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Oprah Haters

Happy Monday!

I've been so busy today that I didn't plan on blogging. I finally got a chance to come up for air just in time to watch Part 2 of Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things. She did Part 1 on Friday, and it was, as usual, amazing to watch. But today I have a bit of a rant.

Some (very few) of Oprah's favorite things don't dazzle me, but most of them I'd LOVE to take home with me! But what makes watching this particular show fun for me is watching how happy it makes the folks in her audience. For 25 years, she's been bringing joy to people's lives...and Oprah is truly blessed because she is always giving. When you give to others, the blessings come back tenfold - which is why I believe she is highly favored.

But some folks don't like to see other people happy. Sure, I watch these shows wishing I was in the audience. I could use a new Coach bag, an iPad and some glittery Ugg boots. I don't NEED those things...I just WANT them. But most times, Oprah fills her audience with single mothers who can't treat themselves to fun things, new things, or expensive things. They're people who devote their lives to charity, or are teachers, or first responders like firemen or policemen - or they are people who have served this country. Most times, the people in the audience are people who do for others selflessly, and Oprah is simply giving back to them.

Which is why I don't understand how anyone could hate on that. The two co-workers I sit in between turn to The Oprah Show daily - and it seems that they have something negative to say about Oprah DAILY. They scoffed when she gave away cars. They huffed and puffed when she sent her number one fans to Australia on a plane piloted by John Travolta. They scorn the women in the audience who cry once they realize they're on the always envied Oprah's Favorite Things Show...knowing FULL WELL that they TOO would be acting a fool if they were lucky enough to get a seat in Harpo Studios. Oprah could give me a stick of gum and I'd be excited!

But why is it so hard for some to be happy for other people - especially people who could use some cheer? It's not like her audience is filled with rich folk, or her celebrity friends. They are people just like you and me. Lucky people :-)

What I find even more puzzling is their reason for hating. I asked them what their issue was with this show. One says, "Oprah is just gluttonous."


Clearly the one has no idea what the word "gluttony" means. If anything, Oprah is the opposite of gluttonous...which means to keep everything to yourself. This is a woman who gives millions to charity, builds schools for the poorest of girls in Africa, built an entire neighborhood in Katrina ravaged New Orleans and spoils her fans with cars and gifts. How is that gluttony? Clearly this woman is a moron.

The other one says to me, "She's just showing off her money, and throwing it away."

Again I say....huh?

If they knew anything about anything, they'd know that most likely, Oprah didn't pay for a damn thing. Just saying the word "iPad" from her mouth, Oprah knows that the Apple folks will gladly donate 200 of them for her audience in exchange for the publicity. When Oprah built a new home for a mother who had no arms, she must have said "Sears" and "Home Depot" a dozen times. Do you think Oprah paid for any of those appliances? Hell no...because they were happy to just be featured on her show. When Oprah spends her own money, like she did when she built those homes in New Orleans or her school in Africa, trust'll know it. But for some Uggs? Child please.

What you put out into the universe comes back to you - whether it's positive or negative. What misery must one be living in that she can't be happy for other people? Why is it so hard to enjoy watching other folks be happy? Why be jealous of people who give of themselves day in and day out? Are they that unhappy in their own life that the mere sight of other people smiling and laughing and crying for joy makes them sick? I feel sorry for for my coworkers sometimes - because their contempt for others shows how truly unhappy they are in their own lives.

Today, at 4 pm, they both muttered as they turned on their tv's, "Oprah, again?"

Umm...that's where she's been for the past 25 years - who were you expecting to see? The Grinch?

And that's why they turned on their tv in the first see what Oprah was doing today. If they can't be happy while watching the joy she brings to others, then why watch? We work at a cable network for crying out loud! - There are at least 200 other channels to turn change the channel! Perhaps they can't help themselves from watching...hopefully the joy is Oprah gives her audience...yet again, a shiny new 2012 Volkswagon Beetle!



Serena W. said...


Stef said...


Stef said...

Your coworkers are haters, just mad cuz THEY ain't there to get free stuff. I'm sure they wouldn't think she was "gluttonous" if they were there getting a free car! LOL!

They don't even know what the words they use mean. How stupid!

Let them hate, and good things will never come to them. When you can be happy for others, that's when good things happen to you. Sad they don't get that.

Courtney said...

I just watched that show and I think it was her best one yet. If you know you don't deserve to be in her audience, then be happy for those that are. If you can't, like you said, change the channel. Simple.

Serena W. said...

Agree with Stef!!!! I loved the episode when Oprah had an active duty military officer. He had a huge family, his truck was damn near broken down, etc. They paid off his student debt and got him a new hummer and mini van. He cried so much, you felt his pain. They had a sick child and they did something with the house I think too to make it more conducive for them.

She's done ALOT for those that can't otherwise do for themselves like you said Brooke. 1 time she had a baby shower for mothers that were down and out. It was amazing to see how grateful they were.

Some people are so miserable it's awful. I told my old boss, "How is it that I have joy in my world after losing my mother? You're always on us and have your family in tact, money, etc."

She hated to see me thrive despite losing Mom and I still pray for her and those like her. Shame.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Stef is RIGHT. That's what haters DO - they pay more attention to things they supposedly dislike than the fans of subject matter! You obviously know I experience this in sports - but it extends to everything.

I see and hear Oprah haters all the time. Now, I'm not a big fan of her show in the least. I probably haven't watched a full show of hers since the 90s. I've only seen clips that people post that are said to be good. But I don't have an issue with her. I thought it was cool she tried to build that school in Africa, and I LOVE that she used her power and influence to help Barack Obama.

If you don't like her, don't watch her. Don't like that she gives away a lot of her wealth for charitable purposes or just cuz she likes to make people happy? Tough - kick rocks! You have to be a truly miserable crab to be mad at what a rich woman of color does with her money to help people and to make other people's day. Like - really.

I can not be a fan and still appreciate her for who she is and what she does. But there will ALWAYS be those crabs trying to say or do anything to detract from the positivity of others. If you don't like the show, say that. But hating on her cuz she does things like give away trips, money, gifts, etc.??

My response to those people would be "How long have you had jealousy issues, and do you KNOW you're a crab, or is it something you do subconsciously?" Oh - and I HAVE said that to people. Lolz...

Serena W. said...

Bravo on this comment Rameer, "How long have you had jealousy issues, and do you KNOW you're a crab, or is it something you do subconsciously?"

There are some real crabs out there.

Stef said...

I know this may not have anything to do with anything, but are these women black Brooke?

Jay said...

Wow. Sad how miserable some folks are.

Like Rameer, I don't watch her show daily, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. I don't understand some people (mostly men) who hate on her and her show simply because it caters to women. She's a powerful woman who wants to empower other women. What is wrong with that? Most men see "pro-woman" as "anti-man" but that's simply not the case. I've seen some of her supposed "anti-man" shows and it was anything but.

I think people need to choose their battles more wisely. She's also done shows where she highlights women who have cheated, lied, gone to jail, etc...of ALL races. She calls it on both sides, but most men don't watch daily to know this.

You don't have to like her show. You don't even have to like HER. But that's what the remote control is for. If you dislike her, change the channel.

I respect her if nothing else. To come to where she is not from where she came, she could have easily been on the fast track to depression or death. Most women who have been abused by 3 different people, a pregnant teen and told that you can't or won't make usually DON'T make it, let alone become a billionnaire and one of the most powerful women in entertainment. I applaud her, and the fact that she has all of that power and wealth and uses it for GOOD is something to praise...not hate on. Your coworkers wish they WERE her. Let them hate, and be miserable.

Brooke said...


No, they are not black.

@Jay and Rameer, I totally agree.


Most people can't appreciate what they have until they lose it. I thought about you as I celebrated my mother's birthday last week and how grateful I was for her 60 years. Some folks take the people in their lives for granted, and focus only in what they DON'T have instead of the blessings they DO have that are too many to count.

Annamaria said...

ALL LATE & SHIZNIT..OR early depending on how ya look at it..LOL

Misery loves company.. People like this MUST be miserable as all hell if they can't appreciate someone less fortunate catching a break just once.. WTF

Secondly if someone handed them an ipad or a car or helped their child I'm sure they wouldn't think that person was "GLUTTONOUS" bastards....

At the end of the day nothing good will ever come to either of these people or anyone like them because they aren't putting good into the universe.

In conclusion.. FUCK EM.. And tell them I said it! LMFAO

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