Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Eagles v. Giants this weekend - gonna be a good one!

- Annamaria and I have our annual friendly wager involving her cooked food and my cheesecake...may the best Vick win! LOL!

- How come "Vick" didn't come up as incorrect in my spellcheck? What is a "vick?"

- I want cream of wheat...maple brown sugar to be exact.

- I've discovered chocolate and vanilla marshmallows - GREAT in hot chocolate! Yum!

- I have a steak marinating for dinner tonight - gonna be DELICIOUS!

- Can you tell I'm hungry? Didn't eat breakfast today.

- I had the best time with my mom and family for my mother's birthday weekend. My mother turned 60 years old on Nov. 16th...a true blessing! I love her and thank God for her every day.

- Eid Muburak to my sister, brother-in-law and nephews - and all my Muslim friends out there!

- The Republican senators have prevented the Paycheck Fairness Act from finally being brought up for a debate and receiving a vote - buffoonery.

- Everyone is crying that Brandy was robbed on Dancing with the Stars. This shouldn't surprise ANYone. Competition based reality tv is know..."not real."

- I'm terrified of snakes.

- I can't stand selfish people.

- Four out of 10 think marriage is becoming obsolete. What do you think?

- If what they say about Tony Parker is true, that's GRIMY! But not surprising, in the least.

- I can't believe Thanksgiving is next Thursday. I feel like this year just sped up! I'm making peach cobbler for the first time, wish me luck!

- Time to put the braids back in.

- Also time to get re-focused on my work-out/nutrition plan again. I've gained a few pounds back - not cute. Definitely going spinning tonight...all alone :-(

- Happy Birthday SuSu! It's also my late grandmother's birthday today as well.

- Greys and Private Practice tonight!

- What's for lunch?

- Today's throwback - a double feature!




The Fury said...

First Bitches!

DMoe said...



Stef said...

Third bitches! LOL!

SarKism said...

see...i thought it was safe to come back but you start out with that Eagles crap......i'll be back tomorrow...dang it!

The Cable Guy said...

What bet can you and I make on the game Brookey? I have a few ideas ;)

Vick is a problem yo.

Those throwbacks are the SHIT!

Why do people get excited when celebs are "back on the market"? Like we have a snowball's chance in hell with any of them. Eva Longoria isn't even all that cute to me.

Tony Parker is wack if that's true. He's a cornball anyway.

Brooke, I want some steak. Invite me over, I'll watch Greys with you :)

Annamaria said...

1. Tasing FURY...

2. That marriage statistic doesn't surprise me. With the amount of people taking marriage & relationships as a joke it eventually will be obsolete...Are the gays sure they want this?

3. Tony Parker. Doesn't surprise me. What did surprise me is how quick Eva went from being called Eva Longoria Parker to Eva Longoria again..She ain't even formally divorced...

4. I have a cold. AGAIN

5. BROOKE (big blue) MAY(Big blue)THE (bigblue) BEST (big blue) TEAM (big blue) WIN.

6. Our best are always a win win situation...

7. My parents are awesome. They love their granddaughter soooooo much. My dad just fully retired so he can spend some more time with her.. They might end up kidnapping her now.

8. Leah's 2nd birthday party by far the best birthday party EVER.

9. Ms. Nay gives the best party favors.. :)

10. I need a mental health break/life vacation.

11. Had a really bad dream about my younger brother last night. I gotta call him.

12. Having a power struggle with the powers that be. They want me to start full time Dec 13th I say Dec 20th... Let's see who wins...

Brooke said...

Oh Sarkism, don't be like that! I wasn't mad when the Redskins beat the Eagles the first time they played - and you know Donovan is my boy. Come back! LOL!

The Fury said...

Rangel isn't looking so tough on CNN right now...tantrums do not go well in Congress, Black Man.

My mojo is escaping with this weather.

The Giants better unfuck themselves or the Eagles will eat their breakfast.

I like Vick...but he may mess around and get a concussion messing with that Giants D

Funny is people getting mad that folks are recreating formspring on Facebook and calling it "ghetto". Nope it's a multi-million dollar idea

Lakers 3peat no news at 11

Chances are the woman is gonna call first

Hey girl, fancy a shagging?

Why no SUPER hot Black female doctor on Grey's Anatomy?

Boardwalk Empire! BLADDDOWWWW!

So some kid from Queens is making thousands of dollars selling "white iphone 4" kits which may be stolen parts from the actual manufacturer and he found the parts via a spam email message??

Those White people got my people beat, boy. We ain't never tried no shit like that if it wasn't tied to the drug game.

Hey Charlie clear your throat before you address the public...huh?...oh! Nevermind!

Stef said...

Happy birthday to your mom Brooke! 60! That's great!

eat pizza for lunch.

I knew that Eva and Tony wouldn't last - sad to say...but true. But with your teammates's wife? Shady.

I watched the Mike Vick show with my man friend the other night and was truly entertained. I think that was my first time actually cheering for a team to win since learning and beginning to watch football. Go Eagles!

And yes, I'm born and bred New York saying that...I want the Eagles to win on Sunday. They play Sunday right?

I think I'm an Eagles fan now because of Brooke...and Mike Vick is a nice piece of chocolate!

I want a drink and it's not even 1pm. Like a nice little cocktail - a martini perhaps.

I've started gaining weight BEFORE Thanksgiving...I'm starting early :)

I love Dr. Seuss books :)

What good movies are out? Anyone seen Denzel's new one?

The Fury said...

@Brooke - oooh oooh oooh can i get in on the Giants/Eagles bet thing? hehehehe

@Annamaria - those burn marks from that taser is ruining my social calendar.

Brooke said...


Don't be wishing no concussion on my boy! You are like the third Giants fan today talking about hurting Mike Vick.

...but you gotta catch him first! LOL!

Yolanda said...

-Headache, day 2. This sucks.

-I think my phone is dying slowly. Sadface

-This will be my first Thanksgiving not eating turkey. Must.fight.the.urge!

-I sure hope marriage isn't obsolete, since I haven't had my first one yet. LOL

-I would just like a nice date, damn.

-And some cute shoes. Not necessarily in that order.

-Networking sucks but I'm trying.

-Dauym Charlie Rangel. Way to screw up a legacy.

-I'm hungry too, Brooke. But I have oatmeal :-)

-This has been a tough year. I'm ready for something better. Praying 2011 will be filled with blessings. Although hardships are a character blessing too. I guess.

-Christmas is canceled this year. LOL

-The people who complained about Brandy didn't vote. I didn't either. I hope we bring the same passion and outrage to the voting place in 2012 because we're going to need it.

-I want to re-do my bathroom. Is anybody handy?

-I really want a good lobster.

-Back to the marriage thing. I think a lot of people get married too young. You really should make any major moves till after 30.

-More later. Perhaps.

Stef said...

I would never wish a concussion on anyone. People are saying football is becoming "soft" but since when is a concussion cool? You could kill someone. Just because it's football doesn't mean you have to try and kill someone in order to win!

**look at me, sounding like I like football or watch or something** LOL!

My man friend said the same thing, "we have to hurt him!" Not cool.

Yolanda said...

Damn touchscreen typos!

Brooke said...


I've heard that people who get married young, say right out of high school, actually stay together longer because they don't know anything else. They say that the older we get, the harder it is to break out of old (selfish) habits because we're used to doing what we want, when we want and living on our own. We don't want to give up the "freedom" we've established in our 20's and 30's - or we find it difficult to - so compromise and sacrifice seem less attractive, or harder to give up - thus the divorce rate.

What do you all think about that theory?

Jay said...

Michael Vick is a beast. No question. I said it before, I'm mad nervous about this game this weekend. Giants fan still...but nervous.

I don't want to see him hurt. He's a great athlete, and he's fast. We do have to catch him...or he's gonna be a problem.

I like him though.

Where is everyone going for Thanksgiving? And can I go?

Peach cobbler sounds divine.

Marriage SHOULD be obsolete since no one stays married anymore. I still believe in it though and hope to marry one day.

Brooke has beautiful brown eyes.

I'll take a bet on this weekend's game too...just say the word.

2011 is almost here. Great things gonna happen, for EVERYONE.

It seems I'm only watching sports on tv now. Any good shows I should know about? I heard The Walking Dead is a good one - AMC?

Every time I click through A&E, I think of Brooke :)

Don't eat pizza for lunch Brooke - eat a salad.

Brian's throwbacks THIS week are fiya! Now THAT'S what I'm talkin about :)

Annamaria said...

Having tacos for lunch...

The Walking Dead is a pretty darn good show.

Jaz said...

I didn't understand alot of Fury's random thoughts :)

maybe I'm just :)

Mike Vick is sexy...always has been. I missed the game, but the highlights were fun :)

I kinda want the Eagles to win too! I want Vick to go to the Super Bowl. Great comeback story!

Are light skinned men still out of style? LOL!

I want eyelash extensions.

For some reason, I can't get into Boardwalk Empire.

or The Walking Dead. Not really into zombies I guess.

I want a baby.

now I want hot chocolate with marshmellows Brooke!

DMoe said...

Whaddup yall...Here's where I am:
- Eagles/Giants? Let's go Vick.
- Reggie Bush returns to the Saints lineup this week...Now, get em!
- I am in no way, shape or form a "momma's boy", but I miss that chick.
- I simply cannot be beaten on Def Jam RapStar. "Nothin but a G thang" by Dr. Dre is my specialty.
- Grits and bacon is officially the breakfast of champions. Yep, I said it.
- I had a setback earlier this week, but I refuse to be defeated.
- Zen tea (with 2 pks of honey) from Starbucks makes me feel like Billy Dee Williams. Wait, has my voice gotten deeper? Hell yeah.
- I checked out the walking dead on AMC, and I ain't no "zombie dude" but the show is pretty good.
- I wanna see "Due Date". can anyone vouch for that one?
- Finally got around to seeing the UnSung on Angela Winbush and it was fantastic.
- I got the job!!! Thanks sooo much for the support. Now the hard work begins.
Since many of ya'll may be travelling during the holidays, here's the DMoe RTT 10 road trip tunes playlist.
1. Bobby Brown/Get away
2. Beastie Boys/Slow Ride
7. Too $hort/I ain't trippin
3. Justin Timberlake/Let's take a ride
4. 2Pac/Picture me rollin'
5. Earth, Wind & Fire/Getaway
6. T.I/Let's get away
7. Michael Jackson/Speed Demon
8. Prince/Lady Cab Driver
9. Ray Charles/Hit the Road Jack
10. Diana Ross & Michael Jackson/Ease on down the road

Stay thirsty my friends...

The Fury said...

@Brooke- I like Vick too, but if he sees the Giants of weeks 3-7, he'd better be running a lot!...backwards and away.

@Jaz - My random thoughts were so random they were like sentence fragments. No offense taken...cheese doodles


Light skin men aren't coming back any time soon. There's a special brown brother plan we're putting in place if they get a bail out.

That young marriage theory is very interesting. Almost as if you don't learn who you are individually you learn and become an entity together so you don't get set in ways that don't include someone...intriguing!

The Walking Dead is way better than I thought it would be. I was forced to check it out by some friends and actually like it.

Boardwalk Empire = Sopranos + Entourage + Harlem Nights + CatHouse + The Untouchables

Yolanda said...

Interesting theory, Brooke. Hadn't heard that one.
I know people who got married right out of college or in their young 20s and they're already divorced. I guess it can go either way. I think people need to remember that marriage is a choice. You choose to be happy and you choose to make it work. Ultimately, I hope whoever I choose to be happy with feels the choice to stay with me is equally important.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Work is getting on my LAST nerve today. For real...

- "The Walking Dead" is probably the best new show on regular cable (I say "regular" to distinguish from HBO and Showtime). And I feel people are doing themselves a disservice not watching it thinking it's a "zombie show" - zombies are the backdrop. It's more about the things we as humans will say and do when faced with a crisis, death - or our darkest hours. It's PREPOSTEROUSLY good.

- Ant and I have been trying to on-up each other for months with who can post dope movie trailers first before anyone else on Facebook. He got me good the other day - he posted the new Green Lantern trailer before ANYONE. I mean, even trailer websites I know of weren't as quick as him.

I got him back with Cowboys & Aliens, though...

- Brooke-Ra - my girl ordered a bunch of Cream Of Wheat for me as a surprise!!1 She's the bestest...

- Thinking about getting her a really pretty ring for her birthday next month. I don't like jewelry too much, but this is a really pretty silver sapphire ring I've seen. We'll see.

- Why is everyone taking my schedule as if the work on it is "suggested"?? I'm going to make SURE all this stuff people want to dump on me doesn't get done.



- The Republicans are arseholes.

- I completely agree with your sentiment on "DWTS", Brooke-Ra...

- Those 2 throwbacks are MY ISH. SUPER DOPE posse cuts!!!

- Did I mention Kanye's album is dope? Cuz IT IS...

- Marsha Amrosious' mixtapes?? Um...YEAH.

- Vick is unstoppable.

Possibly More After The Break - if these people leave me ALONE!!!

Yolanda said...

A ring? That's huge. I know the Meercat is not big on the jewelz. This girl is mighty special!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Yolanda - she really is!!!

She doesn't wear a lot of jewelry herself - but she likes silver rings. It would shock her to get any jewelry from me...

The Franchise said...

The GINATS will get such a ass kicking from Vick and the Eagles!!

The Franchise said...


Jaz said...

Congrats on the job DMoe, where will you be working now??

Everyone getting good news - first Serena, now DMoe!

I guess I'm the only person who doesn't care for the show. It's not a bad show, I just can't get into it. Oh well.

Marsha from Floetry is so pretty - and she lost a lot of weight. What is the other one doing with herself these days?

Brooke, aren't they from Philly?

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Jaz - the "other one" - Natalie - just released her album The Floacist Presents Floetic Soul. It's actually VERY GOOD...the only thing I don't like is she's going around in press interviews for the project trying to make it seem as though Marsha broke up Floetry. SHE DIDN'T - Natalie left, and Marsha tried to keep it going. So she's essentially lying about it and using that situation to bring pub to her project.

It's also very dubious to me that Marsha has been working with artists for well over a year and was scheduled to drop her debut solo album this Fall (it got pushed back to 2011) - and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, here comes an album from Natalie released IN THE FALL, right after Marsha's buzz picks up for her R&B mixtapes and that song "Cheat On You With A Basketball Player".

Regardless - her album IS dope. Check for it.

Brooke said...


A ring??!! wow, you must really like her...Love her :) Is this a "pre-ring ring?" LOL!


Floetry is/are? from way of Philly ;)

Vick will NOT get hurt - putting good thoughts into the universe :)

I wish I had a Sasha Fierce alter ego. Have to work on that.

I feel like I saw the trailer for The Green Lantern in the movies a while ago. Maybe I saw a shorter version or something? who knows, but I've definitely seen it.

Congrats on the job DMoe!

Haven't seen Walking Dead yet.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Also - they're English. Not born in Philly.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Brooke - that wasn't a trailer, it was a teaser. The one Ant put up is the full-fledged, footage from the film, 2 minute trailer - looks real good, too!

Annamaria said...

@ Fury...Turn your taser burns into a war story.. tell people you was running from 20 cops & when they caught you the went straight racial on yo azz & tased you to the brink of death..Under no circumstances do I recommend that you tell them a 5 foot PR tased you to death. lol

@DMOE-Congrats on the job...

I don't want Vick to get hurt cuz I wouldn't want that BUT if he tripped I wouldn't cry...LOL

Brooke said...

I saw the trailer Ant put up and I think I've seen it before - but it DOES look good.

I wish people would stop yelling over my head.

The woman who sits next to me talks SO LOUD! It's obnoxious.

Everyone at work is getting on my nerves.

I'm tired of my clothes.

Brooke said...


If Vick tripped, he might fall into the end zone ;)

I can't watch this game with Giants fans...I barely want to watch it in NY.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

If you saw THAT trailer, then dayum - I wish you woulda shared!!! Lolz!

That trailer is getting A LOT of press cuz it what supposed to have just been released. Perhaps you saw THIS one instead?

This was a popular trailer than circulated for quite some time that A LOT of people thought was real. It pieced together footage from various films with some nifty graphics and effects. The new one actually favors it...

But if you saw the new one beforehand - I wish I was seeing the previews YOU were!!!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

WAS, not *what*. Ugh...typos.

Serena W. said...


Congrats DMoe on the gig and thanks for the travel jams!

Went to NYC this past weekend to do one of the last steps to become my sister Christina's co-guardian with my Nana. It's scary at the same time exciting! I love her so much and I feel Mommy making moves for us.

I went to the WOFABE African Dance and Drum Conference in Newark, NJ! Took an Afro Cuban and West African class and had a ball.

The show was off the chain, my peeps showed out!

I had a great weekend in NYC/NJ (wow)!

Tonight I'm heading down to Durham, NC to do a show at the Djembe and Afro Cuban Ensemble, 8pm at Baldwin Auditorium tomorrow night at Duke University. First show where I am dedicating a piece to my father. He couldn't be one here but he is one from afar. Ase Pops...Wish me luck and travel blessings.

Tomorrow also makes 9 months my Mommy has been gone. Ase to you Mama...I miss her but feel her presence everyday.

Rolling back up to the DC area on Saturday night to do a show Sunday afternoon.

I'm a road warrior making literary art known!

Brian your throw backs are bananas! I have the single at home!

Rameer I wish I lived close to you and I would go ring shopping with ya. I love helping out my guy friends with stuff like this.

Happy Birthday Brooke's mommy!



Getting back into running on Saturday after a 2 week break.

I pray 2011 is a lot better than my 2010 was.

I usually look forward to Thanksgiving but not this year :(

I wake up almost every morning to new music sent to me on my phone from someone. He's kinda special.

Letting God do what He's supposed to do. No pressure, no rushing. Enjoying the moment/s.

Even though peeps marriages are falling a part I pray and have claimed for a happy marriage on my end. I heard the same Brooke, a lot of young love stay married. My friends mother passed away in January. Her parents were married from age 19 and adored each other until she took her last breath. She was 63.

Marriage isn't sacred any more to some people. Real shame.

DC Peeps...come out and see me on Sunday, November 21st at the Federal City Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Literary Exposition. 3pm at The Atlas 1333 H Street, NE, WDC.

Admission is FREE and your girl is 1 of 9 featured artists!

Maybe more later.

And yes I still love my job!

Annamaria said...

Serena always makes a sister smile. Go lady. The wheels are definitely turning for our charity event in the spring. :)

Serena W. said...

Annamaria thank you so much!!!!! I can't wait!!!

Spring??? I thought it was fall lol!

Annamaria said...

REALLY? Ok Fall it is.. LOL Whatever works for you... then it will definitely be fabulous cuz I have more time to plan. We'll chat offblog..LOL

Speaking of FURY Details Man hurry up & come up with your giveaway items MAN...LOL

Brooke said...

Serena, you are such an inspiration - have I told you that lately? Always a ray of sunshine :)

Courtney said...

Whoever said they needed a drink today - I cosign that! I need a good stiff one today - and I don't even really drink like that!

Why any woman...or gay person...or minority would ever vote republican is beyond me. How can you NOT want to enforce equal pay for equal work for women? Shameful.

I want Barack Obama to just one day tell them all to kiss his black ass. Just once. I want him to get mad!

But I know he can't...jus saying.

I want to go see Oprah.

I rarely watch tv, but I DO watch Greys and Private Practice Brookey!

I have a huge zit on my forehead, uggh!

Congrats on the job Dmoe! What IS the job?

Serena, you are such a positive person. I love that!

Michael Vick has a nice ass :)

Serena W. said...

Annamaria we said September or so because aren't you planning a small event called your wedding lol.

Brooke thank you so much.

Courtney...thanks sweetie. I try to stay positive, even when I don't want too. I can't fall into depression. Mom wouldn't want that for me or my family.

I love this blog fam. All of you rock!!!

The Fury said...

I think I'll turn the taser burns into a fantasy story. "yeah so I was messing with this cop that was a 5ft PR (like how I flipped it?) and her thing was tasing..." LOL

@Annamaria - Yep I think I have an idea. I just have to get these contest rules right. tienes Pay Pal?

Yolanda said...

DMoe: Congratulations on your new job! That's fantastic.

Brooke said...

Fury + Annamaria = trouble :)

is this a contest I can take part in? :)

Annamaria said...

Everyone can participate. BUT the rules are totally up to Fury so I'm not sure how one would win.....

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I'm trippin'. Just read through the comments and realized I didn't extend best wishes to DMoe...

Congrats on the new job, man! Hope you enjoy it while making good money at the same time, bruh.

DMoe said...


Thanks to everybody for the well wishes...

For those that wanted to know, I've been at for the last 4 years, and accepted a position with I'll still be here in ATL for the time being, but thanks for the love yall. It means the world.

Now...(channeling my inner lil jon)


The celebration will be umm....EPIC!!!!

"Hey man, D-Moe comin..."



"Imma tuck mines in..."

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