Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Sorry I didn't have a chance to blog yesterday, but I got stuck at an offsite meeting all day. And since I have no takers for a guest blogger for Friday, I won't be blogging tomorrow either :-( But Fury will be in full effect on TMI Tuesday!

- My brain is already in DR - I'm so excited!

- Work has been kicking my ass this week! My vacation can't come soon enough.

- This oil spill is out of control. Why wouldn't these oil companies have practices in place to deal with possible catastrophes? Unbelievable. I hope this plug works.

- What's up with the Celtics v. Magic series? I didn't watch all of the game, but from what I could see of it...there's some shady goings on here. Forced game 6? Or do the Magic really want it?

- Do people still care about American Idol? Who should replace Simon?

- Speaking of American Idol, did y'all see Janet?

She killed it. And she's rockin' the short do...Fabulous or Fail? - as the ladies on Witches Brew would ask :-)

- There's no way Brett Michaels should have beaten Holly Robinson Peete on Celebrity Apprentice. I can say that and I didn't even watch that show. He got the pity vote.

- Nicole Scherzinger, on the other hand, TOTALLY deserved to win Dancing with the Stars. But she has had dance experience, although it's not ballroom dance. Do you think it's fair that entertainers can compete on DWTS, or should they be allowed to perform if they've never been FORMALLY trained in dance, particularly ballroom dance?

- And here is Brian's Random Thoughts Thursday Throwback:




Stef said...


That Keith Murray joint was my SHIT!

Monica said...

Happy Thursday people!

I'm so glad the weekend is pretty much here! woooo hoooo! I'm off tomorrow so today is my Friday :-)

I'm sad I won't be going with Brooke to soul siesta. Maybe next year it will be in the cards for me.

I better get to work so that I can actually leave on time today.

I'm feeling Janets new cut. It's about time she got a new look.

I also think that it is unfair for people who have had any time of dance experience to be on dancing with the stars. They usually end up being the ones who make it to the end. Wasn't it Mya last season?

The Fury said...

One look at Janet and I damn near lost my mind...actually I'm still looking for it. Thank goodness the bbal game had a lull and I turned to Idol (which I haven't watched since like ep 3 this season).

Did. You. See. That. Body??

the ref calls were an adjustment since the Celtics were getting all types of calls in Boston

there were way more fouls NOT called that shouldve, like Pierce's flagrant pushing Reddick to the floor

Howard gets away with the elbows just like Rodman did. Using the elbow is an art.

Ask Big Baby's tooth

and why that ninja call himself and act like a big baby? That shit brings us down as a people!

Brooke are you going topless in DR?

Janet's hair looks nice on her....but you gotta be Janet to pull that off

this weather needs to improve, I like seeing cleavage and legs when I venture through Gotham

dag Brooke. If I wouldve known I wouldve put together something for Friday too...hehehe

ask a sex survey and let it rock!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Last night's Celtics-Magic game was DEFINITELY rigged on the part of the refs. Awful. I think the NBA heard the complaints of the series' not being exciting enough, and wanted to "help" the Celts-Magic series be as exciting as the Lakers-Suns joint. I'd be pissed if I was a boston fan, though.

- Once again, something I've said eons ago is now being taken seriously by people I know cuz "experts" and "professionals" are now saying it. This time, it's the problem I've always had with stories having the characters changed from nonwhite to white when the story is made into a movie...such as the upcoming Prince Of Persia And Last Airbender flicks.

Why can't people think on their own? Why do people have to wait until someone in the media says anything for it to possibly be true?


- Princess was very upset at work today. I kissed her and hugged her right in the newsroom, cuz she looked like she just wanted to BAWL. I feel for her...she can't leave cuz she has to do the noon newscast, so she just has to suck up what's bothering her. I hope she feels better - I HATE seeing her sad.

- Went to sushi with her and her friend Kate last night - got THE BIGGEST SUSHI PLATTER EVER. Both of them were like "that's for ONE PERSON??" Her friend Kate looked on in amazement as I finished my huge platter before they finsihed their normal-size ones...

- Janet KILLED that AI performance! Dayum - show 'em how IT'S DONE, Miss Jackson!!!

- I love The witches Brew, there's no denying it - but I secretly find it gay as all hell when they post a pic that asks "Fierce Or Fail?" and a guy responds "Fierce!" Anytime a dude uses that word and they're not talking about fighting, wars, sports, monsters, etc. - My "How You Doin??" meter goes off...

- My girl gave me an 8 disc best of the 80s compilation! AND, it doesn't just feature Pop and Rock - it has EVERYTHING - Kool & The Gang, Kurtis Blow, DeBarge, etc. She seriously is THE BEST...

- It's stab workers in the back time at my job nowadays...they attempt was made on me last week, and now it's filtering over to other people...

- I know document EVERY REMOTE DEALING with certain people in my building. Like - if we walk down the same hall together, I write a synopsis. I'm so serious.

- Taking mi abuela shopping Saturday morning - no football this weekend...

- Melissa DeSousa. Ain't nothin' wrong WITH THAT...

- Think I may have said this before...I *hate* watching mostly white TV shows that introduce a Black female character - cuz most women on TV almost always inevitably fall in love with some white dude on the show, not remotely mimicking reality. I say this cuz I refused to watch "Hawthorne" when it began, even though I LOVE Jada - cuz I figured she'd end up with a white dude. Watching the promos for the upcoming season, I was soooooo right...

And no, I don't have an issue with interracial romances. I have an issue with the biased way they're depicted on TV - every woman of color just throws herself at any white dude on any show...but it's not like you see Latino, Asian, Black, or Indian male characters winding up with white women. It's EXTREMELY disproportionate...

- I think I'm one of the few cats who doesn't think Chilli is too picky or crazy...

- My sister-in-law's older sis' little boy completely listens to me. Moreso than his own father...sad...

- I hope Brooke-Ra has fun on vacation, and that Ant IS having fun on his va-cay!

- Shout out to my fellow alum Monica Belk, who produced TNT's interview with President Obama on Tuesday night! It was fantastic - and she even sent me a pic of her with the pres! NICE!!!

Possibly More After The Break...

Brooke said...

Big Baby looked delirious didn't he? That fool didn't know what day it was.

I went topless the first time I went to DR, but I don't think I can get away with that at Soul Siesta :)

I wish Monica was going too :(

Fury, you can still send me your survey to post for tomorrow :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...


The Fury said...

@Brooke - I was suggesting you do the sex survey. You know damn well my survey would begin with "do you take it/give it in the butt?" and end with "whats the best way to tell someone they suck in bed?" lol

find a quiet beach and take off the top Brooke. No tan lines when you return...I'll come check ;-)

Saying "fierce" is definitely gay unless it's for the aformentioned examples. Thanks Rameer

I gave a woman flowers last week. She acted unimpressed. They were really nice flowers. This is why chivalry is dying...

I need a guest blogger for my site. Anyone wanna write? You can make up a pen name and all that.

maybe i'll hand out flowers outside of a S&TC2 showing and gauge the reception

Brooke said...

I LOVE receiving flowers. I was just telling Monica this week that I would love for someone to give me flowers. I don't care who it is :) I would have probably licked your face if you gave me flowers :)

I'll see if I can come up with survey questions at some point today, but I'm trying to keep it all together here at work.

Ant said he may crash Soul Siesta - I hope he does!

Speaking of Chilli, the 2 guys she's choosing from are both white - and it was suggested that she's giving them a pass on things that she wouldn't give a black guy a pass on - does anyone agree with that? I might have to blog about that, or have a guest blogger touch on that subject for me about perceptions and expectation of men of various races in general.

It's freezing in my office today!

Yolanda said...

Topless? Oh boy! My Mom & I were on a cruise and we went to a nude beach (WE were in bathing suits) and a older guy swam right next to us with his bawls all out. Eww.

I would like to go to a HOT nude beach though. That would be nice.

Why is the IT repair dude always a little 'off'?

Can I get on 50 Cent's liquid diet? Just for like 2 or 3 weeks.

*DEAD* at the Fierce or Fail comment. Never even thought of it like that. Maybe we should call it Fierce (in a totally non-gay way) or Fail? in honor of the Meercat!

Discovered last night that my boobs grew. Oy.

Freelancing today. Hoping to get out of here in time to catch the 7pm SATC2. I have a ticket for it and it's just 2 train stops away.

How lame would I be to ask 'uh, thanks for this job and all, but what time is it over? Carrie and 'nem won't wait for me!'

Whattup with Janet's mix of lip sync and singing though? She looked fantastic though. Reowr! And take dat take dat Jermaine Dupri! What is she now? 44. Get it girl! And she had on a hot pair of Louboutins too.

I need clothes. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

I want someone to sit me in front of a bushel of crabs and a Corona! STAT

The Starbucks plastic 'to-go' cup is a thing of beauty. It looks like the cup they put Frappucinos in but it's dishwasher safe. I travel with it like Linus does his blanket.

Simple things make me happy, I swear.

Found out some good news about 2 friends but another friend is sorta on the outs with them. So I'm keeping it to myself.

Working a theater event next month and hoping my Crocs go with my ball gown. Ha!

More later...perhaps!

Stef said...

Brooke! I totally agree that Chilli is giving the white boys more of a chance than she gave the black guys. Don't get me wrong, love is where you find it. But she made a BIG deal about a guy having to fit her "list" and now she's giving Farmer D a pass even though he's not religious or doesn't believe in God...or whatever it is he said. If she's SO Godly and spiritual, wouldn't THAT be the thing you WOULD NEVER compromise on? Oh, but if the black guy eats a hot dog, it's a wrap? Really?

That made her wack to me. She's not picky, she's a hypocrite.

I loved the 90 degree weather yesterday, which it was hot again today.

I also wish I was going somewhere fun for Memorial Weekend. Brooke, have a mamajuana shot for me!

Sarah Palin is a fool.

Pres. Obama about to speak on the oil spill. This is not a good look for him, but I'm sure he'll make some people pay for this.

Brooke said...

I missed 50 Cent - wasn't he on The View? I wanted to see how skinny he is now...I have to go back and find it on my dvr. I don't think I could do a liquid diet tho...unless of course I was getting paid to do it for a movie role :)

I have to find time to sneak out and get a mani/pedi at some point today.

There are not enough hours in the day...and I haven't even packed yet.

JUSTBNME said...

Hey All,

*I'm not sure how many of you are in the Television Industry, but it sounds sooo interesting! Rameer (office drama aside) makes his job sound AWESOME! Not looking for a "hook up" ( I work in sports), just wanted to say that!
*I hate disrespectful kids...I'm talking about rolling your eyes, smacking your lips, disrespectful..SHM
*I need sleep
* Do good workers finish last?
* I want to go to DR with Brooke...We are a family of 4, but I'm sure we can squeeze into a large duffel bag!
* I don't feel like doing any work today.
* The sandwich I had for lunch barely scratched the surface.....
* My kids refuse to get out of our bed....7 & 3.....I know I'll miss the experience when they become teenages, but right now....GET OUT!!!

Brooke said...

working in the tv industry is fun, but not as glamourous as some people think. I must admit tho, I love my job :) I feel blessed.

I won't even tell you the crazy pitches we watched yesterday tho. Would any of you watch a taxidermy show? Exactly.

I love President Obama - I don't care what anybody says.

Seriously contemplating going topless now :)

I wish I could take everyone with me to DR!

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke + topless in DR = Heaven :)

I REALLY wanna go now!

Will just be chillin in the NYC this weekend with my son :)

"The Most Beautifullest Thing in this world is just like thaaaat!" That was my shit too!

The most beautifullest thing is Brookey Baby :)

Lakers to win it all. Go Kobe!

After basketball is done, I'm gonna be lost til the fall.

I want a steak and soome fries. Hungry as hell right now!

Fury should do the questions tomorrow - that should be interesting :)

Brooke, have a GREAT time on your trip!

Yolanda said...

TV is cool, sometimes. I enjoy the thrill of being FIRST with information. But my blood pressure really appreciates not being in a newsroom anymore.

Honestly, I'd rather blog or web produce now and transition out of TV for awhile.

I say this as I freelance on a TV show today. LOL

I wanna go to the DR :-( One of the Witches is going next week for her bday. I planned to go but then I got laid off. I should've just said the heck with and went.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ JUSTBNME - I make it sound interesting? Really? I didn't even know...lolz! thanks! But as Yolanda and Brooke-Ra said, it can be cool, but it's not as glamorous as it may seem to some. For example - I had a gazillion people telling me how lucky I was and how cool it was to be covering the President's visit to my city - and I was like "nooooooo!" I didn't want to do it - not cuz seeing the prez wouldn't be cool. It def would be! No, I simply knew what it entailed and the hassle it was going to be...and I'm pretty sure Brooke-Ra empathized with me (which I appreciated).

But there are def cool moments. Chilling with a bunch of "the beautiful people" sometimes for work when you're a strictly behind-the-scenes person can be fun - especially if I'm involved! People at my station LOVE to be around me in those situations, cuz they know I don't give a eff!

Someone just reminded me - I didn't even remember - that I actually told Taylor Swift (pre-Kanye, before EVERYONE knew who she was outside of country) that I wish they had some HOT Country singers performing when I had to cover her concert! and SHE was the headliner! Lmao!! I didn't KNOW she was the headliner, but my opinion didn't change - send me Shania Twain! Shoot! Lmao!

This girl who worked at my station brought her friends and used my access to get her and her friends backstage, in the VIP area, to meet the singers, etc. My main concern? Getting the proper shots and drinking cold beer...

@ Stef - um, are you SURE?? Cuz me and my girl watch that Chilli show (she's hooked), and we both remember Farmer D praying over their meal together. I don't think he doesn't care about God - I think he's religious...

I've heard the Chilli giving a pass to white men argument. I don't get that impression...believe me, if I did, I'd be all over her for that crap! But I'd be interested to read why some of you guys think that...I actually think the two white dudes were good guys. And I think the only guy worth giving her time to that she didn't was that guy "Dovet" or whatever his name was...all the rest, I saw why she shouldn't have bothered.

- Our Internet was down, and now it's back. How in the blue hell do you have a multi-million dollar operation where the f'n Internet is down?!? Unbelievable.

- @ Yolanda - I'm NEVER saying "fierce" Like, EVER. Not in THAT capacity...I always laugh when I see dudes posting "fierce!" when you guys ask something like if Rihanna's boots are hot. Most dudes chime in with how good the woman looks - but them dudes?

Where you find dem at??

- that video of the baby smoking is pure buffoonery...

- I've been arbitrarily entered by my TV station into the Gus Macker b-ball tourney cuz I played on my own with the weather guy in it last year. WTF?!? Why they just assume I want to represent they arses in it??

- I'm thinking cheeseburger sub for dinner. I've been eating not so good lately...

- My girl bought a bunch of fresh fruit. Yummy!

- Princess' friend Kate is a lacrosse teacher. I find that sexy...DON'T JUDGE ME!!! Lmao!!

More After The Break.

Brooke said...

Farmer D said he was an athiest at first, and then said he doesn't follow any religion. I did find it kind of odd myself that Chilli was cool with that. She asked him if he'd convert and he said he could "embrace" a religion if he saw the value in it. So she rocked with that.

I admit, I was kinda baffled by her seemingly cool attitude with the whole religion thing, but would knock a brotha for eating pork. Unless you're a Muslim, I don't see how the two even compare. But to Rameer's point, most of the dudes we saw her set up with were BEAUTIFUL, but that was about it. Other than that, they were sort of cornball'ish. Dolvett was handsome, and he was alos the Single Man of the Month in the Essence Mag. I knew I recognized him from somewhere.

Mani/pedi is out of the way!

I'm getting cramps. That would SO NOT be cool right now...

I still have so much to do before I leave to go meet Deebo tonight.

I wish I had taken today off.

I'm counting down the minutes!

Stef said...


That's what I thought. I watched where Farmer D said he was an athiest and thought that'd be a wrap on him based on how strict she was with the other guys. But she could "keep an open mind" with Farmer D - but not the dude that ate pork or the one who enjoyed a drink every now and then? da fuck outta here.

But to each her own. I just thought it was weird she'd overlook RELIGION.

I'm getting excited FOR you Brookey! I'm gonna miss your blog tomorrow and Monday, but looking forward to Fury's blog on Tuesday!

Can we get a hint on what it's about?? :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Then maybe I got Farmer D confused with the other dude. Completely possible. I just could've swore I saw dude praying with her.

But if it happened as you guys say (I don't watch that ish more than once, and I only watch it when I'm with her), then you're right - that ish is WACK. And Stef called it correctly - she is INDEED a hypocrite.

Jaz said...

Baby smoking??? That's terrible!

I also thought Chilli was a bit hypocritical with the whole Farmer D thing. And he's not FINE. Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, she thought he was GORGEOUS. I don't see it.

Bill is cool, but he's not gorgeous either. According to HER standards, the guy had to be drop dead fine, and neither one of them is in MY opinion. But hey, if she likes them, that's all that matters. I think she just likes Bill cuz he's constantly giving her compliments, and all women love that :)

This oil spill is so scary. We're killing ourselves and our planet.

After a 90 degree day, 70 feels downright chilly! Can't wait for the hot days to return.

I think Diddy should replace Simon on American Idol.

Entertainers who dance SHOULD be allowed to be on DWTS. It's not like they WIN everytime one is on there. Usually the Olympians or athletes win :) Well, the seasons I've watched anyway. Just because you can sing or were in a group doesn't mean you can ballroom dance. And Mario Lopez was the best dancer in his season and he lost. And Mario wasn't the best ballroom dancer eithr and he dances in his videos. I say let them dance.

I'm sad 24 and Lost are done. Lost finale wasn't that great tho. Still so many unanswered questions, so it was a waste.

I wish I loved basketball as much as Brooke and the rest of you do so I'd have something exciting to watch :)

Jaz said...

I meant Mario the singer, as well as Mario Lopez :)

Jay said...

Hey good peoples!

I'm late today but wanted to wish Brooke safe travels and a great time on her vacation! We'll miss you! Well, I know I will anyway :)

Janet Jackson - damn. That's all I gotta say.

How many times can a woman throw a drink in another woman's face? Basketball Wives is just dumb.

Oil spill - Obama's Katrina.

Swimmers already missing and summer hasn't even officially started yet. Please be careful everyone this weekend.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Great point about the singers on DWTS, Jaz.

Brooke said...


You'll just have to wait til Tuesday to find out what Fury's blog is about :)

Thanks Jay! I'll miss you guys too (from the beach) :-) LOL!

Jaz said...

Thanks Rameer :)

I think you make your job sound fun, not because it's the tv business, but because you sound like you work with a bunch of characters and you get under their skin :)

It's funny that all you Syracuse people work in tv some kinda way. Except Serena, who's a writer. But you all seem creative. I guess Brooke could be considered a writer too?

Brooke, you, Serena, Yolanda and Rameer should start some sort of media company :) I bet you all could rule the world! :)

I'm gonna miss Brooke too! I wanna go!

Brooke said...

I think Rameer getting under his co-worker's skin is an understatement :) LOL!

Yolanda said...

Have a fantastic vacay, Brooke! Enjoy and travel safely!

Get a great tan!

I'm glad Sherzingawhat'sherface won DWTS. Now, maybe she can dump them Dolls and go solo for real.

Kelly Rowland needs to do DWTS.

There's an online debate going on about whether the oil spill is Obama's Katrina. I agree it's massive, but I don't know that I'd use those terms exactly.

I 2 spa gift certificates... mani/pedi here I come.

This keyboard has a problem with the letter I.

I wish this was a Mac.

SATC2 tonight. Woot woot!

I'm not even wearing my cute shoes today :-(

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Thanks, Jaz! I do INDEED work with a bunch of characters - I often say we'd have the BEST reality show - all we'd have to do is tape our day-to-day activities. We wouldn't need a damned thing to spice it up - people who come to visit are usually VERY entertained!

I arbitrarily yell "SHUT THE F**K UP!!" at least once a week, whether something warrants it or not...

And I ABSOLUTELY get under my co-workers skin. 9000%!! In fact, I don't know if there is a word strong enough for what I do...and the ones who don't like me (they're all easily identifiable; they are in the minority and I call them "The Legion Of Doom" cuz they're not liked by most anyway) REALLY get upset cuz they can never get me on my work. It's always done, and it's always down CORRECTLY. And I'm not exactly humble about saying I'm a good shooter/editor/producer. Hey - truth is truth...

I actually said in a meeting with the top managers "I ain't gotta like NONE of you muddafuggas, and you ain't gotta like me. But y'all know - when it comes to the actual job, the god gets BUSY..."

My GM looked at me like I was nuts and just looked down and shook his head. Lmao!

Hmmm - media company? Sounds intriguing. Especially with women running it - I'm a feminist by nature (lolz!). Actually, there are so many of us working in something creative, be it TV or other careers - we'd make a HELL of a company!

Jaz - you get Brooke-Ra to get the ball rolling, and I'm in...lolz!

Brooke-Ra - I hope you have a MAGNIFICENT time! Enjoy yourself to the fullest. Hopefully, we'll see each other in July at the SU BBQ! I'm def trying to make it down to the DMV for that...trying to set up that arrangement where I can get my peoples' crib to myself for a week again (although I'll probably have to pay some money THIS time!).

Yolanda said...

Apparently, I didn't learn grammar...

"I HAVE 2 spa gift certificates... mani/pedi here I come."

Can't wait for the DMV-Syracuse BBQ. Last year was cool. Didn't even know there were so many Cuse heads in this city.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Yolanda - Scherzinger most likely will never leave The Dolls. She tried to release her solo album, and the anticipation was tepid. People are much more hungry for her as the lead singer of The Dolls than as a solo artist. it's the jiggle factor - 5 girls jiggling are better than one! She sings lead on every song ANYWAY...might as well have some back-up singer/dancers. She'd have 'em anyway - just with lesser paychecks. But she still gets paid the most!

I also heard the fact that she was Jumpoff Sally hurt her at the label, too. ERRYBODY had a piece of her when she rose to fame, I guess - even Snoop D-O Double G...

That's what I've been told by cats in that industry.

The Fury said...

Have fun in DR Brookey..take flicks. I'm a visual person! Lmao

No sneak previews Stef. The text didn't get sent back to me so I assume Brooke found it to be ok enough. I even censored some filthy language. Lol

If Obama puts on a wetsuit and high boots and goes out in that water, I will lose some respect for him. They want a Black man to come behind them and clean up. Funk dat!

Yolanda said...

I remember when she tried to go solo. The song wasn't "that" bad. Too bad for her. Now she has a gang of new Dolls behind her that no one will care about. She's very much the "Beyonce" of her group. When Beyonce's on tour, she does a few Destiny's Child songs and you realize how much she really didn't need the rest of those girls. Sad.

On another note, Ray Allen has the perfect chocolate bald head. Makes me think of Milk Duds.

Yolanda said...

Funny you mention a wetsuit, Fury. The PA governor said (with a laugh): "If Bill Clinton was president, he'd have been in a wetsuit, you know, trying to get down to see the spill."


Brooke said...

They're a bunch of haters... Obama ain't doing that mess!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes on my trip! You all have a great weekend too! Be safe!

The blog for TMI Tuesday is hot :)

Stef said...

Damn! Okay, guess I'll wait and be patient Brooke and Fury!

Brooke, if you go topless, send Fury the pics so he can add them to his next TMI Tuesday blog about exhibitionists :)

Yolanda said...

Fury will have you assed out on Twitter :-)

The Fury said...

Thanks Brookey! I do it for you!

@Yolanda I would not have her assed out on Twitter!! That big beautiful ass shot was a retweet from someone else. I'd save Brooke's images in my mental album and delete all evidence :-)

Rendell actually said that?? Fuck him. Clinton wouldve been in a wet suit looking to save his mermaid freaks. Lol

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