Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I want to dedicate my blog today to the memory of Serena's mother - Marguerite "Sauti" Wills - who would have been 61 years old today. She is Serena's angel, guiding light and shining star - and I feel that not only is she Serena's Spiritual Mother now, but she serves as a spiritual mother to all of us as we honor her memory. We love you Serena and we're praying for your peace and comfort today and always.

- Today is a gorgeous day! Find time to enjoy it.

- A handsome man in a Hugo Boss suit makes me wanna do cartwheels - mmm...mmm...mmm!Sexy!!

- One week til Soul Siesta! I'm getting really excited! I need a vacation like you would not BELIEVE!

- I wish Monica was going :-(

- Who schedules a screening during lunch hours...and then doesn't provide lunch??? Wackness.

- All week I've been craving chocolate, but eating an apple instead. I plan to fix that during Soul Siesta.

- Thinking sushi for lunch.

- What did you dream about last night?

- I got a friend request on FB from a guy named Stoney Jackson who apparently went to SU. My first thought when I saw that name was of this dude...remember him??

He was in The White Shadow and 227. I think he was in Michael Jackson's Beat It video too if I'm not mistaken. What ever happened to him? :-)

- Only 4 more sessions left with Deebo. I think I'm hitting a plateau...have to figure out what to do about that. It ain't gonna be nothin' pretty when I get back from DR. Hopefully next Thursday before I go, Deebo can give me a great "last chance" workout like they do on The Biggest Loser!

- And here is Brian's Random Thoughts Thursday Throwback!




Anthony Otero said...

first bitchess

Anthony Otero said...

- Santo Domingo in less than a week


- I know I have been MIA, but I had to catch up on all this work before vacation

- I am considering Grad School full time. This Job shit blows..

- Now i am going to lunch... :)

{novice} said...

Quite an enjoyable read! I always enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

Why do I stress myself over nothing. I gotta work on that.

DR sounds really good right now. You guys have a good time.

Gotta buy a new bathing suit for summer. I lost 15 pounds by giving up soda for 2 weeks.I love soda.

@ Brooke. I use a system called The Firm. It's really good. Also I have 3 girlfriends using the PX90 system. They been on it for 7weeks and look KICK ASS. They all said you have to be dedicated cause it's no joke. You will never plateau. Good luck.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Wills. Bless your soul...and the soul of your children.

My sports-themed Random Thoughts...

- I may come across as braggadocios, but so be it - before the season, I picked a Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals, with the Lakers winning in 7. Looks like the ol' man knows his ish! I even mentioned it months ago right here on the blog. I also picked the saints to win the Super Bowl, and picked Indy as their opponent by week 4 - again, mentioned right here on the blog. It feels good to know your ish, even on inconsequential things.

Although I've been DEAD WRONG on the NCAA tourney the past two years, admittedly.

- LeChoke James is A JOKE. His performance in quitting on his team, and allowing his teammates to quit on their coach is REPUGNANT to me as a sports fan. And while LeChoke fans like to make every excuse in the book - bad coach, lack of team chemistry, hurt elbow, etc. - the fact remains, the GREAT ONES always go down swinging. And they're never content to lose, like LeChoke was. His reactions to losses were essentially "eh, it happens. It's cool."

Is he the most unstoppable player in the league? Absolutely. But he isn't THE BEST. Attitude, drive, tenacity, B-ball IQ and killer instinct are just as important as skill, ability and athleticism. In that regard, he's not even up to the level of Kobe, D.Wade, Tim Duncan, The Big Three - hell even Carmelo.

LeChump needs to go and see The Wizard and get *some heart*.

- Even though I picked Lakers-Celtics, I was resigned that I might be wrong after watchign the Cavs in the beginning of the Cavs-Celts series...

- Mike Brown and Stan Van Gundy are bad coaches with talented rosters. My Dad and I said this years ago...

- I may sound old for saying this - but the generational gap is really apparent in this year's playoffs. When I grew up, besides the fact I lived in rough neighborhoods, the one common thread was that EVERYONE in my hoods could play sports. So it was VERY competitive; everyone wanted to be better than everyone else. Consequently, we grew up not talking junk unless we were sure we could back it up - not just to talk. Sure, you wouldn't always win - but if you said you would trim a fool, you probably could do it - or at least match him/her equally in that sport.

Not today's athletes. They FOOLISHLY run their yaps. LeChoke prematurely talking about nothing can stop his team from getting to The Finals. Joakim Noah telling people his Bulls would "shock the world" against the Cavs. Dallas owner Mark Cuban talking about how his team would match-up against The Lakers (they LOST first round). Orlando players saying they "weren't worried" about the Celtics. And now...Amare Stoudemire calling Lamar Odom "lucky" for getting 19 points and 19 rebounds in Game 1 - only to see Lamar go for 17 and 11 in Game 2.

The great players aren't saying SQUAT. Nash, Kobe, Grant Hill, Tim Duncan, etc. - NONE of them talked ish this playoffs. But every time one of these young boys pops off, they only get egg on their face.

Is that YOU getting crossed over by a 7 foot Spaniard who plays power forward, Amare? YOU who Odom dunked on and looked at last night? Hmm?

- Jesus Shuttlesworth is *so nice*.

I think Floyd Mayweather will BEAT Manny Pacquiao. There, I said it.

Definitely MORE After The Break!!!

Anonymous said...

going to NYC this weekend...I miss home..
I Love being black...
Thinking about malcolm and farakhan...loved growing up in NYC and learning so much in was a great environment for learing about the african experience..and being black and could walk down the streets and hear tapes of malcolm or farakhan, black israelites, pastors, etc...on a loud could buy and read books on ancient african civilizations and societies..ancient egypt..Dr. many perspectives..I loved that made me the man i am today...
loved the love between blacks and latinos.. found out that that was uniquw to NY later in life..

Is it me or are we not growing up as fast as adults back in the seems like they were doing more mature things at a younger age..i dunno
it seems like manhood...fatherhood..husbandhood are things that men dont look forward to least that what it sounds like in the barbershop...
wisdom is a powerful life changing it...
i love my friends... i wonder if they know that?
Is it me or is that guy that does the 'insanity' workout DVD gay.he has some feminine doesnt help that his catchline is "you gotta go DEEP'....what part of the game is

waking up is such a wonderful experience...the alternative ...not so much..every morning is a good morning..

I hope yall have fun in DR...Soul Siesta sounds like its gonna be the bomb..
P90x works...
however they should tell you that the pull up bar will tear your damn house up if you are over

it's your boooooy....

Serena W. said...

Rameer thanks for your love on the blog today...

Brooke...thanks for making a girl feel special. I love that pic of Mom and I. That was Dance Africa either 1980 or 1981.

Can't wait to go next week to Dance Africa in BK.

If you're in NYC I'll be out in BK for the show Saturday and chilling all next Sunday at the street fest.

Mom will also have her pics amongst other loved ones that have gone on in Brooklyn Academy of Music in the ancestor shrine.

What am I doing today?

Taking a mental health day to enjoy Mama's special day.

Then going to African dance later tonight.

I sing praises to God for giving me the best 35 years of my life with my Mom.

Cherish your loved ones good peeps...

Brooke said...

Serena, you ARE special :)

I continue to be in awe of you.

@Ant, I wish you were gonna be in part of the island next weekend, would be great to see you! I miss you!

thanks Novice!

@Stephanie - you lost 15 lbs just by not drinking soda for 2 weeks? And here I am killing myself in the damn gym! Geesh!

I have to try The Firm. I have the P90X system, and I want to start that after I'm finished with training with Deebo so I can shock my body into something new. I'm gonna start that AS SOON AS I get back from DR!

@Zay, I don't have anywhere in my house where the pullup bar can go. All of my doorways are rounded... nothing to latch onto :( What do I do!??

I love you too by the way. I love all my friends, even when they say some crazy mess our their mouths. I hope all my friends know I love them too.

And yes, EVRY morning that we wake up is a good morning. When you know someone who went to sleep and simply didn't wake up the next morning and didn't know that when they went to sleep it was gonna be their last breath, it puts everything into perspective. I pray every night to have peace before I sleep and that if not, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

@Zay, you're right - where are the men like my great grandfather who was a proud man, husband and father? Men don't look forward to growing up and being adults anymore. There's nothing wrong with being young at heart, but since when has being grown with a sense of purpose and integrity a BAD thing? I don't get it.

I need to find a great church to start attending regularly in NY. I find myself watching Sunday Best on BET on Sundays now just to hear His praise.

I'm actually looking forward to training tonight!

Annamaria said...

1. Its a gorgeous day! And I'm hanging out with my baby girl & my mother in law!

2. I've heard soo many horrible in law stories that I KNOW I'm lucky!! Lol

3. Sending Serena a big hug!

4. BROOKE have fun on your vacation!! DR I will see you next year for my nuptials!

5. Brooke have you worked out your free trip yet?? ;)

DMoe said...

Whassup Ya'll...

Here's where DMoe is:

- Work has been work lately, but i'm handling it.

- Got stopped for speeding this morning, and the dude let me go with a warning. Fan-goddamn-tastic!

- 1 week til Puerto Plata, DR...Channeling my inner Lil-Jon (we all have one)

- @Brookey, the "easy button" is finally en route. Hours of fun.

- Paul Pierce is lame. Please add him to my list of cornball dudes topped by Smokey Robinson.

- Boondocks has been good so far.

- 1 Week before vacation, I've gone dry.

- It was great to be in the N.O this past weekend, even if it meant saying goodbye to one of my life's icons who told me "we'll always be together in our hearts."

- "24" is ending Monday, and I gotta figure out what to do with my life after that.

- I missed making a sucka pay on the basketball court today. Hope I can get it in soon.

- Lakers/Celtics rematch will be epic. Hate Kobe all you want, but he's that dude on the court. That's all I care for.

With that, here's the DMoe RTT playlist:

1. Jill Scott/Whenever Your Around.

2. Groove Theory/Never Enough.

3. Tribe Called Quest/Electric Relaxation.

4. The Dream/Love King

5. Sade/I couldn't Love you More

6. Michael Jackson/P.Y.T

7. 50 Cent/Baby by Me (f. Ne-Yo)

8. Jay-Z/Real as it Gets

9. Chante Moore/Love's Taken Over

10. Jodeci/Come & Talk to me (Remix)

Stay thirsty my friends.


Stef said...

Good playlist DMoe! Where you been?

Brooke, I'm jealous you're going to DR, I want to go! Have fun!

I'm sure you'll be rocking the new body there! yeah baby!

Wishing you a great day of blessings Serena!

Latinegro has been MIA too! I miss the ENTIRE blog family. We used to be tight!

Brooke, get your laptop fixed at home so you can post earlier. I take time to myself in the mornings and miss my fix!

How do you get a free trip???

Brooke said...

No Annamaria,

Haven't worked out my free trip. I think he's waiting to see rates first so he can decide what I have to do to "earn" it :)


Jay said...

Not sure I like the private jokes between Brooke and Annamaria :(

Don't "earn" any trips Brooke Dean!

I do feel like the blog family is scarce these days. But Brooke, I can always have you to myself :)

LeBron IS a joke. Kobe may be an asshole, but that fool is NICE. He's been making a chump out of Grant Hill...and I like Grant Hill. Not a huge Lakers fan, but they doin' it.

Something about pretty toes when the weather gets hot makes me smile. You ladies just don't KNOW!

Brooke has pretty feet.

and a GREAT SMILE! Lawd! Melts your heart!

Halle Berry is in a new movie where she plays a stripper/whore with multiple personalities - one of which is a white, racist woman. Really? Why is she doing this? It's like she can't win an Oscar unless she's playing someone really fucked up. Not cool.

@Anonymous (Zay?) - I look forward to being a husband and father one day. I think those two things will help me grow into the MAN I hope to be. A much better one.

When a man finds a wife, he's found a GREAT thing. I'm taking my time - hope to find someone like Brooke one day.

Still can't understand why no one has snatched her up yet.

I saw Just Wright, maybe we men are the problem...don't know a good thing when we see it.

Where is Yolanda? Her random thoughts are always so funny :)

Serena, sending hugs and prayers your way!

Stef said...

Jay sounds like a great guy. Brooke, get with him! No other dudes are coming correct! At least not on this blog anyway! LOL!

...well, not the available ones anyway :)

I wanna know who this handsome dude was in the Hugo Boss suit! Love a man who can rock a nice suit. I'm with you B!

Brooke has inspired me to start working out. I think I lost a half a pound, but I'm getting there! LOL!

Oh, and Brian's Supa Cat joint was the shiznit!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Jay - Just Wright is A MOVIE. That ish is unrealistic as all joke for Dan Owens' movies. While they are aimed at the 24-40 female demo, they don't contain A LICK of realism in terms of placing her as a romantic lead.

- Saw that Halle Berry thing, too. One of the MAJOR reasons I'm not a fan - she's always willing to do ish like that. She's got Dorothy Dandridge syndrome...she's doomed to be another "tragic story".

- Fools tried to set me up at work yesterday! Made me bring Union representation and EVERYTHANG. By the end of the meeting, they were apologizing to ME. The kid is ALWAYS prepared...all of it over this BITCH who for whatever reason doesn't like me. But of course, SHE wasn't there, and what we were discussing wasn't me actually having DONE anything wrong. So I just hit 'em with cold hard facts, and let it be known if we gonna go off of sideways talk and maybes, I think they'd do well to mess with someone else. Cuz if I could pick 'em apart, imagine what my LAWYER could do...

- Going to another "Urban Professionals" happy hour tonight. Again - I won't be going dressed up...hat to the side and ALL DAT! LMAO!!!

- Ant is in hiding cuz I keep BURYING his arse in Scrabble...

- my girl went food shopping yesterday, and bought Mangoes. Mangoes are my FAVORITE FRUIT IN THE WORLD.

She ain't dumb. I'll be staying there the next few nights...lolz!

- The Lakers and Celtics are *toying* with their opponents.

- I want to lose weight, too...

- Just got preview passes for Sex And The City 2 for my sister. She's been bugging the hell out of me for 'em - what IS it with that show for women?!? I got official SATC 2 cocktail glasses for her, too...

- I love how Kobe's attitude to reporters when they ask him about how well he's been playing has essentially been "what - y'all forgot?!?" Lmao...he's soooooo cocky - but smooth with it, Jordan style...

- Paul Pierce could take some tips from Kobe, Ray Allen and Doc Rivers. Be subtle with your confidence and cockiness - don't post "GET THE BROOM OUT!" on your Twitter. Idiot.

- I STILL love the movie The Best Man.

- Arizona STILL sucks.

- I'm eating Orange sorbet! A company brought it to my job...yum!

Brooke said...

Although Just Wright was a movie, I can TOTALLY identify with what Queen's character went thru in the movie. She was always the "homegirl" or the one where every dude says "you're so great, why are you single?" even though they THEMSELVES have never tried to step to you. I get that all the time, and the whole "you're good people" thing is annoying.

Trust me, more women could relate to that than not. I get that all the time..."you're so great" - yet no man is willing to step. I even thought of writing a blog on that, but I have no answers to that one. I wish a man could break that down for me so it can forever and consistently be BROKE!

Jaz said...


I'm SO glad you said that. I left that movie feeling the same way. Men put themselves out there, want to date and say they're looking for a "great woman like you" - they give you all the compliments and tell you that you're the perfect woman - but then hit you with the "I'm just not ready" or "you're gonna make some guy really happy."


Then why are we HERE?

I hate hearing how great I am, but just not enough for YOU. That's lame. I'd rather you just said "you're not my type" rather than shower me with compliments, tell me how perfect I am, but then say "but not for ME." That's wack!

I think men just want eye candy, and no substance. Not ALL men, but most. They complain about women being superficial, but they can be too. It seems they don't care about quality women, only ones who have model looks who would take them for everything they have and leave them hurt. I could relate to that movie too...totally!

Jay said...


That's what I meant by that movie - that we men are blind sometimes to a good thing even when it's staring us right in the face. I've been guilty of that myself. Most times we don't know what we want, or we figure it out after it's too late. I've been trying to get past that. We tell women all the time not to overlook the good dudes, but we forget to take our own advice. We want a model chick instead of one that has a "good girl next door" look, or the crazy hot chick who gives us a hard time instead of the good girl who is so easy to get along with. Men do it too. I know I have. I hope I'm over that now...I think I've grown up alot in that regard.

Stef said...

Brooke! Marry Jay!!! LOL!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Look - let me be blunt. In terms of sheer numbers, I'd definitely say more women are superficial in what they want in regards to a man than vice-versa. Now, what you and Jaz have said is INDEED true - but the unrealistic thing I'm talking about is Common playing AN NBA STAR and even remotely giving Dan a chance? Huh? When Paula Patton is an option?

If I'm wrong, show me ONE YOUNG NBA STAR who isn't with either a dimepiece or a woman with money/status. It's the culture. So THAT'S the unrealistic thing I'm talking about. That situation would NEVER occur.

If you're going to make a flick, make it like YOUR lives. Don't tell me some NBA superstar would even CONSIDER Dan Owens - cuz he wouldn't. Period. And don't compare that character to the average dude - cuz NBA players or sports stars AIN'T AVERAGE DUDES.

Jay said...

Now, THAT, I do agree with. I don't believe that Common would be an NBA player anyway...let alone attracted to Queen Latifah. I get that. I don't think NBA players, or MOST athletes, would look for ANY substance in their women. Not saying all gorgeous women aren't smart or have substance, but THOSE guys aren't looking for women they can have intellectual conversations with...cuz 9 times out of 10, they're not that bright to begin with themselves.

But when I made reference to the movie, I wasn't addressing the "NBA player-Queen Latifah" connection. I was more identifying as a dude who has said to women "you're so great" and then not stepped to them cuz they didn't fit my "package." They were pretty, but not MODEL CHICKS. They had great personalities, but didn't have the perfect figure. I think men see dudes in the NBA, or celebrities, and try to get the model chick who is a dunce rather than check for the cute girl whose smart and has a slammin personality. I was talking about everyday dudes like me, not COMMON.

My sister asks me all the time why men do that. I think my sister is a GREAT CATCH for any man out there, but she's not all glamours with a weave, always with makeup, checking for a dude's pocket. She's not a gold digger, she's not crazy, she's cool people, loves sports, and is someone men generally love to be around, but they won't ask her out. It's not until she's dating someone else or stops paying them any attention that they all of a sudden realize what a great girl she is. I think alot of men are guilty of that. I know I was.

Jaz said...


When you made your comment, I wasn't even thinking about it being an NBA player and a chick like Queen Latifah. It just so happens that they were the characters portrayed, but that happens all the time in everyday life. I don't think Common would get with Queen Latifah either, but then again, I wouldn't think he'd be with a manly lookin chick like Serena Williams either :) Just sayin :)

Anyway, I was hoping a man could give us some insight into why men do that. I guess it's like you said, you have an idea of what you want your total package to look like, and if it's not that TOTAL package, then you'll let a good one get away. I'm glad that you said men do that too, cuz women are usually portrayed as the ones with a "list" - and I know men have a sort of "list" too.

Yolanda said...

-Big hug to you Serena. I know my Taurus sister is watching over you!

-Saw Just Wright last night and DAMN if I couldn’t look at the screen when Common was on… all that fineness on the big screen was too much for my loins.

-I’ve been the “homegirl” chick for 32 years. Damn you men!

-I need to trust my instincts more. I’m my own best source, resource, friend and warrior.


-What will we do whilst Brooke is on vacay? OMG!

-I don’t like inside jokes either.

-I read today that Perez Hilton got a $20 million offer for his blog. Could be a rumor but that cat is making bank. Believe.

-Freelancing at PBS today and tomorrow… oy vey. Now I know why I left news. The breaking news rush I used to get, now feels like a heart attack. I’m too old for this isht!

-Got an interesting call this AM. Hmmmm.

-*cue suspense music*

-I sure hope I can get sushi tomorrow. Wonder if I can put in a request to the guy who usually picks the lunch place everyday (since I can’t leave the assignment desk)

-Just realized I’ve been scratching and the newsroom dude is on camera. LOL. At least I wasn’t scratching my boobs!

-PLEASE oh PLEASE tell me ya’ll saw this mugshot: (manna from heaven)… my Momma and I would have a very long talk if she left the house looking like that.

-There’s another NBA dude coming forward now claiming LeBron’s momma really was tappin some young tail. Good for her. As rancid as these wretched NBA who-ares are, why can’t momma get a lil lovin? Go Gloria!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Jigga - I completely agree that men pass up good things all the time and try to go for "model chicks". But that works both ways - I know tons of people, as I'm sure we all do - but in my experience, I know way more good GUYS passed over or put in the "friend zone" by women than vice-versa. For every Brooke-Ra, I know a dozen Pauls - the guy I talked about on the blog a while back who was a good guy his entire freshman year, and decided to emulate the doggish dudes his sophomore year - and finally found success.

I don't disagree with Brooke-Ra and Jaz in the least in terms of guys passing over good women. It's reality. But - and I'm sure many will just agree to disagree with me - I think women do it moreso in terms of numbers than men. It's the very reason why Chad Ochocinco is a 9 year veteran who looks the same as he did from day one, but NOW he's a sex symbol. Or 50 cent was once a sex symbol. Or Nas. Taye Diggs. What happened that these men went from regular to sex symbols? Status, profile and money - all superficial things.

Men are not innocent. But neither are women.

I get how y'all were looking at it. I was looking at EVERYTHING - who these characters were. That was what I meant by unrealistic.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Yolanda - the "other dude" coming forward is Calvin Murphy. Ex-NBA star, who has 14 women with 9 different baby mommas. Once accused by FIVE of his children of sexual abuse, incest and pedophilia when they were younger. KNOWN for saying ridiculous things and pulling ridiculous stunts.

He's as credible a source as Mark Furman and Clarence Thomas are in terms of racial equality.

Yolanda said...

-OchoCionco looks good cuz he stopped dying his hair orange and took the gold teeth out. And... his body is bangin. He still got too many kids and baby mommas though (presumably).

Nice to look at... he can't wife me :-)

Yolanda said...

-I know who the questionable source is... can't I have my chuckle moment Rameer?

All I'm saying is... where there's smoke.................

@DMoe: Love King is my "awwwwwww sh*t" jam!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- @ Yolanda - maybe for you. But I can name A MILLION examples of guys who "suddenly" are sex symbols who have been around for eons. My girl and I were talking about this ish last week - she admitted some of her friends do that crap. Case in point - Common was making music when I was in COLLEGE. Only difference I can see is the brother went fully bald about 5 years ago...but he's a sex symbol now???

men have PLENTY of foolishness and faults. But waiting for a woman to get money, status or a higher profile to see her as attractive isn't one of them. We think the McDonald's chick looks good if she looks good - period.

I was screaming Chilli was banging first time I saw her, after she got famous, when she was off the scene, and now that she's back on it. And most dudes I've ever encountered are the same way. But there are plenty of women who ascribe "sexiness" to whomever is currently in the spotlight or on top - and then all of a sudden don't find the guy attractive any more once he falls or loses some of his luster.

Case in point - somehow Usher stopped being sexy a while back. And Ginuwine. And Tyrese. Funny - those brothas look the same to me...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Oops! I meant 14 KIDS with 9 different women in regards to Calvin Murphy...

The Lebron thing is crazy. One thing I DON'T do - I won't run a dude's mother's name in the ground with no proof. That's just a violation - if they don't know that ish for sure, those gossip sites and people need to knock that ish OFF.

Brooke said...

I don't think Ochocinco is nice too look at at all. He has a nice body, but his face is just "eh" to me. Taye Diggs? Not a sex symbol to me, and neither is 50 Cent. Nice bodies maybe, but faces? Eww!

I need to get my blog to the $20 million mark! How do I do THAT?? Geesh!

And I'll try to write my blogs and schedule them to post before I go. I'll TRY!!! But with no laptop at home, it'll be tricky. I get back on TMI Tuesday - so maybe I can get Fury to take over my blog for that day, so I only need to write a blog for Friday 5/28...unless anyone wants to guest blog for me??? :-)

Yolanda said...

Common has always been fine.

Usher lost his fineness right around the "You Don't Have To Call" era. Now, he looks dusty to me.

Ginuwine looks like he'd leave a grease stain on your pillow.

Tyrese has been fine since he drank a Coke on the bus.

A lot of the people I find "fine" are more off beat anyway... I'm not the typical drool over LL Cool J type or whatever.

---to your point though: I think the more "mainstream" media start to blow people up as sex symbols and then it becomes overblown and "old news" to us. And of course, money will clean us all up and make us look nicer. I'm sure we all look better than we did 10 years ago when we were making less.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Brooke-Ra - you WOULDN'T think Chad and Taye are sexy. That's not to knock any women who do HONESTLY find them sexy, but I've gotten a VERY good feel for the type of woman you are - money, fame, and status don't sway you, even subliminally.

If you find someone sexy in terms of looks, they're sexy regardless of anything. Which is one of MANY reasons I told you long ago - if I was in NYC, I would've scooped you up EONS ago. =)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Yolanda - I respectfully disagree. I believe, after YEARS of observing, that their are a great many women who either consciously or subconsciously attribute sexiness and attractiveness based on superficial elements other than physical appearance. These women are like groupies that haven't or wouldn't act on the groupie-esque mindset.

I used to know about a dozen dudes that looked like Tupac. When women started saying HE was sexy, I was like "WTF?? He look like COREY!!!"

And here's the thing - men KNOW this. Which plays into the cavalier attitude some have. I'm sure it's happened to men on the blog - I've had women literally go from not wanting to speak to me to finding me IRRESISTIBLE 5 minutes later once I was exposed as "somebody".

Yolanda said...

Ah, but would Brooke let you scoop her :-)

Discuss... LOL

Rameer The Circumstance said...

No need to talk about shoulda/woulda/couldas. Doesn't matter - I've got a girlfriend, and she's where she is and content with her life.

Id' like to think in an alternate reality, Brooke-Ra and I would've worked out *just fine*.

Yolanda said...

I don't disagree with your points, Rameer, about some people being attracted to superficial qualities... that happens on both sides with women & money and men being attracted to the "model chicks." That is just pure shallowness to only see the exterior of a person (or the wallet). I don't know any of these "celeb type" guys. I'm only going on the overall appeal I can see. I'm not talking about marrying them... just looking and admiring. I haven't seen or met a man yet worth writing home about.

True story :-)

Brooke said...

That's true...sometimes no one wants to look at us until someone else finds us attractive :) It's like "hmm...what am I missing?" Then they're "intrigued."

Money and all that doesn't automatically make someone attractive to me. If you're not sexy to me, you're just not sexy with money now :) Money can make you look better in terms of getting your teeth fixed or clearing your skin up or getting work done or a gastric bypass - so if those things make you "un-sexy" - then money can change you to make you "look" better. But "sexy" is innate in my opinion. You can't BUY either are or you aren't. Just my opinion.

And Rameer, I know you would have scooped me up :) Thanks!

Rameer The Circumstance said...


phillygrl said...

p90x is hella HARD...I did 4 days & flaked..I will try it again...gotta get my mind right...ALSO, I nixed the chin up woodworks woulda been wrecked! Anyway, it does work, a freind of mine did it & literally he has a 12 pack right now!!! He also told me that years ago there was just a that's what I need...forget the!!!:-)

ps why do I have no debt &still feel broke? I think it's b/c daycare is like having another mortgage!! DAMN!!!...

Brooke said...

Daycare is the reason I'm afraid to have kids!

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