren't in check to put it out before the holidays.

All in His time...

I need chocolate badly!

I'm going to a West African Dance and Drum conference next Saturday in Newark. It's going to be off the chain. If anyone wants to go please check out

More after I eat some breakfast!

Annamaria said...

1. It's 11am & I've been annoyed all damn morning.

2. I don't usually work on Thursdays BUT of course the Thursday that I do work my entire office calls out sick. The only people here are me & my boss.

3. One girl said she had to stay home with her kid cuz he was sick. Dude is 16.. Fuck outta here with that excuse.

4. My 9:30 appt came in with his LOUD and obnoxious cousin.

5. My 11 is late AS USUAL.

6. So glad I don't have any more appts & I don't work tomorrow.

7. RIP. Shannon Tavarez... This one hit me hard.. I was praying for baby girl. She's off to a better place though.

Now for some good shit:

8. Fashion show came out on Latin Trends Magazine.. Anyone wanna check it out:

9. MIAMI show December 18th, ATL show in January.. Good things coming!!

10. Excited about a Networking Passion Party I have on Saturday.. New spin on it but I respect my girls gansta... lol

11. My weekends in November are almost completely booked.

12. Fury & I are working on a Passion Party giveaway contest.. Stay tuned for details...

13. Love my parents... Don't know what I would do without them. And soo thankful for all they do for my daughter. And my fiancee. And me...LOL

14. Love my fiancee & my 3 babies..

15. Saw the Lovely Bones last night.. Not sure how I feel about it.

16. The freaking swat team was by my job yesterday at 5 looking for a murder that ended up killing himself.

17. Tomorrow Sophia's godfather will be promoted to a 4th degree blackbelt. I'm really proud of him.. And scared as all hell of him..

18. I like having a fiancee.. I really like the word..LOL..

19. I'm trying to reach 20 random thoughts

20. It really must not be easy being green...

Yolanda said...

-Working on a project and totally frustrated. When I get frustrated, I want to take a nap. Some people runaway from problems, some people spend... I sleep. Go figure.

-Writing a script wrapping up the midterm elections. I was a political science minor in college. It really shouldn't be that difficult but -like Brooke- I'm sooooo not in the mood for this.

-But, I am in the mood for a paycheck.

-One day, I will be able to turn down money.

-One day.

-I'm optimistic about the salad I'm going to get later.

-I heard a woman on Tigger's radio show on Tuesday say she wasn't going to vote. She actually said she was tired and that she wanted to REST ON HER DAY OFF! I wanted to jump through the radio. What an imbecile! All the people who were beaten and lynched so she could vote and this bish is tired! It took me less than 5 mins to vote AND I did a shoot at a polling place in the freezing cold on Tuesday morning. There were NO lines at my polling place (a bad sign).

-The nerve of folks. She wouldn't have a "day off" if she was still disenfranchised and picking cotton.


-Tyler did a decent job with "For Colored Girls." I was actually a little shocked by that.

-RIP Shannon! Cancer is the devil. I'm convinced.

-Anybody wanna write this script?

-I love Obama but I wish he'd lose the teleprompter and just address the people directly, in the camera and give it to the people straight...not what people "want" to hear of the safe answers. Americans need to man up. But we don't "do" sacrifice in this country.

-The executive director of an organization that I'm on the board for got hit by a car as she walked to work Monday. She's fine, it was the driver's fault and never lost consciousness but she's got a broken leg on one side and a broken foot on the other. Man, just when you think *your* life is hard...imagine that!

-Can't wait for Hoarders on Monday. The guy is a level 5 hoarder...apparently that means he's living in nuclear waste or something. It's like watching a train wreck...but I can't stop watching. And sadly, I think some of my relatives have some hoarding tendencies...not on the level of the show, but you know how that Depression era aunt likes to "save" everything?

-I love "Unsung."

-Did y'all see this chick giving a lapdance at the Cowboys game? Insane!

-My Pandora is crankin' today.

-Ok, back to work...

Unknown said...

1) I hate it when I hear people talking and they try to out do each other? Either my-life-suck-worse-than-yours or I’m-so-much-healthier-than-you-because
2) Thinking of taking an improve class
3) Why do my sister’s friends friend request me on fb? I don’t know you
4) Queen Latifah is naturally beautiful–can’t really say that about a lot of celebrities
5) I hate when people spell “a lot” “alot” It’s 2 words
6) What is up with doing a sex tape or some kind of ho-ishness to be famous? What happened to self respect?
7) There is a website for “aesthetically challenged” (ugly) people who just celebrated the engagement of their 1st couple. Goes to show you there is someone for everyone
8) I saw a woman with a butt that was faker than a $3 bill as I was going into the subway. Dude next to me shouted BOOTY POPS!
9) I hate when people touch my hand on the pole in the subway
10) A lot of folks have sweat smelling hair on the subway
11) The MTA is talking about raising the fare AGAIN
12) The Rent is Too DAMN High guy didn’t win the election–I voted for Cuomo
13) I love me some Robin Thicke but why did he and T-Pain remake PYT? Quincy Jones is out of his damn mind and Michael is rolling in his grave
14) It’s on his new CD called Q: Soul Bossa Nostra and he let Jennifer Hudson remake “You Put A Move On My Heart”. Not bad-not great but better than I would have expected. I like Tamia’s version better
15) Is it just me or has Jennifer Hudson gotten kind of annoying?
16) Did you know that Mica Paris was the first person to do the song way back in ’93? She’s a UK singer and it had a more sultry/sexy vibe to it because she was older than Tamia (who was 19 at the time she recorded it in ‘95)
17) …way back in “93. I feel old for saying that!
18) The best remake album I ever heard was “Urban Renewal: The Songs Of Phil Collins”. Some surprisingly good songs on there. I really like Debelah Morgan’s version of “Do You Remember”
19) She is really underrated. Her voice kind of reminds me of Melanie Fiona meets Shanice
20) Shanice is also someone who is underrated. If she had better producers, she’d have been a lot bigger. Her voice is the business!
21) I miss old school R&B
22) Deborah Cox, Kelly Price and Tamia formed a “upergroup called The Queen Project. I guess it’s supposed to be like LSG (Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill)
23) ”Awww Cassanova!” Gerald Levert R.I.P.
24) Why do companies hate on the penny? You can’t use it at a vending machine or at tolls
25) I bought some Dr Sholes gelin inserts for my boots that I am wearing today–they keep slipping down
26) Maybe I’ll find some double sided tape somewhere
27) Rain rain go away unless I was still curled up in bed!
28) I’m going to a Lamcome event at Saks Fifth Avenue tonight–anyone interested?
29) I need a drink.

Unknown said...

30) I canceled my DR trip for my b-day in Jan. Too many people canceled so I can’t get the rate anymore.
31) When someone offers me gum, I ALWAYS take it
32) I need to crack my back
33) Get your mind out of the gutter. I said crack, not break
34) Why are Christmas decorations out already? Thanksgiving get’s no respect
35) I’m driving to Tennessee for Thanksgiving–I miss southern food
36) Need to clean out the fish bowl
37) I REALLY listened to the lyrics of “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum today. It's really depressing
38) Not as depressing as Babyface or Toni Braxton from back in the day
39) I’ll be happy to take the Halloween Candy away from you Brooke
40) I want to see “For Colored Girls” but can’t find anyone to go with me
41) I saw Shannon Tavarez in “The Lion King” years ago. So sad
42) Serena–When are you going to Africa?
43) Leo and I had date night yesterday
44) I need to erase my cookies here at work
45) I feel like singing
46) Updating my resume–not because I’m looking but because you never know
47) I still don’t know how I feel about Drake
48) Both Ray J and Nick Cannon are cornballs
49) I’m surprised Nick Cannon and Mariah are still married but I’m happy for them
50) Her pregnancy was the worst kept secret EVER!

Brooke said...

Liz, you can come with us on Friday to see For Colored Girls

And I have Milky Ways, 3 Muskateers and Snickers at my desk - hidden. It's crack.

Got tix to see the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show in Philly. Why is it for April of 2012??? But I'll wait! :)

Now if I could just get some Prince tickets! I know Yolanda is going, so jealous!

People who don't vote for worse than wack...there's no word to describe how wack that is. If I could drive 2 hours to Philly to vote, these fools could have walked they asses to the polls to do the same thing.

Don't get me started.

Fury + Annamaria + Passion Party = trouble...GOOD trouble :)

Liz, I need my back cracked too - and not the way you do ;)

T-Pain and Robin Thicke? I would have never put those two names together. Ever.

Serena, will post the link to Monica's donation page on the blog in a sec.

R&B from the 90's is the shiznit!

I laughed at the Nick Cannon, Ray J comment Liz...both HERBS.

Congrats on the LatinTrends feature Annamaria!

I need to set up Pandora, but my damn speakers don't work...sigh.

I made a nice, big, juicy steak for lunch...and broccoli...that I burned. I want some steak fries to go with it now.

...or sweet potato fries.

I hate when people rest their newspaper on my lap on the train. It's like really dude?

Signed up with Deebo for 6 more sessions. I wish I had a bank roll just for a trainer. I need one all year round, all the time.

Scared of the gym tonight :(

DMoe said...

What up yall, here's where I'm at:

- Election's over. Ok repubs, your up. What you gonna really do? I never heard the "plan".

- KG's trash talk? Rule #1. Man rules. Callin a dude a cancer patient? Wow, don't get "snuck". Wait, why is that word old now? LOL.

- I can feel it. I'm real close to a new gig. Don't wanna jinx the damn thing, but I gotta call my momma, cuz I can always tell when she's prayin for her boy. Thanks to yall for the support too.

- 4 mo wks til California Love! "Out on bail, fresh outta jail, california dreamin...Soon as I step on the scene, I'm hearin hoochies screamin!"
Yeah! Let's git it.

- Halloween party was bananas. Winners: Couples category - Prince and Appolonia. They were dead on.
Singles category - Osama Bin Laden. Dude had the long beard, an AK47, and the full garb. When asked why his turban was pink, this fool replies "Breast cancer awareness". Classic.

This week's RTT playlist? Here are 10 groups that just didn't last.

1. Today/Him or Me? (Remix)
Not even Teddy Riley's new jack swingin magic touch could save these guys.

2. Total/Can't You see
Their self-titled debut was a Bad-Boy smash, but by 1999, after "Kima, Keisha & Pam" (a decent album) fizzled, these chicks fell off.

3. The Deele/Two Occasions
Proof that one guy CAN be bigger than the group. Say it with me yall: Babyface.

4. Blackstreet/No Diggity
Teddy Riley? Yeah he could make it on his own. Dave Hollister? Hmmm. Not so much.

5. Digable Planets/Rebirth of Slick
I think their style was ahead of its time. Sadly, there was no "dance" to go along with any of their songs. Maybe they went "El Foldo" cuz you couldn't "reebok" or "cabbage patch" to it.

6. Groove Theory/Tell Me.
Amel, meet Bryce. Bryce...Amel. One album later, she goes solo, and he goes "milk carton".

7. J.J Fad/Supersonic
The group was originally named for Juana, Juanita, and Fatima Ann Dania. Dre penned some party bumpers, but in the end, their 2nd album "Not just a fad" proved that idea incorrect.

8. Leaders of the New School/Case of the P.T.A
These guys burst onto the scene with a style that sounded old, but felt new. In the end, Busta goes to the moon, and these guys get left on the launch pad.

9. Lucy Pearl/Dance Tonight.
We all know Raph Saadiq was craftin the hits, but did you know D'Angelo was originally a member and backed out? Wow. Meanwhile, thanks Dawn (En Vogue's Dawn) for effectively killing the group after your departure.

10. Camp Lo/Luchini (This is it)
I guess a "duo" aint technically a group, but these boys were poised to blow up (when they blew it all up.)

That's all for those. Here's what DMoe's bumpin as we speak:

1. Keyshia Cole f. Nicki Minaj/I ain't Thru
2. N.E.R.D/Party People
3. Prince/Soft & Wet
4. Maxwell/Get to know Ya
5. T.I f. Chris Brown/Get back up

Stay thirsty.


Yolanda said...

-Any playlist with Maxwell on it is alright with me.

-Yup! Prince tickets (the cheaper seats... Hey, I got a budget) are on the way. We're rolling 5 deep. Sade tickets came this week too.

-Now there's asbestos in MSG. I hope they get that rectified before the Purple One gets there. Or, I'll wear my SARS mask.

-I sooooo want to see the MJ Cirque show. I love Cirque du Soleil but those suckers can be pricey.

-Good luck on the job front DMoe.

-Cute pics Annamaria. I love the drapey chain detail.

-T-Pain should just stop recording.

Brooke said...

Someone just asked me if they could borrow my fly Nike umbrella that DMoe got for me...and I said no. They looked at me like I had three heads. Oh well...the answer is STILL no. Umbrellas have a way of getting lost or "kept." Not having that...they can go get wet or harass someone else for theirs. Call me a bitch all you want, you still not gettin' it.

Soap operas are corny.

Now I want Naya for lunch :(

Monica said...

wus up people!

I'm hungry as always...hmm what to eat for lunch?

Brooke any ideas?

My race is on Sunday!!!!! OMG All these months of training and now it's finally here. It's not too late to donate to save a life from cancer.

However if you don't have the money to donate please know that getting tested for bone marrow compatibility is free. Register to be a donor today... It could have saved Shannon Tavarez.

More Deebo sessions? Get it Brooke! I'm telling you people...Brooke is on a mission. She's already a problem but come next year the game is over!LOL

I voted!

I want to go see for colored girls but my TNT pasta party is on Friday :-(

Jay said...

Hey y'all!

This rain is giving me the blues.

Hammer tryin' to diss Jay-Z? Negro please.

Brian's throwback joint is on point, as usual.

DMoe's playlist is on point too - as usual. Those groups fell off BIG TIME.

Hopefully we have no place to go but UP after this election. I really hope President Obama is a 2-term president. Can't get NOTHING done in 18 months, although he's accomplished a LOT (for Liz ;-) He needs to start getting mad and BRAGGIN' a lil bit. Let these fools KNOW!

Brooke, are you taking Domina*tricks up on her offer for a threesome? If so, I can volunteer - you know...for support :)

Kobe said that he'll play in the Olympics "if they need him." Can anyone say "another gold medal"?

Bush is a jackass. AND a racist. Kanye was telling the truth - he DOESN'T care about black people - he didn't then and he doesn't now.

That was funny though - Kanye was UPSET in the clip!

Prince tickets...I'd take one.

One day I'm gonna do 100 random thoughts like Liz.

Brooke said...

I think I'd rather go to a pasta party than to see Colored Girls :)

Okay, we can go eat pasta afterwards :)

This woman in my dept. works my nerves. Just loud for no reason.

Monica, I thought I told you I signed up with Deebo? Yes, I'm on a mission...yet I want Naya and fries for lunch.

I can be on a mission starting tomorrow :)

NO! Starting today!...devil get off my back! Food is the devil!

But I can't wait til Thanksgiving, my favorite!

The Deele was the hotness DMoe - "I only think of you...on two occasions...." Love them!

Annamaria said...

Bin laden supporting Breast cancer awareness..HYSTERICAL..

I signed up to be a bone marrow donor when I initially read about Shannon.. Wish we could have saved her.

Jay that is HYSTERICAL.. He's offering to "help" Brooke & Dominatrix out.

Thanks Yolanda... I love the name Yolanda.. Could be cuz my niece is named Yolanda..LOL

Brooke tell that sucka NO & then tase them if they look at you sideways.

DMoe said...

Back again...

Mo's race is 4 days away?

Hey Mo, will rocks be kicked in this race? If so, I'm singin DJ Khaled's "All YOU do is win, win, win!!" just for yo azz.

Sing it with me yall: "...Mo's leg goes up! And it stay there! And it stay there! Kick rocks, Kick rocks, Kick Rocks!"

Foolproof way to have new appreciation for rainy days: Buy a kick-ass umbrella.

I can hear it now..."Brooke, can I borrow yo kick-azz umbrella?"

Brooke: "No!"

LOL. Love it.

I keep a 7-inch Totes umbrella(the Ford Festiva of the umbrella world) under my desk for the special occasion when some clown even THINKS of asking me to borrow my big, kick-azz Nike Golf umbrella. Child please...and you better be drenched down to yo panty hose with pneumonia in one lung. Even then, you rollin with the festiva umbrella sucka.


Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I didn't listen to the song, and never will - but just knowing that T-Pain did a song with Robin Thicke - and it's a MJ remake - has insured I will NEVER listen to Quincy Jones new album. And someone just sent it to me too - DELETE...

- I'm so just doing only what is required of me now at my job. Nothing remotely extra or to make things better...and it's noticeable. Bad idea to piss off possibly the most talented overall guy in the building...but such is life. And no, I'm not being egotistical when I say that - that's the opinion of OTHER people I work with.

- Can I describe how AWESOME my girl is? She knows I can't stand work and it upsets me even being here what does she do? Make me a chocolate cake (even though she's not crazy about them); buy me all my favorite snacks and juices one day, find the Lakers game last night when I didn't necessarily know it was televised...she's just been doing really nice, sweet little things to make me smile all the time. When I told her she's just being a very sweet, loving person, she said "That's how you always are with me, so I wanted to do for you what you always do for me when I'm down."

Seriously - she's proof of a Creator.

- I'm sad about Shannon Tavarez. Her story touched my heart.

- Great list, DMoe!

- Um...I know a lot of cats don't TRULY watch the game like I do...but if you really think the Heat can beat the Lakers, you need to stop smoking. The Lakers look even MORE dominant than any other time I've seen them since Magic was balling - no joke...

- It's good to see the NY Knicks relevant again...

- KG saying that cancer ish is FOUL.

- Randy Moss is being made as the villain - and I don't think him clowning those people serving food is cool - but what's interesting is the fact that apparently NO ONE wanted him gone EXCEPT the coach. Not the management, and not the fact, some are said to be upset by the move...

- I love my Droid. It's more powerful than a computer, and I'm actually not joking.

- The elections didn't upset or depress me at all. After George W. Bush got elected and RE-ELECTED, I think I became apathetic towards some of these results - I'm not happy about them, but I fully realize and expect these things to happen for the rest of my life. If you can WILLINGLY vote for W., then nothing will surprise, shock or sadden me about election results ever again. At least not in a negative way...

- A woman not voting falls into my "stupid people" category - and since I don't like stupid people or want to even associate with them, I don't even get to the specifics about voting with some. The only time I talk to people who may not vote is when I'm talking to young cats eligible for the first time...and usually, they can have the importance of it explained to them. I hang with/talk to no people over the age of 21 who don't vote.

- Congrats to Alexis on her marriage! And happy birthday to "SarKism"...lolz!

- Too many women are using For Colored Girls as a male-bashing rallying point. That, and the fact that it's a Tyler Perry movie are turn-offs for me (not a fan, leave it at that). I remember how I loved Waiting To Exhale when it came out, until about a year and a half later it made it's way to the eyes of some of our more bitter and ignorant sisters. Listening to them make it a "men ain't spit" point of focus turned me off to the movie for a while, which I liked when regular sistas and educated women had seen and enjoyed it. It may not be fair, but I've heard way to many women wanting to see this film for the wrong reasons, in my opinion. Turns me OFF.

- SU basketball looks SCARY this year. If you can believe it after LAST YEAR'S team...

Really busy...possibly More After The Break...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I just laughed out loud at DMoe's version of "All I Do Is Win"...lmbao!!!

- Brooke-Ra - you need to reach out to the players in our league to try to make a trade to upgrade your roster, woman! I'm sure someone can help you with advice - me or Ant can do so if you need it.

Okay, okay - I'm REALLY leaving now...

Lylah said...

Hey there!
I'm gonna try my hand at random thoughts, here goes:

-I agree with you with being allergic to foolishness and b.s. I mean really...Not voting is pathetic!

-Bush is oblivious to reality I think. Wow.

-I'm so ready to be done with the work day. Seeing Kevin Hart tonight at the Beacon, ready to laugh till my cheeks hurt.

-I'm hoping For Colored Girls is fantastic. Mini girls movie night manana.

-Cold weather wrecks havoc on my skin. :-( so dryyyyyyyyy.

-I like having a fiancee too. the word is fun to say. :-)

-I miss my fiancee. Can't wait till Nov. 19th when he comes up! Yippee!!!

-Still wondering the best place to visit that is looks beautiful, has a beach and has culture..

-I pray for our President daily. He's got way too much on his shoulders, but he never lets 'em see him sweat. God bless him. He still rocks to me!

-I hope I get Oprah tickets before it's a wrap. :-)

-Drinking lots of water. So refreshing. It's a conscious effort though.

-I'm digging Kem's new song Share my life.

-I miss my granddaddy Johnson,but I know he is watching over me and protecting me. ;-)

-I want a telescope.

Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annamaria said...

I pray for our president every day too. He's an AWESOME MAN.. and unfortunately I know there are a lot of people waiting to do him harm, etc etc

Not to play Devil's Advocate BUT Voting is a RIGHT that our ancestors for long & hard for AGREED.. It's also everyone's right not to vote. Right, Wrong or indifferent we can't judge someone that did OR didn't vote... That's why they always say don't talk politics OR religion.. LOL Everyone gets all emotional..

With that said I do feel that people that don't vote shouldn't complain about certain things because they didn't excersise their RIGHT.. :)


Bet you $20 someone is getting pregnant as we speak. LOL

Brooke said...

@Rameer, I made you a counter offer, you didn't get it? Although I think it's too late now since you traded Josh Freeman...oh well. I'll see what I can do with another team...

Jay said...


You're right, people don't HAVE to vote, but I think they shouldn't be allowed to enjoy the freedoms of this country as a citizen if they don't. They should pay a fine or something. Indecision IS a decision...and ain't buying it.

Forgot Kevin hart was gonna be at the Beacon tonight. That's a funny dude.

Annamaria said...

I agree BUT in all honesty I feel that as a society if we are going to enforce laws & fines...let's do it for something more serious..

We also have the freedom of Religion but do we fine people that don't go to church? NO..

The people that don't vote are often the people that complain the most.

Unknown said...

Here is the Robin Thicke / T-Pain song:

I’m warning you - you may not get through it!!

MJ Has a Cirque du Solei show??? Damn! I wanna go!!!

mmmm…sweet potato fries!!!

If Marques Houston really did mess woth those boys, he should be locked up!!!

I Agree with Remeer – I LOVE my Droid!!!

Anonymous said...

i love Cool G Rap! good look Brian.

When it rains like this im always in the mood for some warm cozy food bed and 'cookies'...

this contractor sitting next to me at work is a cutie...aooow..i think i got a thing for Trini girls.
my son is 4 and started freestyling to this track...i was cracking up...he went on for like 10 minutes straight...the best part was when he started dancing and rapping and ended the whole session rapping while balancing on his head..the upside down lips moving had me dying. Hilarious!

prayer is critical for a positive perspective on life.

be thankful for everything for nothing is promised.

it bugs me out how many married woman want to get it in..(on the side) yuck!

what would i do if i didnt laugh..
life is a trip.

Yo Ant whuts good fam! its been a while.

Cant wait to start my fall/winter events..they are going to be so much fun..

i love to see people having a good time.

This guy at my job has breathe that smells like he ate an ass sandwich..everytimes he wants to ask me a question i basically hold my breathe...he talks loud too...i think that makes it smells worse...anyway...this d1$% had a 3 part question today...needless to say when i regained consciousness he was GONE! jk..but i was lightheaded out this b(*&^...talking about...why dont you just email going to report him to the CDC...he got ass n mouth's your booooooy..

Laker 4 Life said...

Hey there happy Diwali.
The election is what it is I did my part so I can't complain. I hope Obama runs a muck the next two years!!

Oh and lastly Kobe dropped a triple double on your a$$ last night!!!! 3 peat baby!!!

Yolanda said...

-I keep an umbrella in my purse daily. I'm like the Girl Scout of purse-packing... I got band aids, condoms, Percocet (hey, ya never know), Advil, feminine stuff, baby wipes, nail clippers, mints...

-You might be surprised by "For Colored Girls," Meercat. Won't give too much away but there's a scene in there that will snatch your soul. Whew! I plan to see it again, probably with my Momma.

-Rameer's girl sounds sweet. I need one of those in my life. With a penis though.

-I love when people email you for updates on your "progress" when they didn't give much direction to begin with. Boy, bye!

Stef said...

I want to see For Colored Girls, so I may crash the party Friday Brooke.

Dominatricks blog was off the chain. She's a mess!

Rameer, your girl DOES sound sweet. Are you planning on proposing any time soon? That Creator comment makes me think she's the ONE :)

I would love for someone to say that about me :)

My man friend doesn't quiz me on football anymore, now that basketball has started.

I carry an umbrella daily too Yolanda!

Brooke is SERIOUS with this training huh!? I love how supportive Brooke and Monica are of each other. Good girlfriends are hard to come by. Too many petty women out here, so it's great to see positive ones on this blog!

Brooke said...

Is it me, or is the font on Facebook MAD LITTLE!? What the...

Yolanda said...

LOL, yes Brooke. They redid the formatting and the font is crazy small.

The Cable Guy said...

Okay, so I'm just getting caught up after reading Domina*trick's blog. WOW.

Brooke, need to call her :)

Actually, I like that Brooke is strictly dickly :)

Annamaria needs to team up with Domina*tricks...give away some whips or something.

Kobe is a beast.

Throwback joint was hot as always. Definitely a good look B.

DMoe needs to write music reviews for a living, LOL!

Brooke needs to write erotica for a living.

Yolanda needs to write juicy gossip for a living :)

No interest in For Colored Girls. Tyler Perry is for the ladies.

...and possible some ones. Nothing wrong with that.

Paranormal Activity was wack. So was Jackass 3D.

Brooke, where is that pic you were suppoed to take of you in just a jersey? It's been a year now!

Rameer's girl sounds cool - congrats on that bruh.

Brooke said...


I don't like that...that's crazy! Who told them THAT was a good idea?

Why is Jackie Jackson on Oprah?

I always thought Marlon was the cute one...aside from Michael that is.

@Cable Guy, I won't be calling Domina*tricks for anything like that, so get it out your mind. You too Jay :)

I purposely stayed away from that blog, but glad you all enjoyed :)

Serena W. said...

Liz I hate that you had to cancel your DR trip for your b-day in Jan. When is your bday? I'm the 16th :)

Almost forgot...drum roll...I'M GOING TO SEE PRINCE! WOOOO HOOOOO!

I'm going to Africa either in March or early April.

I'm jamming to house music compliments of a good friend of mine (he rocks)!

Just visited 2 elementary schools for my job. (Did I say this job is great)!

T Pain needs to go away!

Total (Can't You See) was the ish! Thanks for the list DMoe

Brian your throwback is bananas as always!

I would love to see myself, Brooke and Yolanda just do what we love to do for a living (writing). I can do that from Hawaii, Africa, Australia and get paid to do it full time!!! The day is coming!

Annamaria you're such an inspiration to me.

Mo!!! Rock out the marathon! GO TEAM!

I'm thinking of doing the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon next year, sign up for NYC Marathon and a half in there somewhere.

Would love to do the Reggae Marathon in Jamaica!

Yolanda when the heck are we going out for drinks!

Rameer made me tear up when he said, "Seriously - she's proof of a Creator."

My day is coming when I can say that about a guy.

Brooke said...

a reggae marathon sounds like fun!

I'm trying to figure out where we're gonna be set up for Monica's cheering section :)

I'm eating my burnt broccoli now, not too's "cajun." LOL! Butter makes ANYTHING taste better :)

I would LOVE if a man said that I was proof there is a God. That's awesome Rameer. I hope you told her that today - that should make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) But I'm sure you tell her how special she is all the time. That's so great!

DMoe said...


Three quick points:

1. If its burnt, its blackened.

2. If butter leaves, take me with it.

3. Where to set up for Mo's cheering section? That's easy. Set up by the rocks, and when she comes running by, you know exactly what to do...



Brooke said...

Did y'all hear about the 10 year old who gave birth? The father is supposedly 13...? Buffoonery.

Brooke said...


Oh, right..."blackened" :)

My steak is the BOMB tho!

Mo is gonna kick your azz, not no damn rocks! LOL!

Serena W. said...

A 10 year old! My God...what's this world coming too.

DMoe ain't right with the rocks section!

Blackened Broccoli sounds nasty!!!!

Reggae Marathon is every December. They offer a half and whole. Anyone down to run it?

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