Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Veterans Day and Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I'd like to thank all of our servicemen and women who sacrifice their time, their families and their lives defending the freedoms that we enjoy in this country. I hope you all take the time to remember and thank the veterans among your family, friends and coworkers. As the daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend of men (and women) who have served our country proudly, I appreciate your service and bravery.

- Monica finished the NYC Marathon in a little under 6 hours! Go Monica! I'm so proud of you!

- Miley Cyrus is annoying.

- Gwyneth Paltrow sings country music now?

- I have to start giving my cat Cole steroids for his tumor :-( Please pray for him. He's my baby.

- The heat doesn't get hot enough in my apartment. They're being stingy, and everyone knows I hate being cold!

- I wish I still knew how to play the piano.

- I need hair is breaking off badly due to the weather change.

- It doesn't need to get any colder than this. I don't mind when the high is 50 degrees, it's when the high is 30 degrees that I can't stand it.

- "Start Over" on Time Warner Cable is the best. I got home late from the gym, and was able to start Law & Order: SVU from the beginning instead of waiting til today to watch it on my DVR at work. They even have "Go Back" to shows that you missed in Prime in the past 2 days. Love it!

- The new girls on 16 & Pregnant are dry.

- If I say no, then that's it. I don't owe you an explanation.

- I'm becoming really annoyed by all the noise on the train and buses lately. Why are people screaming into their cell phones and talking to people who are 6 inches away from them like they're deaf? Geez! I'm in the wrong city to be complaining about noise.

- Oh, and I wanted to spank these badass kids on the train platform today. Your kids are not cute, control them. The woman told the 5 of them to use their "whisper" voice and they screamed and ran around silly for no damn reason. She needed to use a strap! I'm not saying beat your kids....but beat your kids when the "whisper" voice thing doesn't work.

- Cop gets 2 years for killing an unarmed, handcuffed Black man. Mike Vick gets just about the same sentence for killing a dog. F*ckers.

- I love my Dyson.

- I was in Nine West yesterday browsing and realized I was humming along to Christmas music. There were Christmas decorations up in Target BEFORE Halloween. It gets earlier and earlier every year.

- I love Target.

- Who are these people that still smoke cigarettes? You KNOW it can kill you, but you do it anyway? It's not considered cool or sexy anymore, so why do it? Ridiculous.

- The Biggest Loser is such an inspirational show. I always wind up shedding a tear...or three.

- Haven't caught Conan yet, but I hear he's been hysterical :-)

- Did you know they sold wedding gowns at J. Crew? Not that I was looking or anything :-)

- I hate it when people use excessive profanity in their FB statuses. I usually wind up "unfriending" them.

- I also hate when people don't spell check their statuses. I know it's only FB, but there is no "a" in the word "definitely" and no "d" in the word "congratulations."

- I wanna see Denzel's new movie Unstoppable.

- He still does it for me :-)

- I have a lot of food in my fridge that needs to be thrown away. And plenty in my freezer that I never feel like thawing out to cook.

- Last Friday, Deebo boxed me like a man. After the FIRST hour of training, he said we were "just getting warmed up." Another patron in the gym even told him, "that's enough" when they saw me sweating like a runaway slave. He promptly told her to mind her business after damn near knocking me out. My nose even started bleeding once I got in the locker room from overheating myself. He's a great trainer, but I think he's losing his damn mind.

- Someone sent me the link to the auto tune remake of MJ's "PYT" and I didn't know what it was, so I clicked on it. Pure fuckery. You don't remake ANYTHING MJ has done, but if you DO, they could have just left Robin Thicke on it...but T-Pain? FU-CKER-Y.

- Men should not wear white, pointy shoes and tight, tight jeans...together OR separately.

- MTA fare hikes again, and less service. Pretty soon it's gonna be cheaper to just drive.

- I'm always amazed at women who can commute in heels.

- Some of the men and women who perform in subways are really talented!

- First kisses are the best aren't they? :-)

- I feel like blowing off every meeting I have from now until the new year. I have 2 weeks left of vacation to take and I need every single second of it.

- My cell phone is too slippery...I keep dropping it.

- I have so much laundry to do this weekend. But I love the smell of freshly laundered clothes :)

- I feel like I've been thirsty all week - I need to drink more water.

- My lips have been chapped all week too...obviously because I'm dehydrated. Not sexy.

- Who are these people who pay contractors thousands of dollars before they do any work? How does that even make sense?

- Is the bed bug epidemic over yet?

- Pootie Tang was on HBO last night...really?

- I'm peace like that.

- And in honor of the SU basketball season starting, Brian's throwback!

When the 'Cuse is in da house...OMG...Danga!




Anthony Otero said...

first bitches

Stef said...

I'm getting really sick of this! LOL!

Another thing that annoys me? When people change their profile picture every day. We know what you look like...and stop taking pics of yourself. At least if you're gonna post a new pic, let it be of a pic that someone took of you, not one you took in your bathroom.

No one should have 100 pics in their profile album. Conceited much?

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I'm with Stef...100 pics in your profile album?? I know people with 300 - no bullcrap. I know they can accumulate over YEARS...but geez.

- Congrats to Monica!

- Best wishes for your cat, Brooke-Ra...

- In regards to that cop - isn't he getting credit for time served as wail, and getting out after a year's time credited?? I think that's what I was told...fuckery.

- I wanna see Unstoppable too - and The rocks' new flick, Faster. However, I have one issue related to The rock - I get really upset that's he keeps getting portrayed in movies as a white guy, when the dude is half Black, half Samoan. I mean, they don't even present him as bi-racial in the roles...I'm just sick of Hollywood doing that ish for damn-near a century now...

- I've been setting up people who want to make me look bad at work. It's so sad it even has to come to this...but I must admit, I think I've been doing a GREAT JOB of giving them enough rope to hang themselves...

- I've been extremely giddy about the upcoming sequel to Tron coming out next month...but now I'm even more giddy about an upcoming film. Next year, Disney is releasing a brand-new, feature-length Pooh Bear movie, completely shot and animated in the CLASSIC DISNEY STYLE. I love Pooh, and I love Disney...I'm GEEKED.

- The Heat aren't even as good as we THOUGHT they'd be...they play no defense against good teams, and if you have a strong interior presence, you can beat them. They play Boston tonight...regardless of who wins, Boston KNOWS they can whoop 'em in a 7 game series.

- My Raiders are 5-4! Woo-hoo!

- That song for Brian's Throwback will NEVER mean as much to anyone who doesn't have a connection to Syracuse. Seriously...when I tell people that was the SU b-ball theme song to some people, they don't even know...

- My Droid phone amazes me DAILY. Really.

- I got in an argument with a girl about what guys do and don't do. I know - stupid. I told her I was planning to go shopping for my girl, and she told me I'm "well-trained". I told her to knock off the bullcrap, and stop acting like men don't do that ish. Anyways, we got to arguing about her back-handed compliment and her views of what men do and don't do. My thing is - I've heard on numerous occasions that I'm "such a good guy to my girl" from my female friends...but I KNOW good guys who do similar things and much more! And the things I do and/or say I don't even regard as doing anything extra or unexpected.

Ladies of the blog - are guys you deal with REALLY THAT BAD?? Can you honestly say most guys are completely not thoughtful, caring or generous? Please give your responses...I told her I would ask a few intelligent women to either confirm or refute her view on what "most" men do or how they act.

More After The Break...

Stef said...


It's sad to say, but I think alot of men ARE that bad. I can't remember, before the guy I'm seeing now, how long it's been since a guy regularly did nice things for me. I'm not talking about paying for a movie or dinner. I'm talking about buying flowers just because, or picking up something he knows I'd like - whether it was a cd, my favorite candy, something that is my favorite color. ANYTHING.

Men think women want you to spend alot of money on them, but most times we just want to know that you're thinking about us. Men don't cook for you unless they want some ass and that's the only way they can get you over to the crib. They don't bring anything when you invite them over to eat except their crusty asses - no dessert, no wine or flowers to your house. It's all about them and what you can do for THEM. Most men I think don't even realize how selfish they are because they've never had to be thoughtful or were taught by their mothers and sisters to value women...or they saw their fathers not do anything for their mothers. It's sad really, but it's VERY rare to come across a man who thinks of you just as much as you think of him - and actually SHOWS you.

Brooke said...

As a woman who has dated men who are extremely thoughtful, I will say they ARE few and far between. I don't date thugs, or dirtbags or assholes (for the most part..LOL), but it IS rare to come across a man who is thoughtful by nature. When you've been treated well in the past, it's easy to notice when men think of you all the time, or when you're an afterthought. I shouldn't have to ask a man to bring a dessert or wine to a dinner that I'm preparing. That should be a given. But yet, like Stef said, they just "show up" and expect to be catered to.

It shouldn't have to be my birthday to give me flowers (especially if you know I love them and have hinted at what my favorite flowers are). And it shouldn't be a holiday every single time in order to get a gift. I'm not saying men and women HAVE to guy gifts for each other, but if you're always doing something for someone, and they NEVER reciprocate, that's very telling. Some men (and women) are just takers. Like Stef said, they may not even realize it because they're so used to be catered to or pampered. I have to remind myself to pull back sometimes if I suspect I'm with someone who takes my thoughtfulness for granted. Some men simply expect a woman do to things for them just because they're men, and that reciprocating makes them "weak" somehow...or "whipped."

There ARE men out there who have no problem rubbing his woman's feet, giving a massage, making breakfast, opening car doors and surprising you with your favorite flowers. But like I said...they're diamonds in the rough. And I don't just think it's a NYC thing either.

Ms. Penn said...


The reason why your girl cuts up melons, and stocks her place with your favorite candy, or leaves you to play your video games is because you do those things for her. Women will give you THE WORLD in exchange for a small gesture. Unfortunately, not a lot of men realize that...or care. Men like you, who not only do thoughtful things for their significant other, but are PROUD of it and SHOW it opening, are a rare breed. I am with someone who is thoughtful, but I had to go through A LOT of frogs to get to him. That is why I appreciate him so much, because there just aren't men out there like him.

Ms. Penn said...

*openly - sorry for the typo!

The Cable Guy said...

Damn, it's really THAT bad??

I have to say, I'm going to seriously take a good look at myself to see if I'm that selfish. I don't think I am, but the consensus seems to be that men are just not doing their part. Wow.

The Heat are looking real wack lately. I hope Boston crushes them. They're not even as good as people thought they'd be, which is saying something.

Mad Syracuse heads up on this blog - I didn't know Brian of Throwback fame was a SU head too. Damn, ya'll roll deep. Still a good song, but not like his other throwback joints. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next week.

Now I just need DMoe's list.

Sorry about your cat Brookey, I know you love him like he's a child of yours. Will pray for him.

I haven't slept right all week. Isn't the time change supposed to help??

If what Rameer says about that cop is true, then I'm even more disgusted than I was when I learned it was 2 years. Fuckery.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Damn. You guys sound like HER. I try to argue with some of my lady friends when I think they're going overboard with the "all men" rhetoric/opinions. With this particular friend, I even pointed out that she knows me and my whole that indicates that she DOES know good brothas. Of course, all of us are taken...but she can't say she doesn't KNOW any.

But are guys who do the things you guys mentioned (things that I do without really giving it any thought; I think that's just typical when you're with a person) really that far and few between? I mean...REALLY? Or could it be - possibly - that these guys are overlooked somehow? The woman I was having this convo with wouldn't give a chance to a guy we both know cuz he was "corny". However, he has a good job, is well-educated, and very has good manners and is polite. I've actually hear women say he's a handsome guy; so it's not like he's considered ugly. Yet a lot of women pass him over, and will complain they can't find a good guy.

I think this may be a subject for a future blog. I tend to understand and relate to the mindset of women moreso than many men can, but at the end of the day - I'm obviously NOT a woman, so I can't know your experiences fully. I do know and agree y'all have it really hard out here...but I guess I'm just thinking I KNOW guys in various cities who are good guys. I don't think I have a "good guy" detector...if I know these guys, then how can the landscape be so bleak for all these women??

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I wrote "wail" in my first comment instead of WELL. UGH...I need a vacation. That is INEXCUSABLE.

- Ms. Penn - just read your comment. Thank you for the kind words...and I DO agree that a good woman will give her man the world if he treats her right. My girl and I do things for each other all the time; so much so that I don't even notice some things until I'm talking about it and someone emphasizes what she or I did. I notice plenty, but other things I don't - cuz it just SHOULD be that way.

But I have a hard time when I hear women saying 90% of guys are the same way, and I KNOW dudes who aren't that way. And they're NOT just my crew. It makes me wonder are some of these women even looking for the right things to begin with so they can SEE the good guys?? Cuz I've been out there on the market in the past, and I have some women saying "I didn't know you were so sweet". Um...I've been here the entire time! Maybe if you weren't looking for a guy who wears sunglasses inside the club after midnight, flashes material things and money, and has "swagg" you would've seen me or any other decent guy for who they are...

Not saying this is the case with anyone on the blog. But like I said - I KNOW good guys. Hell - men on this blog who are good guys are single! Why IS that???

Serena W. said...


I still love my job!

Brooke I'll pray for your baby. So sorry.

Monica rocks! We need to do a marathon together in the near future.

DANGER was the ISH! I still have my t-shirt from Cuse from that year that says, "When Da' Cuse is in the House..."

I miss college days.

A lot of great writing projects are coming my way!

I've been asked to travel in January or February as a guest artist at a Boys and Girls Club Open Mic down south which packs out the place. I grew up in Boys and Girls Clubs so it's an honor. AND THEY ARE PAYING ME!

God you're so good to me...I waited patiently and now the blessings are coming.

I know Mama is up there rearranging my life too! Love you Mama and Ayana...MUAH!

Annamaria! I can't wait to do the fashion show on behalf of Ovarian Cancer next year! Stay tuned everyone.

Next year is going to be great!

Now onto men...Rameer you're rare and because I know and love ya it makes it even more special. You treat your woman as the queen that she is. As said earlier women like us on this blog don't ask for much. Small gestures mean the world to me. I've been with some real buffoons that couldn't see that. They were money hungry, selfish and all about themselves. (Did I say selfish already)...

I'm getting to know someone now and I have to say these last three months have been great. Some ups and downs but the brotha says little things and supports my dreams. When I talk about the future he can see the outlook and gets me to broaden my view. He has no idea how much it means to me to have a dude that loves what I do and I love what he does. As it was said before a lot of frogs in my past and they never turned into that prince or in this case my king. I hope and pray that our friendship flourishes into something more because of the small things and how much he cares. I also see how much he loves his mother and adores his daughter (something to look at ladies).

Yes everyone say it...."AHHHHH!"

I'm a very private person so no names will be dropped, location, etc. Just know that I'm getting to know someone.

Back to RTT...

Chocolate covered cherries are the bomb.

Going to WOFABE this weekend in Newark, NJ. It's the African Dance and Drum Concert and our very own SU Alum Jamila Codrington will be performing at the show!!! It's at Newark Symphony Hall this Saturday.

I salute Dwayne and Alison Murray and Pia Smith-Rogers! SU Alum that serve our country and well!

That's all for now.

annamaria said...

1. Serena I'm really excited to be putting an event together with u too. Have some thoughts on it so I'll BBM u in a bit

2. LOVE working with my peoples.

3. I LOVE Blackberry messenger!!! I haven't had a phone convo in god knows how long! But I can talk all day on BBM

4. Tomorrow is my baby Leah's 2nd bday! Sophia and I are going to spend the day with her, MsNay & Geeque!!

5.Life has been soo busy lately. 2011 is shaping up to be crazy!!

6. I took Sophia to a local kids playplace today... A lil girl almost sat on her. The mother wasn't watching her. So I picked the lil girl up before she could sit on my baby & flung her to the side. Then I kicked 2 kids out the toddler area that were too old to be there. The mothers all got attitudes. If u aint watching ur kids & I have to know I'm gonna fuck them up. :)

DMoe said...

Whassup ya'll...

- Hey Mo, congrats! Now...agitate the gravel (aka - KICK ROCKS)

- Kanye vs. Matt Lauer? I'm down with Lauer.

- Def Jam Rapstar is a cool game when you are chillin with friends. Tracks from Slick Rick, Biggie, 2Pac, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Public Enemy & more in a "RAP KARAOKE" game? Hours of fun. Cop this.

- Sleepy today, but I won't be a jerk to people, or act "cranky"...I hate that.

- Saints are gettin' healthy...Watch out suckas.

- I was walking to a meeting a few minutes ago and saw a colleague doing the "Dougie" in the middle of a conversation, and Jesus wept.

- ATL Falcons play the Ravens tonight, and I gotta navigate thru the tailgaters who use our parking lot for Falcons home games. All of them can kick rocks (like Mo can).

- The Samsung Galaxy is a sexy-ass phone. For real.

- Hey iPad, I'm feelin you...Wanna go out sometime? Download an app or somethin?

- Conan's show is funny.

- My marching band (FAMU marching 100) is being featured on a new reality show on ESPNU! Tonight (every Thurs.) at 630pm. I'm sooooo proud.

Here's the DMOE RTT playlist. This week, its a top 10 lineup of "Killer remakes." The originals tasted great, but these covers have added some spicy zing to the flavor.

1. Rock with You/Eric Roberson.
Your cheating your ears if he's not in your iPod rotation already. This acoustic redux of the MJ classic is fan-damn-tastic.

2. If I ain't got You/Maroon 5.
There are certain groups that are cool with me and Maroon 5 is def one of em. Frontman Adam Levine delivers a kick-ass version of the Alicia Keys signature tune. Its performed live, so you'll be cheering along with the crowd on this one.

3. If you really love me/Mikelyn Roderick f. Rahsaan Patterson. This chick's new, but she picked the right dude to sing along to a classic Stevie Wonder "puberty years" hit. The arrangement is outstanding and the music is uber- smooth. You'll love this one.

4. Sailing/Avant
I don't know how he does it, but this R&B cat gave Christopher Cross a true run for his money. In the rare case where the remake is better than the original, this may just be that good.

5. Don't Stop the Music/Jamie Cullum. Your kidding right? A jazz remake of a Rihanna pop-club banger that samples MJ's "Wanna be startin Somethin"? Really? That's right, and its bad-azz.

6. I can't make you love me/Prince
Its rare, but you gotta love the internet. For all the music Prince has done, (channeling my inner Katt Williams) THIS remake? This right here? This sh** right here ni**a?? UnBEElievable and needs a disclaimer: "This song may case pregnancy."

7. Sweet Thing/Mary J. Blige
A timeless, head bobbin track (#7 on "What's the 411?") that ages like fine wine. Mary did Chaka justice. For real.

8. I can't help it/Pebbles OR Will Downing.
Two more "Off the Wall" remakes of an MJ song that seems to live forever in the vocals of the artists who keep it rollin. Pebbles version is from the mid-90s, and it gets a slightly higher score than the Will Downing rendition. He's good, but you know...He's...Will...Downing.

9. Love Saw it/Chante Moore & Kenny Latimore
Karyn White would be proud of the effort put in by Chante' and the dude that stole her from me (and technically Kadeem Hardison). "Superwoman" is my absolute fav-O-rite K.White song, with this one finishing a close second.

10. My first Love/Avant f. Keke Wyatt. Our boy cracks the roster again with another remake that makes me smack teeth at the original. Avant's music feels fresh and Keke does what Keke does on duets: she kills the chick's part. In this case, call these two Rene & Angela. They laid it down.

Stay thirsty.

Anthony Otero said...

- hottest show right now is The Walking Dead on AMC. A must watch.

- Conan is hysterical

- Damn stef...cant a brother take a pic of himself? lol

- Now I need to count how many pics I have. (i am glad stef is not an fb :D )

- Rameer is the man. He hooked me up. I will have to not mess with him for like a

- It bothers me to know that men in general have get such s bad rep. I am not saying that we do not deserve it because we can pretty dumb. What bothers me is that I feel I have have to pay for mistake of others. Trust me, I can make myself look bad without the help of other guys...

Anthony Otero said...

please excuse the typos...sigh. I type way too fast sometimes..

Brooke said...

I still have no idea what the "Dougie" looks like. Not sure I wanna know.

What happened to hip hop? I mean, damn...Wacka Flacka Flame?


I don't overlook dudes who are "corny" (I actually tend to like "corny") smart, "too nice" (whatever that means) or who are shorter than me. I tend to date intellectual types who have a job and all their teeth. I don't really discriminate so long as the guy appears to be a good guy.

That's where it gets tricky. A guy can be a "nice" guy...but not necessarily a "good" one. I think men mistakenly label themselves as "good" when all they really are is "nice."

Series killers are nice too, that's how they get they can kill you and chop you up into little bits and hide you in the fridge.

I know plenty of men who are well educated, have great jobs, are relatively handsome, and are "nice." But they are also selfish as hell. I don't think some men realize that selfishness trumps all those other great qualities you may have. What good is being smart, handsome, educated, with a nice job...and all you do is take? That ish gets old real me.

It's easy to hide selfishness inside of a "nice" guy. Just because a man doesn't beat you, or isn't a thug or doesn't rock shades in the club after midnight DOESN'T mean that he can't lack in the thoughtful category.

For some people, thoughtfulness comes naturally, while others MAY have to be "trained" to be so. I know that sounds like he's a canine, but we "train" my nephews to allow ladies to pass through the door first, to reach out and hold someone's hand to help them. It seems my nephews are naturally thoughtful at such a young age, but a lot of it is seeing what their father does - therefore they're being "trained" to behave a certain way. Now that they've seen it, and will continue to see it, it'll become second nature...but opening doors, pulling out chairs...those are things we're teaching them so that thoughtfulness becomes part of the fabric of their being.

Serena W. said...

"I was walking to a meeting a few minutes ago and saw a colleague doing the "Dougie" in the middle of a conversation, and Jesus wept." This quote has me cracking up DMoe!!!!!

Ant I read your blog the other day and left you a comment! Loved it!

Your boy Cedric isn't cool right now Ant! I'm about to call him again. Sigh.

Annamaria you made some great connections this week! Thank you so much.

Glad that child didn't sit on lil So-So...what's wrong with parents not watching their kids! Sheesh!

I love the Stef vs. Anthony battles lol!

And Stef vs. Cable Guy...ummm anyone else lol.

I plan on having a great weekend. That's the goal!

I've been feeling so blessed lately. One friend said I'm actually glowing! Wow!

Jay said...

Hey everyone!

SU definitely in the house with that throwback. I remember that was the theme song...that was cool.

The Heat look like garbage, and I'm not a Lebron hater.

If Vick continues, the Giants can say goodbye to the NFC East...and I'm a Giants fan.

As far as all the man talk, the women's responses don't surprise me at all. I used to be guilty of that myself. Not being a taker, because frankly, I think men who allow women to pay for them, buy them things, and cater to them WITHOUT reciprocating are bitchasses, but that's just me. But of not doing more to show a woman that I genuinely liked how much I appreciated her. Buying flowers didn't come naturally to me if I never saw her look at one. I just didn't have the foresight to pick up on things or try them out on my own because "I" wanted to instead of waiting on cues from her. Trust me fellas, even if you think something is corny, or that SHE'LL think something is corny, she'll love it...just because YOU gave it to her or thought of it. Women just want to know you love them, no matter how small the gesture.

I once brought a woman some soup when she said she had the sniffles, and after she got better, she cooked for me for a week. I was floored by that, but she said that gesture made her feel special and she just wanted to return the favor. Just like someone said, if you give them a little, they'll give you the world. I never want to be outdone, so I tend to go overboard now, but women show us all the time how much they care, we can do the same in return. Men, stop being selfish and lazy...and YES, the "nice" ones are just as guilty.

Brooke, sorry about Cole. I'll pray for him.

I get exhausted reading al the things Annamaria and Serena got going on. Good blessings!

I agree, over 10 profiles pics on FB is too much. I take it Ant has more than 10? :)

DMoe's list is hot, haven't heard the Avant remakes, will have to check them out.

I don't know what the Dougie is either, no desire to know.

Brooke said...


The blessings are overflowing for you, I'm so happy and proud of you! You deserve everything that comes your way. You work hard and pray hard...and the results are manifesting themselves!

Between Serena and Annamaria, they could rule the world.

If that child had sat on SoSo, I feel sorry for them. Anna don't play!

Stef said...


Ant, Cable Guy and I have a love hate relationship. I love Ant and hate Cable Guy! LMAO!

At least I'm not as bad as DMoe telling Mo to kick rocks. I think he secretly loves her.

Brooke, you're Ant's friend on FB, how many profile pis does he have? :)

Serena W. said...

Jay what can I tell ya! We are sistas on the move!!!

An NBA Player did the Dougie and it was hilarious! He did it when they introduced him in the line up!

Serena W. said...

Brooke we must have posted at the same time. Maybe we can rule the world lol! Be President Obama's right hand women. ( to First Lady of course)!

Stef you are funny!!!!

Anthony Otero said...

- Serena! I saw that! Thanks so much...I hate being profiled..ugh!

- Jay I am not sure how many I have. I don't change my pic all that much. But sometimes I get tired of certain pics. (just wait until i get a woman!

- besides...stef would love my pics :)

"Now there she goes again, the dopest Ethiopian
And now the world around me be gets movin in slow motion
when-ever she happens to walk by - why does the apple of my eye
overlook and disregard my feelings no matter how much I try?"

(been rocking this....)

Brooke said...


He has ALOT! LOL! Ant likes taking photos :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I didn't know what the "Dougie" dance was until I saw John Wall due it in his Wizards debut. I really don't try to learn these things at all...

- Brooke-Ra - your answer was really good. I guess I can see where you're coming from - nice doesn't mean a guy ISN'T selfish. Very good point.

I just find it really frustrating that all the good women I know think that the majority of us men - especially the Blacks and Latinos - ain't spit. And the problem is, like Ant pointed out - oft times the rest of us men have to suffer for the sins and actions of the other ones. (Sigh)...

- I just had a 1-hour convo with a girl I was in a relationship with years ago - we were in love, and probably should've gotten married. It was really good to catch up with her, and talk about our families, new relationships, etc. It's very hard for me to have a bad relationship with any woman I once had a romantic relationship with - if I loved and respected you, that doesn't change (with few exceptions). I'll still love and respect a FRIEND.

- Thank you for the compliment, Serena! A compliment from you means just a little bit more - cuz you always knew me from the jump... =)

- DMoe gets PROPS for his list, especially the Prince and Adam Levine I thought I was the only one up on that ish...

- @ ant - glad you like the music. I forget to include you sometimes when I send music to people...if I'm paying attention, I can get almost ANY album weeks before it comes out.

- Kanye's album is DOPE. No, really - he put his FOOT in it.

- Think my girlfriend will be mad if I cancel plans to go with her to visit a friend if the reason is to meet up with the young adults I mentor? They want to come down to my TV station tomorrow after my shift is over...

- Boston vs. Miami, LA vs. Denver tonight on TV...

- I saw the first ep of The Walking Dead and liked it. Haven't got episode 2 yet...

More After The Break.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Just read the posts I missed as I was typing...

Serena - that was John wall doing the Dougie! It was the first time I had actually seen it...

@ Ant - know what's funny? I LOVE The Pharcyde (as you know)...but the girl I mentioned above that I caught up with?


And you DO have a lot of pics, bruh. Lolz!

The Cable Guy said...


I have to say, I disagree with team Lauer. First of all, Lauer's interview with Bush was wack. He let him off WAY too easy if you ask me. He was all on his nutsack, and didn't followup with any hard questions, even when Bush led him right to them.

Secondly, I felt he was a bit condescending in his interview with Kanye, so I appreciate that Kanye didn't let him just walk all over him simply because he's "Matt Lauer." I thought he was composed, but stood up for himself. Then Lauer comes back and is like "this is all we did...why so upset?" Fuck Matt Lauer!

And guess what? George Bush STILL doesn't give a fuck about Black people! He has the nerve to say he RESENTS being called a racist? REALLY? Who gives a fuck! You ARE a racist! He proved it by WATCHING black bodies floaiting in New Orleans, bodies rotting on the street! I stand by what Kanye said, as so many black people do. I know you're a Nola boy DMoe, so it's a bit shocking you'd be on Team Lauer. Kanye spoke the truth, and now he's being villafied AGAIN for it. If Kanye's comment was the WORST part of your presidency, then I REALLY say FUCK EM, FUCK EM, FUCK EM! This man is INFINITELY wealthy, and he gives a damn what Kanye said? Fuck outta here.

Sorry for all the F bombs Brookey, that shit just makes me mad.

Brooke said...

No apologies necessary Cable Guy, I actually agree with you. I wasn't really feeling Matt Lauer in that interview...either one of them...and he CAN be condescending to most folks he interviews. I think Matt Lauer is a smart guy, but he tends to try to "show you" how smart he is sometimes at the expense of trying to make others look "not as smart." :) I totally feel you on that.

Jay said...

@Cable Guy,

I agree with you, I think we need MANY more Kanye's out there. Matt Lauer can be a dick sometimes.

Stef said...

ya'll better be careful, ya'll talking about Yolanda's boo! :)

Ant strikes me as someone who would love taking pics of himself! LOL!

Where IS Yolanda anyway?

Rameer, you just have to realize that men who do what you do are not the rule, they're the exception. It doesn't mean that they're complete assholes, but like Brooke said, being thoughtful isnt't the same as being nice.

Jaz said...

Brooke hit the nail on the head with her response. Men think that because they aren't Pookie from New Jack City, that they're arms and legs above the rest. You don't have to be a thug or some "loser" to be selfish. I know plenty of "nice" guys who think they're the cat's meow simply because they have a good resume...but won't buy your ass a stick of gum. They KNOW they're a commodity, so they feel that they should be treated like kings while not doing anything in return. I actually find that most of these "good catches" are the worst...the "nice" guys who cry about being overlooked, but not realizing that maybe they're being overlooked because they're selfish.

Jay said...

Pacquiao or Margarito?

DMoe said...

@Cable guy -

You make some good points, and I'll keep my reaction to their interview simple: I'm actually a Kanye fan (thru thick/thin), but Matt Lauer didn't necessarily throw him under some bus for showing him the video of Bush or MTV.

That's a moment that could be powerful to display Kanye's emotions, and that precedent was set when Kanye was asked about his mom on Leno a while back. As a result, he teared up, was genuinely emotional, and the Leno moment clip went viral.

I'll say this: I watch the Today show every morning, and have seen Lauer interview everybody from Tom Cruise (after the whole Scientology thing) to a few others who wanna go after him for his method of asking questions that viewers genuinely want answers to when it comes to the mindset when "the thing" happened.

In Kanye's case, he's upset cuz Lauer (and other things on the Today show set) made him uncomfortable, and that's cool. But its an interview, and if you get asked some hard questions, your "discomfort" is really just a product of the circumstance.

Kanye said a few things that cleared the air, but his discomfort was more than evident.

Matt Lauer didn't villify Kanye, and that interview didn't villify Kanye. This is about visiting an issue.

Also, for Bush to say it was the "lowest part of his presidency" is his opinion, and your right...Kanye WAS speaking his emotional opinion at that time.

Kanye also went on to say he SHOULDN'T have said that cuz he had no basis to call Bush a racist.

As a NOLA boy, I can't say it was/wasn't racism, but I got alot of friends of a FEW races who lost everything, so "Bush not caring about black people" is one side, but "Bush not caring about New Orleans" was the one I think of more.

In the interview, Kanye said one common thing thru the Taylor Swift/Bush stuff, he said "these outbursts are emotional, but they come from a place that means well"

I'm down with that, but don't blame the interviewer for asking questions that make you uncomfortable about stuff you ACTUALLY said, and then realized you shouldn't have.


The Cable Guy said...


We'll have to respectfully disagree on this one, cuz I thought it was bullshit. I watch the Today Show daily too, and I feel that Matt Lauer asked Kanye more difficult question than he did George Bush...the man who started 2 illegal wars, stole an election, let poor and black people DROWN in Katrina and drive this country damn near into a depression. You going at Kanye, but you don't want to make a PRESIDENT uncomfortable?

Again I say...fuck outta here.

I feel like he DID villify Kanye. You believe differently, but I DO. I watched the whole interview, so I don't need to you tell me that "he then went on to say" anything. You stated your opinion as fact that he didn't villify Kanye, but I'm saying I disagree with your OPINION.

And if Katrina had happened on Park Avenue, they wouldn't have even been there, cuz they would have evacuated all those rich, white folk. Maybe Kanye didn't have enough evidence to base is emotional outburst if watching drowning black people wasn't ENOUGH evidence...but I have enough evidence...and I STILL think George "Dubbya" doesn't give a fuck about black people.

Brooke said...


Smart money is on Pacman, but this is going to be a good one!

I want him to fight Mayweather :)

Anthony Otero said...

- Cable Guy does not care about white people

Stef said...

@Cable Guy,

I'm with you, I'm on Team Kanye with this one. I've always thought Lauer was a bit of a condescending asshole, long before the Bush and Kanye interviews.

The Cable Guy said...


You're right. I don't.

Yolanda said...

-Thanks to all the vets who serve, those who serve in silence (you'll be able to "tell" when "asked" soon) and those who returned home alive, but broken, including my uncle and cousin who left Vietnam alive but dead inside.

-GO MONICA!!! I don't even run for the bus. You go girl.

-Prayers for Cole the cat. Pets are our babies. I feel for him.

-DVRs are wonderful inventions.

-I'm teaching my 12 yr old cousin how to make her little "text message" boyfriends wait for replies. Then I thought, well shizz, I need to take my own advice. LOL

-J Crew's bridal collection is nice. Vera Wang for David's Bridal is going to be the shizz though... I can feel it!

-I change my profile pics a lot. Not every day but I like to switch it up. Usually a childhood photo...ah, reminder of my innocent self.

-Deebo's trying to Ike Turner you?

-Brooke, you need a humidifier in your house to protect your hair and your skin in the winter.

-My music fairy gave me some good tunes yesterday. :-)

-Rameer, nice guys are tough to find. You're obviously one. I remember the first time my best friend's boyfriend (now, husband) walked on the outside of us so that if a car randomly jumped the curb, he'd get hit first and not us. Apparently, this is a "man" thing. But unless someone does that for you or exposes you to that as a woman, how would you know. So many of us didn't have daddies around. If someone wants to call you too nice or give you slick "compliments," nod your head and remember, she's sleeping with a Snuggie. You're sleeping with the melon-cutter ;-)

-The Rock can rub his white guy all over me!

-Team Lauer! (man, I must be on a white guy kick)

-While we're at it... Team McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy too.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I won't jump in THIS fray, but I'll simply say - based on his comment,s policies, reactions to things, and mindset exhibited in 8 years of being a president - W. could care LESS about Black people. Seriously. I me, the Kanye moment was so real because that was EVIDENT not only by Katrina, but by him overall. Dude used to refuse to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus, for pete's sake.

- Pacman wins...

- @ Stef and Jaz - I hear y'all. But damn - if a considerate man is the exception and not the rule, how bad have we declined in this society?!? I mean - I'd like to think I'm considerate and thoughtful to ANYONE I care about. Geez...these guys are AWFUL if they're truly the majority nowadays. SMH.

- did I mention Kanye's album is DOPE??

- I'm geeked I have the new Jamiroquai joint, too - haven't listened to it yet, but I *will*...

Dammit - just got handed something to back later...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Before I go, to Yolanda - so funny you just broke down the putting the woman on the INSIDE thing...when I first started dating my girlfriend, I always did that, and one day she made me explain it. Afterwards, she told me I was silly...but very sweet. She said she had never heard of that...and then she asked her dad, who told her that was "old school" and that I must be a good guy.

You know who taught me that? The WOMEN in my family when I was a kid...

DMoe said...

I hear ya bruh...

The funny thing is, Katrina didn't happen on "Park avenue" per se, but there were some "white" areas of N.O that were decimated. I'm talking $500/$600k homes.

In those areas, those people had the resources/insurance/evac plans to get themselves out while their homes were flooded. That's a major difference with those of us who were left behind.

The failures of the government to protect its citizens begins at the local level. That's Ray Nagin. Then, there's the failure of the state level. That's Katherine Blanco. As for Bush, yep he's to blame for it, but he's standing in line as far as I'm concerned.

As for Kanye/Lauer, I respect everyone's points of view on Lauer, and he certainly can be a jerk with his approach from time to time, but as for asking Bush some "more difficult" questions, i'm sure you know the line of questioning goes through a chain of people on the show, and maybe they balked at the idea of convicting a past president of his crimes.

Convicting a rapper on stuff we've all seen on tape? I'm sure that came fairly easy on them - unless of course, Ye's publicist said certain lines of questioning were off limits.

Maybe we'll never know that part.


Rameer The Circumstance said...

Oh - and THANK YOU for the snuggie/melon-cutter analogy! Lolz!

The Cable Guy said...

Fuck that. George W. was on Oprah too, and eve SHE said "Can you see why Kanye said what he said though?" I give HER more props for digging a little on that.

Matt Lauer was mad about his subsequent tweets? Get the fuck outta here with alla dat.

And I know Katrina hit "white parts" but I didn't say Bush doesn't care about the "white parts." He obviously knows, as you so stated for me, that they have the means to get he ain't concerned about a late response for THEM cuz he knows the "people left behind" were BLACK or POOR people. He didn't even admit on Oprah that he coud "see how" we might interpret that as racism. He STILL won't admit it.

FUCK EM. Him AND Matt Fuckin Lauer.

DMoe said...

I hear ya bruh, but I can't blame Bush for nothing I can't blame Ray Nagin for. As for Oprah's line of questioning, those are noble questions that she has a vested interest in. I've seen/heard Lauer take an angle with the subject of Katrina, and the line of questioning for Mr.Bush's interview was one of retrospect, so it could certainly be a little bit different these days (since he's no longer in office and all.)

700 N.O. School district busses underwater while people are stranded? I wouldn't blame President Obama for that, I'd blame the mayor. Lobbying for more federal funds for our levees to be built to modern standards? That's on my congressional representatives, and my state's governor.

As for Lauer and Bush, your opinion is well-stated, and you make some good points.

However, all I'm saying is, there's enough Katrina blame to go around. "Bush doesn't care about black people?" Probably not.

The Cable Guy said...

Bush is sitting around waiting for the mayor and governor of New Orleans and Louisiana to give him the "go head" to help? Again I say, "FUCK OUTTA HERE."

That shit was a crisis of epic proportions and we send aid to other countries faster than we responded to Katrina. If you see that the mayor and governor are sitting on their assese after A DAY, then you need to man up an step in. He can bulldoze his way into Iraq, but not New Orleans?

If you still feel it's not HIS fault as PRESIDENT to intercede, there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

Yolanda said...

-Oprah is going balls to the wall this season. She had Joe Jackson looking like he was finna whup HER arse!

-Speaking of Katrina... do y'all remember this one from Wolf Blitzer: "those people are so poor and so black"?

Live TV will burn you every time! I'm sure there are a lot of people who've said things on live TV and wish they could take them back. That being said, Kanye is waaay to extra. While his "diva" antics are quite funny, he knows this point, he should know why "TV people" do what they do. He even got pissed when MTV played the audio of his "Runaway" mini-movie while he was giving an interview to Sway. He needs a PR/media training class.

The Cable Guy said...

And if Obama let people drown for days while the mayor and governor did nothing, I'd blame his ass too!


You're my boo, and yes, Kanye can be way extra...but he tells the truth. Bush DOESN'T care about black people and Beyonce's video WAS better than Taylor Swift's! LOL! Yes, he may need to be more "media trained" (since all of you seem to be "media people" on this blog) but he tells it straight. He says what most of us think, maybe just not in "media speak."

Brooke said...

Yolanda is SO right about Oprah. She's been KILLIN IT lately.

"I'm surprised to see you HERE" she said to Joe Jackson...awww shucks! She asked him about beating Michael, all of that. He did look like he wanted to Ike Turner her...(kinda like how Deebo is doing me :-)

She's going to have The Color Purple Reunion on her show on Monday. I'm ALL OVER THAT!!!

"you told Harpo to beat me!"

Yolanda said...

Cable Boo...I'm not arguing with you about Bush's love/hate of black people...well, he loves Condi but that's neither here nor there. I was just making the point about what people say under the pressure of live TV. Sometimes you say stuff you wish you could take back. If given the chance though, I think Kanye would say that AGAIN though. And I think he will have another random meltdown about something else. It's part of his schtick and the reason I read his tweets every day. I think Kanye is a very bruised man though. When your Mother dies and you think it's your fault... there's a wound there.

DMoe said...

Unfortunately Cable guy...

There are those among us who must stick to "protocol" instead of doing what's necessary, needed and warranted exactly when the time comes.

That failure can certainly be shared, but I'll say Bush should have got people's azzes in motion and made the move to my city MUCH faster. After all, your the president.

Meanwhile, President Obama's response to the Gulf oil spill was widely criticized as too slow also. Obama saw that this/that failed and stepped in, but it wasn't immediate either.

Should our president be blamed for that one? I don't think so.

As for the aid to other countries, I certainly agree with that one. the funny thing is sending money overseas has less red-tape than sending it south of the Mason-Dixon line. That's a problem.


Jay said...

I remember that Wolf Blitzer comment. Unfuckinbelievable.

And I agree Cable Guy...the President can override all that shit if he sees people DYING. He wasn't worried about starting wars without any explanation. He invaded Iraq at will. He was a balls out president who did what the f*ck he wanted to do. So why does he need "permission" to intercede in Katrina? It's easy to say what you could've or should've done, but like Rameer said...he's had a history LONG before Katrina of showing us that he doesn't care about black or poor people.

The Cable Guy said...

An oil spill happening miles below the surface is A LOT different than actually seeing with your own eyes (in a fuckin plane ABOVE the disaster) people literally crying out for help and DYING in the street. These are PEOPLE. He didn't land. He didn't say "get those people out NOW!" He watched. For 5 days. At least when Obama saw shit wasn't working, he responded as fast as he could. There's no way Obama would watch people drown...I'm sure of it.

But, if you believe it was "protocol" and that THAT was the reason he didn't respond...again, there's a Bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you.

DMoe said...

Ok man...The funny thing is, your still "arguing" these points, and I'm not.

We actually agree.

You say "tomato", I say "spaghetti".

Kum ba yah playa...Kum. Ba. Ya, and I dont want no damn bridge in Brooklyn. Please stop trying to sell me one.


The Cable Guy said...

I'm not "arguing" anything...again, stating your opnion as fact. You keep responding with YOUR points, so are you "arguing" too? We're simply giving our points of view. So please, spare me.

If you change your mind about the bridge, I'll have Matt Lauer put in on the market for me so you can buy it.

Courtney said...

you both were actually arguing your points, you too Dmoe.

I didn't see you both as totally agreeing, but that's just me. Not that you have to, it's a blog where we can express our views freely.

Good discussion today though!

Rameer The Circumstance said...


Did I mention that new Kanye album is kinda dope??

The Cable Guy said...


LMAO!! Yes, it IS dope!

I didn't want to agree with you on that so as not to appear too deep on Team Kanye! LMAO!!

Always good discussion on the blog. None of it's personal.


you're quiet sweetie :) LOL!

Oh, and I gave Brooke an extra free modem for her laptop - does that qualify me as not one of these selfish cats you all encounter? :)

Stef said...

And Cable Guy wins! LOL!!

Seriously though, I'm not a huge Kanye fan, but I do like some of his music. He IS extra, but this latest thing with Matt Lauer was messed up. Matt comes across as a know-it-all, and it makes him seem like an asshole. I know Yolanda loves him, but I can only take but so much of him.

Color Purple Reunion??!! Monday??! Yaay!!! Oprah rocks! Her season this year is KILLER!

The Cable Guy said...


I'm not trying to "win." It's a simple discussion. There are no winners...just differences of opinion.

I have to say, I was never much of an Oprah watcher, but her season HAS been great so far. She does a good show, can't deny her that. I appreciate her hustle. I missed the Joe Jackson part of the interview, but I can imagine how that must've been based off the promos. Not sure I'm gonna watch the Color Purple Reunion, but maybe I will since I know that is my baby Brooke's fav movie of all time :)

Courtney said...


Now that Kanye-gate is over, I'd like to address your question by asking you one. Do you think men only become selfless when they're in love? I find that I've dated men who were not very thoughtful while we dated, then after we broke up and they became involved with another woman they were in love with, their behavior changed. Do you agree, or is selflessness/selfishness a general quality in a man?

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Courtney - I really don't know. See, to me, anyone I care about I'm going to be somewhat selfless and generous towards...and I only use the term "somewhat" cuz I recognize there are varying degrees. I'm not as generous with my cousin as I am with my baby sis, for example - but I'm still generous.

I would suspect that it may be the case. But honestly, I would say I've never needed to be in love to be selfless, thoughtful and nice to someone. If they're good to me, I'm good to of my catchphrases that I've used since high school is "I'm user-friendly". I give back what people give to me.

The odd thing is...and even Serena can attest to this - most people would say I'm naturally mean. And I'd AGREE. I don't believe in being nice just to do it; I believe people need to demonstrate to me that they are deserving of nice behavior. But to not go off on a tangent...myself and most of the guys I hang/deal with are not selfish people, to their friends OR their women. And I don't think I have some internal "good guy" finder. Which is why I get fed up sometimes at the "all men ain't spit" rhetoric.

But I can't deny that MOST women I know say that most men ain't spit, and certainly point out I'm not like most guys. They can't ALL be delusional, seeing as they live in different areas, are different ages, have different jobs, experiences, etc. It's just really messed up that men don't do basic things like buy a woman something just because he likes her.

But even my woman asks me questions I think are stupid sometimes, but they aren't - I guess they're just based on what's out there. I brought her breakfast in bed once, and she said "Why are you doing THIS??" and I responded "Um...maybe cuz I LIKE you??" And she used to be surprised that even though I have a PS3 hooked up to a dope TV in her living room, I'd much rather sit with her and cuddle while watching TV together. It doesn't surprise her any more...but there's still times I'll do something and I'll tell her "I did it cuz I love you/like you".

If it takes a man to be full-fledged in love with a woman to treat her with some thoughtfulness and respect...we REALLY have problems in our communities.

Brooke said...


I think most good guys hang out with other good guys. I've never seen a good guy hang out with a loser. Ever. Usually men of a certain caliber wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with a dude that'll make them look bad - unless they're related by blood or something. And even then, they're trying to make the "bad" guy good.
So maybe that's why it's hard for you to believe that most men aren't like the ones you hang around.

It's the same with women. I don't gravitate towards birds. Never have. So when men say all women are birds, gold diggers, skanks, hood rats...I'm baffled by that. I guess I don't see them that much (unless I'm in the Queens Center Target) :-) From my perspective, most women are like the ones on this blog. Not to say that we aren't with any flaws, but I certainly don't see us like the robotic women that were on that viral FB cartoon. I think of them as the extreme, just as I'm sure you think of these other men as the extreme of your gender.

The point is, we can't lump all people together, but I think you attract what you ARE, what you believe and how you behave in MANY instances. Not all, since there is a disparity in sheer numbers, but for the most, if you think all men are dogs and selfish, those are the men you'll attract. If YOU are selfish, then you might attract selfish men.

Sometimes it takes a bit of learning by association. I once told a guy how generous he was, and he admitted that he normally wasn't...but because I was giving to him, it made him want to be giving back. Even if it's not done inherently, there's still hope. I'd hope that selfishness in something that comes naturally, but if it's "learned," then I see nothing wrong with that either.

Brooke said...

I meant "selflessness" not "selfishness" :)

I've got typos all up and thru this blog! LOL!

Yolanda said...

-I like Lauer but if he's being a prick, I'd say that.
That interview with Kanye was taped. The part of the story was revealed on Hoda/Kathie Lee is that Matt Lauer gave Kanye lots of time to think and respond. Apparently, Kanye paused a lot and Matt just let him sit and choose his words. I think that speaks volumes because a lot of interviewers wouldn't give you that time or they'd put words in your mouth. I saw the interview a few times this morning and it didn't seem over the top to was Lauer asking questions and Kanye being, well, Kanye. And let's face it... it's TV and for the ratings. If Kanye doesn't want to talk about old sh*t, he shouldn't do interviews. You can make it well known BEFORE an interview what you will and won't answer.

The Cable Guy said...


Well, I've already hashed this out with DMoe, so I won't go at it with you other than to say I still think Lauer was condescending in his tone while recounting how the interview went in response to Kanye's tweets. At the end of the day, I don't think if Kanye said to him BEFORE the interview not to play video of him interrupting Taylor that they wouldn't have thrown it in there. I just think that his interview style with Kanye was alot different than how it was with Bush...when if you ask me, Bush had ALOT more to answer for. Nobody should give a damn what Kanye thinks or how he feels. But George Bush was our president. He was responsible for deaths in 2 wars and Katrina. I don't think Matt Lauer got at him hard enough. No one is crying foul over his weak interview with Bush, but we're sitting here on a blog debating how he was with Kanye freakin West? C'mon son.

If you ask me, Kanye is genius, because he has folks talking about him more than a former president of the who could arguably go down as the worst president in history, and is a the very least, a war criminal.

Maybe all you media folks have a soft spot for your colleague :)

Yolanda said...

Oh I agree with you on that Cable Guy...the tone for Kanye was different than it was for Bush. Lauer got slammed for that in reviews. I'm not "arguing" at all...just saying.

I think we're all in agreement on Bush's failures as a president.

The Cable Guy said...

I hear you boo, you know you my "play wife" :)

Ms. Penn said...


I know the discussion has ended and many have gone home, but I wanted to add something that I thought was important. As someone who has dated across SEVERAL races, I will say that the "thoughtlessness" of some men in a universal thing. Not a "black man" thing. I realize that with For Colored Girls out, some black men feel it's open season on them, but I wanted it to be clear that I (and I think most women on this blog) were speaking of men in general, not black men.

I'm with an AMAZING black man now, and the men whom I've dated who have treated me the best have all been black men.

Just wanted to add that :)

Yolanda said...

Good point Ms. Penn!

Didn't want you to think that fell on deaf ears :-)

Brooke said...

I agree, I read it too!

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