Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy TMI Tuesday!

I hope you all have gone out, or will be going out, to vote today. I wrote my "go out and vote" blog yesterday so I could stay true to TMI Tuesday. Normally I'd give this space over to Fury, but Domina*tricks asked me if she could guest blog for me today. I'm a bit nervous, but many of you have been calling for it...so here it is! I will be driving to and voting in PA all morning...but maybe it's good that I'll be M.I.A for this one :-) Don't worry, I'll check in on the discussion. Here it goes...without further adieu...give it up for Domina*tricks!

I Finally Know What the Wet Spot Feels Like...by Domina*tricks

I was wondering if Brooke would allow me to post to her blog for TMI Tuesday. After all, I made no secret of how beautiful I thought she was. Perhaps she’d be too shy to post a blog from another admiring female – one who wanted to taste her lips and lick her clit. She’s probably blushing just reading this.

I know that I probably come off as a brazen, crass lesbian who also has a thing for f*cking and dominating men. Truth is, I’m simply a bisexual, curious, sexually adventurous woman who was once too shy to even write the word clit, let alone actually lick one.

I used to be your average, everyday monogamous good girlfriend. I dated only men – safe men. Men who only had sex in the missionary position, came after three strokes, and quickly rolled over to go to sleep...leaving me laying in the dry spot. No, I don’t mean “wet spot.” The spot under my ass was rarely wet...because I usually never came. Women create the wet spot...yet I had no idea what one was.

Until I met my ex-boyfriend’s sister.

She was gorgeous. We met at his family’s cookout, and I was mesmerized by her. I remembered he had mentioned that his sister was a lesbian. I didn’t think much of it, probably because I envisioned her to be this huge, manly, unfortunate looking dyke of a woman. As she turned to face me when he said, “I’d like you to meet…” I couldn’t breathe. She was stunning.

She smiled at me and gave me a warm stare. Something told me instantly that she liked what she saw. So did I. Up until then, I had never felt warmth between my legs at the gaze of a woman, but there was no mistaking that this woman was doing something to me.

But I thought to myself, “I’m not a lesbian, what is going on here?” I shook it off, thinking that maybe the wine coolers I had been drinking were a little too strong for me – being that I was a lightweight and all. Maybe the light alcohol had me imagining things...I tried to convince myself.

A few shots and Long Island Iced Teas later with my boyfriend and I was totally staring at her the entire night. Conversations of when they were kids were swirling around me and all I could think about doing was kissing her. She had a pouty, plum mouth that looked like they’d burst if you kissed them too hard. I wanted to know if they were as soft and juicy as they looked. I watched her mouth move with every word she spoke – and each time she caught me staring, she’d smile as I quickly turned away.

As the moon moved to the other side of the sky, I noticed there were only 3 people left outside in the backyard – his parents had long said their “good-nights” to us. I looked over to find my boyfriend passed out on a lawn chair, snoring like a young boy. She came over and sat next to me and put her hand on mine.

“So, did you have a good time?” She said staring intently into my eyes.

“Yes, you have a great family. You’re all so wonderful," I replied, trying to pull my hand away.

“Thank you. My brother speaks very highly of you too.”

We sat there, awkward. I had no idea what to say to her – I was too busy staring at her baby soft skin.

“So will you be staying the night?” She asked sliding her hand off of mine, onto my thigh, then into her own lap.

“No, I couldn’t possibly. Besides, I have some things to do in the morning. I should get going.”

“Okay. How are you getting home? I’m sure you know that he’s a heavy sleeper,” pointing to my man. “He’s not waking up, so you might as well stay.”

“I can call a cab,” I say, even though I really didn’t want to.

“Let me take you home then, I’ll get my keys.”

Before I could object, she was up with her purse and keys in her hand ready to go. She smelled so good, fragrant perfume intoxicating me. I got in the passenger’s side and clicked myself in. She turned and smiled at me. “Lead the way,” she said...so sexy.

We arrive at my apartment and sit there. I thank her for the ride, and tell her how great it was to meet her and her family. As I unlocked my door, she reached over and took my hand. As I turned to look at her, she kissed me. Not a peck, not a quick “smooch.” A long, lingering kiss. I’m sure it was only 10 seconds long at most, but it felt like an eternity. A blissful eternity.

I don’t know if it was the Long Island Ice Teas or her perfume, but somehow we ended up tumbling into my living room, onto my couch, kissing, reaching, stroking...until we eventually reached my bedroom. Everything was a blur. Clothes were strewn about, my hands were running through her long, silky hair and her fingers were inside of me. That night was the first time I had ever tasted a vagina...and allowed a woman to taste mine.

She made me feel things I’d never felt before with any man. She was soft, patient, caring, considerate, passionate and intense. She took her time. She made sure I was comfortable...and satisfied. I finally knew what a wet spot felt like.

The next morning, my boyfriend called to apologize profusely for passing out on me and for having his sister drive me home. Little did he know, she also drove me crazy...and I counted the days, hours and minutes until I saw her again. Things didn’t last too much longer with my boyfriend and I after that, but I continued to secretly date his sister behind his back for about a year after we broke up. He always appreciated that I was “cool enough” to remain his friend after our break up - so much so that I had no problem “stopping by” to all of his family cookouts...and to visit his sister :-)

- Domina*tricks


The Fury said...


The Fury said...

Wow! That was hot! See Brooke had nothing to worry about. Great blog for this day of choices. The story is like something on Maury! Whoa...

Great turn out story. Happy you found the wet spot, Domina*tricks%

Domina*tricks said...

Thank you Fury. I have to be honest, Brooke tweaked the story for me a little bit. Mine was a bit more..."raunchy"...if you will :) I didn't want to disaappoint her readers my first time out for TMI Tuesday, I know I have a hard act to follow when it comes to you :)

Brooke, thank you for posting this! With your fine self :)

Fury, I'd LOVE to turn Brooke out. Just one time is all I need :)

Stef said...

Oh damn Dominatricks! It's like THAT?!! Brooke you better watch out! She's after you!

Great story!

BatMan said...

@Domina*tricks - Your story had a brother on the up and up!!!
I hope this wont be the last time you guest blog!

Bruce said...

Hi Domina*tricks. I just have one question. Have you ever given yourself an orgasm prior to becoming Bi? From experience, most (not all) woman who know how to achieve blist for themselves usually have great experiences with men while those that don't touch themselvs usually have to settle for what ever they get. Just curious.

annamaria said...

Shameless Plug: there is a spray on my passion party line that dries that wet spot RIGHT UP!! :)

I love how its somehow ok for Dominatrix to cheat on her man with his sister but if that was his brother she'd get tased! Nice Blog D! :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

That was a great, steamy, sensual story! Wow...it's like THAT, Domina*tricks? NICE! Only thing that came to mind immediately for me, though...

You SCANDALOUS AS ALL HELL shoopin' your boyfriend's sister! Damn...I'ma confident as all hell, but even *I* wouldn't leave my girl or any of lady friends alone with you if you was willing to go to that extent BACK THEN...

No indictment on you...I'm just sayin'. You obviously GET YOURS!!

I'd like to see MORE Domina*tricks stories in the future. This was good...

But I'm sorry it took you so long to experience the wet spot. I was wet-spottin' chicks in high school...sounds like you were dealing with men with acute lame-o-nucleosis...

Geeque said...

WOW, what a post.... :-)

NastyMan said...

@Domina*tricks - I would love to have been a third participating member in that heated night of LESBIANIC Passion!!!

The Fury said...

@Annamaria - Dries up the wetspot?? Does that work for squrt experiences too? What is this mythical concoction you're selling?

Such a shame when women aren't pleased. Ladies, never settle for less in that area. Really. You too can leave a wet spot..and have it dried up by Annamaria's miracle spray.

Annamaria said...

It's called the Silky Sheets spray. Comes in 4 different scents. Spray on your sheets prior to for a nice arousing scents.. Spray lightly afterwards to dry up the wet spots!


Domina*tricks said...

Thank you everyone for the love, and thank you Brooke!

I had experienced an orgasm prior to my first lesbian experience, but they were few and far between.

If Brooke is down, I'd love to experience a threesome with her and anyone of her choice- male or female.

Yes, it might have been cheating, but I didn't think so at the time because it was with a woman. But it WAS wrong. I know that now.

Jay said...


Great post! Brooke, please allow Dominatricks to guest blog again :-)

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